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Benedict Noronha, Udupi
12/06/2012 07:29:40

Hearty Congratulations to the young engineers for their invention of a car giving 240 km per liter. For Indian economy this would give lots of solce for the users. May this project be encouraged so that the Indians be releived from the hard feeling of burning money for Petrol. Well done Young engineers and your team. Keep it up.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
11/06/2012 14:48:11

Blaming all the doctors is not good. Most of the doctors are self centered and loot the patients....!!!???

Charles D Mello, Pangala
11/06/2012 13:45:02

Madmena...Bojjana..??? There is no difference in film Industry...!???

Charles D Mello, Pangala
11/06/2012 13:06:29

This proves that there are not even a single guy is honest like Mr. Santosh Hegde...!!!???

Bellevision Editorial Team, Moodubelle
11/06/2012 12:46:44

There were a number of comments on this news report. However, out of these comments one particular comment referred to the physical disability of an individual. Though the Bellevision team has been very careful in perusing the comments prior to uploading, this particular comment got uploaded by error. There was no intention of hurting anyone’s sentiments or insulting any individual either directly or indirectly. When the editorial team realized this mistake, we immediately deleted this comment. The Bellevision team regrets the lapse on this occasion and assure you that the Bellevision team will be very careful in future that such comments are not posted or uploaded.

John Gomes,, Bangladesh
11/06/2012 04:59:33

Fr. Rufus visited Bangladesh twice and we were the first batch of Catholics to be introduced to the Charismatic renewal in BD. Ever since then nothing was the same, and even today we remember the wonderful retreats he led through held at the Holy Spirit Seminary, Bangladesh in 1980.

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
11/06/2012 03:44:28

Dear Dr.Austin Prabhu, congratulations on being installed as the District Governor. We are all proud of your achievements.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
11/06/2012 03:09:37

Dear Dr. Austin, Congratulations on achieving this post for the second time. We Mangaloreans are proud of your achievements and wish you all success. Yes, " Nothing is Impossible " if we determine and dedicate ourselves for a cause. ALL THE BEST DR. AUSTIN. GOOD LUCK..

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
11/06/2012 02:39:13

Msgr. Edwin and Sr. Pressilla are two strong pillars of Mount Mary Rosary Charitable institutions. their selfless service to humanity and dedication to the downtrodden known to all and their message above is truly inspiring and true examples of Jesus Mission on this earth. It is our duty to extend our helping hand in whatever we can. Thanks Bellevision for uploading this very important Video message from Rev. Msgr Edwin Rev. Sr. Pressilla.. Wishing Mount Rosary Charitable institutions all the best and success on the occasion of their 75th Anniversary.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
10/06/2012 23:37:30

Congratulations Dr. Austin Prabhu...you are a true leader of the community and a role model.

Arun Fernandes, Moodubelle
10/06/2012 23:25:55

Good initiative by Lions club. All praise to dynamic leader Commodore Castelino. Try to start dance and music classes as well. It will benefit the talented rural children for their overall growth. Requesting parents take interest and send your children to these classes to get the benefits available in our village.

Baptist Sequeira, Belle
10/06/2012 16:10:48

The points I have put are my openion, may be not ok for some one, but I want to say here. Even we Christians also these days act like without religious educated. We all know Jesus appointed Priests as his followers but they are not Jesus or God. But recently we have seen when a Bishop visits a parish, (who is quite same as any other Rev. fathers) people welcome him like Jesus visits the parish. Neither the Bishop says that he is a Servant of Jesus and stop, nor intelligent people of the parish. We must all respect our priests but not making welcoming them by garlanding by Elephant or like King. Why I say this because there is Only one God for us who is in every ones heart, because he has created us exactly like Him.

