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Sunil Martis, Kattingeri/ Kabul
02/07/2012 06:06:29

Congratulations, Dr. Norbert, Prof. Vincent and Dr. Dennis for adding one more feather to the crown of Moodubelle. GOD bless all of you. Under your management AMUCT may achieve new milestones.

02/07/2012 05:02:10

Congratulations Dr.Nobby, on being Elected as the President of AMUCT. Wish you all the Best.

02/07/2012 05:02:05

CONGRATS!!! Dr. Norbert.

Anil Dsouza, Kattingere moodbelle
02/07/2012 04:50:19

Everyone in belle pete knows this is planned murder !!!!! This murder happened due to land Mafia Hats to murderers.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
02/07/2012 04:10:00

..the President, Supreme Court and Media remain as watch-dogs of this process, to ensure that parliamentary traditions and constitutional procedures are honored. Electoral politics is like churning curd, to bring forth butter out of it. Placing a knob of butter in a pot of curd may help nucleate butter quicker, but without it, the process is effective.
At the end of this long argumentative traditionalist post, it does not matter if Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi from existing alliances or Navin Patnaik or an unknown from a third alliance are nominated pre-election or are challenged after post-election, to throw up the PM-designate. The nation is governed by institutions, systems and constitutional provisions. It should be that way to ensure rule of law and not rule by men. The nation has a vision, refer to it on the planning commission s website and contribute to it. the Vision 2020 is published since 2002. Vision 2030 is drafted and public are contributing to refine it. Vision 2050 is being talked about. Each of us can participate; the IT and ITES has revolutionized civic participation in governance which no one envisioned twenty years ago. Villagers now access: ask Dr. Eugene..

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
02/07/2012 03:54:14

..with college degree alone are not repository of wisdom. Rural, illiterate and uninformed of national issues are capable to evaluate what they want. They routinely or reject their leaders. The mighty have fallen from power not because of intellectual uprising but peasant-power.
In the development of our political society, I view rise of strong regional political leaders a positive development. The destiny of a large and diverse nation such as ours should not be left in the hands of one strong individual as PM, who will rough-shod like a colossus stamping out aspirations of people. If a price is to be paid in slow decision-making so be it. Slow and steady wins the race.

hence, it is not required to know the PM-designate before the elections. Every major party has a manifesto, it has a part president and leadership committees at various levels, right to the Grama level, thus providing voters with the inputs necessary to make up their minds.
The result could be a hung parliament, with two or more alliances contending to form the government. Within each alliance, there could be two or more contenders to be PM. This is not at bad, as long as the process is transparent...

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
02/07/2012 03:22:55

Very honestly, dear young author, I read this four times and was at a loss to figure out what your suggested solution is. Are you advocating a new constitution for Republic of India? Indira Gandhi, during her heydays, briefly considered to do that and bring in direct election of PM by nationwide voters. And you want us like those crisis ridden banana republics where Chief Justice of Supreme Court assigns to himself the dictatorial powers to hand-pick the Executive? Thankfully, despite our failures, disappointments, faults and tens of democratically legislated amendments, Indian Constitution given to us by the visionary team led by Dr. Ambedkar, has served well. Let us accept that. In a region filled with turmoil and conflict, it has thrown up political leadership that has kept a diverse, divisive and often suicidal young nation together without major upheavals, barring the two years of authoritarian emergency rule. With the passing away of leaders from the liberation struggle, and mantle passing on to post-independence born generation, the elitist and colossal nature of leadership of the past. The power has shifted to where it belongs: the people. The urbanized and those..contd

wellwisher, Dubai
02/07/2012 03:17:15

Well, police people washed their hand so nicely..now god only help poor people..

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
02/07/2012 03:00:27

..does not make a difference. bringing in step-father to mind the household by village elders, without the approval of wife and children, to enforce a different lifestyle on them, will not drive rats away.
BJP should leave the corruption issue to voters. Let them decide. In removing BSY from power before court verdict, the voters are cheated of their chance to punish the party for its misbehavior.

