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Pascal Rebello, Kinnigoli
30/12/2021 18:41:46

Eternal rest grant O LORD may his soul rest in peace.Amen.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
24/12/2021 17:31:04

So far Pakistan was supplying these FCINs. Now on Both will be involved including our own intelligence officials.

Dr Gerald Pinto, Kallianpur
15/12/2021 18:52:58

Thank you.well coveted.

Joe Quadros, Kalyanpur
06/12/2021 18:33:12

A complex subject explained in layman s language. Seems, as usual Philip has researched the matter and put on the table the bare facts. The returns on crypto investment is so huge that it can t be other than a house of cards. Readers may please note the veiled caution from the author.
Timely article, just when the Indian govt plans to jump on the wagon.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
03/12/2021 10:13:49

This is certainly a complicated topic. Philip has explained it in common man’s language. Despite ban India is top in Crypto currency deals. Quite common compared to prevailing practices. Most are ready when they learn ‘Apna Kithna?’ Most politicians are game for such practices. During pandemic it has grown just like Corona Virus. It is a bubble for sure and people made huge profit investing in Crypto, especially in last couple of years. No one knows whether it is saturated and when the bubble will burst? People embraced risk made fortune in recent past. Author has opined towards caution thoughts needs to to be practiced before youth burn their fingers.

Nandanan, Thrissur
01/12/2021 09:33:29

Nice read. Thank you for the knowledge sharing.

Looking forward for an investment opening in this form too.
Let’s experience it, not to fall behind

A T Mathai, Pathanamthitta
30/11/2021 16:33:01

I will not invest in criptocurrency. It is pure gambling. If in any investment one is greedy you are likely to loose. Without greed wisely invest in equity,at present the best option for multiplying your wealth.

Michael Sequeira, Pamboor/Nairobi
30/11/2021 09:22:55

The word crypto hidden /secretive is reason enough not to indulge in this.
Anything that is not regulated or answerable or looks like a gamble is
a risk and not for the common man.
Am tempted to make money and the word temptation itself is a negative word.
Philip you have explained in simple terms the crypto currency otherwise it is difficlut to understand how it is traded.

30/11/2021 07:56:03

I think crypto is not our cup of tea.
It will flourish in countries like india where black money holders are large in numbers.

Philip Mudartha, Nerul
29/11/2021 17:23:28

Because, agriculture is very diverse and varies from region to region, the constitution made it a state subject. Even within a state, regions have diverse soils, so different farming policies are needed. So, it is best that the central government does not attempt to legislate on farming.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
27/11/2021 10:44:48

Very good article and kind of SWOT analysis on Farmers law. If law was good...majority would ve accepted it. He had to repeal it due to outright opposition from majority farmers, shows flaw in the law. People are still waiting to see it scrapped. Big setback to Uncle Sam and followers!

Joe Quadros, Kalyanpur
26/11/2021 10:59:18

As usual Philip has written a good article being unbiased. Rahul Gandhi comes up vindicated what with his earlier statement mark my words... PM Modi while initiating the laws said it is with a pure heart for the betterment of farmers and while agreeing to repeal the laws repeated the same words. A farmer leader has asked PM to clarify whether he was wrong the first time or the second.

Joe Quadros, Kalyanpur
26/11/2021 09:51:27

As usual Philip has written very good article because he is not biased, covering all angles. Rahul Gandhi comes up vindicated with his earlier tweet mark my words... When Modi initiated the laws he said he is acting with a pure heart for the betterment of the farmers and while announcing the repeal also said the same words. A farmer leader has asked Modi to say whether he lied first time or the second.
Are we back to status quo?

Philip Mudartha, Nerul
24/11/2021 10:18:44

Congratulations. She is a prodigy and a young achiever.

Francis Lobo, Moodu Belle /Mumbai
22/11/2021 14:15:51

Do not separate old parents from their children. Bond of Parents and Children to be united and not to disintegrate by the responsible community leaders. I am writing based on the incident happened three decades before in Moodubelle wherein the parish priest did not help to unite the family but later children took care of parents till their death.

