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Anil Ferns, Belle/Doha
20/03/2010 14:30:08

Congratulation jerry,best wishes for future

Prasad Abraham, Jeddah.K.S.A
20/03/2010 13:27:17

Hi.shernon i just go through ur sketches.its really amazing.good job keep it up.keep doing more ..wishing u all the success.you have got a nice future.

Therese Daqlmeida, Moodubelle,Doha
20/03/2010 10:41:03

congratulations Mr Jerry.Wish you more power, more blessings. Continue the good work.

B Ramananda Rao, Kemmannu
20/03/2010 08:28:28

many many thanks to Bellevision team for publishing a detailed article on Kattingeri.I wish Mr Devadas hebbar all the best and a grand success in his effort to develope the sleepy village with great history into a place of tourism and generate lot of employment opportunity to the rural mass,under his able leadership,hats off to our dear Deva and his efficeint team

pakku sequeira, belle/pamboor
20/03/2010 08:26:17

hai,jerry congratulation you Deserve more than this Keep it up,All The Best for future

B Ramanand Rao, Kemmannu
20/03/2010 07:57:49

It is indeed a great and successful effort by bellevision to reach all the members of Kattingeri family. Keep it up!

Avith Lobo, Moodubelle/Doha
20/03/2010 06:43:42

Congratulations Jerry !.Best wishes for future

Prakash S., Moodubelle
20/03/2010 06:32:33

Thanks Devdas Hebbar for your wonderful arrangements plans for next year.

Stephan Lobo, Kattingeri
20/03/2010 06:20:44

Hi Jerry, Congrats!!!.Wish you the best of success in discharging the important and responsible duties of your position and future political life.

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
20/03/2010 06:20:00

Nice to see the young and the old together in these religious and cultural celebrations. Events like this bring the communities and also the villages together. Thanks to Dr. Eugene, Mr. Anil and Mr. Hebbar for the report.

John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle /U.K
20/03/2010 05:24:21

Congratulations Eric!!!!!!!!! .Wishing you and your team all the very best in your endeavors! .

Ashok Hebbar, Kattingeri/Fujairah
20/03/2010 03:24:42

Thanks a lot for bellevision group for covering the festival.Nice photos made me very happy ,remembered all my past days and refreshed all personalities I am really happy to hear the next developments in the future. Thanks Devanna.

Sukanya Shetty, kuntalanagar
20/03/2010 02:27:37

Thanks Anil beautiful coverage.

prince, podikambla/dubai
20/03/2010 02:14:00

Congratulations to Jerry on being appointed as the Secretary Of The Udupi District BJP Unit.We appriciate your good work.Keep going....!We are with you....!

B R Ashok, Chennai
20/03/2010 02:01:56

To carry out such a wonderful religious and cultural event and that too on such a scale definetly requires the grace of God and co-operation of all. What matters most is the willingness and the committment of the team led from the front by Devadas Hebbar and this I personally witnessed when I was fortunate enough to be present for a day during this year s annual festivities. Also hats off to the wonderful performance by the students of all ages who put up their best and ensured great entertainment.

I Pray to god almighty to bless Devadas Hebbar and his team to accomplish all their future projects in the manner they envision.

Good luck

B R Ashok

Ivan Menezes, Moodubelle/Dubai
20/03/2010 01:41:32

Congratulations Jerry! You deserve lot more than this. Keep up your Good work; you proved your capabilities and leadership. Our best wishes are always with you.

Ratnakar Shetty,Prakash Shetty, Kattingeri/Bahrain
20/03/2010 01:41:30

Thank you very much for nice pictures my village Temple ustava. where i had been born and brought up.I remember those my childhood days memories about the temple Varasare, Annual feast of Varasare was really an entatainment during our childhood.Devdas, we are all proud of you God bless you and all. Thanks for Anil and Eugene.

Kumar. H, Abu Dhabi
20/03/2010 01:22:22

A very well written article. Throughly enjoyed reading the developments about to happen in this beautiful place.Thanks to Devadas Hebbar s vision and efforts Kattingeri will soon become a place of prominence.All the very best, and I am lucky to be part of this beautiful place which I always refer as Gods own village.

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
20/03/2010 00:54:38

Congratulations Mr. Jerald Fernandes on your appointment as Secretary of Udupi District BJP Unit. Best wishes to you in your future political career.

Anil, Pamboor
19/03/2010 14:19:07

Congrates to you Mr Jerald .There will be always one post reserved for you in BJP udupi unit,eight Secretaries in udupi unit only !!!!

Robert Monica D Souza, M"Belle / UAE
19/03/2010 10:35:55

Congratulations Dear Chris,
Glad To See Your Achievements. May The Almighty God Bless And Guide You Always. Wish You All The Best To Your Future.

Jennifer, Bantakal/Doha
19/03/2010 09:30:17

Kindly upload the souvenir in Bellevision

Renwil W. Menezes, Moodubelle/Dubai
19/03/2010 09:20:37

Dear Chris,

Happy to read about your talents and proud of you. Remembered playing with us when we come for vacations. See you soon and all the best for your best future.

