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veronica alick, Moodubelle/New Delhi
29/05/2012 07:05:17

Congratulations to you all. May Almighty Lord bless you in every respect and help you in your mission

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
29/05/2012 05:16:35

One good thing Minoriity s Forum did is honourng an upright political leader- Mr J.P.Hegde. He may be called the J.P. of Udupi district. His love for serving the down throdden and hearing the people of their problems patiently must be appreciated. If he promises to try he will and you will receive is my experience with Mr Hegde. Therefore I congratulate Minorities Forum and also compliment Mr J.P.Hegde and wish him Well.

29/05/2012 05:09:32

This is great news!!
Dr. Eugene is desirable candidate to be a principal to the college.
Congrats ! Good work.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
29/05/2012 03:39:25

It was good to felicitate Mr. Jayaprakash Hegde a honest officer and a gentleman. I am sure he will try his best to solve our long pending issues if presented properly and for the real and genuine causes of common people. Once again wishing Mr. J.P. Hegde all the best, a man of minority.. to be trusted...

Charles D Mello, Pangala
28/05/2012 13:04:50

Teaching Tulu is good. But teaching a new script may reduce the number of students opting for it. Nowadays students want to score marks unlike olden days. They only way to make this script popular is make freely available on internet. Then may be many people try to learn it. This is my personal opinion. If windows in computer is popular nowadays...that(piracy) was the technique they used.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
28/05/2012 12:57:40

Whether Swamiji is a diploma holder or not, he is an engineer and that too a bachelor engineer (BE). What matters is his service to the society, not to machines. May God bless him and his works.

Pratik, Byndoor
28/05/2012 06:10:32


Is all the facts are true written here. Like swmiji\ s education is he did diploma or B.E. ?

Noel Francis Lewis, Kinnigoli/Dubai
28/05/2012 02:21:11

GK: Actually HIGH HEELS were designed first for MEN not for women. I am talking about the evolution of High heels. God saved all MEN from such Injuries!!!!

Anjali R, US
27/05/2012 22:56:49

Thank you for the wonderful article on Mr. Lobo. It was very reassuring to read such good things about my parents current lawyer. I am yet to experience Mr. Lobo’s finesse. I will be waiting for him to come back from US and see him work first hand when he files my parents’ case. I hope he pleasantly surprises us and I get to come back here and reaffirm what’s written in this article. I have very high hopes from him especially after reading about his difficult past. I am sure he will seek justice for my frail and naive parents who are up against a politician and a corrupt housing society.

"Faith is believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe."
- Voltaire

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
27/05/2012 10:18:24

I find it funny that the authorities point of view that "Church would be careful in using the right words on the sign-board so that the tourists are not hurt." It means as per my opinion, you can offend st. Francis Xavier who body is resting there but can t offend the tourist. Even putting the sign-boards are taken after the two temples have done it and it shows our lack of respect to our own temple of God.

Romey, Manglore/Mumbai
27/05/2012 07:39:34

Install signboards requesting visitors Locals to dress properly Not only in goa, all over india Those entering the church.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
27/05/2012 07:19:16

Onji bus bokka onji car...derthond pothinaanda laike aathu.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
27/05/2012 07:14:33

And there supporters of such group like Taliban.....Their only agenda is to keep the people particularly girls uneducated and their lust can be satisfied by using them.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
27/05/2012 07:10:24

"set right the wrong alignment of stars"...If this was possible there will not be any problems in India. Anyway Mutsumi..let us know the outcome.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
27/05/2012 05:39:12

It was nice to share my thoughts (experiences) with the entire BV readers especially with some of the well known members from our Mangalorean community from different parts of the world. It feels good to share the information related to some hobbies, sports and the day today happenings. Some time I do feel pride getting opinions and responses (positive / negative) from all you esteemed readers who are more experienced in their own specialized profession. Thank you all so much for the encouragement! This is just the beginning and more to come. Special thanks to Charles my friend! Watch out for the next one on BV!!

c.muragan, banaglore
27/05/2012 02:30:43

good for issue

Charles D Mello, Pangala
27/05/2012 02:20:23

Those who attend Mass at the church shall not dress like going to night club.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
26/05/2012 13:54:04

Hi Francis...Nice article but I wanted to see at least one Photograph with your own Cherry Tomatoes.

vvkamath, mumbai
25/05/2012 23:38:07

manipal health card is very usefull as wel as helpfull for poor people.
my adwise to every people to purchase or submit their family very very helpful.

