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valerian and Judith Lobo, Belle/Muscat
14/04/2010 01:01:33

Well written article on glory of Muscat, The photography captured the real beauty and made us really to appreciate scenic beauty of muscat. Keep up your Good effort and make people appreciate the beauty of nature

Valerian Ferandes, Belle / Abu Dhabi
13/04/2010 15:57:54

Congratulations John!

John when is Bellevision Nottingham going to take place

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
13/04/2010 15:19:52

A power inverter converts DC (Direct Current) to standard AC (Alternating Current) which allows you to run electrical equipment in emergencies or simple convenience. In the case of Belle, the inverter gets charged whenever the Mescom electricity is available and allows you to use equipment (light, fan etc.) when electricity from Mescom is not available. So, there is nothing wrong in the comment that "those who have got the inverters at home they won t feel the difference" in the context it was mentioned. Of course if the electricity is not available for too long time and if the inverter is already discharged then it is a problem. But the issue was not the inverter. The commenter was emphasizing on the problems of people suffering when there is no power.

Louis Alva, Kattingeri / Dubai
13/04/2010 15:14:10

Hi, Mr.Vikas Castelino !! I was very happy to read your comment on BV. Actually Vikas you know what ? till today i was thinking that invertors we don t have to re- Charge them and it generates the power automatically and today only i came to know(that too through you)it has to be re-charge. Well done Mr.Vikas, atleast you know that it has to be re-charge and to re-charge it, you need a electricity power.keep it up. You have very bright future in electrical field.

Thomas Pinto, Ferar/ Ganjimutt / Muscat
13/04/2010 11:24:46

Dear Dr. Eugene, Beautifull photographs and nicely described. Wish you a very pleasent stay in Muscat

Alban D souza, kunthal nagar/moodubelle
13/04/2010 11:04:52

Its nice to read the talents achivements of Priyanka...appriciate the talent i wish her a bright future...congrats to Mr.Edward

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
13/04/2010 10:21:20

The success of Mr. Nagaraj Kamath would definitely encourage the Industrial growth in Moodubelle and surrounding villages. Of course the road to success is hard work as nicely written in the article by Dr. Eugene.

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
13/04/2010 10:05:55

Good to see the pictures and report of the program in Mumbai. Great efforts by St. Josephs Konkani Welfare Association Mira Road in organizing. Thanks to Mr. Ancy Paladka for the report and pictures.

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
13/04/2010 09:58:51

Muscat is one of the oldest cities in the Middle East and remains true to its traditional culture, offering an interesting mix of the old and the new, particularly in its modern and traditional Islamic architecture which is evident in these pictures. Thanks to Dr. Eugene for the beautiful pictures and article.

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
13/04/2010 06:44:50

It is still difficult to believe that Wilfy in no more. Nice to see the report from you Joel. Please do write more reports and articles on the activities in Bahrain.

alban D souza, kunthalnagar/moodubelle
13/04/2010 04:25:19

congratulations to Mr.John Peter Fernandes(Secretary)Mr.Stany Sequeira(Cultural Secretary) all new elected committee members wish them all the best

Edward Noronha, Moodubelle
13/04/2010 00:43:05

Wish you every sucess in your business

Vikas Castelino, Moodubelle,Deveragudde
12/04/2010 18:43:43

Hi, Mr.Louis Alva,i read ur comment that those who have got invorters at home they wont feel the differences,ok fine,as per simple knowlege and common sence invorters has to be charge by electricity only....please b4 u giving some comments think twice and do it.......have a nice day..........

Louis Alva, Kattingeri / Moodubelle
12/04/2010 15:30:41

Nice to see Mr.Simon Dsouza,Mr.Jillu Lobo,Mrs Felcy Frank and all our belleans from Muscat after a long time.Special Regards to Mrs. Felcy and her family along with Mr.Claud Frank and fly. Good Luck to BV-Muscat for their future plans and events. Thanks to Mrs. Glenda for the report.

