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Ronald Fernandis, Dubai
26/03/2012 00:16:12

Very good news for all of us the picnic lovers. Waiting for this day. All the best for the organisers.

Vijay D Souza, Belle
26/03/2012 00:11:13

It looks HEMPHIL is still under shock of BJP defeat!!!

Dumphil, Moodubelle
25/03/2012 23:42:25

Dear Anner what is up to you whether Mr. Kopopa is there or not who are you judge, You are not his family member, You are the one challenged congress will never win, now it did, Anner you are jealous, same on you.

Valerian John, cairo
25/03/2012 23:04:01

dear mr patrao we feel sorry what is happened but as you know for the betterment of the village and for the society it is the time now to vacate the said land. please do this, our well wishes and prayer always with you thank you dear.

Ebrahim pinto, faheel Kuwait
25/03/2012 22:44:27

Once again very good article from bellevision. I was not knowing about this site since the tulu koota picnic and the report which my contribution is properly mentioned in the report. Thanks to mr. Jhonbai mabruk.

Gene Turangan, Jakarta, Indonesia
25/03/2012 20:48:20

Very beautiful,

I really like the design, it s like the whole building itself is a work of art.

I also work on handmade mosaic tables, if they want to add to their collection

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
25/03/2012 20:08:05

It was a well deserved victory for Mr. J.P. Hegde and also to the CONGRESS Party. The supporters did a good job in their tireless canvassing and voting.The pictures were beautiful with the mile long vehicles and two wheelers.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
25/03/2012 15:34:07

A very good coverage of the TULU KOOTA PICNIC. I felt that I was in Kuwait myself enjoying the fun. President of the association Mr. Ramesh Kidiyoor, the managing committee and all the others who took part in organizing this event and above all who took part in the various sports events.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
25/03/2012 15:19:23

Arrest Devidas as soon as possible before she drives and kills some more people. May the soul of Gopalakrishna and Sushmita rest in eternal peace and give comfort to the families and friends. It is strange that nobody noticed the accused. She should be in prison for her life time even though she is a minor who had no right to drive. She might be out through some influential people.

Rakesh M., Belle
25/03/2012 15:14:08

Dear Anner, may be our Bai is standing for Vote in next election in September may be? Many more get chances to contest when one of their leader Winning. Nice Many Belle Nethas in picture.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
25/03/2012 15:07:40

Sachin, no one will tell you to retire until you are kicked out and give a chance for the young budding youngsters.You are a very selfish person as India lost to Bangladesh because of your slow batting to achieve your 100/100. You still want to play as you are greedy for money as cricket is paying good whether you win or loose.

Anner, Moodubelle
25/03/2012 09:34:35

Happy to see celebrating our Top belle brothers in congress party. But how can Kuppa missing in the photos? could be he was on Airport trip or unaware about the party?

Ravi Mathias, Mumbai
25/03/2012 09:19:52

The mention of parking cleanliness is interesting, from the pictures we can see the level of details that should be considered for maintaining this building. Interesting Indeed!!!!

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
25/03/2012 09:04:00

There is a saying: Hard work always pays off. It is his hard work and dedication to work for his constituent that helped him victory. It is a very kind gesture on part of Jayaprakash Hegde to visit Moodbelle inspite of his very tight schedule. He has kept his promises and a lot more work to do and I am sure this man will definitely keep his promises and work hard for the betterment and development of his people.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
25/03/2012 08:51:12

You must be keeping yourself very busy dear Mr. Tauro now a days. You just gave us Exotic Vintage cars and earlier Kuwait Market and now this amazing architectural marvelous. The photography is excellent. Thanks Bellevision for publishing for these types of informative articles. As you said Mr. Tauro, the building outside looks very ordinary but inside extra-ordinary which clarifies: Seeing is believing. May more and more informative article flow from your side...

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
25/03/2012 07:33:34

A very well disciplined and happy crowd typical of Moodubelle. In Belle whoever wins it the victory of the local people. There are no bad feelings. That is why I could not see any policemen in the photoes. Keep it up. Whoever wins he or she, ultimately, is the representative of all the people of the constituency. Respect every one who is free to vote the person of his or her choice.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
25/03/2012 06:54:19

Very Good programme organized by Belle Congress Committee to honour our M.P. Mr Jaya Praksh Hegde. IN the dark he might not have seen the problems of Belle village but he could certainly hear them and understand them. A man of words Mr Hegde will have lots to do for Belle villageand it is for the local Leaders to brif them and follow up because udupi chikmagalur is a vast constituency.
Any way the response was good and there will be a change for the good of Belle pradesh if the Leaders of Belle rtemain true.
Good luck to the Leaders, and our M.P.

