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Philip Mudartha, Nerul
07/08/2021 12:57:29

Congratulations, Judi (nee Noronha of Kurudai, Pambur origin). Very proud of your achievement.

Philip Mudartha, Pambur/Nerul
07/08/2021 12:55:27

RIP one of the illustrious Mudarthas and my Daiji. Condolences to widow Winnie (from Banjalke, Pambur), brother Victor (former Udupitoday editor) and my classmate and friend Joe (BIL).

Wilfred Castelino, Moodubelle/ Dubai
07/08/2021 07:41:41

Dear Mousi, Dr.Sr. Juliet, Stephen and family,
My heartfelt condolences to you on sad demise of our Bappu, We all pray that his soul Rest In Peace we pray for his eternal life. May God give you all strength and courage to bear this irreplaceable loss. He ran a good race and and blessings that both his children’s grandchildren’s were near his bed.

04/08/2021 12:54:18

i love vinay hegde sir

Maurice Menezes, Belle/Udupi
04/08/2021 08:15:09

Late Wilfred was may childhood school friend very intimately associated with me. He was very affectionate and helpful to poor and needy.He was educationist, entrepreneur and multifaceted personality with various meritorious public services.
My heartfelt condolences to his widow Winnie, also my friend, and children with prayers for eternal repose for his soul in heaven.

Maurice Menezes, Belle/Udupi
04/08/2021 08:01:03

Late Mr Victor Rebello was my primary class revered teacher at Belle. He was very dedicated on
on profession and strict with students.
My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and prayers for eternal rest in heaven for his soul

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
03/08/2021 18:26:08

Donating 40 cents land for social cause says it all. Today, this Lions Bhavan is an icon in town, district and beyond! RIP Ln Dr Wilfred.

Francis Lobo, Mumbai
02/08/2021 07:58:54

Accused might have paid heavily to the victim now as earlier same guy forced victim s father to make statement in court that he impregnated his daughter. Then tried to flee to Canada as reported in media

Msgr. Matthew F. D Souza, Kaittingere/Washington, DC
01/08/2021 16:42:28

Very sad to note the demise of my very friendly but quiet first cousin.Always with a smiling face. He was very successful intelligent gentleman. His loss is for our D Souza family is irreplaceable. However, God s will be done and may he rest in peace!

Vinay kumar, Rajgir,Bihar
01/08/2021 15:27:58

Chandan Acharya is my batchmate at kmc,manipal.she is not only a genius student but also a very good human being. Though she is my friend but I treat her as my guru and in my life I want to be like her ,in the field of knowledge,humbleness and patient caring.I learnt a lot from her. During my psychiatric illness she motivated me to continue my studies and help the needy patient in future who would be suffering from similar illness to whom no one can understand better than me.I congratulate her for her success and also bless her to be the most successful doctor in her field.
Thank you Chandana .

Lucy Rodrigues, Moodubelle/Andheri
01/08/2021 12:06:35

Heartfelt condolences to Winifred and fly members. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

J P Morgan, Westminster
27/07/2021 14:33:07

Rest in Peace my friend

Vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle/Kuwait
26/07/2021 16:35:48

Heartfelt condolences to all family members May his soul rest in peace.

Msgr. Matthew F. D Souza, Moodubelle/Washington, DC
24/07/2021 14:25:18

May he rest in peace!

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle/ Mangalore
23/07/2021 22:16:02

Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members on the sad demise of Late Victor B. Rebello. Well known former St. Lawrence High School s teaching faculty (Teacher) and the one who has instilled value based education to his student s. I was fortunate to be one of them. I pray to God that may the departed soul of dear Victor Sir, rest in eternal peace.

Lucy Rodrigues, Moodubelle/Andheri
23/07/2021 15:17:15

Heartfelt condolences to family members. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

23/07/2021 09:42:26

May his soul rest in peace.

Frederick Castelino, Bandra/Moodubelle
23/07/2021 07:49:04

Very sad news. My heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved family. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle/Kuwait
22/07/2021 19:58:08

Heartfelt condolences to all family members. May his soul rest in peace.

Simon Peter Menezes, Shirva/Shirva
22/07/2021 18:28:00

Dear Rebello Family, Felix, Walter, Rony and Gretta, Please accept our Heartfelt Condolances on the sad demise of our beloved Bavoji.MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE. (I cannot forget Ittu uncle and bavoji for his great help he did for my mother during her Heart Operation in the year 1968 and he took the full responsibility of the Operation. We were very small children at that time. We are always Greatefull for his help. My mother also passed away last month.)RIP to them.

