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Jerardin Dsouza, Mangalore
14/07/2012 09:59:59

My dear dear rev Movi, Fantastic !! you indeed have made us proud !!Nice to see Basil wife ,I presume,alongside the Bishop,, CONGRATS...love you jaddhu

Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore
14/07/2012 06:23:47

It is a great thought to visit the under-privileged in a distant country and indeed our Bishop has done a great job in meeting his own flock apart from others in Nairobi. This is mission station where Rev. Sister Aloysius had done the pioneering work and had worked in that country for almost twenty years and laid the foundation for the sisters of Apostolic Carmel to help the poor and needy. Sister Aloysius has been responsible to start many schools over there where education was in the primitive stage.

I can see Father Patrick Rodrigues Fathr Vincy and Father J.B. Crasta also in the pictures. They too in their own vocations are doing wonderful work in Mangalore.

May the visits of our Bishop and Fathers bear abundant fruit in the years to follow and may this visit be a forerunner of many such tours in the future.

Joe Gonsalves

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
13/07/2012 22:30:43

Respected Sir, if they Mr Shetter ( the C.M.)are to follow your dictum the Cabinet should be blank(0). C.M. has no other choice that is what I feel.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
13/07/2012 22:28:26

A very good call mr President. Tomorrow when you aare old your votes will be less and you will lose the elections. many schools will be closed and the government will save lots of money on mid day meals , which will enter the pockets of MLAs. Keep up your call every where and lo Jai ho!

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
13/07/2012 22:23:58

Please stop this drama Mr shetty. You could send your resignation and get into your village. Why hang on in Bangalore? Vacate the MLA room and be what you are. All other MLAs are cowards. They have no principles. simply want publicity. And they will never resign for your sake or for injustice. I do not like drama from persons like you please.

Neel, New Delhi
13/07/2012 10:49:47

Rajiv, you don t get the point! Victor talks about the town of Manipal which houses the Manipal University. By the way IIT and IIM are colleges and not town. Harvard is another town situated in Worcester City, Massachusetts, United States that houses the Harvard University among others and is best know to be an educational town. On the other hand cities like Mumbai/Calcutta or Ahmedabad housing the top IITs and IIMs can not be called Harvard since they are better known for other things apart from educational institutes like IIT or IIM. Just so you know, Mumbai is one of the top 10 megacities of the world and that s certainly not because it houses IIT,Bombay but because of it s growth in other fields. I hope you understand now why Manipal is called the Harvard of India, being the only educational town, such a giant of its kind in India. Nobody would think of Manipal as a city first without thinking of the Manipal University whose constitutional institutes are ranked among the top in the country. You clearly show the authenticity of Manipal as the Harvard of India by misunderstanding Manipal and talking about IIT and IIM where we were actually talking about an educational town hub.

Narayan, Kundapura
13/07/2012 07:30:05

Minister seat sikkilla antha kundapur bandh madire agalla. yake kottilla antha nimmalli iruva mukandaru seri kelabahudithu, ondagi iddu illivarege evaga munisikondare hege? janagala drasti yli evaga jaati rajakarana anthane suddi. evathu nimma kadeyavru nale avara kadeyavara bandh, hige agtha idre karnatakadli BJP annuva Padha ne irala......... alochisiri avlokisiri..... ole ritiya rajayakiya madiri.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
13/07/2012 06:20:09

Someone please give Poojary the 2011 Census Results. As ZP President, I expect him not to parrot notes dictated in social studies in rural schools. According to Directorate of Census Operations in Karnataka, during 2001-2011 the district population growth was only 0.59%. The national average is 1.764%. The ratio of 0-6 years age children in the district has fallen to 8.54%. While in India, it is 13.12%
Local leaders must focus on issues within their jurisdictional territories, and frame appropriate policies locally. For example, the sex ratio among 0-6yr child group fell to 955 even though in the population it is 1093. What is going on? Are parents aborting girls selectively? Are newborn hijdas increased and counted as males? Or adult women from other districts immigrate, while local adult men emigrate? What is the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) for the district and has it fallen below the rate required to sustain the local numbers, without requiring emigrants to sustain local economy?
The TP and GP leaders may do well to ask their officers to analyze the 2011 census data within their own territorial jurisdiction. Such analysis is imperative for local development.