Louis Alva, Kattingeri / Moodubelle
12/04/2010 15:13:02

We lost a another nice person. Our heartfelt condolences to his family. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

12/04/2010 13:13:57

Dear Nagaraj nice to see you in photos,great achivement,good luck,wish you success in your business.Keep going.

prince, podikambla/dubai
12/04/2010 11:12:35

Congratulations to John and the new office bearers of MUKA.wish you all the best...!

prince, podikambla/dubai
12/04/2010 11:05:09

Great job done by konkani community of Bahrain.Nice to see Joel and Hilda after long time.Thanks joel for the article.All the best....!

Edward Menezes, Bantakal/Bahrain
12/04/2010 09:32:06

I would like to say a Big thank you to Mr.Simon and Pressy for organising this condolence meeting,Wilfyab was very close to this family,and since i witnessd the meeting it was really very touchy,its so difficult to describe Wilfyabs personality,he was an Institution and we still have so much to learn from this great person,Once again thank you very much Simon and Pressy for your good work,may God Bless you.

Edward Menezes, Bantakal/Bahrain
12/04/2010 08:55:53

Among all the sweet memories of Mangalore,Cashew is also one,During summer when ever I go on vacation,I eat Cashews,Thank you Dr.Eugene for the short sweet artical,we really miss the green green grass of home.Edward Family

Francis L.Lobo, Belle( DubaI)
12/04/2010 06:17:20

Dr Eugine will make us home sick by writing such nice articles.Thanks for Mr.Sabys nice comments.Yalla Bale Parka Gonkuda!!!!

Cyril D Souza, Devaragudde/Bhandup
12/04/2010 02:18:15

Nice to see all the known faces getting together in one place. Specially faces of my bro, sis-in-law and neice after a very long time and of course, Phillip my classmate, Tejju and others. Keep the spirit of getting together alive. The more you know each other the more you grow in love and affection. The joy of sharing with others is truly great. Well done. Keep it up.

Joel D sa, Moodubelle, Bahrain
12/04/2010 02:17:40

Commendable work Nagraj, well done , I have seen your hard work. Running business in this competetive field is not easy, but with your commitment hard work you have done a great job. may the almighty God bless you to reach greater hieghts.

valerian Lobo, Thirlapalke, Belle
12/04/2010 01:44:22

Dear Nagraj,

Congratulations on your achievement. You have really strived hard to become a prosperous businessmen in our village. Keep up your Good work and Iam proud to be your classmate and a childhood neighour. Wish you future prospects and sucess in all your endeavours

Homosapien, Earth
11/04/2010 10:09:51

And we wonder, why there is food crisis all over the world. Yes, the art work is amazing, but still a looot of food is being wasted.. I think this is a craze among many people(especially the Arabs).. They just like to show that they have things in plenty. Once i got a forward, wherein, a fiest was prepared for the Royal family of Saudi, and, they had a loooooot of left overs, which they dumped.
Well, people will realise the value of things only when they have worked for it and also when the things we take for granted are no more.

benna, moodubelle,udupi
11/04/2010 09:49:36

well done Nagaraj congratulations on your achievements ,remember the days how we used to play together eat together .Wishing u every success all the best hope to see many factories at moodubelle

Vijay Dsouza, Moodubelle
11/04/2010 09:15:29

Wow ..... beautiful photos and fantastic profile of Mr.Nagraj. We all know Nagraj is a gentleman and we all should appreciate his efforts in providing employment to so many workers.

FRANCIS NOEL LOBO, Goan villa, Moodubelle
11/04/2010 08:23:23

Very good and informative article. credits to the writer and Team Bellevision. But be aware when eating this delicious cashews, it makes stains on our clothes!

Francis Lobo, Goan Villa, Moodubelle.
11/04/2010 08:15:58

Indeed Mr Nagaraj is a fine gentleman, we have seen him since we were small. Thanks and keep going doing this good job, all the Best!

Avil D almeida, Moodubelle - Dubai
11/04/2010 05:49:07

Beautiful Article, Many thanks to Dr. Eugene. Very happy to see my one of the best friend Eddu. Well done, Wonderful pictures. Convey our warm regards Veera and your great sons.

Alfred Vincent Monis, Bantakal,Kingdom of Bahrain
11/04/2010 05:00:15

Thank you Dr. Eugene,

Very good article, keep writing and waiting for some natures photographs from you.

