Yoga and Nature Cure Centre at Pareeka near Parkala

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Report and Pictures by Dr. Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
Bellevision Media Network

Moodubelle, 13 August 2010: There are various methods to control and cure various types of diseases and ailments. The different systems of medicine right from allopathic to ayurveda, homeopathy to Chinese system of acupressure and acupuncture have been followed to conquer ailments and improve health. However, there is a unique method of treating different types of aliments and maintaining as well as improving health. This method is known as naturopathy. The Naturopathic medicine is based on the concept of treating the body with Panchamahabhuthas that is Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether which form the basic constituents of the body. These elements are used to revitalize and rejuvenate the body and strengthen the immune system against the disease causing agents present in and around a person.

Naturopathy is an outstanding and unique system of medicine which offers a holistic health through the combination of all drugless therapies like Natural therapies, Yogic therapy, Acupuncture, reflexology, Magneto therapy, Electrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Reiki and Pranic healings. Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade Dharmadhikari of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala was instrumental in establishing Yoga and Nature Cure Hospital under Shantivana Trust in the year 1987 with the view of spreading the message to the common man that human body has the capacity to provide cure for its own ailments through various drugless therapies. The management also runs other charitable hospitals, colleges, schools.

Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences attached to the same management offers 5 years bachelor course in Naturopathy, Yoga and other alternative system, the first institute to award bachelor degree of its kind. The College is affiliated to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. Basic medical subjects, natural therapies, Nutrition and Dietetics, Yoga Philosophy, Acupuncture, Magneto therapy, Naturopathic and modern diagnostic methods are the subjects highlighted in this course. The academic year begins from July every year.

With the view of extending Nature cure treatments to the other areas and to meet the requirements all the common peoples, SDM Medical trust started a well equipped 100 bedded Nature Cure and Yoga Hospital at Pareeka, Manipal in the year 2006. Pareeka is one kilometre from Athradi on the Udupi-Karkala Road. The sprawling nature cure centre is surrounded by greenery and beauty of nature, a quiet place with all facilities and amenities. People belonging to different classes can avail the residential facilities and treatment at this centre. There are independent cottages and Deluxe rooms for those who believe in style and comfort for a higher price and also general wards separately for men and women who cannot afford higher price.

In this sprawling Nature Cure and Yoga Hospital at Pareeka, there are separate arrangements sections for yoga and meditation, various therapies, library, cooking and dining. The campus provides the necessary ambience for morning and evening walk, jogging and meditation.

Depending on the type of ailment, following check up by expert doctors different forms of therapies are prescribed and administered at the centre. These therapies include Hydrotherapy (Jalachikithsa)-which uses water at different temperatures, forms and pressure to alleviate the ailments of the body; Prithvi Chikithsa-a process where pure mud is applied over the body directly or in the form of packs. The cooling, chemical and mechanical properties of mud help to treat problems of skin, joints and metabolic disorders; Akasha Chikithsa (Detoxification Therapy)-which uses the purificatory properties of various fruits, vegetable and herbal juices to clean the body of unwanted and accumulated toxins which are a result of unhealthy life style; Vayu Chikithsa (Air Therapy)-in which treatments like breathing exercises and fresh air baths helps to treat and recharge the respiratory system.

The Hospital environment which is located in the midst of green unpolluted surroundings provides a good scope for toning the respiratory system, Surya/Agni Chikithsa (Heliotherapy) which uses the heating elements in nature namely Sun rays and different colours in the solar spectrum to heat up, soothe, sedate and to purify the human body; Mardana Chikithsa (Massage Therapy) in which body parts are scientifically manipulated to facilitate circulation, flexibility and to strengthen joints and other body structures. It also helps to tone up nervous and muscles through movements like friction, percussion etc.....

Depending on the types of ailments, the patients are given Diet Therapy which is planned according to individual needs, which are supplies from organic farms. A wide variety of freshly prepared fruit juices are made available at the diet counters. Importance is given for treating all type of ailments with specially prescribed Diet. Acupuncture Therapy-a Chinese method of treating disease in which fine needles are inserted at selected meridian points on the body which activates the body’s immune system and removes the blocks in different channels through which energy flows. The other therapies include- Magnetotherapy, Yoga Therapy, Pranayam, Meditation, Physiotherapy and Exercise Therapy, Swimming Therapy and Reiki and Pranic Healing Therapy.

