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Gilbert, Pamboor/Abu Dhabi
02/04/2012 10:06:03

Dear Robert,Annie please accept our heartfelt condolences.May his soul rest in peace.

Benedicta Lobo, Udupi/Dubai
02/04/2012 09:16:37

Dear Nancy Lobo fly members,
Pls accept out heartfelt condolences on the sudden demise of your beloved father. May his soul rest in peace.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
02/04/2012 08:45:59

Very sad to hear the news that Maxim Saldanha is no more. Heartfelt sympathies to all the members of the Saldanha family. I remember the times I use to meet Maxim Saldanha while he was working in Bahrain. May his soul rest in peace

Ronald Dsouza, Dubai
02/04/2012 07:02:43

Dear Robert,Annie and Fly.
Sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved father. May his soul rest in peace.
We pray to the Almighty Lord to give u all the courage,strength and support.
DSouza Family-Edmeru/Moodubelle

Ashish, Belle
02/04/2012 05:49:11

Thank you Sanjay for the news article.

Thomas Alva, Moodubelle
02/04/2012 04:54:10

Dear Robert Fly. please accept our condolences. May his soul rest in peace.
Thomas Alva Family

Jerome D Sa, Dubai/Moodubelle
02/04/2012 04:35:46

Dearest Robert, Annie, heartfelt sympathies on the demise of our beloved Itthaab, who was a good neighbour of ours, man of simplicity and with lots of concern and love. We will surely miss him.

Elias D Souza, Dubai
02/04/2012 03:09:20

Dear Robert, Annie and Fly. please accept our heartfelt condolences on demise of our beloved maam. May almighty god grant eternal salvation and may his soul rest in peace.

D Souza Family -Kodangala

Vincent Martis, Kattingeri / Bahrain
02/04/2012 02:27:00

Dear Robert, Annie and Fly. accept our deep heartfelt condolences. May his Soul Rest In Peace.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
01/04/2012 23:27:27

I am happy to note this Institute is situated very close to my village Pangla/Shankerpura and doing a good progress within a few years of its existance. The college is spread out in a large lush green area and is a beautiful environment for the students to study and enjoy the surrounds as well. When I was a child I frequently used to wander into this area fully covered with loads of mango and Cashew trees which those days belong to a Brahim family who were helpful for us.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
01/04/2012 22:55:55

Dear Sir,

Thank you for narrating in detail the significance of Palm Sunday. The preparations for the Palm Sunday and the authority of Christ the King is very well written and explained. Finally, it is written on Cross " The king of Jews" which a sort of insulting to Jews. They put Him to death as a convict but could not avoid calling at the end: King of Jews!!!!! which is very much true but Jews were so arrogant they could not digest his authority and kingship. Thanks Bellevision for publishing these type of timely religious articles.

Evans Christopher Sumitrauu, Udupi/New York, USA
01/04/2012 18:37:22

Beautiful and touching pictures by Canute Menezes. I felt I was Mira Road though I am in New York. Fr. Dominic, all the other priests and parish people did a great job on this Palm Sunday. I wish you all happiness during Good Friday and also at EASTER SUNDAY. Blessings of palm is and the procession is a blessing for everybody. The only sadness is that in USA it is not a holiday. Being a Christian country it is not a official day off.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
01/04/2012 18:21:36

Ramya, you look more beautiful as ever and may God bless you more than ever after visiting the temples in Udupi. I am myself from Udupi but now settled down in New York with my wife and a daughter and son. But we visit every year. I am glad that J.P. Hegde won the election and we are proud of him. Your canvassing must have been a great help in hid victory. Dear Ramya, I wish you all the very best and success in your film career and God will be your strength. There is nobody above him.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
01/04/2012 13:49:04

Excellent coverage and report! Thanks to Dr.Eugene Anil.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
01/04/2012 03:57:00

Going through the beautiful pictures the significance of Palm Sunday and the triumphant entry of Christ the King of Kings is given due reverence. It is a day Jesus was given Kings entry into Jerusalem by his people prior to Last supper and His ultimate sacrifice on Mount Calvary. Wishing all the Christian brothers a Blessed Palm Sunday

Anil V Pinto, Mangalore
01/04/2012 02:58:14

Hope it s April fool

Prashanth Shetty, Udupi
01/04/2012 01:02:16

Muncipality should come up with public parks, walkaways, playing ground for children at various locations within Muncipality limits.Also give importance for parking facilities inside the city for vehicles, planting trees, cleaning the open drainage, strict penalties for the violators, pollution control..etc to improve the living standard of the people.

Joel Dsa, Moodubelle, Bahrain
31/03/2012 11:42:09

Yes indeed, I had the pleasure to visit these places twice with our daring teacher Mr. Anand Rai Kamath, (yes Mr. Mark), during our college days in St. Lawrence Jr.College High school every year Mr. Anand Rai used to take us to trekking to various places. Sita Falls was one of them , We cooked our own food as we took all items along with us on our back pack. it was fun time for full day.you just refreshed our memories Vivian, thanks for the article.

