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27/12/2011 06:23:31

Thanks a lot for all ICYM well wishers. we appreciate your valuable comments. few things that we observed from above comments. 1.Thanks for keeping a good hope on us. seniors we are thank full for your support to ICYM. 2.In any program related to Christmas we never said that Crib was done by ICYM, it’s mistake from media. 3.From last 4 to 5 years ICYM was not allowed to make crib in Belle. Truly speaking the present ICYM members are unaware for what reason it was taken away from us. Our for-seniors can you please tell us why it happened and for what reason. 4.Regarding cake auction its a only big way for ICYM to earn income and we don t want left it so easily. 5.All are blaming that belle youth lost their interest in ICYM and in church. We agree with this point because, there are hardly 15 members in ICYM but it doesn’t mean that members who are there in icym are not interested in the work. Just remember that, cuz of them ICYM is still running in Belle. 6.We need all your support, parish is ours icym is ours lets join together to make it more strong. Encourage YOUR CHILDREN S,RELATIVES,BROTHERS,SISTERS FRIENDS to join ICYM insted of misleading them about ICYM. THANK YOU...

Vinod, Belle
27/12/2011 00:40:12

Lots of you have commented a lot about the way it was celebrated n about the boring activities of the ICYM. Well guyz may u then plz write your valuable and entertaining suggestions so that in the upcoming year they may be considered. I know it for sure the ICYM (present), the would be members, as well as our parish priests, and the educated lot of the parishoners are reading ur comments and they will see if ur suggestions are executed in the year 2012. Lets hope u great critics could also help in lifting up the xmas spirit n the celebrations next year. I m sure 90% of you will be attending in the year to come as well. You want bring a revolution then be a part of it, and not the audiences.

Vincy Dsouza, Abbanadka/Abudhabi
27/12/2011 00:14:38

Congratulations. you made our village proud. all the best for your future. may god bless you. our prayers are always with you.

praveen, Belle
26/12/2011 14:20:51

Dear Manoj now time as changed most of people spent their time in Bar ( MILAN, Madina etc.) Resturent, Pub etc, etc. and doing parties.. not spending their time in church primises becuase they wont get anything from there.. AM I RIGHT? manoj..

Praveen, Moodubelle
26/12/2011 14:11:24

Dear John, I don\ t think ICYM has lost its interest.. rather the youth of belle (except ICYM member) lost interest. Do you know the strengt of ICYM, its Less than 15. Every year more than 50 youths from Belle Clears the 12th Exam. In that not even 5 people join the ICYM. When u visit ur Native next time just spend ur 10 min. with ICYM Member in the meeting ( not Jaggu\ s Hotel Meeting)Hope U will get all the answer for ur questions. everone Knows how much Donation people are giving and Promising not giving.One thing remeber, in belle ICYM with out the signature of parish priest and ICYM seal nobody can take money from the Bank. Plus after the every program, in the next meeting they present the income and expenditure (lekpak) of the program with the presence of Icym Director. Nobody is talking the work done by ICYM members. Always talks about negetive aspects. U guys (icym members) carry on.. God and St. Lawrence with u.. LAmb jiyo ICYM...

norbert, Kattingere/ Mnagalore
26/12/2011 12:25:12

Before You Blame....
I see a few comments of concern about ICYM. Before voicing our concern / frustration/ disappointment/ anxiety or anything for that matter let us all agree and understand one thing time has changed so as today s youth and their priorities, aspirations and activities. It also means the leadership styles should also change along with the activities. Gone are the days anything and everything was taken for granted. Though rarely, whenever I was present in any programme I still find the oldies taking center stage. When I was a youth the same people wanted mike and felicitations. Now I as an ex- parishioner find the same old talent. Where have we gone wrong? Time to ponder and for some serious reflection. A true leader should groom youngsters, train them and push them to center stage. They may not be as good as these ever shining oldies, but certainly will be a motivation and inspiration for the growing ups. Expecting the youth only for crib making without providing them right opportunities, sometimes even by a sort of compulsion is a joke. Today’s youth of Belle are not useless but they are used less. I would request the same people who have voiced their concerns

Dumphil, Moodubelle
26/12/2011 08:52:16

Nowadays youths are busy with their mobile phones and girlfriends.They don t have time for Crib and all.Why every year only acutioning the cake.People are not interested in cake anymore.

Mark Fernandes, kattingere/Pune
26/12/2011 06:06:55

One really turns nostalgic during the season of X mas and Vodlen Fest.Thanks a lot to Dr Eugene and Mr Anil Alva for the beautiful report and photos.Wishing a very happy Christmas to all the parishioners.

John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/ Nottingham
26/12/2011 06:02:30

ICYM lost interest in everything. I think they need more support from parents as well as church leaders. I CYM members ask only donation doing nothing. Things are getting worst and worst in Moodubelle. Every year I can see only cake draw. It seems church leaders think it is very important to them.

Diany, Pamboor/Dubai
25/12/2011 23:57:19

Thank you Bellevision for beautiful pictures of my native. Seasons greetings o all and all the best for the festive season..