edward saldhana, moodubelle sharjah
13/07/2012 00:02:44

Good sound, clear. Thank you for teamwork.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
12/07/2012 21:59:51

Very good tips on health. The younger generation may preserve this so that it wolud go a long way in their day to day health problems of the family specially with small growing childre.Keep on giving such hits every now and then please.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
12/07/2012 21:55:23

Congratulations to Mr Jagadish Shettar, Our C.M. Keep the friend BSY away so that you will reduce your troubles. He has spoiled the image of the BJP and fit to go to jail,[ but for corruption in Judiciary he may be moving out of jail] Yet it may not be for long. Be your self and carry on the responsibiltiy without fear or favovur and justice to all. God will Bless you. OPlease do not try to cheat God.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
12/07/2012 21:51:30

I Congratulate Mr. Srinivas Poojary on his being chosen as Minister. He is down to earth leader of the down throdden and the poor. He knows the difficulties of them and represents honestly. May God bless him in his new role. Let Udupi District get the due share in all fields of development. [ the agitation is not against Poojary. It is against humilitation to Halady Srinivas Shetty. The idiotic attitude of Leaders must be protested]. Meet Mr Poojary with your problems and he will take it up honestly and fight for that. But you may not get immediate results, yet you will get it. It is said, "Bhagvaan ke Ghar dher hai, magar Andhera nahim".
Good Luck to Mr Kota Sreenivasa Poojary. Udupi Jai ho!

Rakesh M, Udupi
12/07/2012 12:01:24

What a Day Dreaming Pradeep. Definitely BJP will not come in Majority but in another year one more CM definitely come. But one thing sure, congress need not be happy in mind. Because you will see how the in fight of congress come on street. Evverything Waaaste.

Hafsa Fatima, Hyderabad
12/07/2012 10:12:04

Keep your home and around your’s house clean and neat.

Pradeep Kumar, Mangalore
12/07/2012 08:35:54

Whatever it is, BJP has done better than congress in these 4 years.I am sure that they wil come to power again with strong majority!!

Charles D Mello, Pangala
12/07/2012 06:36:22

Uppal in what ways you are inferior to him. Give him back the same way. What is the big deal.

Brian, Mangalore
12/07/2012 04:58:13

People voted BJP to come to power expecting good government.But they proved themselves that they are most corrupt and power hungry than all other parties. Now they landed the state to a pathetic situation and become very selfish.
They should have allowed Gowda to complete remaining period before next assembly election.

Vijay D Almeida, Mumbai
12/07/2012 03:27:13

This is the common problems of the youth everywhere. lac of encouragement, over protection of the parents is one of the reason.Due to the professional courses and tight cyllabus, students focus more on studies rather than giving service in the youth organisations.
Modern communication facility and recreation facilities are another reason for youth staying away from these organisations.
parish leaders and spiritual directors want to avoid headaches from youth, so they don t encourage the youths for active participation. There are many more reasons for youths are staying away from the ICYM.

Arun Kumar, Mangalore
12/07/2012 03:16:29

Lawyers are becoming more agressive now. Thank you John for the report and lively pictures.

Victor D Souza, Bahrain
12/07/2012 03:13:57

Congratulations to the winners. Good to know that Udupi is moving in right direction by providing sports facility to the budding talents. Well done organisers!!

Melwyn D Souza, Dubai
12/07/2012 03:00:58

Wish you all the best Vicky. May your efforts and talent bring you success in the forthcoming dance reality show ’Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’.

Prakash Shetty, Udupi
12/07/2012 02:58:27

I still remembering Dara Singh s acting in Ramayana TV serial where i used to watch on every Sunday morning in late 80 s. May his soul rest in peace.

Anil, Dubai
12/07/2012 01:17:25

I am not aware of the functioning of Leo Club. So, I consider myself not eligible to comment on Leo Club. But, I was a part of ICYM and know the functioning. Yes, the membership of ICYM over the years has come down. There could several reasons contributing to this. One major reason what i feel is, most of our youngsters after 10th/12th are headed for professional courses and stay in hostels away from Moodubelle. One of the pre-requisite of ICYM, attending regular meetings on Sundays, is not possible for these youths. There may be several other reasons like lack of guidance/support from parents/heads of the parish. Yes, I too wish that the membership of ICYM goes up and our youngsters get benefits of this wonderful movement call ICYM.

