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Ivan Menezes, Moodubelle
30/08/2012 08:20:44

sabiyam..Nice article and excellent pictures.

Mario Mathias, Shirva Mumbai
30/08/2012 07:47:31

Its very good and thanks to lions Club for the meaningful programme.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
30/08/2012 07:36:59

Rakesh M Udupi...for you it looks like same comments repeated...that too without reading since you have no mood to read! Unlike Pradeep Kumar, I like to read long informative comments and articles like many other readers. It is individual choice to read and editor's choice to publish! If you are not good at it, ignore it. Why get J? Some people are bad in Mathematics and some others bad in essay! Natural they have no patience to read informative articles. Take it easy!! If many were like you, print and electronic media would not have existed. It is impossible to make every bit of news paper and website interesting to everyone. Naturally we read only what is interesting to us. It is immature to say do not publish which is not my individual interest! Only sign language suits those do not want to read and write. My request is do not discourage those writing valuable comments here. Every comments may not be top class. Live and let live!

Jerry, Abu Dhabi
30/08/2012 06:39:05

No better things to do --Lions Shirva?. why those girls have to dance on the road? What is the message you are trying to give?

Radhakrishna, Belle
30/08/2012 05:57:58

Rakesh idu ninage yava tharahada roga?? Nimma belleyavaru alla antha kanuthade!!

Charles D Mello, Pangala
30/08/2012 05:09:52

Waa santhekatte ya undu ???. Mulpa santhela ijjy, kattela ijjy....Pathetic condition...!!!??

Rakesh M Udupi, Moodubelle
30/08/2012 03:39:08

Pradeep Kumar says right. Now no interest reading comments, same as essay. Where is HEMPHIL, why he is silent in this. Now a days I open OPIONION and just close because looks like same articles repeated.

Robert Nazareth, Belmannu / Chennai
30/08/2012 03:37:20

I think this is different person.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
30/08/2012 01:09:58

Hi Philip, thanks for the fact based info. Yes, NHAI should be more value based and stringent with whatever minimum guidelines and criteria provided. It is better to spend more on lasting roads than spending on repairs.
About local roads we see a lot of concrete stretches, which is a good sign. But irony is unfinished edges. Most often it is a drive or walk on knife edges to almost feet of split level. I do not see any cure to this disease at least at planning level. Unfinished deep edges are common even in cities couple of years after inauguration of roads. I believe, proper roads and garbage collections are burning issues in India today though we have some isolated exceptions. With younger generation growing, we may be blessed with more accountability, computerization and transparency, plug leakage of allotted and allocated funds for healthy and result oriented completion of projects.

Fr Denis Castelino, Belle
30/08/2012 00:51:44

I was a student of Belle School from 1951-1962. Cricket test matches are going on. We had only media available was the sports magazine and the running commentary available at the only place i.e. the Panchayath office at the Moodubelle market. Teacher Sadananda Rao a great fan of cricket used to send us market to get the cricket commentary from that radio. It was a part of the school and we were expected to see to the cleanliness of the area.

According to me cleanliness is everybody’s duty. When I was in Kalmady as Parish Priest we had just 59 cents of land inside the church compound and I had built 3 toilets. When I saw they were not sufficient I added two more. Economic toilets which could not but very close to the church. Some of the council members objected. I quoted a certain Priest who said “the first thing I did in this Parish was that I build two toilets for the public because some people may not visit BL. Sacrament but all search for the toilet in their emergency! But at Kalmady the question came “who will keep the toilets clean?” I said “you do all the other jobs but reserve this job for me” and till I left Kalmady the first thing I did every morning was a visit to the public toilets and then visit to the Bl. Sacrament. I did not allow anyone else the privilege of doing this sacred job.

So my countrymen in Belle don’t sit just blaming somebody else. Come on some cat to ring the bell and the other cats to join her.

Sudhakar P., Edmer
30/08/2012 00:32:00

I hope the local leaders who always always seen receiving garlands, flowers unite irrespective of party line and work for Belle so that the ordinary people can benefit. I am sure no excuses needed this time. Thanks to the website for highligting the issue of common people

Dr.Ashish Deshpande, Mumbai
29/08/2012 23:38:41

I would like to know what was your reference to age of first drink in India (11 in boys and 13 in girls)? Which population are you referring to? The same questions arise for your estimate of 3 million teenaged alcoholics.
Article is very pertinent except these doubts. thanks.