The Nature Cure and Yoga Hospital at Pareeka provides treatment to various ailments such as Bronchial Asthama, Nasal Allergy, Chronic Bronchitis, Diabetes, Thyrotoxicosis, Obesity, High and low blood Pressure and Ischemic heart diseases, Migrane, Tension, Headache, Anxiety Neurosis, Depressive Neurosis, Low back pain Rheumatism, Arthritis, Gastritis and Peptic Ulcer, Chronic Diarrheas and Dysentery, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Psoriasis, Allergic Dermatitis etc.

Besides providing treatment for the above ailments, The Nature Cure and Yoga Hospital at Pareeka also undertakes special package programmes and outdoor activities such as Stress Management programmes, Health Rejuvenation Scheme, Cardiac Counselling, Diet Counselling, Yoga and Nature Cure camps for public, Public health awareness camps, Special package programme for old age, Asthma, Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Promotion of Positive health for all age groups, Seminars, workshops and lectures, Research Activity, Psychological Counselling, etc.

The Chief Medical Officer and Medical Superintendent of the SDM Nature Cure and Yoga Hospital at Pareeka is Dr. Mohammed Rafik from Hoode, Kemmannu. He had acquired Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS) degree from SDM College of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Ujire in 1994. After graduation he joined the Department of Naturopathy and Yoga Therapy at SDM College and Hospital of Ayurveda and Indian Medicines at Udyavara near Udupi where he served for fourteen years as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Rafik has written a number of articles and books on the subject of nature cure and yoga and meditation. His recent publication is a book in Kannada titled “Sthoolakaya Matthu Naisargica Parihara”.

(I sincerely thank William D’Sa (Willie Master) for suggesting that i should write an article on Nature Cure and Yoga Hospital at Pareeka and accompanying me to the centre)


Comments on this Article
Sunil kumar gandhi, BANGLORE Mon, October-30-2017, 3:27
I want to reduce my weight I am 130kgs I am 39yrs old but I do not know how to join for treatment
M.Vidhya, Bangalore Wed, June-14-2017, 10:29

Dear sir/madam, My mother is 53 now she is suffering form knee pain since form 3years. She has gone through many medicine but the result was not good plz kindly help me or give a suggestions. Is your trust located in Bangalore if it so plz share the location. Thanking you M.vidhya

Arun Shetty 09004467040, Sooda Villahge Karkala Mon, May-8-2017, 7:57
Pl. I am spinelcord operated patient. after operation also my both leggs are not working. I want treatment at your pleace urgenly. Pl.suggest what I have to do.
Shashi, udipi Wed, April-12-2017, 4:38

Hi,please inform if you have any specific treatment for autoimmune disorders such as Myasthenia gravis.

Sowparnika N M, Bangalore Mon, April-3-2017, 11:24

Hello sir, I m 21years old, height 5.4 and weight 75kgs75kgs, I m obese and want to loose weight. How many days should I stay to reduce my weight? Please let me know about the package

Dawood.M. Ingalgi, Ranebennur Tue, February-14-2017, 8:05

Sir, i am 47years old. I wish to reduce my weight around 10 kg (74 to 62,64kg) and my cholesterol lavel is cross the normal limit. pls suggest a package and duration with approx expenditure. Thanking you sir. Cell.No_9620941146

Prashant Nadkarni, GOA Thu, January-19-2017, 11:56

Want to loose weight around 20kg Iam 51years old present wt 80kg want to reduce to 60 kg.Pls sujest best options Thanks

poorvi, kumta Tue, December-20-2016, 4:22

I want to stay at Pareeka atleast for 15 days and I want to reduce my weight...Please suggest some pacakage programmes in the month of jan....pllzzplzz plzz inform me plzz

kumari m, benagaluru Mon, December-12-2016, 12:48
I am suffering from diabetes,plz let u know details
Seema, Mudigere Thu, October-27-2016, 3:39 parents are suffering from could u plz inform about the package details...they want to come n stay der for few days for treatment...

