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steve brown, kings computer akokwa
27/08/2012 08:20:13

i need a welcome song.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
27/08/2012 05:03:14

The National Disruptive Alliance (NDA) will do anything to prove that their name means business - dominance through distruction, disruption, disintergration, disunity, disrespect and degeneration - to mention a few. The word "decency" and related words are not in their manifesto. How sad!

Anand Kumar SP, Bangalore
27/08/2012 04:05:06

Dear Friend, Its nice to know that our Ganigas are rocking all over the world. I am looking for a job in Dubai. If you guys can help me out to get a good job over there, that would be great. please send me the email id so that i can forward my resume. I worked in Infosys for3.5 year, later I started a company with my friends....who ditched me....there for looking for a job once again. I have done MBA (PGDBA) in finance.

Melwyn D Souza, Dubai
27/08/2012 01:14:23

SMKC Dubai is doing commendable job since a decade. The leadership of Noel and Jennifer is really appreciable. Please continue doing good work for the benefit of the society. May god bless you all.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
26/08/2012 22:08:04

When I read this article I also remembered one of the old folk song of America: Where have all the flowers gone, long time I have seen".

Yes, everything that associated with us or our ancestors seems to be vanishing at a very rapid speed. yes modern life style, technology seems to be working overtimes and we have left with only the modern gadgets. Thanks for your inspiration sir to give a life to sparrows and lizards. Secondly where are all the cradles gone?? There are a few and borrowed for a day for the cradling/Christening ceremony only!!!!

Your last line was very humorous. Well said sir. Please continue contributing.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
26/08/2012 14:33:42

Great pictures and a wonderful travelogue!! Keep it up! Hoping to read more from you Clarissa in future!

Anupama, Gokak
26/08/2012 10:27:43

sir plz help me....plz give carry over system.....dis time really we ll do study hard.....we are ols ur childrens sir...plz help 2 us..we have lots of problems sir...plz see to us....plz sir plz....

Clarissa Fernandis, Abu Dhabi
26/08/2012 09:54:27

Thank you everybody for your appriciation.I am glad you all liked it:) ((O_o))

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
26/08/2012 07:05:19

Simple narrative and beautiful pictures make this report special. It is still more special because it comes from a teenager like Clarissa. Your contribution made BV rich. Keep writing. God bless you.

Cynthia Dcunha, Neerude-Abu Dhabi
26/08/2012 06:21:50

I would like to thank Bellevision for giving an opportunity to my girl to publish her europe experience article. She was writing this for her school project and we are happy that bellevision family could share her experience

once again thank you

Valerian Fernandes, Belle
26/08/2012 06:14:57

Clarissa, Welldone.. Excellent write up and photography... Keep writing

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
26/08/2012 02:13:30

He strung a chord in my heart, essaying every role he played with his inimcal styple. RIP

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
26/08/2012 02:04:31

You are a lucky girl, Clarissa. At your age, most even today are not blessed with parents like yours. And you are rightly thank-ful. You did not have to wish for anything else while at Trevi Fountain, Rome. You have it all. Thank God too, for through Him such things come to pass.

And, know what, I found your charm and the familial warmth the most attractive feature beyond everything: man-made or nature. What exactly did you think while clinging to your proud dad\ s arms atop London Eye: you look a little nervous! Tell us, please.

Personally I hold a professional organized, guided and rushed tour is not the best way to see the world, I trust you have plenty of years ahead for exploring the continent on your own for seeing it for whta it reall is. Wow!!! That is for your effort and hrad work in bringing this to us.

Aby Joseph, Dubai
26/08/2012 00:09:39

We appreciate your talent as well your awareness regarding your tour.
Hope this article would give a picture on your trip,

Thanks Regards

Pooja, Mumbai- Abu Dhabi
25/08/2012 23:55:07

Hi Clarissa, it looks like you have studied each place very well during your trip. Without being with you, we felt like had a trip to europe. Keep writing, nice experience

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
25/08/2012 21:28:36

Dear Clarissa, thank you for taking us around Europe with your lucid narrative and exquisite pictures.