Rakesh D Souza, Moodubelle
29/08/2012 23:28:28

Waw! great Pradeep Kumar Mangalore. You are fed up with essay type comments. You are happy with progress of Santhekatte!! This is the result of current situation of Santhekatte.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
29/08/2012 23:18:08

This is another face of democracy. When the leadership is not allowed to work and only criticism and opposition for the sake of it and for getting cheap publicity, you are killing initiative. What is happening in Parliament house, State Assembly is not, though copied at Belle Panchayath, its effects are experienced. Therefore this is the fate and this is development. Mud is removed and new growth has been seen. We requre good morally up right Leaders in Ruling as well as in opposition parties. NRIs demand voting being out of India and help chose good leaders and help take off in a better progressive way.

Matthew, USA
29/08/2012 18:07:29

when they do america will be nuked by america and others yes we will attack ourselfs so the door to destroy isreal will be opened.

Pradeep Kumar, Mangalore
29/08/2012 14:54:00

Plz dont publish essay type comments on article. some people want to show their intelligence through web. if those people really care about society they should have been in some govt job in india. its a simple message to those plzdont write essays on articles. i am fed up of it.

RSD, Moodubelle
29/08/2012 13:16:01

Dear MLA, take a tour of Belle including Santhekatte...if you are happy take Guddali again. Also take a tour of whole of your constituency and all the market places. I think it is partially your responsibility, guide people to prevent contagious diseases! It is very important to see end result as important as Arambha shoorathwa!! If you like your territory, be it that way!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/08/2012 11:31:55

Come on Belleans, we are richer by 100 times or more since 1947. A majority afford houses built at 20 plus lakh rupees. Housewarming parties cost 3 lakh plus, yet, to pay for sanitation and health services, we have no desire to fund the local community effort.
PLEASE BE SHAMED. The GP president, you are not our lady to hold the broom, but there are men and women appointed to use the broom and stick also. Get them to use them. If they do not, see that they do not get their salaries. begin with the VA/VS first to straighten them. If they show insubordinate behavior, find out how to punish them, fire them from jobs and also tell the Grama who is not obeying you. stop their increments, career advancements, and so on...

Stany Dsouza, Shanthigudde, Shirva
29/08/2012 11:23:41

Thank you Melwyn, wilson, Ramananda and all Lion members for organizing such an excellent celebration.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/08/2012 11:22:40

1. When I read it earlier today, I thought of EJFD feature titled Servant nahim Domestic help available on homepage of www.kittall.com
2. Alphonse referred to it, please take a look. Either kill thinkers and writers of EJFD caliber. And continue to wallow in our own urine, shit and gargage.
3. Sanitation has priority over anything else. In 2000, there was mysterious fever in Padubelle and unspecified numbers of deaths. People were angry with the poor workers of quarries. My views were published too on Khursacho Taallo. Nothing much has changed because attitudes do not change.
4. We are willing to pay Rs250 for a square feet of granite or marble for interior decor, but unwilling to pay Rs250 per year for city/town/GP tap water, and dispose garbage in the right way. Accept it: INDIANS ARE DIRTY. Such filth I have seen only in African towns with only black populated areas. At the risk of being labeled racist, we are racially proving ourselves inferior to white, yellow and mixed races of the world.
5. Education has nothing to do with it. In the most literate state, Kerala, matters are as bad or worse.
6. Nowhere have I seen people proud of calling themselves POOR except in India

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
29/08/2012 10:12:02

It is very common view with many of our markets around Udupi area/Katapady/Shankerpura area. We see it day and night and don t lift our fingers including me as I don t blame all. I have heard many time, let me try to do something about it and not let other do it. I also read a very similar story on kittall.com on how good we are keeping our environment clean and tidy. Most of the time we are ignorant of our own duties like throwing garbage anywhere we like, urinating wherever there is a wall or bush. Perform our nature duties as we like it even though we are just a few yards from our toilets. I am not talking about public toilets as that is another pathetic story altogether. yes, the panchayat or municipality has their duties to perform and they must. It is very easy to pose for photographs in award functions but it is very difficult to put extra efforts to develop and maintain the responsibilities given to them. Also there should be account of funds they are receiving from government etc. Anyways, this article is an eye openner to all of us including Panchayat members and committee to look into these issues a little more seriously esp. when it is concerning the health.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/08/2012 07:08:09

