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Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
10/10/2011 08:14:50

Very intersting...Life / Fate after death!?

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
10/10/2011 01:48:53

Congrats to MI on winning the champions title. Excellent captaincy from Harbhajan Singh! Lots of lessons to be learnt for the RCB. Both MI and RCB just scraped through to make it to the finals is the known fact here. T@T, NSW deserved to be in the finals for the splendid play throughout the tournament is another well known fact. Once Chennai was a batsmen’s delight in terms of hitting massive scores, now it turned out to be batsmen s nightmare. The pitch was really dead and even kind of dangerous for the keepers every time it bounced just short of them. No doubt Warner got a great century against CSK but hasn t the pitch deteriorated later and the side batting distinctly having a disadvantage? Mumbai on their part were under pressure after 3 run outs and therefore while the wicket played slightly better when they batted first, their shot making had to be selective and innovative. Over all a very good CLT20, watching so many talented cricketers playing together is fantastic!

Louis Alva, Moodubelle / Dubai
10/10/2011 01:45:13

What a great Ghazal Singer he was ..!! His Ghazals and Voice was really touching to Heart. We will really miss him and his unforgettable golden Voice. May his soul rest in peace.

Valerian Alva, Moodubelle / Sharjah
10/10/2011 01:38:02

Ye daulat bhii le lo, ye shoharat bhii le lo bhale chhiin lo mujhase merii javaanii magar mujhako lautaa do bachapan kaa saavan vo kaagaz kii kashtii, vo baarish kaa paanii -- Kashtii pani mein beh gayi aaj :(May God give his soul peace. You were really great sir. We miss you forever as no one can ever replace you)

09/10/2011 08:54:21

congratulations all the winners and their parents. a great inspiration for konkani kids and a platform to exhibit their talents by Pearls of Mangalore Abu Dhabi... Wishing all the best for the children in their final round competition.

Vineet, Mangalore
09/10/2011 08:07:26

Mr. Nelson,Udupi Bangalore,I agreed with you.Mr. Philip is one of the best columnist in Bellevision and his recent articles were praiseworthy and i read them all.My apologies to him if at all he conseidered my reply in a defferent manner.It was just a comical reply to his comment.I would be very happy if Mr. Philip Mudartha repplied to this comment.

Reshma, Mangalore/Dubai
09/10/2011 06:42:16

Congratulations to Alvina Mendonca(#16). Best of luck to all contestants for the next round. Hats off and thanks to Pearls of Mangalore troupe for organising the programme.

Louis Alva, Moodubelle / Dubai
09/10/2011 05:57:58

Congratulations to Marsha Menezes (#17). Nice to see you in the Pearl Voice competition. Best of luck to you and all other contestants for the next round and also congratulations to the proud parents Manoj and Lilly Menezes - Shirva.

Parishioner, Mumbai/Qatar
09/10/2011 05:49:12

Fr. Peter is an excellent priest and a wonderful person. We are really blessed to have him.

Benedict Noronha, Abudhabi
09/10/2011 04:29:09

A very good programme. Though not present I can sense the singing talents exposed . It is said bu Keats" Heard melodies are sweet, Yet unheard are sweeter" like wise though personally not heard the brief reports by Wilson and the snaps by Ignatius Alva,speaks volumes of the outcome of the programme. I wish the rising stars-singers all the best and look forward to see them on Screens.congratulations to parents and organizers.

Louis Alva, Moodubelle / Dubai
09/10/2011 03:35:56

A very good initiative taken by this program organizers. This type of seminars should be held or arranged in every parish more frequently, ( if possible a separate seminar to grown up childrens also ) so that a good relationship can be build among the parents and with their grown up childrens,where as in this stage childrens are need a proper guidance from their parents. Now days in this modern world we can see many divorce cases among the newly married couples and also in some cases childrens are not able to fulfill their parents expectations or desires and they end up their life with suicide attempts. We need to get more educate on this, so that we can give good future to our childrens as a friendly and responsible parents. Keep up the good work and well done organizers !!

Ignatius, Dubai
09/10/2011 01:52:35

Its a great efforts of from Pearls of Mangalore. Well organizaed in professionally done. Hats off to all the children of the oranizers who did not participate in the programe. One has to really appreiciate the spirt of the organizers and their childrens sacrifice to stay away from the competition. Great works of Pearls of Mangalore..continue the spirit.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
09/10/2011 01:29:13

Somerset gave it their all, and to fall 10 runs short in the end was hard justice. The game was lost in the 19th over of both innings for Somerset. Those 20 runs and 2 wickets Mumbai took were crucial to them getting through. Had the 20 runs not been taken, I feel Somerset would ve been home. Malinga was devastating, no doubt about that, and all in all it was a fantastic game of T20 Cricket. Somerset however will receive a hero s welcome when they return to England. They ve flown the flag and were mostly unfenced. I m certain they ve entertained the Indians as they have the world, I hope RCB win,Somerset are probably the best team in County Cricket, and let s be honest, they haven t done themselves any disservice whatsoever. Well done MI. The finals should be a good one. Good luck to both teams.