RAJANIKANTH, CHALLAKERE Fri, October-21-2016, 12:30
good result in Pareeka nature cure my experience very very good result thank you
Savita, Bajpe Mon, July-4-2016, 10:45
I want package and price of weight loss programme.
Hema, Bellary Sat, May-7-2016, 11:51
I have pcos...I need to reduce 15kgs...please provide me the package details for weight loss programe
Anusha, Bangalore Fri, April-22-2016, 1:54
I m 24 years and my marriage will be fixed in 6 months. So would like to reduce my weight atleast by 10kgs. I m 68kgs now. So kindly let me know the contact number and the package details along with days and price for the same. Thanks
vaishali, Mangalore Thu, February-18-2016, 8:54
i would like to attend the weightloss programme.Please let me know how to contact you.
N.BHARATH RAJ, Bangalore Fri, February-5-2016, 8:00
I am 43 Years Need To reduce 10 kgs of weight, so pls reply the charges of admission , food, haulting etc ,So pls reply how much cost for reducing 10 kgs of weight
Divya, Bangalore Wed, January-6-2016, 9:39
My Cousin is suffering from depression. Could you please provide the contact number so that we will visit and want to take treatment. Thanks
PRAKASH, SHIMOGA Tue, January-5-2016, 11:30
I am 60 year old, have type 2 diabetes, in control, I want to reduce my weight, am used to alcohol and cigrette, am a vegetarian, tell me the duration of treatment at your centre
vinod, bagalkot Tue, December-29-2015, 11:52
sir m suffering from multipale lipoma n now that increas hole body so please tell me any treatment in your hospital n treatment means pls infrom me
Swetha KV, Bangalore Tue, December-29-2015, 2:16
Need to get admission in ur nature cure centre for around 10 days. Need appointment after Jan 20th. Also need to know about costing. Plz reply
Rukmani Vinod, Bangalore Tue, November-24-2015, 6:30
Need to lose 12 kgs, have hypothyroidism and Deja vu Epilepsy. Could i get admission including food and stay for 10 days. If so, what is the cost. If i get my mother and 3 year old what would be the additional cost. Can i lose weight in 10 day specially belly fat. Please advice.
Harsha shetty, mangalore Sat, November-21-2015, 5:27
Hi,i want to reduce my belli fat(age 27) can u guide me d packages in ur centre with approximate cost for 15 days
Suresh Babu, Bangalore Mon, November-16-2015, 2:13
I am 34yr. old and I need to quit smoking and drinking. Need to control on food also , I am a vegetarian.
Vinod, Bangalore Fri, November-6-2015, 11:36

Please give me telephone no. to contact the person for yoga therapy. Because my brother is alcoholic addiction, he is always sleeping and in depression mood, please help us.

