Maurice Noronha (Malla Master): A dedicated teacher and committed community leader

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By Dr. Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
Bellevision Media Network

Padubelle, 04 September 2011: Every year, Teachers Day is celebrated on September 5 throughout India which is the birth anniversary of the Second President of India-Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan,  who was also a great philosopher and teacher. On this day, various programmes are held in educational institutions to honour teachers and public functions are organised from taluka, district, State to national levels to honour and confer awards to those teachers who have excelled in their profession. Best Teacher’s Award is such an honour that teachers cherish and feel proud of their service to the student community in particular and the society in general.


However, it is important to note that there are a number of teachers who had worked silently without any limelight or reward and many are still serving without any expectation of being recognised and work quietly teaching and shaping the bright future of millions of students. Thus, on this Teachers Day, it would be appropriate to recall the service rendered by one such dedicated teacher and committed community leader, Maurice Noronha popularly known as ‘Malla Master’ of Pamboor.



Those who had been the students of Malla Master or those who have been in his contact for many years cannot help but wonder how this man can cheat age. Though 82 years of age, Malla Master has a physical bearing and mental acumen that would put even a man of 60 years to shame. He is still active and even rides a motor-bike. His contribution, not only in the field of education but also in his parish and his social work in his village-Pamboor has been something that has endeared him to many people around him.


Born on November 12, 1929 in a middle class agricultural family at Kiriyadka in Padubelle, Maurice was sixth among eight children, seven sons and one daughter, of late Michael Noronha and late Helen D’Souza of Mudarangadi. Since his childhood, Maurice was fondly called as ‘Malla’, a name with which later he became famous as ‘Malla Master’.


Maurice had modest education. After finishing his initial education up to fifth standard at the Pamboor Primary School which was under the jurisdiction of the Belle Parish, Maurice went to Church Aided Higher Primary School, Moodubelle where he completed eighth standard which was considered as a reasonably high standard of education at that time. Even though the nearest High School was at Innanje that was started in the same year when Maurice completed his eighth standard, due to the untimely death of his father in May 1945,  he could not pursue further education due to  family responsibilities.


Thus, after completing eighth standard, Maurice helped his family in agricultural pursuit for three years. As many youngsters were heading towards Bombay in search of jobs, Maurice too had dreams of making it big in the city of opportunities. However, before he could pack his bags and proceed to Bombay, he became a victim of typhoid which held him back at home. Destiny had willed a different vocation for Maurice.


Meanwhile, Fr. Jerome Pinto, who had arrived as the Parish Priest of Moodubelle in 1947, asked Maurice to teach in the Pamboor Primary School as an untrained teacher, an opportunity that Maurice grabbed and began his teaching career from October 28, 1947 and continued to teach in the school till March 1948 as an untrained teacher at a salary of Rs.33/- per month. Thus, Maurice came too be known as ‘Malla Master’.


Realising the importance of teacher’s training, Malla Master proceeded to Udupi and underwent two years of training in  the Teachers Training Institute that was  established in 1946 at the place where presently Dr. T.M. Pai Hospital is located. Earlier, those who had to be trained as teachers had to go all the way to Mangalore.


After completing two years of training in 1950, Malla Master was reappointed in the Pamboor Primary School on permanent basis under the Teachers’ Service Register (TSR) with a monthly salary of Rs.50/- with 50 paise annual increment that gradually amounted to Rs. 55/- after ten years of service.


Malla Master was transferred from  the Pamboor Primary School to the Church Aided Higher Primary School, Moodubelle in  1956. In the same year, he married Lilly Maria D’Souza, daughter of late Marcel and late Magdalene D’Sa of Kinnimulky, Udupi.



Malla Master was quite happy with his service as a teacher in Moodubelle as there were more than 1000 students and 20 staff members in the school. The school had a good reputation in the neighbourhood and was considered as  a well managed institution. However, on the request of the then headmaster of Pamboor Primary School, late Francis Noronha and the advice of the School Inspector, Malla Master went back to Pamboor  School on October 1, 1963 during the tenure of late Fr. Abundius D’Souza as the Correspondent.


As a dedicated and sincere teacher, Malla Master endeared to the Correspondents, teacher colleagues and students at large with whom he became quite popular.  Besides teaching, he also took interest in sports and was also Scouts and Guides Teacher both at Moodubelle and Pamboor. After serving as a teacher for many years, Malla Master retired from service on April 10, 1984. However, before his retirement he saw to it that the Pamboor Primary School was elevated to the higher primary level up to seventh standard.