David, USA
31/03/2012 11:28:47

Very nice article, and its great that more awareness has been given to TB http://www.whatistbweb.com/

Dorothy, Shirva
31/03/2012 09:20:45

Terrence Lewis is no doubt a neutral judge and all particepants of this programme get ready to know your positive and negative points as Lewis is very good in commenting on a performane through which u can do better in the next round.

Arun, Melbourne/Mangalore
31/03/2012 07:36:55

Thanks for the interesting article Fr Valli. Hope we will see u again Fr. Valli and Fr. Charles

Fr. Jerry, Melbourne
31/03/2012 07:28:19

Thank u Fr.vellerian. I admire ur thoughtfulness. Keep pray for me and fr. Prakash. I got car . Started driving and exploring Melbourne. Wish u happy Easter.

Anil, Dubai
31/03/2012 07:00:19

Terrence Lewis is the versatile among the Indian Choreographers. Every time he comes up with new concepts and new ideas. All the best to IYS-Kuwait and Terrence Lewis

Gananath B Shetty, Nandikur/ Mumbai
31/03/2012 01:33:31

Swamiji is right,stable life of Tuluvas is becoming unstable day by day, we have been losing our fertile land and green cover at an alarming rate. we should unite do our bit to oppose such illegal polluting industries.

Valerian John, Kuwait
31/03/2012 00:20:43

Association called KORWA i told this to our members and visit that particular places, accordingly we requested Mr Ronald saby and his response was un imaginable. He not only permitted us, he himself flown to belle to receive us personally there. We met his paarents great Bennab and his mother. Their hospitality for us was as if we are their family members. Bennab realy a great personality we salute him and his family, great person in great village called Moodbelle. Regards from KORWA members

John Valerian, Abbasiya/ Kuwait
30/03/2012 23:40:19

It is true what Mr Alponse says, shame on all the people concerned. We must praise the media who brings to the notice of the people .Kuch Goal Maal Hai re Baba! thanks bellevision.

Anil, Dubai
30/03/2012 23:39:40

Thanks Vivian for your report and beautiful pictures on sita Falls. Even though I knew such place exist, never got an opportunity to go there and enjoy the scenic beauty. As you have explained, it seems this place is difficult to access and it is sad that the authorities are not doing anything to do this place accessible to common public.

John Valerian, Kuwait
30/03/2012 23:26:23

Very true verdict by the highcourt on Mr. Bidari.He deserve the fate like Saddam Hussain. unhuman he is and must be brought to justice so that let people know misuse of power dealt with seviour pounishment.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
30/03/2012 19:05:48

Army Chief General V.K. Singh come out of the truth and do not do mud slinging at each other as corruption is at the highest in this country.This issue of only Rs. 14 crore as this is the tip of the ice berg. I do not know how many such crore must have exchanged between such criminals in the government officials. This is India . At least think of the hard working tax payers whom you have deprived by your bribing business. The corrupt officials should be arrested and jailed without bail. But this will never happen as these guys made ample money and they have enough influence to get out of this . But think of God and repent what you did.

Gananath B Shetty, Nandikur/ Mumbai
30/03/2012 13:21:09

AK Antony is the most honest politician in India, he is not involved in any corruption case, he never utters any unwanted words. Hope he will do the best

Gananath B Shetty, Nandikur/ Mumbai
30/03/2012 12:57:43

Great job..renovating the lake will help us preserve our heritage and we can contribute for the cause of environment

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
30/03/2012 12:09:28

Shame on our Tourism Dept. they don t have information what is happenning in our district. What a strange and the funny that both offices are in the same building and have no idea what is happening in their each others office and this issue was published prior to program in media and news papers. it is nothing but trying to avoid controversy to escape blame and nothing else.

Sherry, Mysore/Melbourne
30/03/2012 07:05:14

It was a pleasure having you all at our home. Thank you especially for blessing our home and your prayers for good health. Take care and keep smiling.

mya, south africa
30/03/2012 06:17:15

dont play with God the croks will loose everything they have i have see it in life becarefull you playing with God such a disagrace
God will protect the good AUM MAHA VISHNU

Allphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
30/03/2012 05:54:09

Dear Vivian,

Thanks for the detailed report on your short trip to Sita Falls. yes, Our Mangalore is a beautiful place and a lot remain to be explored and bring to the readers of Bellevision readers. Thanks Bellevision for bringing out so many articles on the beautiful nature and exotic places in India and abroad. I am sure after going thru these reports many more readers will join and enjoy all the lovely places and informative articles.

