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Stany S Fernandes, Kodavoor Kalmadi
15/02/2012 06:50:15

May his soul rest in peace. He was not only a politician but he was a good professional doctor who had the dispensary at Kalmadi Bus stop in 1970 s

Baptist Sequeira, Belle
15/02/2012 06:05:35

Dear Roshan, You are a real leader. You are a wise leader. May you get a chance to become our minister one day. You were CLC president of Shirva in 1991-92. You are being a very resourceful trainer to our YCS and ICYM members. Let your leadership give you more bigger roles in future.

Edward Barboza, Kanajar / Auckland
15/02/2012 05:17:10

Nice to see all Kanajarians geared up for the big event. We will miss you. Wish you’ll the best.

Regards and best wishes
Edward, Vera, Edson and Verrell Barboza

VITA PAIS, Moodubelle/Mumbai
15/02/2012 02:18:06

our heartfelt condolences on the sad demise of Theresa anuty. May her soul rest in eternal peace.
Jacintha,Lucy,Francis,Vita Pramila

V V Kamath, Mumbai
15/02/2012 01:19:53

We lost a big finest politician.We lost a kind disciplined leader.May his soul rest in peace.

vvkamath, mumbai
15/02/2012 01:13:35

V S Acharya is very good person.God has given him the best death. He worked very hard for the state and developement of Udupi .May his soul rest in peace. He is a Karmayogi .Worked hard without selfishness.Very good politition.

Harush Quadras, Moodubelle/Bengaluru
15/02/2012 00:51:30

Really impressive Photography. All the Best Valentine..

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle/Dombivli
15/02/2012 00:45:01

It is sad that a good and honest politician has passed away. Dr. VS Acharya through his sincere work and moderate views had captured the imagination of the people of Udupi District of which he was the guardian minister. Being the Minister of Higher Education he had done good work. Hearty condolences to the bereaved family of late Dr. VS Acharya.

Chandramohan D S, Aurangabad, Maharshtra
15/02/2012 00:19:31

Dr. Acharya, a humble politician nice person.
Now he is not with us, but the works from him is significant in CET and need to be remembered for long period.
May his Soul rest in peace.

Baptist Sequeira, Belle
14/02/2012 23:47:27

Dr. V.S. Acharya was a honest politician and was a bridge to bring common people into politics. We lost a kind disciplined leader.

Gerald Fernandes, Moodubelle
14/02/2012 22:55:57

By the untimely death of Dr. VS Acharya, Udupi District lost one of its finest politicians who really cared for the district. Late Dr. Acharya had been an honest and sincere person and worked for the betterment of Udupi District. May his soul rest in peace.

Joy lobo, moodubelle/mangalore
14/02/2012 22:21:20

Excellent photographs... Keep it up..

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
14/02/2012 14:22:23

What a way to go, for a karma-yogi; work till last breath. Now, he can rest eternally.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
14/02/2012 14:17:12

Very impressed with both the talent, and passion for micro-photography, through which I can see what I can t see with my own eyes.

Veronica Alva, Udupi/Dubai
14/02/2012 09:35:32

On behalf of committee members and the members of PWA,I thank Belle vision for your support in the form of great publicity in your website,presence of your members on the day of our event and beautiful coverage of entire tournament.May God bless BELLEVISION.
Best wishes
Veronica Alva

Sequeira, pamboor
14/02/2012 04:19:54

May his soul rest in peace

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
14/02/2012 02:13:37

When I was a student at MGM college, and VS Acharya contested and lost the KLA elections-1972 to Mrs. Madvaraj, it was common knowledge that cabaret dances were big money spinners, and provided great night life to well-heeled students and rich classes. Well heeled have their own culture, not what we refer as "Indian". Even your local leaders with their allegiance to three major political parties, have not defined what Indian really means to them or their parties. Because, Indian is not dead static but living, changing, evolving and free to think entity constantly wanting to experiment, try, fail and learn. In this context, Bhat is right. Mistakes were made, and will have to learn from them. But to, put a full stop to these festivals is like setting the house on fire, to kill rodents.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
14/02/2012 01:57:39

The solution is so simple, you would laugh at it! Make India a tax haven. Tax havens are least corrupt. (Anna Hazare, please note and fast till death to make us a tax haven country).
Did you add up the rupees that flowed into St. Mary s island during the Spring Zouk aka rave party? Money goes where your mouth is, (and often where stomach, and what is beneath is). The least it likes is the government vaults. People do not trust their judgement in selecting their rulers. (when god had selected the rulers, they had little choice, those rulers would chop your head in the name of god).
When moving from a highly taxed, regulated country to a tax haven with unregulated business activity, the culture as we think it was, and imagine it should be, would see some shocking rocking jolts..like honesty (especially public honesty) may become our culture! (now who likes honesty as culture?)

