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Fr.Cyprian Capuchin, Mangalore
07/09/2012 05:15:57

Congratulations! We are proud of you. Wish you all the best

Ashok Sherigar, Dubai
07/09/2012 04:56:57

Congrats all teachers on the occasion of Teachers Day.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
07/09/2012 01:37:41

A good one for the occasion JB. After reading the ownership name in the "patta" of the "Convent" a broad smile flashed on my face! One suggestion though, before some one points a finger at you, better change the "Bombay" to "Mumbai". It is very difficult to get rid of old habits!

JRD, Mangalore/
06/09/2012 20:52:43


Kindly double check the published account number of Lavina. Another site has also published the account number, but there is a difference of 1 digit in the account number published by you. We would not want the contributions to go to some other person.


Renita Pinto, Delhi
06/09/2012 13:20:52

Its very sad to hear of such cases where people are in need like Lavina. But groups such as KORWA can indeed make a difference to the lifes of people. Keep up the good work KORWA. Best Wishes...

Prakash Alva, Moodubelle/Pangla
06/09/2012 11:38:49

Heartfelt condolences to the family members of Kaviraj J B Sequeira. May his soul rest in peace.

Anil Pernal, Muscat
06/09/2012 08:26:12

Sad news for konkanni....May his soul rest in peace...my heartfelt condolences to the bereaving family.

06/09/2012 06:50:18


Ramaiyya, Bolle
06/09/2012 05:35:55

Avvu " Madidunno Maharaya marayre" Anil. Sathya bokka gothaavu.

Anil Demello, Moodubelle
06/09/2012 04:11:36

Congratulation. When Sylvester Mathias became Headmaster and when Rafael teacher got retired?

jonathan bennett, mangalore , bejai
06/09/2012 02:29:37

thank you Mr vishnu for ur best wishes and ur lovein openion :-P hahahahahaha

Konkans Dubai Team, Dubai
06/09/2012 02:12:03

Congratulations to you Reshma on being elected as the President of Little Flowers Mukamar. Give your best to the association and bring it high. Good Luck!!

Jessy Pinto, Shirthady
06/09/2012 01:57:09

Dear Regina Bai as you know you are always there in my prayers. The love friendship which we shared in Kuwait/Abbasiya our beloved place will never be forgotten. I am sure you will recover your health fully and very soon too. So dont worry at all.

We love you always. Wish you and your wonderful family a very happy blessed Monti Festh. I really miss UFA s Monti fest in Kuwait.
Thank you
With lots of love

John fernandes, Mangalore
06/09/2012 01:47:57

Truly a good job done by KORWA. May God bless you all and may your Social Service Association receive more and more wonderful people like you guys. Dear Lavina Lavina, get well soon.
with prayers John Fernandes family

Mrs. Mallika Mohandas, Chairman, MIOT International, Chennai
05/09/2012 13:10:41

We at MIOT are pleased to read your review about Dr. Bashi and his Team and the facilities of MIOT Hospitals. We hope and pray that you're on the road to recovery and will be able to do your normal duties at the earliest. We hope and pray that we will continue to grow and serve our Patients to the best of our ability. MIOT is no more 'MIOT Hospitals', as the name has been changed to 'MIOT International'. This is not to say that the Hospital is for International Patients but to say that the Hospital will keep to the international standards both from India and abroad. Thanks and God bless.

victoria mabel, bejai mangalore
05/09/2012 12:05:31

Great leader,great work,work is worship,thats her dream,when u give lots of wards to her,no ward comments of any work exept shivabagh,the more people who have not voted her,still she did all her work at shivbagh no satisfaction,any how hats off and do more works in shivabagh let the people be happy.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
05/09/2012 12:01:17

The US media (Time and WP) have their own reasons to castigate Indian PM; but calling names is not they should be doing given Indians go hyperbolic at western praise or condemnation as the final proof of achievement or failure.
The Global economy itself is in the throes of a severe recession, and the shrinkage is not in India alone. Among BRIC nations, growth in Brazil is lowest (1.5% max in 2012), Russia next at 3.5% max, India 5% max and China 6.5% max. Inflation is each of these countries is high. The populations are unhappy. There is not a single country except a few in the OPEC fold, who have successes in the economic management.
For Indian woes, the lack of national economic consensus is more responsible than PM as an individual.

