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Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
15/03/2010 02:13:44

Very happy to read about Chris. This is the result of good upbringing and parental support towards the talent. Wishing him a great future.

edward noronha, Moodubelle
15/03/2010 02:05:12

wish you every sucess in your business

victor D almeida, Moodubelle/Bahrain
15/03/2010 01:06:18

Mr. Iiju Bott is well known,hard working and a humble individual of those days, when we were small,in primary school, he is very famous for ginger goti soda , we use to go to him to repair our umbrellas, I have seen both of them attending chruch mass daily at Moodubelle , he has a good habit of saying hello to everyone specially to people who come from Bombay or abroad.His is one of the luckiest persons who gets to celebrate his 87th Birthday, We all wish him good health and long life.

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
15/03/2010 00:55:53

Interesting to read about those old days and how the people at that time had to struggle for setting up and developing the business. Mr. Isaac Alva (Ijju Bott) is one of the very few successful businessmen of that era in Moodubelle. I still remember his shop in the 70s, when we were kids at that time, while passing by we used to watch Mr. Gabriel (Gabru) making the sodas in the machine. It was also fun to open the goti sodas with bare finger. Congratulations to Mr. Isaac Alva on this birthday occasion and thank you Dr. Eugene for bringing back the memories with this nice article.

Alwyn Mathias, belle / mumbai
15/03/2010 00:35:29

Hi Chris

Its great to read all about you. I never knew such genius resides in our neighbourhood. There is no doubt that your pa n ma shall leave no stone unturned for your progress. You need to show your generation that along with bookworm there is much more can be done as a student.
All the best and good luck Krish / chris he he he …

Ivan Menezes, Moodubelle/Dubai
15/03/2010 00:30:01

Upcoming star of Belle …Chris tusi Great ho…Good Luck and God Bless

Priya Castelino, Shankerpura/ Moodubelle
15/03/2010 00:27:02

Congratulations dear Christy. Wish you God s choicest blessings always. Feeling very happy after reading the article. Thanks to Dr. Eugene Dsouza for publishing this article.

14/03/2010 23:27:43

congratulation dear chrisy...
its nice to see you in bellevision. you are a pearl to our belle parish. you have multi-facited personality. do more achievements in future. i wish you all success, good luck, and God s blessings to your studies and future.
with good wishes,
Joy Lobo, Moodubelle.

simon.castelino, devaragudde /jeddaha/ksa
14/03/2010 20:02:00

dear chris goodluck@success in your life

Robert Castelino, Moodubelle/Bahrain
14/03/2010 12:46:31

Many congratulations to Mr.Isaac Alva on the special occassion of his 87th birthday. Wish you many happy returns of the day.May God grant you good health all the best for a happy healthy life. Sir congralutions.

Henry alva, Moodubelle
14/03/2010 09:41:45

we are very happy for publishing details of my fathers birthday function photos and details
thank you

Family members of Patel House, Ambalpady,Udupi, Bhayander,Udupi
14/03/2010 05:38:13

Its really shocking a terrible loss, we lost a very valuable person with lots of self esteem pride. He would always remain in our hearts

Suraj-Belle, Moodubelle/Dubai
14/03/2010 04:18:12

Anil One has to learn from you lot. You are man with big heart. One more studio, with similar activities of yours come up in Moodubelle. After knowing all this you still went there clicked some beautiful pictures and published in Bellevision. You are Great Anil. You will be always successful with your positive thinking and simplicity. May God bless you abundantly.

Stephen, Mumbai/KSA
13/03/2010 13:59:58

Very beautiful, meaningful work,keep it up.All the best for u r future

B G Shanbhogue, Ex-Branch Manager,SyndicateBank,Moodubelle.
13/03/2010 01:43:59

Congratulations on the re-inauguration of Ideal Digital Studio in the very nice new building.Wish you all the best and every success in your profession.

Victor Castelino, Moodubelle/Dubai
12/03/2010 13:47:43

The Konkan community has done its best to accord a befitting last journey to late Wilfy. I feel that he deserved more from the others, specially state politicians, unless of course, Konkani language is not one of the languages of Karnataka state. Rev. Fr Victor Machado s homily was brilliant, to say the least and so also Rev. Fr. Denis D sa s last words. After so much grief and agany the thanksgiving part would have waited for a few days. I pity the poor daughter! Daiji you have done a wonderful job and made us all Konkans proud. Bellevision you were not far behind!

prince, podikambla/dubai
12/03/2010 12:35:07

Good and imfomative article on present political issues.Joy,you have a great future ahead.keep writing....!