Even as a teacher, Malla Master was active as a community leader.  One of the important achievements of Malla Master was the establishment of a  Post Office in Pamboor which started functioning from December 16, 1971. The Post Office was inaugurated by late Bhaskar Shetty, the then MLA of Kaup Constituency. Malla Master was given the responsibility of managing the post office as the Post Master and the Postal Department was quite flexible in permitting him to function as the Post Master when he was free from the teaching assignment in the school. Though he retired from the school, Malla Master continued to serve as the Post Master till the age of 65.


Malla Master was one of the  key persons when the new parish of Pamboor  was  established. He was in the forefront in opening dialogue with the parish priests of Moodubelle and Shirva and even with the diocesan authorities for the need to have an independent parish for the people of Pamboor and Padubelle.  As a result of these efforts, a  small chapel was built in Pamboor in 1966 and an independent Pamboor Parish dedicated to the Holy Cross was constituted on May 12, 1968. Malla Master being the most experienced person in that area, the first parish priest of Pamboor, Fr. Denis D’Souza  used t seek advice from him on many of the parish related matters. Malla Master was in the forefront in collecting donation and helping in various other ways when the church building was under construction which was completed and inaugurated on May 18, 1971.


Since the establishment of the independent Pamboor Parish, Malla Master had been one of the members of the Parish Pastoral Council till 2010. In 1975, along with Louis Martis, Malla Master was sent to Mangalore for two days training as the Eucharistic Minister, a service in the church that he has been rendering even today. He was chosen as the Vice President of the Parish Pastoral Council between 1982 and 1986. He also served the Council in the capacity of Secretary and Auditor at different times. He  served as a member and president of other associations in the parish. In 1986, Malla Master was appointed as the President of the Bell Tower Committee,  a project which was successfully completed.


While in service and even after his retirement, Malla Master worked relentlessly for the improvement and progress of Pamboor Primary school. Soon after his retirement, Malla Master  was chosen as the first president of the Parents-Teachers Association that was constituted at the initiative of Fr. Maurice D’ Paula in 1984.


With a view to improve the infra-structure of the school, Malla Master initiated a school fund for which old students and generous donors  contributed  whole heartedly by which the school building was modernized,  school ground was extended and a permanent stage was provided.  Malla Master said that in the task of extending the school ground, the NSS students from St. Mary’s College, Shirva did ‘shramadhan’ for five consecutive years and expressed his gratitude to three principals of the college-Fr. Henry Castelino, Mr. Ronald Moras and Fr. Wilson D’Souza for sending NSS volunteers from the college.  Besides these activities, Malla Master took initiative in planting the coconut trees in the school premise under the Six Point Programme.


Malla Master was instrumental in organising women and youngsters of Pamboor in 1986. Along with Lucas D’Souza, Malla Master established Priyadarshini Mahila Mandala and Navodyaya Yuvaka Mandala. In 1987, Malla Master took lead in establishing Anganwadi for which he himself provided a room in his own house and made provision for the expenses. However, due t his efforts since 1993, a regular government sponsored Anganwadi was started at Pamboor within the school complex.


As the roads in Padubelle and Pamboor were in bad condition, Malla Master took initiative in having good roads and lobbied with the elected representatives and administration to have the road from Pamboor school till Manasa asphalted. He was also instrumental in having the road from BC Road to Madhwanagar, a distance of three kilometres asphalted.  Later the patchwork and re-asphalting of the roads was also undertaken. Malla Master gratefully mentions about the support given to these projects by the then Minister of Fisheries-Vasant Salian and later by the present MLA of Kaup, Lalaji R. Mendon.


Once the roads were done, Malla Master was keen to provide bus service to the people of Padubelle and Pamboor.  He personally approached the RTO at Mangalore to start bus-service till Pamboor which was readily agreed upon by the authorities and the first bus services from the Manjunath Transport Company-‘Kripa’ was inaugurated on October 28, 1987. Presently there are three services undertaken by Kripa and one by Devi Prasad in the morning.


