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Ramachandra, Udupi
17/07/2012 11:45:13

Mr Shetty is the only honest person among the rotten corrupt BJP MLAs.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
17/07/2012 06:33:43

After 125 years of urban Mangalore centric focus, the local church stands at crossroads. Very few religious, educational and other related institutions are sited within the territories of the new diocese. The potential left untapped for years will require building them for which resources, mainly financial,required. Hope some equitable devolvement will come into its treasury from parent, province and higher..and do not leave us a poor cousin of the erstwhile combined household.

B.Dolphus Pinto, Thottam.
17/07/2012 05:44:59

Congratulations Bishop Jearald.
May Almighty GOD bless us.May the
new diocese develop under your
guidance unite us to build Strong
faith in Jesus Christ.


Bro.Philip Noronha csc, Moodubelle/ Salem
17/07/2012 04:29:19

Indeed its a great joy and responsibility for the Catholics of Udupi diocese. As we celebrate this gift of God for all the faithful people, lets remember our missionaries and forefathers who handed down this great faith and rich traditions to us. Now its our responsibility to make the diocese a vibrant which caters for the socio, economic and spiritual needs of the people. In an communally sensitive civil district lets be ambassadors of peace and brotherhood. May God Bless our Chief Shepherd Bishop Lobo, all the priest, religious and laity.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
17/07/2012 03:53:46

New Diocese comes into existence!!! Congratulations Bishop Jerald Isaac Lobo on your new challenging appointment as the First Bishop of Udupi Diocese. Long cherished dream of the faithful of this part of the community has been realized. Am sure by the grace of God and the combined support and efforts, the newly appointed Bishop will sure be able to take everyone along for the all round development of the new Udupi Diocese and welfare of all communities of the district. It's great news, especially for the catholic community of Udupi, Kundapur and Karkala region. Congratulations to all the people of Udupi diocese.

Fr.MaxPPinto,Capuchin, Paladka/Moodubelle
17/07/2012 00:17:56

Congratulations and Best wishes to our own Bishop Jerald Isaac Lobo.. ."You are the light of the world Šlet your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven-Mt,5:14ŠOn hearing the good news of your appointment as the first Bishop of New Udupi Diocese, Our hearts filled with joy. Dear Bishop, you are girded with the power of the Holy Spirit You bring along with you a lot of energy, commitment hope to endless people joy to all. You are a true leader, a chosen one. People of Udupi Diocese will soon find you as a People s person, a Teacher, and a true good Shepherd. Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord, be with you. Wish you all the best and every success in your ministry as the Shepherd of Udupi Diocese. "You then, my child, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus."2Tim,2:1. WE ASSURE YOU OUR PRAYERFUL SUPPORT>>>Fr.Maxim Peter Pinto and Community, ASSISI NILAYA, Moodubelle, Udupi. .

16/07/2012 23:26:04

Congratulations and wish you all the best to Nitte Rotary.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
16/07/2012 22:20:41

Declaration of Diocese of Udupi was a long pending demand of the fiathful, has now been fulfilled. I am indeed very proud because years ago I had written to the Bishop of Mangalore demanding such a step , more specifically when Bisho Lobo was installed at Shimoga, amidst stormy opposition. The suggestion was to devide Mangalore diocese into THREE Udupi, Mangalore and Puttur (including Kasargod Taluk) so that Bishop Lobo be shifted to One of these and One from the Kannada region be appointed as bishop which was the cause for the turmoil on that day. Any how the much awaited demand has been met. Udupi is New Diocese. Yet my feeling is that Puttur may also be made a diocese covering Sullia and Kasargod Taluks. Gods farm is wide and aspirants are also more. Let the mission of evangelization spread far and wide. Should there be any restrictions for this evangelization? Why think narrowely? Be generous at least on this aspect please. Money is not every thing. There is no dearth for money for God\ s work. Think Big and be blessed my dear religious leaders please. God will bless you for using your power, position and authority, for the sake of the faithful.

