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Zita, New Delhi
01/02/2012 03:43:20

Congratulations..May The Good Lord Bless you always. We are very proud of you.., Keep up the good work.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
01/02/2012 00:01:09

Thank you Dr. Eugene for introducing such a person serving the community and society! Long live Mr. Louis Lobo

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
31/01/2012 22:59:08

This train was demanded by us from Mangalore to Mumbai because travellers from D.K Udupi districts were not getting accomodation to travel to the north. If it is extended to Thiruvanamthapursm the same problem of accomodation will rise. It is for Karnataka C.M. M.P./MLAs and leaders to join public and raise the protest voice. If our leaders do not take up the issue , then it is time to boycott coming election and offer bangles to the M.P.s / MLAs and other leaders by organising a protest meeting at Mangalore Udupi. Every one should join in the protest and there should not be party poilitics.
It is also time to raise vioice demanding Bangalore Mangalore train to Karwar as was committed by Mr Muniyappa. In Congress party Muniappa is to lead in strengthening the Party and he will visit D.K., Udupi and U.K districts. If the Bangalore Mangalore night train is not estended to Karwar before his visit, every one must show him protest in a fitting manner and say that we boycot his paprty. Then only the Central Government lead by Congress will protect our interest. Let us fight the cause. say- Jai ho!

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
31/01/2012 15:54:11

Shah Rukh your are are innocent and this is that someone is trying to spoil your image and ruin your family life. God bless you and your family. I have no other words to say.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
31/01/2012 15:45:39

I think MSD you should quit and give chance to younger criketers. Your recent performences was not worth and it was a utter shame to the country. I know you brought glory to this country during the last WORLD CUP.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
31/01/2012 15:23:05

Congratulation to Derek and Patsy Lobo on your wonderful Nandigudda House in Attavar. I cannot believe it that you and your family kept up to your family heritage. It is the loving Lord who helped in this keeping this heritage. God bless you and your wonderful family and keep up that house.

Beulah J Mathias, New Hampshire (USA)
31/01/2012 13:51:37

Congratulations Mr Louis Lobo. You have made the entire Christian community especially Kalmady very proud. We need people like u. Wish you all the very best n lots of success in all your future endeavors.

Jagdish Alva, Mangalore / Dammam-KSA
31/01/2012 10:35:02

What an artist ...!!!! Hearty Congratulations on his well deserved Padma Shree award.
Long live Chittani and Yakshagana.
Wish him a long,healthy and peaceful life.

Naveen, pamboor
31/01/2012 09:32:05

Hi Joy,
Good article. Keep it up. Good information for the present youth. well done. Best wishes from your Godparents.

wagle, udupi
31/01/2012 07:39:21

Congrats Dr. Eugene D'Souza sir, goodluck.

veronica.alick, New Delhi/ Belle
31/01/2012 07:08:50

Congrats.He is really very active and always there to help the needy.Our Best Wishes to him and his family

Edward Barboza, Kanajar / Auckland
31/01/2012 06:27:04

Congratulations to the committee and Dr. Eugene on selecting you as a principal of the college. Dr. Eugene you are the appropriate candidate selected by Rev. Fr. Joswey Fernandes for this responsible role. Your caring and supportive nature will certainly bring a smile in the lives of people. We were happy to get the opportunity to meet you on the 1st of Jan. 2012. We are very proud of you and all the best in your new assignment.
Best Wishes
Edward, Vera, Edson Verrell Barboza

Saritha, Dsouza
31/01/2012 06:21:10

Brilliant article joy lobo....... Knowing the facts by the present youth is important, very few articles are related to that to create awareness

Denis Alva, Udupi/Muscat
31/01/2012 05:42:08

wish the tournament a great sucess.
Nice to see Santan Alva, Veronica Alva and Laster Alva in the photoAalbum

Sarita, USA
31/01/2012 01:17:59

It is wonderful to see people with big hearts and an open mind practicing Charity and philanthropy.
Social Work is a profession that people get paid for after many years to training and practice. It is different from Charity work so please, for the sake of the professional social workers, refrain from the use of the title "Social Worker to someone that is not qualified to do so.
Thank you.

