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Robert ,Pramila, Moodubelle ( Sharjah,UAE)
09/02/2010 09:43:20

Congraulations! Shernon,you have done a very good painting,all the bestin your future carrier,and all your wishes come true.God bless you.

William, Pamboor
09/02/2010 09:38:17

Congrats to u Jerry for the wonder ful thought of Pamboor-Belle Dam Project. May God bless this Project and lead to it s Success.there will be always Criticizers behind a good deed. never let ur self down Go ahed!!!!

Prakash Dsouza, Panjimar
09/02/2010 09:24:02

Congarts to the whole team of Belle Panchaiti.River The Dams are the back bones for the development of Villages.this dam project will surely help the needies which help them to come up from the water problems. Requesting all the concerns and Good hearted people to support this big event/Project insted of diging out the old unsolved issues and wasting valuable time.Cheer up Guys.. at least some good things are happening now in our Village!!!!

wilfy, pamboor
09/02/2010 06:29:45

yes , it is good work ,This is the dream of pamboorians and belleans from last 25 years ,but as Mr Wilson told can these people take more intrest to repair the road from Pamboor school to kabyadi till the river, the condtion of this road is very wrost only big stones are in the middle of the road so it is beter to reapir this road ,and then go for the big vented dam .all the best.

Victor D Souza, Doha
09/02/2010 06:18:40

Thank you Mr. Albert D Souza for the correction.

Albert D Souza, Moodubelle/Mumbai
09/02/2010 04:02:43

There is no railway station at Panaji. The biggest station at Goa is Madgaon. This is for writer s and readers information.

Sanjay Andrade, kalmady
09/02/2010 03:47:53

Good man keep it up

Monica Saldhana, Mangalore
09/02/2010 01:30:37

nice to see youth in large number unity is required in current situation ..and leader should guide them properly and positive ways

Stany, Udyavara
09/02/2010 01:10:41

Dearest Shannu!!! Really very happy to see your paintings..Keep up the goodwork..God bless you..

Nisha, Udyavara/Doha
09/02/2010 01:08:31

Congratulations Shannu!! Very beautiful paintings..Wish you all the best for a bright future...God Bless...

Vincy, Pamboor, Padubelle
09/02/2010 00:19:42

Commendable work. Congratulations. Young politician Jerald Fernandes has proved that if there is a will there is a way. Dont worry about the back-biters. Go ahead.

Alfred Martis, Gududottu--Muscat
09/02/2010 00:03:15

Congrats.Mr.Gerald Team. Make sure the road TO and FROM this project completes in time.

Naveen M., Moodubelle
08/02/2010 22:33:30

Superb display of talents by these Primary school children. Congratulations to studets, staff and parents .

Denis Dcruz, Belle
08/02/2010 19:56:03

Mr. Jerald fernandes i actually lost the count of works you did in belle and surrounding area. How could you do so much work within 4 years which was not possible to earlier politicians? Wish you great success Jai Ho.

Vikas Castelino, Devaragudde Moodubelle
08/02/2010 14:42:28

Congratulations,dear Shernon,wish u good luck.keep it up. I am sure and i believe that you wil achive your dad(Mr.Simon)big dream. Once again best of luck...........

wilson sequeira, Pamboor
08/02/2010 10:48:22

First you complete the road from Pamboor school to Kabyadi houseroad, why did you put the bricks long back??? Mr. Sadananda Gowda if the engineer use quality material, where the money come for your next election??

Sonia, Moodubelle
08/02/2010 09:54:03

Brilliant pics and a lovely report....!! It has indeed portrayed the picturesque beauty of Goa... Congratulations....!!!

Alwyn Lavina Castelino, Moodubelle R.A.K U.A.E
08/02/2010 09:37:37

we are very proud to hear our neighbour Shernon is a great artist
congratulation dear keep it up All the best. we are expecting to see more paintings sketches in future.

Lucas Castelino, Moodubelle-Qtarar
08/02/2010 09:24:17

Dear Shernon nice drawings really great achivement. surly u will reach your goal,all the best.

Ivan Menezes, Dubai
08/02/2010 08:28:22

Great Job Jerry and this was our dream. May God Bless you with great success and long political Carrier. Thank you Eugene Sir and Anil for your Daily updates.

Roshan D mello, Kidiyoor
08/02/2010 05:52:57

This is the first year I missed our parish feast as I was at Mumbai. Nice pics of the feast.

Neil Nitesh Fernandes, Udyavara
08/02/2010 05:11:11

Good work shernon.Keep it up..wish u all the best in pursuing your career

Sylvester Alva, Moodubelle/Kidiyoor/Muscat
08/02/2010 04:55:40

Thank you Bellevision, Dr Eugene Mr. Sanjay for publishing the report so quickly. Nice pictures too. Wishing Fr. Maxim and all the Kalmady parishioners a happy feast.

Joy D Souza, Udupi
08/02/2010 03:13:36

Thank you bellevision for publishing the report so quickly.