Amjith Mahaboob, ponnani
25/08/2012 13:33:26

Exlnt good awesome but try to up date the date of next camp and its details.

Rakesh, Moodubelle/Bombay
25/08/2012 13:19:54

Hi Mr. Hemphil Back in form again? Still you couldnt improve your writing style and mistakes. Would you mind disclosing your real name you coward. I really cant understand why your dirty comments are being posted.

Soni Yadav, Mumbai
25/08/2012 13:05:24

I want to be a part of NCW, its my dream that i want a part of brave women like Shrimati Kiran Bedi,Shrimati Mamta Sharma so plaz give the way to join NCW plz

veda shirali, mundgod (uttar kannada)
25/08/2012 09:41:29

congratulations.please let me know how to register 4 the kids photo contest

25/08/2012 06:05:16


Jasmine D Souza, Mysore
24/08/2012 21:36:04

I congratulate KCA Mysore for organizing such a thoughtful programme. I look forward for more more such programme from other Association too, to build integrity of our Nation.

Abraham, Moodubelle
24/08/2012 21:00:23

CONGRATULATIONS...LEADERS! GOOD JOB AGAIN! Nice to see our both party leaders joined hands together for this project. KEEP IT UP! 70 lakh rupees are NOT enough to complete this project as per the following equation! Earlier it was 70 devided by 2 equals 35. This time it is 70 devided by 3(CONGRESS BJP road)equals approx.23. Anyway SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING!!!!. And once again my friend CAPS LOCK Hemphil is back in the business AFTER LONG TIME! How are you HEMPOO....? Long time ,no see??? Don t be JEALOUS!!!And don t say "it is bad English" Purposely i used some caps lock HERE!

Rajesh, padubelle
24/08/2012 16:40:14

Dear Leaders,Only moodubelle people pay the tax and vat,Why there is no work has been done pamboor, padubelle. When they comes for begging for vote they give big promises,now they have forgotten! Our local represntative read this comment If you have little bit shame,and if you are bussy with your personal business then next time dont come for asking vote,Please do something about our roads...........

Mritunjoy, Asansol
24/08/2012 15:03:47

This is not fair.....suddenly how all of u deceided this kind of plan . Now a days sms become faster time quikly sharing procces.. Many more people already recharged sms pack before 17 Aug.. Can they refund their rechargeable money from govt..??? If yes.then alright,if no. then my opinion is that this is not a right decision. U must give the reason about this kind of urgent thougt... Bcz we bc a rite to ask, u must be answerd this..this is ur duty responsibility.....

Ronald D, Udupi
24/08/2012 14:19:55

I am pleased to learn that this man is an obstacle for coverting whole state a garbage!! My personal opinion is....we need to clear our garbage...our religion and funds sactioned for God may fail to clear garbage!! Along with faith on God, we need to work towards proper disposal of garbage unless God wants to show miracle by clearing man made garbage!!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
24/08/2012 12:54:15

In the newly uploaded photos of porcelain imprints in Black and White, I stand in on top of Sugarloaf mountain with Guanabara bay in the background in 1988. In the second, I climb the Corcovado mountain trail to reach Christ the Redemer again in 1988. At that time too, I was guarded, but was freer than last time and actually walked down corcovado through slums giving my guards a chase for their money...:D

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
24/08/2012 12:47:31

Political power in Brazil is with a left-of-center coalition since 2001. My last two trips were during this period when Lula was President. Lula, as you may be aware, has labor union background, similar to George Fernandes, but unlike George was actually a factory hand, lathe operator to be exact who had dropped out of Class IV to work at 12 as child labor. his successor, in the words of my Brazilian men friends, ugly but plastic beauty Dilma, a daughter of Bulgarian emigrant and a native working class favelado from Rio, was a ultra-leftist underground guerrilla belonging to Che Guevara-Castro ideology till she reformed and embraced moderate political space. She is like our Mamata-di (who will reform sooner). With twelve years of reformed leftists as pragmatic middle way (the third way), similar to Sonia Gandhi s inclusive growth slogan, and MMS, Pranab-da and PC paying lip service to it, we hope the wealth generating machine set rolling by the pro-privatization and globalization policies of their predecessors (Mellor and Cardozo, in particular durng which I made my earlier two trips) will keep generating enough wealth to share. The pie is getting bigger and we hope

