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Alwyn Mathias, Mumbai
18/03/2010 08:16:17

Moodubelle s Russell Peters (those havent heard Russell Peters please contact ivan menezes )

18/03/2010 06:52:49

Hey Chris, Congrats. good luck to you in everything. God bless you. Hi and congrats for you dear Connie bai, Baoji and Carol nice to read the article.

Valerian Alva, Kattingeri
18/03/2010 04:45:08

I am fortunate to grow up in this beautiful place. The history of Kattingeri temple and lake is well known to everyone who is residing in Kattingeri village. Mr.Devdas Hebbar is having wonderful plans for this lake as he is work hard for it since last few years. I am sure with his visionary leadership, Kattingeri will become another "pilikula" in a few years

Vijay, Kemmannu
18/03/2010 03:13:16

Congratulation dear Christy. It’s nice to see you in bellevision.You have multi-facited personality. Do more achievements in future. We wish you all the best for a great future, and God s blessings to your studies and future. Keep it up.
Thanks to Dr. Eugene for publishing this wonderful article.
Vijay, Roshani, Ruben Branston Saldanha

Fr. Richie Quadros SVD, Moodubelle/Mumbai-Maharastra
18/03/2010 03:07:54

Wonderfull dear Chris. Keep it up.

Mahesh, Mumbai
18/03/2010 02:51:34

Such a great enthusiasm and indication of pride for our culture. Fantastic show.

Alfred Martis, Gududottu-Muscat
18/03/2010 02:13:33

Congrats ! Multi-talented Chris .Its God-Gift.Parents Please support and encourage him

pradhan pankaj, dombiwli
18/03/2010 01:02:15

being a dombivlikar i am proud of it. what is team work, simply wait watch.

nitin gokhale, Dombivali
17/03/2010 23:48:34

This effort of immediately displaying photos on net is appreciable. It is imp that the young generation is participating in Hindu nav varsha yatra.

Victor Sequeira, Marne, Philadeladelphia, USA
17/03/2010 21:21:55

Nice report and pictures. After long time I could see lots of people from our ward, particularly elders. Thanks Dr. Eugene.

Manoj D souza, Moodubelle/Dubai
17/03/2010 15:37:46

Hey Shashiprasad!!!! Good to see you on bellevision man. Please mail me on manojdsouza@hotmail.com

Rima D souza, Moodubelle/Dubai
17/03/2010 15:19:50

Very informative article and great pictures. Its amazing that the place has such a great history but very few people are aware of it. Thank you Dr Eugene for the wonderful article.

Sunil, Kemmannu
17/03/2010 14:27:33


Congratulations on your achivements and wish you all the best for your NTS ....

From Sunil,Pramilla and Sherol

Sathish Nayak, Moodubelle/Dubai
17/03/2010 12:15:37

wowwww..wht a nice pic gud artical....

Alfred Vincent Monis, Bantakal/Kingdom of Bahrain
17/03/2010 10:52:18

Dear Dr. D Souza/Mr.Anil, beautiful picture and great article from Dr.D Souza as usual.Please write more more articles from our villages with pictures.

Avith Lobo, Moodubelle/Qatar
17/03/2010 10:01:05

Very informative article.Thanks to Mr.Eugene,Mr.Anil and Mr.Devdas Hebbar for giving readers a comprehensive history about Kattingeri.

Shashiprasad, Ankudur-Moodubelle
17/03/2010 09:36:24

Thanks a lot for the article. I am Happy to hear that some development works to be launched around the lake to promote Tourism.

Please make the lake surroundings Plastic Free zone. Most of the Indian tourist places are victims of littering. I feel by taking an effective action at the beginning would keep the place beautiful for longer period of time.

John L., Moodubelle
17/03/2010 08:08:03

Waaaaw!!! What a talented boy!! We Belleans are proud to have like this boy. Keep up the good work dear and contiue. Your sister along with Father Mother supports you and our blessings are always with you.