Marita Assisi Concessao, Bondel/Mumbai
21/11/2021 20:21:59

Heartfelt Condolences Cyril Nancy Monis. May Mai s Soul Rest in Peace.

Alex, UAE
21/11/2021 11:14:09

Wonderful Dr. Sadashiva.

Satish, Shirva
20/11/2021 09:41:17

soo true... it brought smile in my face. thank you doctor

Sunil, Belle
18/11/2021 15:29:11

Why are they disclosing commonly used passwords. It is easier for the hackers to hack now.

Sam Dsouza, Mangalore/Mumbai
15/11/2021 14:36:50

Sir, the saying is "Necessity is the the mother of invention"

Vinay, K
06/11/2021 11:40:02

Sringeri sakleshpura koppa mudigere 30-45% tuluvas tulu widely spoken
Those not kannada area
Ajilaa are not descendent of
Chavundaraya,it has no proof,not mentioned in inscription
,Ajilaa are pure tuluvas

Roji Mathew, Qatar
29/10/2021 13:12:07

What is your opinion about the present crisis in supply chain system and the shortage of containers all over the world.

Nandanan, Thrissur
29/10/2021 09:38:29

Liked the statistical observations the writer has presented in this blog. Delighted to learn that India, like some other medium sized economy that badly hit by corona, is taking a U turn.

Nitin Jain, Vasai
29/10/2021 08:37:26

I am an ardent follwer of your work. The way you encapsulate the subject is very impactful and easy to understand.

Philip Mudartha, Nerul
27/10/2021 10:43:48

As a government enterprise, a huge order for Boing wide-body aircraft were placed as a quid pro quo for Americans agreeing for civil nuclear deal during UPA-1 deal. Operationally, for a small airline like AI, such huge expansion was not viable.

Several bilateral seat sharing agreements with Gulf emirates such as Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and some more were signed giving away Air India cash cow routes to their state-owned airlines. Even our own Jet Airways got a share!

Politicians, government officials, employees (both current % retired) and their families traveled free, often in business class.

AT least two B-777-300ER were reserved for VVIP flights. (count the number of foreign jaunts of Modi since 2014)

How Tata Sons will accommodate these issues is worth a follow up story.

Francis Johnson Sanctis, Kinnigoli,mangalore
27/10/2021 08:51:41

I am an old member of your association(17years back).I just want to knw if i am still a member or been dismissed because i have not paid the minimum rent suppose to be paid.Can i get membership back if i pay the due? Please let me know.Thank you

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
25/10/2021 12:07:52

TATA s taking over Air India- the news is music to ears! A brilliant organization failed miserably due to usual corruption! From now on the story would be different. Even Tim Clark CEO of Emirates accepted stiff competition. People are aware of Quality of TATA s. He has shown to the world transformation of humble positioned Jaguar and Land Rover.
Wonderful article with good informative on basics. Thanks to Philip!

FRANCIS LOBO, Moodubelle /Mumbai
25/10/2021 06:32:45

May your soul rest in peace Fr. Mathew Vas. You are the only Priest who spoke to us the truth about not paying the land consideration by Udupi Church in 1991 secretly entering land deal without the knowledge of anyone even our parish.

K Vikyat Hebbar, Mumbai
24/10/2021 07:53:48

Avery informative and useful info which still bonds our feelings for this village where my father and other elders of the Hebbar family were born.Deva is doing a good job and u have the privilege of meeting him whenever I visit this nostalgic village.His effort to maintain the sanctity and tradition of our temple is really appreciated.

Vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle/Kuwait
22/10/2021 22:53:00

Heartfelt condolences to all family members. May her soul rest in peace.

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
12/10/2021 16:03:02

Very informative article. Thank you Philip Mudartha for highlighting the role of Tatas in the history of India s aviation.

Philip Mudartha, Nerul, Navi Mumbai
08/10/2021 19:01:06

Wish I was there!