Baptist Sequeira, Belle
10/06/2012 16:03:21

By the recent incidents of Nithyanada and Nirmal Baba and Radhe Ma one thing is very clear, that there is a huge requirement of religious education to the believers. Because 1. The religion must insist that one should only believe on Heavenly God, not any human beings. 2. Religious education required because Leaders like Mr.Gowda touched the feet of Nithyanda, One Lady MP always speaks support to Nirmal baba and Film Stars and all praise Radhe maa, then who is God for these people? 3. Now where is Kapati Muthalik who was blaming Christians that they have done some palns to send Nithyananda to Jail during Ranjitha case. All shall wait and watch the play.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
10/06/2012 14:17:30

Too good Mr. Muddu moodubelle!! You said it all!! You are a star...imagination of reality and a perfect nail on....!!!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
10/06/2012 10:12:48

Is it just a coincidence that we have a link to Muddu s recitation of Bridge (Sanke, Sanko)or there is an intentional link to muddy slush-pool in front of church? Just wondering innocently, no cocky tongue-in cheek message please..:D

jayaram prabhu, moodu belle
10/06/2012 08:42:06

i am very much proud of having a belle website on net

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
10/06/2012 08:12:41

I fully agree with you Charles D mello. But "free supply" is only for the poor and the destitutes. The "rich" buy things and eat to keep up their standard. As for house cleaning, who wants all that cow dung paste? It is too strong a killer of germs and yes, it is "yakhi" too!

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
10/06/2012 08:02:32

Right from day one a very very supportive couple indeed! Keep up the spirit throughout your married life. Congratulations and Happy Married Life!

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
10/06/2012 07:56:36

I see a similarity between US drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan on "suspected islamist militants" and Karnataka goverment s attack on this "suspected illegal and immoral activities in the ashram"! Of couse, there will be "collateral damages" like human casualties in Afghanistan and Pakistan and "land grab" here in Karnataka. If there is no "shame" on the Americans and their government, there cannot be "shame on the ministers and the people" of Karnataka either. Am I right Paul?

Vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle
10/06/2012 07:34:29

Rohith let me clarify I live in moodubelle I have got right to talk and you don't tell me what to talk and not. Everybody got their own rights. You said you live in Udupi then why u bothered about belle. If you want to talk with me come and meet in belle. You are welcome most and show your real identity. Don't act like coward.

Joy D’Souza, Mangalore
10/06/2012 05:39:50

A very good article. keep up the good work.

Edmond Noronha, Kirem-Sharjah
10/06/2012 04:17:19

Dear Mr. Philip Mudartha, Qatar

Well said, you have given a brief and precise comments on history and story telling or rather RECOUNTING... of past events...!
Brilliant comments from you.
I greatly endorese your views and salute you, especially to your point:
"In modern times, one man s freedom fighter is another man s terrorist" What a sound statement...!
This is the ultimate truth.

Edmond Noronha, Kirem/Sharjah
10/06/2012 04:09:53

Dear Alphonse,
You have put forward so many issues and insights in a very simple and beautiful way.
This makes the reader to go through your article in one sitting.
Thanks for your efforts and contribution.
Since you look and young indeed, expect many more writeups from you.
Two Cheers...!!!

Alister, Manglaore
10/06/2012 01:42:52

Great work Daddy. Well researched. Keep it up! :)

Suraj Belle, Moodublle/Dubai
10/06/2012 01:35:54

Budi Pett....

Charles D Mello, Pangala
09/06/2012 23:27:57

Gone are the day s whereby we could get fish for 2 Rupees for the family. And it was cheapest compared to any meat. Nowadays meat is more economical than fish.

Paul, USA
09/06/2012 18:03:50

Now we know what this has been all about. LAND GRAB. Under various pretexts the Karnataka politicians are trying to grab the land on which the Ashram is located. They have sent Suvarna TV with a mandate to create a ruckus and employed the police to create false charges.

Can the Karnataka government take over any one masjid or any one church. Shame on the ministers and the people who tolerate such government land grab on peaceful organizations

Annette Vanderzon, Washington, D.C.
09/06/2012 16:28:02


And we get hell from the rest of the world that we re corrupt.

1.) The US-based woman has Hepatitis which Nithyananda doesn t have.

2.) A bunch of drunks broken into the ashram and pushed around the ashramites who had been having a peaceful calm day. Then the police come to arrest the ashramites instead of the drunks? That s insanity.