Joy lobo, moodubelle/mangalore
16/07/2012 10:17:36


Ashok Rebello, Doha
16/07/2012 08:51:35

Let us thank and praise God, The long awaited dream of udupi diocese has come has reality.All the best and prayerful wishes to new diocese

Francis D mello, Karkala / Dubai
16/07/2012 08:40:28

It is great news for people of Udupi. I am sure this will be blessing for people of Udupi and surroundings. I congratulate Bishop Jerald Lobo on being chosen lead the diocese. May things change for better in years to come!

16/07/2012 08:32:36

congratulations bishop Jerald Lobo.It is a great news in the history of catholics living in Udupi dist.However,Moodubelle and Kunthala nagar churches should be reverted back to Shirva ward/varado.In the earlier years our people would visit Shirva church for sunday mass and for all other religious requirements.Also,our ancestors birth/death or other records available only at Shirva and not at Udupi varado.I hope his highness will do the needful in this regard.

Lavina Barboza, Mumbai
16/07/2012 08:13:13

Dear Lordship,
Cogratulations and all the Best. Wonderful News.May God bless you abudantly for carrying out this great task.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
16/07/2012 08:04:27

Great news for us people of Udupi area and now we have our own Diocese. It was indeed a long awaited dream come true. It will surely help Catholics of Udupi in many counts. Congrats to Bishop Gerry being appointed as first bishop of Udupi Diocese and wishing for his success as first Shepard of Udupi flock. This day will be written in Golden Letters in the history of Udupi. CONGRATS TO ALL CATHOLICS OF UDUPI PARISHES. LET THIS BE NEW BEGINNING TO US ALL AND LET US WORK UNITEDLY FOR THE SUCCESS OF THIS DIOCESE IN THE YEARS TO COME.

Shobha Pinto, Bombay
16/07/2012 07:59:46

Congratulations Bp. Gerald I. Lobo on being appointed as First Bishop of the Udupi Diocese. May the new diocese develop under your able guidance and wish you all the best in your new assignment!!

Victor D Souza, Moodubelle
16/07/2012 07:54:59

Congratulations Bishop Jerald Lobo, on being chosen as the first Bishop of Udupi diocese. We pray that the Almighty God our Blessed Mother Mary grants you good health, strength grace to carry out all the responsibilities peacefully in your new assignment.

Rohan Fernandes, Dubai
16/07/2012 07:50:22

Very good news for all of us the catholics of Udupi Diocease. May almightg god bless us ,guide us and unite us to build strong faith in Jesus Christ.

Melwyn D Souza, Udupi
16/07/2012 07:45:03

It s indeed a great news. Best Wishes to Catholics of Udupi Diocese. May God bless Bishop Jerald Lobo as he takes up the mission of leading the people of God of the new UDUPI Diocese.

Ravi Nayak, Udupi
16/07/2012 05:45:06

Good initiative by belevision. Please let us know how to register for the contest.

Savita Noronha, Kuwait
16/07/2012 03:19:08

Waiting for the start of the contest.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
16/07/2012 00:52:04

Very timely and apt plea, presented without malice and emotion.
Even as I wish, pray and hope for the surrender movement to take birth and overthrow the intolerant hegemony and false religiosity often seen today, I am pessimistic. This is one view which I hope I am proven wrong.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
15/07/2012 13:28:01

These are people who inspire us to repose faith in our democratic systems and provoke positive feelings.
Once again, we need to give these stories as much prominence as is given to recent political games..

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
15/07/2012 11:20:35

Dear Walter Menezes,

thanks for this very informative report on Kerala Pradeshik Sammellana. It is nice to learn that a large population speak in Konkani and specially the Kudumbis, their origin, language, tradition. A lot to be done to bring Kudumbis to the main stream and as suggested Saraswat Bhramins must support and encourage Kudumbis in their development and revive konkani and create a strong bond between all konkani communities. Great report, and very very informative. thanks for sharing with Bellevision readers.

saif, islamabad
15/07/2012 05:54:11

Love you Brett Lee.

Ravi Ferrao, Mangalore
15/07/2012 05:25:54

Congratulations bellevision.com. Wish you all the best for kids photo contest.

veena, vidyaranyapura Bangalore
15/07/2012 03:37:39

Its incredible to see RD as a traffice warden wow its really great responsibilty to given to right person i wish him to accomplish his work completely :)as always i am ur die-hard fan.