John L., Moodubelle
17/03/2010 07:55:54

Very informative article which will definitely flock public to visit this area once the development takes pace. Hope local authorities will take appropriate action soon. Aprreciate Mr.Hebbar, Dr. Eugine and the our great friend Mr. Anil Alva.

Joseph Martis, Kattingery
17/03/2010 06:43:24

Thank you very much for nice pictures and article of my home village where i had been born and brought up.I remember those my childhood days memories about the temple, Lake(Kattidhina Kere)and Varasare Bakyaar, we use to play, do swimming and Fishing in the lake. Annual feast of Varasare was really an entatainment during our childhood.Devdas, we are all proud of you and happy to know about your plans for the development of the lake. God bless you and all your plans to be successsful and i am sure in the future we can see our kattingery as picnic spot. Thanks for Anil and Eugene. jmj

Louis Alva, Kattingeri
17/03/2010 06:27:04

Last week when we had met Mr. Devdas Hebbar in Kattingeri, he had explained us about the future planning’s of this beautiful kattingeri lake, were we use to play, swim, catch fish in this lake when we were small. I wish pray this dream project will come to reality very soon and all the surrounding area local or visitors people who are now going away to relax when they come for holidays, will be forced to visit this beautiful picnic spot and its surrounding beautiful nature. Thank you Dr. Eugene for the wonderful report and Mr. Anil for the beautiful eye capturing pictures.

17/03/2010 05:31:51

congratulation chris i am feeling very very happy after reading this article, i wish you all success, so take this opportunity dude, don t waste your time, good luck god bless you.

pams, moodubelle / mukammar / bahrain
17/03/2010 05:05:47

Lovely pictures... thank you bellevision.

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore
17/03/2010 04:25:24

Congrats Chris!!! Wish u all the very best for ur future... Keep it up and God Bless u...

Avil D almeida, Moodubelle - Dubai
17/03/2010 03:57:07

Dear Christopher , Very happy to read about your talent. Keep it up, we wish you all the best for a great future. God Bless !!! Thanks to Dr. Eugene for publishing this wonderful article.

Jennifer, Bantakal/Doha
17/03/2010 03:52:20

The pictures tell thier own stories. They are amazing and rightly dipict the glory of Indian culture.Well written report and very beautiful pics. Well done brother.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
17/03/2010 03:21:35

Excellent photography and article. I m proud of my home village which is full of green. Pleased to learn about the plans for development and landscaping of lake area with roads and boat rides and concreate benches to enjoy the beauty of the lake. May it be a reality at the earliest...thus a natural picnic spot!

17/03/2010 02:07:06

shubh gudipadva.
very nice photos.
"marathi pauulpadte pudhe".

Ashok Hebbar, Kattingeri/Fujairah
17/03/2010 02:00:26

Thank you very much for Bellevision Team , giving informations about kattingeri and its history to the world. I am very proud to be born in this beatiful place. and I remember all my childhood memories aroound the temple environment and I really miss now. And devanna thank you very much for taking interst in all developments of kattingeri and belle.I hope bellevision will cover the temple festival programes.

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
17/03/2010 01:45:27

We usually go to outstations for a holiday or picnic, without actually knowing we have more beautiful places in our own village. Thank you Dr. Eugene and Mr. Anil for exploring this magnificent scenic beauty. It is nice to know about the plans to develop the Kattingeri Lake as a place of leisure and recreation. The plans explained by Mr. Devdas Hebbar are fantastic. If these plans materialize it will surely be a great opportunity for the people to have recreation and this will also take Moodubelle a step forward in the development. We are really fortunate to have good leaders who have foresight. With the developments we have seen in the recent years, surely these plans will materialize soon.

prince, podikambla/dubai
17/03/2010 01:28:02

Nice and imfomative article,good photos,feel nice to see the nature.Thanks Dr eugine and Anil for the article.

