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27/04/2012 14:14:22

My favorite show

John, Mysore
27/04/2012 11:52:41

All the best to this show, Through which future generation can taste Great Wilfe s lyrics

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
26/04/2012 23:05:01

How nice to read yet another success story from Belle village- ST Llawrence High school Belle! It makes the saying that Lotus born in dirty lakes. Belle - kattingere is / was a very backward underdeveloped village of Udupi district, developed into an enviale state. Great personalities are blossomed therein and My frine dclemnt one such. Thank the Lord for all the Blessings dear clemnet. I pray that Lord will bless and keep you strong, and long.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
26/04/2012 22:59:15

This is equal to another 100 centuries Tendulkar has scored. Congratulations to Sachin, to keep a high standard of memebrship of the House. Good Luck to SAchin.

L Andrade, Belle/ USA
26/04/2012 14:16:52

Hi Clementbab, Nice to see you as the "shining star" of moodubelle.I am so proud of you dear Killibab. As I read about your childhood that reminded me of your hard work around the farm house, your perfection,zest and helping nature must have played a role in what you are today beside the guidance and blessing from your parents and siblings.I can recollect playing Cricket in the rice field, and eating palponos, mangoes, binda, champara....All in all my dear cousin brother I read your palm right of course you are successful! just kidding about palm reading. Thank you for being a great cousin,and a supporter to the extended family too. May god bless you, Rita voni and children with choicest blessing, good health and happiness. Please visit us on your next trip. Best regards and love to you and your family. Lucy, Olyn and Orwell

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
26/04/2012 14:04:08

We had non-Congress central governments since this scandal broke out in 1987, for 14 years; whereas, Congress ruled for 12. Will someone tell us what prevented the non-Cong governments to unveil the mysteries?

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
26/04/2012 13:56:58

Our people back home use only 6% of UAE resident per person averaged. In Qatar, our use is still higher. Relocating to live permanently in Pamboor requires re-learning my childhood ways of living!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
26/04/2012 13:44:19

#1: To bridge present peak hour demand-supply gap, Karnataka requires at least three thermal power plants each of UPCL (Padubidri)capacity rating. Any volunteers GP in our twin districts to host them?

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
26/04/2012 13:05:29

The bottom-line is: personal discipline, integrity, commitment and perseverance. True to self, family and fellow human beings. This story and many more you may bring out, underscore that there are no shortcuts.

Lawrence Dsouza, Miyar,Karkala, Sharjah
26/04/2012 11:49:36

Nice inspiring article, May God bless Mr.Clement Lobo and his family former all his charity work.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
26/04/2012 10:38:26

\"lawyer is like a swimmer. As a good swimmer can float in any kind of water body so also a lawyer having sound legal knowledge can practice in any court of law \" Well said Mr. Lobo. It is indeed an amazing and very successful story. Dr. Eugene once again you have shown mastery in narrating true life stories. simply wonderful and thanks and I am sure many will be inspired by this story to be successful in life. Thanks Bellevison.Com for sharing with us.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
26/04/2012 09:24:54

This positive reporting is welcome. It humanizes politics and helps people to understand those whom they elect to lead us and exercise power. Focus on good apples may not be news-worthy, but media should give it a try. Excellent job.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
26/04/2012 08:48:41

She is in power because of EX-CM power! She lacks knowledge on(electrical) power! High time people with adequate knowledge are given relevant portfolio!

Francis L Lobo, Kattingary/ Dubail
26/04/2012 05:28:46

Congrats Dear Syllu!!Bellevision got the right person for President.Keep it up. Good luck!!!

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
25/04/2012 06:07:45

Ispiring success story of a person from our native. Dr. Eugene has done a wonderful job by publishing this article.

Francis Lobo, Kattingary/ Dubai
25/04/2012 03:58:17

Mr.Clement Lobo,yes indeed a man of honor,courage and self respect. Honesty and God fear was his strength from our family. we r all proud of him and wish him more power.May God fullfill all his dreams if any!!Thanks Dr.Eugene for covering such a great personality.

alphonse mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
25/04/2012 01:37:36

Wilfy Nite, back in Dubai, great news. and greater news is Bellevision will be live telecasting the entire program. Wishing both teams all the best and success..

norbert, Mangalore/ Kattingere
25/04/2012 00:21:36

Thank you Dr Eugene for beautifully portraying the life and journey of success of Mr Clement Lobo. I am sure these feature stories will certainly motivate many youngsters of our native place. Congratulations to Mr Clement Lobo