Malla master is a family man and was instrumental in keeping the family together. His mother  lived up to 95 years and passed away in August 1988. He had been a source of inspiration and advice to his brothers and other family members.
As a father, Malla Master  is very proud of his seven children, six sons and one daughter. He said that besides teaching profession and agriculture, in order to have sufficient income to maintain a large family, he started jasmine cultivation since 1959. It is said that Malla Master was the first person to cultivate Jasmine flowers outside Shankerpura, a practice that was adopted by many families in Pamboor, Padubelle, Moodubelle and Kattingeri which provided considerable income to the families. He also had a she buffalo whose milk he used to sell. He is quite proud to say that all his children would work in the farm, jasmine garden and even looking after the she buffalo and contributed in running the family under the supervision of his wife, Lilly.



Though he had modest education, Malla Master and his wife Lilly saw to it that their children had best of the education and practically all of them had either ITI or engineering education and are well settled in life. Eldest son James is working in Muscat and his wife Elsie  and two children-Joslin and Josia are staying with the family at Pamboor; second son Valerian is married to Joyce and with children Allister and Ashlyn is working  and residing in Abudhabi; third son Ronald has joined the Montfort religious order and is presently serving as an administrator in the Provincial’s House at Hyderabad; fourth child,  daughter Precilla is married to Simon and has two children-Shawn and Shaina and are presently in Bahrain; fifth,  Gilbert   is married to Shalini and they too have two children-Alric and Ashna who work and live in Abudhabi; sixth, Kishore is married to Roshni and they  have two kids-Reyon and Rishon and they live in Dubai.


Joy Noronha


When everything seemed to be fine and every child was moving in right direction, Malla Master’s family had to face one of the greatest tragedies when they lost their seventh child and last son-Joy to the dreaded leukaemia on December 26, 1993, while he was studying in the Second Year BCom at St. Mary’s College, Shirva. When the disease was detected, Joy was admitted to KMC Hospital at Manipal where he struggled with the disease for three months during which a large number of students from St. Mary’s College donated blood for transfusion. However, Joy lost the battle and succumbed to the disease.  Malla Master still remembers gratefully the support given to his son by his friends in college and the principal and staff members. He said that Joy was enrolled as NCC Cadet and was also quite active in church activities and was the Secretary of the ICYM. The entire family has stoically accepted the loss of the beloved member of the family.



In spite of being 82 years old, Malla Master has been quite active. He always makes it a point to visit the sick and bereaved families. In fact when i went to meet him for an interview, he and his wife Lilly were getting ready to visit a bereaved family in the parish. He never misses any funeral and has been always available for those who seek his advice or help in any matter that he could extend an helping hand.


For his service in the field of education and social service, Malla Master has been honoured by a number of organisations such as the Rotary Clubs of Shirva and Shankerpura. He was also felicitated by Banks for his service to the society.



Malla master is quite modest and simple in his approach to life. He is full of energy and enthusiasm and does not seem to be tired when he has to do some service to the community. When i requested him for an interview to be published on Teachers’ Day in Bellevision, Malla Master in his simplicity  said that there may be better  teachers than himself for this purpose. However, on my insistence, he reluctantly agreed for an interaction which was an enriching experience for me and hope that the readers of Bellevision too will be enriched with the contribution of  Malla Master in the field of education and community work. At the end of the interview he  told me that most of  his students have been successful in life and their own careers and are spread across the world and he is very proud of his students.



Comments on this Article
Michael Sequeira, Pamboor/Nairobi,kenya Fri, October-14-2011, 2:07
I have known Malla Master for his humility,service in the parish,teaching,being a get-well with everyone and do good in the community.My parents always had great respect for him and had some good words on his good deeds while I visited home on vacation.I appreciate belle vision and Dr.Eugene in recognising Malla Master and his achievements here.I salute you Malla Master and stretch my shake hand as I remember the warmth in your smile and pray for you to live beyond hundred years happily and peacefully
Fr Maxim Noronha, Bishop s House, Mangalore 3 Sun, October-2-2011, 8:17
I congratulate bellevision for publishing this informative article on the great achiever of our Malla Master, for me Malla Bappu. Being the eldest person in our Noronha family, he is a father figure to us. His contribution to the local community is immense, non the less his guidence in our family circles is also great. I salute Malla Bappu with a grateful heart. May he live long beyond the century. As the saying goes, every great man has a woman behind him and the woman behind our Malla bappu is none other than Lilly Maoushi, a loving, motherly person. I pray and wish that the almighty grant both of them health of body and peace of mind. Hats up to bellevision
Clevin D’Souza, Pangla/Dubai Sat, September-24-2011, 4:26

My memories are still fresh with Malla Master Deceased son Joy Chandrakanth. We were together in B.COM and never forget the day we got the news somewhere in October regarding his disease. We were shocked and tried our best to keep him happy by visiting hospital most of the time. We still remember the day when he died and myself and other friends stayed along with his body at night in malla masters house. We were very surprised to see the reaction of Malla Master at that time. Though he lost his young son, he was consoling other people saying that it is all God\\ s wish. Malla Master undoubtedly a great personality and we felt his hospitality when we attended NSS camp in the school near his house and were regularly going to his house for any help we need. Malla Master you are a very good person and we pray that God give you more strength to do more social service.