Edward Fernandes, Mumbai
15/07/2012 02:52:57

Congratulations Bellevision on completing 10 years, because of you today we can get all the news and views from Moodubelle and surrounding areas. Thanks for Dr.Eugene, Anil and all the people who are behind the scene. I wish success to the Kids photo contest.

Akshay, Mumbai
15/07/2012 02:40:30


Simon Francis Lasrado,, Sullia/Bangalore
15/07/2012 00:13:46

Congratulations to your dear Dravid for your helping hand to the traffic police.Shortly I too will be joining to this job

Charles D Mello, Pangala
14/07/2012 15:05:39

It is a lesson to those who wants to favour a party who do not have any credibility and any form of strong base other than communal disharmony and wants to rule India....!!!!????

Charles D Mello, Pangala
14/07/2012 15:01:53

Although being a Indian i want Indian team to win...but it is a sport only the best team will win and we have to accept it....!!!???

Charles D Mello, Pangala
14/07/2012 14:36:42

Guys and Gals..at least my friends...please do not stay in isolated areas even if you can afford a independent villa...When we are old our children can not be with us and we can not manage our own Villa....and others may take advantage and we may lose our lives...!!!??? This is my feeling and my friends are free to to comment on this adversely...!!!???

Charles D Mello, Pangala
14/07/2012 14:31:01

Do not believe anybody who wants to visit nowadays..without a telephone appointment...Killings are by known people only ....Thieves and Robbers at least spare life...!!!????

Charles D Mello, Pangala
14/07/2012 14:13:32

When she was under the custody of the hostel...Father s permission is secondary....if she takes permission from the father it is good...but the local administration can not be ignored...I blame her father for his stupidity...i!!!??? IF ANYTHING HAS GONE WRONG WITHOUT HIS NOTICE....HE WAS THE FIRST TO BLAME THE HOSTEL AUTHORITIES....Issue may be genuine....suicide is not the option if one loves their parents...all these friends, relatives and lover are secondary...at least to some extent....!!!!?????

Charles D Mello, Pangala
14/07/2012 13:59:00

Although I do not lke to read such incidents, I am happy that the little angel survived. She is the winner...I believe in the fact that " To live one has to put efforts...to die it is easy" and only cowards do that....!!!????

Charles D Mello, Pangala
14/07/2012 13:50:45

Marl da paramaavadi...!!!!????(tulu)

Charles D Mello, Pangala
14/07/2012 13:45:41

Kill those old mentality guy s and let the people live their lives free of hassles.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
14/07/2012 13:38:58

Why these people come to enjoy sea during rainy season..? If they want they can see it from far away and without entering into waters...!!!???

Baptist Sequeira, Belle
14/07/2012 13:28:17

In India s great democracy if some one "Chor ko Chor bola tho" it becomes a wrong. Particularly if anybody call a totally corrupt politician in his real deed, that becomes the bigger crime than the real crime done by a politician. It is a joke of democracy. We can just imagine if a mister in power can not speak about a tainted politician then can common people speak anything about them. Will Lokpal bill be passed to catch these politicians?

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
14/07/2012 12:53:45

Wilfy, may your soul rest in eternal peace and give everlasting comfort to your beloved wife, daughter, son and the entire bereaved family and friends. Your entire school will miss you.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
14/07/2012 12:30:24

It is indeed very sad that two small kids drowned due to negligence of parents. Marital disputes is one of the reason for this gore negligence and also the govt dept. who should have take care to cover it when children are around. We have known so many stories of this type in the North India especially where a dozens of children are fallen in wells and eventual death. When are we going to learn the lessons God only knows. Once the life is lost cannot be brought back. May Almighty give strength to this couple to bear this terrible loss and at least unite them again to console each other and live a worthy life.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
14/07/2012 11:49:24

Very sad to learn the shocking and sudden death of a young teacher. It is a great loss to his family, friends and students as well. May Almighty give him eternal peace and strength and courage to his family members to move on and bear this terrible loss. May his soul rest in peace.