With DVS or without him, the voter will have his say. The voter knows best. Who knows, he may elect BSY again. In that it will prove that voter does not care much about corruption!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
02/07/2012 02:51:32

When BSY was tough on corrupt practices of Reddys, they challenged his power. And to survive, he joined them. He could not beat them and Sushma!

In the loot and rape of Bellary that followed, the Lokayukta indictment had no takers but BSY. he rightly feels that he is made the scapegoat for collective sins of his party. The loot has spread to party coffers and private treasuries. So, it is unjust for BSY only to go to jail or be without power.
Since BJP leadership proved that their party politics thrives on corruption, as much as Congress and other regional parties, corruption is a non-issue.
Unfortunately, the central leadership shot itself in its foot by making corruption its central theme against UPA-2. It forgot that people in glass houses do not throw stones at each other. It forgot that they nourish the system and are nourished as much as Congress and other regional political parties.

All those who campaign against corruption are outside the electoral system; like Anna Team, intellectuals, and grass-root leaders unnoticed by mainstream media. With a sinking heart, I state the fact: Corruption is here to stay. Like rats in a house. Killing head of a household does..contd

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
02/07/2012 02:36:35

It is unfortunate and ironical. The central leadership of BJP describes BJP as the party with a difference. They mean that their party, unlike Congress, has inner party democracy. To practice what they preach, they should allow the state legislators to elect their leader by secret ballot. The constitution gives the MLAs this right.

The ex-CM BSY has been demanding from DVS the convening of MLA meeting. DVS and his camp is a minority, which everyone knows. If a secret ballot is taken, without the whip of central leadership, BSY will be chosen to lead and be the CM.

That corruption charges are levied against BSy and courts are prosecuting him should not be held against him. There are a handful of MPS and MLAs wit clout and charisma who are not charged with wrong-doing. There is nothing in our constitution to bar such people from executive power. If Narendra Modi can be CM of Gujarat, for ten long years, even after being accused of abetting the 2002 Anti-Muslim riots, BSY can be CM.

It has to be recalled that BJP came to power in Karnataka, with the money power of Bellary Reddys, who defected from Congress to BJP. They backed Sushma Swaraj against Sonia Gandhi...contd

Ardhendu Mukherjee, 219,G.F / Roof, Tagore Park, Delhi - 110009, INDIA
01/07/2012 13:25:03

Belthem The Church of the Nebityi is UNESCO the World Heritage is Denger List

angel, spain
01/07/2012 13:15:13

its really sad to knw abt dis person.. but my only question is wen vl a common man get justice??? even our police is backing out coz of supression from de political parties and rich ppl involved.. its js a humble request from me n it vl b from evry1 if dey agree... plz fight for ur rights... so dat every1 is free for justice.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
01/07/2012 11:42:48

Well, it is a big joke and BJP is a good joke itself. Both sides pulling the rope from both sides and it appears to break soon. What a farce!!! How long this Yeddi continue this dirty games?? How long can we Kannadigas bear this pain?? The BJP Central leadership is supposed to solve this problem and if they had any good of the people they would have thrown out Yeddi a long time. They know the is involved in all sorts of corruption and dirty games. If the BJP can not solve one state problem how are they going to lead at the center if we vote them tom???? No way we can keep BJP in power anymore..

John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/Nottingham U.K
01/07/2012 10:10:55

India is advancing towards global power but it needs a powerful leader to take forward. Congress has got good vision but still lacking some leadership qualities. Baptist you said right that every party should announce their next PM Candidate in advance so people can decide who is the best one to lead. Now is the crucial time for Indian Citizens whom to vote??????????? Too many Political parties make even worst in India. Nobody gets majority after all hung parliament.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
01/07/2012 09:21:01

Thanks Dr. Eugene for this important news. yes Rotary club of Shankerpura (Pangla) has been involved in many humanitarian and social work and especially conducting these Psychiatric camps to help the poor patients. It is indeed a great noble deed. We must applaud and congratulate them for this charity work since 2004. Conducting Psychiatric camp is not a easy task and that too free of charge. We also must thank all doctors who gave their valuable time for these patients over the years and also all donors who made possible to reach this milestone. I am sure after reading many good hearted people will come forward and help to conduct and continue these camps. Well done Rotary Shankerpura. Wishing you all success and also special thanks to dr. Eugene for taking your time to visit this great occasion and reporting it. Hats off to you..