Maurice Menezes, Belle/Udupi Sun, September-18-2011, 7:56
I congratulate MallaMaster on his diverse achievements and welfare contributions to Pamboor community and other areas of which we are very proud and pray God for His choicest blessings on him and his family.I have known him personally.
Stany Jovin Menezes, Pangla/ Muscat Fri, September-16-2011, 12:04
Every year during our vacation, we never miss to visit Malla Master’s house and take blessing from him. No doubt in this age he never takes rest and pay visit to old people, sick people at the hospital as well as actively participating in various events/ functions religious activities. His social service towards the community is well appreciated. We wish him good health, happiness and long life.
Vincent Shallet DeSouza, Mudarangadi/Jeddah Wed, September-14-2011, 1:42
Good Narration by Dr. Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle.Congrats and Wishing Malla Master Fly A Good Health and Prosperty.Though I wasnt A student of him, I admire his all goodness towards the community while I was attending Services during my child hood at Shanthipura(Paamboor).
Benedict Saldanha, Benly, Dindottu Tue, September-13-2011, 11:27
Malla master is one of the great personalities i have seen. I appreciate his hardwork and geniune support while making the road till my residence. I and my family will never forget his help, the result of which i am driving my vehicle right from my house till wherever i want to go. May God bless him with his abundant blessings and grant him good health , peace and prosparity. Hats off to you dear Malla master.
Joseph Noronha, Pamboor/Bangalore Mon, September-12-2011, 5:32
Dear Bappu, Very Happy to read your profile. May the Almighty shower His blessings upon you and give you a very Happy, long, Healthy and Prosperous days ahead.
Maurice Noronha, Pamboor Mon, September-12-2011, 1:28

Dr. Eugene D’souza,

Since 2 years you wanted to introduce me to the people through Bellevision. I felt I ’m not worthy so I was postponing it This year it was your goodness brought yourself to my house and collected my life history ,which you made known to all through the website.Thanks A lot for your love and kind deeds Who can believe that I could do these many good works? These are the miracles of god in my life. These are the miracles of God .The inspiration from my elders and support from my wife , children, as well as the relatives and friends which helped me to render my service to the society and church. There was an opportunity to bring up my own village and I could help to have a Co-Operative Bank near my house.

This year teacher’s day has been a memorable one in my life. The students and friends wished me for my good deeds .It increased my joy and helped me to have a positive thinking .I’m grateful to my students, friends ,relatives for their love and wishes.

Thank you Dr.Eugene D’souza for publishing my life history.Dear friends I’m unable to repay you for the goodness you have shown towards me.Only I assure you my prayers .May almighty God shower his blessings on you .I wish you enjoy good health, peace and experience satisfaction in life. May God encircle you and your family members with love and Care.

