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Precilla Suares, Mangalore/Dubai
14/11/2011 01:16:15

Congrats to the winners and runners-up of both Throwball and Volleyball teams and the individual award achievers.

The tournament was very well organised from start to the end. The most amazing fact is the energy drinks they supplied free of cost to the players/spectators till the end, which none of the other organizers did in the past. This event was a successful in all respect. Hats-off to all members of Belle-vision! We look forward to the next tournament.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi /Bahrain
13/11/2011 23:52:26

This is a most welcome move. It encourages common man to save and government gets funds for infrastrucure development.

Eugene DSouza, Dombivli/Moodubelle
13/11/2011 23:50:29

Congratulations to all the office bearers and members of Bellevision-UAE for organising professionally such a wonderful tournament with significant participation from various teams. The report, pictures and video manifest the grandeur of the mega event.

Francis, Kinnigoli/Mangalore/Auckland
13/11/2011 16:21:32

Dear Friends of our Mother tongue Konkanni, It was so amazing to see ekvoth Konkanni drama presented with such a great message from the bible, reminding us all to be ready "Toiar Rau"
Congratulation to all the actors and all people involved backstage for their huge effort for this success.
Mog Asundhi
Francis Benny

Benedict Noronha, Udupi /Bahrain
13/11/2011 06:48:23

Indeed a historic event in the field of sports and games. The organizers have made it meticulous and all technical aspects are found to be thoroughly followed. Congratulations to the organizers, participants and winners in the competitions. Better luck to the trailers who can still make it with better efforts. Efforts of Mr Elias and others are successful and Sigfred has made it marvelous by his skills in depicting on the Web. Keep it up.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
13/11/2011 05:06:49

It is heartening to note that BV is growing from strength to strength and their organising capabilities are exemplary all because of the sacrifices of all concerned. It is also heart warming to see tuluvas and konkans, hindus, muslims and christians of the region joining together to show that we are as united as anyone else and that any one trying to break this bond will be defeated. Hope that no one takes exeptions for honouring some one with flowers, shawl, plaque etc. because it is our way of saying "Thank You" for a job well done. By the way, I wish I was there to support you guys but could not. Keep up the good work. All the best.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
13/11/2011 03:53:41

Dear Rony, Excellent show and excellent pics. Please contribute in future too these type of shows. Your time and efforts in capturing these lovely and expensive cars is appreciated. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. A WONDERFUL SHOW TO WATCH.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
13/11/2011 03:48:37

Hats off to you Bellevision team, particularly Elias, Godwin, Valerian, Rony,Vally,, Well done. Though it was for the first time but every one felt as if they are attending the tournament held many times in the fast. Nothing was lacking, every thing was planned so well and organized in such a way, you showed you can do it and do it many times in future. Hard work never goes waste and all volunteers were so dedicated to the cause and they did a marvelous job. KEEP IT UP MY FRIENDS. ALL THE BEST FOR THE FUTURE ENDEVOURS OF BELLEVISION..

Ramanand, Shirva
13/11/2011 02:43:44

Kesaru gadde otata.

Diogo(Jambo), Auckland-NZ
13/11/2011 00:56:48

Thank you all my loving bro s and sisters ,our konkani lovers who are in NewZealand for encouraging and supporting us to do konkani drama(Toiar Rau).We can t do anything without support and blessings.i am greatful to Edward in a special way for his effort to make us more popular by sending good messages and photo s to the Websites.Thank you very much to all and wishing you avery success in your entire life and may God bless you all and your families.

JITISH PAUL, Dhupguri, W. Bengal
13/11/2011 00:36:58

This is good decision new rules on booking tatkal ticket.So, It is possible to stop black marketing ticket from tout.

Akash Kumar, Udupi
13/11/2011 00:05:57

It was a wonderful tournament. Volley ball n throw ball matches were exciting. I would like to salute the organizers for their wonderful effort, even though they were new in organizing sports event but they managed quite well. Congratulations to Bellevision organizing committee. Hope to see more events from you. God bless u all.

Edward Barboza, Kanajar / Auckland
12/11/2011 23:29:18

Congratulations to the winners. Excellent pictures and looks like everyone enjoyed the event. Nice to see the smiley faces of all my friends. Saby parbulu in full action!!!!!! Well done Bellevision UAE

Gladys Rodrigues, Australia
12/11/2011 22:33:04

Agnelo Great work!!!!Keep up the good work, keep it going...!!That a was a good crowd of 300!!! Cheers from the team in Melbourne!!!!

V. Lobo, Moodubelle
12/11/2011 14:59:17

Our christian community is not bothered about this kind of act We are like silent spectators there is no protest or condemnation nothing What a shame, We are like name shake Christians.I read nearly more than 150 base less comments regarding controversial issue of churches rented property.For the church attack there is no single comments form our B/V viewrs so sad, it means we are care for property and wealth not for the security of our community Last panchayat meeting there was big seen some of our former committee leaders arguing seems like panchayat has right change the the ownership of land. These former leaders sold our beloved church property like hot cake people took the advantage and build their buildings as they like.Now we realize what property means it is too late There is no unity among our community divide into two party that s it.

