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Vincent Dsouza, Shirva
06/06/2012 05:30:47

Dear Belleans, DO NOT blame the political leaders. For local political leaders of both the parties its business as usual. Blame yourself for your silence and CHALTAA HAI attitude. These leaders will fly away in their closed window vehicles, but who is the sufferer ?. Rainy season is not for the first time, every year during last week of May or first week of June it is going to rain. So these photos showing work by these petty politicians is only a publicity gimmick.

BLAME YOURSELF because you are all silent all these days. You are divided between 2 political parties and you are forgetting about the unity and betterment of society. Unless you all come together irrespective of political affiliation, this will continue every year. Go and sit in front of Belle Panchayat on hunger strike and you will see the result in 2 days time. Also many other problems peculiar only to Belle will be solved when you agitate peacefully. SILENCE BY PUBLIC IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN DEMOCRACY.

06/06/2012 04:53:54


Sunil Fernandes, Moodubelle
06/06/2012 03:02:15

Corrupt Belle Panchayat. \"GALI GALI CHOR HAI\" I request Lokayukta officers please Raid the belle Panchayat asap

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
06/06/2012 02:39:49

Great Man and socialist. He has done great service to the Nation but very less to our South Canara except off-course the Konkani Railway. He promised railway line to Mangalore and stood like a solid rock until it is completed. Went through so many problems in the implimentation, such as diverting the original lines in Goa due to the mass objection owing to avoid fertile land and agreeculture. He had to go test of time when work stopped due to fund but eventually managed thru public share. This his dream line eventually benifitted to all esp. our friends in Kerala. Kerala Goverment did not contribute anything to Konkan until they extended the line to their area and today the majority are Keralites travelling in this train. Anyways, We must salute sir George Fernandes for this important project and benefited immensely to our community.

Pawan Dsouza, Moodubelle
06/06/2012 02:27:30

Readers don't forget to check the Video. Vincy Leela targeted right person from Panchayat. Warre¦waa¦.what a spirit, what local dialogues¦I liked what Vincy said ' Adhika Prassanga Patherba att, Bai bathilekka patherna att! Nigul Ola charandi bupadara¦NIGALENA JALMAD¦!! ..When you enter to the Panchyat Building they behave like they own whole Moodubelle. Unless you pay , under table they don't even look at your face. I must say all belleans need to complaint against these guys to Loca-Yukta. Put pressure on these guys and make sure they clean the drainage

Raju, belle
06/06/2012 02:17:28

Nothing new. No surprises at all. Pokkade dayek Leela? Manipand Kula.

vvkamath, mumbai
06/06/2012 02:10:01

kewala kurchi beku .hesarigondu panchayat board .cean edeyo ellavo nodalu janagalu ella.eddaroo madisuvavaru ella.arogya ve bhagya edu kewala nudi.moodu belle petege baruwaga 2 jodi batte bare galannu hididukonde barabeku .kesaru batte badalayesalu .olleya karya madi sudarane maduvuda agatya.allarondige sahakarane made sudharane madi.aaga e ritiya ava helanugalu barodilla. kai kesaradere bai mosaru .aadare kewala kesaru maatra .mosaru maneyalli.sudarane madi hesaru padakolli.kewala bhashana photogalige phose koduvud alla .sudarane aadalle allarigu olleyadu.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
06/06/2012 01:19:50

Dear Charles, as they say " better late than never! The dream of having a degree college in Moodubelle is almost complete!! Thanks to all concerned who have worked day in and day out. Hard work always pays off. Now then if not ten years back, at least the happiness to have it now at your door step is very huge. Am sure with the preparation, the experienced faculty and the support from the management and general public with in the neighborhood will see if that St Lawrence College Moodubelle will come to the level of everybody's expectation to provide quality education to the deserved students in their chosen field. I wish all the very best to The Principal Dr. Eugine Dsouza, Staff and Students of St. Lawrence College Moodubelle.

06/06/2012 00:59:24

I can see some people standing back giving cute smile rather than working. Where does the funds go to make proper repair and solid road? As we are in democractic country the questions to the leaders whom we have elected. Where does the income tax and other taxes paid goes? Thought for the people.