Anil, Dubai
12/07/2012 01:06:17

Great going Vikyath Poojary. You have made us Mangaloreans proud with your achievement. Still remember your wonderful performance during Bellevision event Sambhram-2011. Your bboying was amazing and cheered loudly by the audience. Wishing you all the best!

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
11/07/2012 21:53:41

Hats off to PPBA players. I remember Prakash Padukonne returned from England in flying colours winning All England Championship in 1979?? When the able champion at the helm, sure PPBA players to get best training under his guidance and perform best to the ability. A few more photographs of tournament would have been high-lighted the achievements of each players.

Baptist Sequeira, Belle
11/07/2012 16:08:29

Encouraging new generation children.

Rakesh M Rebello, Udupi
11/07/2012 16:02:44

Mr. Pradeep, the question is not about catholic youth joining Leoclub. Sarcastic thing is some people who were speaking odd about Lions Club are been seen in Lions club. Finally those people getting civilized!!!. Hope atleast theiir children will join ICYM. Hope only prayer is not the main motto of Lions club, if such people join Lions club.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
11/07/2012 13:01:25

Sahan Kumari deserves all praise and applauded. Yes, mother is first teacher and strength at all times and then comes sports teacher. Both combined produces amazing results. off-course her hard work, dedication and determination eventually pays off. I am sure if she has reached this level of achievement in High Jump, she will definitely make it to the top and let us all pray for her success. Hats off to her and wishing all good luck.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
11/07/2012 12:23:55

it must have been a really great feeling to mangalorean community in Kenya to be with our Bishop and share a few moments of happiness and joy. We must salute the people/clergy who do missionary service in the remove African countries. It is really a tough situation but for looking after the down-trodden, help the sick and preach the gospel, some one has to take this tough decision. Kudos to all missionaries working in Kenya and other parts of Africa. God the Almighty bless you and protect you from all dangers.

kavya narayanan, banglore
11/07/2012 11:32:33

R.I.P Kiran : (

Pradeep Kumar, Mangalore
11/07/2012 07:16:08

Good idea Rakesh,Its seems that leo club has more catholic members than Icym. where our youths are heading???????? Parents dont want to send their child to Icym then why leo club? can any one reply?

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
11/07/2012 01:00:14

People in India love sport. Its values " fitness, fair play, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence " are universal. At its best, it brings people together, no matter what. Sport is increasingly recognized as an important tool in helping the participants achieve their objectives, in particular the rural sports in India. "Mud Sports" is very cost-efficient tool to help us create a better atmosphere in the rural areas especially in D.K. district. Sport has a crucial role to play to improve the lives of rural people around the world. Sport builds bridges between individuals and across communities, providing competitive spirit among the rural people, young and old alike. Congratulations!!! Bantakallu Rajapura Saraswatha Youth Club for organizing such an event, as a part of their Silver Jubilee celebrations. Thank you, Mr. Pundalika Marathe and BV for the report and wonderful pictures.

Melwyn D Souza, Dubai
10/07/2012 23:02:09

Congratulations Mr. Satish. May almighty bless you abundantly. because of the helping hand you are rendering to the organisations, many programmes conducted here are successful.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
10/07/2012 22:54:03

Well done, but it is only tip of an ice berg. Lokayuktha police can do much more in trapping bribe givers like document writers and document writing advocates. Some Advocates indulging in document writing and registry work without attending court. The cases in the court are all pending for years together. Because there is no Lokauktha at Bangalore complaints sent to Bangalore are a waste of money for affidavits( money to notaries) and copying ( Xeroxing bills)into 3-4 sets and postage under R.P.A.D.s. The cost is not recovereable. The complainant is left with no answers nor even acknowledgments years together. As the State Government Drama at Bangalore, the Office of Lokayuktha. Unless there is mutiny, perhaps, the Government is not rising from its slumber.
Catching the bribe giver is the effective method of controling Corruption.
Well done Officials, ultimately you have taken some bold steps. Next important step should to watch the judiciary and advocates who are responsible delaying in decisions/ judgments/ orders.J.Pattabirama Rao is the best precednet.

Sadananda Poojary, Udupi
10/07/2012 22:32:21

Congratlulations to the organisers. More and more such sports to be organised at village level to bring people of all age to closer.