Dr. Bro. Henry Sequeira, Bangalore /Pamboor-Belle
20/07/2021 18:40:20

Excellent Article Mr. Philip. Hope the Karnataka Govt. Opens its eyes and takes the right decisions, unlike UP and Assam. Also Udipi district admn.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
20/07/2021 11:47:11

A wonderful article on current situation backed by facts and statistics and the topic widely being discussed. Author has also touched upon de-growth in Europe. May be such headlines by politicians are used tor diverting attention from burning issues and pandemic effects. Only developing countries have high ratio population growth, though not all. While current ruling is advocating for population control, their ring leaders calling hindus to produce more! What a biased thought process. Today, irrespective of religion couples are having one or two kids mostly with exception. If we think in secular manner all is going to be fine. Such policies may divide India and may trigger negative growth due to disharmony amongst communities and that s what political think tanks target I guess. In general I would sum up that its a wrong strategy(sly) at such a difficult pandemic time.

Benedict Noronha, Belle(padubelle) Udupi
18/07/2021 18:10:20

Itis indeed great pleasure to great Mr Valeran Noronha oa ia a workholic and he will not rest until takes the projects to logical ends. So there is no hesitation that the club will rise to new heights of glory. I wish him and his team all the best and look forward to read their performance through the columns of Belle vision vepiry eagerly. Wishing them goodluck again.
Benedict Noronha Udupi

Yashvith s adappa, Mani bantawal karnatka
18/07/2021 09:37:25

You left alupas they are the bunt kings who ruled tulunadu . I too belongs to this community tulunadu spans areas from gangavali or ganvathi river to chandragiri river to the east it claims some parts of malenadu are sakleshpura,mudigere,sringeri somvarpete originally belongs to tulunadu

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
16/07/2021 13:06:00

Congratulations to Alwayn, Ivan Anil for designing the software! All the best to keep he students! Thanks to Dr Eugene for the report.

Wilfred, Pernal
08/07/2021 08:29:59

Congratulations to Mr.John Rebello / Mrs. Violet Rebello and family. We wish you success in your business.

Philip D Souza, Nerul
27/06/2021 10:53:57

1.What we amazed me about the ‘We Belleans Help Group’ is the speed of the contributions pouring in. Four lakh rupees within a day is just mind-boggling.

Secondly, the number of households in Belle GP jurisdiction is said to be 1300 and the food kits distributed are 750. This means more than half the Belle population is in dire need. A record for people to move from middle class into poverty.

It is worthwhile, if a local researcher or the GP assumed the role of measurement of poverty and urge local body administrators to put in place poverty alleviation programs including work under MRNEGA.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle/Mangalore
24/06/2021 18:12:01

Heartfelt condolences to all the family members on the sad demise of dear Santhan Maushi. May the departed soul rest in eternal peace.

Vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle/Kuwait
24/06/2021 16:16:49

Heartfelt condolences to all family members. May her soul rest in peace.

Magdaline Lobo, MOODUBELLE
24/06/2021 09:54:03

may the departed soul rest in peace,please accept our heartfelt condolences

Nelly Joshi, Dubai
24/06/2021 09:04:58

Heartfelt condolences to Juliana and all family members. May her soul rest in peace

Rosy Noronha (Rosario), Kurdai Pamboor /Nerul Navi Mumbai
24/06/2021 06:40:08

May the departed soul of our dear Santan Maushi rest in peace.

Heartfelt condolences to Br.Philip, Lawrence, Juliana and family members.

From : Rosy, Calist and Fr Cedric Rosario

24/06/2021 06:10:50

May her soul rest in peace

Stany Lobo, Thirlapalke
24/06/2021 05:20:40

Heartfelt condolences to all family members.May her soul rest in peace

Alfred Furtado, Barkur
19/06/2021 11:24:58

Relevant subject, lucid style well-balanced write-up.

Vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle/Kuwait
19/06/2021 11:08:58

Heartfelt condolences to all family members. May his soul rest in peace.

