Moodubelle: Christmas spirit warms up the cold night and spreads the message of peace

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By Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
Pictures by Anil Alva
Bellevision Media Network

Moodubelle, 24 December 2011: Though it was cold evening  progressing towards darkness and chill, the Christmas spirit  warmed up the atmosphere with devotional Carol singing, solemn Christmas Mass and excitement following the church service on Saturday, December 24, 2011. The long wait for the joyful celebration was over and people in their best of dresses thronged the church to spiritually enrich themselves and later participate in social celebration of the great feast of Christmas.


The exterior of the church building was glowing with colourful electric lighting that was appropriate for the festive mood. The interior of the  church was filled to capacity by 6.45 pm when the Church Choir under the leadership of Br. Mahesh D’Souza sang beautifully the Konkani Christmas Carols. The Solemn Christmas Feast Mass commenced at 7.15 pm with six priests coming in procession to the main altar led by the altar servers. Fr. Charles Menezes, a native of Moodubelle and the National Director of YCS was the chief celebrant and was assisted by Fr. Joswey Fernandes, Fr. Paul Sequeira, Fr. Lancy Saldanha, Fr. William D’Souza and Fr. Maxim Pinto (OFM-Cap). Fr. Maxim Pinto delivered homily with Christmas message of love, peace and justice.



At the end of the Mass, Fr. Joswey Fernandes extended the greetings of Christmas to all parishioners. Mrs. Meera Lobo-editor of the parish magazine “Suvaad” read out the names of the winners of the competitions held in painting and poetry writing. The prizes were distributed by Fr. Joswey Fernandes.


The statue of Baby Jesus  was taken in procession and was laid devoutly at the Christmas Crib prepared with imagination by ICYM volunteers under the guidance of Br. Mahesh D’Souza, Br. Roy Lobo and Br. Ivan Martis near the Grotto. A huge cake, in the shape of the church costing around Rs. 8,000/-was later auctioned by the ICYM members. After hectic bidding, the cake was claimed by Jeetesh Aranha of Edmer for Rs. 16,000/-There was also housie game to for  those parishioners who stayed back for some fun and entertainment.



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Comments on this Article
Robin J Martis, Moodubelle/Banglore Fri, December-30-2011, 12:06
@ICYM MOODUBELLE, MOODUBELLE: ICYM MOODUBELLE is a vast organization; there are 1000s of people who are associated with this organization. By seeing the comments from "ICYM MOODUBELLE, MOODUBELLE, it looks like they are personal opinions of individuals. As an ex ICYM member, i would request you to comment by your personal identity than using the "ICYM MOODUBELLE, MOODUBELLE" name. @ Bellevision team: Please don't entertain any comments by the name of such reputed organizations
Meera Lobo, Moodubelle Thu, December-29-2011, 11:28
I as a parent want to congratulate the ICYM president and members of my parish.I am proud of them,their activities,leadership,good will and concern towards the parish and the society.Although a small group but very effective like the yeast in the leaven.Their activities like the competitions,crib,star,christmas card and presenting the christmas plays to give the christmas message are worth noting and appreciating.You know how much time they require to plan and execute these activities with their regular classes and exams.I appreciate their dedication,discipline and hardwork.It is the responsibility of all the parents and elders to support and appreciate our youth than to pass comments which will make them stunted youths.
Stephen Menezes, Moodubelle / UK Thu, December-29-2011, 2:32
Dear ICYM Belle, you may not need more members to join your unit but the Belle parish and the community needs it. Presently only 15 youth are getting the benefit of ICYM, why can not 100 youth get this benefit. These 100 youth will be indebted to ICYM in their entire life as you do not understand at this age, but when you enter the competitive world and struggle in life then you will understand. But alas .... that time will be too late to think. Act now.
Herman, Belle Thu, December-29-2011, 1:57
ICYM MooduBelle:- Pls go out and look out for guidance or advises! Nobody is there to give you the spoon feeding! This should come up from you guys not other way round. Targeting only NRI s for financial support is not the right option. Regarding Meetings announcements why cant the ICYM president take up the matter with Paris Priest? There are many ways to find a solutions. sitting idle to happen something is not the right choice! Vijay:- good analysis though! I feel you too deserve to be in that list as that organization encouraged you alot?!!
ICYM, MOODUBELLE Thu, December-29-2011, 12:05
Dear all well wishers, ICYM members are not bothered about quantity (number of members) but we want to maintain good quality in ICYM. Lack of good guidance and advise that too not getting at the right time is one of the reasons, ICYM is not performing well in some areas. ICYM has certain rules and regulations regarding meetings. After Talents Day(08/09/2011), the next official meet was held on 18/12/201, nearly after 3 months. Announcements in Church related to ICYM can also play an important role. Without the involvement of elders(Director, Guide) we are forced to conduct our recent meeting for doing preparations for Christmas that too without any announcements. Our commented well wishers should also know about this fact. Many people in moodubelle know the reason for the sad or boring Christmas eve, and for all these ICYM alone is not responsible. Best Regards, ICYM MOODUBELLE
Akash Kumar, Belle / Duabi Thu, December-29-2011, 6:56

