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Saiful Haque, Bangladesh
20/09/2012 23:57:44

T20 is a magicically changed play format of the game. I thank Bangladesh will play next round.

Pradeep Kumar, Mangalore
20/09/2012 14:48:58

Mr.Martis what do u mean?.wish him to be a good leader insetad of being a christian youth. he has been elected as student union president not catholic sabha president.pls grown up.

Renita Pinto, Delhi
20/09/2012 13:40:06

The Chapel is just so amazing. It is really sad that being Mangaloreans we were not aware of such a blessed beauty. Even the pictures of the Chapel are so mesmerizing. I can imagine how I would feel to experience it personally. Beautiful Article. Thanks and regards, Renita

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
20/09/2012 13:26:13

I particularly liked the tug of war photos depicting the clean fun and positive energy experienced by participants. Rolling in muddy slush is a therapeutic. keep it going a few times in a year.

Renita Pinto, Delhi
20/09/2012 13:14:28

Congratulations KORWA on completion of one year. Keep up the good work.
Regards, Renita

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
20/09/2012 13:11:32

As long as ageing is accompanied with financial security either self-earned or through direct family support, we will find ways to not to worry but be happy.

martis, Udupi, Kabul
20/09/2012 12:38:17

Congratulations.............Pls be a cristian youth in the midst of others........1

Sathish Suvarna, Belle/Dubai
20/09/2012 10:27:28

My hearty congratulation and wishing you all success in your new bussiness.

Louis D\ Souza, Kuwait
20/09/2012 07:00:32

God bless those who wrote this article our ancestor suffered at the hands of Tippu. Now too majority looks at us as if we are westerners n not Indian. That\ s very sad.

Janet Dalmeida, Moodubelle
20/09/2012 05:02:18

Dear President all members of BV Bahrain, Congratulation for the successful celebration of Monti Fest. Very well organized event. Good coverage too. Keep it up. Proud of my Brother Naveen family.. God Bless

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore
20/09/2012 01:50:03

Nice Report... Nice Pics... Wish you all a very Happy feast of Ganesha Chathurthi...

Fr Sunil Kumar D Souza, Thannirbavi
19/09/2012 21:56:53

Thank you Fr G. Serrao and Pernal parishioners for this great opportunity. God bless u all.

19/09/2012 11:16:44


tarique anwar, j p nagar ,bangalore
19/09/2012 10:34:09

hi sir i m staying in jp nagar 5th phase what is the procedure for online ration card aplly


sr.ileene dsouza, kulshekar
19/09/2012 10:32:39

program was excellent.congratulations

Thomes, Moodubelle
19/09/2012 06:19:17

Jeena please tell me which BJP you are i mean Bajrangi RSS or Ramasenya. God only can save you for your blind support.

Winnie Saldanha, Manipura / Bombay
19/09/2012 04:58:18

Thank you for the prompt editing and publication of OLR Noven Jevon 2012 Celebration on your site. Appreciate it! hope you too had a wonderful Monthi Fest! May Mama Mary Bless you abundantaly!

Jenna, Thokoli
18/09/2012 14:58:55

Baptist - Please try BJP then... I Support

Florine Rodrigues, Belle/USA
18/09/2012 12:22:47

Great news! FDI in retail is very long overdue. Actually it will promote transparency, accountability and eliminate supply chain hurdles. Retailers are currently making excessive profits and paying less tax than they ought to be as most of them do not produce receipts for their transactions. The consumers will benefit in numerous ways. It will provide locals thousands of good value-added jobs and promote rural development. Taxpayers will enjoy shopping in decent supermarkets without having to bargain or negotiate. The noise about small traders having to shut down their shops is misplaced. The modern retail has not demonstrated any great promise in the goods they sell, prices or service. There is a huge population in the country who hesitate to even enter the malls and subject themselves to the cheating, rudeness and improper treatment from the neighborhood shopkeepers. This will also force shopkeepers to maintain their prices at par with supermarkets.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
18/09/2012 11:16:59

HEMPHIL, you do write good at times! I really appreciate this one! When everyone is enjoying, why we need to think about the road of approach? Yes, we need to address it but in a different platform!! I must agree this kind of pure fun need to be spared/excluded from any kind of criticism!

Bikesh kumar singh, J.P Nagar 6th phase,bangalore
18/09/2012 11:07:18

i am Bikesh from Bangalore, please provide 14 subjects carry over for take admission in 5th sem.

Eric Carvalho, Muscat-Dubai
18/09/2012 09:34:25

Thank you Jessy

Simi, Mangalore
18/09/2012 05:32:51

Mr.Roy You are right. excellent Job done by Sr. Jessy. being in mangalore i didnt know about aloysious chapel. after reading Sr.Jessy article i visited once. and its really very nice.

ria anna, mangalore
18/09/2012 05:26:38

such a Nice history of chapel.very nicely explianed by Jessy Mam. thank you so much.. keep it up.

18/09/2012 04:09:10


Rafhael Qudros, Faheel Kuwait
18/09/2012 03:01:22

This is right time Poppe Benedect visit this area becouse of the conflect world is facing cries all over thanks to bellevision for this update write more news of countryside Kundapur to kasaragod

alban D souza, Kunthalnagar/Moodubelle
18/09/2012 02:24:11

good to see this kind of games ....great initiative...keep the good work...congrats to winners organizers..