Ronald Dsouza, Moodubelle/Dubai
25/04/2012 00:06:50

All the very best and Good Luck to Mr.Sylvester Alva, newly elected President the Managing Committee Members of Belle Vision Muscat.
President and Memmbers-Belle Vision-UAE

Steven lobo, Kattingeri,Dubai
24/04/2012 21:42:18

Mogal Clementbab,i wish you good Health,Wealth,Happy and long Life-
Steven Fly.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Mumbai/Udupi/New York,USA
24/04/2012 18:00:54

Good Luck and all the very best to BOMBAY LUCKY RESTAURANT. I congratulate Mr. Mohammed Sulaiman the owner and his son Iqbal for keeping up to the reputation of your restaurant. I am a lover of Biryani and before when I used to live in India (Mumbai) I used to go to Delhi Durbar in Coloba. I do visit Mangalore every year and in my next visit in September 2012,I will visit your restaurant with my family. In Shah Allah. God bless.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Mumbai/Udupi/New York,USA
24/04/2012 17:38:40

This issue is not an issue in Mangalore but all over India. This is a corrupt country and every body want to make a fast buck at the cost the cost of the citizens.People want to go abroad for various reasons and they need a passport and they face these unwanted hardships. I can imagine the plight of the aged. Since you are a common citizen you have to go through all these but if you know somebody then you do not have to go through all this.I hope something is done for these passport seekers.

Victor D almeida, Moodubelle/Bahrain
24/04/2012 15:25:08

Hats off to Mr.Ronald Colaco. You are a really a good example of nationalism having being a Christian. God bless you your family in hundred folds. Your solidarity is also appreciated not only in our Christian community but also with others. You have set an example for all of us .Religion is no barrier in charity. One needs to have a clean heart and good intentions in order to make a good cause happen ,you are a man with a Golden heart.

Edward Saldhana, Moodubelle /Sharjah
24/04/2012 11:23:23

Congratulation to Mr Sylvester Alva on being elected as president of Bellevision Muscat.

From Edward Mable Saldhana and family Moodubelle /Kuntalnagar

Stany Martis, KUWAIT
24/04/2012 11:02:22

On behalf of BELLEVISIONQ8 We congratulate newly elected President of Bellevision Muscat Mr. Sylvester Alva and new office bearers wishing you all very success in their future activities. GOOD LUCK!!!


Thomas Alva, Belle / Dubai
24/04/2012 08:42:34

Congratulations to the newly elected President Mr. Sylvester Alva and the entire team,Good luck.

Andrade Family, Belle/ USA
24/04/2012 07:40:24

Kumpadrah Congratulations! Best of luck. Regards to you and your family.
Andrade Family

valerian and judith Lobo, belle/muscat
24/04/2012 07:14:07

Congratulations to Mr Sylvester Alva for being elected as the President of Bellevision Muscat. He has been a good support for all the activities in the past year and it is his efforts that has made bellevsion sustainable in Muscat. Wish you all the very best. On this occasion we thank him and his team for organising a farewell for us and giving us all his support and help whenever needed during our stay in Muscat. He was our Wellwisher a true guardian who helped in all our needs. May god grant him all success . We also take this opportunity to thank the core team members Mr Lawrence Alva, Mr.Edward mendonca and Mr.Simon Dsouza and all the members of the team for their support and encouragement given to us to be apart of the bellevison team. We wish the team all sucess in their future activities .

subhash, manipal
24/04/2012 03:48:10

what sunil aranha says may be true, dont take side of Saidu b cs she is a woman.

subhash, manipal
24/04/2012 03:44:11

by building church, temple n mosque, is it the problems of the workers, farmers are solved ?
govt releases crores of fund to mutts\temples n churches b cs of votes, forget it, but the tragedy is people als thinking like the govt only, they dont want to built a free school or a hospital for poors. very shame !

Vally, Paladka / Kuwait
24/04/2012 01:39:09

The article is much appreciated Mr.John. Also I want to say, that when our Muslim brothers pray in such simplistic ambience it is applauding. The most important thing is they do not line up or sit to pray according to the person next to them, instead ignoring whether a person is rich, or a laborer, in the temple of God they are all one. This is appreciated.

Rakesh, Moodubelle
24/04/2012 00:47:38

Late Night resturent..it will be opened till morning two o clock..