Roshan Alva, Dubai
06/06/2012 00:40:12

Are they doing work or the party campaign. Anil can you please publish the pictures of the work they carried out.

Naveen M., Moodubelle
06/06/2012 00:36:34

This problem will repeat every year as long as general public keep quiet. The main cause for the blockage is the mud flowing from the cross hill. Authorities must ensure that the contractors done proper job before rainy season start otherwise penalize them.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
05/06/2012 23:21:45

Having bad experieince in the past years if the authority has not learnt, some thing must be done to drive home the severity of the problem and to get remedy. The neighbouring shop keepers must cooperate with the authority by allowing to cut out channels to flow water and also help the work done, though some inconveninece causes to them. It is a simple problem and could be solved in a day or to if properly done. It is a Public road and panchayath authorities right from village to Zilla panchayath must take it seriously. Else call for a Road bundh so that Zilla panchayath authorities come down and take up the responsibiliity. There is no point in party politicking. It is State Highway and must be taken up seriously and urgently by the concerned without delay.

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
05/06/2012 22:53:46

Thank you Dony Lobo for sharing, though in brief, the background of your family history right from the return of your ancestor-Mathew Menezes. There may be many other similar stories which the readers can share with Bellevision readers by writing as far as possible in detail may be based on oral tradition.

Ronald, Mangalore
05/06/2012 17:19:11

Thanks to the author for the informative article. Everyone must thank the British who helped the release of captive christians and restoring the christianity and the churches. British also helped the christians to get their land back.

Victor D almeida, Moodubelle/Bahrain
05/06/2012 16:52:49

Our Heartfelt condolence to the grieving family Pray for her soul rest in peace. We all miss her lot and her loving kind hospitality

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
05/06/2012 14:42:08

I do agree with Charles D Mello. yes, water is our future or at least our future generation as it is said there will be wars fought for water. We yet to learn importance of Water and saving and storing water is very very important issue. If it is not now, it will be never in future. time is running out. Thanks Charles for your giving us and our community awakening call.. keep sharing your views which are very valuable to our community.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
05/06/2012 13:46:08

Congratulations to the committee of St. Lawrence Educational Institutions,Rev. Fr. Joswey Fernandes, Commodore Jerome Castelino and Dr. Eugene D’Souza, Principal, for your hard work which finally paid off. There is no doubt under the leadership of three great gurus in Belle, the school will shine and will reap abudant fruits and will give very good results. Wishing all the best to you sirs, and Hats off to you and the future generation will definitely benefit from good education from your college. WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST AND SUCCESS..

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
05/06/2012 13:37:17

Right said Mr. Victor Castalino...Unscrupulous people tried to repeat Tippu in Mangalore couple of years back!! Now the propagators are in dire state! No peace of mind and support...those supported openly are in the ring due to their deceptive ideology. Destiny is haunting them in this modern world!!!! High time jobless get into a job that gives a daily bread rather than getting into destruction lured with the hope of big buck!!!

Charles D Mello, Pangala
05/06/2012 13:20:49

Residents at least now learn the importance of harvesting rain water and increasing ground water. It is not a rocket science. Try to hold the running water at least by a feet..and you will be the winners..!!???

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
05/06/2012 13:18:44

Rahul cannot clean his own house because the house is divided by itself as a coalition. But in Karnataka BJP being in absolute majority (through corruption of course) like in Gujarat, can keep its house clean as all the Kannadigas want it to be.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
05/06/2012 13:14:59

University has to be satisfied....They have Able Principal...Good Staff and Very very good infra structure. They could have stared this college at least 10 Years Back. Anyway it is better late than never.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
05/06/2012 13:11:33

This is nothing but heights of stupidity!!! Although I sympathize with their families and friends. These kind of characters will give shock to their beloved ones one day or other.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
05/06/2012 12:29:38

Finally, the d-day came and what a respite from the unbearable heat. there is a saying " Bhagavanka gharme dher he, andhera khabi nahi ". We all know Udupi people suffered a lot due to very severe shortage of water and finally God has shown them the mercy and showered his blessing along with the rain. great pics, and it gives cool feeling... Thanks Snehalata for these lovely pictures of rain.. We feel at home though very far away from home..