Simon kasaragod, Kerala India
18/09/2012 01:00:33

Sr. Jessy Jessy Al Sayer Jessy Bai Jessy Gen. Secretary of KORWA Jessy Kanajar this all comen name of your You are doing good social work and writings keep it up we pray in our pryaer spacially allways in Hoolly Cross Hill daily Sr. Jessy Keep this sprit allways thank you

Florine Rodrigues, Kattingeri/USA
17/09/2012 15:00:10

Excellent report on St. Aloysius Chapel and truly beautiful photography Jessy. I would love to visit this Chapel next time I visit you. Good to see you doing social work around Mangalore. You are using your God given talents for good cause. May God bless you abundantly.

pradeep kumar, mangalore
17/09/2012 14:28:41

Mr Rakesh M, you are talking about good old time,let us be unite nw.If we argue on this matter it we can write pages here. by the way I am missing some of the legend writters here.

Herman, Belle
17/09/2012 13:39:59

Great initiative guys!! Looks awesome fun. Make a practice of this every year!

Roy Pinto, Mangalore
17/09/2012 13:00:15

Amazing job! being in Mangalore i didn’t know the story of this chapel. Thanks to you Sr.Jessy for her wonderful coverage.May god bless you and your work too...

Edward Saldhana, Moodubelle Sharjah
17/09/2012 12:58:06

Nice photos ,thanks to one and all for the active participation in all the moments and we are very happy to be a part of the feast with such loving people around. We wish to keep the same spirit with more people to join the hands together in the future. Thanks Nirmala for the beautiful coverage on monthi feast Baharain.

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore
17/09/2012 12:41:50

Excellent!!! Great Initiative... Wonderful pics... By looking at the pics, I am sure everyone enjoyed a lot. Keep going...

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
17/09/2012 11:51:51

"Kai kesaradare bayi mosaru" - thus goes the saying. By introducing this new generation to this kind of sports they may be an initiation to "dirty their hands" and produce what we need to eat daily. "Sports uniforms" we were used to wear during these kind of games like "kambala" etc. some fofty years back are not the ones I see in these pictures! Anyway, "kalok thaka kola kattod" thule. Keep it up!

Abraham, Moodubelle
17/09/2012 11:32:35

Well organised programme. Congrats to the organisers,lions club, Mr. Devdas,Cmdr. Jerome Castelino, Bellevision and the participants. Keep Going...!!!

Devadas Hebbar, Kattingeri
17/09/2012 11:10:07

My dear Martis i think you had wasted your valueable time by writing two lines of comments in b.v.

Ramesh, Moodubelle
17/09/2012 09:56:34

Undu Marul, wooruk upakara, swacha malpulay, bangadaugulak ganeshdevrana pudered upkara, wanesh Korelay, undu yanchina nikelan karma, thinded charbi athay ?

Edward Menezes, Bantakal/Bahrain
17/09/2012 09:25:00

It was indeed One of the well organized function i attended in recent times,starting from the prayer till the food everything was taken care by BV.It was like Family re-union.wow great Entertainment,the skit "MONTHI"was a perfect theme for this event,So Congrats hats off to BV committee Members,hope pray that you Guys will reach to greater heights.Thank you Nirmala for d coverage.

Ramayya, Belle, moodubelle
17/09/2012 08:55:28

Mr. Nameless Martis, are you doing roads in Kandhahar? Nonesense... come back and do roads in Belle man....

Rakesh M Rebello, Moodubelle/Udupi
17/09/2012 08:53:10

If the chemical of the cracker "Dursu" is affected by moisture, then children open its upper portion and pour the chemical in the fire. Same way when our christian s dursu becomes pusk, then this is another method, to invite bhat to inaugrate church. But earlier days going to Devastana, going to Yakshagana or any hindu festival was act of Saitan to our holy padreb. How they become secular now?

pradeep kumar, mangalore
17/09/2012 08:40:45

Mr.Martis you mean to say people of belle should completely avoid day to day activities also? Anyway you are commenting from an intresting part of the world .So I can understand your fraustration. chill out buddy.

Pradeep Kumar, Mangalore
17/09/2012 08:31:47

Mr.Hilary as per the report Bishop of Mangalore and so many priests are also attending the function.They are not true christians? according to Bible Jesus Christ healed many people who are not belong to his caste.so which Jesus you are following? people like you will create communal problems in the world. Let us live peacefully.

Richie, Belle/Q8
17/09/2012 07:52:46

Good one from Belleans. All participants must have had a good time.

martis, Belle, Kabul
17/09/2012 05:18:44

You people don t have any other work to do?. Pls do something that will benefited to the Gen. public of M belle. Improve roads, help to built houses for the poor people. Help poor farmers... so on. Pls don t waste your precious time on these things.

Hilary, Udupi
17/09/2012 02:53:30

Mr.Kumar If u are a true christian u will come to know what is right and what is wrong.Otherwise u will not understand.Christians are secular but that doesn`t mean u lose your own principles.We canot compromise with our basic things.

Anurag pandey, Devra barabanki
17/09/2012 00:52:06

T 20-20 is a magicically changed play format of the game.I like it and thinks india will able to win this cup.Chak de INDIA....go and get the cup.

Valerian Albuquer, Malad Mubai
17/09/2012 00:51:29

Congratulation to all Abbasians spacily organisers forthis traditionl Monthi fest celebration we miss this opportunity anyway some of family members were present thanks to bellevision for the coverage this wonderfull family event

Lobo, Mangalore
17/09/2012 00:18:35

Beautiful Pictures and excellent piece of writing the rich history of St. Aloysius Chapel. Keep on writing Jessy. Planning to visit with my friends from U.S. next month. Jessy looking forward to your next article....God bless you..

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
16/09/2012 22:12:46

Interesting games held at Kesaragadhe sports event. Looking the participants, looks like every one enjoyed the games thoroughly. Good initiative by Belle people and should continue every year but a little earlier when it actually rains. Beautiful pics and report by Dr. Eugine and Anil.

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