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Felcita, Shirva,Kuwait
08/05/2012 03:22:23

Excellent article with our history. Awating for the second part

Anil, Dubai
08/05/2012 02:54:13

Great work Alphonse! You have put together what we knew half in bits and pieces. Looking forward to the next part. Would be interesting to know anyone of the Canara Catholics managed to avoid captivity and any of the books on history have a mention of it? May be the ban on konkani by portugese could be one and Tipu s captivity is the other reason for the sorry state of konkani language today. After all this trials and tribulations it is our ancestor s sacrifice that konkani is still alive.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
08/05/2012 02:50:16

Each and every sport teaches you how to behave in a crunch situation and in difficult circumstances. Taking advantage of the situation and neglecting rules and regulations and trying to get undue favor and committing security breach in a high profile security area, only meant for Cricket players is big offence. So Kudos to Karnataka Police for teaching a lesson to the cricketer’s wife….

Arun Noronha, Pangla/Kuwait
08/05/2012 02:44:01

Thanks a million Alphonse for this great work...I can very well imagine the pain that our and ancestors and parents have gone through to keep our faith, language and culture alive.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
08/05/2012 02:10:35

Well written and thoroughly researched article on the history of the Roman Catholics of Mangalore
Keep up your good work Dear Mr. A. Mendonsa! Lovely pictures, God bless you always.

Vivian Fernandes, dubai
08/05/2012 01:31:17

Very well Narrated ...waiting for the second part...

Mario Braganza, Thane
08/05/2012 00:41:22

Kudos! Nicely done! Impatiently waiting for part 2

Manoj Menzes, Shirva/Abu Dhabi
08/05/2012 00:39:41

Excellent article Aphonse. Keep writing and look forward for the next part. Thank you bellevision for publising it.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
07/05/2012 14:59:27

Great history and the article! Keep it up Alphonse! Looking forward for the second part....

Naveen Mendonca, Pamboor / Bahrain
07/05/2012 10:04:45

Good article and beautiful pictures of Cherry Tomatoes grown by Francis Saldanha. Few weeks ago I had been to his garden it was wonderful to see varieties of vegetables flowers grown in his garden. Well done.

C.E.Warren, Andheri(E)- Mumbai
07/05/2012 06:46:27

Extremely sad to hear the untimely demise of Rev.Fr.Rufus. My heart felt condolence to his entire fraternity. May your soul rest in peace in the beloved arms of Jesus Mother Mary. Please intercede on our behalf by sending divine blessings from above. Rest in Peace.

Stephen, Mumbai
07/05/2012 06:14:43

You cared for the souls and may our Good Lord grnat you eternal rest. From the heavens above pray for the renewal in Mumbai which was started by you, let there be one flock.

Philomena, Mumbai, India
07/05/2012 06:07:38

Sure you had a heavenly birthday dear Fr. Rufus. We in Mumbai will miss you but we are sure you will be there for us in spirit.

snehal bhongale, bandra
07/05/2012 05:41:45


Luisa, Canada
06/05/2012 21:16:42


Canute Menezes, Shirva/Mira Road
06/05/2012 21:05:41

This is a goodwork done by Niramay Centre. Many people, specially the senior citizen, benifitted by this camp. If any Society wants to organize Free Medical camp at Mira Road, they can Contact Kenny Gomes (Mobile:9920871276. Thanks to Mrs.Noreen D Souza and Mr.Michael Castelino for taking initiative to organize this camp atSiddharth Nagar.

Anna Maria Coutinho, kenton/UK
06/05/2012 17:44:54

Heartfelt condolences to all family members.Fr Rufus may your soul rest in peace.you will be missed very much.You will never be forgotten.Rest in the arms of the Lord.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
06/05/2012 14:15:30

RIP Fr. Pereira. When you lived, not only demons, many priest and bishops certainly were not in peace with you. I have reasons to say this as I would say this becuase I remember another Fr.Stanislaus R Pereira, the Pakshikere Exorcist of my teenage days and controversies of his ministry. Does anyone know of the latter? Is Exorcism practiced in Mangalore diocese these days, and if so at which shrine?

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
06/05/2012 13:55:16

Though I am not enamored by the conceptual design, I hope market will accept it. Till then, here is free advice to coconut enthusiasts of BV. Write an email to www.coconutmachine.com to find its dealers in India and go after its jugaad variety in grey market...:D

Alex Almeda, Dubai,UAE
06/05/2012 13:15:06

All d best vadi .......was waiting for this moment............

good luck......

Aathish, Dubai
06/05/2012 12:51:32

Good luck sir

Simon D Souza, Thirlapalke/Muscat
06/05/2012 12:31:11

Debate on agriculture, Plantation, greenery is very good. We can plant anything but who will take away the fruits - God Vanaras (Monkeys). Secondly, labour problems (Other problems, we can keep aside). As long as these problems are not solved especially in Moodubelle and surrounding areas, I think, people will not take any interest in agriculture.