Joe Qua, the born humorist graciously gifted me his Old Men s Club collection which I received yesterday and read cover to cover in about 90 minutes, including pausing to laugh out loud. Very good read.

Dr.Judith Lobo, belle/thirlapalke
07/10/2021 12:56:18

Congratulations dear father for your great achievement of completing the doctorate in physics. May God bless you in your mission. Will always remember you as a down to earth person in your approach with all individuals. Best wishes from Valerian,Janeeta and Vinal too. We always remember you. May God grant you more Laurels.

06/10/2021 10:48:08

we are not getting our Akshya monthly magzine since last two months,pl look into this and report ton the concerned department

Dr. Roshan Joy Martis, Thirlapalke/Bengaluru
03/10/2021 18:02:29

Nice to see this programme and the motivational talk by Pritish Burton D’Sa. It is an excellent platform to motivate the fellow citizens to different careers with the proven achievement of Pritish as a case example. I am very happy about it. Given the background of Pritish, he can also contribute some awareness sessions for the people of Moodubelle in financial planning, investments, importance of nominations and will etc. in Indian scenario. I wish him all the best for his career and future endeavors. Let many and many people , students etc. get motivated by the achievement of Pritish.

Sharada, Bantakal
03/10/2021 10:05:40

I want phone number of Cyril quadros to enquire about home construction

Urban C Martis, Bengaluru
24/09/2021 07:31:33

May my Uncle s soul rest in peace.

muddumoodubelle( from B lore short stay), Kappanda Karya
22/09/2021 08:04:14

Very pleasing report. Thanks Dr Eugine sir.

Samuel Sequeira, Moodubelle
20/09/2021 11:29:16

RSS is a fascist organisation. What this character utters is to confuse the world and bullshit the Hindus and some minorities who have not enough brain to see through this propaganda. Spare us from this b/s

Cyril Richard Fernandes, Shivabagh Mangalore
17/09/2021 17:54:58

Very nice Fantastic

Priyanka Dsouza, Pangla
13/09/2021 12:10:37

Heartfelt condolences to Freddie uncle, Ida aunty and all the family members.
May his soul rest in peace.

Vincent Edward Castelino, Mattar
10/09/2021 05:52:38

Nice celebration

G S Lewis, Kalliianpur Udupi
04/09/2021 06:05:40

One best evaluation about our most popular feast of Konkani Catholic community...
Under the threat of Covid19, it s a right time to reinvent new ways and means to make the event filled with more Grace, Blessings and Good health for all.special thanks and I read the write up more than five times... Keep it up Belle Vision Team.

Shanthi Quadras, Dubai
01/09/2021 13:38:57

Well-written article Mr. Archie...as I read through, I felt I am going back to my childhood. Your writing flow is so natural. Keep writing about our feasts, practices, culture, etc.Thank you for the nice article

30/08/2021 12:56:04

Great and nice of Bishop Gerald Lobo on behalf of Udupi diocese having felicitated Nihal Tauro for his efforts and success. Congratulations all the best to Nihal and all future budding singers to climb more such heights Nihal being an inspiration.

Vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle/Kuwait
27/08/2021 14:59:14

Heartfelt condolences to family members. May his soul rest in peace.

14/08/2021 12:58:46

Beautiful pictures along with interesting inspirational details. Congratulations to Mr. John Mrs. Regina and all the best to explore the rest of the world. Wish you good health and peace to continue.

Maurice Menezes, Belle/Udupi
08/08/2021 10:11:58

Hearty congratulations to Dr Judith Noronha-Lobo on assuming weldeserved coveted elevated post of Dean of MCON/MAHE and wish her every success in discharging her duties.

Vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle/Kuwait
07/08/2021 15:50:40

Heartfelt condolences to all family members. May his soul rest in peace.

Philip Mudartha, Nerul
07/08/2021 13:00:13

Congratulations John V Tauro. I admire your grit,. discipline and purpose. Your photographs and narrative are one of their kinds. Keep traveling and stay safe.

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