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03/06/2011 08:37:30

It makes clear that Sharukh Khan has money at Swiss Bank.Khabibi Chor Chor ko hi support karega....Baba Ramdev go ahead bring back the black money from swiss bank.....jai Ho

wagle, udupi
03/06/2011 07:50:41

Nice shot, timely n lively captured. Congrats Roy!!

Mukesh kumar, Nahan, Sirmaur(H.P)
03/06/2011 07:17:38

Baba Ramdev is a legend now a days not for the Indians but for all over the world by spreading Yoga.....his work is very much effective and efficient.

the critic, Mumbai
03/06/2011 07:16:01

A poor article. Nothing but the jumble of few widely available unauthentic media reports.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
03/06/2011 07:04:55

1. I fail to understand what purpose is served by inconveniencing the passengers on long distance commuter trains by Rail Rokho agitation.
2. Would the KCPB, MoEF at both state and center explain the technical basis of rules that prohibit washed thermal coal transportation by rail wagons.
3. My observations are not to undermine the farmers legitimate demands on the company to meet all statutory commitments on pollution control and managing the risks its operations pose to local environs.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
03/06/2011 05:46:05

Setting up a command and control center(C C) of administrative structure for crisis and disaster management is half the way traveled, and is rightly headed and directed by the DC. The C C should never fall into the hands of the political leadership for operational matters. I now hope that the GP level officers follow the C

Joe Dsouza, Mangalore
03/06/2011 05:43:03

Really shocking that these things happened in the district.

Louis Alva, Kattingeri / Dubai
02/06/2011 14:42:34

Mr. Patwal is one of the best bank manager ever i met in Moodubelle banks. He was very polite, Helpful and ever ready to help to his customers with syndicate service.I wish him all best for his retired life and May God give him Good Health and happiness for his rest of life along with his loved ones.

Suresh. M., Belle
02/06/2011 14:29:39

Raju ... netthaa nadutt nana onthe Bonda Kesadh padla Maraya. Bari porlu thojuvnd Maraya ninna angadi Bakil. Bashe Danthinakul ...

Louis, Moodubelle / Dubai
02/06/2011 14:15:05

Elected people in local Panchayat are still busy in taking Garlands and Flower bouquets from their supporters. Who will be there to think about this pathetic situation that every year and that too right in front off Mooodubelle Church premises entrance and junction of Moodubelle. Shame on you people elected as local Panchayat administrative members. Again don't be surprised if the Moodubelle Santhekatte Construction area become a swimming pool in few days time during heavy rainy season. It shows that still local Panchayat have no clue or no proper plans on future projects.

Gananath B Shetty, Nandikur/Mumbai
02/06/2011 12:15:13

UPCL is clearly voilating environmental rules with the help of corrupt politicians in Karnataka. Ministry of Environment Forest New Delhi has denied to grant permission to UPCL to trasport coal by railway, the Environment clearance stipulates trasportation of coal by closed conveyor system with dust suppression mechnism.
Mr. Jairam Ramesh are you listening ? can you take stringent action for voilating Environmental guidlines

Stanly, belle
02/06/2011 11:08:31

All babas are in scandals,What about this baba,this baba is also looks like poltical agent?????????????

Bhupesh Chawda, Pune
02/06/2011 09:34:42

Please call me on 09860183779 or mail me on bhupesh.chawda@steria.co.in for any queries. My Agency code is 4298195B

02/06/2011 09:12:08


Girish Suvarna, Mangalore
02/06/2011 07:01:52

Very Informative article, Thanks to the writer

Hilda, Moodubelle
02/06/2011 06:50:36

The shop owners from the vicinity, please fill each bucket per shop and pour it in front of the local Panchayat entrance !!

snehalatha, udupi
02/06/2011 06:08:12

The cost of a pair hamster is 2000/- Rs no vaccination is required, for more details you can contact Kiran kumar (9448133325)

Nithin, UDUPI
02/06/2011 04:48:56

What is the cost of these rats. Does it requires any vaccination.

Sunil, Belle
02/06/2011 04:28:06

Belle panchayath is corrupt panchayath..All leaders are selfish...guys come out and protest against the corrupt system.