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
24/08/2012 12:16:03

The bonhomie among local leaders belonging to Congress and BJP and their united efforts to bring infrastructure development projects to small villages are praiseworthy. Even as a NRI, I pay my income and service taxes accounted at Udupi Revenue Circle. Therefore, it is right for me to expect that a share of taxes accounted at Udupi must flow to the rural development. This seems to be executed under Pradhan Mantri Sadak Yojana and direct beneficiaries will be landless daily wage laborers under NREGA. So, wealth will be spread around a bit in short term and in long term the better access will improve mobility of locals and raise their living standards. The assumed leakage of portion of money as commissions to those who helped the contractor win tender, those officials who will supervise and approve the work and endorse release of money need not stop rural development. Excessive negative criticism and speculative sarcasm does no one good. I only hope Ida, who says she brought in the funds from ZP, places the records in public domain transparently and local BJP leaders like Jerry and Hebbar concur with those official accounts publicly.

Purushothama Manjunath, Tarapathi/Byndoor
24/08/2012 09:48:59

It is nice to read this article. I have seen this fellow saving many lives.I am happy that atleast his article has come up in the media. Many have got talents in our rural area, but the sad part is that this goes unnoticed because of illiteracy. People hesitate to speak/they never open up even though they might be knowing in depth knowledge on some subjects.These extra talent people should be brought to light by recognizing their works, we have to encourage them with our small help. By that way We might make our way towards making our rural areas better.

Suresh Poojary, Moodubelle/Mumbai
24/08/2012 09:04:45

For all the people who have posted negative comment Please answer the below question

What should our leaders do? If they attend a stage program, you have problem saying that they just appear in the stage, dont do any constructive work. If they inaugurate some work like the one reported here, still you have a problem.

Rather than criticizing them its better if we appreciate the work they have started and monitor the progress.

Sunil., Belle
24/08/2012 06:10:33

One more super duper flop story...70 LACK???? Please dont waste heard earned public money...spend it wisely and public benefits.

venkatesh, bidar
24/08/2012 02:58:42

sir plz give a chance we want only 14 subject carry over plz sir

Shivram Naik, Moodubelle
24/08/2012 02:02:14

Dear villagers, please get it in writing from these politicians before you handover your valuable land. They will simply fool you by using sentimental tactics and will not fullfill your demands once they get land for project. Same thing happened in Nellikatte- Kodangala road. 3 years passed now since they made the road, but there are no signs of buliding bridge across the Kodangala river. The promised leader is passing parcel on somebody s shoulder and washing his hand.

Request the responsible leaders of this area to take up the matter with concered autorities and realize peoples long waiting dream and demand.

Ramayya, Belle
24/08/2012 01:38:21

Dala avad, BJP Bathre illag onji road malpad. Nett baritha illadaglegla labha undu.... Nank dane?

24/08/2012 01:25:24


Satish Kumar, Moodubelle
24/08/2012 01:08:00

Please donot waste time and money for this guddali pooje, instaed of that use money for some constructive work and betterment of the society. Need to find permanent solution to the surface water drainage of belle pete. Which is really causing inconvenience to public , school children during the beginning of the monsoon. This is become nuisence every year.

Vallu, Moodubelle
23/08/2012 15:07:53

70 lakhs? Are they doing a concrete road or gold platted road?? another example to waste public s tax money and for sure these leaders have a very good share from this project. I cannot understand why our leaders are so concern to have this project? how many vehicles are passing by daily in this road? how many families are benighted from this project? it seems another utter disaster from our leaders and planning to have another gotala.