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
14/02/2012 01:44:11

Walking the dog, while carrying a TV, might be better..jokes apart, while accepting that domestic chores are a great way to remain fit, and one should do one s own chores regularly, with advancing age climbing stairs is not advised, take the elevator, if available.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
14/02/2012 01:14:59

Congratulations to Santhan and Veronica for organising such a mega sports event.

Frank Madtha, Puttur/Bangalore
14/02/2012 00:05:23

Good coverage Akil. Keep it up.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
13/02/2012 08:42:45


Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
13/02/2012 04:42:47

It is a great and proud moment for all Mangaloreans to be part of this grand Post Centenary celebration and we must thank God Almighty for He has bestowed upon us so many blessings and today Mangalorean Catholic Community stands unique in the world. As said above our Bishops priests, nuns from Mangalore contributed tremendously to world in the field of education, service, charity and many other issues related to the common needs of the people. It was also nice to see all community gathered to celebrate this grand event. Thanks Mr. Tauro bringing these live pics for us to see and admire our dear Mangalore. I hope our CM and Union Minister stick to their promises and let us live in peace and harmony. Thanks Bellevision for publishing this important news so that all Mangaloreans world wide can view and enjoy the proud moment in the history of our dear mother land Mangalore.

Vincent Alva, Vincy, Pamboor, Pamboor
13/02/2012 01:16:07

Great Job Veronica and team. You require a lot of patience and capacity to organize such events. sports is one event which brings all the hearts together. congratulations all Pamboorians in Dubai. Keep the ball moving. Good Luck.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
12/02/2012 21:48:31

Excellent report of the 125 years Jubilee function. May God bless you for the wonderful efforts of coverage,Mr John.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
12/02/2012 14:09:11

Mr. Bhatt thinks he can easily fool people. Why he wants to clarify after a week and how can he say nothing happened there when the whole world knows what happened. He is the one who organized it, He is the one who took money and made all arrangements now he is pretending to be a saint. Good try Mr. Bhatt.

firoze, Udupi
12/02/2012 05:29:21

Mr Bhat you are 100%correct,next time you will not win,Better to go and join yeddy,

Arem, Puttur D K
11/02/2012 18:49:05

Good simple idea to lose wieght

Abraham V. Fernandes, Moodubelle
10/02/2012 19:49:01

"If our values, morals and culture is going to be brought down by such stray behavior, we think our culture is so week". Yes Mr. Philip Mudartha i liked your comment. It is much provoking.

Alban D souza, Kunthalnagar/moodubelle
10/02/2012 13:54:46

good report good photos akil.It seems to be a good programe.Akil you will do good hosting Keep it up..good work get together by Konkani Samudai jayanagar.All the best

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
10/02/2012 08:44:44

What I am alluding is the dilemma of man-kind, not my personal emotions. Mankind wants progress, growth, economic development, higher standards of living, and economic prosperity. The ultimate objective is gratification and pleasure in a holistic way. Unfortunately, the act is often contrary. Hence, the doubts, hesitations, vacillations and the revisionist movements to preserve our way of life, culture, and environs. The challenge for us is to strike the right pace of development, while altering the environs to the least. Will we really rise to the challenges? That is the thought I intended to provoke in the minds of our leaders such as yourself.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
10/02/2012 08:35:31

Yes, Victor, you are right; I spoke of Newtons third law. The laws of physics do not work in metaphysics

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
10/02/2012 08:26:32

None cared till media broke this sleaze story. None highlighted the creativity, energy, hard work, talent,dedication and organization of hundreds of artists, musicians, and support staff, not to mention the civic administration efforts. The festival was a fusion of western, regional, local, tribal and ethnic music and arts, and intended to be so and marketed and sold to an audience that is not culture-blinded, is accepted. That, among campers, some will break rules and swim, smoke grass, flirt, romance and even consort is a rule and not an exception. If our values, morals and culture is going to be brought down by such stray behavior, we think our culture is so week. It should have collapsed, for dogs, birds and other species do it in the open, and we all are aware. How can our culture get polluted, if someone drank, smoked, danced and fornicated out of our sight. Our kids did not go and had no access. If our adults went there, they went by choice, and not force. Are we saying there are no adults in India? And moral policing are only adults? It is political posturing..