Porbul,, bolle
02/06/2011 03:45:54

If they cannot understand the basic problems of our town,then what is the use of them.They could have done this job much earlier because this is not a new problem.Every year the same problem. and remeber Elected people are publics servants.Enough belle people, you have given them more fruits and shawls. Now give them some "KOTRE and Pikkas" to clear the road.Then they will remember their duties.Jai hind, Jai belle.

sequeira, pamboor
02/06/2011 02:40:45

Mr Stany Lobo i cant understand that when everyone is opposing why you are protecting them ! poltiticias are human being but at the same time they are public servent , it is their duty to give all the basic things to public if they fail to do this let them give up and give way to someone else and dont compare them with animals they have better than these leaders ,

Joba Alva, Moodubelle/Dubai
02/06/2011 02:22:06

This is not the time to blame each other. Need to be come forward some respected people and take the responsibility and put the pressure on our leaders, where is our jerry porbu i not seen him any functions, may be he had enough of it.

Stany Lobo, Thirlapalke/Dubai
02/06/2011 01:55:13

Why blame only politicians? we have to be blamed ourselves. Have anybody writing comments in Bellevision have found time to protest in front of panchayat. Writing coments looking at the photos is very easy.Use some decent words while writing about leaders.They are not animals but human beings.They understand the problems and they wildeliver.This time Belleans have elected good leaders.We have to elect leaders without considering their party,caste,religion and looking only towards their track record.

Anil, Moodubelle
02/06/2011 01:27:15

The picture tell the story. How can a man walk on this road! Its pathetic! There are no drains at all at this place. We need to re-do these roads. Its a good news that after Bellevision reports on santhekatte , the re-structring work of the place has been started by the panchayat. Please give some time to our panchayat leaders. I am sure, they will come up with plans and most importantly execute those plans to avoid this situation next monsoon.

Suraj-Belle, Moodubelle
02/06/2011 01:17:20

Dear Roy it is the monkey who is looking at negative way.Not me.

Alwyn, Bolle
02/06/2011 00:13:30

Moodubelle is cursed with bad leaders. They make money for themselves by becoming leader in panchayat. They improve the road till their home and their friends home and will put water pipes till their home and their friends home. whatever the money sanctioned by the Govt, they use only 5% of it and remaining they eat along with contractors and partners. If you just glance over the inside roads there are no street lights still. Eg: Belle to Arbi, Belle to Kattingeri, belle to pernankila, nalkubeedi etc... These so called leaders use poor people's property for water tank, road , vented dam and they won't give money to the property owner and while giving the details they give the name of those people and says that they have given money for them. For money they leave name, fame, shame everything and they beg for poll.

vvkamath, mumbai
01/06/2011 21:23:30

very good seen what the panchayat board is doing ? who is the respossible for this .just you see the work has done .in future to take some care of the job .this is not a complaint .what peoples are suffering .make some immprovement.this is request to govt and punchayatboard.

Roger, Moodubelle/lebnon
01/06/2011 17:21:15

Congrats to belleans. We vote our ZP member to switch on streetlights in bd colonies(Manipura). But they don't have time to look on their own place and the main entrance . jai ho our voters who is blind for elect deaf and blind leaders.where is our community leaders? only to attend party!s and comment after party? how many years( 2003 to till now) our belle market road is repairing ? still now no cover for drain line.Jai ho Belle panchayat.!!!!!!!!!!!!! come again we will vote for you with our blind eyes for your greedy dreams. !!!!!!!!!!!!

Arun, Moodubelle/UAE
01/06/2011 17:11:43

This sight has been common during monsoons in that particular area for the past several years. This being a low lying area without proper drainage system, why can't the shop keepers, who primarily clog the drains get together and clean up the drainage system before the monsoons so that water doesn't accumulate there causing inconvenience to everyone. Why is everyone blaming elected officials? They have just taken charge, let us wait and see how many campaign promises they will fulfill before seeking re-election. If these local institution heads extend invitations and honor them repeatedly why do we blame the elected officials just because they honor the invitations and show up? Instead of pointing fingers let us be proud of these officials and look forward to their contribution to society.

rashmi, edmeer
01/06/2011 16:09:58

Hey Shreya it's realy proud of you to hear such a gud result.congrats,, keep it up.well done.all the best for your further education.. ( old student ppc degree)

Sunil Kumar.S, Bangalore
01/06/2011 15:20:21

Mr. Satisha.D.S of Bangalore can contact me on 9902078987/9663893116. I can provide you more details with the Premium.

sadanand moolya, belle
01/06/2011 15:08:59

Ankudru vented dam is not yet compleated because of belle panchayat politics.Belle panchayat tell it is Zilla panchayat work Zilla panchayat tell Belle panchayat work in between them the poor farmers of ankudru kabyadi dindottu kurudai getting problems.Why the present belle panchayat big big leaders(timingila)not understand the problems of public.congress had 60 years of experience.60 years to till now Moodubelle Pamboor same like 1947.this ankudru dam and bridge credit go to BJP government in karnataka.at least last 3 years we got 1 project at our village.thank you Mr.Yediyurappa hounarable chief minister of karnataka.

