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Cynthia Nazareth, Mangalore,UAE
05/06/2012 04:38:54

Congratulations to Mr. Alphonse Mendonsa for writing a wonderful article on Mangalorean catholics history.It is indeed painful and shocking to hear our history.Through this article we know the true story of our roots.We always studied as Tipu sultan and others as great warriors,but never knew thier unjust and insecure behavouir.Keep up the good work A!

Paul Pereira, Angelore / Abu Dhabi
05/06/2012 04:07:52

Nice one Alps,well written. Congrats and All da Best.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
05/06/2012 02:20:46

Dear Alphonse, Mangalore has grown heaps and bounds over the years. The article is really well written and compiled nicely to depict the painful days of our forefathers in Mangalore under the regime of Tippu Sultan. Excellent narration gives you an idea about the true picture of the place, rulers, people and the pain, difficulties and agony gone through by our ancestors, the Roman Catholics of Mangalore. This article has refreshed some of my old memories related to the history of Karnataka. Appreciate your memories of Mangalore Roman Catholics and the pictorial details with which we realize our existence and the progress we have seen over the years with an identity of our own. While reading the article, it touches directly to my heart and makes me to feel that it is a mixture of nervousness, bitter and anger. You have a gift of writing. Please keep it up to enlighten us with a lot more information related to our sweet home Mangalore and its origin!

Charles D Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 23:27:23

This is a good practice to keep healthy. My average weekly intake of water is approximately 50 Liters. You may not believe but true. If any water companies need a Brand Ambassador i will be a strong contender...!!!?????

Mervin D souza, Belman / Abudhabi
04/06/2012 23:02:51

Congratulations to Mr. Alphonse for writing a wonderful article on Mangalorean catholic history. Its very painful to read the atrocities committed on our ancestors and how they eventually braved them and returned to homeland and built our community all over again. This article has made us realise that the good life we are leading today is because of the sacrifices of our ancestors and we should cherish them forever.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
04/06/2012 19:55:40

Yuvraj, God heard everybody s prayers for your speedy and full recovery. We know that without God s help nothing is impossible. He is our protector and healer. We are glad to know that very soon you will be on the cricket field and back in action. Good luck and good health. You will always be remembered in our prayers.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 14:42:24

This idiot Zawahiri thinks...killing innocent people is Jihad...!!!????

Charles D\ Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 13:54:20

I don\ t think Mr Amir Khan has to apologize...There are ruthless doctors in the society..whatever it is I still admire Dr. Edward Lobo, Pangala...Dr. Cherian, Madras Medical Mission, Dr. Clement Couthino, Kinnigoli and Late Mr. Machado, Udyavara...They have/Had real nature of serving people and it is true till today. I am not blaming doctors who are expensive...it depends on how much they have spent on their studies (Taking into account today\ s Medical studies expenditure)...I am taking about the service and attitude towards their patients. Dr. Lobo is not an MBBS educated doctor...But his attitude towards patient is selfless. I remember..Once I called him at 2 clock in the night..and he came see my Mother...the case was beyond his capacity...he took my mother in his car to Manipal and arranged all the doctors in the night to take care of her. It was not for money...it was his attitude..Which i admire till today and till my death.

Ronald D, Udupi
04/06/2012 13:45:11

Why dancing men and on lookers were spared?

Charles D Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 13:35:27

Undu daala prayojana ijjiye..!!!??? Namra mara bulepuna malthuji Aanda..!!!?????

Charles D Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 13:30:09

Mr Zawahiri keep your praise to ourself. Bin Laden could not eat meat because of his health reason...!!??? If you want to hide in caves from where you can get electricity...!!!???? Speaking Non sense....shut your bloody mouth and get lost....

Charles D Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 13:24:49

It is common in Most of the Muslim dominated Nations..!!!! They see any lady as a child producing Machine...!!!??? I do not want wish to write more.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
04/06/2012 13:14:53

Good article Mr. Alphonse, Pangla...I am proud to know you and from the same village. Reading about Tipu Sultan s atrocity towards christians I call him not a tiger.... but wolf...!!!!???

Alfreeda Arun, Belle/Bahrain
04/06/2012 10:40:21

That was a wonderful outing for all Bellevision family members.Thank you kishore and the team for organising such outdoor event in this summer.
I thank all those who worked for it and helped me out there .waiting for the next one.....

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
04/06/2012 07:45:48

Good article. It is very important to remind present generation about the sacrifices and pain of our ancestors.

DOLPHY DMELLO, Pangala/Shankerpura/dubai.
04/06/2012 07:43:51

ALPSAAAbu,your efforts are appreciated.Very knowledgeable.Keep it UPPPPP

04/06/2012 06:12:30

Thanks for the efforts on collecting and publishing the data.
Glad to see article published in bellevision!

