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simon.castelino, moodubelle kalmady jeddah ksa
03/04/2010 21:18:23

Sing alleluia to the lord thank you Dr Eugene a spical article wish u all happy easter

Manoj and Rima, Moodubelle/Dubai
03/04/2010 15:15:58

May the risen lord bless everyone. wish you all a Happy Easter.

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
03/04/2010 10:31:39

Thank you Dr. Eugene, even though you have just travelled from Dubai to Muscat you still found time to present us (Bellevision viewers) with the special Easter article. May the Team BV and all the viewers share an Easter that s bright and sunny, filled with love and happiness in every way

suresh d acharya, katapadi
03/04/2010 05:17:40

thanks to bellevision team for good coverage of kattingere utsav.

Richard Castelino, Moodubelle/Dubai
03/04/2010 01:57:55

Congratulations Charly dattu You are the right person to serve the Moodubelle peoples needs.wish you all the best

V iola Almeida, Manipal
03/04/2010 01:45:07

Congratulations Uncle On being elected as the new president of the C A B,You well deserve it.All the best to you.

Vijay Dsouza, Moodubelle / Dubai
02/04/2010 14:00:19

Thank you Fr.Joswey for the report and meaningful pictures. Its great to see the pictures within a few hours of actual ceremony on bellevision.com, Great job, God bless you all.

Fredrick Fernandes, Moodubelle / Boston
02/04/2010 11:42:32

Hearty congratulations to Charles Quadros. Our best wishes are with you always.

02/04/2010 09:42:24

good to knw abt good friday and its significance..............

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
02/04/2010 03:42:00

Enjoyed seeing the pictures of various fish species. Dubai Aquarium showcases the marine life and explores the underwater universe to great extent. Thanks to Dr. Eugene for the beautiful pictures and report.

Rajendra Shetty, Moodubelle
02/04/2010 02:37:09

Congrtulations Mr. Charles Quadros All the best to you.

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore
02/04/2010 01:07:58

Congratulations Sanjoy!!! for winning the first rank and Gold Medal in the Mechanical Engineering Section of the American University of Sharjah in mid-2009. God Bless u and wish u all the very best for ur future...

richi, Muscat
01/04/2010 16:36:52

Dear Sir
Your photography is fantastic, but you are not there in any of the photographs, please note that all have seen you when you were younger , show yourself too when you are enjoying the great days.

Richi, Manglore born / now in Muscat
01/04/2010 16:08:33

Dear Dr. Eugene
The explanation was in detail. Furthermore, the photography was fantastic.
Now am sure your readers will enjoy the heritage of Oman which is your next destination.
Have a great holiday or as I can see a great working trip

Edward Menezes, Bantakal/Bahrain
01/04/2010 14:23:19

Congratulations dear Charlaab(Dattu)On being elected as the new president of the C A B,You well deserve it.All the best to you.

Edward Menezes, Bantakal/Bahrain
01/04/2010 13:54:08

Thank you Anil for giving us a brief note picture of palm sunday,Bellevision is always the first to give us all the news and happenings in Belle and around.Keep up the Good Job,Wish you all a Very happy Easter.

Avith Lobo, Moodubelle/Doha
01/04/2010 13:43:35

Congratulations Mr.Charles Quadros.Best wishes for future

suraj-Belle, luvsuraj1@yahoo.com
01/04/2010 11:59:53

Congratulations Charles and we know you can do better things with your new responsibilities. Good to see again Shivaji Suvarana who had been disappearing from Moodubelle for long time. with high regards one request to all the leaders - whenever you get opportunity to serve your own village try to make use of it. Opportunity does not come everyday. The best example is Jerald Fernandes. He did lot for our Village during his short term and he will be rewarded for his good works.  

Suraj-Belle, Belle-Dubai
01/04/2010 11:54:26

Good updates from Prakash Katpady. Great Job Prakash and we would love to see one more report of Katpadi Shanivara santhey and beautiful pictures of santhey market.

Jerome D Sa, Bethsaida, Moodubelle/Dubai
01/04/2010 11:14:56

Congratulations Sanjoy and all the best for the future.

Shuan, Sandra and Jerome D Sa

Valerian Alva, Moodubelle / Dubai
01/04/2010 08:06:38

Congratulation Sanjoy for your marvelous achievements at this young age. I am sure you will excel in the business like your father. May God bless you.

Nagesh Bhandary, Moodbidri
01/04/2010 07:17:51

Your proficiency over English is marvelous. Keep it up dear ...

01/04/2010 06:25:41

Congratulations to you Mr. Charles Quadros on being elected as the new President of the c a bank belle.wishing u succes
from rtn michael mathias
shirva rotary

Louis D Almeida, Manipal
01/04/2010 05:34:52

Hello Charles, congratulations and all the best.

Richard Noronha, Belle Bombay
01/04/2010 01:21:22

Congratulations to you beloved Charles Quadros. Your chair come with lot of responsibilities and you need to fulfil it with your capabilities. You really need to pull socks on and start contributing towards improvement of belle. I wish you all the best.

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
01/04/2010 00:50:08

Besides sacrifices animals are also being tortured and killed by man for fun such as bull fights and hunting. Man seems to be the worst animal on planet. Very interesting article Mr. Victor Castelino, please do write more such articles.