Samantha, Moodubelle
25/12/2011 15:09:25

It s nice to see Christmas celebrations held with such pomp and gaiety. Manoj, yes I heard too that the beautiful crib was prepared by the 3 non ICYM members. They do not know need publicity, they do it for the love of God and their fellow parishioners. It s a known fact in Belle the handful of rich and well-connected take the credit for everything and these people are given opportunities when there so many deserving parishioners and talk about love and joy to fellow humans by our deeds.

Manoj, Moodubelle
25/12/2011 09:23:09

After so many years i got an opportunity to spend Christmas at my own parish. But i was surprised to look at changes over the years. As an ex ICYM president i can say Chrsitmas was a time when we used to spend most of the time in church presmises. Even though it is mentioned in the report that ICYM prepared the crib it was very disheartening to see only 3 non ICYM members working on crib preparations when i visited twice.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
25/12/2011 00:16:45

It was an equally somber yet festive evening with music in the air, at the Don Bosco SS School grounds, where parishioners of Our Lady of Visitation Church, Nerul in Naivi Mumbai thronged to adore Infant Jesus. I am sure the same Christmas spirit of sharing one s love and (eatables) on this day was the focus at Belle. I wish the parishioners and their well-wishers a Merry Xmas. I hope I can celebrate the vhodlem fest with you.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
24/12/2011 23:16:15

Through these and newer innovative aids, may the Xmas meaning instill and grow within us. These are tools and not the message. A blessed Xmas, one and all

Herman, Belle
24/12/2011 21:46:43

Its a very boring Christmas eve ever seen by me! Totally unprofessional,

Vinyas Shetty, Bailur
24/12/2011 09:35:20

Dear Anil U had a good work that your photography is awesome. With U R CO-operation by media the Edmeru school achived a good fame in sourrounding . I thank U lot *#wish U happy chrismas new year#*

Boniface D Souza, Manipal/Bangalore
24/12/2011 02:44:58

Congratulations ! Mrs.Blossom D Souza Branch Manager for celebrating Christmas at Syndicate Bank,Moodubelle.

Vinod Barboza, Shirva / Manchester
23/12/2011 06:50:52

Congratulation to all KCA UK members, this is an absolute team work from KCA UK. Thanks to all guests for your valued time and active participation.Thanks to Bellevision for publishing the report.

Premanand Shenoy, Mangalore
23/12/2011 02:04:48

Infact, the Hangarakatte ShipBuilding Structure also is designed by us.( I resigned from KREC 15 years ago and running own Firm called Roy Shenoy)

Premanand Shenoy, Mangalore
23/12/2011 01:51:33

Yes. I am very happy that people remember me as the designer of the Bridge. But the real task was to construct the Bridge in the record time of 11 days ! It was done. Maj PT Lazarus was the Officer commanding, conducting the Camp. Dr. NR Shetty, the Then Principal of KREC came to inaugurate the bridge( I think Dharmadhikari Sri Veerendra Hegde did the Honours) I do remember the Dinner Given to all of us by the Christian Family on the other side of the Bridge. I have some photographs of the stages and cadets who were involved.
During that time, Deepak(NITTE) a cadet who was not in the camp , expired due to some illness at his place. We named the Bridge Deepak to remember him. I am Quite Happy that Prakash Acharya rememberes me as the designer. Thank you Prakash!

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
22/12/2011 16:29:42

Dear Anna Hazare, instead of politics you should go to Bollywood films and I do not know how much support you will get as you keep on changing you mind in every aspect.Good Luck Anna and look for mare supporters.

Norman, Moodubelle/Dallas
22/12/2011 15:15:04

I dont understand how on the earth this song brings shame to these great legends!! People all around the world like the song, the music!! No doubt in that.. If you really have a great music sense then why don t you compose one song!! Do you really think A R Rahaman s or any other you have listed here, every single song is appreciable? Hell not!!! If you cant listen then just ignore!! Dont crib on other s success!!

Emm, Delhi
22/12/2011 09:36:40

Chanchal, I don t know if you remember me and I am not sure if you will get this msg, but can you please tell me what happened?!

Booboo, chennai
22/12/2011 05:27:27

This song is realy shame to the great legends of south indian like M.S.V, Isaai Gnani ILAYARAJA, Isaai puyal A.R. RAHAMAN.....
Is there is any music sense or lyrics sense in this song...
Dhanush and anuroop why this KOLAVERI on MUSIC......
Shruthi haasan why don t spoil ur father NAME.....

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
22/12/2011 03:16:43

Dear Melwyn,

Congats on winning the prestigious Sahitya Academy Awards. You have made Mangalorean Konkani Community proud by bagging this award. Wishing you all the best for your future works. Your dedication to Konkani language and literature praiseworthy and applauded.

soni, moodubelle
22/12/2011 03:02:14

nice photos. good programs.

vaishnavi, perampalli
22/12/2011 01:39:54

there is any job facility for graduate and udergraduate students

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
21/12/2011 23:42:25

Hearty Congratulations on your grat achievement of geeting this honour for your novel works. We feel proud of you.