Rakesh M, Udupi
10/07/2012 15:31:24

Looks like Lions Club, Catholic Sabha merged. Please Merge ICYM Moodubelle also because less youth.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
09/07/2012 22:57:32

God loves you because you have been helping the unfortunate ones. Snehalaya is a good project where God loves to live, I believe. Do continue to serve and you will be given treasures in Our Father s House. I pray for you Joseph.

Anil Norman, pamboor/Sharjah
09/07/2012 05:34:18

good work ,keep it!!

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
09/07/2012 04:44:49

" Baayi ithunda maga ee badkuva" (with a big mouth my son, you can survive) - thus goes Tulu saying. BJP is surviving with big mouths of Advani, Sushma, Jaitley etc. "Thumbida koda tulukadu" - is another Kannada saying. BJP is an empty vessel that makes lot of noice. I had lot of respect for Sangma when he was the speaker of the house. Then he thought UPA would lose the elections and with foreign origin of Sonia as a reason he defected and lost every respect he had. A respectable presidential candidate would never stoop so low as to go to the court to challenge another presidential candidate s credentials. That is BJP s philosophy and not that of an independent candidate.

Rohit Malhotra, Mumbai, India
09/07/2012 03:10:53

This is such a shame.
Bedwetting is a curable medical condition. In the USA, thousands of children have overcome enuresis by using a bedwetting alarm. A example of one such alarm is the Chummie bedwetting alarm - www.chummie.com
These alarms are FDA registered and clinically proven to cure bed wetting in weeks.
So sad that this poor girl had to go through this trauma for something that is not her fault.

09/07/2012 02:03:55

congratulations to president sec,and members of karkala rotary instaled new office bearers

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
08/07/2012 22:35:19

By seeing the dish in bowl and the ingredients, my mouth watered. I will tell my wife to prepare it and I will taste it . Surely it must be of better taste because my wife prepares it. Thank you Cynthia D Ccunha. Keep on giving good items like thins.

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
08/07/2012 20:40:54

I fully agree with the observations made by John B. Monteiro. TV debates in India are not the right tools to judge the caliber of a leader. TV audience can be impressed by telegenic personality and oratory skills which administrators such as Dr. Manmohan Singh and Pranob Mukherjee lack. In a land where Saas Bahu serials are taken seriously and mythical serials are taken religiously, TV can make or mar a leader. Hence, any leader demanding TV debate hides his or her sinister designs behind the TV screen.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
08/07/2012 13:14:49

Probably, one who compiled the list has not tasted any other south Indian dishes. If he did, the list would have had all the south indian dishes as top ten! I am ready to die because I believe, being a south indian, that I have tasted more than ten dishes that are tasty enough to be among the top ten.

Baptist Sequeira, Belle
08/07/2012 10:11:32

Vijay, what you have said is right. We dont want Mr. Singh s Good Image. But performance. "Himmt dikhanewala" required. During last years agitation against corruption, even one leader of congress stood up and spoke that "yes, any cost we should implement the law", the entire nation would support this party. But you know being good person if anybody keep quite that leads major damage. "Sin of omission is more dangerous than sin of commission". If some keeps eyes shut when corruption happens in front of your eyes, then that encourages your subordinates to make more corruption. And for 60years who nourished the corruption in India? Who ruled India more time? people know!!!

Vijay Dsouza, Moodubelle
08/07/2012 09:07:08

I completely agree with TIME magazine. Our prime minister himself says he is clean and honest person. We want a performer and we can not do anything with his clean image. He is the leader he must lead from the front. In my life this is the worst government I have seen which is not performing and afraid to take bold steps to improve economy to weed out corruption.

Thomas, Pernankila/Mumbai
08/07/2012 07:43:22

Hi Clement Rita,
Congratulations. You are a great family.

It was wonderful meeting you in the US. Thanks to Audrey and Alan for the hospitality. We can never forget the lovely time we had.

Sheetal, Udupi/UAE
08/07/2012 05:32:58

The above recipe is nice. Butter garlic squid is one of the famous dish in Goan restaurants which does not have bafat powder and coconut. If you add coconut it is sukka. I think better to rename the dish.

Dolphy Dmello, Shankerpura,Udupi
08/07/2012 01:45:08

congratulations to mathias lobo for becoming the president of shirva rotary club.
best wishes to all the shirvaa rotarians.

nilesh, bhavnagar
07/07/2012 03:39:17

Congrats Prithviraj. Good going!!

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