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Raymond Kishore Dsouza, Mallibettu, Bahrain
01/09/2012 01:36:28

Extremely shocked to hear the sudden demise, I can t believe, we just met a few weeks ago in Moodubelle. Heartfelt condolences to Herry and Family, May God give you the strength required to bear the painful moments.May her soul rest in peace.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
01/09/2012 01:34:59

When a person dreams of achieving something in life, hard work is inevitable. You are a perfect example. Congratulations!! Kudi Vasantha Shetty, headmaster of Sri Vishnumurthy High School at Kudi village. Udupi district, a former student of St. Lawrence High School Moodubelle has been chosen for the national-level Best Teacher Award. I know Vasantha Shetty from his high school days from Moodubelle. I am really proud of his achievements. Sitting next to him in the class (those days) I know how well organized he is, as a student and especially in Kannada language and elocution. No doubt a great scholar of Kannada, head master par excellence and now national award will summon up his personality, hard work, dedication in the field of education and the betterment of the students of the high school. Well done Sir, (Danikulu…)

MaxBelle, Paladka/Belle
01/09/2012 01:27:20

@Charles D Mello, Pangala...
Lovely Lover s SMS to her Lover:(SMS-1) "...I m tiered of ur Love, itz boring, letz break off. Good bye..."
(SMS-2):" Oh! sorry,Its a mistake.My earlier SMS was not for you. I Love u,letz carry on..."Hha hha haaa.

Stephen, Moodubelle
01/09/2012 00:49:53

Yes its true he is an Excellent HeadMaster Teacher.Under his leadership Kudi High School made a remark at our village.He used to organise special classes for SSLC students for Final Exams whole night to avoid laziness and maintain discipline at home.even I heard that single student failed and institution could not achieve 100% results almost 15yrs back, so he got tears in his eyes.Really he is a great teacher.I do remember he is a fabulous speaker on stage and very interesting to listen his speach.He is a very kind person and deserves this Award.

Naveen Kumar, Moodubelle
31/08/2012 23:57:59

Pradeep Kumar, it looks you are confused with the subject and your conclusion is incomplete. Here the issue is the tidiness of Santhekatte and we have elected representatives to do this job and everyone no need to join politics. No need to remember/know the telephone number of panchayath. Communication facility is so advance that you can get everything on net including the satelite pictures of your house and surrounding. As the time passes we have to change our thinking.First of all Leaders to understand peoples requirements and work accordingly.

Sandeep Martis, Moodubelle/Dubai
31/08/2012 22:09:04

Heartfelt condolences to herry may god grat. rest to her soul and strength...

Sharon Prashanth Mendonca, Pamboor/ Kuwait
31/08/2012 16:18:01

Condonlance to the family. May her soul rest in peace.

Baptist Sequeira, Belle
31/08/2012 15:24:21

Mr. Vasantha Shetty if a great scholar of Kannada and one should listen a speech from this great person. He speaks wonderfully linking Kannada poems. Congratulations Sir.

sherine rodrigues, neermarga/abudhabi
31/08/2012 15:20:18

dear harry and hazel and juliana aunty our deep condolences may god give more strenght i really miss my best friend may her soul rest in peace

Ronald Mendonca, Kodangala/Muscat
31/08/2012 14:31:40

Dear Herry ,my heartfelt condolences to you and may her soul rest in peace.

Richard Castelino, Moodubelle
31/08/2012 14:12:19

Heartfelt condolences to Herry, Hazel and family members.May her soul rest in peace.
From Richard and monthy dubai

Charles D Mello, Pangala
31/08/2012 14:10:58

Mangalore also stinks. Not only because of garbage but also because of communal garbage like people..!!??