Dear Marita, You are harsh on us Madam Marita Lobo, FYI ICYM members first target the people who comes from Gulf for the donations. Instead of targeting directly the members from Gulf why can’t you give some solution to strengthen the ICYM. I hope during your next visit to Moodubelle ICYM might get some decorative lights. About Suvad, there is editorial team is there to look after these issue. They only target the advertisers for their financial target, now a day you only find advertisements and some messages from the editorial team. You know we Belleans need to grow up, our mind set need to change; Church Administrators need to use their brain. If you go through Dr. Norbert comments you might understand what he is talking about. Dear Oldies take a back seat please groom our youngsters. Vijay excellent analysis. Keep it up Bellevision

ICYM, MOODUBELLE Thu, December-29-2011, 6:28
Dear all well wishers, ICYM members are not bothered about quantity (number of members) but we want to maintain good quality in ICYM. Lack of good guidance and advise that
Vijay D souza, Moodubelle Thu, December-29-2011, 4:30

Dear Marita Lobo, do not be so emotional.  I am also a ICYM member and it hurts when such a great organization of youth is not able to reach its goals.

In this platform of bellevision website no one saying bad about the handful of ICYM members as they are doing a great job and we must salute them.  Given the resources, they have done a good job and recent report on this same website is the testimony for their efforts.

But the question is why only 10 – 15 members in a parish which is having about 700 catholic homes.
Read again the opinion of Dr.Norbert Lobo.  Our youth are used less.  Use them properly and professionally and then you see the result.

I have seen at least 150 – 200 youth in the age of 16 – 24 years attend Sunday morning 7.30 a mass, then why we can not get even 50 members for ICYM.

I am sure there are more than 300 youth in Belle who are eligible to join ICYM.

We need to go to the root cause and need to see why our youth is not joining such a valuable organization which can help them immensely in their career and life ahead.

Firstly there need to be someone who need to take the lead and also need to guide them.  The assistant parish priest used to take this responsibility earlier as he is the one generally close to the youth.

This is not happening now in Moodubelle.  When a priest calls the youth thru his parents, I am sure no parent will say No.

Secondly, it is equally the responsibility of every parent to send their children to organizations such as ICYM, YCS … etc.  Only excelling academics will not enough to succeed in today competitive environment.  Getting distinction but not able to face an job interview, not able to face a group discussion, facing a large group of people, stage confidence … etc very much needed.  And this is very much freely taught when you are in ICYM.  There is a perception that when young boys and girls go to ICYM, they get busy in other activities which is not true.  A young boy or a girl can do anything when they are outside the ICYM also and we are seeing it daily.  Hence let us remove such a bad misconception from parents mind.

Let the ICYM be in touch with old members also and every ICYM old member wanted to see this great organization reach higher heights as they have all immensely benefitted from this organization.  I would like to take a few examples of persons who have excelled in their respective fields due to the support and training from ICYM, they are – Dr.Norbert Lobo, Dr.Dennis Fernandes, Dr.Alwyn Dsa, Fr.Charles Menezes, Fr.Naresh, Fr.Sunil, Raphael Aranha, Immanuel Carnelio master, Lecturer Jacintha Lobo, Mark Fernandes, Baptist Sequeira, Elias Dsouza, Valerian Alva, Ivan Menezes, Godwin Dsouza, Sannu Monis, Thomas Alva, Shanti Castelino, Akhil and many more …… the list goes one.  Ask any one of these persons and they will tell you what miracles ICYM did in their life.  These old members are ready to support the organization at every  stage, but please be in touch with them.

