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Beena D,souza, Niddodi/ U.K
01/11/2011 15:30:51

They have literally proved themselves as animals...this is what is civilisation!!!?

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
01/11/2011 14:54:40

During my high school days we were taken to these places twice and I still remember the experience I had then. Hope to visit them ASAP. Pity is that these sites are not exploited enough and made international tourist destinations.

Naresh Shetty, Bangalore
01/11/2011 13:00:11

How cruel, these animal welfare association members consider humans worse than animals, how pathetic.

Herman Dsouza, Bahrain
01/11/2011 03:04:48

Through this article, i came to know much more about his life profession. I feel proud to be his student in Milagres College, Kallianpur. Long live dear Sir, Advote Shirthady William Pinto!

Suraj, Moodubelle
31/10/2011 11:42:26

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall:
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King s horses and all the King s men
Couldn t put Humpty Dumpty in his place again.
You guys are sick. Why don t you join politics and do sometihing good for the people instead of complaining about politicians.

Webmaster, can you start a separate discussion forum for these guys to debate about politics?

Pothram, Moodubelle
31/10/2011 11:22:59

Dear friend Dumphil, that is Hemphils and Anner s "poli"-"tics"!!!...

Umesharun, Sitapur
31/10/2011 07:24:46

Amazing place .je chahta hai ek dubbi mar aau!!!

Dumphil, Moodubelle/Dubai
31/10/2011 05:41:47

100% true what CAPS LOCK HEMPHIL said.Jobless people are doing useless things in Nehru maidan, Mangalore today with our future PM(IN DREAMS) today!!!!!!.When our Ajjer will retired from politics Mr. CAPSLOCK?????Any Idea???

Rajender Yadav, Faridabad
31/10/2011 05:15:06

Anna ji m ek student hu or m aap ke team ko join krna chata hu plz mujy apne team m join kr ly.

31/10/2011 04:50:53


Ashok kumar, kerala, Thrissur
31/10/2011 03:48:46

Wow Fantastic, I like this programme once again thanks for sent this mail

Benedict Noronha, Udupi /Abudhabi
31/10/2011 00:38:08

A very complimentary devotion of Franciscan Secular Order of St Francis of assissirevealed to the faithful.The observace of the Dimond Jubilee is to revive the spirit of service and also help the younger generation to imbibe the spirit of St Francis of Assissi,reaching out to serve the poor and more so in the villages. It was a secret yet sacred mission. To further the mission The OFM under the leadership of Fr Pinto has started a center at Kattingere, which is undoubtedly God s Plans. Every one is required to encourage and support the mission.
Rev.Fr Joswey Fernandes has enough time to observe all these devoute and essential functions perfunctorily, as a Parish Priest, which in it self is a blessing for the faithful.
I invoke Gods blessing on all who have taken part in the celebrations of the occasion, and pray that the organization grow in strength and help lead the faithful in a humble way God Loves. Dr Eugene has briefed the even in an exemplary manner for the benefit of the viewers. I thank him profusely for the noble deeds.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
30/10/2011 18:35:10

This criminal auto driver should be given the life sentence and may be hanged to death as per Arab law. He should have have hanged himself. Anyway law will give him proper and fair justice. Kamble enjoy your stay in jail for ever. Shame on you .

Faha, Lahore
30/10/2011 14:48:37

Nice, i love you.

30/10/2011 14:09:15

Congratulation Hilda teacher and all the best.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
30/10/2011 08:32:27

Dear SWP, I have to tell you this through this medium: I ran into a man in Nairobi, Kenya six year ago, a self established and prosperous businessman hailing from your village in a community party. I praised you and your activism in promoting tillers rights post-KLRA1974. I was aghast when he lambasted you; he blamed you for dispossessing him of his livelihood as a small landowner. Finally, I pacified him with talk of destiny and how life had turned out for he now owns a business woth millions of dollars!
(For every good deed in one s own and majority perspective, there will always be someone who will percieve it as bad deed).