Zita, Moodubelle, New Delhi
12/11/2011 06:47:00

Congratulations to all and hatts off to the organisers.. Keep up the good work.. Best wishes from all of us here.

Harry, Udupi
12/11/2011 06:38:44

Konani doesn’t have a script its the main problem and there are many types of konkani like gsb ,catholic etc etc ...the software will be developed according to ly 1 accent ...it wil be rejected by d peopleof other accent(konkani).

Benedict Noronha, Udupi /Bahrain
12/11/2011 00:05:02

Konakni Kavi Ghosti at Kattingere in the court yard of Monnu Master is undoubtedly a step towards creating hisotoryin not only Konkni but in literature itself.The leadership of Ronald Sabi is steering a village to be a monumental one in the annals of India , that Gandhiji has said- India lives in villages.[ as I failed to listen to the video I do not want to more] I tis a great event and Professor re. Paul Sequeira has blessed it and it will grow far and wide with the able support of all those present there and me in absentia. Well done. congratulations to all involved.Keep up the spirit for greater events to follow.

V V Kamath, Mumbai
11/11/2011 23:03:11

This is only for eye wash .so many agents railway empoyers are making money .This is another opertunity making money. Previously their charge was single. Now they charging double.

Cruz C Fernandes, Melbourne
11/11/2011 17:34:24

From Oman to NewZealand. Where next?????? Toiar Rau eunk Melbourne...CCF

Walter Barboza, Moodbelle/ Mumbai
11/11/2011 11:36:53

Dear brother Edward it was really nice to see your acting for a konkani play !!! Well done !! hope to see you for more upcoming events in Auckland !!! Best of luck for the entire team of Toiar Rau !!

Shanthi Barboza, Moodbelle/ Mumbai
11/11/2011 11:34:41

Dear Edward !!! Congratulations !!! Very happy to see you acting in a konkani play...Well done !! Its really amazing !! we wish you and the entire team of 'Toiar Rau' very best of luck for your upcoming events !!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
11/11/2011 08:30:35

I have yet to come across a feature with a balanced analysis on jasmine farms. Prices soar, they dive. Pests and diseases worry; rains and heat kill; yield is low, labor and inputs unavailable. These are constant farmer negative talk. What is the outsider view? What is the extent of economic output this agro-business generates in the local economy? Are there households that make a living on jasmine farm only or is it a supplementary income? Would local economy sustain if the remittances run dry? I look forward to some discussion by people in the know.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
11/11/2011 08:20:51

It will pass like any other day, just like 7.7.77, 8.8.88..were and the 12.12.12 will be. Rest is all carnival ideas.
Cheers, let us salute that

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
11/11/2011 08:16:37

Ambiance Vibrant
Environs Brilliant
Enthusiasm Fervent
Madhushala was it
That got you drunk?

sr virginia, sri lanka
11/11/2011 02:51:25

Congratulation my dear sister I am clade to have you as our Superior General God may bless you more more.

Nelson, Udupi
10/11/2011 12:39:05

A new subject out of the context! Good going Belle Vision!! A stage for some like minded to thrive!

mohamed ramzeen, sri lanka
10/11/2011 07:17:24

mr lobo i mr ramzeen how r u i do working in dubai marine you r a good f b manager for me i really love your work still respect you god bless u

Tina Bensam, Solem, Oman, Muscat
10/11/2011 03:36:49

Hats of to the entire team for Toiar Rau, well done, God bless you all.Keep the Goan spirit going Michael. Mog ason

Avil Almeida, Moodubelle/Dubai
10/11/2011 03:05:08

Congragulations Edward and team to orginising the Konkani drama in Auckland.Nice to see Edward you on the stage.

Avil Almeida, Moodubelle/dubai
10/11/2011 02:58:26

Nice to see the Kavita Ghosti in our Belle Parish.Great work by Sannu and Ronald Saby.Cheers to all who attended the programe.Thanks a lot Mr. Ronald Saby for your generous help towards Bellevision.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
10/11/2011 02:14:11

Congratulation Yeddu Parbule. You are a superman!

Richard Rebello, Moodubelle
10/11/2011 00:52:40

Kavita Ghoshti or something related to literature, poetry is something unheard in Belle and I am sure its a pleasant surprise for the people of Belle. Congratulations to the organizers of Bellevision Kavita Trust for taking this mature and bold step. Good job by Sannu Monis, Ronald Sebastian and Melvyn. Our children need more of such quality events in Belle. When we train our children and youth in such qualitative skills the whole generation can benefit from it. Jai ho Bellevision.