Lancy serrao, Mangalore
25/03/2012 04:43:43

Since i keep in touch with the bellevision news i came to know much about kuwait untold memoreies. What is in kuwait, about the culture ,life style in kuwait please give more about kuwait and other places .Also thanks to bellevision for the coverage thanks.

Swapan, Ranchi
25/03/2012 04:36:36

I am regretting now for not being born as girl child. So many legally money making facilities supporting laws. Hats-off to our Politicians for enforcing Gender discrimination. Do they dont have boy Child/Son/Son-in-law??? This HMA amendment on 23/03/12 would trigger a good employment to un-employed women and better opportunity for married employed women seeking for divorce to make money in much easier way. I dont foresee any thing beneficial or supportive law for men as usual. If this is the matter why should we (men) go in for giving life comforting them (women) by marrying them. Let them become headache to their parents or let Law marry them. We (men) are also refrained from opposing the divorce plea if they (women) go for divorce but they can oppose divorce plea if we go for it. Wah, Mera Bharat Mahan. Finally, irrespective of divorce intentions Men will be losing Name,fame,Money,career,Mental Peace. Get Married, If you Guys have never encompassed Matrimonial sorrows, problems

Sudhakar Amin, Dubai
25/03/2012 02:00:41

Good efforts by the organisers to support kannada and the artists. But sad part is some of the non popular stars shown their arrogance and made drama in front of the audience. I dont think most of the audience heard about these unpopular stars and also not bothered to know about them. Everyone thought that they came to the show just like any other VIPs. They should not think that they are in Bangalore to dictate terms, and in this part of the world i dont think anybody bothered care about these type of starts. People come to the programme just for the enterainment and not for anything else.

Anil Menezes, Bahrain
25/03/2012 01:37:27

Wonderful explanation by the writer and also nice photographs, it is so detailed that sitting in another country, I can experience and imagine myself in that place as I read the article and look through the photographs. Thank you Bellevision for such articles. Continue to present more. Thank you John.

Reena pietas, Belman/Kuwait
25/03/2012 01:19:05

Wow !!!Very good article.Keep on writing more and more informative articles.

Anil, Dubai
25/03/2012 00:20:55

Thanks you for this article and pictures that shows beautiful Arab architecture. Keep sharing John!

Canute Menezes, Shirva/Mira Road
25/03/2012 00:18:32

May his soul rest in peace.

Nissar Ahmed, Banagalore/Kuwait
24/03/2012 23:47:11

Waw amazing!!! many thanks to John for presenting this article with nice photographs.Expecting many more articles in future.

Melwyn D Souza, Dubai/ Udupi
24/03/2012 23:35:27

Congratulations Novy for putting up a wonderful show.I must say this is one of the fantastic show organized by Kannadigas in Dubai recent past.
Hats off to all artists and people worked hard to make this event successful.
Lighting , sounds were excellent. The crowd was bit less otherwise everything was perfect.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
24/03/2012 22:42:45

It shocking and sad to learn the untimely dear of our friend Dextor. I had known of his social work and his ever ready nature to help others. I pray that his soul may rest in peace and pray that the Almighty give strength to his family members to bear this terrible loss. Esp. to Sharan, Ivan, Fr. Onil, Betty, Ozy and Violet.

ebrahim pinto, faheel kuwait
24/03/2012 22:24:55

Thanks to bellevision media for the exclusive coverage of tulu koota picnic. Quenching the thirst of the people is my way of service all the time everyday and we will do this in the coming days also. Thanks to all salam walekum.

Leena, Kanajar/Kuwait
24/03/2012 14:11:10

A very good coverage by Bellevision of Tulu Koota Picnic 2012. Pics are very nice and well captured too. Great Job.

Jai, Chennai
24/03/2012 14:09:02

If men goes for divorce from wife after seperation for very long years, is there  any benefit for men in special marriage act.

Arthi Monica, Farwania/Kuwait
24/03/2012 09:21:12

It was an opportunity i missed. When is your next program and your megha rasamanjare !!inform bellevision i am regular visitor to the site.

Ramesh Poojari, Ahmadi Kuwait
24/03/2012 04:32:26

Excelent coverage by bellevision of the tulu koota picnic. It was wonderful day out for the people of konkan origin. Food was tasty round the clock soft drink by haji ebrahim pintos stall realy quenched the thirst everyone salam haji aapko.

Nikhil, Pune
24/03/2012 03:41:30

If a women gets a right in husband s property whether in self acquired property or in ancestral property of the husband? what will happen to her right after divorce.

