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Renjith, Kerala
15/07/2024 20:55:16

Yes Sir. Need to impose such wealth tax on multi billionaires. It will definitely help to improve the country s development.

Roshan D silva, Vamanjoor/UAE
15/07/2024 13:02:16

Dear Ln. Ivan Menezes,

Heartiest congratulations on being installed as the new President of Lions Club, Moodubelle. Your leadership and dedication to the community have been truly inspiring. God has blessed you with many talents, particularly your skills as a public speaker, orator, and effective planner.

As a true son of the soil, you have always encouraged new and hidden talents. I am confident that under your tenure, Lions Club, Moodubelle will achieve great things.

Congratulations once again!

Best regards,

Aboobacker Nettikkara, Kerala
15/07/2024 09:16:52

Very timely evaluation and presentation of the present situation socio-economic situation. I feel speeches and actions moves in different ways.
How long will beet the dead horse is the phrase of the present action of the rulers.
People are not donkeys , they know how things are going.
Let us hope and pray

Michael Sequeira, Pamboor/Nairobi
12/07/2024 12:21:46

I come to laugh seeing the picture of our Prime Minister praying/meditating All these pictures as many said before is a show of dramebaaz.
Many ordinary people are carried away by such things.
In politics numbers matter and so far Modi /BJP have managed to get these numbers to form Government.
We want our youth to have jobs,people want peace and progress.People are watching waste,looting and corruption everywhere.
A great write up,enjoyed reading.

08/07/2024 18:17:47

it is one of the best moment to meet and greet our former Prime minister Shri H D Devegowdru. very closely and friendly nature dicussion we had it. memorable day for us.

06/07/2024 12:56:51

It s unfortunate that our political views are merely circling around Modi.
There are only two perspectives when discussing politics. One is pro Modi, and the other is anti-Modi.
I don t think we ll be able to get away from this chakravyooham any time soon. As of now, he is the most trusted leader in India. This position is likely to remain in his hands for many years until a new strong leadership emerges in the opposition. I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

Joe Quadros, Kallianpura, Udupi
06/07/2024 04:58:16

Mr Philip Mudartha does not waste words and his analysis is succinct, though The Dictator is not so crippled because he has a way with friends and also friends turned antagonists. Still, he will be extremely careful of his new friendship.

Aboobacker Nettikkara, Kerala
05/07/2024 12:07:20

Thank you Philip Saab for your impartial evaluation of the recent election and the proceedings of joined parliament session and its two faces. Of course the election result is a fatal blow to those spread hatred and targeted certain religion without any truth or justification. People are well aware of the facts and pleased to note majority are against communal divisions. Religions teaching love and mutual respect only. Nobody will forget the hatred religious statements of self proclaimed God. Anyway, it’s a warning for political leaders.
Let us hope for a prosperous India

Francis.lobo, Moodu Belle /Mumbai
26/06/2024 10:38:41

This proves what was preached to us previously is wrong. I strongly believe we are humans and need to humane irrespective of religions. All regions are same, and no one is supreme above others which is divisive and dangerous.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
25/06/2024 09:18:22

Wonderful. Excellent initiative. If such belief is practiced, world is such a happy placce helping and supporting each other immaterial of religion and faith.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
25/06/2024 09:11:17

Good analysis. True,
The Godi media continues to peddle the false, people started realising the mischief and their TRP is taking a hit. Fortunately there are matured voices like Yogendra Yadav, Ravish, Dhruv Rati and many more gaining confidence and fearless to some extent. Brand Modi is certainly losing sheen. Hope in future ballot papers come into fore shutting dubts on ECI and EVM. Hope Law enforcement enties will be allowed to operate fairly. Overall a welcome change and some new hope.

Dr Austin Prabhu, Chicago
25/06/2024 09:04:23

In this year’s election, Modi acted like a crybaby. He lied and lied and lied to the public just to seek votes from his blind believers. All uneducated voters and some brainwashed people voted for him. Truth never came out of his religion glued mouth! For everything it was Hindu, Hindu and Hindu. He saw everything in his Hindu eyes and wanted to convert India into a Hindu nation and utterly failed to do so! Hope he will realize the truth and change his thoughts of lies and realize the truth of Indian peace lovers, truth believers and democracy embraces. May God bless India and her democratic values as in its constitution.

Michael Sequeira, Pamboor/Nairobi
25/06/2024 08:51:14

Philip you are a master in analysis and is displayed here in your article.We all have witnessed the drama unfloded during the electioneering with ED raids,AAP leaders and many others jailed,electoral bonds saga and many more and the propaganda machinery at work to portray Modi as SUPREME LEADER.I think politics is about policy and manifesto but what is played is muzzle the truth and show might is right.Thank God democracy is still prevailing and we are not yet the Iran,Russia,North Korea way.
Keep righting Philip and enlighten us.

