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Benedict Noronha, Udupi
17/07/2011 22:42:50

I had a pleasant journey through the article and the photos of village life, the 19019 train-rush and the the paddy storages which are not to be seen in Udupi District now a days -belle village atleast, and every thing shown in the article with photos. Dr Eugene, you have spent some bugs,butyou made the viewers enjoy the same through Bellevision without spending. So beautiful the journey. Congratulations and thank you.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
17/07/2011 14:46:58

Wecome back Dr. Eugene. We missed you for a while....but here you are with rich and soothing pictures!! a new world!! Keep it up!!

Victor DSouza, Moodubelle / Doha
17/07/2011 14:41:41

Plenty of information with beautiful pictures of north India, completely different life style than south India. People with their traditional dress keep their identity. Pleasing to see the greenery. Nice article and pictures, Dr. Eugene.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
17/07/2011 12:31:13

Very interesting, looking forward for a copy

Karthik Kamath, Moodubelle
17/07/2011 08:01:29

Hi Nag bappa,I congratulate Nag bappa,becuase 0f great achievement in the field of cashew industry.His achievement helps for poor village people and others.AND I wishes that "BEST OF LUCK FOR THE FUTURE"

Fr. M.V .Sunny, Raiganj
17/07/2011 05:33:56

Thanks a lot to Dr.Eugene for your wonderful write up and photos. Thanks also to Francis and George for your appreciation.

Victor DSouza, Moodubelle / Doha
17/07/2011 00:48:29

All 6 reactions by Philip calls spade a spade and make one to think correctly. India is not fit for democracy if the system works like this.

Amrouz Alva, Jeppu/ Mangalore
16/07/2011 20:38:20

All London Mangloreans with Ron Rodrigues!!

Ronald D, Udupi
16/07/2011 14:11:42

All six reactions of Philip are highly matured and are of international standards!! Unfortunately in the political level we are stuck with below level intellectuals, especially in the state!! Qualified people with several decades of experience are still not behaving as educated ones!! Still wants to hang on religion and recipe for further mess at school level!! All these are fundamental obstacles towards the clean growth and positive outlook!! Such precautions may improve quality of life in general. Further a remote chance to prevent sabotage!!

Melwyn D Souza, Dubai
16/07/2011 13:51:35

Dear Philip, It is a good analysis. I do fully agree with your point of views. Instead of blaming and pointing fingers towards others, it is responsibility of each and evry individuals to safe guard our own house and neighbourhood.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
16/07/2011 12:35:13

Philip, I wish every Indian has the same courage and sincerity to introspect as you did. Well done! Keep it up!

Nidhi, Shimoga
16/07/2011 12:03:24

I like this school.

Victor DSouza, Moodubelle / Doha
16/07/2011 07:56:55

Seems the private bus owners and taxi owners are creating obstructions to the operation of KSRTC Volvo buses to Airport from Mangalore and also from Udupi - Manipal for quite some time now, as they want to have the full share of the transportation business.

Victor DSouza, Moodubelle / Doha
16/07/2011 07:40:24

Finding a vintage car at an affordable price is not only hard but can be relatively expensive depending on the condition or the desired end result. The less work required on a vehicle equates to a higher price. The more work required means a cheaper initial cost, but more in the long run. I think the level of restoration experience plays an important part.

Remous DSouza, Padubelle
16/07/2011 05:30:18

Congrats Joyce and trainer of this kid and Remedia and all admin staff.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
16/07/2011 04:42:53

Reaction #6?
Intelligence failure! How nice it sounds, Mr.Arun Jaitley. Intelligence requires spying: listening in to conversations, mingling in joints, bars, and bad places. The spy infiltration, doing bad things like eating beef and eating lamb biriyani..are you game? Who will bring intelligence for you?
A soft state at peace with itself may not need bad behavior, but a not-so soft state brutalizes itself to have police powers bordering on the criminal behavior too. We need national consensus, not political one-up-man-ship. Calling names for MMS and SG is not the way to fight terror.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
16/07/2011 04:12:42

Reaction #5"
The use of such ruthless violent force arise out of hatred and resentment. Often called: revenge and avenging. All factions react to sense of injustice. Movie icon Big B is multi-millionaire, because we like to see good guys bash up and kill bad guys. Then we are happy.
What if the bad guys really see themselves as good guys? What if they believe that today s good guys had done a wrong to them or their elders yesterday? And today they are impotent and left with no lawful ways to right the wrong?