Alban D souza, Kunthalnagar/moodubelle
21/12/2011 23:20:38

Its a good news that this christmas season we are getting a konkani devotional songs CD "Tuje charani".All the best to 3 souzas.. May mother mary bless your hard work.. Keep it up...

Godwin D Souza, Moodubelle/Dubai
21/12/2011 23:08:44

Dear Melwyn,
congratulations on winning the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award! A well deserved honor. Your commitment and selfless service to Konkani language and literature is truly commendable. May this be an inspiration to all budding talents to achieve more.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
21/12/2011 22:59:19

Congratulations Melvyn. You truely deserve this award.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
21/12/2011 21:49:02

A very profitable advice to all house wives and cooks to their bosses, who do kitchen service. It is an advise better than going to the doctor to get treatment for Cholesterol. As I catch it it better to avoid fish fries and be rich in fish eating with broiled / bakked fish. I thank Belle vision for providing valuable information for all those who are fond of eating FISH.

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
21/12/2011 11:56:00

Dear Melvyn congratulation on your great achievement.

Priya Nayak, Udupi/Mumbai
21/12/2011 11:20:58

Its an honour to be a relative(sister s father-in-law)of this great personality...May there be many such more laurels in his life and his family always... :)

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
21/12/2011 09:50:34

Dear Marian, congratulations on bringing out this excellent devotional album.

v v kamath, mumbai
21/12/2011 07:11:15

Annual day means birthday. This programe is encouraging students children .a very good job done by Anil Alva. A beautiful programe. My congratulation to all students children. Study hard. Keep it up. What a great pleasure it would have been .congratulation to all concerned under the leadership of Fr . Lancy Saldhana and all staff.

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore
21/12/2011 02:01:00

I have already saw/heard the Promo of all the songs on FB... All songs have come out very nicely... Congratulations to my dear bavoji Anil Pernal, Marian Pernal and Wilfred Pangla... Wish you all the very Best and all Success in this project... Good Luck...

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
20/12/2011 22:22:54

A very beautiful programme of the school annual and the participation of the students is wonderfully well. Seeing the colourful photograps and the entertainment items put up reminds me of my school days. If I were a student now...? what a great pleasure it would have been!
congratulations to all concerned under the Leadership of Fr. Lancy Saldanha.

Monthu Martis, Moodubelle/Mumbai/Oman
20/12/2011 08:13:53

Appreciated those who work to susses Annual day program.Very best to all our little children

Archana Shetty, Edmer
20/12/2011 07:13:47

Beautiful photography Anil....

sukanya shetty, kuntala nagar
20/12/2011 07:11:16

nice pic.................Anil keep it up , superb Santhosh Kumar

M.G.Shenoy, Kunatal Nagar
20/12/2011 03:38:55

Congratulations to all the students for their excellent performence during the Annual Day program. All the very best for future. Study hard come out in flying colours. Congratulations to principal the staff.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
19/12/2011 21:55:39

I do agree with DAda. It is because of Greg the mad fellow indian lost the Worl cup durings Dada s days . Greg was aiming at making home team champion. it was a mistake that Greg was chosen cooach of Indian team.He saw that the Indian team loses its efficient perfomance acument and lose the Cup also. Hence australian team ultimately won the match.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
19/12/2011 21:51:30

It is very nice to see Pambureans at the sun shine of Qatar. When all the while being in A.c. Enviroment is not good for health. Exposure to sun shine and to exert to certain extent keeps one better in reducing fab and be little active so that in the Pamur roads you can manage yourselves. Well done. Have a cheerful Christmas and a jubiliant New year.

Maurice Menezes, Belle/Udupi
19/12/2011 02:40:48

As I am well acquainted with my
esteemed learned friend Mr SWP,I once again congratulate him in his
achievements and wish him many more
laurels and years of success in his
selfless and dedicated service and chosen mission.

Lidwin, Bombay
18/12/2011 04:45:18

Congratulation to the jubilarians and all the best to the KCA. Well done . Many more programs should come up by the initiative of the president.

Melwyn D Souza, Dubai
18/12/2011 02:58:18

Happy to see the sports acivities in our school/Jr. College and recalling my school days memories. The sad part is the condition of the ground. It is look still fresh with the grass and it is not utilized for sports activities. Belle and surrounding places are having very good sports talent and if our management encourage them, i am sure one day they will shine at national/international level. It is glad to know that new PT teacher joined the institution. Dear PT sir, we are with you and we ready to help whatever manner to encourage the sports. We looking forward to see many sports persons at state/national level in coming years.

Antony/Canada, moodubelle
18/12/2011 02:43:12

Good weekend and good entertinment for Qatar Pamboorians,I have seen few my friends in FB who join the festive atmosphere,I wish a very happy feast all Qatar Pamboorians.

Alphonse Menezes, Mumbai
18/12/2011 02:25:37

Belle used to have many great sports personalities when Mr.Ambrose Dsouza (Ambu master) was the PT teacher. We have lost all the charm. I request school Management to give more attention towards sports and physical fitness issues as its important in the same way of educational activities.

Veronica Alick, Delhi
18/12/2011 02:07:08

My sincere wishes to the Jubilarians and KCA.

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