Finally, what we need is the desire to excel in life and not the chalta hai attitude of parents and youth.  Only mobiles, bikes will not be enough to excel in life today.  Come forward youth, whole world is ready to embrace you.

Marita Lobo, Moodubelle Wed, December-28-2011, 10:48
Dear criticizers, please read and enjoy the festival in Belle online. Festival is not to criticize ICYM. Instead you all big heads could send some program ideas in advance with some money to them, telling, make a good crib, keep some party etc while you come from Gulf. Even you could join to make the crib, you could take some decorative lights from gulf and make it good. ICYM youth are not to entertain people who visit Belle. Also I wonder when you all write this much, where are your talents when SUVAD issues publish, why you all do not write? Again ICYM to blame?
Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle Wed, December-28-2011, 1:19
Indeed very positive and mature response from ICYM. Keep it up! With everyone’s support you can surely surpass the past glory.
Wellwisher, Moodubelle Tue, December-27-2011, 4:00
Has anyone noticed how many youth sit inside the church and listen to mass during any festivals? You can count at least 50 guys sitting near the shrine or other places doing their own talking/texting/mobile business. Has the parish council or any governing bodies in the church doing anything regarding this? One thing is that you cant force anyone to join anyone to ICYM. Interest should come withing yourself! Now after PUC many of the students study in different colleges staying in hostel or travelling daily! With the demanding syllabus and busy exams schedule it is too much too ask from anyone to be present for all the events or work that ICYM demands. It is a policy within ICYM that if you cant make it to some particular number of meetings or any events(including helping/preparations) to terminate their membership! Unless the things changes drastically, ICYM cannot attract more members by any means!
ICYM MOODUBELLE, MOODUBELLE Tue, December-27-2011, 6:23

Thanks a lot for all ICYM well wishers. we appreciate your valuable comments. few things that we observed from above comments. 1.Thanks for keeping a good hope on us. seniors we are thank full for your support to ICYM. 2.In any program related to Christmas we never said that Crib was done by ICYM, it’s mistake from media. 3.From last 4 to 5 years ICYM was not allowed to make crib in Belle. Truly speaking the present ICYM members are unaware for what reason it was taken away from us. Our for-seniors can you please tell us why it happened and for what reason. 4.Regarding cake auction its a only big way for ICYM to earn income and we don t want left it so easily. 5.All are blaming that belle youth lost their interest in ICYM and in church. We agree with this point because, there are hardly 15 members in ICYM but it doesn’t mean that members who are there in icym are not interested in the work. Just remember that, cuz of them ICYM is still running in Belle. 6.We need all your support, parish is ours icym is ours lets join together to make it more strong. Encourage YOUR CHILDREN S,RELATIVES,BROTHERS,SISTERS FRIENDS to join ICYM insted of misleading them about ICYM. THANK YOU...

Vinod, Belle Tue, December-27-2011, 12:40

Lots of you have commented a lot about the way it was celebrated n about the boring activities of the ICYM. Well guyz may u then plz write your valuable and entertaining suggestions so that in the upcoming year they may be considered. I know it for sure the ICYM (present), the would be members, as well as our parish priests, and the educated lot of the parishoners are reading ur comments and they will see if ur suggestions are executed in the year 2012. Lets hope u great critics could also help in lifting up the xmas spirit n the celebrations next year. I m sure 90% of you will be attending in the year to come as well. You want bring a revolution then be a part of it, and not the audiences.