Geetha.U, Pernankila
25/05/2012 08:31:05

Thanks to publish our programme. Very Good Photography. Anil Sir all the best. And Thanks to B.V.Team.

dr kordcal, moodubelle
25/05/2012 08:00:55

kudos to the students and staff.the very best for the next step towards the degree college too

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
24/05/2012 23:11:28

I congratulate the students and the Staff lead by Rev. Fr Paul, for the excellent achievements in the PUC results of securing 97%. This group of students are those who could not rn therace with the toppers and yet they have done well. High scores who entered the PU colleges also , some, have failed to score 100%. Hence 97% here is more than 100% one must admit. Therefore, do not feel bad. Better luck next time.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
24/05/2012 10:24:36

Sarath was born in a slum in Chennai. To raise five young children, his mother did various jobs including making idlis. Sarath sold them on the streets before going to school daily. After graduating from IIM-A, Sarath refused a tempting job offer and set up his own catering business. He believed that instead of taking up a job, his own company can provide a job to one, who can support four lives..Having known hunger, Sarath started Hunger Free India Foundation in 2010. In the first year, the foundation distributed food to 10,000 people including children from 40 orphanages across India. The foundation celebrates October 10 as Hunger Free Day every year..So far, about 8 lakh people have benefited through the foundation, which works towards eradicating hunger. When you are hungry, you do not have any other feeling..This year onwards, the plan is to distribute 1 lakh free notebooks to children to motivate them to pursue education..
This positive and motivational news story is at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/World-Bank-honours-IIM-As-idli-making-graduate/articleshow/12271000.cms?intenttarget=no

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
24/05/2012 07:41:36

oops, that is 110 pass..yet, the basic query remians!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
24/05/2012 07:39:24

It is always a pleasure to read good news of one s Alma Mater. May the success set a minimum benchmark to excel in future.
1) As for the student with 06 marks in Maths, the PU.C must support his eforts to get a pass declared based on the internal assesments during the year, inclduing the prep model exams that most PU.C conduct. Goodluck, young man.
2) With 120 pass in Arts and Commerce streams, the new A C college has a serving capacity ratio of 83.3% only, leaving 20 students out in the cold. Assuming the toppers, especially the distinction earners continue to trust thatif the PU.C was good enough for them to score high, the College should be good enough too. What say you, toppers and distinction guys/gals and their parents?

Msgr. Matthew F. D’Souza, Kattingere/Washington, DC, USA
24/05/2012 07:29:53

Yet another very good news followed by the good new of the starting of the St. Lawrence Degree College! Fr. Paul and his staff have done their best. Not only the students, who have come out in flying colors and their parents parents, the whole parish along with the people of Belle, like me, spread all over the word, should be jubilant at a job well done. Thank God for all the good things happening at Belle. May He give us all many more events of joy in days ahead. Msgr. Matthew F. D’Souza

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
24/05/2012 06:22:38

I share in their temporal grief knowing Gracy-bai has peacefully moved on to eternal life. Eternal Rest grant her, Lord. Amen

24/05/2012 05:10:46


Charles D Mello, Pangala
23/05/2012 14:32:05

Cogratulations Little Flower School, Kanajar...to succeed in one life...medium of education is not important...!!??? It is important how much you learn from the school.....language is not important at all...if you see many of the Germans, Japanese, Italians can not speak English but they are on top. It is our attitude makes us great. For example, I studied in kannada medium and now I can face any English Guy s...need not be in language but in Engineering...!!??

Charles D Mello, Pangala
23/05/2012 14:14:12

Kuwait d itthinakul poora sapoora kaddilakka aaperaa..???? Anyway it is a good competition by Tulu koota.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
23/05/2012 13:54:47

In my previous comment I forgot to agree with my freind Ronald Sabi s comment....I agree with him whole heartedly.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
23/05/2012 13:51:17

I am surprised to see this news on Belle Vision. I was thinking the water shortage is in big Cities like Bangalore or towns like Mangalore. But our Udipi is surrounded by villages whereby still farming is going on and there are open wells, fields, ponds and bunds which can help in rain water harvesting by default. I am wrong in my thinking...unless we take drastic measures towards rain water harvesting in our villages like Belle, Pangala, Shirva, Bantakal, Kanajar, perdoor, Karkal, Nitte..etc. etc..we are heading for a famine.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
23/05/2012 13:34:24

Dr. Austin Prabhu was a leader and is leader and will be a leader. Congratulations Dr. Austin Prabhu

Charles D Mello, Pangala
23/05/2012 13:27:33

Chanting Mantra s wont help in getting rain. s long as we kill our greenery in the name of development and not planting any trees in replacement...one day we will be like Gulf countries whereby rain is not seen very much. Gulf countries have fossil fuel from which they can turn sea water into potable water..!!!???? But we can not afford such a expenditure..!!!???

Charles D Mello, Pangala
23/05/2012 13:16:40

I disagree with Mr.Philip Mudartha, Qatar .... BV is equally good as DW but we (including me) have been glued to DW because of the news -ve and ve......My blood group is also AB ve and I have also moved to the country where u live in. Although BV was the first media I saw,when I started my internet viewing way back in 1997or 1996, I am glued to DW. ve and -Ve news is part and parcel of our life. We can not expect everything must be ve in life.BV is doing a good job..it is only a matter of time.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
23/05/2012 12:53:25

I am very sad that our childhood is wasted....we could not enjoy like this..!!! I still don t know what a rave party is.....BUT I KNOW HAVING FUN IN RENV (SAND)...!!?????