24/06/2024 10:45:50

Market has taken new height. Thanks to the voters who have not voted the way Philip Sahab wanted.

Francis Lobo, Moodu Belle /Mumbai
20/06/2024 21:06:19

Heartfelt condolences to the family members. May her soul rest in peace .

Joe Quadros, Kaliyanpur
19/06/2024 09:38:28

Mr. Philip Mudartha is succinct in analysis of NDA win with facts and figures. I am glad to note that he is unbiased as usual

Francis J. Saldanha, Mangalore/Moodubelle
19/06/2024 08:38:18

Heartfelt condolences to all the family members on the sad demise of dear Florine Moousi.
May her departed soul Rest In Peace.

Nandanan, Thrissur
18/06/2024 15:52:42

Excellent article…! Yet, it is partly biased against Modi.
The election was a contest between BJP and the rest of all regional and national parties, left and the right wings. Yet the opposition failed to make the magic figure of 272, in cumulative. Modi gets yet another term to form the government even after the entire northern minority votes went in favour of Congress this time which was pocketed in the previous two elections. Point is Modi retained the position even without the crucial minority voters. I liked it.
The difference with BJP is that they are less hypocrite than the Congress. BJP is fearless to state what is wrong is wrong and needs correction. Congress can never do that believing that by doing so they might lose the minority votes.
To note this time is that BJP has won some minority votes from Southern India. In my constituency, Suresh Gopi has been elected by a huge margin winning 125,000 votes more than his 2019 numbers. These are votes from minority segments.
I would like to see Congress gets the next election in 2029, if not before that, because four terms in a row is a shame for democracy. But the Congress has to start working from now smarter than BJP.

17/06/2024 19:13:49

Heartfelt Condolences to the family members. May her soul rest in peace.

vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle/Kuwait
16/06/2024 13:32:14

Heartfelt condolences to all family members. May her soul rest in peace.

Roji, Qatar
16/06/2024 09:03:03

This election witnessed the arise of some of the youth iconic leaders like Rahul,Priyanka,Thejaswy,Akilesh,Supriya,Azadetc...Thats also a positive outcome and hope for the oppressed section in our country

Aboobacker Nettikkara, Kerala
27/05/2024 06:07:21

As usual, Philip Saab clearly depicted the present situation and the pulse of masses.
It’s really unfortunate the elected government conveniently forgetting their election manifesto and promises given to the country. There is hardly any action to address the issues of unemployment and cost of living. Painful to see the divide and rule actions

Sr. Priya, Chennai
26/05/2024 06:43:07

Dear Fr. Raymond D Souza Congratulations on your 25th anniversary of priesthood. God has used his good graces to send you to Kazipur, kaushambi. Thank you for yielding to the Lord and for serving his purpose. May the Lord keep honoring you and grant you great grace for all that do. When I think of your service to the God s people, I remembered this lovely quotes of saint Mother Teresa "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” yes,
you are a blessing for the world and for us.
Wishing you even more success in the future.
Thank you

20/05/2024 09:46:04

Dear sir,
I have gone through your new article regarding the income disparity in India. I do carry a different viewpoint on this subject even though we both are much aligned on our socialistic inclinations.
In the first place, I do not feel that voters are taking Rahul seriously. False narratives related to election result are roaming in the air. It is usual that stock market goes jittery to such events/news. I do believe that the present turmoil in the stock market is an opportunity for us to invest and derive profit later.
In my opinion, Adani/Ambani like are nation builders. It is also because of their vision and hard work, nation is progressing. They deserve appreciation, not curse.
Wealth creation is not a matter of joke. And their wealth is the nation’s wealth.
When they grow, India is growing. Rich as well as poor, all are progressing. What matter most is the upliftment of the poor. As long as it is happening, we are on the right track. Even though there are Forbes billionaires in our country, our per capita income is still very low. So we need to grow, grow further to reach at least in a comparable level with others.
You have rightly said that a policy intervention is very much needed as far as the income wealth inequality matter is concerned.
Grabbing rich and redistributing to poors is a raw idea that needs to define well before entering in to such tricky business. Any hasty steps of that nature can derail or jeopardize our economic progress. So far so good as far as the present GDP growth is concerned. In order to maintain this momentum, the nation needs a stable government, whoever it may be.
I think that is going to happen.
Be positive, be happy.

Dr Austin Prabhu, Nantur/Chicago
14/05/2024 20:00:54

The number one issue in India is CORRUPTION! India should get rid of corruption and the corrupt leaders. Once the corruption cancer heals, India will improve significantly!

Nandanan, Thrissur
30/04/2024 07:49:51

It is a good read material, Sir.
It clearly highlights the areas of worries for the nation as we move forward to become an economic power in 23 years from today.

Bhavya Baliga, Udupi
24/04/2024 19:17:11

Very beautiful unbiased depiction and narration.