Jerardin Dsouza, Mangalore
14/07/2012 09:59:59

My dear dear rev Movi, Fantastic !! you indeed have made us proud !!Nice to see Basil wife ,I presume,alongside the Bishop,, CONGRATS...love you jaddhu

Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore
14/07/2012 06:23:47

It is a great thought to visit the under-privileged in a distant country and indeed our Bishop has done a great job in meeting his own flock apart from others in Nairobi. This is mission station where Rev. Sister Aloysius had done the pioneering work and had worked in that country for almost twenty years and laid the foundation for the sisters of Apostolic Carmel to help the poor and needy. Sister Aloysius has been responsible to start many schools over there where education was in the primitive stage.

I can see Father Patrick Rodrigues Fathr Vincy and Father J.B. Crasta also in the pictures. They too in their own vocations are doing wonderful work in Mangalore.

May the visits of our Bishop and Fathers bear abundant fruit in the years to follow and may this visit be a forerunner of many such tours in the future.

Joe Gonsalves

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
13/07/2012 22:30:43

Respected Sir, if they Mr Shetter ( the C.M.)are to follow your dictum the Cabinet should be blank(0). C.M. has no other choice that is what I feel.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
13/07/2012 22:28:26

A very good call mr President. Tomorrow when you aare old your votes will be less and you will lose the elections. many schools will be closed and the government will save lots of money on mid day meals , which will enter the pockets of MLAs. Keep up your call every where and lo Jai ho!

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
13/07/2012 22:23:58

Please stop this drama Mr shetty. You could send your resignation and get into your village. Why hang on in Bangalore? Vacate the MLA room and be what you are. All other MLAs are cowards. They have no principles. simply want publicity. And they will never resign for your sake or for injustice. I do not like drama from persons like you please.

Neel, New Delhi
13/07/2012 10:49:47

Rajiv, you don t get the point! Victor talks about the town of Manipal which houses the Manipal University. By the way IIT and IIM are colleges and not town. Harvard is another town situated in Worcester City, Massachusetts, United States that houses the Harvard University among others and is best know to be an educational town. On the other hand cities like Mumbai/Calcutta or Ahmedabad housing the top IITs and IIMs can not be called Harvard since they are better known for other things apart from educational institutes like IIT or IIM. Just so you know, Mumbai is one of the top 10 megacities of the world and that s certainly not because it houses IIT,Bombay but because of it s growth in other fields. I hope you understand now why Manipal is called the Harvard of India, being the only educational town, such a giant of its kind in India. Nobody would think of Manipal as a city first without thinking of the Manipal University whose constitutional institutes are ranked among the top in the country. You clearly show the authenticity of Manipal as the Harvard of India by misunderstanding Manipal and talking about IIT and IIM where we were actually talking about an educational town hub.

Narayan, Kundapura
13/07/2012 07:30:05

Minister seat sikkilla antha kundapur bandh madire agalla. yake kottilla antha nimmalli iruva mukandaru seri kelabahudithu, ondagi iddu illivarege evaga munisikondare hege? janagala drasti yli evaga jaati rajakarana anthane suddi. evathu nimma kadeyavru nale avara kadeyavara bandh, hige agtha idre karnatakadli BJP annuva Padha ne irala......... alochisiri avlokisiri..... ole ritiya rajayakiya madiri.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
13/07/2012 06:20:09

Someone please give Poojary the 2011 Census Results. As ZP President, I expect him not to parrot notes dictated in social studies in rural schools. According to Directorate of Census Operations in Karnataka, during 2001-2011 the district population growth was only 0.59%. The national average is 1.764%. The ratio of 0-6 years age children in the district has fallen to 8.54%. While in India, it is 13.12%
Local leaders must focus on issues within their jurisdictional territories, and frame appropriate policies locally. For example, the sex ratio among 0-6yr child group fell to 955 even though in the population it is 1093. What is going on? Are parents aborting girls selectively? Are newborn hijdas increased and counted as males? Or adult women from other districts immigrate, while local adult men emigrate? What is the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) for the district and has it fallen below the rate required to sustain the local numbers, without requiring emigrants to sustain local economy?
The TP and GP leaders may do well to ask their officers to analyze the 2011 census data within their own territorial jurisdiction. Such analysis is imperative for local development.

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