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore
08/02/2010 01:37:49

Congratulations!!! to Shernon Joy Castelino. Your Drawings and sketches are really nice... Keep it up and all the very best for your future...

Joel, Moodubelle, bahrain
07/02/2010 23:55:07

Dear Felcy, well deserved tribute to our dear Fr.Vincent from you. He was a man of dedication and love. I still recollect my visits to Nakhre church Mukka Church during my school days, Fr. Vincent always taught to be self relient and respect to others. I will cherish these moments. The sadness will be there , but his memories will remain for ever. My parents will miss him a lot. I pray to almighty to take good care of Fr. Vincent in heaven.
I pray to God to give strength to all his relatives friends to bear his loss.

John L., Moodubelle
07/02/2010 23:08:41

Dear Felcy,
Thank you for the heartfelt comments of your belowed uncle. We are deeply sorrowed about his sudden death. May his soul rest in peace.

Thomas, Moodubelle/ Dubai
07/02/2010 23:04:09

Glad to know about the talent of Shernon Castelino."Beleya siri Molakeyalli"- we can visualise the potential of this young lad. Let him keep doing the innovative things in the painting field and be a shining star in the coming days.

Victor D almeida, Moodubelle/Bahrain
07/02/2010 21:42:19

Thanks to Udupi Taluk Panchayat for the new anganwadi building at Padubettu-Chitrabail. At least children s of this area can make use of this facility and improve their primary basic studying skill. Still this area undeveloped comparing other neighbor villages, neither any industries came up nor the population is increased, nothing is changed until now.

Marwin, Moodubelle - dubai
07/02/2010 20:27:18

Good Work Mr.Gerald and team, keep it up,

Ivan Castelino, Moodubelle
07/02/2010 09:16:50

Excelent pictures. Big thanks to Mr. Victor. It feels that even we are in Goa.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
07/02/2010 05:21:02

Wonderful pictures and information for a quick holiday and joy. Keep it up Victor!

07/02/2010 03:25:48

Nice report and snap thanks for victor

Mario Mathias, Shirva
07/02/2010 02:21:09

Irreparable loss to our community. May his soul rest in peace.

Thomas, Moodubelle/ Dubai
07/02/2010 02:20:57

Thanks Bellevision for giving lively pictorial report. Heart felt condolences to the family members , relatives and well wishers of Fr.Vincent Martis. May his soul rest in peace

Eugene D Souza, Moodubelle
07/02/2010 01:03:44

Dear Victor, a wonderful report and and excellent pictures of lovely Goa.

Manoj, Moodubelle/Dubai
07/02/2010 00:37:35

Nice pictures. Goa has always been a favourite holiday destintion. But recently few incidences have put a question mark on the minds of tourists visiting Goa. Lets hope that Goa remains as beautiful as shown in these pictures.

sannu monis, boliye, moodubelle
06/02/2010 22:31:46

godwin, you are one of bolye s star artist. so you done once again!!! God bless you and your talent!

Anamika, Moodubelle
06/02/2010 21:11:04

Hi godwin, It s nice to see you on the stage for the first time in Boliye. Your singing s very good and you are looking beautiful. Keep it up. See you in many more programmes

stephan lobo, kattingeri, belle
06/02/2010 20:23:36

Sasnacho vishev de taka ye somiya, ani niranthar prakas tacher fankai, somadanen to vishev geundhi, Amen

Vincent Mathais, Moodubelle
06/02/2010 09:49:35

The tragic death of Fr Vincent Martis is irreparable loss to the whole community. He was a simple and humble priest loved by all parishioners wherever he served. Hearty condolences to his family people and the people of Sastan Parish. May his soul rest in peace.

Denis Dcruz, Belle
06/02/2010 01:43:18

Mr. Gerald Fernandes
a feather in your cap
an achievement that you can be proud of. Another great work by Mr. Gerald Fernandes and his loyal team for Belle people.

vijith mathias, moodubelleangalore
06/02/2010 01:09:21

I hope that all the parishners of shirva and their relatives have enjoyed the feast.May our Lady of health bless you and give you good health

Thomas, Moodubelle/ Dubai
05/02/2010 23:48:03

Very informative article. Gives courage and hope to the people who are suffering from cancer. One thing is sure always prevention is better than cure.

Wilma, Mangalore
05/02/2010 01:54:37

Very nice information

Reena, Bangalore
05/02/2010 01:49:32

Very nice

Ashok, Dubai
04/02/2010 23:11:46

Great news for all picnic lovers. Weather is also very pleasant now-a-days. looking forward for this great day.

Thomas, Moodubelle/ Dubai
04/02/2010 23:09:03

Hope Shirva parisioners and thier relatives, friends had a great celebration of Parish fest. Good coverge.May our Lady of health bless you all and keep united .

Manoj Shetty, Nakre/Karkala/Mumbai
04/02/2010 22:22:07

Thank you so much for publishing my news article. May Lord Mahalingeshwara bless all of you with Health, wealth and all happiness.

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore
04/02/2010 21:13:14

Thank you very much Mr. Alban and Mr. Vally.

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