Philip D Souza, Nerul
16/06/2021 18:26:39

The Congress Party workers have every right to protest the taxation policies of Modi-led BJP government and highlight their hypocrisy while in opposition.
The 2023 assembly elections are not far off. It is time for them to get your act together, win and form the government to change the situation./

Jlb, Moodubelle
16/06/2021 15:15:25

unable to recognise some BJP supporters due to wearing covid mask

Satish, Nalkubidi/USA
14/06/2021 11:19:24

Great work We Belleans Help Group

god bless you

Ronald D, Moodubelle
07/06/2021 14:56:39

Absolutely brilliant article! Sonia is non corrupt for sure! I was amazed to read her great work all done silently to some extent. It is media and some vested political interests portrayed her in negative light and big disregard towards her sacrifices too.
And the Now current rulers slogan is -We need wealth creators(helping few only!?) having little empathy with the unemployed rural folks.. Its one man party with mass followers...situation deteriorating and followers are sleeping instead of demanding changes! Tax is unbearably heavy and common man is getting crushed!.

C.G.Sequeira, Mangaluru
03/06/2021 07:26:44

Very interesting and informative article about Sonia Gandhi. Thanks to Philip Mudartha for his wonderful write up.

Francis J. Saldanha, Mangalore
01/06/2021 16:25:22

"Simple is stylish" Sonia Gandhi, the longest serving President of the Indian National Congress(over 20 yr s) has been described as one of most powerful politicians in the country. She was instrumental in formulating the UPA also responsible for implementation of right-based development and welfare schemes for the underprivileged citizens of India. Also introducing Right to Information Food Security Bill and of course MNREGA.
The legacy of Sonia Gandhi a champion of India s poor and downtrodden is well documented(described) by your article dear Philip Mudartha Sir, your in depth,long

Gerald, Hassan
31/05/2021 20:40:24

Philip, read your article on Smt Sonia Gandhi. I had always thought Congress needed a Nehruvian to hold them together and Madam Sonia did just that. It was a revelation for me to read her achievements during UPA s rule. Salute to her.

Roji Mathew, Pathanamthitta
31/05/2021 16:11:45

A great article,which acknowledge the great forces behind social reforming policies in India.Most of the contemporary journalists failed to understand this and highlight it.Like Smt Sonia,Mr Rahul and Smt Priyanka also a kind of persons like their mother.
In my opinion,the blended characteristic of her western attitude and indian culture is her force behind her personality. Recently during the second wave of this pandemic we saw the importance of executing a socialist capitalistic unique model in India.The crony capitalism has been failed in all sectors.Present policy makers of india is trying to centralize everything by modeling USA.But USA acheived the success because of the good attitude and implementation of good values in their society.
In my opinion we should not try to overcome china by implementing crony policies..rather we should make policies for all the sectors invluding the marginalized people.Thus a sustainable India will emerge and stand in front of the world in which no one can beat her.....

Tressa Albert, Thane
31/05/2021 13:45:59

Very well researched and humanely put together. She has had to endure way too much rabid racism and hindutva, the politically twisted narrative of a power hungry woman who wanted power for herself or her son. MMS having been a choice of a safe place holder for her son.

Aboobacker Nettikkara, Kerala
31/05/2021 12:18:52

A true and real picturesque of Soniaji in her capacity as UPA chairperson and her contribution to the peaceful, trouble free and caring the poors. As Phillip Saab pointed out she didn t get required support even from her own party.
The visible changes in the recent incidents are alarming and seems heading towards a chaotic situation. Ket us hope and pray for the peaceful existence of all. Thank you Philip Saab for your lovely and factful writing, as usual.

Michael Sequeira, Nairobi Kenya
31/05/2021 11:01:40

Clear information on the person Soniaji sitanda for.During Dr.Manmohan Singh/ Sonia time there was tranquility in society.Corruption had gone on the roof and nedia highlighted it.We needed a change but not the One we see it today.

Vally, Mckinney, Texas USA
28/05/2021 18:02:59

Wow! So beautiful balcony garden indeed! You are an encouragement to the people who are not able to go out especially at this time. May God bless you more as you continue to have the positive outlook despite of what’s going on in our world. Stay safe healthy dattu!

Alwyn D Souza, Tellar,karkala
27/05/2021 07:55:17

Just wonderfull , thank you

rakesh shetty, Bailur uduipi/ghansoli mumbai
16/05/2021 16:27:37

Happy time

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