Sapna Sunny Nair, Mangalore/ Dubai
06/05/2012 10:31:09

Hey Vadi,
The future is a rainbow of beautiful tomorrows when you hold a dream in your heart! Congratulations for "Mudra" ... God bless you guys and have a great success ahead... May be in future me too will join with my junior for institution to learn some Mudra s... And also thank you for making us a part of your success by inviting us..

Lucy Rodrigues, Moodubelle/Andheri, Mumbai
06/05/2012 06:51:38

Very sad to hear the news that Fr. Rufus is no more. May his soul rest in peace.

Swathi, Dubai
06/05/2012 05:20:05

Really done a good job.congratulation wish you all success .

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
06/05/2012 02:53:43

...and develop into Farms Resorts. At least three of them have been local political leaders and greater political ambitions. At these future resorts, I will avail unpaid stress-busting services. Further, I suggest that retirees and returnees may do well to acquaint themselves with villagers with wide experience on these subjects. I recommend two D'Souzas, one who has invested in a river side farmhouse named Legend in Kaudoor village and the pther is famous Nakhre Antony, the ex-President of Karkala APMC. (I suspect both are Mudarthas. Mudarthas, you may recall were great farmers, before they took to wine and pretty delicate wives)

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
06/05/2012 02:51:53

The future for our twin districts, as I see it, is in emergence of commercially viable muti-crops and multipurpose farms that double as resorts, nature trails and holiday destinations for urban tourists seeking stress-busting healing, leisure and pleasure services. Farms and resorts have already sprung up. I have stays at Soans Farms Resorts, Pandits Spa Resorts on my own itinerary.

On a smaller scale, Saby has his hilltop. I have a dozen friends like him, with 10~15 acres of farms spread across twin districts. I advise them to acquire disused and fallow lands from neighbors at right price and develop into Farms

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
06/05/2012 02:17:01

This is a topic of great interest for me; so, I am back with more inputs for debate. As Ronald Saby points out, small scale farming is no longer sustainable under our macro-economic market environment. Only those who have money to throw and do not cost-benefit financial analysis but are guided by Gross Personal Happiness Index will venture into raising farms as kitchen gardens in semi-retirement or post-reitement. This assumes that the retires or returnees to villages have hardworking spouses like my sister and Saby s mother. One of my persoanl surveys within Pamboor six years ago has established that 80% of households are hardworking. Either Headman or headwoman is hardworking, seldom both. Only 20% fall in the category of aish-o-araam type. Only, the seed capital has to come from outside or loans. Thatis why horticulture, floriculture and cash crops deliver sustainable profits for a family to live on. Provided health permits. Crops do not fail or not destroyed by wild animals, whom government policies protect more than the farmers who want to control these animals. Unless you are a Salman Khan, or his ilk, you will go to jai for shooting at a wild boar..yyou get the picture..

Vadiraj Uppoor, Manglore
05/05/2012 16:16:57

Thanks to one and all who were instrumental for the grand opening of Mudra Music Dance Institute.

It was a cherismatic moment and unforgettable one too. Never expected so much response.
Thanks to all the dignetories on the dias and to those in the gathering.

Special thanks to Mr.Elias for covering the event as a whole.

Vadiraj Uppoor

Baptist Sequeira, Moodubelle
05/05/2012 15:33:32

Dear Saby, your idea of planting a fruit plant every year is really great. But how about the same idea we put like this. This year when I go on vacation, I will give a gift to my family " Buying a Mallika" mango plant from Muddana Nursery, Kaup, and planting by saying 2012 gift for my wife. I will spend Rs 5000 more for a drip irrigation for that plant and for 3 year fertilizer because we will be having a well and water tank already so irrigation we should do. Say after 3years when my family goes back to India plant will be yielding few mangoes during the season. 2013 will be a "Badami" mango plant as gift. Say for 5 years 5 gifts. But every year we will be getting return gifts from Trees when we go to home!! In 6th yeargift will be planting pepper to 5 mango trees Rs 5000 for fertilizer. So Both tree and pepper plant will grow and give return gift. Same way we can have abundant plantation at hour homes and make green revolution even if we have a small area of land.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
05/05/2012 14:25:47

wow, what a sight and how easy it looks to grow. Surely not as easy as they look though. Nevertheless, look sooo nice and must be very tasty. thanks Francis for your dedication to your hobby and thanks Bellevision for sharing with us. May many more article appear in your site.

Baptist Sequeira, Mooduebelle
05/05/2012 14:22:18

Francis is till continuing the wise traditional way of cultivation. First the seeds are germinated and grown small plants in a pot, then he transfers them in new soil which makes the plant to grow and yield fullest. Being a farmer I understood the importance of 2 steps of growing plants from him, where in his garden the Zenia plants grow with many branches and produce huge flowers fully and for a long time. Thanks Francis for transferring the knowledge and showing such a great interest in plantation. You are great.