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
12/03/2010 11:52:39

Congratulations on the re-inauguration of Ideal Digital Studio. Also, nice to see in the picture of reconstructed Devi Kripa building, the reopened Hotel Sri Devi Prasad which is famous for the delicious snacks (golibaje, biscuit ambode, buns, sajjige bajil, sheera etc.) I missed these snacks in my last vacation as the building was under renovation. Thanks to Mr. Anil for the report and pictures.

prince, podikambla/dubai
12/03/2010 11:25:04

Congratulation!!!! Mr.Shridhar,wish you all succes in your business. All the best......

jads, moodubelle/qatar
12/03/2010 05:02:32

joy your analys about the karnattaka is very good as per my knowladge your article is very informative i hope you will write more articals on these type of sitivations

jads, moodubelle/ qatar
12/03/2010 04:29:50

victor good pictures.

j a d s, moodubelle/doha,qatar
12/03/2010 04:19:47

dear victor all of your pictures are wonderfull the qoting is very meningfull.

11/03/2010 17:05:22

We lost the great personality in konkani world singer/writer/poet/composer biggest pride of Konkani world. he entertained the konknni people and lived and died in "konkann sher" which he loved so much. His konknni was so beautiful that his songs made it even more beautiful. The ever humble man on this earth has been called by the lord to be with him for ever. I am even up there he will never stop singing to the almighty in heaven. Singing was his life,Our heartfelt condolences to Meena,Vishwas,Veena and rest of the family.May his soul rest in peace.God give you strength and courage to bear this great loss with grief Rajesh Fernandes Family Raja Rani Villa Attavar Mangalore

Denis D Souza, Moodubelle/Qatar
11/03/2010 14:45:07

felt its a great loss for konkani Music lovers like us. Every time when his new
album use to release i will make sure it will be in my house same day. I am Big
fan of Mr.Wilfy rebimbus .In year 2008 may 30th i got a opportunity to take a
prize from his hand at doha qatar. My family feel that we lost a great legends
in Konkani Music world He served his whole life to the Konkani world. No one
expected that he would leave us so early. He is the man of principles,
simplicity, humble and down to earth. I still can not believe it that he is no
more with us. After suffering from a long battle with cancer, he gave up
himself. The loss of a great man and the great son of Konkani community in
Mangalore a big sadness for us. We miss him, his songs and voice. His memories
will always remain in our hearts. May his soul rest in Peace. Our hearty
condolences to his Meenabai, Vishwas Veena and all friends and family members.
“Sasnaso vishev di thaka sarvespora ani niranthar parkas thacher fankovdi ani
tho samadanenth vishev gevdtih ..Amen

Victor D Almeida, Kappandakarya/Bahrain
11/03/2010 14:03:40

Cricket tournament for shanthala trophy held at Hungarakatte, It is a good opportunity to our younger generation get united and show their talent, My childhood days i never heard any tournament specially Hungerakatte area. There were only two shops one hotel of Vittal Nayak and another one is grocery shop of Appu Nayak,no playground nothing, Our thanks to the organisers and the sponsors like Jagannath shetty and Shanthala shetty, Congratulation to our Star Cricketers of Padubettu and best of luck. Thanks Mr.Anil at list you high lighting these area.

Kuppa, Belle
11/03/2010 12:09:51

Hi max send video to me urgent

Therese Dalmeida, Moodubelle,Doha
11/03/2010 09:09:49

Qatar has a vision to be Internationally recognized for sports and will achieve through its mission.Good report and beatiful pictures.Thank you Victor.

Ronald Sabi, Udupi
11/03/2010 06:26:19

Joy Castelino, Good analysis of political situation. I must appreciate your deep political knowledge.

Manoj Menezes, Shirva/Abu Dhabi
11/03/2010 00:21:17

Keep it up Shirva Women. Good report and coverage of the program. Nice to see familiar faces with pink uniform. All the Best for your future programs.

Ganesh Kamath, Missamari, Assam
11/03/2010 00:14:35

Iam really thankfull to bellivision for watching these pictures, by stayig in remote village in Assam. During Paryaya i visited my native place Udupi.I watched Paryaya its memory is still remaing in mind just like a hollogram. The dancing girl of Koti- Chennaya,fire spliting Puthana still remaing fresh in my mind. If possible please send photos of these two artists i want to keep them where ever i go.Thank you bellevision

max, Belle
10/03/2010 14:41:40

Hahahaha.. what a joke!! if we see the vedio it doen t seems like she has only offered massage.

vally, Edmer
10/03/2010 12:19:37

shocking news difficult to believe we lost a great singer great loss to konkani world may his soul rest in peace.
Vally famly/admer/dubai

Avith Lobo, moodubelle/Qatar
10/03/2010 12:01:22

Great loss,The man who gave coastal konkani music an identity is no more.May his soul rest in peace.