Herman Pereira, Mangalore
31/01/2012 00:32:03

Well done Jhon .nice pictures keep it up!!

Adrian Lobo, Bangalore
30/01/2012 10:41:59

Good one Joy!! Keep writing!!

alphonse mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
30/01/2012 03:48:24

Congratulations to all winning teams and for those who bagged individual trophies. Specially for Konkans Dubai for making it to finals and bagging runner up trophy. Yes, a little more hard work, dedication will take you to the top. Wishing you all the best Konkans Dubai. the action pics are awesome, and good write up Elias. keep it and let Bellevision live long.

Melwyn Castelino, Boliye/Mumbai
30/01/2012 00:39:26

Congratulations Rev. Fr. Joswey Fernandes,members of the College Organising Committee and Dr.Eugene Dsouza.Wish you all the best for the future.

Raviraj, Mangalore
30/01/2012 00:31:29

Oh..nice Harish..you have done a good job..our good deeds uplift us as the God s blessings..keep it up..Best wishes to all of you...

Anil Studio, B.C.road.Bantakal
29/01/2012 23:24:25

Congratulations Pratham all Childrens...

Sarita Lobo, Mangalore
29/01/2012 12:12:07

Good one bro and its apt for present situation

Edward Saldhana, Moodubelle/ Sharjah
29/01/2012 11:40:09

Wishing all best to www udupitoday.com thank you.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
29/01/2012 09:42:37

Though the degree courses will begin to cater to the local aspirants, I look forward to the day when students from distant lands will seek Moodubelle as their destination of choice. Good luck

Naveen Kulshekar, Mangalore
29/01/2012 05:46:54

Mogall wilson, tuka ani sannu monisak bellevision onyorzallacher pollovn sontos bhoglo.hanv atam gavant asam.tumi ganvak ailea vellar mhaka bhet dixeat gi? mhojem phon no.08971848222.

Edward, kunttalnagar/Muscat
29/01/2012 03:32:25

Dear Mr Mendonca
yes i am with you

Melwyn Fernandes, Kemmannu/Abudhabi
29/01/2012 02:59:17

Dear All,

Well Organized program by Abudhabi Karnataka sangha, Being a committe member of this, I would like to talk about the leadership of this committe, the name itself express that, SARVARALI UTTAMMA ANNA = SARVOTHAMMANNA.

He took the big innitiave to organize this programe in a grand royal way, he is really true commandable leader, good leadership qualities, very gutsy way of speech, powerful voice, pleasing personality, topclass speaker, we really lucky to have such qualities leader at our Karnataka Sangha, Abudhabi team.

Keep it up for your dedicated work forever....

Vijay Dsouza, Moodubelle
29/01/2012 02:13:39

Congratulations Dr.Eugene Dsouza. You are the right person to lead this institute as your long years of experience will surely benefit the organization to grow.

One humble request to the Management team, go for quality and not for quantity. Hire good lecturers, pay them handsome salary, give better facilities to the students, train the students for overall development and not only academics, include sports and competitions as, when a student at degree level needs leadership, exposure to face the challenges. All the best

Pearls of Mangalore, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi
29/01/2012 01:32:15

It was indeed a great event. We Kannadigas had a hair raising effect in a foriegn land. Mr. Shetty is a real Doctor for all of us who makes us feel athome in a foriegn land.

Kannada is the best script equiped with the best artistic features. Start practicing Kannada script, your designing skills will improve. It is in our hands to make the best design of our Karnataka.

Fellow Kannadigas the future designation of our nadu is in our hands. Let s take charge of it

Stephen Pius Castelino, Moodubelle/Kuwait
29/01/2012 00:37:41

Its really a good news that St.Lawrence College is starting from academic year2012.I am 100%Sure this college will do the best in coming days....Congrats...

