Casmir Menezes: Seventy five years of fruitful and contented life

Seventy five years of age is an important landmark in the life of an individual. And if the life had been fruitful and that of contentment, it would be the life that has been worth living for the person and a matter of great joy and happiness for his children and an occasion to manifest their love and affection towards their parent.

Francis Lobo-In Spite of Adversities Never Gave Up Hope

People do have ambitions and dreams, and people do succeed due to these dreams and working hard to achieve them. However, sometimes in spite of such noble dreams, extraneous circumstances come on the way of realising such dreams. This happened in the life and career of Francis Lobo from Moodubelle. After having a graduate degree and Hotel Management Diploma, Francis rose in hotel management hierarchy and dreamt to start his own hotel.

Sr. Eugene D’Souza-Superior General of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod

Sr. Eugene was born in a large and reputed family on 24th January 1951. Her father, late Emmanuel D’Souza (Monnu Master) of Kattingeri was a well-known personality in Moodubelle. Her mother late Magdalene D’Souza was a devout and caring mother. Both Emmanuel and Magdalene were the proud parents of thirteen children, nine sons and four daughters. Sr. Eugene was the ninth in the family.

Muddu Moodubelle-The pride of the village with sterling achievements

Muddu Moodubelle has earned fame as a poet, story writer, singer, writer of plays, actor, student of folklore, multilingual scholar and Senior Announcer in All India Radio. He has written a number of books on different subjects including fiction, has been active

Vincent Machado-His secret of success: Determination and commitment

With BCom degree in hand, dreams in his eyes and determination to succeed, Vincent Machado, the young man from Shirva, rather than trying his luck in Mumbai and then in the Gulf as usually the route taken by many youngsters from coastal Karnataka, decided to proceed directly to Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman...

Mrs. Jacinta Aranha - New President of the Belle Grama Panchayat

After twenty-five years of long journey in politics and dedicated social service, Mrs. Jacinta Aranha, the Gurkarn of Edmeru’s St. Anne II Ward had her reward in the form of being elected as the President of the Belle Grama Panchayat. A reluctant entrant into politics twenty-five years ago,

Fr. Charles Menezes: National Director of YCS/YCM Movement

It is indeed a matter of great honour that Fr. Charles Menezes, a native of the Moodubelle parish has been appointed as the National Director of the Young Christian Students since May 2010. Being closely associated with the youth movement for quite a long time, it is but natural that his

Leo D’Souza - Provider of Typical Mangalorean Dishes in Dubai

If any one from the coastal Karnataka in Dubai wants to enjoy a thorough Mangalorean fish dish, the destination is the Canara Restaurant at Karama managed by Leo D’Souza from Moodubelle who has made a mark in providing typical Mangalorean cuisine in Dubai.

Fr. Raymond DSouza: The Young and Dynamic Missionary Priest of Allahabad

Vocation to priesthood is a gift of God nurtured by the inspiration and encouragement of human beings. Young Raymond from Podikambala in the Moodubelle Parish experienced this divine call when he was in the school. This vocation was nurtured by priests like Fr. Alexander Lobo and encouraged by his neighbour late Fr. Michael D’Souza.

Lawrence Alva: The First Indian General Manager of National Training Institute (NTI) Muscat

Lawrence Alva, originally from  Moodubelle has made the village proud by occupying the prestigious position as the General Manager of the National Training Institute (NTI) in Muscat since 2004, the first Indian to do so. The NTI is a premier training institute in the Sultanate of Oman that provides varieties of courses to young people, especially Omanis.

Simon Noronha - The Man Who Persevered and Saw a Better Future

Coming from a humble and impoverished family, Simon who had aimed to join a religious congregation had to return to his family due to unforeseen circumstances such as the illness of his father, proceed to Mumbai to earn a living, work hard and dream of a better tomorrow.

Dr. Vadiraja Bhat - A scholar teacher who chose the path of Spiritualism

Dressed in spotless white kurta and dhoti, Dr. Vadiraja Bhat appeared to be a person very close to God and nature when I met him at the residence of Mr. William D’Sa (Willie Master) who had invited him for a speech on ‘Spiritualism in Daily Life’ at the Lions Seva Bhavan in Moodubelle

Santhan Alva: The Bellean who introduced Touche Sizzlers in Dubai

Santhan Alva was born on 31st May 1956 in Padubelle as the eldest among five children of Deog and late Lenilla Alva. For primary education, Santhan was sent by his parents to the nearby Government school in Padubelle up to 5th standard. As the school did not have higher

Dr. Judith Lobo - A Role Model to Youngsters Who Aim High in Life

Success comes to those who aim high in life and climb the ladder of success step by step with hard work and determination. This is the profile of such a young person, Dr. Judith Lobo of Moodubelle, who achieved laurels as a student by excellent academic performance reaching 

Valerian Lobo: From Humble Beginning to Responsible Position

Destiny works in strange ways for different people at different times. Some times people plan their careers and life, and work hard to achieve their goals and may succeed or end up as failures and try other avenues.

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