Ronald Saby, Moodubelle/Dubai
05/05/2012 14:17:02

Good article by Baptist!! Equally debatable too. We are left with limited hard working people like Philip s sister. Each time I plant new fruit plants...I face hard time convincing my mother...let monkeys take their share and remained is ours. She is upset about monkey menace on her hard work and vigilance! Our country dogs(mongrels?) do not support her chasing monkeys and other animals damaging the harvest. Yet food habits of dogs are upgraded...she brings thorny fish from the market for them and boils it with previous days rice curry for them...otherwise they are least interested in sniffing it! In return poor service! At the age of seventy...worn out knees she works double the daily wagers additionally managing household with high energy level!!!
Younger generation (not too young by age now) cannot earn a better living being permanently back home at this stage. Priority list is endless prior shifting back home!
Yet money spent on cultivation and farming is much more than worth of the harvest! Leave alone amount spent on types of wells... water level being too low! Considering the price of vegetables and so on..people can afford it better than olden days. Paying Rs. 9 per lit of petrol (my college days) was tougher than paying Rs. 75 today for everyone in our town. And the life goes on….

Making profit by cultivation today is for those self working only using modern machinery, lot of water, fertile land and never dependant on outside labors.

Lynnet, Belle
05/05/2012 06:08:07

Dr. Eugine,Its is heart touching article. even i like pets, i feel sorry for poor chimmi.

Lynnet, Moodubelle
05/05/2012 05:56:51

Thats great. you have done a wonderful effort. very nice article. Mr. Saldanha keep it up.

Loyola Pinto, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi
05/05/2012 05:05:02

Thank you Alphs for the report and pictures.

Marita Lobo, Belle/Bahrain
05/05/2012 03:33:25

Nice to read the article dear Francis. Inspite of your busy work schedule you put so much hard work towards your hobby. The tomatoes are so tempting no wonder I will land there anytime to pick them. Keep writing also about the flowers you have in your garden and also about the chicks.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
05/05/2012 00:55:08

Until Arab Spring at Pearl Roundabout, I used to visit Bahrain 3~4 times each year. Evenings were spent in relaxed atmosphere with friends in their gardens. To my mind, gardening hobby seemed limited to upper middle class expatriates, mainly Anglo-Saxon. Among Indians, it is seldom to find people from our twin districts learning to garden. Now, I have found you, Francis. If I ever come to Bahrain again, I will locate you and pick those luscious cherry tomatoes. (with some spirit too..:D)

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
05/05/2012 00:03:19

Good article and beautiful pictures of Cherry Tomatoes grown by Francis Saldanha.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
04/05/2012 23:31:28

Wonderful! The vegtables could not be grown in the fields are being produced on the terrace at Bahrain. Great! thereore it is said where there is a will there is a way. such efforts pass time and also earn for vegetable bills. Keep it usp Mr Francis Saldanha. This kind of approach to life will make life happy.

Mark Fernandes, Kattingere/Pune
04/05/2012 07:29:29

owners of milk processing plants and the farmer has to content himself with Rs 15 to Rs 20 per litre. Ultimately poor consumer is becoming the victim of wrong policies.

Mark Fernandes, Kattingere/Pune
04/05/2012 07:27:30

Dear Babuti, I really liked your idea of starting of Cooperative society once you settled down in Belle. To that extent, cooperative farming is not a bad idea. In our villages pressure on land is less when we compare it to the villages in Eastern UP, Bihar and West Bengal. The migrated contractual labour from Eastern UP, Bihar and West Bengal (as we have in Punjab, Haryana and Western UP) can also be a solution for scarcity of labour. To answer your question regarding the high prices in NCR and Bangalore, it is not limited to two cities, it is same all over India. Price rise is the result of wrong marketing strategies followed by our government. For example, if a consumer buys a kg of Potato for Rs 10/-, the producer (farmer) hardly gets Rs 2.50 to Rs 3. Balance Rs 7 is eaten away by the whole sellers and retailers. FDI in retail sector may solve the problem to some extent if the bill is passed in future. The price of milk is controlled by the milk cooperative societies which are mainly owned by the local politicians/ businessman. They have a good union and pressurize the state govts to increase the price from time to time. Here again the ultimate ‘cream’ is eaten away by the

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
04/05/2012 02:48:10

#2: Baptist asks:But just my question was even if Haryana, Punjab fully producers of food items, why in NCR area vegetables, milk is so costly as shown in TV channels. Not only in NCR, even in Bangalore food items some time very costly....Answer we may have to find as the days come.