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
10/02/2012 08:09:13

The political opportunism of diocesan church hierarchy comes out loud and clear in the guest list, more than the love for the poor, for whom houses are being built. No controversy there!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
10/02/2012 07:49:14

The Army Chief can now retire in honor. He has sought justice from the apex civilian court, it ruled against his petition and he accepted its verdict. All is fair and just. It does not matter if he has a biological DOB and an Army records DOB.
(I too have two DOB. It s my birthday tomorrow officially, while my baptismal DOB shows it two months after. I had a chance to reconcile before I registered for SSLC exam, but did not do so, because I did not then afford to settle dues my parents owed to the parish. The parish refused baptismal certificate).
The General was not in my shoes. He was born in military hospital, had access to this real DOB, but chose to enter other DOB. He may maintain it was an error, but someone else can argue that it was intentional and designed for profit)

Victor Sequeira, Marne, USA
09/02/2012 21:35:26

Really thought provoking article. I think you challenged Newton, not Einstein. I enjoy your writing.

Stephen, Belle
09/02/2012 10:54:40

Desperate attempt by the BJP government to yield their vote bank in local bodies...

Violet Quadros, Navi Mumbai, Maharahstra
09/02/2012 02:25:44

very interesting ! JVTauro s creative innovations are really appreciable and also impressive. Congrats best wishes

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
08/02/2012 13:44:12

Many Many Happy Returns of the day to FR. Paul Sequiera on your 51st. Birthday. May God bless you with many more to come. I am grateful to all those who Graced the occasion and all the organizers and Parishioners. The pictures were terrific. Fr. Paul they all love and that is why there were so many including other Fathers,sisters and VIPS. Good Luck and Good health to Fr. Paul.

Ramesh Nayak, Karkala
08/02/2012 13:43:38


Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
08/02/2012 13:26:00

Madhuri you really deserve the wax statue at Madame Tussaunds. It is a honor for you and your family and hosts of friends.It is a honor for India too.

Alban D souza, Kunthal nagar/moodubelle
08/02/2012 12:58:19

Dear Fr.Paul Sequiera,Wish you happy birthday....May you have many more May god keep you in good health and happy alway s and all your dreams comes true..

Abraham V. Fernandes, Moodubelle
08/02/2012 12:41:00

The district administration charging 5000 bugs to the foreigners simply for nothing? St. Mary s island is much far away from the main land. Let the foreigners have fun!
And our dear poli ticians,please promote such tourism of rave parties in our main land also.

G.W.Carlo, Hassan
08/02/2012 12:14:10

Thanks to Dr.Eugene D'Souza for discovering Mr.John Tauro's Budget Mane. The artifacts that he has collected are displayed tastefully and is pleasing to the eye. It is very interesting why he had to name 'Budget Mane' to his house.

Valerian Alva, London
08/02/2012 12:08:46

Dear John V Tauro,

congradulations for the hard work of collecting old items,monuments etc. May god give u more spirit to collect and make it as big museum in mangalore.

Dr.Kordcal, moodubelle
08/02/2012 12:08:44

Dear Chris wishing you the BEST in life always.

Dr.Kordcal, moodubelle
08/02/2012 11:51:39

May GOD ALMIGHTY bless u with many more years of health and happiness always

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
08/02/2012 10:41:37

I will make it my mission to find Budget House, and peep in during my next visit to the town. Very creative home, unique,and very personal. The author has made my day with his special report.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
08/02/2012 10:36:48

May the Almighty bless him with several years in the service of mankind. Felicitations, Reverend.

08/02/2012 08:56:32

Congratulation Mr. Louis Lobo. we from Kalmady parish are really proud of u. we need people like you with fighting sprit. I and my family wish u all the best for your future.

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