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
30/10/2011 08:20:40

Shirthady Willium Pinto came into my life on a day that has been my happiest, and has remained in my consciousness each day since then. I am indebted to him in ways he himself may not keep account of. At times, I suffer from guilt that I may not have lived up to his expectations, that I have not stayed back and served those downtrodden to whom he devoted his time and resources.
I am glad to see God has rewarded him with everything he needs and more. May he live to be a centenarian. And thank you for sharing that photo of us together taken 42 years ago in Udipi. That is the most favorite photograph I have till date taken, and my sons love it too.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
30/10/2011 05:36:40

Great job Dr. Eugene! It is very interesting to know more about the popular name and personality. Long live Advote Shirthady William Pinto!

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
30/10/2011 01:30:30

Congratulations to England! This is very poor display from Team India. England deserved to win as they bowled well throughout the Indian innings. On the flip side we flopped in all the 3 departments. Uthappa missed a golden chance to make an impact in this team. And what does that overrated Yusuf did? He can t bat, can’t bowl, and can’t field.... And finally our winning chances were blown away when Raina dropped pietersen. Team India better luck next time!.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
30/10/2011 00:51:53

Karnataka Lokayukta seat must be filled by persons of clean personality. No one tomorrow say that I am not like your Lokayukta and try to save from accusations. Be like Shree Rama , who sent Seetha to forest on the accusations of an ordinary man.If Mr BSY strongly suggested this name ,there must be a safety valve to save himself. Therefore the Governor must be guarded against such conspiracy.If there are no clean judges of Karnataka avlable then it must be construed that the present team of judges must undergo such an acid test before they sit the bench tomorrow. Else their judgments will also be tainted and liable to be questioned for want of sanctity.
-[Benedict Noronha, ADvocate, Udupi]

Nelson, Udupi / bangalore
29/10/2011 13:50:26

Abraham, good thought. It is state level!! Let us look at corruption level in village level(accountant?) about corruption level from the government paid post who is not worthy. Any wistle blower?

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
29/10/2011 13:31:37

I think Mr Malya has a point. Unless the super rich and the rich spend their money in whatever ways they can there cannot be job opportunities. Merely keeping thier wealth in bank lockers, bank accounts (that includes Swiss banks as well), donating gold ornaments to deities etc. will not alleviate poverty in the country. Rich should invest in education, industries, sports etc and create jobs for the poor who are willing to earn a decent living. KBC is not the only answer to make the poor rich even though it is commendable.

Abraham, Moodubelle
29/10/2011 10:34:27

Lokaayukta Police, well done.Wish you best of luck in your future investigations.Penalise the currupt politician involved in the case as early as possible.By the way, what happened to the NICE corridor land acquisition case of the senior Gowda family......?

Shel, Udupi/Mumbai
29/10/2011 09:48:47

Such a shameful act should not be tolerated, justice should be given current Indian law is totally useless, judiciary system has to take a look at ARAB countries, such harsh punishments should be given that nobody ever dares do this crimes again!!!

Manish Kothari, Mulund
29/10/2011 04:19:39

we publish an English weekly tabloid MULUND MEET every saturday. send us your announcements, news, reports, advts etc and we will publish it in our paper, subject to availability of space.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
29/10/2011 03:14:49

Great selection! Shows the Mohinder Amarnath effect in the selection committee! Fresh faces in the Indian team. Umesh Yadav and Varun Aaron, both great prospects should get chances in this series so that they are ready for Australia series. Similarly Kohli should get chance ahead of Yuvraj as he is fit and in form. Ajinkya Rahanae also a good selection. Bhajii should be back for the Australia test matches as he reserves his best performance against Aussies. Looking forward to Ojha and Aswin s spinning combination
Good selection except for the surprise omission of PK. May be they are resting him for Aus. tour? Good job Srikkanth and Co. Good luck to Team India!

Rohit, Muscat/Moodubelle
28/10/2011 22:44:54

Why is Hemphil shameless??
Requesting viewers to leave your valuable comments.Thank you.

Harman,Rosevin,Harun, Pamboor
28/10/2011 12:16:28

Dear Mummy,
It s difficult to express in words our joy at your getting 2nd prize in the state level essay competition.We were sure that you could make it happen.Congratulations once again...