3.) Taking over a religious organizations grounds is against the law in the USA - that s pure GREED.

4.) This is someone who worked in the south when India was struck, who provides food to the poor, hospitalization to the sick and is taking care of his finances more honestly than the Indian government.

5.) PROTECT your saints, India! You have a spiritual legacy, it s your gift to the world, be PROUD of it!

Finally, if you re going to "report" for God s sake have some integrity in your journalism and report real facts.

Bliss Blessings,


Charles D Mello, Pangala
09/06/2012 15:55:20

"Clean the house" Can we find a single lady in our villages who does not clean the house..??? How many people we have seen our villages who is affected by Alzheimer s decease..??? In my life I have seen only one lady who had Alzheimer s decease...although I did know that forgetting who you are and where you are is Alzheimer s decease.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
09/06/2012 15:47:25

Guy s and Gals...Ladies and gentlemen....do not go by the words...Strawberries and Black berries...we can not afford to import them from US. We have our equivalents to those in our wild...Bensan, Korndan, Ponos, ambe, popae, narl, surn, kongyo, kante kongyo, chine, Bimblan. Korbolan, Jarge, Moulingan, limbe, Bhji, Bende, Alsande, gulan, pachvi baji, tambdi baji, walche baji etc etc...I am of the strong opinion that whatever grows in our region in wild is best for our health...!!??? Whatever we can grow in our farm is also good for our health.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
09/06/2012 15:29:12

Where is Bajrangdal..!!!??? Are they interested only in the incidences where a Hindu girl speaks to other religion boy,...???? If they have real concern about their society they have to work selflessly like this Jaya Karnataka...name, fame and support comes automatically without demanding or asking...!!???

K.Narayan reddy, Mahabub nager
09/06/2012 13:50:50

It is false rumour,the person without knowledge on beverage manufacturing can do this activity.Tetra pack is aseptic packing.Before filling juice sterilize 100 degree centigrade.this process contain electromagnatic filters can t allow any foreign matter.no one can believe this story.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
09/06/2012 11:32:13

Very good. This is the real spirit. Congratulations.

Rohith, udupi
09/06/2012 09:56:34

@HEMPHIL- Do you really exist in the world? I dont think so. You must be some random BJP dog which only barks all the time for no reason. May be you are being paid for this too. I dont wanna argue with you. Barking dogs seldom bit and dogs tail cannot be straightened. Jai ho Hemphil.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
09/06/2012 08:20:21

Annaji you have proved that you are no different than ordinary politicians going back on words! What would have been India at this global recession without MMS? Why do you maintain golden silence on Karnataka corruption?

Rahul Kumar, Mangalore
09/06/2012 00:16:24

This is major violation of the rules and norms. They cannot start construction before obtaining building permit.
MCC should demolish the structure and ban any other construction activities in the future.
Education become business in coastal districts. For that owners are ready to do anything not bother about safety stardards, environments hazards..etc.
Good that MCC wake up at least now and hope they will take strict actions against the violators.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
08/06/2012 16:44:45

This medicine may be good or bad...why doctors are keeping quiet in such issues..!!???? They are only worried about their own existence..????

Charles D Mello, Pangala
08/06/2012 16:03:02

We Indians at the airport see the white skin are ready to fall at teir feet. Treat in the same way as we Indians are treated. If the officers of US customs do not Know about DR. APJ Kalaam...why you...the officers at the airport must know who is Bill Clinton, Barak Obama...treat them in the same way and they will learn...if not make them learn.....!???

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
08/06/2012 15:59:49

People of Mangalore must be happy and thank God for the badly required rains. It brought down the temperature and will bring relief to the farmers as they can go on with their work in the fields for a better crops. Of course there will be flooding, house and wall collapses and many other calamities as this is part of nature which we have to overcome.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
08/06/2012 15:35:30

It is too late to point fingers at each other. I fully agree the Belle Gram Panchayat that they did not do anything since last six years to fix the roads even after the people complained But it is too late to do anything at this time as even if they do they will do a shoddy job and will not be of any use due to the heavy rains. Start putting petition after petition to the Panchayat as soon as the monsoon ends. Good pictures by Anil Alva and I can see the hardships faced by the shop keepers, the children and other pedestrians. It is an awful sight. It\ s a shame on part of the Belle Gram Panchayat for ignoring this vital issue of the people of Belle even though they are paying taxes. God Luck to Belle and hope this will not happen next year.