I am appeasing the terrorists, may be..

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
16/07/2011 04:01:05

Reaction #4:
Do we honestly think Pakistan can stop this terror? A country that cannot stop terror on its soil?
Do we honestly think Pakistani agents have the capacity to do this without our citizens being a party to it?
Why are we not accepting that violence is a reaction to genuine hurt or perceived hurt of a group of individuals, who do not see justice done to perceived to be done? Is introspection possible and by whom? By the criminals?

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
16/07/2011 03:47:41

Reaction #3
The bombs went off to kill RICH GUJARATI merchants and their clients. Someone is very angry with them, in whose death and pain, he/they will find happiness.

It is vigilante crime and punishment. You punish us outside law and we punish you in return. Eye for an eye. Never mind, both of us will be blind after this.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
16/07/2011 03:42:28

Reaction #2:
Public cried foul. Governments went on defensive. Opposition decried that it knew will happen, because of Congress appeasing Muslims as vote banks.

Is this time for political football? Should the government agencies punish or kill our Muslims because the bombs most likely were planted by extremists from their faith? Should it launch a war on Pakistan because our extremists are drawing support from there?

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
16/07/2011 03:35:02

Dust has settled. Sites have been trampled by curious onlookers, diamond finders, security agencies and VIPs. Public fury is over. So:

My reaction #1: It is bus stop and the stupid rich man in parking his expensive car is breaking traffic rules. He adds chaos and is part of chaos. Most efficient police will fail to keep order in a chaotic society. Man, heal thyself!

Wilfrred Castelino, Moodubelle/Sharjah
16/07/2011 03:18:08

I think in the school first priority to be given for education and there by children will learn moral educations, human ethics, respecting other people and other religion.All religion and holy books are good and they teach the same and no religion to be criticsed unless you practice it 100% and completly aware of that religion. For our children forcing them to learn religious books in schools is a wrong approach by the BJP govt. Teaching religious education is not govt work but its a right of every parent, the community and thier religious pastors. Let the govt ministers concentrate in 100% literecy in karnataka also improve the present education system . Let the ministers learn and practice in life bhagawatgeeta first then think about teaching other.

Melwyn D Souza, Dubai
16/07/2011 03:03:25

Nice to see the Vinage cars. These HM cars are very strong and very much suitable for indian road conditions.
The fear that these cars will remain as vinatage due to the tend in present market for new generation cars.

Abraham Joseph, Renukoot
15/07/2011 23:11:31

Simply eye wash? Delhi Govt. has increased salary of its Ministers and MLAs by 300%.

Naresh Kontemukkala, Khammam
15/07/2011 15:09:51

Congratulations to every one....all of you did very hard work...we will do these successes in future...in world india is NO1.

Ronald Sabi, Udupi
15/07/2011 09:47:16

Knowledge and science should be taught in educational institutions. Religion is at its best when restricted to private life!! At the moment religion is being abused for votes!!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
15/07/2011 08:10:15

Let the Hindu students study Srimad Bhagwad Gita. Present day Hindus, including BJP leaders, have not read it. (exceptions to the rule exist!. Most Roman catholics I have met have also not read Scriptures in their entirety(4 gospels), forget New testament or Holy Bible. At times, I get embarrassed with my Hindu friends when I discourse on Gita and Upanishads, and see blank expressions. You see, give them a chance to know their own scriptures.
Two things can happen:
1. They may turn out to be better human beings and rise against the extremists within their community.
2. They may turn castiest and fight among themselves.
Both results will promote communal harmony. And promote peace for other faiths. And atheists.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
15/07/2011 07:59:16

