Emmanuel D’Souza (Monnu Master) : The centenarian who served the parish of Belle with dedication

Though born in a poor agriculturist’s family, Emmanuel D’Souza who later became famous as ‘Monnu Master’ served as a teacher for nearly forty years. In fact during the long life that God had granted him, 101 years, Monnu Master practically became a witness not only to

Salvador Barboza: The first sacristan of St. Lawrence Parish, Belle

As the Belle parishioners celebrate the centenary year of the foundation of their parish, it would be worthwhile to recall the service rendered by some of the eminent lay people in the church in particular and in Belle village in general. While there is no

Fr. Maurice D’Souza: A journey of service from Moodubelle to Bangalore and the United States

It is said that God calls people to his service in different ways. So was the case with Fr. Maurice D’Souza of Kodangala from Moodubelle who found God’s calling in a strange way. Certain tragic incidents in his neighbourhood prompted him to

Sr. Regina Castelino: Serving the aboriginal communities in Papua New Guinea

The story of Sr. Regina Castelino belonging to the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate, popularly known as PIME has been quite adventurous and inspiring. Nurturing a desire to dedicate herself to a life in a religious congregation right from her

Alphonso D’Costa: Dedicated and Disciplined teacher and a versatile personality

Few people excel in multiple spheres of life and make a distinct mark in the chosen field of their career. Here is one such person, Alphonso D’Costa who not only earned reputation as a dedicated and disciplined teacher of Mathematics but also a multi-

Fr. Vasant: The priest who made village his home and villagers his friends

With saffron dress and long beard, Fr. Vasant who was on a holiday and had been to Moodubelle to attend a funeral presented an appearance of a die-hard ascetic. As my curiosity about this priest increased, i made up my mind to have an

Naveen Mendonca: A Young and Dynamic Entrepreneur in Bahrain

He is young, dynamic and enterprising. Moreover, he is jovial, friendly and of helping nature. His name is Naveen Mendonca and has developed himself as a young entrepreneur running successfully his own business in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Sometimes back, Naveen was in Balakunje

Bishop Salvadore Lobo: Who headed the Tribunal for the Beatification of Mother Teresa

In this centenary year of the foundation of the parish, Moodubelle is proud of some of the parishioners who have achieved responsible positions in society and religious life. The parish has produced a number of diocesan and religious priests as well as religious women who have been serving the church

Belle Padmavati Vittal Rao: A Journey from a Quest for Learning to an Exemplary Teacher

Late Belle Padmavati Vittal Rao had been a household name few decades ago who brought far reaching reforms in the field of education. With formal education only up to third standard, Padmavati, as a young girl dreamt of acquiring further education

John Baptist Miranda: A popular teacher and an innovative Principal

As the Teachers’ Day approaches, it would be appropriate to know about the teachers who have shaped the careers and lives of hundreds of students. In this respect the journey of one such teacher-John Baptist Miranda from his village at Bellur to different institutions

Belle Bhavani Rao: The ‘Teacher of Teachers’ and a Great Educationist

Belle Bhavani Rao was born on 1 June 1910 as the fifth child of Belle Kuppannayya and Lakshmiamma at their ancestral house at Devaragudde where Belle Sadananda Rao (Sadananda Master) and his family presently reside. While his parents and elder brothers and sisters called him

Sr. Hilda Theresa D’Sa: Journey from a dedicated teacher to a social activist

Being the last among ten children she was the darling of the family. However, after completing her education and teacher’s training course and even teaching for few years, she chose to join religious congregation, pursued teaching career as a

Casmir Menezes: Seventy five years of fruitful and contented life

Seventy five years of age is an important landmark in the life of an individual. And if the life had been fruitful and that of contentment, it would be the life that has been worth living for the person and a matter of great joy and happiness for his children and an occasion to manifest their love and affection towards their parent.

Francis Lobo-In Spite of Adversities Never Gave Up Hope

People do have ambitions and dreams, and people do succeed due to these dreams and working hard to achieve them. However, sometimes in spite of such noble dreams, extraneous circumstances come on the way of realising such dreams. This happened in the life and career of Francis Lobo from Moodubelle. After having a graduate degree and Hotel Management Diploma, Francis rose in hotel management hierarchy and dreamt to start his own hotel.

Sr. Eugene D’Souza-Superior General of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod

Sr. Eugene was born in a large and reputed family on 24th January 1951. Her father, late Emmanuel D’Souza (Monnu Master) of Kattingeri was a well-known personality in Moodubelle. Her mother late Magdalene D’Souza was a devout and caring mother. Both Emmanuel and Magdalene were the proud parents of thirteen children, nine sons and four daughters. Sr. Eugene was the ninth in the family.

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