Moodubelle: Poetry and the atmosphere delights the audience at “Kavita Fest 2012”

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By Victor DSouza, Moodubelle
Pictures by Anil Alva
Bellevision Media Network

Moodubelle, 09 January 2012: It was a colourful day as the  poetry enthusiasts joined together sharing the knowledge, thoughts, passions and emotions through the poetry, as Kavita Trust and Bellevision jointly organized the `Kavita Fest 2012’ on Sunday 08th January 2012 in Monnu Master’s Courtyard in Kattingeri, Moodubelle. The hosts of Kavita Fest 2012 were Regina D’Souza and Bernard D’Souza, Moodubelle.  Kavita Fest is being organized every year by “Kavita Trust”, a trust for the promotion of Konkani Poetry.


This is the sixth time `Kavita Fest’ is being held in succession in different parts of Mangalore and Udupi districts.  This year’s `Kavita Fest’ is organized by Kavita Trust in association with Bellevision, an organization of people of Moodubelle working in the Middle East, which had formed an organizing committee comprising of Ronald Saby D’Souza, Elias D’Souza. Dr Eugene D Souza, Meera Lobo, Anil Alva, Subhash Marne,  Valerian Alva, Peter Paul Lobo and Raphael Aranha who worked enthusiastically to make this Kavita Fest 2012 an splendid event.


The delegates, guests and dignitaries began arriving from Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Mysore, Kerala and from the Middle East on Saturday evening who stayed at “Mudarthas”, the residence of the hosts. Breakfast was served at the venue in the morning at 8.00 am. The classical procession was conducted from Nalkubeedi to Monnumaster’s Courtyard at 9.00 am with men wearing Dhoti and women in uniform coloured saris. Women’s “Chande” team from Alevoor led the procession through the road which was decorated with palm leaves. Folk dancers from the local Marathi community from Pernankila provided added attraction to the procession. As the procession arrived to the venue fire crackers were busted, the guests were received by the host’s representative Gurkar – Gurkarn, Ivan and Sushma Menezes with traditional Panpod – Water.



After the guests were seated the program began with the attractive Marathi folk dance wearing costumes, who were then honoured with Panpod and rice. Melvyn Rodrigues, Kishoo Barkur and Ronald Sabi escorted the inaugurator of the event Ramesh Veluskar an eminent poet to the dias. Kishoo Barkur the Secretary of Kavita Trust welcomed the guests, dignitaries and the audiences, who also presented an introductory note of the event. The event was inaugurated by Ramesh Veluskar along with Kishoo, Ronald and Melwyn by tossing the flower petals into the air.


The guests of honour Basti Vaman Shenoy, Walter Nandalike M.D. and Editor in Chief of  Daijiworld, H.M. Pernal, Vally Vagga, Hemacharya, Oswald D Souza, Lena Rego, Maxim Lobo, Rons Bantwal, Ramesh Pai  and others as well as the memebrs of the Reception Committee of Bellevision were welcomed into the dias with roses. Before taking up their seats, they showered the flower petals from the cane baskets resting on rice muda into the brass kadai filled with water in a most traditional manner.


Speaking on the occasion Ramesh Veluskar appreciated the organizers for arranging this event which he said that he has never seen before in such a scale. He traced the origin of poetry in general and Konkani poetry in particular by giving various examples of folk poetry and explained its meaning. He appealed the budding poets to study the earlier Konkani poetry and produce something special of their own. He also called upon all the budding poets to encouraging them to showcase their poetry in the programs that follows.


At 10.40 am a symposium was organized on Kavita and Kala (Poetry and Art) . The moderator of the symposium was Shridhar Kamath Bambolkar. William Pais and Rakhi Amonkar presented their papers. Prior to the presentation of their papers Andrew L. D’Cunha introduced  Shridhar Kamath Bambolkar. William Pais and Rakhi Amonkar to the audience and Avrilla Rodrigues presented flowers to Shridhar Kamath Bambolkar, William Pais and Rakhi Amonkar.


Finals of the Poetry reciting competition began at 11.45 am, the participants were earlier selected from the preliminaries held in Goa and Mangalore. Melwyn Rodrigues introduced the competitors. Out of many competitors 10 each from Goa and Mangalore were selected for the finals. Rajay Pawar,  Andrew D’Cunha, Florine Roche, Avryl Rodrigues and H.M. Pernal were the judges for the final competitions. Vittori Karkal was the time Keeper of the poetry reciting competition session. The young participants in the finals presented their poetry sharing the knowledge, thoughts, passions and emotions through their poetry which received huge applauds from the audiences.


The venue had all the classical atmosphere needed for the occasion, as the place surrounded with the lush greenery of areca nut trees, coconut trees, banana plants, palm trees providing natural inspiration to the budding poets. Besides, there was a small exhibition of traditional varieties of eatables like pothrode, Kailolyo, Appe, mude, mutlim and patholyos of various types wrapped in different leaves ssuch as  turmeric and jack-fruit. There was also a symbolic Pan-Beeda shop had everything from Pan to Beedi and Gutli soda to Bonda the tender coconut. The presence of a symbolic toddy shop added to the typical village atmosphere.