Thank You One And All

Ronald Olivera, Padukone Sun, September-11-2011, 4:00
Excellent article. Thank you Dr.Eugene D Souza and Bellevision for recognising a person who too had a vision (like Bellevision) for the welfare of the society. We are very close to this Noronha family because of our friendship with Malla Master's son-in-law Edward Simon Machado and daughter Precilla Juliet Machado (Bahrain) and rest of his children. We were so fortunate to meet him on several occasions and we found Malla Master humble, kind, down to earth, God fearing and more importantly principled. I believe these special qualities of him have helped him gain the respect from his family, relatives, friends and students. We wish him all the very best and only the best that life can offer him. Renoy, Smitha Ronald Olivera, Padukone
Francis Dsilva, Pmboor/Abu Dhabi Sun, September-11-2011, 9:47
I appreciate the noble character and the whole history of Malla Master and his family. God bless him in his future vision.
Maurice Noronha (Malla Master), Pamboor Sat, September-10-2011, 6:40
Dear Dr. Eugene D souza, I am grateful to you and Bellevision for publishing my profile on the occasion of the Teachers Day. Thanks A lot for your love and kind deeds. Whatever I have achieved and done in life for the betterment of my village, it was by the grace of God and the inspiration from my elders and support from my wife, children, as well as the relatives and friends who helped me to render my service to the society and church. I also could help to have a Co-Operative Bank near my house. This year Teachers Day has been a memorable one in my life. The students and friends wished me for my good deeds .It increased my joy and helped me to have a positive thinking .I’m grateful to my students, family members, friends and relatives for their love and wishes.
Navee mendonca, pamboor (Bahrain) Thu, September-8-2011, 1:23
Dear Malla Master, We Pamboorians are verry proud of you sir, You are realy Malla(Big)you are the great personality.May God bless you Grant you good health.
Pushpa Sundara shetty, Mangalore Thu, September-8-2011, 3:18
Congratulation,May Lord bless you and grant you the best this world could offer and keep you happy, healthy and prosperous.
Wilfred martis, Pamboor / Kuwait Wed, September-7-2011, 1:52
congradulations grandpa,I am proud that i was one of your students.May God keep you in good health and happy always!
Pascal, Pamboor Wed, September-7-2011, 1:14
Dear Sir, Congratulations and wish you a "Happy Teachers Day" May God bless you and your family.May God grant you good health and strength to continue your good work. I was a student of your class, I learnt very good decepline from you in the School as well as in the church and now we follow the same in our daily life.You are a wonderfull personality in our parish.Once again we Wish you all the Best.
Sharon Sequeira, Mumbai/ USA Wed, September-7-2011, 11:41
Congratulations to Uncle, finally a well wisher of Pamboor is recognized. I remember when ever we visited Pamboor during our summer vacations we were invited by uncle to come to the school and interact with the students. He is a very gentle humble person who has done a lot of good for the development of Pamboor; getting the bus service right up to the post office also he was instrumental in the paving of the road right up to the post office and may more such achievements for the betterment of Pamboor. He is a true inspiration to my father W.A.Noronha's home town which my kids, my husband and I still love to visit whenever we are down in India. Thanks again for all the good work, you have earned your place with the almighty..... Sharon Sequeira nee Noronha
Rodney/Janet/Riyanna D’Souza, Uppoor, Bahrain Wed, September-7-2011, 11:28

Very nice article on the life history of a hard working, energetic....above all a ever-smiling person Malla Master. It is really interesting to read his involvement in various activities, besides his profession. Hats off to you Sir, we admire you. We had the privilege to meet you during our recent vacation, it was really nice to talk to you - we will not miss such opportunities in the future. While congratulating you on Teachers Day, we pray almighty to give you good health, happiness long life. May God bless you and your entire family abundantly.

Remous Dsouza, Pamboor Wed, September-7-2011, 8:21

I wish him good health. I pray to god there should be atleast one Malla master in each parish. He is really dynamic and energetic like a teenager.Really surprising for maintaining health for a long period.Thanks to bellevision for focusing on malla master.

Veronica Casrelino/Alick, Moodubelle/New delhi Wed, September-7-2011, 6:44
Thank you Dr Eugene for your commendable exploration/work.Our best wishes to you and your team.I would like to add one more quality of our beloved Malla Master-his memory power.Even after a gap of many years he not only remembers the name of his student/people but family history also.Malla Master and Late Mary teacher were instrumental in many students life who taught us the value of education and hard work.His ability to take up other work alongwith his routine job should inspire everyone especially the youngsters.I wish him and his family ' ALL THE VERY BEST' Cheers!!!
Pramila Machado, Pernal / Bahrain Wed, September-7-2011, 2:07
Congratulation, May Almighty God Bless him and keep him always in good health. Best Wishes, Douglas, Pramila, Crystal, Calvin
valerian saldanha vallu, pamboor /kuwait Tue, September-6-2011, 2:56
congrtulation dear malla master we really apritiate you your hard work i know how much you done for pamboor school thanks and goodluck
Reyon Noronha, Pamboor/Dubai Tue, September-6-2011, 12:33
Congratulation Abba and I wish you Happy teachers day.May God keep you in good health.FROM Reyon Rishon
Ashlyn Noronha, Pamboor/Abu Dhabi Tue, September-6-2011, 11:19
Congratulation GRAMPA and I wish you a HAPPY TEACHERS DAY.
Gilbert Noronha, Abu Dhabi Tue, September-6-2011, 9:39
Thank you Belle vision and Dr.Eugene for publishing such a beautiful article on my father.I am proud be his son.May god grant him good heath and long life.We love you. Gilbert,Shaline Alric and Ashna
Mabel Mennezes, Pamboor Tue, September-6-2011, 9:26