Valerian Fernandes, Moodubelle
29/01/2012 00:33:45

Congratulations to the winners and the participants. Very professional and excellent write up pictures. Some of the picture angles were simply great. Keep it up BV team

Ivan Menezes, Moodubelle
29/01/2012 00:10:07

Congratulations and Good luck to udupitoday.com.

V V Kamath, Mumbai
28/01/2012 21:08:50

It is a good news for moodubelle residents because st lawrence college will going to a degree college.Good news for students .My wishes to all managing commitee and trust.

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
28/01/2012 12:01:56

Wishing all the best to udupitoday.com.

Ananthpadmanabha, Udupi dist in Karnataka state.
28/01/2012 11:50:03

Dear sir we have formed a yakshagana group in our place. Presently we are a small unit of 28 artist and are trained under well known Yakshagana Guru Ms. Raghavendra kumar. We will be even more happy and thankful if you provide a chance to present our talent in your place at mumbai.
Thanking you Ananthapadmanabha Secretary in Nagalingeshwara yaksha ballaga udupi.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
28/01/2012 09:29:43

Can t believe this type of people are among us who don t give a damn to the people lives. What a shame being a Christian women having pride in owning 18 killer dogs. If at all she needs 18 dogs she has to keep them strickly inside her compound than letting them free to raom around to kill people. Very sad indeed to learn serious injuries to mother and son. Hope they will recover well and soon.

Ronald Sabi, For Bellevision, Moodubelle
28/01/2012 09:26:46

We at Bellesion are grateful for the opportunity to co-host (logistics Provider) Kavitha Fest. Thanks to Melvyn and Kavitha Trust for such an experience. I believe Bellevisions contribution has measured beyond expectation. We attribute this success towards the combined efforts, great deal of dedication and co-ordination among all those involved. Thanks to Melvyn for his cool and calm approach and precise guidance and chipped in by Eric Soans, Wison Kayyar, Willium Pias, HM Pernal, kishoo Barkoor and so on. About local support a big thank you goes to Meera Bai Team and Joseph Martis Team. Thanks to Jerry Fernandies for his hard work, timely advise and contacts to get things done(including organizing Alevoor women Chande team). Sincere thanks goes to other members of core committee such as Peter Paul Lobe (efficient handling of transport needs), Raphael Master, Anil (Photography and Video, organizing Are Marati troop), Dr Eugene and Victor DSouza for the dedicated and live updates on internets.
A big round of applause goes to our ICYM youth. With dark blue t-shirts their discipline, dedication, availability until the end of programme was commendable and a pleasant sight.
Another round of applause goes to Ivan and Sushma for their traditional appearance and welcome with chembu-panpod-bella-harvon, and not to forget special attraction long umbrella!
Thanks to Parish Priest Fr. Joswey and Fr. Paul for their regular announcements in the church and moral support.
Thanks to parish council members for their white attire and women with golden sarees. Our young ladies have done a yeoman job at reception, book stall and so on (special thanks to Anni)
Welcome song by Godwin, Loraine and Carol gave a rousing start.
This event would not have had such a magnitude of success without the flow chart / task list of Elias supported by Vally Alva, Godwin and Manoj DSouza that went on for six month prior to 8th Jan.
Thanks to everyone involved in Kavitha fest where the pleasant memory may last forever and ever.
Kavitha fest 2012 is a fine example by Belle Vision which goes into the record as united we stand tall and successful.