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
01/07/2012 08:02:14

It is the same story everywhere as I see it. First of all it is us people spoil everything and reason behind this situation. We do not raise our point out to the administration well in advance and only at the last moment we cry. We must give a wake up call time to time. We vote them and give them power and just forget about it. It is we must take them to task and get the things done. Remember unity is strength and only when we unite and bring these grave situations to the notice of Panchayat thing are going to work. That is why first of all there should be public forum to fight and bring awarness among our people first also on environmental, cleanliness, safety and health.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
01/07/2012 07:56:14

Dear Baptist, it is a well thought article and a wake up call for us from deep slumber. In India we don t take voting very seriously maybe it is c se we don t have much choice. We have been electing one party for power hoping after hope that they will provide the able governance. Initially though it was all went well but gradually the shining India lost its sheen. One of the reason maybe changing of Finance ministry from Chidambaram to Pranab which resulted in all wrong decisions and our economy policies did not yield the expected results. We all are aware of the current situation in Karnataka the BJP is facing and neither BJP s central or state leadership has no clue how to control this situation it is sure to fall sooner, then how can be trust them to control the Nation?? Even in Congress If they project Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Ministrial candidate does he has the capability to rule, does he has any vision for India?? It will be again controlled by his dear Mother Sonia. You suggested some American system and my honest Opinion it is not going to work in our country. Hence we need to follow same old system unfortunately.. thanks and keep writing and sharing in Bellevision.

dayananda kudupu, kudupu, mangalore
01/07/2012 07:42:00

Your article is so powerful.

JOHN, Mangalore/Shirva
01/07/2012 06:05:42

As per the heading Urgent action to solve Belman Bus Stand problem.

But who will Solve and When. Still the roads are same and nothing has been changed for the past 10 years

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
01/07/2012 04:03:02

Every citizen of India has a collective responsibility towards the betterment of the Nation. So it is correct time for voters to change their attitudes and thought process towards it by making a difference at least in a simple way. India is all about Triumphs and Troubles; your message is loud and clear. Let us use our vote tool; we have elections coming up in 2 years time. All these political parties will project their prime ministerial candidates but we have to caste our valuable vote to the educated, decent candidates, it is preferred to vote for a clean educated and the one who can make a difference. We have to make him to know his obligation to the general public and to the economy of our country. Dear Baptist, I salute you for your vision and your concern and your foresight. So my answer to your question is yes! We do have an option now to decide on our next Prime Minister! By the way please do continue to share with us your thoughts and wisdom to write more and more articles in the near future and may God bless you.

Liza D souza, SHARJAH
01/07/2012 03:04:10

Congratulations to our SMMKC and its entire team for the great event of Wilson Olivera musical night in DUBAI. May God bless the sponsers and their families.All the best to the entire team of Wilson Olivera Nite. May God bless you to perform well and achieve many goals of life. Many Konknai music lovers are looking forward to attend the event from all over UAE.

Nelson, Udupi / Bangalore
30/06/2012 14:01:45

Dear Reporter, can we have pictures one week after the report? Is there any response to the report by the concerned!?

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
30/06/2012 12:12:53

This issue has been going on for several years and I presume one section of konkani is dominating so as not to grant any literary awards to other konkani speaking people. this is out-right injustice and must be fought with a more pressure and unless we fight we will not get justice. As mentioned above if Kannada script users are more than 58% definitely they deserve the equal recognition and literary awards must be given to Kannada script konkani writers. Jai Konkani...