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
10/03/2010 10:55:07

Dear Joy, you have a good grasp of the political situation in Karnataka and your analysis is quite interesting. Expecting many more such articles with insight from you.

Rakesh Fernandes, Padubettu
10/03/2010 10:10:39

Congrats and All the Best Star Cricketers of Padubettu(Angarakatte)for future endeavors ...

ronald casmir, belle-arbi
10/03/2010 10:02:47

We lost the great personality in konkani world.... singer/writer/poet/composer etc... etc..... etc..... biggest pride of Konkani world. May his soul rest in peace

Avith Lobo, Moodubelle/Doha-Qatar
10/03/2010 09:41:18

Victor,As you said Qatar is giving a lot of support for the sporting events All these sporting venues are within reach.
For the motor sport fans MotoGP will be held on 11th April (venue Losail International Circuit,Appx.25mins drive from Doha towards Al-Khor) Its a big event.

Alban D souza, Kunthalnagar
10/03/2010 09:00:47

i felt its a great loss for konkani Music lovers like me.I am Big fan of Mr.Wilfy rebimbus late Micmax.So we can say that we lost two great lengends in Konkani Music world.Only thing we can say that"Wilfy Tu Porthun Jolmon Ye" May God grant eternal rest to the departed soul.

Mario, Shirva/Moodubelle
10/03/2010 08:32:09

It is really sad that our dear WILFY is not with us any more. We will always remember his songs Plays. May the departed soul rest in Peace.

Franky, Podikambla /Vapi
10/03/2010 05:06:11

Very very shocking news to hear the sudden demise of Wilfy Rebimbus.May God grant eternal rest to the departed soul.

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
10/03/2010 05:02:11

Good pictures and quite informative report.

Carol Martis, Kuwait
10/03/2010 02:41:54

We lost the great personality in konkani world.... singer/writer/poet/composer etc... etc..... etc..... biggest pride of Konkani world. May his soul rest in peace.

Joy, Moodubelle
10/03/2010 02:37:38

Really good beginning Joy. Your experience in political issues shows in this article. Looking forward to see more articles, specially on social issues in this column from you. Keep it up...!

prashanth shetty, padvbettu/bellary
10/03/2010 02:02:30

All the best ofor all the cricket teams.......

jeevan, karkala
10/03/2010 00:30:11

good one joy! keep it up!

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
10/03/2010 00:23:32

I admire his services in the filed of Konkani Music and strongly feel that his death has caused a Great Void in our Catholic community. May good God give courage and strength to his family and all is lovers and admirers to bear this grief. May God Bless him with Eternal Rest in His abode.

Gladys, Kallianpur
09/03/2010 22:34:57

Dear Bappu, Diana, Sr. Matilda, Louise, Vally, and Lavina Our sincere and heartfelt condolences, for the untimely death of Angi Mousi. I will dearly cherish the memories and childhood times I spent with her. I will keep you all in my prayers to give you all strength and courage in this difficult time.

Ancy S DSouza, Paladka, Vasai, Mumbai
09/03/2010 20:23:15

When Wilfy Rebimbus came to Mumbai to perform in 2004 November it was my previlege to give him the publicity. He performed at Vileparle and Vikroli on 12th, Malad on 13th, Matunga and Mira Road on 14th and Thane on 15th. I witnessed all his shows. But I did not know that it was my last chance in Mumbai. Wilfy was so happy that he specially invited me to his house and gave all his collection. I just can not forget his gesture. May his soul rest in peace

Therese Dalmeida, Moodubelle,Doha
09/03/2010 14:22:12

It is a big loss for konkani community.may his soul rest in peace. Heartfelt condolences to rebimbus family.

victor D almeida, Moodubelle/Bahrain
09/03/2010 13:41:37

During the week journey of the pilgrim statue of St Lawrence in the John Baptist I ward, It gives clear picture of our ward and its members, this is good opportunity to see our ward members united in certain house, Thanks Anil for nice pictures made us possible as we have been there at my Dads house function with all our neighbours, this gathering reminds my childhood days my Dad Bosthu D almeida brought Pirgent because he choose this place to make house for him to stay, through our patron St. Lawrence mircleles become paradise, Really it is miracle of our Saint, to be honest with you, this place was full of tigers and wild bores with wild bamboo trees, we always keep our saint in our prayers. St Lawrence pray for us

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