Vintage cars are beautiful indeed. My paternal uncle was said to be owning and operating a taxi in Bombay in early fifties, an original Morris of pre-HM era. How I wish he bequeathed it to his descendants!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
15/07/2011 07:55:32

1. Let the Honorable HC, and if necessary, SC interpret Articles 25 to 3O and adjudicate if the offending circular contravenes the constitution.
2. The vote bank of BJP is young and educated middle class, mainly from cities, towns and semi-urban villages. It wants to preserve and grow its vote bank. If it uses tax money to advance its political base, like if it employs or pays school teachers for religious instruction for propagation of faiths, it will break the law. Let law take its own course?
3. The state is secular; not atheist. The state, without contravening Art 28 (i), and laws framed under Art 25-30, must educate its citizens ABOUT religions. Religions is not a dirty word. If sex education is required in schools, why not religion? The debate should be not if religion should be on the syllabus, but HOW it should be taught and to whom?

Suraj-Belle, Moodubelle
15/07/2011 02:49:14

Good to see Continuous reports and updates from Vincent Alva. With all his commitments and busy schedule, he gives his time to Bellevision.com, Thank you Vincy. Keep it up and looking forward some interesting articles in Youth Column because you are always with Youths and you know which directions our youths are heading..

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
14/07/2011 14:22:09

Education minister is lacking knowledge? Personal agenda should be kept mile away in public administration! It stinks when pushed beyond!! Wake up and be good!!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
14/07/2011 14:15:23

Mr. ED Officer, do not bother about how the sea water leakage has been fixed, but pay attention to IF it is fixed to the satisfaction of stakeholders, which includes the neighborhood. R.R.P, A.M.S piping are low investment solutions. If you slap a hefty fine for each offense, the company would find proper technical solution, which in this case is investing in GFRP Pipes.

Nelson, Udupi
14/07/2011 14:12:35

We need to protect our chair, if need be use of religion or whatever possible, rest is next, plants plans come and go what do you say Yeddiji?

14/07/2011 09:12:06

i am very glad to see and feel the ambience of this Bishop s House in Baruipur,very often i looked inside the House from outside during my regular up down passengeries,really i appreaciated about that beauty,natural creation,my salute to them who are engaged with this such creations and maintainence,today i have seen through this site what beauties hidden inside the House.i want to be a part of this creation and maintainers.thank you,thanks god.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
14/07/2011 08:50:41

Congratulations Mr. Gokuldas Pai for being the proud owner this beauty seen in the picture. If maintained well these cars run for ever. Beautiful paint job!!

Nancy Mathias, Mulund
14/07/2011 04:56:05

What a noble cause!! I am very much touched by reading your article. Wish many more people think like u. All the best for good life health.

snehalatha, udupi
14/07/2011 01:11:01

Dr. Mohammed Rafik is no more working in pareekha Yoga and Nature Cure Centre, he started his own hospital in Hoode.

Winifred Lobo, Manipal
13/07/2011 13:35:25

Indians should learn from UK. One million CCTVs are installed in UK to safeguard 62 million British lives.

Andrew, Mumbai
13/07/2011 13:33:48

Lets face it!! Nothings gonna change with this. There is no value of life in INDIA..Govt doesnt have guts to take a strong stand against terrorism and Kasab is still in our Jail.. I know what would be the next step from govt. Lets have a cricket match with Pakistan. Things would get better!

sukrutha, bangalore
13/07/2011 12:42:30

This artical is realy very good!!!!

alban D souza, kunthalnagar/moodubelle
13/07/2011 12:23:32

Good initiative by the parish priest good work by all banks Christian Employees association Mangalore. Keep good work ..thanks to BV for publishing the report

Raj, Mumbai
13/07/2011 12:03:42

Hello Every one,

Nothing should be happened, Bcoz we know our government very well......now we have to wait for other discussion after 2day with Pakistan/terrorist now media have story for 1 week....every one should be forget after 1 week mumbai will be continue running......