Shanthi Saldanha, MOODUBELLE/DUBAI
09/10/2011 01:25:24

Our heartfelt condolences to Lavina and all family Members. May his soul rest in peace

Robert Monis, Bantakal/Mumbai/Kuwait
08/10/2011 23:27:14

Heartly condelences to Vincent Lewis fly members, God may give pations to his wife and childrens to live without him. God may bless his all family members. His soul may rest in peace.

Nelson, Udupi / Bangalore
08/10/2011 11:50:14

Vineet, Mangalore, I did not understand bit of your comment! Philips comments are always scientific and based on real facts. I enjoy most of his comments...many of them are worth Gold!

Benedict Noronha, udupi/AbuDhabi
08/10/2011 11:02:42

Avery good and useful programme. This kind programmes held to men and women together to strength their marital relationship so the instances of divorces among the young couples be averted. My sincere compliments to the organisers.

Benedct Noronha, Udupi/abudhabi
08/10/2011 10:57:16

I feel very sorry forte untimely demse of Mr Vincent Lewis and Pray Almighty God to grant him eternal rest and to his family to bear the greif.

Melwyn, Edmer/Dubai
08/10/2011 09:49:54

Heartfelt condolences to Pullu Mausi ,Robert,Killa, Lora,Lavina.May his soul rest in peace.

Alex, Edmer/Dubai
08/10/2011 09:46:55

Dear Pullu mauci, Robert, Killa, Laveena and all family members, please accept our heartfelt condolence on the sad demise of Bappu. May the Lord give you all the strength and courage required to overcome this great loss. May his soul rest in peace.

Edward Menezes, Bantakal-Panjimaru
08/10/2011 09:28:30

Dear Mendonca Luis family members please accept our heartfelt condolences. May Vincents soul rest in peace.- Eddu, Mable and famly.

Alfred Vincent Monis, Bantakal/Kingdom of Bahrain
08/10/2011 09:26:11

Dear Luis Mendonca family please accept our heartfelt condolences. May his soul rest in peace.

Stephen, Moodubelle
08/10/2011 08:43:08

@ Vineet Mangalore well said. This is real politics..

Anita Dsouza, Edmer/Israel
08/10/2011 07:19:54

Heartfelt condlences to the family members may his soul rest in peace.

Victor DSouza, Moodubelle / Doha
08/10/2011 06:04:14

You are absolutely right Mr. Victor Castelino, Fr. Peter is a calm and soft spoken, rare personality and he attends all the communities equally. Recently he offered Konkani mass here also while Fr. Anand was on vacation. We are really fortunate to have him as our Parish Priest here in Doha.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
08/10/2011 05:25:47

If we create a vacuum, there is always some one to fill it. It has happened in Mumbai; is also happening in Bangaluru now. There is no use crying foul later on like the Shiv Sena and its offshoots do.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
08/10/2011 04:33:45

Fr Peter has a personal touch in everything that happens in the parish. We in Dubai feel his absence very badly. Many may not believe that he once even offered mass in konkani for the benefit of the konkani community in Dubai! You people in Doha are lucky to have him as your parish priest. Am I right Victor? Happy feast to all.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
08/10/2011 04:27:10

It was a cracker of a match for the second night in running and RCB proved that the first successful chase of 200 was no flash in the pan. They deserve it. Just as Gavasker remarked in the post match analysis, it was not one man show in both the matches. A super spell of 1-10 in 4 over’s by Dilshan, a hurricane second wicket partnership by Gayle Kohli, a superb middle over flash by Kohli, a few reprieved catches by NSW and a final finish by the old war horse Moh’d Kaif. A back to back 100 in T20 by Warner (who incidentally did not perform to the potential while playing for Delhi Daredevils) was perhaps the only highlight for NSW. So the talk of only Gayle bringing them to CLT20 is out of context; yes he has played a major role in this tournament, no doubt about it,. Hats off to RCB and ALL THE BEST FOR THE FINALS!!!

Therese Dalmeida, MooduBelle/Doha
08/10/2011 01:47:34

Dear Victor, Thank you so much for the coverage of our Parish Feast of our Lady of the Rosarry.It was a very Beatiful program which everyone has enjoyed and had fun.
Thank you once again for you time and effort.

sequeira, pamboor
08/10/2011 01:01:37

Dear Roy what you mean given adds and name. You think we are affraid of you? No, not at all!! For your kind information that i am male. If you dont like it, simply ignore. By the way by any means are you friend of chota cheatn ? I will keep on write and read, it is my hobby reading and writting. It is not wise on your part to tell bellevission not to publish.................

Edward Noronha, Moodubelle
08/10/2011 00:58:31

Heartfelt condolences to the family members.