After completion of the symposium on Poetry and Art & Poetry Recitation Finals, it was time for lunch at 01.00 pm. Delicious vegetarian lunch was served on banana leaves. During lunch various local and outside poets presented their poems.


’Bahubhasha Kavi Goshti’ began at 2.45 pm presided over by Rajay Pawar who briefly introduced the participant popular Poets; Muddu Moodubelle, B.A. Mohammed Ali, Sannu Monis, Botam Boliye, Guru Baliga, Dr. Eugene D’Souza, Shobha Phulkar, P.J. Karugalnade, Kavita D. Fondekar and Milan Vengansar. The poems presented by the participants were in various languages such as Konkani, Kannada, Byari and Tulu. Each poem from these poets was the ongoing life events and was deeply touching, which was further reviewed by Rajiv Pawar prior to presenting his own poems providing a good food for thought to the audience.


After the Kavi Gosti, the concluding ceremony began at 4.30 pm. Dr Kiran Budkuley, Associate Professior, English Department, Goa University was the chief guest. Melvyn Rodrigues and Kishoo Barkur escorted Kiran, Regina and Bernard D Souza, Lavita and Rohan Monteiro to the dais. Speaking on the occasion Melwyn Rodrigues introduced the guests and thanked the hosts, Bellevision and all the sponsors for making this event a successful one.


Chief Guest Kiran Budkuley presented the Mathias Family poetry award 2011 to Shivananda Shenoy, Kottayam. Averyl Rodrigues read the citation of Shivananda Shenoy. He was presented with a cheque of Rs. 10, 000/-, citation and memento. Speaking on the occasion Shivananda Shenoy thanked the organizers of Kavita Trust for choosing him for this award.


Prizes were distributed by Bernard and Regina D’Souza  to the winners in the Late Charles and Theresa Rodrigues memorial All India Konkani Poetry competition held for the School children from 6th to 10th standard. Second prize winner Daniel Fernandes from Goa and third prize Shifani DSouza from Bajpe received the prizes in person. First prize winner Anisha Naik Gaonkar from Goa could not make it for the function.


Poetry Collections “Sakshathkar” of  Aruna Rao and “Abolim” of Sannu Monis Moodubelle were released on this occasion by Dr. Kiran Budkuley. Poetry recitation certificates were issued to all the 18 finalists who participated in the competition. The results of the poetry competition was announced and Siddhi T Shet was declared as the winner followed by Richa Kalangutkar and Jeniffer Menezes as the first and second runner up respectively.  Lavita and Rohan Monteiro gave away prizes to these winners.


Chief Guest of the concluding ceremony Dr. Kiran Budkuley in her message said that, she felt happy seeing the arrangements and the celebration of the Kavita Fest. She said that the Kavita Fest which was initiated by Melwyn Rodrigues few years ago as a small plant is now grown into a huge tree today. She spoke about the Konkani language and how it is related to each religion and the music.


Bellevision, the co-organizers had a surprise felicitation for Melvyn Rodrigues, who has recently won the Kendra Sahitya Akademy award for his Konkani book on poems “Prakrithicho Paas’. Kishu Barkur read the citation. He was honoured with shawl and garland by Ronald Saby and Elias D’Souza of Bellevision.


Godwin D’Souza of Bellevision expressed his gratitude for the organizers for giving them the once in a lifetime opportunity to organize the fest. Melvyn Rodrigues presented flowers to Meera Lobo representing the women volunteers and to Joseph Martis representing the men volunteers for their hard work and dedicated work  to make this festival a grand success. Godwin D’Souza and group sang the prayer song at the beginning.


The entire program was coordinated by Eric Soans Barkur the master of the ceremony, who conducted the event as per the schedule even though it was a day long programme. On behalf of Bellevision Godwin D’Souza spoke on the occasion and thanked all those who worked hard to make this event a successful one. Meera Lobo on behalf of all the women volunteers and Joseph Martis on behalf of all the men volunteers were honoured with the flower bouquet.


Vittori Karkal in his vote of thanks, thanked the guests, Poets, participants, hosts Bernard and Regina D’Souza, members of Bellevision and Kavita Trust.

After the tea break, at 6.00 pm cultural programs were conducted by Ranjit Gogoi and troup from Assam under the banner `Loka – the many voices’, sponsored by Sahitya Akademi. They entertained the capacity audience who liked their dances which was unique. The daylong event ended with dinner at 8.30 pm.


It has been a first event of its kind in such scale ever held in Moodubelle. The hard work of the organizers, hosts and volunteers with teamwork in a wonderful atmosphere produced an perfect event Kavita Fest – 2012 which will be remembered for a long time.