Let see nothing should be happens

Antony, Bangalore
13/07/2011 12:01:20

Very good gesture by the Association. More and more association should do things like this to the community.

VV Kamath, Mumbai
13/07/2011 09:51:04

It is a good thing to encourging the childrens .This is good for education.It is only for poor students or to all? Help students for education.

Percy Petricia, Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh, India
13/07/2011 09:44:09

My mom is suffering from arthorities since last 6 years is on wheel chair now. Want to know if you have any treatment for the same. If yes, then what are the formalities that have to be completed. Please let me know.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
13/07/2011 04:31:41

Like men and gods, nature hides its treasures. Those who find it are called scientists. Our scientists at Dehradun s Keshava Deva Malviya Institute of Petroleum Exploration had in January 2011 announced of success in finding shale gas under rocks in Burdwan-Durgapur region in West Bengal. With this India became third country, besides USA and Canada, working to explore shale gas plays. Due to exploration and production technological innovations in USA and Canada, the breakeven cost is down to $3.50 per mmBTU.
The communists, environment fundamentalists and anti-development intellectuals will soon have lot on their plate to argue that nature had hidden these reserves for difficult days for betterment of humnaity, and not to be exploited!!

Vincent Martis, Belle
12/07/2011 13:23:58

The producers needs to be properly represented to fight for their due share, because opportunities like these are of very short periods in the whole year, from which they can recover for the losses of remaining duration.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
12/07/2011 10:09:56

1. To save energy and reduce time spent in cooking, I switched to microwave and induction cookers in my kitchen.
2. There are other devices like solar cooker. I do not have personal experience with it.
3. We should either do our simple daily chores differently and get different results, or only grumble against changes overtaking our lives. Choice is ours.
4. Food, Nutrition, Hygiene and Lifestyle Management are standard courses offered in school, college and university levels in the USA. Part-time, full-time; vocational or self-improvement kind. As main syllabus for a degree or add-ons. Attention please: Indian educationists, and Minister Dr. VS Acharya. And citizens. With lifestyle diseases on the rise, bright career awaits in this discipline.
5. We ignore small stuff, but small stuff is as important as big grand schemes like finding alternate fuels, which are not what common man can do by himself.

Suresh, Udupi
12/07/2011 09:03:45

Here below are some details of Mudradharane
Why one must have Taptamudradharane?
Tapta mudradharane has a prominent place in Madhwa philosophy.
Tapta Mudradharane is the Vaishnavathva symbol. During Jatakarma, choula, upanayana and mantropadesha times, Mudradharane has an importance.
Mudradharae to be taken every year Shayanaikadashi(Ashada shukla ekadashi), Shravana Dwadashi Upavasa day, Bhadrapada shukla ekadashi, kaarthika shukla ekadashi, upakarma day.
In harivamsha - we can find that Srikrishna had ordered that only those who have Mudradarane can enter Dwarake.
Taptamudradharana Mahatva can be found in various Granthaas,
1. Chakrastuthi of Vadirajaru,
2. Taptachakrameemamsa by Sri Vijayeendraru,
3. Taptamudradharanasamarthanam by Sri Kundalagiri Acharyaru,
4. Yukthimallika-Phalisaurabha of Srivadirajaru, etc.
For Sudarshana chakra - Mahalaxmi s Durgaroopa is abhimani devate. For Shanka - Sri mahalaxmi s Shreeroopa is abhimani devate. Durga roopa - tamoguna abhimani devate Shree roopa - satvaguna abhimani devate. Because of wearing Mudradharane - Power of Tamoguna - ajnaana, mithyaagnaana, will be removed, and through Shanka - Sathvaguna will be replacing tamoguna.

Edward Menezes, Bantakal/Bahrain
12/07/2011 08:46:00

It s indeed a good job to plant the tree s and to take care,and happy to know you have choosen Helen, a perfect person to do this job...in few years we can see the snap s of jackfruits,mangoes..from the same planted trees...Keep of the good job.

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