Francis Lobo, Belle/ Dubai
04/06/2012 05:36:43

Dear Mr Alponse !!!
It was very great to know the true history of catholics during that time. They were very strong and brave to survive atleast few from such a such a brutal ordeal.Thanks for your
great efforts in explaining in detail.

Anil Pernal, Muscat
04/06/2012 04:43:48

Congrats and Thanks Alphonse baab for this well written and beautifully narrated historic article.The facts,figures and the quotes written in this article succeed in enhancing this writeup and compells the reader to read on and also shows your efforts and hard work in inking it.Would like to see more such articles from you in the future.All the best.

Valerian Fernandes, Belle
04/06/2012 04:35:08

Excellent article Aphonse. Nice to read, I appreciate your efforts to write this article … Keep writing.

Anil Pernal, Muscat
04/06/2012 04:03:58

Congrats and Thanks Alphonse baab for this well written,beautifully narrated article on the very important historic event.The facts quotes and figures mentioned in this article shows your hard work in inking it and enhances the beauty of the write up....Thank you and wish to see many more such articles from you in the future.

Gerald, uae
04/06/2012 01:47:03

Exellence, Wonderful. I must say it was a Dadhoshi Day all present here on lovely friday.The day was stated with Holy Mass ended with good message

Charles D Mello, Pangala
03/06/2012 14:31:05

I am sad that I missed it. All the best to all the members of Belle Vision Bahrain.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
03/06/2012 13:22:12

It is sad that many people believe in life after death....If you fail to lead a good and harmonious life in this opportunity...What guarantee is there...you will lead a good life after death.....?????? Has anybody come back and explained us about the life after death..?????

joel dsa, moodubelle, bahrain
03/06/2012 12:29:28

Bellevision members proved again that there is power in unity with the presence in large numbers, I personally very happy that the good work started during past year is taken to new heights by Kishore his team, Kishore you have motivated the committee members, co-ordinators and made another event a success. Your hard work, kind nature and smile makes everyone to put their 200 percent in every event we do. we are united with you to carry BV to new heights. BV rocks......

Naveen MENDONCA, Pamboor (Bahrain)
03/06/2012 10:47:23

Nice to see all Bellevision Bahrain members united and the response was overwhelming, Thanks Kishore his teem for hard work. We had a good jolly time.We enjoyed with rain dance. Looking forward for the next outing. Three Cheers to Bellevision Bahrain.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
03/06/2012 07:49:57

Very nice to see BV Bahrain members and their families enjoying a day out with fun filled games and entertainment in one of the best picnic spot in the island. With pictorial report and smiley faces of young and not so young says it all that all you had a wonderful time. Out there! The rain dance concept sounded very nice, similar to (Wonder La – Bangalore)!!!

Hilda, Moodubelle/Bahrain
03/06/2012 06:58:55

congratulations to the Committee and all the coordinators for your hard work in arranging a wonderful day for all of us. I thoroughly enjoyed the day with my family and we look forward to more such events.
Hilda Joel Dsa and family

kavitha, Tamilnadu
03/06/2012 05:50:41

KKR the wonderful,marvellous,coolest and self confidented team in ipl.gautham ghambir is the excellent captain.the next indian captain.next to dhoni gautham is the coolest captain.i like kkr team.2013 ipl champion is also our kkr

Flex Corda, Shirva/Abu Dhabi
03/06/2012 04:17:24

I was witnessed one of the best programe.The hight of the programe was time it was started eneded on time.The play was really good.

Santhosh D souza, Shirva
02/06/2012 08:39:39

Alwyn Mastre !!! unduu erek atth...(this is not for you)-Shalek Raje Thojodu!!!!- Pokkade dye!!!!!shalek Poleye! olla Madmek Mc Malpuleye!!!!

02/06/2012 05:02:17

Alwyn Mastre...shalek rajena kode?????
pokkade dayek......

Vikas Castelino, Moodubelle
02/06/2012 04:36:41

What a great service from Airindia express associates,even they beat udupi to mangalore express buses....

Sandeep, Pumpwell
02/06/2012 04:00:35

Good coverage of the day with pictures from all locations. India is not progressing with bandhs, its costing us our revenue.

Stany Martis, belle / udupi
01/06/2012 17:58:06

Mr. S.R. enough n more than enough take a rest u r good 4 nothing. good bye

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
01/06/2012 11:29:49

no, sit back
get I-won,
mean Ivan
Or some mirth
Queen Elizabeth!
(She is not the ex-empress of Imperial India. She is our own humble corporator in BBMC, a young and pretty lady!)