Since our internet was a bit slow i coulnd\ t wish our dear Masteram,(As we alway\ s call him with due respect)We the entire Menezes Family wish you good health,long life,and a lot of energy to contineve the good work, not only the elders in our church but also the small childrens are very much deceplined,the way you are taking care of the sitting arrangements, morning prayers communion. Your personal interest in the growth of church is highly appreciated. My husband always tells me Masteram is a good friend and when ever he comes down on leave first thing he pays a visit to his house. Thanks to Bellevision for publishing this real life artical and great job Dr.Eugene. Long live our dear Malla master.

Alric, Abu Dhabi Tue, September-6-2011, 8:34

Congratulations and happy teachers day , dear grandpa from Alric and Ashna.

Wivian Rodrigues, Kemmannu/Bahrain Tue, September-6-2011, 4:16
Many congratulations and HAPPY TEACHERS DAY SIR. May God bless you with good health everyday with long life. I really Appreciate your Hard Work.
Josil Noronha, Pamboor Mon, September-5-2011, 11:24
Thank You Dr.Eugene for publishing this article about my grand father.Many a times he used to tell me about his life history but reading it was nice. Though he has become old but his spirit to work is still alive.I feel proud to be his second eldest grandson.I feel proud when people recognize me as grandson of Malla Master rather than calling me Josil.May god grant him good health.
Richard Noronha, Pamboor Mon, September-5-2011, 11:10
Many Congratulation to you dear Bappu on Teachers day..........God Bless you always. from. Richard, Jyothi, Reeve Rion Noronha
Edward Simon Machado, Pernal / Bahrain Mon, September-5-2011, 3:43
I m very glad to read the life story of my father-in-law Mr. Maurice Noronha. I m very proud of him always, the hardwork and the dedication and concern for his village n all the people. I can say he is a "Gem" of pamboor. Its proud to all Pamboor people to have a person like him in their village.On this Teacher s day, I would like to wish him all the best and pray God to grant him good health n strength and peace.I m proud to be part of his family.
Prakash Noronha, B.C.Road-Doha Qatar Mon, September-5-2011, 2:50
Dear Malla Master,Wish you Teachers day,Good health and long life.I feel proud to say that I was your student in Pamboor School. Thanks to belle vision Dr.Eugene to write this artical on "Teachers Day.Wish you all the best.
Archie D\ Souza, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi Mon, September-5-2011, 2:01
I have the privilege of knowing \ Malla Master\ through his sons Valerian, Gilbert and Kishore. I admire \ Malla Master\ for his simple and disciplined living. The way he has brought up his children and held them together as a closely knit family is an example to all parents. The Lord has blessed his family abundantly for his unselfish service to society. I congratulate him and his entire family on this occassion.
Peter Martis, Gudthottu/Goa Mon, September-5-2011, 1:26
Hi Eugene, very nice to read about Malla Master. I vividly remember him and his ever-smiling face. His smile must have cheated his age. May God bless him and his family.
Shawn Machado, Bahrain Mon, September-5-2011, 11:17
Thanks a million Bellevision, Dr.Eugine D souza for publishing such a beautiful article on my grandfather Mr.Maurice Noronha. I am the eldest grandson of Mr. Maurice Noronha. It is a great privilege for me to be a part of his family. It is very evident that my grandfather is a very honest person be it in any field. He is a very hardworking person and did take lot of troubles to bring up his family his undying service the Pamboor Church village. Even today, he his readily willing to help anyone. Today when i read this article, I am very proud to be the eldest grandson
prescilla machado, pamboor, pernal/ Bahrain Mon, September-5-2011, 10:53
Thankyou very much Bellevision Dr.Eugine D souza for the wonderful article of my dear father publishing his life story.We saw our father, the trouble tensions he was taking for improving our village and he gave us good education,guidance and good future. I am proud to be his daughter. On this special day i would like to wish him Happy Teacher s Day and Almighty God shower his blessings on him always.
Philip Mudartha, Qatar Mon, September-5-2011, 10:04
I did not realize his age, when I met him a fortnight ago at his home. He was in chirpy and cheerful mood. I found him energetic. His is a life well lived, yet, my prayers for him to live well beyond hundred years. Amen
valerian Noronha, pamboor/Abu Dhabi Mon, September-5-2011, 8:32
Thanks Bellevision Dr. Eugene DSouza for publishing such a beautiful real life story/article on my father. Since childhood I have seen in him the concern for people of Pamboor and for our community. May god grant him good health and strength to continue his good work. And we are proud to be part his family.
Thomas Saldanha, Kanajar / Dubai Mon, September-5-2011, 6:53
Oh, what an inspiring article on the life history of a teacher, our beloved Malla Master. Though our association with him has been only since a decade or so, I have always seen him with great compassion and love towards people around him. I take pride in admiring his qualities as a good human being, a social worker, his wife children are the true testimony to his humane qualities. We congratualte him on this occasion and May God bless the couple with many more years of togetherness and good health to serve the people.
joel dsa, moodubelle, bahrain Mon, September-5-2011, 3:36
Dear Malla Master Happy teachers day, You deserve the praise and love which is shown here. hard work, never ending passion for work, dedication, compassion are your tools for success. We pray to almighty to give you good healthy and happiness to lead a peaceful life with your beloved wife lilybhai. with lots of good wishes Joel/hilda/Hazel/Jason
Wilfrred Castelino, Moodubelle/Sharjah Sun, September-4-2011, 2:41