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
31/08/2012 13:30:13

Dear Pradeep, thanks for your clarifications. Unfortunately I don't agree with your view. my dear friend, tell me one thing how many vacancies are there in Panchayat?? How many can join?? There are hundreds in Belle itself if there are vacancies. Secondly, when some issues come up it is better to bring awareness and little more pressure from readers will really help and that is media power. If media brings out some issue and the readers do not support it has no value. One need not to be in Belle to action but the readers have full responsibility to express their views so that the Panchyat people take some action. It also encourages the local people to open their eyes to check what is happening in their own yard and take some action themselves. yes I do agree with you we are all oustsiders but we are Indians and citizens of India and have all rights to question our system and get the people to task. The men inc-charge have duty to perform and let them do it and do not discourage them. Your support to readers will really help to implement many more issues and more importantly to avoid future problems esp. when it comes to health and safety. take care

Sunitha Martis, Moodubelle/UK
31/08/2012 12:32:44

I cant believe priya is no more,such a shocking news.She was my classmate at fr.mullers.May her soul rest in peace.

Old Student, St Lawrence High School, Moodubelle
31/08/2012 12:03:59

Unfortunately the best teacher awradee fails to recognize and mention the name op St lawrence High School, which is the only school in Moodubelle village.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
31/08/2012 11:35:04

Lo, Belle has a richer and powerful competitor in raising stink!

Alphons/Reshma, Moodubelle/Dubai
31/08/2012 11:05:14

Dear Harry and Hazel,
Please accept our heartfelt condolences. May her soul rest in peace. May almighty God grant you all strength and courage to face this irreparable loss.

Abraham, Moodubelle
31/08/2012 10:27:30

The current situation of the Belle Grama Panchayeth is so pathetic and is very difficult to narrate. If you see the recent Grama Sabhe (as i seen on vedio in this website) is a perfect drama. The issue of santhekatte is nowhere raised! All the actors were acting perfectly to the sript and to the directions! Some are acting like "beating" and some are "crying". And the outcome of the drama is big Zero!.Some are may not be wishing to read the big comments because they are nowhere connected to our village or they are commenting in a false name!Everybody has the right to comment in their own way. Read it or drop it!

Ivan, Moodubelle / Dubai
31/08/2012 09:58:03

Dear Herry,Please accept our Heartfelt condolences.May God help you to bear the loss. May her soul rest in peace.

Abraham, Moodubelle
31/08/2012 09:49:36

Dear Panchayath leaders, i heard from someone that, the santhekatte work is delayed due to some technical reasons. Is it true? If you see the comments the matter is reached to the district level. Please read the comments of Mr. Rakesh D Souza,Mr.Philip Mudartha, Mr.Lawrence and Mr.Ronald sabi. And respond to this issue and find out the solution.1/2

Wilfred Castelino, Moodubelle/Dubai
31/08/2012 09:26:40

Dear Harry

It s a shocking news and I can t believe it.
It s a sad day for all of us and very painful day for the family and pertculer to the spouse. We pray that God give you the courage to bear this irreplaceable loss and may her soul rest in peace

Monthu Martis, Moodubelle/Muscat
31/08/2012 08:23:06

Dear Herry
Please accept our Heartfelt sympathy
for sudden demise of your beloved wife.May her soul rest in peace.

joshal dmello, moodubelle
31/08/2012 06:19:33

may her soul rest in peace..

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
31/08/2012 05:29:58

May her soul rest in Peace. May the almighty give strength to her husband and family members to withstand such a shock.

Jerald D\ souza, Kodangala, Udupi
31/08/2012 04:54:58

Dear Herry,
My Heartfelt condolences To You and your Family.I pray That The Almighty God Give You Strength To Bear The Untimely Loss Of Your Beloved Wife And May god Grant Precilla Eternal Life. Jesus Has Said \"Come To Me All You Are weary And Burndened And I Will Give You Rest\". So Trust In Jesus And Put All Your Burden On Him, And He Will Take Care Of Evrything.