Stany Martis, M belle / udupi / KWT
05/09/2012 11:22:02

Mam Congrats. keep the good work.

Stany Martis, belle / udupi / kuwait
05/09/2012 10:07:09

Dear sister Lavina,

Keep faith in god, he will never live anybody in this defficult time. Our prayers alwyas with you. Hope all the bellevision readers will contribute for this noble cause. Have noted down your bank detail. Many thanx KORWA for the indeed. God bless.....

Jessy Pinto, Shirthady
05/09/2012 06:59:56

Congratulations Mam, you are the role model for women. We wish you to get more awards from Mangalore Corporation for your tireless work.

jonathan bennett, mangalore
05/09/2012 06:57:11

congrats nannu for ur awesome achievements may god bless u with good helth ur loving grandson :-*

John Tauro, Mangalore
05/09/2012 06:57:06

As your name stands Gretta.. you proved to be great. Now you should work hard and hard to the betterment of your Ward especially Shivbaugh, Abharana Road before you complete your Corporater Term. All the very best to you. Our co-operation is there with you always.

Vishnu, Shivabagh
05/09/2012 06:42:55

Congratulations Mrs Gretta Rebello for the awards ? But I don t understand as a corporator what development you did in ward 34? Shivabagh Main Road is not repaired since last 4 years. Every time you promise to repair and you never do the repair work, only false promises you make. At least after receiving this award do some fruitful work.

Romey Dsouza, Mulky
05/09/2012 05:44:28

Little Flowers association Mukamar,for new team wishing you all the best and success. God bless to you all.

Jyoti, Kuwait
05/09/2012 05:14:55

On behalf of Mrs.Regina Tauro and her family, we thank all our well wishers, to those who prayed for her recovery and friends for the support during the period of gloom. She is improving and responding positively. Thank you once again.

President & Memmbers of Bellevision-UAE, Moodubelle/Dubai
05/09/2012 02:55:43

Our heartiest congratulations to Ms Reshma and newly elected office bearers of Little Flowers Mukamar. Wishing you and your team all the very best.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
05/09/2012 01:47:47

Hi Reshma,

Congrats on being elected as President of Little Flowers Mukamar association and wishing you all the best and success.

Also wishing Sandeep and Reena. Good luck guys, ALL THE BEST ALL NEW TEAM.

Evangeline Jacob, Dubai
05/09/2012 01:47:31

We,Priya\ s friends in Dubai are extremely saddened by the news.It is hard to accept that she is never going to return to us.May the Lord Jesus Christ grant srength and peace to the beraved family cos He has said,Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.John14:27

shamila, Mangalore
05/09/2012 00:39:24

Congrats Ma...V r really blessed to be ur children. May Almighty God bless u with good health and help u continue ur dreams of being an asset to ur hometown and ur country. Love u mumma....

zita, mangalore
05/09/2012 00:24:03

hey! this is my sista!I celebrated this day with her!!! and expexct many more to do so!!! go sista go!!

karunakar, coimbatore
05/09/2012 00:23:31

the true face of the brainless ltte fanatics

Kumar, Madurai
05/09/2012 00:01:03

No need to come back. This is not enough for you people who killed our innocent tamilans you all will go sure to hell only

Richard D souza, Pamboor/Saudi
04/09/2012 23:59:29

Great,Great,great. Keep it up Pamboorians. It is nice to see few old faces still actively participating. Reminded me my childhood times.

Diany, Pamboor/Dubai
04/09/2012 23:32:52

Thanks BV for nice coverage.. Lovely pics..

Chester Dsouza, Udupi
04/09/2012 23:13:12

At this modern era, Something which is must are computers!!! Really a good idea of donating the same !! congratulations to the children!! hope you all make the best out of it

mamta, Ambala
04/09/2012 22:56:27

very sweet pik
vry respected teacher
so sweet children I love teacher

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
04/09/2012 22:09:56

Hearty Congratulations to Mrs Gretta Rebello, on her acieving most coveted awards for her distinct activities. She has been a good example for the Catholics. May her tribe increase. May God Bless her with good health and happiness to serve the community and the Country.