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
23/04/2012 21:54:09

this restaurant seems to be very lucky and sure to survive many more years if renovated Good luck to the owners an thanks to Bellevision for sharing this info with us.

PRAKASH NAYAK, Marne, Near Moodubelle
23/04/2012 11:50:56

As on date staying in Delhi Dwarka, but happy to view this site and thanks to Bellevsion for providing such informations. Good to have contacts with good people who have nice heart to help the community. This is only we carry eternally. May I thank to Ronald Colaco convey my best wishes and pray for his long life and god may provide him good health. PRAKASH NAYAK 09810341012 - DELHI

Robert Castelino, Manipal/Bahrain
23/04/2012 11:39:51

Dear Sylvester Congratulations all the best to you your team.Good luck in your activities.

Dr Sushma and LLoyd Sequeira, Muscat/ Kidiyoor, Udupi
23/04/2012 10:57:20

Congrats Dad!! We wish you all the best..

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
23/04/2012 07:27:35

It is better to build a church, temple and mosque on this land. The Karnataka budget 2012 has enough funds released to mutts and other religious bodies,(1000 crores?) throuigh which everyone problems can be solved for good.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
23/04/2012 07:22:27

Photo#1: I like poses of JPH and Walter Nandalike; simple, genuine and without celebrity airs. May they retain this body language ever.
#2:JPH cannot wish away caste in politics, as in other areas of life. The 50 plus organizations in UAE are community associations based on caste, religion and creed. The smiling poor businessmen of UAE beseaching to help them to get cheap and poorly educated labor without ECNR simplication lead some of these associations, including his Bunt, Byari and other hosts. It is a fact of life. Those abandoned by caste, religion and creed are the rich workers, who did not make it to any of the programs where JPH went. They sat crammed in their labor camps ten to a room, and watching IPL5 or such stuff..

Alfred Britto, Moodubelle
23/04/2012 02:56:20

Congratulations Sylvester! You deserve this position and hope to see your team grow to new heights under your leadership! Best Wishes to all

kenneth, moodubelle
23/04/2012 01:11:14

Congrats to Mr.Sylvester Alva

From : Daniel jacintha aranha Family Edmer Moodubelle

Norbert Martis, Mumbai
23/04/2012 00:13:56

what is this pension scheme for nri and how do i apply for it i am an nri working in kuwait for past 30yrs pls let me know thanking wating responce

Norbert, Mangalore
22/04/2012 23:11:36

Congratulations to the newly elected President and the entire team.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
22/04/2012 23:02:16

Congratulations to the New President and members of the Bellevision-Muscat. It is new bottle for old wine(?). Change is good and I wish you all..l a eventful year. Let us get lots of good events and News through this media. It is very encouraging to note the leadership of Core committee which is committed to keep the Bellevision Muscat active. Good luck and Chers to all.

John William, Mudigere/Mysore
22/04/2012 19:25:19

Congratulation to Sylvester Alva. Let Bellevision flourish in your leader ship.

Dr. Diana, Moodubelle
22/04/2012 13:14:55

I participated in every game. Pleasure of participation is too good! May be our team (Yellow band) stood last. Nothing to worry about! Dear organizers, keep up the good work!!

Wilfrred Castelino, moodubelle/sharjah
22/04/2012 12:35:16

Indeed Dorothy, thanks It was great fun and joy with all fellow bellieans meeting as one family, playing chatting and eating togather. i like Dolfys game crossing the river while we were practicing as trial \"its hard to be togather but i learned if everybody help each other its not tough\" KUDOS BELLE VISION

Ashok, Moodubelle
22/04/2012 09:44:44

Indeed a great picnic. New games like crossing the river , catching the water baloon Konkani Anthakshari added to much fun.... Ivan Alphonse managed to keep the crowd energized through out the day...Kudos to Bellevision !

Vivek, Muscat
22/04/2012 09:01:46

Nice article. This also reminds me of the Grand Sultan Qaboos Mosque we have here in Oman. A mosque is so simplistic in style, and when a blend of traditional and modern art in building the mosque happens, it certainly leaves an impression in the mind of the person who observes art.

Naveen Fernandis, Mangalore
22/04/2012 08:22:33

Well done bellevision. We had nice good family outing. Keep it up.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
22/04/2012 06:54:53

I was a guest last year at BV UAE picnic at the same loaction. I hold pleasant memories. Away from home, at times lonely and bored, we need support systems. BV UAE provides precisely an opportunity.

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