Alban D souza, Kunthalnagar/moodubelle
01/06/2011 12:55:19

We can play"KESARU GADDE OÖTA"in the roads of belle lets call our political leaders to distribute the prizes to the winners,,what an idea Sir ji....

Naveen dcosta, Kirem/china Hangzhou
01/06/2011 12:42:12

Nice pictures. Roy Congrats!!

Sequeira, pamboor
01/06/2011 12:21:53

Thank you belle vision,But our leaders are not botherd.They go by 4wheel,Panchyath member where is ur promises,You are busy with meeting NRIs asking r u building new house give me the contract,One of my friend went on vaction he is asking for his new house conract,What we accept from these so called leaders,Jago bhai jago,

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
01/06/2011 12:15:30

1. All homeowners with electricity connections, please install lightening arresters on your roof-tops and ensure that they are grounded correctly. Last year, cows died of lightening strike in Edmeru. Beware, you can die too!
2. The slushed junction is Rain God s fault. He didn t send down a flood, which if he did, would have washed away everything-slush, road and shops in its way..:D

Anner, Moodu Moodubelle
01/06/2011 12:14:00

@ Nommu Porbul :- prize cold drinks nigul sponsor malthnda golibaje yaan sponsor malpuve! Raju main umpire

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
01/06/2011 12:05:11

A clarification by Lokopoyogi department officers and DC may be released to this media? Why aren t they making our municipal leaders so powerless?

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
01/06/2011 11:55:11

I am overjoyed to see visuals of my kastti-ixtt Batthu, alias Baptist D Almeida, in the press release of Jeevan Arogya Health Insurance Policy. While wishing him marketing success, a cautionary note to readers: Please read the fine print. Insurance companies are not charity homes. They are business entities, LIC included, and want to churn profit each year. Unless, of course, if they are running a Ponzi Scheme. Migelem kellem kaddun tigel dilem schemes work till the schemes go bust. Like so many LIC and UTI schemes. Instead invest in mutual funds, if you can t handle riskier investments.

Porbul, Bolle
01/06/2011 11:47:19

Nommu porbule,
Eeer sama pandar. Yenkul match malpugha, Prize eer sponcer malthrda cold drinks yaan korpe.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
01/06/2011 11:43:06

A great suggestion to active pet keepers and an invitation to senior citizens to indulge in creative engagement in their retirement. And a business opportunity for local entrepreneurs

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
01/06/2011 11:11:35

The pictures says it all! This will give us an inside idea, how the government machinery works in our society. The concerned authorities should have been very well known the fact that before the monsoon starts the drainage system at Moodubelle (if at all there is a proper drainage on both sides of the main road) should have been cleared and avoided this catastrophe in the main junction. Is this an eye opener for all the so called Modubelle Panchayat officials? Am not sure! But the Moodubelle public is more mature now unlike earlier days to criticize especially using the powerful media to voice their opinions and complaints.

Nommu, Moodubelle/Dallas
01/06/2011 10:57:56

Very sad to see these dirty pics of Belle!! We should arrange a Kabaddi match for our leaders at this spot.. I am willing to sponsor the prize money.. Can anyone arrange match please??

Anner, Moodu Moodubelle
01/06/2011 10:37:40

What can I say for this! only I can say is nice pictures all credit goes to one n only Mr. Anil for his efforts.

Guys; Can we make a meravanige from Melpete to Kelapete for those politicians also for Hannukai

nagesh Naik, moodubelle/UK
01/06/2011 09:46:46

Where is Srimaaaaan HEBBAR??? Fernandes???? Jaag javo jaag javo JAI ho

Joy lobo, moodubelle/mangalore
01/06/2011 09:40:40

Dear suraj, dont look at negative way.

Joy lobo, moodubelle/mangalore
01/06/2011 09:35:25

Nice comments from all... i wish these comments make our leaders awake.

Girish Shetty, Belle
01/06/2011 09:30:59

It is good that today Belle is blessed with powerful media in the form of Bellevision otherwise these type of hard facts and truth will never come out. I am sure when this website is accessed by thousands of people all over the world, surely the leaders will act upon.
Also let us not forget the responsibility of general public, we gave them the votes to solve our problems. When these leaders to do not act we all need to unite and start Morcha and protest in front of Belle Panchayat. Let us unite and then only these leaders will be taken to task.

Peter Martis, Moodubelle/Goa
01/06/2011 08:48:31

Good coverage and excellent news photographs.

Jayson, Moodubelle
01/06/2011 07:57:01

Krantiveer..Byrass word is very funny..Will give them Kambali let them sleep at their home!!

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