Leena (Barboza) Fernandes, Kuwait
10/11/2011 00:10:01

Congratulations Edward and the entire group for the success of the Drama. Nice to see my brother Edward acting in the drama. Keep up the great job. All the very best for the future events.

Naila, Auckland
09/11/2011 18:48:12

Benny to invite you next time without fail

Ronald D, Udupi
09/11/2011 12:39:40

Amazing Eddu parbule!! Your taste ranges from fishing, deserts, river, mountain, driving and what not...fantastic drama as above too!!! Keep it up mate! Wish you good in every thing you do!

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
09/11/2011 08:45:55

Old wine in new bottle?

Thomas Saldanha, Kanajar / Dubai
09/11/2011 07:53:26

Congratulations for the successful konkanni play in Auckland. Also, good to see our friend Edward Barboza performing on the stage. Well done, keep it up. Thomas Saldanha fly

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle/Dombivli
09/11/2011 05:34:23

Happy to know that Konkani play Toira Rau was staged in Auckland (New Zealand)in the presence of quite a large number of Konkani enthusiasts. Thanks to Edward Barboza for the report and pictures.

RAJ GOMEZ, 401-B, Gouru Complex CHS Ganesh Nagar, Dombivli (west)
09/11/2011 05:00:39

This City is also having very important Worshiping Places like Ganesh Temple, Gaondevi Temple, Balaji Temple, Aayappa Temple, Swaminarayan Temple, Christian Churches, Jain Temples etc. nothing about these are mentioned.Also this city has many good colleges schools which is the main reason for the high literacy rate of this city.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi /Bahrain
08/11/2011 00:57:33

A noble act of expressing recording gratitude to the Lord by the Konkani Prayer group, worth more than prayers. Mr Mrs Francis

Pradeep, Pangla
07/11/2011 12:13:23

Mr. Dayashankar, Sour graphes, uh? Can't digest the 60 s land reform act? Due to the implemenation of that act today people have prospered, country has progressed. Learn to live and let live.

07/11/2011 07:06:27

Guatam buddha says "greediness and temptation is the root cause of all sorrows" .Over exploitation of land with heavy dose of pestiCides and fertilizers,soil has become useless.The best remedy may be use of new land and with new plants of jasmine.We too had 50 plants of jasmine flowers but arround 35 years back,there were no such plant deseases.Recently i had been to moodubelle and shocked to see price of Rs.800/-for one pack containing 4 chendu’s.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
07/11/2011 05:39:08

Between 1970-1995, I toured this region four times, before the dawn of digital era. I would love to go again and again. Yet, from what you have captured, time seems to have stood still. The temple marvels have stood the test of time and its abuse. While the touts are making money, the ASI is not making any. It should charge reasonable entry fees, and protect the heritage better from vandals and thieves.

Jerry, Belman
07/11/2011 04:35:31

Wish you all the best in your good work .

Baptist Sequeira, Belle
07/11/2011 03:01:56

For the Plant Shrinking problems there are few solutions. First of all instead of using more insecticides and artificial fertilizers, use naturally available alternatives. It is suggestible to make new plants for every 10 years, so that the new plants will give more yield. Earlier days we were using VIPUL a tonic for plant growth, even now also in AMWAY a product called NUTRIPLANT is available which adds more strength and productivity to the plant. In Belle Rama Bhat and Dominic Nazreth sell AMWAY products, which people can buy from them. For the result verification purpose people can contact my father Mr. Albert Sequeira who uses this product regularly during the treatment of ‘Koleroga’ to the Areca Nut plants, which are yielding fully. Even we use same product for black-pepper plants, mango trees, vegetables and jasmine plants.

Dayashankar, Katapady
06/11/2011 11:22:29

well, Mr. castellino can give back the land to the original owner and relax then.........

Geetha, Pernankila
05/11/2011 23:48:48

good article Prakash.....

Rony Norbert Pinto, Nyarma / Shirva / Bahrain
05/11/2011 03:49:49

Ln.Ronald Menezes,Ln.V.Subbayya Hegde,Ln.Wilson D'Souza, Ln. Gabriel Menezes ,Ln.Norbert Machado,Ln.Irwin D'Souza,Ln.Melwyn Aranha and V.Devdas Hegde, Mr.Michial Nazareth,Ln.lancy Corda, I wish you all the very best for the event.so that you can get all the success which you deserve. I know you must get success in this event and we can be proud for you. Have a Enjoyable Pleasant day.

04/11/2011 21:29:29

I don’t understand one thing, who ever did this they didn’t broke the Statue.They didn’t through the Stones on St.Therese. They have been did this to whole Christian Community. But I Am not Surprised that none Of these people get caught and get punished. Now this is the time to show our unity to the people. Who dares to do these things against us. If you didn’t take any decision now, soon in future we will be stoned on the Road. Our houses will be Stoned.Im Sure still we will be sleeping in our houses just talking about Our Pride.

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