Mini, New York
02/04/2024 04:04:35

Hi, how are you? I know Sister Regina since the time I’ve been a child. My mom was very fond of her. I lost he contact many years ago. I am coming to Mumbai, India in a few days and was hoping to see if I could contact her. Can anyone email me her contact number or email address please?
Appreciate it! Thank you!

Kamalaksha Saraf, Shirali ( uttara Kannada )M,umbai
31/03/2024 20:59:50

Excellent performance by all artists.A Great presentation

Kamalaksha Saraf, shirali / Sion Koliwada, mumbai
31/03/2024 20:49:21

Excellent performnce by all artists

31/03/2024 12:38:56

May his soul rest in peace.

Prashant Fernandes, Mumbai, Moodubelle
18/02/2024 09:42:48

Condolences to the family. May God grant them the strength and fortitude to cope with this tragedy. Mami was a pillar of Moodubelle and he passing has left a big void. Fernandes family , ( Agnes , Eugene , Prashant and Praveen)

17/02/2024 07:37:23

Heartfelt Condolences to the family members. May her soul rest in peace.

Aboobacker Nettikkara, Kerala
28/01/2024 09:04:24

A very clear and well said observation and presentation of Philip Saab as usual. It’s the reflection of peace loving and anti communal masses alike. Unfortunately this will not satisfy the vested interest minded people.
There is no doubt at all that the coming election will be crucial to the democratic existence of this great country. Presently we are witnessing the atrocities in Israel-Palestine war in Gaza and the helpless world bodies..
Let us hope and pray for our democracy and peaceful living of the present and future generations

Aboobacker Nettikkara, Kerala
12/01/2024 21:09:28

Philip Saab’s absence from his usual evaluation cum writing definitely did a gap in his readers.
Now the gap has filled through extensive evaluating across the events.
Hope will continue writing with your usual extensive in depth analysis. Now I am in Doha with family to join with son and daughters

04/12/2023 06:16:43

May her soul rest in peace.

Dr. Roshan Joy Martis, Moodubelle/Bengaluru
03/12/2023 15:12:29

Condolences. May her soul rest in eternal peace. Let her family members be consoled by God and provide all strength to bear irreversible loss.

Roji Mathew, Qatar
15/11/2023 21:16:00

Once Nehru said we would have recognised Israel long ago, because Israel is a fact. We refrained because of our desire not to offend the sentiments of our friends in the Arab countries.Unlike other politician Mr Nehru was a practical politician.His timely decision on several issues like foreign policy,economic policy,social reformation,multi party democracy,non alignment movement etc are really appreciable.His decision to not support and support the israel was poorly based on the political set up at that time and proved that it was successful.

14/11/2023 08:47:10

Against a letter from Einstein the government of Australia approved the land investigation for Jewish settlement inside the Australian.The impressive plan was that 7 million acres were to be purchased and an initial contingent of 500 workers would build basic infrastructure to support some 75,000 Jewish refugees, who would follow Commonwealth laws but have full cultural autonomy and develop the region’s pastoral and agricultural industries.Australians’ fear of Asians,outweighed their wariness of Jews, and support for the proposal was further buttressed by reports of Nazi brutality. Yet there were concerns the new settlers would move from the Kimberley, attracted by the big cities. 28 October 1943, prime minister John Curtin delivered the verdict. “The Government is unable to see its way to depart from long-established policy in regard to alien settlement in Australia,” Curtin explained, “and therefore cannot entertain the proposal for a group settlement of the exclusive type contemplated by the Freeland League.” After four years of championing the cause, Isaac Steinberg left the country in 1943, taking with him the dreams of an Australian Jewish homeland.

Roji Mathew, Qatar
13/11/2023 07:38:33

The sadness and despair of being away from their homeland haunted every Jews throughout the history, whether it’s in Egypt or Babylon or Europe or the in the luxury of New York. As the psalmist sung If I forget thee O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill, May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth, if I do not set Jerusalem above my highest joy. Unlike the first two return from the Egyptian and Babylonian exile the third exile was not from a single country, it was from the whole world mainly from non-English speaking Russian belt and eastern Europe where the anti-Semitism were at it peak. It was funded by Rothschild and other rich European business giants. Still the North American Jews are not ready to return to their homeland by sacrificing their present socio economic status. The human trafficking from the Ethiopia and other African jews led by the state sponsorship are still active.I wish a peaceful two state solution in this region where both jews and Arabs are living together in their brotherly love, affection and prosperity as at the end of the day both of them are the descendants of Abraham

Philip Mudartha, Navi Mumbai
12/11/2023 19:33:40

May his soul repose in eternal peace. Condolences to Castelino family.