Rony Norbert Pinto, Shirva / Bahrain
28/10/2011 07:21:33

WoW!!!!! Mrs Hilda Saldanha ...Congratulations on this amazing achievement. You have proven time and time again what hard work and dedication can produce. I wish you the best of luck and am sure you will continue to do what it is you always have.From this time, you’ll travel onward Toward your future aspirations But this day, enjoy your moment With my warm congratulations!!!!!!!

Suresh, Udupi
28/10/2011 06:40:30

It is a national shame.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
28/10/2011 06:00:20

I look forward to read the award winning essay. Would you please publish or provide a link?

Ms. Hilda Saldhana,
congratulations on your personal moment of achievement. I share in the public sense of pride the community in Pamboor and its neighborhoods. 4e1ed

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
28/10/2011 03:50:27

Fascinating trek to trace one s roots, and I hope the Kaundinya couple locate Indian relatives born to those who stayed back.

Genealogical studies are very interesting read..hope more Mangalorean families come out with theirs in diary or book formats, like what Dr. Michael Lobo and Prof. Wilfred Mudartha has done.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
27/10/2011 22:57:54

Thank you bellevision for a good news about the use of garlic . Those who are in for diabetics, must get this free advise and protect them selves fro sugar and cholesterol and compliment Bellevision for the tips on Health regularly.

27/10/2011 18:21:41


V.L.M., Moodubelle
27/10/2011 16:17:52

It is a controversial decision church priest attending Grama Panchayat it is unnecessary There is appointed church committee members are there they will handle it. Present situation is risky too, plus waste of time why cant we wait for for the court verdict. This land is church s rented property whoever donated their right of this land to the church not for the benefit of the church only show as big donor and secure the first floor in their name rest for the church that s it, this is the bottom line,Panchayat has only right to renew the license not vacant the land other thing Revenue department and Taluk office doing rest of the job.

27/10/2011 15:50:33

congratulations JOHN,for your great achivement. and i congratulate all konkan taram members for their support to make this cd a successfull one.

27/10/2011 15:25:08


Uphill, Moodubelle
27/10/2011 14:33:15

Happy Diwali to all the commentors.

sharmila D souza, Moodubelle/ Baharin
27/10/2011 08:19:46

Dear Hilda Aunty,

Congratulations and we are proud of u.

Dumphil, Moodubelle/Dubai
27/10/2011 06:56:35

Thank God..Atlast our cute BABA HEMPHIL started to learn English.
Very good HEMPHIL.Without any spelling mistake you copied my comments.Now you slowly learning how to become a matured man!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Apolin Quadras, Bantakal/Bengaluru
27/10/2011 04:32:21

Dear Hilda Aunty..

Congratulations. You have made us proud by your achievement..

Veena, Mangalore/Dubai
27/10/2011 02:07:15

Congratulation Hilda teacher and all the best.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
27/10/2011 01:50:50

Congratulations! Hilda Saldanha for winning state level essay competition on the "Personality of Karantha". We are proud of your achievement. May God bless you with good health and long life.

Linet, Pamboor
27/10/2011 01:40:30

Congratulation Hilda teacher.

Harish, Udupi/Mumbai
27/10/2011 01:28:09

Good translation into caps locks HEMPHIL. Keep it up.

Arun, Pamboor
27/10/2011 01:19:14

Congrats teacher, another feather to Pamboor cap...all the best

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
27/10/2011 01:08:46

Hearty congratulations to Mrs Hilda on this coveted award/Honour of receiving a prize on state level essay competition. This has heightened your Personality status and that of Pambureans. Great is not the word for your achievement. Good luck, keep it up.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
27/10/2011 01:00:59

This the way one has to bow his head with reverence to the Holy cross as the villagers-Pambur Parish- did. God lives in villages and also gets best reverence from the villagers is my view.How devotion over powered in the crowed is best picturised by Anil studio. God indeed loves you all and I am also inspired to compliment to your devotion and the revence shown towads the Crucifix. May God bless one all who tookpart and received blessings. The Lord will bless all, those who could not make it to the procession also.

Stivan Martis, Pamboor/ Dubai
26/10/2011 23:59:51

Congratulation Hilda teacher and all the best.

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
26/10/2011 22:50:36

Congratulations Hilda Saldanha for winning state level essay competition on the "Personality of Karantha". Keep it up.

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