Naveen M., Udupi
23/08/2012 13:42:52

What is the percentage of money will be spent for actual road work. Any guesses???

Prakash Pinto, Mumbai
23/08/2012 13:29:33

Nice to see the smile on our leaders face. 70 lakhs project value amazing. Hope major share will be utilized for road work.

Edward Saldhana, Moodubelle/ Sharjah
23/08/2012 12:26:16

Driver of rto bus wrong turn liyaa tho simply mat bhajao pehle todaa samjaho biwi par gussa is pe mat lo never mind we got chance to see our udupi city thats main thing thank you.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
23/08/2012 11:11:24

Dear Phillip,

thanks a lot sharing this article and your views. The world has lot to share and you are our window to the world...

I hope the basic amenities for the people live in Favelas change and as the country progress I hope people get educated and become self reliant but yeah, it will take years. India too progressing but there is huge gap between the progressed and the remaining esp. some villages there is still no electricity or any other basic amenities even toilets as was mentioned one of the articles appeared in our site. But I think security wise we are far better unless you land up in some extreme localities like Dharawi...

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
23/08/2012 09:45:23

I was fortunate that my work took me to Latin America and Brazil in particular on many occasions and to more than a dozen cities within Brazil. While I love traveling, my focus is more on interacting with people, eating and drinking with them, (and shaking a leg, of course) than landscapes of tourist attractions and natural beauty. Having said that, I hope Indians will start connecting with this beautiful continent, where, I must say, there I have met many Indians (Sikhs) engaged in large-scale farming and other agro-businesses. They do exceptionally good. I must also mention a fish dish pronounced as moquequa, from Espiranto Santos State, that they cook in earthen saucepan (uttal kunddlem) using herbs and ground fresh coconut..simply heavenly..and with some of the choicest local brews. If you are non-alcoholic, Guarana is for you. You must go there.there..

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
23/08/2012 09:35:29

I liked this poem Lavina. You have great vision on environment and your observation and narration of our current city life is wonderful. Keep writing and let not your pen rest... good poem..

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
23/08/2012 09:34:14

Advocate Benedict Noronha,
The photos are not mine, they are in the public domain, by professional ones. 3 of my trips were in pre-digital era and the 2007 photos are frozen in a dead HDD. And thank you for the backhanded compliment. I will try and live up to your expectations.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
23/08/2012 09:30:03

Francis, Political and economical management of Brazil holds valuable lessons for us, Indians. While free market is good and desired, the state cannot be an idle spectator, hoping voodoo economics of the kind advocated by US President Reagan and British PM Thatcher as well as by the 21 years of US backed military junta in Brazil (1964-85. Brazil has found a third way, since democracy was restored and a new constitution came into force in 1988. Further, the exponential rise in commodity prices since 2002 and their success in alternative energy applications (use of alcohol or mixture of it with petrol is an example)as well as success of Petrobas in turning the country energy surplus are major factors of why Brazil today is prosperous. This prosperity cannot trickle down to those with peripheral skills, those not endowed with talents and connections. A kind society has to accept that they too deserve basic human wants.
And a correction: Salsa is hispanic and is uncommon in Brazil.
Thirdly, though it ranks among the top cities in homicides, a tourist is safe if he abides by basic cautions.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
23/08/2012 09:00:09

A meaningful way the Photographers chose to mark their day. Kudos

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
23/08/2012 08:47:32

It is possible to have one class for children of all ages (6-12)and taught by a single teacher in such schools. Our minister can go to Finland for field studies. I recommend a village in Lapland near Finnish border with Sweden and willing to accompany the delegation at state cost...:D

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
23/08/2012 01:30:06

Thanks Philip. Rarely we get articles on South America. It is my dream to visit Brazil and South America some stage in future.

Mohammed riyaz, Bellary
22/08/2012 08:06:58

Sir plz increase d carry over system bcoz i dint attend d examz plz increase upto 12 it\ s my humble request plzzzzz

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