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Fr Sunil Kumar D Souza, Moodubelle/Thannirbavi
02/08/2011 06:43:42

Thanks one and all. Proud to be native of Moodubelle. Felt very nice while reading the valuable comments and blessings given by my own people. May our patron St Lawrence bless all the couples of our parish.

Max, Belle
02/08/2011 05:55:00

If two adults not happy being together as a couple then they have basic human right to file for a divorce and seek for a new partner. I do not think any individual or religion have any right to prevent that. Please give humans a freedom to chose what they want, whom they want and being happy in their life.

Max, Belle
02/08/2011 05:46:06

It should be personal choice but not church is imposing on two adults. I would be more happy if the citizens wake up and give more preferences to humanity rather than so called "religion".

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
02/08/2011 04:32:20

It is a great chapter in the History of the nation and also in the annals of fight against corruption. The ex- C.M. made it very difficult for the Lokayukta Mr. J.N.Santhosh Hegde in office by not providing the promised support and finally Mr C.m. himself vacated his chair which he was pronouncing to rule for 20 years. Stupidity as it was, the Lokayukta has done wonderfully well and despite hurdles has has collected huge funds and it for the New Lokaukta and the New Government in Karnataka to act on these raid results.I wish Mr J. N.Santhosh hegde a contended life and peaceful relaxation in the days, nay years to come.

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
02/08/2011 01:22:53

A well analytically written article by Philip Mudartha. According to the recent news, in spite of the Supreme Court orders, the iron ore has been transported clandestinely from the Bellary mines. This shows that there is scant respect to the Supreme Court orders by those who had been involved in the illegal mining operations in Bellary.

Suraj-Belle, Moodubelle
02/08/2011 00:44:16

Dear Sadananda what news you want about the coconut farmers? Daily market rates of coconut or Koppara? We appreciate if there is any special news in and around your locality regarding the Coconut and coconut farmers we would love to publish in bellevision. Thanks for your consideration.

Prakash, Mulki / Dubai
01/08/2011 14:43:13

Jagadish shettar and Sadanand Gowda both are very good leaders, but Shettar has more experience in the past, he has been opposition leader, speaker, partry president, two times minister in past and in good relation with the opposition partys also.

Ramesh, Udupi
01/08/2011 14:39:27

Caste conflicts with party politics is going to make Karnataka political condition still more worse.. its already worse and its going to become more worse.

Jagadish, Bengaluru
01/08/2011 14:36:25

Why an MP to be made CM ? Karnataka will lose one elected MP. It is better to make the present BJP MLA as the CM, so the people wont face the bi elections and he can concentrate on the administration.

Sadanada, Kattingeri Palli
01/08/2011 12:50:01

Dear bellevision editor people in coastal Karnatakas Udupi and Magalore district depend on Coconuts you are not giving importance to these people Please give news of our poor peoples strugle.

Cyprian Castelino, Belle/Dubai
01/08/2011 12:02:03

I would surely agree with the comments written by all,i guess it was only for the members and relatives of LC, such get toghter and meetings which focus on the current life stlye should have been addressed properly and to all the parishoners, there could have been even larger crowd if kept at a convenient time keeping in mind we are common people who dont have our own vehicle but reliable on Public transport since it was rainy season. The organisers need to keep all this mind when v plan for public interest.

Therese Dalmeida, Moodubelle/Doha
01/08/2011 07:33:19

Fr.Sunil is young, dynamic, annointed and one of the most gifted speaker and counseller in the recent years. We have also read the valuable artical of Dr. Eugine regarding the increase % of divorce in the megacity. From time to time We should conduct preventive and therapeutic educational sessions on how to save marriages. A good start by the Lions club, Moodubelle.More blessings and more power to dear Fr. Sunil Dsouza.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
01/08/2011 06:21:34

Dr Eugene must be awared P.hd in social scince I feel after reading this article. One can come to udupi courts and watch the number of youngsters sitting in queue for divorce cases. Simillarly statistics are available at the mangalore diocesean matrimonial courts. What a tragedy!? this is because of lackings of understanding and As Dr Eugene has said , such as I hate you, I can't stand you, I curse my stars for marrying you, etc. Exclusive words such as and you are now increasingly replacing inclusive words such as "we" and "us", ego clashes, lack of adjustment, disagreement on trivial issues, arguments, etc. The present media is also responsible for the thinking of separation as there is no time for being together and serials give the hints for the separations thoughts.Propepr religious education and counselling can only be panacea for this evil. But philanthropists say God's plans. Swallow the guilt,learn to bear with the situation.

Victor DSouza, Moodubelle / Doha
01/08/2011 03:39:51

Fr. Sunil is one of the rare gifted speakers and listening to his speech is always interesting learning.

Most of the divorces in our community are mainly due to lack of adjustment and ego clashes between couple. The families of couple, instead of helping to sort it out, they make bigger issues out of it and then it becomes the ego clash between both families, and there is no return back. Meetings and counseling like these for couples and the families will help to cope with such situations.