K Mahankaleshwara, Hosapete / KURNOOL (AP) Tue, November-3-2015, 3:16
Dear Sir, I have attended nature camp in April 2008, Now I need to come once again for a short term , Kindly let me know availablity to 9448394363
B.L.PATIL, KITTUR-591115 DIST BELGAUM Fri, October-30-2015, 9:36
Manasa Shashi, bangalore Wed, October-14-2015, 3:07
Sir, please let me know the procedure for getting admissions in nature cure.
Rajshekhar udgire, Bidar Sun, October-4-2015, 1:22
Muscular dystrophy patient is there any treatment in u are center
Anuradha sastry, Bangalore Fri, September-18-2015, 8:33
I have recovered from viral arthritis but still have lot of joint pains and also want to detox and loose few kilos . Can you help me with any programme . I am interested in coming there in the first week of October .
Subhan, Bangalore Fri, September-4-2015, 6:29
I want to send my wife and elderly parents for back pain and old age related issues. Please advise what deluxe packages are available in October. Period could be for about 2 weeks. Advise costing and the facilities offered. Thanks.
H.S.Chandramouli, Shivamogga Wed, September-2-2015, 10:40
I want to visit your medical care centre for treatment for a week.Please send me the details of treatment and the cost including boarding and stay.
H.S.Chandramouli, Shivamogga Wed, August-26-2015, 9:25
I want to visit your kendra for chronic headache and arthitis treatment for a week in September.Please email the dates available and total package cost with types of accomadation and tarif.
M.S.GOVINDA RAJAN, BANGALORE Tue, August-18-2015, 1:57
I am 60 years of age having diabetes type 2( not under control even with allopathy medication) high BP( under control with medication. Kindly suggest a treatment package of 7 to 10 days duration at your centre. Much appreciate if the treatment exposes me to the basics of Yoga and meditation. I Would like to start at the earliest say from 1st September would prefer simple single room accommodation during my stay.Kindly let me know the options with tariff . Would be highly obliged if approximate cost of treatment including stay and food. please revert to me asap.
Kumar Bhagavath, Kundapur / Bangalore Mon, August-17-2015, 4:16
I have depression / anxiety problem which started 22 years back situation is bad now. Please suggest what program I need to take. I am under medication now.
Praveen Patelappa, Bangalore Thu, August-13-2015, 5:55
I want to stay at Pareeka at least for 10 days to learn yoga and shed down some kilos.Please suggest some pacakages in the month of November and December 2015
poorna, udupi Tue, August-11-2015, 7:47
I m over weighted n suffering from knee pain. I have taken an appointment from 17th august. Please let me know how many KGS I ll be able to loose with in 10 days
Jayaprakash.S, Chennai Thu, July-23-2015, 10:15
I am 61 years male and asthmatic chronically. I am managing with asthalin tablets and inhalers. Please suggest me a treatment procedure at your centre. I am working for a private company Andy taking leave for longer days is at problem.
Vama Deva. E, Mysore Fri, July-17-2015, 3:38
I am suffering from stomach disorder which is dignoised as IBS. I wish to take treetment. Please give the tariff pet day and the contact number to takevan appointmet and admission.
C. Kavery. Poovaiah, Madikeri, Kodagu Wed, July-15-2015, 2:54
A youngster aged 23 is highly diabetic. Is there any treatment to keep it under control? If so how long does it take How much does it cost?
Usha, Bangalore Mon, July-13-2015, 7:30
My father-in-law is suffering from some heart and lung problem. I think a 10 days would be fine with you.send me details about it with the price !
a.n.surendra kumar, bangalore Fri, July-10-2015, 8:25
Dear sir, we would like to take reatment in shanthivana near me know the fee structures food arrangements for inpatients who like to take treatment for 10 days. an early reply in the matter is highly solicited regards surendrakumar
Mohan kumar, Bangalore Mon, June-29-2015, 9:42
I have booked for a stay at SDM with my wife and daughter from 6th July to 11th july. I will reach the hospital on 5th july at 17-00 hrs can I get an accommodation please let me know
Vijay Pavithra raj, bangalore Sat, June-6-2015, 1:22
Sir,I m interested in 7days detox package for my sister,who had an spinal surgery around two years back.will u kindly guide me in knowing the cost of the detox program,booking n other details...thank you
Mamatha Somashekar, Bangalore Tue, May-26-2015, 10:52
Hello, I am a 36 year old mother. I need a rejuvenation retreat. I am over weight and feel I am loosing my flexibility. I would like to know if you have any programs including yoga and diet stay. I am willing to spend between 15 - 25 days.
prathibha, Bangalore Sun, May-24-2015, 2:07
Namasthe, Looking for weight loss program. Please let me know the details ( course fee, duration etc). Looking forward to hear from you soon. Regards, Prathibha
Shankar R Shirol, Mudhol Sat, May-23-2015, 1:30