Prabhakar S., Udupi
28/01/2012 05:50:01

Dear Mark, the main problem in India is - No Accountability for a government servant. They can do anything and no one can question them. In this case, the President of Udupi Taluk Panchayat is giving silly reasons instaed of accepting his mistake as he is the President and its his main responsibility to handle the day to day matters. Until and unless there is penalty and accountability for every action, you can not find any improvement. Bring Jan Lokpal and then you see the result. wake up people.

alphonse mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
28/01/2012 04:17:06

Congrats Udupitoday.com and wishing you all the best. It is indeed great to know finally our udupi is awakenning from deep slumber. We have all the facilities available in our area but only the educational instiutions are recognized. I hope thru Udupitoday, we will forge ahead with our new ideas, new identity and a new diocese soon. We have Bellevision.com to support in this cause. What we need initiatives from the prominent personalities based in udupi and around parishes to awaken our people to the ground realities and to fight for the right cause. ALL THE BEST UDUPITODAY.COM

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
28/01/2012 01:13:00

Congratulations Australia! In a short time from now, they will regain their No.1 position in world cricket, where they truly belong.(I am not saying this because they beat India, but I have been saying this for quite some time now).This team is going to be unbeatable once the likes of Watson, Cummins Pattison etc rejoin the team. This Aussie team is going to stay as No.1 for a long time. As far as India is concerned, we can take heart from the fact that it can get only better from here as they cannot go down any further. Immediate/drastic changes in the Indian team are more of an emotional reaction as it will do more bad than good. We need to rebuild rebuild at the earliest.

V V Kamath, Mumbai
27/01/2012 20:46:09

Ecourage the children, give them good education.Good advise.My advise to students give respect to teachers and parents. Teachers are like god father,give respect to all.

alva belle, padubelle
27/01/2012 11:06:56


Bernadette, Florida
27/01/2012 06:41:03

This is a good article. My Aunt had breast cancer, after her mastectomy, it seemed like she don t know where to start her life again. We ve been very supportive of her, but she still feels different. I hope there are more options like these to promote the well being of breast cancer survivors.

Bernadette Kurt

Pramila martis, pamboor/?/KSA
27/01/2012 05:46:18


Capt.santhosh prakash mendonca, padubelle
27/01/2012 03:51:22

What a cheap mentality MR.STANLY BELLE,as u wrote if anyone offerd as offering to do so ,only to participate in padeyatre ,it means there is no faith in god and they went for a fun ,please do not discourage people for such a great and wonderful steps.weldone padubelle ,i hope next year i will see more faces and BRAVO

Harish Shetty, Padubelle
27/01/2012 00:47:46

Dear Stanley, your comments on the padayatre by the Padubelle devotees of St. Lawrence is very bad in taste. For your information, the Padubelle padayatris neither halted at the residence of Mrs. Rashmi Shetty nor had any food there. If you are so keen to know what the Padubelle padayatris do on their pilgrimage to Attur, kindly join us for the next year s padayatre and experience the miracle of St. Lawrence.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
27/01/2012 00:47:34

We need as much serotonin, the feel-good hormone, today and everyday to put behind us the self-deprecating negative thoughts and infuse us with positiveness. Let us hold our heads up, hearts filled with compassion, minds brimming with reason and eyes focused on common good. On this day, let us celebrate that the republic survived on account of the visionary constitution, and is now poised to frog-leaf. Let us keep our wrongs to another day to analyse and make course corrections using the mechanisms included within this constitution. Jai Hind

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
26/01/2012 23:59:46

MYL911is a beauty!

Rony Alva, Valsad-Gujarat.
26/01/2012 23:39:08

This was my first pilgrim walk to attur and was really a memorable one, i could see the faith in people s eyes and could feel the power of St. Lawrence helping the people walk up to him.
I enjoyed walking, i still remember that lembe sarbat, Cocum Juice, tea. i also remember the gobi manchurian, Raiyu uncle Idli and pork meet, water melon, limbu soda, aane muttu chakli and many more, i ll come again next year with few more people from gujarat.

Mark Fernandes, kattingere/Pune
26/01/2012 22:34:56

Dear President of Udupi Taluk Panchayat, please don t accuse the members, you being the head, what were you doing? This is not the expectation of people from you.Being in politics for the last 20 years, what experience have you gained? Why don t you get your plans ready well in advance, so that whenever the funds come, you can exhaust them within the given time. When there are no funds, you accuse the Government, When they come you accuse your own members for not submitting the plan. Really a pity Mr President. This is not the way of working for the development of the area.

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