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
30/06/2012 04:45:58

Good riddance Pranab-da, not among my favorite finance ministers. Wish him relaxed morning walks in Ashoka Gardens..

wavettore, Italy
30/06/2012 01:44:45

Christianity started when Jesus, a Jewish man, rebelled against the arrogance and corruption of the Jewish culture. Jesus embraced all people, even the outcast, by spreading one concept of Equality which contrasted with the doctrine of the Jewish Religion and denied the existence of one "chosen people". That is why Jesus died. After Jesus death, his followers built the Church that supposedly carries his message. The Church, instead, was also built like a pyramid with nuns and priests at the bottom, then bishops, cardinals and above all is the Pope. Since the times of Jesus, Christianity has made a U turn, rejected Equality and returned to that same pyramidal concept that also dominates in the Animal kingdom.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
30/06/2012 01:35:29

This college is moving in good direction. I am very happy about the management which is helping and motivating young students. Now it is a great treat from Prof. Vincent.. his knowledge, orator skills and experience is of high standard

Charles D Mello, Pangala
30/06/2012 01:18:38

Another promise to swindle money..!!??

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
30/06/2012 00:22:47

That is the spirit Leander Paes! Irrespective of, whatever the misunderstanding you had with m/s. Bhupathi and co. I salute you for your commitment to the Indian tennis and your sportsmanship. All along you been terrific in all these years. I wish you all the very best for London Olympics.

John Pereira, Mangalore/Mumbai
29/06/2012 08:44:12

It is really heartening to learn that Students Council of the newly opened St. Lawrence Degree College was inaugurated. I wish the students all the best so that God may inspire them to take the College forward to success under able leadership of Prncipal Dr. Eugene D Souza and Dean Commodore Jerome Castelino and Blessings of Fr. Joswey Fernandes.

Fr Valerian Castelino, moodubelle/chikmagalur
29/06/2012 08:07:19

Congratulations Commodore Jerome Castelino on being appointed as the Dean of St.Lawrence Degree College,Moodubelle.It is a happy news to me and I feel proud of you.The Bishop of Mangalore and the Parish Priest of Moodubelle Church have rightly recognized your ability,service to the nation and above all your hard work in obtaining the required recognition to the Degree College.You have created a history by being the First Dean of a newly started college in the Catholic Board of Education.I wish you all the success in your office as a Dean and pray God to bless you abundantly.

Remous Dsouza, Padubelle
29/06/2012 06:58:07

Atlast we have degree college in our village. happy news,same time this is a challenge to staff members and students,to deliver the quality,may almighty grant them all positive things in their mission,once again thanks to Mr. Vincent alva for his support and gauidance.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/06/2012 04:14:21

I admire Vincent Alva s voice quality and delivery. Over the years, he has practiced voice modulation, including at the choir of my parish. Students should follow his advice. There is a book titled from good to greatness, which I recommend esp to Arts students, if not for all of of them.

Thomas Fernandis, Udupi
29/06/2012 01:32:46

From the body langauage of staff and students we can see that they have positive arttitude to learn fast. I am sure the students from St. Lawrence College will excel in their respective fields when they passed out from the college.

sathish nayak, udupi/dubai
29/06/2012 00:34:40

Be prepare for another scam......

Sarah @ Nuvoryn, Denmark
28/06/2012 23:49:48

Passion in what you believe and in putting it in words is a real gift. Your informative article contains the optimal combination of passion and well-written, interesting content that I've grown to appreciate and respect. Because I am taking lots of natural weight loss pills but after reading your article I come to the point that self confidence is also played a very vital role. Thank you once again.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
28/06/2012 14:16:01

If found guilty such guy s must not be hanged...!!?? Which will kill them within 1 minutes....They must be killed slowly by torturing for their life time....

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
28/06/2012 11:14:51

" Students Union Council" is sure a small step towards the gain step in the years to come. Glad to learn Dr. Eugene has taken a first initiative to form the council which is a must for a standard college. While congratulating all the Union Council members, they should prove to be true leaders and be example to other students. Leadership skill is bestowed upon a few and they must exhibit their leadership skills at every step of their students life be it in College or home, to be better leaders of the Nation tomorrow. Wishing St. Lawrence College Students Union Council all the best and I pray for their success.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
28/06/2012 07:34:13

It is said that one man s gain is another man s loss and vice versa. When you clean one dump yard, there should be another dump yard to take it. With numerous NGOs fighting against different types of pollutions (air, water, sound, soil etc.) one should be on guard even when breaking the wind! Until a permanent dumping ground is found and approved by everyone (I mean everyone without leaving a soul to avoid bundhs by the NGOs), the garbage should be transported to Udupi municipal dumping ground using hired garbage collection trucks and labourers. Do you have any other better suggestions?