05/06/2012 12:27:54

Congratulations for the brilliant and very well but diplomatically written article recalling a dark period of our community s history¦..perhaps you may have deliberately avoided touching upon two important sensitive issues of great significance¦¦.the demolition of the original Milagres Church at Mangalore and the significance of a great structure on the Lighthouse hill¦..which came up around that time.... Our ancestor Mathev Menezez was one of the few who returned walking all the way back from Seringapatna back to Bantwal. Among his children were Esperanca and Joseph¦..the latter later settled in Falnir, and they had tile manufacturing business "J.M.Menezes Tile Factory". Esperanca was married to Antony Saldanha Prabhu of Omzaoor and among her descendants are VJP Saldanha (Kadap)¦and Anna Saldanha¦.the Mother of my late father Vokil Kaithan Lobo the founder of the Kelarai Church. Like in September 2008. Our community has been attacked repeatedly by many who do not like us¦..for example the attack on the earstwhile Bishop s house on May 5th 1958..when they climbed the church top, demolished the Cross and threw it down and so too other statues and stones were smashed on to the roof¦¦till one wellknown and bold person went to the location with his loaded gun and threatened to shoot all of them unless they came down in 5 minutes¦..and they came running down like rats

Alban Dsouza, Kunthalnagar/Moodubelle
05/06/2012 10:33:47

Thanks Mr.Victor Dsouza..thank you very much for the report and good photos..

Natasha, Shivbagh
05/06/2012 08:11:34

It is a good article no doubt, good compilation of facts too, but somehow I felt the ending was not good, it stopped abruptly with quotes from the author of a book. The ending was not good. The thought train halted almost suddendly.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
05/06/2012 07:34:53

Those who have not read yet the novels written by Mr V.J.P. Saldanha (Khadap), paricularly "Devache Kurpen" (By the Grace of God) and "Sardaranchi Signol" (The Signs of the Warriors), will appreciate and enjoy them better after reading this article well written in simnple language. Those who have read these novels may be inclined to read them once again. History tells us when religion and politics mix disasterous consequences follow and what happened in Mangalore a couple of years ago is also no exception.

Sr.Lilly Pereira. F.M.M., Shirva./ Bangalore
05/06/2012 05:38:51

Very good. I have read many in bits. Now to read as history I am delightedfor the second part. Since I have given you my id I suppose I shall get it directly. God bless your good work. Lilly Pereira fmm.

Cynthia Nazareth, Mangalore,UAE
05/06/2012 04:38:54

Congratulations to Mr. Alphonse Mendonsa for writing a wonderful article on Mangalorean catholics history.It is indeed painful and shocking to hear our history.Through this article we know the true story of our roots.We always studied as Tipu sultan and others as great warriors,but never knew thier unjust and insecure behavouir.Keep up the good work A!

Paul Pereira, Angelore / Abu Dhabi
05/06/2012 04:07:52

Nice one Alps,well written. Congrats and All da Best.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
05/06/2012 02:20:46

Dear Alphonse, Mangalore has grown heaps and bounds over the years. The article is really well written and compiled nicely to depict the painful days of our forefathers in Mangalore under the regime of Tippu Sultan. Excellent narration gives you an idea about the true picture of the place, rulers, people and the pain, difficulties and agony gone through by our ancestors, the Roman Catholics of Mangalore. This article has refreshed some of my old memories related to the history of Karnataka. Appreciate your memories of Mangalore Roman Catholics and the pictorial details with which we realize our existence and the progress we have seen over the years with an identity of our own. While reading the article, it touches directly to my heart and makes me to feel that it is a mixture of nervousness, bitter and anger. You have a gift of writing. Please keep it up to enlighten us with a lot more information related to our sweet home Mangalore and its origin!

Charles D Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 23:27:23

This is a good practice to keep healthy. My average weekly intake of water is approximately 50 Liters. You may not believe but true. If any water companies need a Brand Ambassador i will be a strong contender...!!!?????