Roy Dsouza, Belle Dubai
07/10/2011 18:02:42

Realy am intrested to know that hemphil, aneer and sequeira are male or female? if you people are respected plz write ur real name, otherwise i humbly request  bellevision not to publish comment from fake names... like hemphil, anner and akker.

Suresh, Udupi
07/10/2011 15:30:15

Kannadigas should wake up, otherwise D.K. and also Udupi will become part of Kerala like Kasargod.

Vincent/Stella Aranha, Edmer, u.s.a.
07/10/2011 14:54:14

Heartfelt condolences to Pullu Oni, Robert, Killa, Lora Lavina and all famibily members. May his soul rest in peace.

Vineet, Mangalore
07/10/2011 12:57:59

Jago Philip Jago...!
Nice Dreams.....!
Since you are a independent candidate,what will you do after 18 months....?
I am not going to spare little land for bridges and spend a single penny as tax for the malls....!
Better idea is either you jump into a stronger(ruling) party or quit politics.
You reminded my childhood essay writing competetion"If you become a prime minister".
Thank You; Good night Philip....!
Have a nice dream next time....!

Louis Alva, Moodubelle / Dubai
07/10/2011 10:42:31

Our heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the entire family. May God grant eternal peace to the departed soul and may his soul rest in peace.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
07/10/2011 09:30:06

Thank Heavens the Baba had died when the confused teen arrived in India, our squalor, misery and holy hypocrisy sent him away.

There is a lot happens to a person which is either fate or the dance of genetics..some say, it is Ordained (by God)

Lawrence Dsouza, Edmeru Nooji/Kuwait
07/10/2011 08:51:34

Our heartfelt condolences to the family members. May god grant eternal peace and may his soul rest in peace.

Vally, Edmer/Dubai
07/10/2011 08:22:12

Heartfelt condolences to Pullu Mausi ,Robert,Killa, Lora,Lavina.May his soul rest in peace.

Supriya Acharya, Udupi/Bangalore
07/10/2011 06:10:52

Dear sir,its a shame on our part to say that we dont want to revive our own language. my daughter is in 4th std state board and is very eager to learn our language. Children should be encouraged to learn our mother tongue which is going dead even orally. I am very much interested to learn the spoken language myself. I will be grateful to u if u let me know where to get the book to learn tulu which i have not learnt to speak. Thanking you.

Anil Dsouza,Kanaradi, Moodubelle,Saudi Arabia
07/10/2011 05:31:34

Heartfelt condolences to Pullu Mami,Robert,Killa, Lora,Lavina.May his soul rest in peace

Valerian Fernandes, Abu Dhabi
07/10/2011 04:41:34

Our heartfelt condolences to the family. May God grant eternal peace to the departed soul.

Anner, Moodu Moodubelle
07/10/2011 03:08:04

@ HEMPHIL DUBAI, UDUPI Sequira:- u both r ANNA HAZARE of our belle. honestly I appreciate your guts and salute you for this. Sachh kadva hota hai bai..... you keep on going......
Present leaders (cong) in belle are transforming to goons now a days and trying to show their *%$#@* power. But that will be only for a matter of time. we need to just wait and watch till next election. they can only take

Prakash Alva, Moodubelle/Pangala
07/10/2011 02:23:48

Heartfelt condolences to the family members. May his soul rest in peace.

Rahul, ThrissurKerala/Chennai
07/10/2011 01:55:50

Is good.The Major aspect of mangalore is that We dont feel that we are in other state.It has a resemblance to Kerala

06/10/2011 16:45:10


06/10/2011 14:26:12

Excellent achievement. Congratulations. May we see it on 12/11/2011 at MIT MANIPAL ?. I am an alumni of MIT 1979 BATCH, elect.power.

Florine, Kattingeri/US
06/10/2011 11:52:37

Really happy to read about the dental awareness camp. This was unheard of couple of years ago. With proper care one can not only have a beautiful smile but reduce the cost of dental care in future. The so called well-wisher definitely has some issues against some community. If you can not say something nice, why comment at all without knowing persons efforts and contribution to the society? Chetan you do not need to take such comments personally as he is targeting some section of political leaders. Those who are in politics need to have thick skin as they chose to serve the public. Some may shower you with praises and some may disagree with your perspective. So just relax, ignore such negative energy.

Ida, Subhashnagar
06/10/2011 11:07:34

After reading this article felt like reached home and started flucking mallige. I miss my home for malliges and related other work of Mallige. Thank you

Chethan, Moodubelle
06/10/2011 10:48:46

@Baptist, Its a wise thought and a good piece of advice, I appreciate! But before I could conclude my conversation in this forum I would like to recall an old proverb which goes like, "Barking dogs seldom bite" and Mrs. Hemphil is the best living example.

Dear all - Aaron, Abraham, Stephen and Baptist - Thanks for being there in this conversation and providing your valuable inputs.

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