Syed, Udupi
28/06/2012 04:18:12

Indians please block this film by making agitation infront of the cinema halls where this film is going to telecast. To save Indian we indians should reject this porn star in India. To clean her sins she is stepping in holy indian land. Our culture never accept this porn lady.

Suraj-Belle, Moodubelle-Dubai
28/06/2012 02:01:18

Can Anyone tell our readers is it the same garbage dump area which was located in front of the Belle Primary school and now promoted to Belle Santeykatte? Or we still existing old garbage in front of the primary school? This itself says how dirty our local leaders and panchayat office bearers. They live in same garbage premise.

juliana Dsouza, Moodubelle/Mumbai
28/06/2012 01:25:19

Chosen by the people, for the people are busy posing for the photographs.
Posing for planting a tree is easy. Ask them to pose to remove the garbage also.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
28/06/2012 00:18:53

Disgusting!!!!! Is the only word for this fiasco? Who to blame, nobody knows! That's how the people concerned answer. Not acceptable by any standard to anyone at all. We are proud of our Moodubelle but projecting all good things to everyone concerned but missing out on the basic thing which is cleanliness especially when you have all the important places like school, college, clinics, the fish market, restaurants etc. If the Belle Panchayat doesn't know where to dump it then everyone would know how capable their administration is¦ All said and done, this sort of attitude will not help for an upcoming and important town like Moodubelle?

Suraj-Belle, Moodubelle-Dubai
27/06/2012 23:42:44

Where are those smiling faces who are standing with stunning pose in front of the camera? Anil you should also pull them here make them stand on the Garbage and click the pictures. Forget about big projects my dear leaders, try to provide very very basic necessities to your own villagers.

Sandeep Martis, Dubai/ Belle
27/06/2012 22:50:17

Please accept our heartfelt .RIP

vvkamath, mumbai
27/06/2012 21:02:48

only putting board for clean the city but no body looking that one.peoples are suffering .paying the money to doctors .daily news paper shows what sicks in so many village and cities .but no body worries.making allegation one to other.to keep the city and remove the debries.now a days everywhere maleria and dengu .only looking news paper.no body taking the intrest .

valerian menezes, melbourne/moodubelle
27/06/2012 20:51:00

hello panchayat people do something about this mess.now we have big institutions,big church,road concretisation and so on and so forth.so clean up the mess and make belle a beautiful place.you don t need crores of rupees to clean up this mess.when there this big amount involved everyone is interested in major works otherwise no one is bothered in doing anything.wake up people.

Victor D almeida, Moodubelle/Bahrain
27/06/2012 14:58:08

Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the sudden demise our Eddu. May his soul rest in peace.

V.Lobo, Moodubelle
27/06/2012 14:23:16

If only the Christians had strong faith in God, and valued serving God more than their lives. No one would dare to attack Christians or christian places of worship. Our christian BJP politicians are pathetic never bothered comment or condemn today these attacks happened at Mangalore tomorrow it comes to your parish then we will realise we are the only name sake christian like silent spectator, Even though still we are supporting BJP for what.If you are christian honest politician you should resign in protest but these leaders wants secure their pockets nothing else. We are cowards when it comes to physically fighting for our rights at the cost of our lives we will run away These all things happening because of our stupidity. We all voted and brought for ourselves no need to blame for anybody.

Ronald D, Udupi
27/06/2012 13:57:48

It is a BIG SHAME to MP, MLA, Belle Panchayath and every living personality of Moodubelle!! Including me! Do we need to go around blaming any political party? Collect the garbage and incinerate it! It may cost max few (2 to 5) thousand Rs!! But we need a permanent solution for handling garbage for tomorrow's garbage generated! I am willing to participate and support if any system is proposed!!

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