Irwin, Auckland, New Zealand
11/04/2010 04:28:57

Hi Eddie, The article and the photos are excellent. You are a talented family. Well done, keep it up. I am looking forward to our next fishing trip in Auckland. Regards to your family. Irwin

Alfred Vincent Monis, Bantakal,Kingdom of Bahrain
11/04/2010 03:05:26

Dear Kamat happy to see your progress, best of luck for the future.

Vincy Monis - Bantakal

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
11/04/2010 03:04:00

Nice article. Reminds the olden golden quote -Parka Parkaa yedde Gonkudaaa....

Edward Barboza, Kanajar/Auckland
11/04/2010 02:20:17

Thanks for the interesting, informative article and good pictures. It reminds me my childhood days where I use to collect ( Dusryancha Rukachye ) play and sell.

We saw different articles posted by B.V about Dubai which were really interesting especially the photographs. Even though we had been in Dubai, we did not see such spectacular photographs.
Thanks to Dr. Eugene and team.

prince, podikambla/dubai
11/04/2010 02:17:47

Hay Nagu!!! nice to see you and your achievements on BelleVision. Wishing you every success in your business.Thanks to Dr Eugine for this imfomative article.Keep going... All the best...!

10/04/2010 23:48:18

Dear Mr.Nagaraj,
Best of luck for your carrier. Wish you success and all the best. This a credit to our belle village.

10/04/2010 16:08:44


simon.castelino, belle kalmady jeddah ksa
10/04/2010 12:28:20

Good luck and thankyou glenda for nice pics and wonderfull report.

Sujai Kumar, Toronto
10/04/2010 07:43:06

All the best guys ..... Manipal rocks

John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle /Nottingham U.K
10/04/2010 06:48:52

Nice Report and pictures… Keep up the good work.

ramesh moolya, udupi/bhopal
10/04/2010 05:11:07

Congratulation Chrisy Goodluck
keep it up.

leo, manipal
10/04/2010 04:10:25

can somebody please provide contact details of the school?

jason, belle
10/04/2010 02:24:58

best of luck for ur new movie.......

sharmila dsouza, Moodubelle
09/04/2010 15:47:38

Nice pictures

Ajay, Bengaluru
09/04/2010 15:01:08

Congragulations and all your dream come true. Let lord give you all the potential and hand to fulfill your work.

Sudesh Hebbar, Bangalore
09/04/2010 09:28:21

This is such a great article; it answered a lot of questions about my ancestors. I am going to keep a copy of it and share it with many generations to come. I have more then one reason to visit Kattingeri now. Thank you all, for taking time and effort to do such a wonderful research.

Thomas Saldanha, Kanajar / Dubai
09/04/2010 03:32:31

Hi Eddu

Beautiful pictures indeed. Dubai, Fujairah, Newzealand thawn yevn bolliyechi khampi dharchi mullyar sulaabh-gi. Keep up your extraordinary hobby and spirit!

Victor D almeida, Moodubelle/Bahrain
08/04/2010 12:11:48

Thanks Victor, for your informative article about village garden plants and flowers and its importance to the house and environment, along with this if we add some herbal plants like Timario we can make use of it for our health, it groves easily any where in the garden only it needs water that s it, mostly these plant seen on the paddy field edges, widely used for chutneys and salad. It has lot of vitamins and minerals, if you eat 2-3 leaves a keep old age away, It has been known for centuries valued for treating leprosy and tuberculosis relieving the pain of rheumatism and arthritis to increase brain capacity and for longevity. It has been called Pharmacy in one Herb offering impressive benefits and it is also called Indian Ginseng . I wish all of us make use of this tiny neglected plant in our beautiful garden. This magnificent plant called in english Gotu Kola .

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
08/04/2010 07:52:58

Thank you Dr. Eugene for a nice article on fish trapping. Pleased to see my friend Edward Barboza an expert in this art. Around ten years ago we planned for fishing in Kalba Fujairah. He reached there before sunrise. When I joined him at 8 AM, he had two big Puday full of Kane fish atleast 250 kane.... A Parbu Fisherman!!! Keep it up Eddu!

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