Arun Suri, Faheel Kuwait
23/03/2012 21:44:38

Hi John some one told me that there is a very good place in Kuwait to visit vintage car museum. He came to know with the article which is on bellevion along with my friend visited there. It was superb! this is my subject also in spite of living so many i was not knowing about this place. Write more about other places thanks bellevision.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
23/03/2012 08:31:39

Well done Congress youth, you have shown the strength and also the spirit. It must be kept up, grow and becocme stronger at all elections and also at times of demanding some thing for the constituency through the elected Leader. This unity and strength must be active even when the demands of the area like Bangalore Mangalore train to run to Karwar is not implemented. It is a basic necessity of the coastal Karnataka and our Winner Mr. J.P Hegde must press for this train which is very useful and necessary for us to travel to Bangalore whenever necessary. Well done now, keep it up. Be active and alive. Good Luck. Congress of Udupi Malpe Jai ho!

Prakash Nayak, Marne, Udupi now in Dwarka Delhi
23/03/2012 05:49:47

Good!!! bellevision is covering all news and evnets. I am happy to see in this devine assignment one of my Classmate Mr. Raj Moorthy is taking active particiapation, whom I am seeing after many years. Thanks to BELLEVISION.

PRAKASH NAYAK, Marne Sagu House, Near Patla
23/03/2012 04:50:17

Eventhough I am in Delhi, working in Emaar MGF Land Limited, it gave me lot of pleasure to read and to know that the happenings in Patla (where I have studied since first standard till 7th) then St. Lawrence High School Moddubelle. I am very happy that Karnatak Bank is taking initiative to promote the area and being in Delhi I am happy to watch the developments through Bellevision. THANKS wishing all HAPPY YUGADI" May god Bless all. NAYAK from Dwarka, Delhi

PRAKASH NAYAK, Marne, (between Patla
23/03/2012 01:00:04

Wishing all "HAPPY YUGADI" and Properous year Ahead.

Abdul Razzaq, Dubai
22/03/2012 23:20:53

Helo john regarding you article our friend mr mascarenha told me and ask me to see the bellevision is you when we were in kuwait working together then my salams to you and your fly please write more about kuwait i remembering my days in kuwait regards thank you sir.

Simon Pinto, Beirut
22/03/2012 23:08:56

Jai ho hegdji abhi aap kaam karkeke dhekana aur do saalme phir election our selection hona hi kuch bhi ho congratulation our prayer with you sir thanks.

Santhu Padukone, Padukone/Bandra
22/03/2012 13:44:43

Nizaki bov vorthem kavan tumchem Godwin Dattu tumka srav borem magtaa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Mukunda, Moodubelle
22/03/2012 11:39:51

It is funny to read the opinion of John Peter Fernandes and Chandru s comments on this report. Kuppa is a very best friend of mine and I know him very well. He is a true congressian from the beginning. Anybody can change their political party depending on the party s manifesto and to the prevailing situation. India is a democratic country. Please tell us to which party do u belong? Third front....?

Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice, London
22/03/2012 10:07:48

This is a very good start, but it is just a start. We need to keep up the pressure to make sure there is real change.

For the full text of the resolution and who voted which way please see:


Jovita Mendonca, Moodubelle
22/03/2012 08:59:12

Dear Mr.JP Hegde Congrats and wish you a good luck. . .

alphonse mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
22/03/2012 07:16:21

Well it is better Gowda continue than power hungry greedy Yeddyurappa. He has presented a good budget and he has a lot of work to do implement all the schemes he has budgeted.

Haniff Abdulla, Khafji /Kuwait
22/03/2012 04:53:34

It is a great relief,otherwise prices of commodities would have been skyrocketed. Hope everything will be o.k. Thank you bellevision team.

Stany Lobo, Thirlapalke/Dubai
22/03/2012 04:28:43

Very nice to see senior parishoners toghter. May almighty
God give them strength, courage to
face whatever problems of old age they are facing. These kind of programs make them feel good .

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
22/03/2012 00:01:54

A Godly program of honouring the elders by this kind of a programme gathering,praying,meeing and eating together. They feel relaxed for a day and happy. God will also be happy I fee, with this kind of a noble act. Congratulations to Rev. Fr. Joshwey Fernandis and his team My it be an example to other parishes.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
21/03/2012 23:51:38

Mr J.P. hegde deserved victory for his personality and ability to serve the rural poor. His past reccords in Udupi District were good. hence hs is voted. It is hoped that he would strive to maintain the image and help lead in the coming Lok Sabha elections in Karnatak also. Good Luck,J.P.H.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
21/03/2012 23:48:48

BJP leadership appears to have been keen to extract suit cases from BSY and it appears they are senile/ half made and know not what they are doing? it was BSY s role that contributed easy Win for Congress. Else it would have been a narrow margin because Congress leadershi shown some unity move sside lining groupism. Putting BSY back BJP is totally proving its bad management. It is mad mamangement.

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