Stany Martis, belle / kuwait
04/09/2012 16:01:54

Very nice programe conducted by ICYM for adult n children. keep it up!! thanku Mr. Errol Noronha for your excellent coverage. MR.Jonn and Franky keep the same spirit on tug of the war. good luck.

Anita D Mello, USA
04/09/2012 13:27:49

Dear Hery,
Please accept my heartfelt condolence. I was shocked to hear the news. May Priya s soul RIP.
I pray that God gives you and Hazel the strength and courage to bear this tremendous loss.
Anita, Steve, Aaron Aiden.

ria, mangalore
04/09/2012 12:58:02

i do agree with Mr.Roy.well done Bellevision.
hospital looks like star hotel.and i never knew about this hospital and about the facility provided here. Mr.Charles thanx for sharing your thoughts along with Mr.John. all credit goes to Bellevision. nice team work....good going. Mrs Regina Tauro get well soon...........keep smiling alwayz...

Jassim Hamad, Iraq
04/09/2012 12:47:28

I went to Madras MIOT hospital for surgery to Dr.Bashi. He is very good. I had option to go to Syria Lebanon or India for operation. As war is going on in arab country, I went to India. I liked the treatment received at the hospital. They give me arab food, and I feel in Iraq. I m happy many Iraqi brothers coming to the hospital with Dr.Bashi. Thank you Dr. Bashi. Good luck to you.

MAHESHWARI, mangalore
04/09/2012 09:27:30

I on my behalf and my company Global Enterprises wish Mrs. Regina Tauro very speedy recovery.I take this opportunity to introduce our company Global Enterprises(Kesari World class travel company),I recall MrTauro s vist to our office as he wanted to travel to SCANDINAVIA RUSSIA with our Kesari world travel company.I remember Mr Tauro s for his cooperation and kindness he has shown us during our association with him.

04/09/2012 08:58:47

This article is very informative.I pray almighty for MrsTauro.I wishing her a normal and healthy life at the earliest.

Joy Lobo, Moodubelle/ Bangalore
04/09/2012 06:58:09

Congratulation Fr. Lancy Saldanha.

kirankumar, udupi
04/09/2012 02:00:28

i am afilm makar but i want producer to our film any one can help with me please

V BASIL HANS, Mangalore
03/09/2012 23:54:37

- Thanks for the good coverage.
- Thanks all teachers and wellwishers

Lola, Belman/Kuwait
03/09/2012 13:38:10

This article is very informative. Keep writing John. Wish you all the very best. Regina, we wish you a speedy recovery. God bless.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
03/09/2012 13:07:09

I would like to add few good points about Dr. Cherian...I had heard that he is eccentric and rough dealing with the patients...!!!!! When we first visited him he said she had to operated (in front of my mother). When I asked him why you said that...his answer was...she is a patient she has to know......On the day of operation...at 8 am my mother was taken to the operation theater...I saw him in his room at 10 am....and I entered him room...his reaction was.."dont worry my dear..my assistants are opening her heart..and after few minuites my job starts..they will call me when it is ready for me to go...Exactty after 3 hours, he came searching for me (I was smoking on the roadside) and told me everything is Ok..nothing to worry....I really never expected a surgeon come to me on the road to inform me about the operation....He is so good..may be rough in his dealings.

Ria, Mangalore
03/09/2012 12:15:17

Nice job done by KCWA. WELL DONE.Keep going. god bless you all.

Madan Prakash Bhartiya, Agra - UP
03/09/2012 10:41:03

Dear Readers,
I would like to share that I underwent Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery on 08.08.2012 at MIOT Hospital, Chennai which was done by Prof. Dr. V.V. Bashi , Cardiac Surgeon. There is no doubt that both the pre and post surgery care is excellent in MIOT Hospital, Chennai. A team of well experienced doctors, nurses and non medical staff in their respective fields are always ready to assist and help the patients. Whatever I heard specifically about Prof. Dr. Bashi, I found the same. Being a good surgeon, Dr. Bashi is a nice human being also. He visits patients every day and explain them about improvements in their health.
I wish Dr. Bashi and his team all the best and success in their future endeavor.

M.P. Bhartiya

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