Francis Menezes and Fmly, Marne/Abudhabi
31/08/2012 04:35:22

Dear Herry and Hazel, please accept our heartfelt condolences. May God help you to bear the loss. May her soul rest in peace

Pradeep Kumar, mangalore
31/08/2012 04:33:56

Let me clarify .I have nothing against the articles impact bellevision is doing vey well and i m proud of it,but i am against writing an essay type comments for some other persons article.and for all those who are sitting in Gulf or in Bangalore hw many of you are in govt.jobs ok our time has gone hw many of us will prepare our kids for IAS or IPS no we dont want to take that challenge our kids has to become engineers or doctors and they will fly to UK ,USA or Gulf .instead of sitting out and writting comments get into the system. I bet those who are writting comments knw belle grama panchayat telephone number?or hw many pachayat members we have?Anna Hazare did agitaion to kick out corruption did India is free of corruption? your comments are nothing it wil not change the scenario.get into politcs, be a pachayat member and change the system.sorry Rakesh M and all readers for essay type comment

Ronald Dsouza, Moodubelle/Dubai
31/08/2012 03:40:05

Extremely shocked and saddened to hear the sudden demise of my cousin s wife Priya. May her soul rest in peace and May God grant strength to Herry and Hazel to bear this grief. Please join us in prayers for the bereaved family.

A Saldanha, Belman
31/08/2012 03:23:08

Good one Andrew, keep it up!!!!!It is hightime we ll realise that we are human beings first, religion was man made.

Godfrey Cabral, Dubai
31/08/2012 03:21:49

Heartfelt condolences to Herry Hazel. May the almighty God grant eternal rest to her soul and give the strength and courage to her family members.
From Godfrey,Reena neil Dubai

Charles D Mello, Pangala
31/08/2012 00:08:10

Dear Andrew...very nice meaningful poem. I really enjoyed this. Hope it will be published in all the web media and many of them can read.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
30/08/2012 23:57:27

Good news..there may be so many such anti national groups. I feel such news must not be given to media at once..Police have to keep silent for a month or so and wait and watch on their communication links, where by we can reach many of their links once for all.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
30/08/2012 23:47:44

Charles D Mello, Pangala....My earlier comment was not you. I am in full agreemnet with your comment. It was for those did not want to read same comments or long comments.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
30/08/2012 23:17:57

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle.....Everybody s taste is not same. If you like it read it otherwise move on to the one you like. If you don t like the website itself don t visit. After all who compels one to read ...!!!??? Just buzz off...and discourage the Organizer s who are putting a lot of effort to get the news comments to you at the click of a button...!!!????

Baptist Sequeira, Belle
30/08/2012 13:29:40

Great Thought Mr. Andrew L D cunha.

Nelson, Udupi/Bangalore
30/08/2012 12:49:25

Rakesh M Udupi or Pradeep Kumar Mangalore, I do not remember reading you earlier! You may like the present condition of Santhekatte, are you seriously trying to divert from the subject? Let daily users have a clean and neat market place.

Lawernce, Moodubelle
30/08/2012 11:41:48

I don t want to blame anyone for this filthy and disgusting situation rather i will blame myself for being resident of Belle. why you know .... the belle Panchayat President and members are not interested to clean the area where they sit and do the meetings very often. Do you think they knows about this pathetic situation which is just next to their office ...? They are really busy with calling their favorite Party leaders and making Guddali Pooje to get the credit of their hardwork. I tell you people ... its biggest shame on you people for being elected Panchayat office bearers.

Ivan Menezes, Moodubelle
30/08/2012 08:20:44

sabiyam..Nice article and excellent pictures.

Mario Mathias, Shirva Mumbai
30/08/2012 07:47:31

Its very good and thanks to lions Club for the meaningful programme.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
30/08/2012 07:36:59

Rakesh M Udupi...for you it looks like same comments repeated...that too without reading since you have no mood to read! Unlike Pradeep Kumar, I like to read long informative comments and articles like many other readers. It is individual choice to read and editor's choice to publish! If you are not good at it, ignore it. Why get J? Some people are bad in Mathematics and some others bad in essay! Natural they have no patience to read informative articles. Take it easy!! If many were like you, print and electronic media would not have existed. It is impossible to make every bit of news paper and website interesting to everyone. Naturally we read only what is interesting to us. It is immature to say do not publish which is not my individual interest! Only sign language suits those do not want to read and write. My request is do not discourage those writing valuable comments here. Every comments may not be top class. Live and let live!