Dipankar, Dombivli
19/03/2010 06:45:19

Proud to be an Dombivalikar

19/03/2010 05:21:43


Richard Menezes, Belle/Dubai
19/03/2010 05:09:36

Our Sweetie Chris,
We are proud of you and your outstanding accomplishments at such a tender age. Both Chris Carol are gifted, talented and creative children. Congratulations to their proud parents and God bless your lovely family. With love and best wishes: Richard-Vandana Claudia Menezes

19/03/2010 04:14:13

Nice article about this village blessed with nature!s gifts.Congratulations to Mr.Devdas Hebbar Bellevision team to bring this information to the benefit of your fellow friends visitors around the Globe.I was fortunate to spend my childwood days in this beautiful village.I wish good luck to the people

Sameer Ashtekar, Dombivali
19/03/2010 03:24:32

Dombivalikar aslyacha Abhiman Balagto

Sr. Matilda Alva, Kattingeri / Uttar Pradesh
19/03/2010 03:09:51

Our Childhood we spent in Kattingeri and around this beautiful Lake is unforgettable. We feel really proud and fortunate to born and brought up in this village like Kattingeri. My sincere best wishes to Mr. Devdas Hebbar who is also our neighbour, for all his future plans towards upgrading this beautiful and nature preserved Lake.

Ashish Surve, Dombivli
19/03/2010 01:50:23

Proud to be an Dombivalikar

Jaiprakash, Dombivli
19/03/2010 01:19:36

khoop chaan.parampara ashich chalu raho, he sadichha.

rashmi, mira road
18/03/2010 14:09:28

very nice photoes and very nice

prince, podikambla/dubai
18/03/2010 14:08:20

Congratulations to student and teacher of the Manasa Rehabilitation center pamboor.Very welldone!!!You are great!!!Wish you all the best...!

devadas hebbar, kattingeri
18/03/2010 13:28:42

Many many thanks to all the belle vision readers.And also i am greatful to you for your wholehearted support in the development of Kattingeri Village. Thank you once again.

norbert, Kattingere / Mangalore
18/03/2010 10:18:46

Vow!! Incredible Dr Eugene!! Thank you a millions for brining out the history of our village. Indeed every name of a village has some history behind it!! Photos are brilliant.

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle / Doha
18/03/2010 08:25:33

It is a wonderful opportunity for the parishioners to meet and develop spiritual bond and friendship within the parish family, which will also be a positive influence on the younger generation. Thanks to Dr. Eugene and Mr. Anil for providing all the details.

Alwyn Mathias, Mumbai
18/03/2010 08:16:17

Moodubelle s Russell Peters (those havent heard Russell Peters please contact ivan menezes )

18/03/2010 06:52:49

Hey Chris, Congrats. good luck to you in everything. God bless you. Hi and congrats for you dear Connie bai, Baoji and Carol nice to read the article.

Valerian Alva, Kattingeri
18/03/2010 04:45:08

I am fortunate to grow up in this beautiful place. The history of Kattingeri temple and lake is well known to everyone who is residing in Kattingeri village. Mr.Devdas Hebbar is having wonderful plans for this lake as he is work hard for it since last few years. I am sure with his visionary leadership, Kattingeri will become another "pilikula" in a few years

Vijay, Kemmannu
18/03/2010 03:13:16

Congratulation dear Christy. It’s nice to see you in bellevision.You have multi-facited personality. Do more achievements in future. We wish you all the best for a great future, and God s blessings to your studies and future. Keep it up.
Thanks to Dr. Eugene for publishing this wonderful article.
Vijay, Roshani, Ruben Branston Saldanha

Fr. Richie Quadros SVD, Moodubelle/Mumbai-Maharastra
18/03/2010 03:07:54

Wonderfull dear Chris. Keep it up.

Mahesh, Mumbai
18/03/2010 02:51:34

Such a great enthusiasm and indication of pride for our culture. Fantastic show.

Alfred Martis, Gududottu-Muscat
18/03/2010 02:13:33

Congrats ! Multi-talented Chris .Its God-Gift.Parents Please support and encourage him

pradhan pankaj, dombiwli
18/03/2010 01:02:15

being a dombivlikar i am proud of it. what is team work, simply wait watch.

nitin gokhale, Dombivali
17/03/2010 23:48:34

This effort of immediately displaying photos on net is appreciable. It is imp that the young generation is participating in Hindu nav varsha yatra.

Victor Sequeira, Marne, Philadeladelphia, USA
17/03/2010 21:21:55

Nice report and pictures. After long time I could see lots of people from our ward, particularly elders. Thanks Dr. Eugene.

Manoj D souza, Moodubelle/Dubai
17/03/2010 15:37:46

Hey Shashiprasad!!!! Good to see you on bellevision man. Please mail me on manojdsouza@hotmail.com

Rima D souza, Moodubelle/Dubai
17/03/2010 15:19:50

Very informative article and great pictures. Its amazing that the place has such a great history but very few people are aware of it. Thank you Dr Eugene for the wonderful article.

Sunil, Kemmannu
17/03/2010 14:27:33


Congratulations on your achivements and wish you all the best for your NTS ....

From Sunil,Pramilla and Sherol

Sathish Nayak, Moodubelle/Dubai
17/03/2010 12:15:37

wowwww..wht a nice pic gud artical....

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