1. A BOT cost for a 41Km brownfield four-laning of Hadapsar-Saswad-Belsar- Phata section of SH-64 and Belha-Pabal- Uralikanchan-Jejuri Nira section of SH-61 was awarded three weeks ago. The Unit Cost per Km of winning bid is 873.2 lakh rupees=USD1.58mllion. A greenfield project cost is twice as much for a four-lane highway following the Indian Highway codes (which you have sen at MIT library). And this in deccan palteau kind region, not a ghat; not in NER or J K or Naxalite infested region. Not in Himalayas.
2. At independence, India built 11km road per year. When we got richer around 2000, it built 11km per day. This has slowed down to half, mainly due to land acquisition resistance, spiraling land prices and agiitations as well as litigation on compensation. Thtat is on quantity and cost, to explain why we are laggards. (Remember our educated villagers with internet connectivity lambasted 70 lakhs cost for a rural road. A good road to the specification of you rphoto#1 requires 25 times as much.
2. Quality of roads: Who inspects, who approves, who releases bills, who issues project close-out? The PWD Engineer Team or NHAI Chief Engineer s team. We must join this team

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
29/08/2012 06:26:47

"Karyen zalen, voiz melo!" Once the report of "Guddali Pooje" with all smile photoes with Mysore silk sarees appear in the news papers and websites, who cares after that? The intended "purpose" is achieved! I suggest that the media only report the "house warming ceremonies" or the inauguration of a completed project and boycot all other functions. Media should put the horse before the cart and not vice versa. The locals should go for the "completed product" and shun all the "raw materials". By the way, what happened to the 40 lakh donation received from the fisheries department for the new fish market at Belle santhekatte? Spent everything only to level the ground and grow grass and weeds? Can some one use RTI and get some answers? Shame on the people who only want name by playing game. If you do not love your people and the place you belong to, do not try to become a panchayath member.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/08/2012 05:42:24

It is common to come across two legged lizards of native origin, fitting the description of chamelions. Depending on who one asks, the other always is in this category. On the original kind, my weirdest experience is sitting by the roadside in central Bangkok and watching them grill lizards. A five thinnest type went for 20 Baht..
On sparrows: they keep coming to my apartment balcony to wake me up though I neithe rown a cradle nor have any intention/hope of, you know what..

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/08/2012 05:32:50

Happy Onam to malayali readers; just had my Onam Sadhya half an hour ago, eating delicious vegetarian dishes, red steamed rice and sambhar served on a banana leaf and topped it up with payasam.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/08/2012 05:28:00

The idealogical proponents of private enterprise hold ALL public enterprises deliver poor quality customer service. However, I used KSRTC Airawat Volvo Bus service thrice in 2011 between Mumbai and Udupi and was surprised pleasantly. The KSRTC level of customer service beats any of private operators s in all aspects.

S R Chavan, pune
29/08/2012 04:26:43

KSRTC is doing a very nice and appreciable work. This service will definitely attract many travellers. Many people travel between bangalore and pune/mumbai. I really hope that KSRTC will start this service on bangalore-puen-mumbai route.
Again all the best to KSRTC.

Mark, Udyavara
29/08/2012 03:17:03

I distinctly remember this landmark use to buy mangoes fresh vegetables after my visit to my grandmothers house; next to it.

I am sad to see "dying" state of this place. What s wrong with our governance esp. Panchayat corporators, public servants who needs to upgrade and upkeep such public utility places.

I see the "dying" image of India when I see such apathy, all around.

Francis Noronha, Mumbai
29/08/2012 01:57:25

When we received our Independence from the British our leaders of that time had great vision of our country, its development and progress and hope that our leaders and elected bodies will dedicate their service to the people of India.

However, the vision of our great leaders gone astray and leaders became politicians and the total scenario has changed and the reason behind lack of progress in many fields and self motives and greediness seems to have taken over service.
We no longer can tolerate and close our eyes any more and as sincere citizens of our great India we must bring awareness among our own people if the elected body is failing to perform its duties.