I am 63 yrs and mu wife 52 yrs .I am suffering fro Diabetic and wife body and leg pain.Besides we also want to have peace and plan to stay one week time. May I know what type of treatment required to have and period to spend and cost implications.We are intent to visit in first week of June 15. Kindly guide us Thanks Shankar
Fayaz Ahmed, Mangalore Tue, May-19-2015, 2:16
Hii...My name is fayaz, i am 28 years old. I suffering from depression and anxiety since 5 years. I am taking medicines for that. But even after also i am falling to depression many times. I would like to know about your natural treatment for depression. Please let me know by e-mail...
Meena jayaraman, Bangalore Wed, May-13-2015, 6:58
Sir I am a victim of obesity and have osteopenia.I am very keen to stay at your centre for 10 days from May 20th onwards.Kindly let me know whom I have to contact.My preferences are AC rooms or Deluxe rooms.Please reply.Awaiting your mail Thank you regards Meena jayaraman Bangalore
Dr.Sridevi.D, shimoga Tue, May-5-2015, 3:44
Sir i am 71kgs at 34 yrs age..want to put down my mom is 77kgs at 52yrs age she is suffering with varicose veins.pls tell me th total charges for both of us with 10 to 15 days stay,depending on therapy.
Vijay, Bangalore Mon, April-27-2015, 3:48
Sir, am 31 years old, I want to reduce my weight, please suggest me d packages in ur centre with approximate cost for 10 days
Asha K N, Bangalore Mon, April-27-2015, 12:38
Sir, Iam 36 years old woman suffering from obesity (95 kgs weight)pls suggest a package and duration with approx expenditure. Thanking you sir
mamatha, Hyderabad Tue, April-7-2015, 1:56
I m 45 yrs old woman.I want a change from my regular busy life. I Would like to take a break and relax for sometime. Pls provide me the complete detail of your center with cost and How long can i stay there, this will help me to plan my travel.
Mrs. Jyoti S. Suvarna, Pune. Maharashtra Mon, March-23-2015, 12:58
I would like to know about you facility in Twin sharing and accomodation for 3 also as we planning to come there in month of May for 8 days.From 18th of May for 1 week. please send me the details of the charges.Thank you and waiting for the reply.
Kiruba.V.G, Tamil Nadu Sun, March-22-2015, 10:10
I m 35 yrs old woman.I want peace.I am always confused.Would like to change my life style to fit,healthy and happy one.How long should I stay and what kind of treatment I should take.Thank You.
santosh k, gulbarga Mon, March-16-2015, 5:16
Very nice center in dakshina good center,
Dr Ramadevi ala, Guntur,Andhra pradsh Mon, March-16-2015, 5:48
Iam suffering from MOTORNUERON disease from 2012,using homeopathy,vitamins,vit 12 injection,can I find treatment in naturopathy,please reply.
Surekha Kudva, Mangalore Mon, March-9-2015, 10:55
Sir, I have already booked a 10 day session for weight loss from 1st April to 10th April with sharing room . Due to some official problem my leave is sanction from 2nd . So please book the 1o day session from 2nd April to 11 April in general ward instaead of sharing room. Pl sned me a confirmation to my email.
santos kanthi, gulbarga Sun, March-8-2015, 11:14
Its very usefull
agumbegururaj bhat, bangalore Sat, February-21-2015, 2:36
I would like to stay in your nature cure for a week . pl send me the detail admission for the senior citizen couple in a hut
S.A,Shetty, Herur,/ Mumbai Sun, February-8-2015, 4:43
I am 68 years.I wants to stay there for ten days. Can I get a early appointment.
Manjunath, Hospet Sun, February-1-2015, 7:37
Sir, Iam 38 years old suffering from obesity (90 kgs weight)pls suggest a package and duration with approx expenditure i want to come there for 15 days in feb-2015. Kindly let me know whom i have to contact. If possible pls. email me all necessary details. Thanking you sir
DIVYA SHREE S, BANGALORE Mon, January-19-2015, 2:40
I want to reduce my weight , pls let me know the fee structure and also how many days i need to stay there, my age is 24 and wt.90kgs pls suggest, i just fed up with this weight
raziya sulthan, hiriadka Fri, January-2-2015, 12:47
i wish to learn acupuncture therapy.
Srinivas, Bangalore Fri, December-12-2014, 5:39
Dear Sir I want to stay at pareeka for 10 days to reduce my tummy and to get treatment for the bronchities, Kindly give us dates in between from 25/12/2014 to 30/01/2015
Harsha.S, TUMKUR Fri, November-28-2014, 12:50
Sir, Iam 33 years old suffering from obesity (130 kgs weight)pls suggest a package and duration with approx expenditure i want to come there for 30 days anytime between feb-2015 to mar-2014. Kindly let me know whom i have to contact. If possible pls. email me all necessary details. Thanking you sir
peri annaji, hyderabad Thu, November-27-2014, 8:29
i have nervous ailment...pls seuugest me the the complete package for one week of stay and the medicines
B.R.Jalajakshi, Bangalore Tue, November-25-2014, 5:17
I want to take the course and would like to know the rates per course and let us know will the disease are diagnosied and treated or based on the oral problems it is treated.
M.P.Kini, Bangalore Wed, November-19-2014, 5:33