Comments on this Article
Ronald Sabi, For Bellevision, Moodubelle Sat, January-28-2012, 9:26

We at Bellesion are grateful for the opportunity to co-host (logistics Provider) Kavitha Fest. Thanks to Melvyn and Kavitha Trust for such an experience. I believe Bellevisions contribution has measured beyond expectation. We attribute this success towards the combined efforts, great deal of dedication and co-ordination among all those involved. Thanks to Melvyn for his cool and calm approach and precise guidance and chipped in by Eric Soans, Wison Kayyar, Willium Pias, HM Pernal, kishoo Barkoor and so on. About local support a big thank you goes to Meera Bai Team and Joseph Martis Team. Thanks to Jerry Fernandies for his hard work, timely advise and contacts to get things done(including organizing Alevoor women Chande team). Sincere thanks goes to other members of core committee such as Peter Paul Lobe (efficient handling of transport needs), Raphael Master, Anil (Photography and Video, organizing Are Marati troop), Dr Eugene and Victor DSouza for the dedicated and live updates on internets.
A big round of applause goes to our ICYM youth. With dark blue t-shirts their discipline, dedication, availability until the end of programme was commendable and a pleasant sight.
Another round of applause goes to Ivan and Sushma for their traditional appearance and welcome with chembu-panpod-bella-harvon, and not to forget special attraction long umbrella!
Thanks to Parish Priest Fr. Joswey and Fr. Paul for their regular announcements in the church and moral support.
Thanks to parish council members for their white attire and women with golden sarees. Our young ladies have done a yeoman job at reception, book stall and so on (special thanks to Anni)
Welcome song by Godwin, Loraine and Carol gave a rousing start.
This event would not have had such a magnitude of success without the flow chart / task list of Elias supported by Vally Alva, Godwin and Manoj DSouza that went on for six month prior to 8th Jan.
Thanks to everyone involved in Kavitha fest where the pleasant memory may last forever and ever.
Kavitha fest 2012 is a fine example by Belle Vision which goes into the record as united we stand tall and successful.

veronica alick, New Delhi Wed, January-18-2012, 1:06
Congratulations to the Organizers and to all the participants. Good coverage.Keep it up Bellevision.
Arun D Souza, Palimar / Riyadh Mon, January-16-2012, 7:01
Kavink ani Kavitha Fest Polevn Kushi Zalen.. Kavink Jeeven Ooroilya Kavitha Trustak ani Thoinsor Mandun Hadlya Bellevisionak Chepen Ookoltha....
alphonse mendonsa, pangla Fri, January-13-2012, 11:46
It was indeed a great effort both by Bellevision and Kavita Trust in organizing such a high level Kavita fest. Every Kavita and the other cultural items presented were wonderful. Thanks also for the generousity by Monna Master family and other sponsers esp. Joseph Mathias who is extending his helping hand for every konkani activities in the region and gulf. The entire event is well captured by Anil Alva and a wonderful report by Victor. Great guys. Keep it up and all the best for Bellevision esp. for organizing such a grand great event.
Philip Mudartha, Qatar Fri, January-13-2012, 12:56
During breaks, I went round meeting both participants and organizers, Without exception they praised the flawless execution of this gala event and the meticulous planning of several months. I witnessed the spark and glint in the eyes of the youngsters, both from Goa and Kanara region (aptly captured in some shots here). I am sure new relationships were weaved that will serve Konkanni literature better in the future. Even, Gogoi was charmed despite his unfamiliarity with coconut in dishes and curries.
Alban D souza, kunthalnagar/moodubelle Tue, January-10-2012, 8:39
Its looks like well organized programe(Feast) good report by Mr.Victor Dsouza and good photos by Mr.anil.It make mefeel like a i have attended the programe lively in native.Hats up to the organizer and all people who worked behind this programe to make this feast grand success.."Lamb jiyo konkani bhas..Lamb jiyo konkani lipi ani lamb jiyo konkani kavitha...
Joel Dsa, Moodubelle, Bahrain Tue, January-10-2012, 4:22

Marvelous!!! hats of to the organizers of Kavita Fest 2012, great indeed, shining golden feather on the hat of Moodubelle. Special thanks to Victor for the beautifully written article, as if I felt my presence there hearing the sweet poems and melodies. you have captured every moments of the day from morning till night. Thank you to all the organizers for promoting regional languages in poetry and songs.

Norbert, Mangalore Tue, January-10-2012, 12:28
Congratulations to all.A great Effort and wonderfully executed. Kudos to the organisers!
Benedict Noronha, Udupi Mon, January-9-2012, 10:31
Wonderully well is the "Kavitha Fest" as presented by Victor D Souza. As it is said Hundred words in one snap , you have made it more poetic than could be explained or sung. Being behind the lenses you wrote a poetry in unwritten script and made the event immomorable. Congratulations to you for your great skill in catching people and depicting unsung songs and melodies. I thought you would leave me but you did not, when I "off hand" presented a kavitha before the audience, when many were in relaxing mood and many were taking lunch. You were active and made my kavitha also memorable. I for one appreciate the things as they are and in a rustic manner. Here I can t do it because, heard melodies are sweet yet unheard are sweeter -in words of KEATS. You have done it though not surfassed Keats poetry. Wonderful! May God Bless you.
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