We are no more only worried about Roti Kapda our Makhan. These are basic necessities of our life but to enjoy them we must keep our environment clean free of disease and danger. We need to bring awareness how dangerously we live and be responsible ourselves for our good health. We live in 21st century but our standard of living has remained in the 19th century.

juze vas svd, Uppinakote/Indore MP
29/08/2012 01:13:50

ರಿಕ್ಷಾ ಆಸಾ ಸ್ವಾಭಾವಿಕ್ ಥರಾನ್ ಸಕ್ಡಾಂಕ್ ತಯಾರ್ ಸೆವಾ ದೀಂವ್ಕ್.
ಜಾತಾ ಉಪ್ರಾಂತ್ ಸಬಾರಾಂಕ್ ಎಕಚ್ ಶಿಕಾಪ್ ದೀಂವ್ಕ್
ಬೊರೆಂ ಕವನ್ ಘಡ್ನ್ ಜಾಲಾಯ್ ತುಜಾ ಕಾಮಾಂತ್ ತುಂ ಪ್ರವಿಣ್
ಶ್ರೀ ಆಂದ್ರು, ಶಾಬ್ಬಾಸ್ ತುಕಾ ಹಾಂಗಾ ಥಾಂವ್ನ್ ದೇವ್ ಸದಾಂಚ್ ತುಜಾ ವ್ರತ್ತೆಂತ್ ರಾಕೊಂದಿ.

Rakesh DSouza, Moodubelle
28/08/2012 23:12:04

It looks like a slum area. Are we progressing in reverse direction?? Who is really responsible for this grave situation? Have our leaders ever thought of development of this place.
All our elected leaders lacking the vision. All should work with selfless motive and make our place neat and clean.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
28/08/2012 13:09:37

Dear Philip, I am glad you made a note of my frustration and serious comment! I love my home country and my town. We are gifted with pathetic roads! A tire will last only 25 thousand KM compared to my car managing 1 lakh KM and still looking good for another 25 thousand KM in Dubai.. Tire cost double compared too many other countries. I change it only due to safety point of view with the age of tire! Due to bad roads, bearings, shafts, gaskets, O rings and ultimately engine and gear box takes a beating! Hence money needs to be spent to move on... Same applies to the transport operator! He cannot run on loss! He needs to take money home in order to keep the family happy and going! I believe due to this reason we need to pay higher price for perishable and non perishable goods! IF RELIGION AND POLITICS ARE SEPERATED WITH BIGGEST POSSIBLE SCISSOR, we get things going better...We need younger generation growing and we need sustainable roads! One inch of Jally and few mm of tar will add more to these problems! Whereas other countries more than a feet of base material and pest control prior to that. Late 80's I had seen thick books on highway engineering and roads at MIT Library! Contd

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
28/08/2012 11:34:55

Sir Andrew. Supper Poem written based on the current situation. Today we are so much divided in the name of religion and humanitarian and brotherhood values are vanished.

This poem is a wake up call to all of us. after all we are all one under the sun but politics, system and greed for power divided us.

thanks for your first poem in Bellevision and I am sure our readers will enjoy it. Hats off to you sir for this wonderful poem. Please continue sharing with our readers.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
28/08/2012 10:04:17

Clarissa writes: Next, we proceeded to the Vatican City...I was happy to know that shorts or sleeveless vests are not allowed inside the Basilica.
God, faith and religion is always on our minds even during a business or pleasure trip through Europe. Visits to chapels, shrines, churches, cathedrals, basilicas, and ancient pagan temples were on my itinerary too. The predominant thought however was and is: how did the Christian Churches, especially the Roman Catholic Church manage to alienate youth from faith? Why church attendance is dismal? Is a secularized Europe heading towards a godless community? Even as Pope is preoccupied with bringing back his lost flock, this aspect of providing a cover-all at a charge of Euro 1 to those without proper dress, did not escape my attention. For my account of the relationship between God and humans in Europe, read my essay: http://www.udupitoday.com/udtoday/community.php?get=news newsid=118 id=21

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
28/08/2012 05:54:47

3. Finding money: During Q-1/2012, India stood FIRST in global Project Finance market deals, attracting 29% of USD67Bn gross. SBI led at top bank slot and Axis Bank figured among top ten global arrangers. This despite the claim UA-II is ineffective.
4. Half a dozen of my contacts have returned from their summer holidays in Europe with organzied trips to at least one ALPINE PEAK, riding cable cars, cog trains, and train systems inside long tunnels bored through mountains. I myself did this at Zugspitze peak only two months ago.
4. The modern cost for a km strecth of this exceeds USD 1Bn. We need these types in our border more for security reasons than tourism, given our external defense environment (compared to European nuke based NATO system).
5. Our Railway Minster had to resign when he tried to raise fares. The PPP mdoels can only succeed when common man is willing to pay. My contacts spent between 15~20K USD for a family of four for 18~20 days tours in Europe, which is more than one MILLIOn rupees. Our common man with capacity to pay still wants to enjoy subsidies which are meant for the reall poor without any guilt. This should change first.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
28/08/2012 05:36:13

I return with a SERIOUS comment on Saby s travelogue remarks: It was pleasant to observe with countless high rise road bridges and mountain roads where quality of construction is a witness to non corrupt practices. On the other hand was sad thinking about our lousy implementation and poor road standards with thieves. (Shiradi, Agumbe and other ghat roads with project cost and 10 years repair we should have such roads if not better.)