Mark Fernandes, Kattingere/Pune
30/03/2012 05:50:18

What you have written is cent percent truth.I had been to these falls with my friends and teacher Mr Ananth Rai Kamath when I was a student of VIII. As this place is difficult to access because of non availability of direct motorable road to the spot ,this beautiful creation of God is still hidden from the public.

Dora, Shirva
30/03/2012 01:47:49

It is really nice to see the facelift of a lake by the irrigation dept. There will be many more places like this in our Udupi Dist which need a facelift. Requesting all the dept. to work for a cause and to make Udupi Dist a nice place to live in harmony.

Mukunda, Moodubelle
30/03/2012 01:44:31

Dear Hemphil Udupi/ Dubai/ KUWAIT/ Melbourne. When you'll mention your real name??

V. Shetty, Edmer
29/03/2012 16:23:44

Congress won the seat in a big margin because of that our Bogualva ... Hemphill got infected with rabies, now he don t know whom to bite, how to bite.What a shame, Jai Ho Karnataka Mathe.

Anita, Mangalore
29/03/2012 15:25:31

Dear Arun, we are not irritated by this article. But this is just a thought from us that why this is happening? Always we are getting advices from everyone how to lead good married life, the do s and don t in our in-laws place but why no one is advicing the husbands? How they have to take care of their wife? All the points mentioned in this article are not at all for the newly wedded couple. There should be articles to boys also to show them and their families how to treat their wife or daughter in law. Any advices from any one to boys?

Dora, Shirva
29/03/2012 15:13:43

Dear Arun, Sonia is right. Why always everyone will tell girls only should do these things. You all should treat the newly bride nicely as she is coming to your house leaving her parents and loved ones back home. There should be perfect things for groom s family to treat the bride nicely and not only to the bride. These things which are given are not exactly for the newly married bride as she has to ask the groom what happened that day, how was his work etc. In today s world to lead a happy married life the importent things are LOVE, UNDERSTANDING AND TRUST FOR EACH OTHER AND FAMILY PRAYER. If you have these things then u can lead a good happy married life.

Srinivas, udupi
29/03/2012 14:48:04

Please......give me a break!! Why do such people insult god, by doing such cheap stunts?? I am myself a non-believer, but atleast I wont hurt the sentiment of people who belive in god. This man is ridiculous......absolute shameless!! Karnataka has tons of such guys.....when will our state get rid of such nuisances

Johnvalerian, Kuwait
29/03/2012 14:45:39

Sir what a good time you revealed your feelings were people know very well how selfish you all for your benefit you speak which pleases you without taking any initiative betterment of the people and the nation as a whole. there is no weight what you speak but itis your right to speak sir. you are the future chief minister in waiting. therefore do not put oil in the fire rather put water. sorry if i heart but it is fact. regards you

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
29/03/2012 14:22:00

Thanks Bellevison for bringing this episode on this site.. Yeah, IPL is the most talked sports and most awaited sport in India today due to its shorter version. I would appreciate if you could who has contributed to this artilce... great efforts in bringing all the minute details of the contest.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
29/03/2012 14:09:48

It is high time we abolish this system. it is nothing but a taboo which should have been vanished a long time ago. Swami\ s of mutt should have banned it a long time ago if they wished but there was not will, and no educating people on this issue. How can anyone get cured of skin diseases by rolling over left over of Bhrahmins?? just think of it...!!!

Fr Paul Sequeira, Moodubelle
29/03/2012 05:39:22

Congratulations to you Frs Valerian Charles.Nice to see you enjoying your days at Australia.Fr Vallie, you are a great man for making this tour at this age.I think age is not a barrier but your enthuciasm which is an example for others.Congratulations to you all. Fr Paul Sequeira.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
29/03/2012 04:10:15

I request somebody to take initiative on De-silting of BOBBRYA KERE too. If handled properly it can provide ample water to whole of Moodubelle, Padubelle and beyond for generations. An overhead tank of big size at nearby high terrain will enable gravity flow.
Governments are sanctioning big money for the rural water these days. I wish our Moodubelle gets a share of such development. When the land is wet, water table too will remain at healthy level. Creation of deep reservoir by big de-silting only can achieve good result. Our Hebbar already has some fair good experience in such job and this may help us.
Technically sound people like Philip Mudartha may be able to provide more light on this at his leisure!

29/03/2012 03:53:51

Thanks to Fr.Vally and Fr. Charles for visiting Melbourne, hope we see you again.

Arun, Udupi
29/03/2012 00:08:37

Dear Sonia, Why are you so agitated? The article is about How to be the perfect "new" wife . According to you a slave only can do all the things listed in the article. Get some life. There is nothing that is written against women. A relationship to work, both husband and wife has to strive for it. The article is only about women. If a list made for husbands there may be many more than listed things. Cool down!

Ajay Menezes, Mangalore
29/03/2012 00:02:13

Wishing all cricket lovers a great season of IPL-5.It looks all teams are well balanced and difficult to predict who will reach semis.

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