Charles D Mello, Pangala
23/05/2012 12:45:22

Which is better if we consider Humanity...Selling the child (or giving the child away) or Widower lady and two children dying in poverty..???? I feel the lady has taken a difficult decision but the right one.

Florine, US
23/05/2012 12:12:00

Congratulations Terry and Austin!

Philomena Pereira,, Bangalore/Dubai
23/05/2012 12:04:51

Dear Alphonse, I read the Article many times and eagerly waiting for the second edition. History is my favourate subject and all the more because it is about us Konkanas. I did not know that our ancestors actually migrated from Goa and was always under the impression that the Canara Brahmins were conveted forcefully. Thank you for bringing the facts to our knowledge. I have forwarded this to all my friends and all Association members in Bangalore. Knowing you closely, following all your articles, hats off to you. You have dedicated a large amount of your time for our Konkani community.

Joy lobo, moodubelle/mangalore
23/05/2012 11:28:36

It is a excellent result from St. Lawrence PU College. Congrats to the Principal Fr. Paul, to all students and also to all the faculty.

Florine, US
23/05/2012 09:46:07

Mr. Philip I disagree with your comment advising the webmaster not to post certain facets of the society. What you like to read may not interest everyone. People have different tastes and interests so the BV site caters to everyone what is the problem? If there is a robbery in the town by the publishing in the media, the purpose of the news is to inform the people to be cautious and vigilant and not giving them ideas to rob. Even by highlighting on the crime it increases people's awareness and thus come together to find a solution how the crime could be stopped. I was watching a 'crime petrol' episode focused on human trafficking. This 16 year old was able to stop her neighbor from getting into their hands since some NGO's had come to her school and briefed these girls on how to look out for these social evils. It is not something to be considered as low or high value as everything cannot be measured in respect of appreciating or depreciating value. It's learning through awareness and bringing a change in the society.

Jennifer, Urwa / Dubai
23/05/2012 06:54:26

Congratulations and God bless you adn yoru family with all your endeavours!

Natasha, Shivabagh
23/05/2012 06:14:38

This is indeed a relief for all of us, I hope authorities do not neglect other areas of Shivabagh which are also in need of such roads. Old people are suffering with back pain with improper roads and lots of pot holes along the path. I hope the corporator concretes the entire road.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
23/05/2012 04:40:45

A apt, timely and well written feature on hobbies. One of my hobbies is to comment here, elsewhere and anywhere..:D

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
23/05/2012 04:38:16

@Sabi, I belong to group on Facebook that we call B ve, though my blood group is AB . The members write original or share ve articles, news, comments etc. I first got this story there and sent it to BV as a commment. Later, I was pleased to see BV posting the story from original source. I thank and congratulate BV for the ve approach. My request to BV is to increase ve stories of relevance to social change and political reform, and give least or no publicity to -ve aspects such as crime, theft, squabbles, celebrity gossips, elite controversies and such low value but high eyeball capturing ones.
As for leadership, Belle has has good leaders; only they have to learn. As the saying goes, one has to come out of a painting to take a look at it and evaluate it. Our leaders will learn to come out of their silos only with continued pressure from those outside the silo. Such as you, I and others..:D

vivian, dubai
23/05/2012 02:56:30

Now a days Face Book killing all our hobbies...Nice Article Mr Francis Saldanha

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
23/05/2012 02:16:46

It is very interesting article on pursuing Hobbies. yeah, we don t need a big investment to start a hobby and most of us have certain hobbies like collecting stamps, reading books, writing articles, etc. Some do prefer like fishing and hunting which involves a lot of time if one can afford. Thanks Mr. Francis, is good reminder for us to continue our hobbies with a little more dedication and interest.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
23/05/2012 01:57:18

KKR s long wait for reaching the final of India s prestigious Cricket Tournament IPL is over when they beat Delhi Daredevils convincingly, though the process was not easy. At one stage when KKR were struggling to put up a decent score on the board, it appeared, DD had the match in their pocket but the blitzkrieg of Yusuf Pathan came in at the right time to pose a very competitive total. However, the bowlers - Kallis Sunil in particular very well supported by Balaji, Abdullah and Shakib did the trick for KKR. KKR s Bowling has been quite good throughout this tournament and yesterday perhaps it touched the peak. Kudos to KKR's bowling Coach Wasim Akram. It was good to watch Gambhir marshalling the bowlers. What I feel is it was a mistake to send Pawan Negi before Ross Taylor and Irfan. Some of the wrong decisions made by DD were appalling; especially Irfan Pathan was the best option @ No 6. But V.Sehwag didn’t send him up in the batting order. One more spinner might have been handy for DD. Hope DD will beat MI or CSK and reaches the final on Sunday.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
23/05/2012 01:35:39

What a modern village. Looking at the potential if there is dedication...Moodubelle can measure upto this level if not more. Who will take the leadership?
A copy of this news clip is a must read for all the villages.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
22/05/2012 22:21:38

Very good advise to the working people Mr Francis Saldanha. This kind of hobbies can be taken up by any one and help keep up good health and reduce tension and Medical bills. Keep it up.

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