Victor D almeida, Moodubelle/Bahrain
31/03/2010 12:31:18

Dear Charles, congratulation on being elected as the President of C.A.Bank Moodubelle, Wishing you success in your future mission and also thank outgoing President Mr. Shivaji S Suvarna for his past achievements.

precilla menezes, belle,usa
31/03/2010 11:16:01

Dear Charlee Dattu,You are well deserved for President of the C.A.Bank of Moodubelle.Congratulations!!!Wishing you very succes in your work.

Victor D almeida, Moodubelle/Bahrain
31/03/2010 10:56:04

We all are happy to know that Fr. Vijayanand chose our Village as his second home and also to know that he is the best friend of Fr. Charlie who was a humble soft spoken loving individual , I miss late Fr. Faustin Alva very loving person and also well known businessman late Mr. Robert Alva I am very sorry for him on his last stage he suffered a lot we can only say that it is God s wish,we can only pray that their souls may rest in peace.Thanks Fr. Vijayanand your visit reminds us our beloved Fr. Charlie, Fr. Faustin and Robert Alva.

Therese Dalmeida, mooduBelle/Doha
31/03/2010 09:28:23

Congratulation to you Mr. charles. wish you all the best and every success in your work.

Manager, Moodubelle
31/03/2010 07:29:02

Congratulations!!!! and we wish you all the best.

konghaining, jeddah ksa
31/03/2010 06:06:52

These pictures are very interesting. Hope to see more and more pictures in days to come.Please continue your hardwork.

Louis Alva, Kattingeri / Dubai
31/03/2010 06:04:02

“Congratulations “ Charli Dattu on being elected as the President of C.A Bank – Moodubelle .You are the right person to serve the Moodubelle peoples needs as a
C.A bank President, because all of them they knows your humble and helping nature for many years now . You Deserve it and best of luck !!!

simon.castelino, kalmady jeddha ksa
31/03/2010 05:58:20

Thank you Mr Sanjay for the news coverage of Palm Sunday celebrations.Very happy to see the procession while palm gardans in the background. Keep it up.

B G Shanbhogue, Ex-Branch Manager,Syndicate Bank
31/03/2010 05:01:28

Charles Sir, Right person is being elected for the Right post. There is no doubt that C A Bank will grow to its maximum height during your tenure. Hearty Congratulations.Wish you all the best and may the
God bless you.

Avil D almeida, Moodubelle - Dubai
31/03/2010 04:18:25

Congratulations to Charli Dattu on being unanimously elected as the President of the C.A. Bank, Moodubelle. All the best !!

Mable Martis, Pangala/ Doha
31/03/2010 03:01:04

Dear Charlee Dattu, You are well deserved for this position.Congratulations and best of luck.

Francis Lazarus Lobo, Kattingary
31/03/2010 02:47:00

Dear Mr. Charles Quadros!!!Congratulations president.
Of cource you deserve more.Keep it up.Thanks for Belle vision.

Agnes Lobo D souza, Moodubelle/Margao, Goa
31/03/2010 02:45:02

Lovely pictures, i wish i had little place to make a garden since I am very much fond of gardening. Felt like plucking some flowers from the pictures itself. Great informative article, thanks to Victor and congrats to Conibai for her efforts to put up such a beautiful garden inspite of her busy schedule. Keep it up.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
31/03/2010 02:44:59

Always nice to have a garden in the compound and that to when you grow so many variety s beautiful colors. Seeing them grow, makes you happy, relaxed and feel good. Hat s off to D souza s for having a wonderful garden sharing the joy with amazing pictures with us. Congratulations !

vincent martis, kattingeri / bahrain
31/03/2010 02:44:07

Congratulations Charlie Dattu being elected as the President of the C.A. Bank Moodubelle. All the Best.

John J. Lobo, Moodubelle
31/03/2010 02:13:09

My hearty congratulations and best wishes to our dear Charles.

Stephan Lobo, Kattingeri
31/03/2010 02:02:56

Hi Dattu, congratulations and wish you all the best.

Melwyn Castelino, Moodubelle/Mumbai
31/03/2010 01:39:17

Congratulations Charli Dattu as the new President of the Cooperative Agricultural Bank of Moodubelle. Wishing you every succes in your work.

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore
31/03/2010 01:37:03

Congratulations Dattu!!! on being elected as the President of C.A. BANK, Moodubelle. God Bless U. Wish u all the very best and success in ur work.

31/03/2010 01:24:43

Congratulation Charlaab.Good luck.All the best.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
31/03/2010 01:12:54

Congratulations ! to my very good friend Charls Quadros on being elected unanimously as the new President of Cooperative Agricultural Bank of Moodubelle. All the very best to you.

Thomas D Sa, Moodubelle/Dubai
31/03/2010 01:02:35

Congratulations to Charlee Dattu on being unanimously elected as the President of the C.A. Bank, Moodubelle. You are one among the Jewels of Belle. Under your leadership let this Bank grow to further heights and be the helping hand to the needy.
Your selfless service to the public and simplicity brought this honor to you.

Fr Francis Crasta, Nityadarnagar
31/03/2010 00:22:59

Charli, Congratulation for being elected as the president of CA Bank. all the best and good luck.

Eugene D Souza, Moodubelle
30/03/2010 22:01:57

Congratulations to Charles Quadros on being unanimously elected as the President of the C.A. Bank, Moodubelle.

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