No doubt, we are laggards in physical infrastructure development. Apart from the chronic corrupt system (it is not fair to blame only politicans, but must take major blame because they are at the top of the pyramid), we have a resources crunch(skills, acess to technology, technology absorption level, adaptation to local topography, soil and weather conditions, money, people and contract management skills, a plethora: you name it). Quality requires a lot more than ethics. But good news:
1. Transparency in deals is increasing with a hawkish media willing to expose system. The RTI Act, a UPA brainchild, is a beginning.
2. The PRI institutions, a Rajiv Gandhi era initiative, will empower village level leaders to drive the process.
3. Contd

Prashanth D Souza, Mumbai/Singapore
28/08/2012 01:51:07

Clarissa, it was most interesting to read your travelogue. Well done! There is much to see in Europe and it was just as well that we got to see it through your eyes. It made for wonderful reading. Keep it up!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
28/08/2012 01:09:14

Unfortunately, educated Indians believe loudest, shrillest, noisiest and foulest language can win over reason, logic and cool-headed debates. It is called rabble rousing in civilized democracies.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
28/08/2012 01:04:46

He got lucky! The city is beyond redemption until someone like Julius Rebero descends..

Quadras, Padubelle/USA
27/08/2012 20:57:27

Good Job Clarissa. Keep it up.

Veena Gowda, CT, USA
27/08/2012 20:40:28

Wow Clarissa, wonderful job! Reading your travelogue made me remember all the details in our trip and made me remember all the special places we went. Wonderful writing- I m very proud of you! Loved the photos too!

Canute Menezes, Shirva/Mira Road
27/08/2012 19:49:47

The function was very well conducted by St. Joseph s Konkani Welfare Association, Mira Road. Thanks to Bellevision for publishing the article and thus encouraging the Association

Rita Patel, USA
27/08/2012 17:14:12

Hi Clarissa, Thanks for sharing the story with everyone who weren t on our trip..I m sure now they re all going to take this tour..Good job!!!

Edward Saldhana, Moodubelle/ Sharjah
27/08/2012 13:02:37

Kota srinivasanna, dadandaala maluple. Barsa paneeth kammi aavad ,rain god too angry. why!!

Jethin Gowda, America
27/08/2012 13:01:48

Hey Clarissa nice story, it s very detailed. i was in your trip remeber? You forgot to tell about me and shivu and aakash and everyone. Why didn t you? Anyway, great story, nice pictures too.

steve brown, kings computer akokwa
27/08/2012 08:20:13

i need a welcome song.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
27/08/2012 05:03:14

The National Disruptive Alliance (NDA) will do anything to prove that their name means business - dominance through distruction, disruption, disintergration, disunity, disrespect and degeneration - to mention a few. The word "decency" and related words are not in their manifesto. How sad!

Anand Kumar SP, Bangalore
27/08/2012 04:05:06

Dear Friend, Its nice to know that our Ganigas are rocking all over the world. I am looking for a job in Dubai. If you guys can help me out to get a good job over there, that would be great. please send me the email id so that i can forward my resume. I worked in Infosys for3.5 year, later I started a company with my friends....who ditched me....there for looking for a job once again. I have done MBA (PGDBA) in finance.

Melwyn D Souza, Dubai
27/08/2012 01:14:23

SMKC Dubai is doing commendable job since a decade. The leadership of Noel and Jennifer is really appreciable. Please continue doing good work for the benefit of the society. May god bless you all.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
26/08/2012 22:08:04

When I read this article I also remembered one of the old folk song of America: Where have all the flowers gone, long time I have seen".

Yes, everything that associated with us or our ancestors seems to be vanishing at a very rapid speed. yes modern life style, technology seems to be working overtimes and we have left with only the modern gadgets. Thanks for your inspiration sir to give a life to sparrows and lizards. Secondly where are all the cradles gone?? There are a few and borrowed for a day for the cradling/Christening ceremony only!!!!

Your last line was very humorous. Well said sir. Please continue contributing.

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