I am 76 yrs,diabetic and having obesity. I want to undergo a residential treatment. Pl. give details

chandru, Bangalore Mon, November-10-2014, 11:35
Sir, Iam 32 years old suffering from obesity (80 kgs weight) my Blood cholesterol lavel is very high (294) pls suggest a package and duration with approx expenditure. Thanking you sir
SANTOSH K, HUBLI Wed, September-3-2014, 1:30
Sir, Iam 39 years old suffering from obesity (110 kgs weight)pls suggest a package and duration with approx med. expenditure. Thanking you sir
sneha suvarna, udupi Mon, August-25-2014, 1:28
I want to stay in pareeka for the span of 10 days and reduce my weight.plz suggest the package in the month of September before Navratri starts for me to reduce as much weight as possible.m 26yrs n weigh 79kgs.Thankyou.
Chandrasekhar Channada, Bangalore Mon, August-18-2014, 12:05

I and my wife wants to take 10-15days course treatment. Kindly let me know the package. My mobile no 9886979546.

Gaja, Blr Thu, May-29-2014, 8:20
Please visit this website for more info u need to call the contact numbers 15-20 days before, and get u r name registered. once u reach their, u can visit OPD section and get the prescription for next number of days u want to stay
prabhakar, bangalore Wed, May-28-2014, 10:36
I would like to reduce 5 to 10kgs weight would like to stay from some 10 to 15days in June 2014 kindly suggest the next step, kindly let us know what are charges and whether it is package wise or other
Puja, Bangalore Mon, May-19-2014, 6:22
I would like to reduce some weight would like to stay from some 15 days in June 2014 kindly suggest the next step.
suryakant upadhya, harihar Thu, April-24-2014, 7:46
i and my wife want to join the course kindly let us know what are charges and whether it is package wise or other
N Srinivasan, UDUPI Sat, April-5-2014, 2:44
Myself and my spouse, aged 67 62 would like to stay for a period of 3-7 days for general health recuperation. Kindly let me know the charges for stay, food and treatment etc . No health Insurance taken. Shall thank you to let me know through the above mentioned e mail ID. Regards.
K R Acharya, Hyderabad Fri, March-21-2014, 12:12
We need your course details. Our requirement is wt reduction. We are elderly people my age is 61yrs wt 75kg.My wife s age is 52 yrs wt is 70Kg.Both are hypertension
HodigereRamesh, Channagiri Sat, March-15-2014, 1:29
provoide dates for us my no-9880610818 we have to stay name HodigereRamesh
Vaman Maroly, Mangalore Sun, January-5-2014, 1:55
Kindly provide me the tel no/ e- mail I d of Nature Cure Parkala to make a booking Thanks Vaman Maroly ( 9900087750 )
jayalaxmi, bangalore Thu, September-26-2013, 2:08
I want to join this coarse please tell me cost and duration of this coarse. i want to start immediately. by start of october
sathyanarayana G H, BANGALORE Fri, September-6-2013, 9:18
me and friends interested to reduce weight , we plan to stay in nature care atleast 10 days we plan to stay after dasara festival kindly inform how to book my adimissin date and your aproximate treatment cost for obesity treatment
Jahanara, Mumbai Mon, July-22-2013, 5:10

I want to come with my family and my mother to live there atleast for 7 days anytime between 10 Aug 2013 to 30 Aug 2013. Kindly let me know whom i have to contact. If possible pls. email me all necessary details.

ananh kishore, tirupati Sat, February-23-2013, 10:18
am looking for relief with low and resonable package of stay for 7days or any other to join and service of my body system one of my friend informed there is 3k to 3.5k price range package is available is it true.....
Rama, hyderabad Sun, February-17-2013, 8:36
My brother is alcohol adicted and we want your email id or phone numbers. Please do this on high request.
costao fernandes, goa, tilamoll Sat, August-11-2012, 2:42
Do you give treatment for prostate enlargement and it will be cured by ayurvedic medicine?this coarse for how many days.
snehalatha, udupi Thu, July-14-2011, 1:11
Dr. Mohammed Rafik is no more working in pareekha Yoga and Nature Cure Centre, he started his own hospital in Hoode.
Percy Petricia, Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh, India Wed, July-13-2011, 9:44
Hi, My mom is suffering from arthorities since last 6 years is on wheel chair now. Want to know if you have any treatment for the same. If yes, then what are the formalities that have to be completed. Please let me know.
Vanita Nayak, Bhatkal Sat, April-9-2011, 12:10
I want to stay at Pareeka atleast for 15 days and learn yoga to shed down some kilos.Please suggest some pacakage programmes in the month of Nov and May.
Dipanjan, kolkata Wed, March-2-2011, 2:17
We have visited your website which attracts us, the methods you are applying that is more or less similar to our methods. Panacea, a Govt. registered organization engaged in medicineless therapy which has no side effect for more than last six (6) years in Kalighat (Kolkata). So we intend to associate with you by sharing our experience and technique. We request you to visit us, . Thanking you,
jacintha, mangalore Thu, October-28-2010, 4:35
Could you please give me telephone mobile no to contact the person for yoga because i have high cholestrol and triglycerides. thanks
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