Jerome D Sa, Bethsaida, Moodubelle/Dubai
17/03/2010 00:46:42

It is a well compiled article by the Bellevision Team and Thank you. The pictures are amazing and did bring back all my childhood memories, where once I used to go fishing in the same lake. Never knew Kattingari had a rich history as this. Proud to be born in this beautiful place.

simon.castelino, devaragudde/ kalmady /jeddaha
16/03/2010 20:48:44

Iam very happy to see the beauty of the nature of devarakere kattengeri thank you Dr Eugene Dsouza - bellevison team

MS, Pune
16/03/2010 13:59:49

Wow! thats great procession. Its great unity in hinduism. These photos looks great.

prince, podikambla/dubai
16/03/2010 09:28:53

Congratulatins to you cristy for your achivement. Beleyuva siri molakeyalle Wish you good luck for your future.Keep going.....

Donald, Kemmannu/Dubai
16/03/2010 06:26:28

Congratulations Christy, we are very proud of you. Keep it up, we wish you all the best for a great future. Congratualtions to Carol, Connie Victor too. A big thanks to Dr.Eugene D souza for this article. God bless you all.

Donald, Reshma Ria

prince, podikambla/dubai
16/03/2010 04:00:00

Congrats!!!ijju Botam! on your 87th b day.I am observing him from my childwood ,his a active and hardworking person.May god grant him good health and happiness.

Sunilla D souza, Muscat
16/03/2010 03:49:11

Congratulation dear Chris. Keep it up and God bless you.
From, Sunil, Sunilla, Snehal and Sahil.

prince, podikambla/dubai
16/03/2010 03:39:24

Wish you all happy ugaadi.May god shower his choicest blessings on you all,grant you good health,happiness and prosperity.

shekhar, Rotiguda
16/03/2010 02:43:52

Nice to meeting u. bye

alok, gwalior,m.p.
16/03/2010 01:41:12

Let us start using free, Indian, green and sweet solar passive thermal energy for cooking, water heating, sky lighting, food dehydrating and water pasteurization instead of highly costly, imported, subsidized, polluting and bitter LPG and kerosene. Happy Ugadi.

Fr Francis Crasta, Nityadarnagar
15/03/2010 23:38:57

i really congratulate the belle vision for starting this kids corner. my special congratulations to Christopher a very good boy i am sure he will be a shining star to belle church. May God bless christi. my special thanks to victor and connie for giving us such a devout and talented pearl.

Jennifer, Bantakal/Doha
15/03/2010 13:41:56

Congratulations to Bellevision Team and Dr. Eugene for starting Kids Corner in Bellevision. I am sure there are lot of talented kids in Belle who need such exposure and a pat on the back. Congratualtions to Mr. Victor and Mrs. Connie, Carol and all those who are responisble for identifying and nurturing Chris s talents. Keep up the good work Chris

Mable Martis, Pangala / Doha
15/03/2010 13:01:18

I am very proud to hear our neighbour
Christy is a multi-talented boy.Congratulations! keep it up and all the best.Lov from Aunty Mable.

Alfred Martis, Moodubelle-Muscat
15/03/2010 12:21:57

Congrats!Iiju Bottam,thanks to Dr E D souza team for the article with past memories.Would you please write more articles of our senior citizens.

Wilfred Menezes, Moodubelle/Dubai
15/03/2010 11:11:14

Dear Christopher (Kistu)

Congratulations...!!!, we all are very happy delighted to read your profile on Bellevision on your all round performance;

We wish you all the best to achieve higher success in the days to come..!!!. We have witnessed your active performance in live singing during the last New Year party really touched with your musical depth

veera fernandes, bahrain
15/03/2010 10:49:37

dear chris
congratulations for your present achivement good luck for future endevours. hai to connie

Avith Lobo, Moodubelle/Doha
15/03/2010 10:40:34

Chris,Keep it up..God Bless

Amith Mathias, Belle
15/03/2010 09:10:00

Congratulations on the opening of your studio All the Best

Marwin, moodubelle/dubai
15/03/2010 05:26:52

Hi Chris, Good Luck and God Bless

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