Mervin D souza, Belman / Abudhabi
04/06/2012 23:02:51

Congratulations to Mr. Alphonse for writing a wonderful article on Mangalorean catholic history. Its very painful to read the atrocities committed on our ancestors and how they eventually braved them and returned to homeland and built our community all over again. This article has made us realise that the good life we are leading today is because of the sacrifices of our ancestors and we should cherish them forever.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
04/06/2012 19:55:40

Yuvraj, God heard everybody s prayers for your speedy and full recovery. We know that without God s help nothing is impossible. He is our protector and healer. We are glad to know that very soon you will be on the cricket field and back in action. Good luck and good health. You will always be remembered in our prayers.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 14:42:24

This idiot Zawahiri thinks...killing innocent people is Jihad...!!!????

Charles D\ Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 13:54:20

I don\ t think Mr Amir Khan has to apologize...There are ruthless doctors in the society..whatever it is I still admire Dr. Edward Lobo, Pangala...Dr. Cherian, Madras Medical Mission, Dr. Clement Couthino, Kinnigoli and Late Mr. Machado, Udyavara...They have/Had real nature of serving people and it is true till today. I am not blaming doctors who are expensive...it depends on how much they have spent on their studies (Taking into account today\ s Medical studies expenditure)...I am taking about the service and attitude towards their patients. Dr. Lobo is not an MBBS educated doctor...But his attitude towards patient is selfless. I remember..Once I called him at 2 clock in the night..and he came see my Mother...the case was beyond his capacity...he took my mother in his car to Manipal and arranged all the doctors in the night to take care of her. It was not for money...it was his attitude..Which i admire till today and till my death.

Ronald D, Udupi
04/06/2012 13:45:11

Why dancing men and on lookers were spared?

Charles D Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 13:35:27

Undu daala prayojana ijjiye..!!!??? Namra mara bulepuna malthuji Aanda..!!!?????

Charles D Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 13:30:09

Mr Zawahiri keep your praise to ourself. Bin Laden could not eat meat because of his health reason...!!??? If you want to hide in caves from where you can get electricity...!!!???? Speaking Non sense....shut your bloody mouth and get lost....

Charles D Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 13:24:49

It is common in Most of the Muslim dominated Nations..!!!! They see any lady as a child producing Machine...!!!??? I do not want wish to write more.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 13:14:53

Good article Mr. Alphonse, Pangla...I am proud to know you and from the same village. Reading about Tipu Sultan s atrocity towards christians I call him not a tiger.... but wolf...!!!!???

Alfreeda Arun, Belle/Bahrain
04/06/2012 10:40:21

That was a wonderful outing for all Bellevision family members.Thank you kishore and the team for organising such outdoor event in this summer.
I thank all those who worked for it and helped me out there .waiting for the next one.....

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
04/06/2012 07:45:48

Good article. It is very important to remind present generation about the sacrifices and pain of our ancestors.

DOLPHY DMELLO, Pangala/Shankerpura/dubai.
04/06/2012 07:43:51

ALPSAAAbu,your efforts are appreciated.Very knowledgeable.Keep it UPPPPP

04/06/2012 06:12:30

Thanks for the efforts on collecting and publishing the data.
Glad to see article published in bellevision!

Francis Lobo, Belle/ Dubai
04/06/2012 05:36:43

Dear Mr Alponse !!!
It was very great to know the true history of catholics during that time. They were very strong and brave to survive atleast few from such a such a brutal ordeal.Thanks for your
great efforts in explaining in detail.

Anil Pernal, Muscat
04/06/2012 04:43:48

Congrats and Thanks Alphonse baab for this well written and beautifully narrated historic article.The facts,figures and the quotes written in this article succeed in enhancing this writeup and compells the reader to read on and also shows your efforts and hard work in inking it.Would like to see more such articles from you in the future.All the best.

Valerian Fernandes, Belle
04/06/2012 04:35:08

Excellent article Aphonse. Nice to read, I appreciate your efforts to write this article … Keep writing.

Anil Pernal, Muscat
04/06/2012 04:03:58

Congrats and Thanks Alphonse baab for this well written,beautifully narrated article on the very important historic event.The facts quotes and figures mentioned in this article shows your hard work in inking it and enhances the beauty of the write up....Thank you and wish to see many more such articles from you in the future.

Gerald, uae
04/06/2012 01:47:03

Exellence, Wonderful. I must say it was a Dadhoshi Day all present here on lovely friday.The day was stated with Holy Mass ended with good message

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