Jerry, Abu Dhabi
30/08/2012 06:39:05

No better things to do --Lions Shirva?. why those girls have to dance on the road? What is the message you are trying to give?

Radhakrishna, Belle
30/08/2012 05:57:58

Rakesh idu ninage yava tharahada roga?? Nimma belleyavaru alla antha kanuthade!!

Charles D Mello, Pangala
30/08/2012 05:09:52

Waa santhekatte ya undu ???. Mulpa santhela ijjy, kattela ijjy....Pathetic condition...!!!??

Rakesh M Udupi, Moodubelle
30/08/2012 03:39:08

Pradeep Kumar says right. Now no interest reading comments, same as essay. Where is HEMPHIL, why he is silent in this. Now a days I open OPIONION and just close because looks like same articles repeated.

Robert Nazareth, Belmannu / Chennai
30/08/2012 03:37:20

I think this is different person.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
30/08/2012 01:09:58

Hi Philip, thanks for the fact based info. Yes, NHAI should be more value based and stringent with whatever minimum guidelines and criteria provided. It is better to spend more on lasting roads than spending on repairs.
About local roads we see a lot of concrete stretches, which is a good sign. But irony is unfinished edges. Most often it is a drive or walk on knife edges to almost feet of split level. I do not see any cure to this disease at least at planning level. Unfinished deep edges are common even in cities couple of years after inauguration of roads. I believe, proper roads and garbage collections are burning issues in India today though we have some isolated exceptions. With younger generation growing, we may be blessed with more accountability, computerization and transparency, plug leakage of allotted and allocated funds for healthy and result oriented completion of projects.

Fr Denis Castelino, Belle
30/08/2012 00:51:44

I was a student of Belle School from 1951-1962. Cricket test matches are going on. We had only media available was the sports magazine and the running commentary available at the only place i.e. the Panchayath office at the Moodubelle market. Teacher Sadananda Rao a great fan of cricket used to send us market to get the cricket commentary from that radio. It was a part of the school and we were expected to see to the cleanliness of the area.

According to me cleanliness is everybody’s duty. When I was in Kalmady as Parish Priest we had just 59 cents of land inside the church compound and I had built 3 toilets. When I saw they were not sufficient I added two more. Economic toilets which could not but very close to the church. Some of the council members objected. I quoted a certain Priest who said “the first thing I did in this Parish was that I build two toilets for the public because some people may not visit BL. Sacrament but all search for the toilet in their emergency! But at Kalmady the question came “who will keep the toilets clean?” I said “you do all the other jobs but reserve this job for me” and till I left Kalmady the first thing I did every morning was a visit to the public toilets and then visit to the Bl. Sacrament. I did not allow anyone else the privilege of doing this sacred job.

So my countrymen in Belle don’t sit just blaming somebody else. Come on some cat to ring the bell and the other cats to join her.

Sudhakar P., Edmer
30/08/2012 00:32:00

I hope the local leaders who always always seen receiving garlands, flowers unite irrespective of party line and work for Belle so that the ordinary people can benefit. I am sure no excuses needed this time. Thanks to the website for highligting the issue of common people

Dr.Ashish Deshpande, Mumbai
29/08/2012 23:38:41

I would like to know what was your reference to age of first drink in India (11 in boys and 13 in girls)? Which population are you referring to? The same questions arise for your estimate of 3 million teenaged alcoholics.
Article is very pertinent except these doubts. thanks.

Rakesh D Souza, Moodubelle
29/08/2012 23:28:28

Waw! great Pradeep Kumar Mangalore. You are fed up with essay type comments. You are happy with progress of Santhekatte!! This is the result of current situation of Santhekatte.


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