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
01/06/2012 11:24:03

Kudos to both the budding poet on the rhyme and meter, and to BV to bring it to its readers, but this political ad poem may bring blushes to David Plouffe. Politicians polarizevoters , promise change of ways but deliver more of the same once voted into office. President Obama is no different. (But may be, one is not supposed to disagree if political publicity or views are expressed in verse?!)

vvkamath, mumbai
01/06/2012 09:49:48

all polititions need a chair and wants to cheat the public and poor pepole.otherwise they are not working for public.and making money . all this is a Kannu Muchale .

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
01/06/2012 04:18:49

The blame rests squarely with Pranab-da, the much admired wizard, the trouble-shooter par excellence and sulking babu from bhadralok. The confused man told us our economy is resilient, decoupled, domestic consumption driven, well regulated, growing in a global recessionary environment, and patted his own back. The signs were there for anyone who can see for nearly two years. Our own industrialists and businessmen finding foreign lands attractive to acquire businesses, domestic Indian investors finding Gold as the most attractive investment, this man behaved as if of foreigners are just waiting to bring their money and set up businesses in India and give our people jobs. Nothing of that happens, because no one in in blind love with us, because we Indians think we deserve love. No one deserves anything, we should earn everything. Pranab-da failed to steer economy, his main business as finance minister, by removing bureaucratic strangleholds on investing. Investment did not happen though money was there. This did not happen because he gave too much money to expand government, and in other words, for too much government. Now, let it rest for a while, sulk, work less, and pray

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
01/06/2012 03:53:37

The report says: But since it was the right muhurtha day all the marriage halls had the marriage functions with car, tempo and special buses were running around with flower decoration..
Very pleased to hear this. The flames of love and sex burn on, no matter what petrol costs! Keep the fire of passion going, folks; one of the side effects of Bharath bandh (BB) is a BB(bi-bi, or biwi) today and BB (babula bachcha, bonny baby) in a year!

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
31/05/2012 22:36:40

Very good move Dr Singh.our beloved P.M. Can you roll back the raise in the allowances raised to M.P.s last year or suspend for one year? Then lots of Administrative expenses could be reduced. All other steps you have suggested. Let the beginning be from your Top leaders so that the poor will find some relief in ccheck in inflation. Please lead by Example for the good of this Country Called BHARATH.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
31/05/2012 14:55:45

Naayileg bokka petholeg...freedom bod athhe...!!!???? Jankuleg iggydala malle aathh....!!!????

Charles D Mello, Pangala
31/05/2012 14:51:37

Janakulu saithndala Malle atth...pranilu..sayyere bally...!!!??? iny Bandh atthe..!!??? Eee erukla panther..BJP da support da visheya...!!!????

Charles D Mello, Pangala
31/05/2012 14:35:21

It is a good news for the people who distance from calling and keeping in touch..because of high cost of calls...!!!???

Charles D Mello, Pangala
31/05/2012 14:13:35

Today was the day of Wild Buffalo at the Airport...dogs and cows on the on the roads...!!!????

vinnie, surat
31/05/2012 13:40:01

Magician sunil narine was the highlight of this years IPL but a great job by gautam to take KKR OVER THIS LINE AFTER 5 years

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
31/05/2012 12:01:50

The inner core of BJP corroded when it decided to get power at any cost using means fair and foul. Embracing Bellary Reddy brigade into its fold in Karnataka is an example how on issues of corruption it is no different than its chief rival, INC. It s alignments with regional satraps in the past and at present of dubious reputation does not speak much of it either. It is only saving grace is out of power long enough now and hence cannot be caught in scams.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
31/05/2012 11:53:09

1. By what extent the strike managed to save fuel and reduce our crude import bill?
2. Those who called for the strike and their local leaders should be sued by the insurers of the buses vandalized by their unruly mobs.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
31/05/2012 11:48:33

I have seen social chatter that the Dindottu Vented Dam tendered for construction in Dec 2011 at estimated cost of 1.15 crore rupees is ready and will be inaugurated tomorrow, 1st June. Does BV plan a story? Please include photos for Dindottu-Kattingeri-Nalkubeedi road, paved or otherwise..thanks.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
31/05/2012 10:47:24

I think finally L.K. Advani realized this vacuum in his own party when Big Modi calling shots... Looks like he lost his controll now and Mr. Modi is controlling the reins. Gadkari is no use and at mercy of Modi and can t have his own voice. His voice has been choked by Modi, Yedurappra and many others. It is a shame to a leader of BJP who has no control over his own party... he is just surviving and holding on his post for his own benefits.. If he is a true leader he should have thrown out Yedurappa from party a long time ago.

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