My response: I have published several posts on my blogs in national media under my pen name lostpatrol, which you may research. Recently, I have written a series of articles and Udupitoday.com has been kind to publish them. The brief answer is money supply (fiscal and monetary policies), demand growth (we eat more), and supply side constraints (infrastructure, marketing, targeting, etc) and our politics. All are interlinked. I suggest readers to take a look. You may follow the link available on BV to reach the site.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
04/05/2012 02:14:59

#1. Any sustainable solution to raise farm productivity requires to reverse the fragmentation of land holdings. Economics of scale in our village would mean a minimum plot of 100 acres or 1000. This should come out of a agro-farm model with its output mix, soil conditions, water use, crop cycles, market access, mode and cost of capital formation, tax and management structure, product pricing. Co-operatives is an option. Partnership firm is another. Private or public stock-holding company is another option with single or hundreds of shareholders.

Kuwait based Lawrence Saldanha of Kanajar had a vision for his village more than a decade ago. He wanted to form privately held joint stock-holding to develop it. He built a road at his own cost, founded a school, a hospital and other product offerings. His vision, current situation of result of his vision, if his strategies are a success are some of the questions to be studied. By personal trip to his creations, I have some answers. But, Baptist or his associates may research a little more.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
04/05/2012 01:43:31

It is shocking that we are treating our guests in such a cruel way. Where is our Atiti Saktara, instead of treating them well we are killing them. What a shame and insult to us. Where is our respect and love to our guests? The culprits must be brought to justice and put them inside for ever.

Baptist Sequeira, Moodubelle
03/05/2012 07:00:32

May be I have to agree with you and Philip on your point of view dear Mark. But just my question was even if Haryana, Punjab fully producers of food items, why in NCR area vegetables, milk is so costly as shown in TV channels. Not only in NCR, even in Bangalore food items some time very costly. By observing this I just put my ideas and questions here. Answer we may have to find as the days come. Going back to our home land and continue cultivation is a challenge which requires a commitment, courage and our choice. I have an idea - once with some capital I go back Belle, I want to start a small group in our place as a co operative society, and try to encourage people to grow food products, medicine plants etc and also to provide a better market place for the products. It requires to organize people, train them and make their mind. [Now a days Dharmasthala Swa Sahaya Sangha is doing very well at our places. But still more people have to join such groups and can make the idea what I speak about a reality]. Thank you all for your support and putting your ideas and discussions in BV along with me for the article.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
03/05/2012 03:35:20

I want to draw the attention of Mrs. Jascinta Aranha, Mrs. Ida Gibba DSouza and Mr. Devdas Hebbar to the Rules enforced as on May 1, 2012 on handling e-waste. E-waste means elctrical, electronic, digital devices etc. Our villagers are producing significant e-waste and the volume will increase. These rules were published by Ministry of Environment Forests in Government Gazette on May 14, 2010 under service order number 1125. Our then minister Jairam Ramesh, an IIT-alumni and a scholar in my opinion had spearheaded this effort. This documnet is 23 pages. I will email a copy to BV. Please have you rofficers read it and plan programs in the coming years budget, if you have not done so already.

Mark Fernandes, Kattingere/Pune
03/05/2012 02:40:51

migrated labour from Bihar/Eastern UP.Opening of Cashew industry has resulted in balanced economic growth in the rural area and increase in employment opportunities . I fully agree with Mr Phillip where he tells that India is producing enough food for the population. More over Indian Govt has started Green Revolution in Eastern India also. So future is not so bleak .Finally dear Babuti, how many of us are ready to go back to our native place and cultivate at least one crop in a year. If some of us answer "yes" , problem is not so serious.

Mark Fernandes, Kattingere/Pune
03/05/2012 02:39:05

Congratulations Baptist for writing an article having the picture of Moodubelle/neighbouring villages economy in mind but some of the points raised by you need more clarification at the macro level. The New Economic Policy started by Dr Man Mohan Singh when the economy was about to collapse in 1991, have definitely proved to be blessing to our economy. We are emerging as Super Power only because of the liberalization policies of various govts since 1991.The higher rate of interest for NRI/ foreign currency has helped in more capital formation and more employment. The inflow of foreign currency has not resulted in stopping of cultivation / agricultural activity. You may be partially right but your view is not universal. The stopping of cultivation is partially the result of non availability of labour and low productivity as well.The inflow of foreign currency is more in various districts of Punjab than South Kanara/Udupi districts. But you will not find an inch of empty land unutilised for agricultural activity in Punjab.This is because of implementation of modern methods of cultivation and high productivity. More over, most of agricultural labour in Punjab/Haryana is done by migra

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
03/05/2012 01:46:37

I wish our Moodubelle Grama Panchayath takes a serious note of this article. Moodubelle desperately needs a devise for waste disposal. If someone takes leadership many including school and college students may join to create garbage free village!

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