Alwyn, moodubelle
08/06/2012 15:16:16

To Mr.Lawrence Moodubelle : for your comment "if the panchayth president members are not concerned then why we are concerned ? ".Boss we all are concerned becasue moodubelle is ours may be you are not from this place. And you have written let panchayat president elected members fulfill their desires first ;i think either you dont knw anything or actinng like u know everything.Boss panchayath is smallest in terms of politics .I know its limitations ,president

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
08/06/2012 14:52:46

Anna make up your mind. Now you took a U-turn and gave a clean chit to PM. Maybe after sometime you will go zig-zag. With this kind of decision more people will loose faith in you and your policies.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
08/06/2012 10:31:51

For most semi-skilled and all unskilled expatriots, the gulf dream is over unless they are willing to condemn themselves to bachelor basis living in employers overcrowded dorms. This could be a blessing in disguise for skilled expatriates, who are in demand and can negotiate better packages.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
08/06/2012 09:34:51

I always intrigued by history. It is a story written by victors and is seldom the truth. Moreover, what is truth? I recall on the occasion of 200yr anniversary of martyrdom (yes,that is how Government of Karnataka put it!)of Tipu, print media put out hundreds of articles commemorating his wars against our tyrannical erstwhile rulers (the British, his patriotism and nationalism. To one of the widely read daily newspaper, I sent in a dissenting article. I draw attention to captivity of KSMC, likening this episode to ethnic cleansing, in the same manner of Hitler s doing to European Jews. Needless to say, the article was not published. Neither did the editor respond to my reminders.
My point once again is telling of history is controversial. Like in modern times, one man s freedom fighter is another man s terrorist. Narration of partisan accounts stroke passions and do more harm than good. Recounting done, it is imperative that a contextual analysis is attempted, and a list of lessons to learn is drawn up. Some of our leading lights from arts and literature field as well as clergy has told stories from oral tradition and research. Time for a critical analysis and look forward.

Stan Lobo, Belle
08/06/2012 06:27:18

Great News and Congratulations to all members of the College and School and Parish for making this happen.

Anil V Pinto, Mangalore/Abu Dhbai
08/06/2012 03:20:22

Thank you Alphonse for connecting us to our past. Our past was so vast in devastating us. An insight into our past would surely lead us into the future with good taste for eachother. May your garden always be full of Jasmine flowers with its fragrence spreading all over the community. May God bless you and help you connect , and connections be met.

08/06/2012 01:28:51


Baptist Sequeira, Belle
08/06/2012 00:31:20

Living in UAE was costlier, electricity bills and water bills costlier, schooling costlier, petrol costlier than other GCC countries. Now another plan to squeeze people who were saving a little by staying in sharing accommodation. Now since rent can not be increased, they will collect from expats by renting the houses which are not occupied. What about working bachelors? Earn in UAE, and spend their money in UAE, don t send back home. Fine, but can they bring a rule that house agreement for 10 years atleast with no rent hike?

Rohit, Udupi
07/06/2012 20:17:37

@Anner and Karna shetty- Hi Folks. I am perfectly alright. Thanks for your concern. Some volunteers are needed to clean the mess. I request you both to do some good work for Belle as you live there. I can not come. Have a nice time. Karna is still ok. Is Anner a male?

Rohith, Udupi
07/06/2012 20:13:10

@Hemphil- I do not know how to address you. Guess you are ambiguous. You would really need some grammar classes and some more classes to learn the proper etiquitte of writing comments on a social website. Now yoy are saying that belle is better than Udupi. Then why do you talk bad about your people all the time. You are contradicting your statements and proving yourself wrong.

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