Anil, Moodubelle
01/08/2011 02:25:44

Failed to impress purely because of the audience. Its a opportunity wasted. This would have been a great initiative by Lions Club if they thought a bit more on target audience and put some more efforts to gather larger audience.

Pothram, Moodubelle
01/08/2011 02:13:41

Congratulations henry alva, wish you all the best and good luck. I would like to see you in white trouser too very soon, not only with white shirt. Please ignore those scrap comments on capital letters without proper name to make out their gender. I think they are very jealous on your recent achievements. They are bjp Christians and no guts to put their real name in their comments. Once again best of luck.

Naveen M., Udupi
01/08/2011 01:44:35

When start enjoying the power, nothing else remain in the mind.

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore
01/08/2011 01:25:15

Divorce cases are increasing day by day and the reasons for most of those are very silly!!! Well done my dear brother... This will definitely serve as food for thought. A very good initiative by the Lions Club, Moodubelle. Such talks/interactions should be specially targetted to the present youth and to the people between the ages of 25-40.

Mohanraj S.Ps, Belgaavi
31/07/2011 12:56:04

Only few comments ,,,,, all people shld go mad by seein the huge support of kannadigas, all kannadigas plz cme express ua thoughts.

31/07/2011 11:55:32

A campaign should move throughout the countrey against the corruption.Our full cooperation is with you.

Suresh, Udupi
31/07/2011 09:59:49

Police did the right thing by not making their arrest public for 10 days until the investigation is over. Otherwise they would not have been successful in busting as many as 42 cases.

Stanly, Udupi
31/07/2011 09:55:08

How can Yediyurappa just appoint his successor? He will install a puppet who ll do his bidding and perpetuate what he is being dismissed for.

Antony, Bangalore
31/07/2011 09:53:17

BJP please think of national interest before private interest. You ll win more supporters that way by showing genuine action rather than some behind closed-doors compromise.

Antony, Bangalore
31/07/2011 09:47:41

Loop holes in the system enables them to commit crimes repeatedly. May be they will come out again soon for new crimes.

Suraj-Belle, Moodubelle
31/07/2011 09:25:53

Big Thanks to Santosh Hegde. Neither Congress nor JDS able to shake his chair with their high drama with many controversies. India needs more people like Santosh Hegde to control these dirty politicians.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
31/07/2011 01:37:26

Dravid s batting is at its best than it has ever been. He is now quick to dispatch bad balls to the boundary and always have the score-board moving ......He has added more shots square and behind the wicket on off-side while few years back it was predominantly on the leg side and drives.
When the going gets tough, no one quite get s going likes Rahul Dravid. The endearing part is, he is possibly blessed with least amount of natural cricketing gifts - however his discipline has always enabled him to channel his competitive instincts to incredible performance. No lessons are lost, no routine is skipped, and never once does he take the game for granted...

Valerian Lobo, Moodubelle
30/07/2011 15:00:13

Congratulation Henry Alva,Wish you all the best and good luck, Please ignore those crap capital letter comments writers they are jealous we wonder these people have no gender they no single name they are pathetic BJP Christian, no guts to show their real name.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
30/07/2011 07:24:05

Luke 16:1-8: "Jesus told his disciples: There was a rich man whose manager was accused of wasting his possessions. So he called him in and asked him, ˜What is this I hear about you? Give an account of your management, because you cannot be manager any longer.The manager said to himself, ˜What shall I do now? My master is taking away my job. I'm not strong enough to dig, and I'm ashamed to beg. I know what I'll do so that, when I lose my job here, people will welcome me into their houses.So he called in each one of his master's debtors. He asked the first, ˜How much do you owe my master?˜Nine hundred gallons of olive oil, he replied. The manager told him, ˜Take your bill, sit down quickly, and make it four hundred and fifty.Then he asked the second, ˜And how much do you owe?˜A thousand bushels of wheat, he replied. He told him, ˜Take your bill and make it eight hundred.The master commended the dishonest manager because he had acted shrewdly. For the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light." Yeddy is doing the same during the last few days of "ashada" - making "friends"!

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
30/07/2011 02:04:28

It resembles a primery grade student not willing to give up his toy / chair. State democracy and ethics have taken a beating. To make money and distribution (mining) any day is fine and to resign, they need ashaada masa calculation so that Gods will take part of the responsibility! Bigger surprise is, most of the law makers are supporting illegal wealth and indirectly terming lokayuktha report wrong. Anna Hazare...use same yard stick against all political parties so that virus in every party is extracted and parties with non corrupt leaders will remain in business!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
30/07/2011 00:10:27

Well done,Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyurappa, our beloved Hon. CM. Please do not give up. All aces and trump cards in your hands, deal them wisely and brilliantly until the money trail stops at the temples of matronly goddess of Bellary along with her high-pitch associate demi-gods in the high command.

It is a free for all. Enjoy till it lasts. After all, the bad month of Ashada is over..