Valerian Alva, Kattingeri
09/11/2023 08:08:21

I do not understand the concept of auctioning food items, alcohol, and livestock in front of the church. In Moodubelle church these items are auctioned on the doorsteps of the Church in the guise of a mission Sunday collection. How anyone can make church a marketplace and thus get a bad name for the church? As we all know church is a sacred and holy place, there are enough instances in the Bible to keep the house of the Lord sacred and pure. In Moodubelle we have a huge parish hall, school buildings, and playgrounds available, so why auction anything on the church doorsteps? I am sure this kind of contribution is not even liked by the Almighty God also

Apolinaris D Souza, Valencia/Muscat
07/11/2023 21:04:33

My sincere Thanks to Mandd Sobhann President and the entire Team and the entire Carvalho Household (Carval Garana), especially to Eric’bab and Rev. Dr. Pratap Naik S.J. for honoring me with the 19TH KALAKAR PURASKAR. I am always grateful to you all.
I Thank The Almighty for having given me this talent to work for his kingdom here on earth. I am grateful to my Parents, my Wife Sons, my Brothers Sisters and the entire D’SOUZA family for encouraging me and supporting me right from my childhood days. I thank Valencia choir master, (Late) Mr. Marian Pinto and the all senior choir members for encouraging me in my musical journey in Valencia. I am thankful to my Mentor (Late) Rev. Fr. Walter Albuquerque S.J., without whom I would not have received this Kalakar Puraskar. Also I thank all my past

Clevan Joy Dsouza, Bahrain
07/11/2023 09:13:54

Saddened by the pathetic state of Belle church in singing as well as other extracurricular activities today.  Belle church is considered one of the richest parishes in the entire diocese and hence there is no scarcity of resources.  We are not good at singing, not in sports, not in acting skills, not in leadership, not in literature, not in social service but good at auctioning pork and biriyani for the whole month.  A church with 600 plus families has the smallest weakest ICYM unit in the entire diocese.  Wake up so called leaders, more than the collection of money it is important to train our kids so that it will help in leadership and career success.  I hope someone will act before its too late

Valerian Alva, Kattingeri
01/11/2023 17:15:52

Part 2

Why our children are not motivated?  Moodubelle priests and people have all the time to make biriyani, pork, idli, and auction it for 4 weeks but no time for such events.  Only singing in choir won t help, if one needs to excel in singing then the person has to get enough training and participate in the competitions.  There is no scarcity of resources but sadly there is no interest, motivation accountability. Someone at the church leadership level should take responsibility for this sad status, is there anyone who takes responsibility leadership, I doubt it. 

Valerian Alva, Kattingeri
01/11/2023 17:15:06

Congratulations to ICYM Pangala and Pangala church for organizing such a mega event.  Congratulations to all the winners Meanwhile saddened to see the state of Moodubelle church.  I was able to watch the live event online and could see only a couple of kids participated in the event.  In the above 11 years and above 15 years category, I could not see anyone even participating.  Not everyone will win, but first of all one needs to participate. Moodubelle is a rich parish with all resources. Moodubelle Parish used to win a lot of prizes including championships, and individual medals until a few years back.  If anyone remembers the time of Fr. Alexander Lobo, Fr. Herold Menezes the church office portico was full of medals and trophies.  But today we are in a sad and pathetic status.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
01/11/2023 16:32:52

A wonderful article, heavy with content so also rare vintage picture of Nehru era, tables and facts.
Einstein s words to Guardian in 1929 is highly inspiring. Article further goes on to prove Where there will, there is away with reference to transformation of barren desert into fertile land. It was a good piece of information to me and guess for many others -Albert Einstein s batting with Nehru for Zionists country, at the homeland in the soil of their forefathers, an appeal for justice and equity. However heartening to note that Zionists prosperity benefited both sides. Had there been harmony among both, this region would have been most thriving in the world. Unfortunately resources, sweat and blood going to drain sadly into bottomless pit of evil enmity.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
01/11/2023 11:22:25

Real time article. It helps us understand current scenario and background with unbiased facts and figures. Looking at Israeli military assistance to India over the decades, it is natural India rightly condemned unprovoked attack on its friend. Sadly Hamas culminated carnage on attackers territory, innocent civilian s were at the receiving end.
General understanding is for the sake of peace and growth co-existence is the best policy. Now conflict and hatred bigots the same in return mutually. Hope peace prevails in this ME region. Eagerly waiting to read related articled just published. Thank you Philip for compiling such an informative collections and pictures / tables.

Philip Mudartha, Navi Mumbai
30/10/2023 12:28:30

Heartfelt condolences. RIP

Walter D Souza, Darana, Pernal
30/10/2023 06:57:46

We miss you my dearest Bavoji. You were a gentleman with great wisdom and vast knowledge. I will miss you forever. May your soul rest in peace. Heartfelt condolences my dearest sister, Ivy, Samson, Santosh and family. We will pray for you.

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