praveen, Belle Mon, December-26-2011, 2:20
Dear Manoj now time as changed most of people spent their time in Bar ( MILAN, Madina etc.) Resturent, Pub etc, etc. and doing parties.. not spending their time in church primises becuase they wont get anything from there.. AM I RIGHT? manoj..
Praveen, Moodubelle Mon, December-26-2011, 2:11
Dear John, I don\ t think ICYM has lost its interest.. rather the youth of belle (except ICYM member) lost interest. Do you know the strengt of ICYM, its Less than 15. Every year more than 50 youths from Belle Clears the 12th Exam. In that not even 5 people join the ICYM. When u visit ur Native next time just spend ur 10 min. with ICYM Member in the meeting ( not Jaggu\ s Hotel Meeting)Hope U will get all the answer for ur questions. everone Knows how much Donation people are giving and Promising not giving.One thing remeber, in belle ICYM with out the signature of parish priest and ICYM seal nobody can take money from the Bank. Plus after the every program, in the next meeting they present the income and expenditure (lekpak) of the program with the presence of Icym Director. Nobody is talking the work done by ICYM members. Always talks about negetive aspects. U guys (icym members) carry on.. God and St. Lawrence with u.. LAmb jiyo ICYM...
norbert, Kattingere/ Mnagalore Mon, December-26-2011, 12:25
Before You Blame.... I see a few comments of concern about ICYM. Before voicing our concern / frustration/ disappointment/ anxiety or anything for that matter let us all agree and understand one thing time has changed so as today s youth and their priorities, aspirations and activities. It also means the leadership styles should also change along with the activities. Gone are the days anything and everything was taken for granted. Though rarely, whenever I was present in any programme I still find the oldies taking center stage. When I was a youth the same people wanted mike and felicitations. Now I as an ex- parishioner find the same old talent. Where have we gone wrong? Time to ponder and for some serious reflection. A true leader should groom youngsters, train them and push them to center stage. They may not be as good as these ever shining oldies, but certainly will be a motivation and inspiration for the growing ups. Expecting the youth only for crib making without providing them right opportunities, sometimes even by a sort of compulsion is a joke. Today’s youth of Belle are not useless but they are used less. I would request the same people who have voiced their concerns
Dumphil, Moodubelle Mon, December-26-2011, 8:52
Nowadays youths are busy with their mobile phones and girlfriends.They don t have time for Crib and all.Why every year only acutioning the cake.People are not interested in cake anymore.
Mark Fernandes, kattingere/Pune Mon, December-26-2011, 6:06
One really turns nostalgic during the season of X mas and Vodlen Fest.Thanks a lot to Dr Eugene and Mr Anil Alva for the beautiful report and photos.Wishing a very happy Christmas to all the parishioners.
John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/ Nottingham Mon, December-26-2011, 6:02
ICYM lost interest in everything. I think they need more support from parents as well as church leaders. I CYM members ask only donation doing nothing. Things are getting worst and worst in Moodubelle. Every year I can see only cake draw. It seems church leaders think it is very important to them.
Samantha, Moodubelle Sun, December-25-2011, 3:09
It s nice to see Christmas celebrations held with such pomp and gaiety. Manoj, yes I heard too that the beautiful crib was prepared by the 3 non ICYM members. They do not know need publicity, they do it for the love of God and their fellow parishioners. It s a known fact in Belle the handful of rich and well-connected take the credit for everything and these people are given opportunities when there so many deserving parishioners and talk about love and joy to fellow humans by our deeds.
Manoj, Moodubelle Sun, December-25-2011, 9:23
After so many years i got an opportunity to spend Christmas at my own parish. But i was surprised to look at changes over the years. As an ex ICYM president i can say Chrsitmas was a time when we used to spend most of the time in church presmises. Even though it is mentioned in the report that ICYM prepared the crib it was very disheartening to see only 3 non ICYM members working on crib preparations when i visited twice.
Philip Mudartha, Qatar Sun, December-25-2011, 12:16
It was an equally somber yet festive evening with music in the air, at the Don Bosco SS School grounds, where parishioners of Our Lady of Visitation Church, Nerul in Naivi Mumbai thronged to adore Infant Jesus. I am sure the same Christmas spirit of sharing one s love and (eatables) on this day was the focus at Belle. I wish the parishioners and their well-wishers a Merry Xmas. I hope I can celebrate the vhodlem fest with you.
Herman, Belle Sat, December-24-2011, 9:46
Its a very boring Christmas eve ever seen by me! Totally unprofessional,
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