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
29/07/2011 22:33:53

BSY cannot be adamant. He has to bow down to the dictats of the High command. Else he may be thrown out of the party , when no one will be with him, Lord Manjunatha is angre for defying false promises, party bosses for his disobedience and the MLAs for letting them down with his arrogance and false prstige. Humility is the need of the hour for BSY. Let wiser councel of Mr Jaitely prevail. Else BSY may be prosecuted as Mr Raja is facing now for the identical acts of causing financial loss to the State and Tax evasion. No one is above law.

29/07/2011 22:16:54


Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/07/2011 11:34:50

Page 63, sure?
NMDC records show they exported iron ore at 40% of international market price! See, we exported at 60%! see we are nobler than the GOI enterprises!! Send MMS to jail and make us PM..

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/07/2011 11:32:13

Page, eh ah, oh, whatever..
Rs215 crores parked in isle of man and virgin islands..he, he, not sent to Switzerland and Italy..we are true Indians, hahahaha!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/07/2011 11:28:55

Page 462a or b or d what does it matter: China Boom. Without us, China would not progress. It is our sanathana dharma to take care of our friendliest neighbor...they are Buddhists and so us, not mughals you know...we deserve a medal like Bharat Ratna?

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/07/2011 11:25:11

Page 52:
Rates per ship sailed: Director Ports @Rs50,000. Does not mention where he spent the money and what he did that night..incomplete investigation...not good for us to resign!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/07/2011 11:22:03

Page 12. 1USD=Rs40. The ignorant ombudsman does not even know that a dollar was Rs44-50 range...the entire report is rubbish, because of this!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/07/2011 11:19:05

Republic of Bellary? Apologize, apologize! We are Empire of Ramnagari. We are Mahamaharaja Poojyapada GJR. How dare the ombudsman insult us?

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/07/2011 11:15:57

I just read 466 pages of this report. My reactions:

#1: The report is impure because on page 21c there is spelling mistake. The Ombudsman should apologize for this!..:P

stanly, belle
29/07/2011 05:10:35

Mr Suraj Chor jaayega, daaku aayega...Nothing will change,These leaders will eat our taxpayers money .

sequeira, pamboor
29/07/2011 04:57:38

Congratulations Mr Henry Alva, Wish you all the very best for your future course of actions,Now your turn improve the roads,Specially Pamboor Kabyadi road,Please dont expect flowers and fruits,Do the good job next time you will win,We are with you,

Vino, Erode
29/07/2011 03:19:18

India has much more power than England while batting is concerned..,in bowling Indians are lacking in their pace and bounce...Harbhajan is not performing well as spinning dept is considered...As batsman with their 100% effort with some miracle spells from Indaian bowlers will lead to victory for india..go India go.!victory is ours...Sachin do well ya...

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/07/2011 02:25:32

1. Central funds for UPA legislated schemes: The funds come from public treasury; collected by taxes and levies from citizens, and so is not UPA money. Congress as a political party does not own sole right to seek credit. Once parliament passed these schemes, the opposition parties, including BJP, should implement them and take credit.
2. Indian Constitution, as a federal structure, created a stronger center with bigger taxation powers, and so raised funds flow from federal treasury to state treasury and downwards through tiers to Grama Panchayat. Anyone is free to claim credit, all such claim is legitimate propaganda. To whom public listens depends on how smart you are.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/07/2011 02:00:39

Power corrupts; absolute power, absolutely. BSY did not invent corrupt practices, however, he came to power promising to give a clean administration, a tall order he did not fulfill. He paid for it with loss of power.

In his removal, corruption did not end. The method and motivation of his removal by his party smacks of political expediency and not adherence to superior standards of public behavior and ethical values.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/07/2011 01:53:07

There are no two opinions on stopping pilferage and abuse of subsidies by unlawful behavior, which is rampant in our civil society. We expiate our guilt by blaming politicians in public, but using them in private for selfish goals. Madhvaraj would do well if he worked with the district administration in identifying the bogus ration cards and even towards eliminating them completely.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/07/2011 01:46:21

Well done, cops. Usually, our mamus are busy chewing tambaku-paan, and would not notice even if an elephnat passed by!
(By the way, I can make it quicker to Santacruz station on foot than riding in a car, which says a lot about the high-adrenaline chase!)

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/07/2011 01:33:34

With liberal but judicious blending of garlic, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon and a variety of well known spices with herbs in our dishes, supplements would not be needed.

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore
29/07/2011 00:37:43

Congratulations Mr Henry Alva... Wish you all the very best for your future course of actions...

Benedict Noronha, Belle/Udupi
28/07/2011 23:02:22

Congratulations Mr Henry Alva. Do not yield to corrupt practices. Let service be your motto and win the hearts of the people by being honest and strong in the principles of justice and fair play. Your mission will succeed. good luck.

Vincent, Moodubelle
28/07/2011 20:05:49

Yes Mr. Sooraj, your views are 100 percent correct.This so called dog's days are over and i expect another one in his place to grab whatever left in the mining fields.

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