Many congradulations and HAPPY TEACHERS DAY MASTER. May God bless you with good health everyady with long life.My father was the real admire of you .

Alwin Quadras,, Arasikatte,Bantakal/Abudhabi Sun, September-4-2011, 2:02
Dear Master Wish you a very Happy " Teachers Day" I Wish u All Best, I Pray to God that Keep u in Good Health . God Bless u Ur Family.
Robert Castelino, Moodubelle/Doha Sun, September-4-2011, 11:44
Glad to read your profile sir on the occasion of teachers day.wish you good health many more fruitful years ahead.You are a veteran in the tiny village of pamboor deserve to be appreciated for your dedicated social work in the community.May god bless you
wilfred, pamboor Sun, September-4-2011, 11:01
Finally someone has recoginse this great teacher after Retiement from almost 25 years !!!! i belive he retird on 1985,congrulatios Sir and many thanks to DR Eugene to to recognise the great personality of pamboor , HAPPY TEACHERS DAY SIR ,
Edward Menezes, Bantakal/Bahrain Sun, September-4-2011, 9:29
"Malla Master" the name it self says it all,It is so nice of Dr.Eugene to write this artical on "Teachers Day"God has blessed him with good health and still he is working so hard for the pamboor parish and also particepating in all parish activities,A teacher very close to my heart..we pambooreans are so fortunate to have such a wonderfull personality in our parish.On this day Sir, Iwish you best of health,may God bless you always..Keep up your good work,we love you.Edward Family
Benedict Noronha, Udupi/Muscat Sun, September-4-2011, 12:46
I admire Malla Master, my teacher from 1952 to 56 when I was a student of Pambur school.I boycotted him and his school , for his severe punishment,for my absebce for genuine reasonsfor which I shifted to Belle schoolHe was transferred to Bele school and I was back in Pambur school. I was clever as he had told to my parents yet he was sever to me perhps it was for my good. Any how I became what I am and he admires me too. This is the important chapter in my childhood and life and it has kept me always facing challenges of different types.I must congratulate Mr Maurice Noronha for his goodness and humility and love for the community. He is a good person and many a times for the development of the village I had shared with him ideas and he is indeed Malla Master for us at Pambur. God has blessed him good health and happiness and a devoute family. I wish him good health though out and continue to be smiling and cheerful until create history of a Centurian from Pambur. Great is he and I salute him!
Peter P. Saldanha, Pamboor / CA, USA Sat, September-3-2011, 7:28
Thanks belle vision for identifying and honouring our own Malla master on this teachers day. I feel proud to say that I was his student [1982-1983]. Thank you master for everything that you have done for our school, parish and community.May God keep you in good health and spirits. Cheers.
HERIC MENEZES, PAMBOOR Sat, September-3-2011, 2:11
Dear Master Wish you a very Happy " Teachers Day" We really Appreciate your Hard Work , Sincerity and Helping Nature to the entire Soceity I was your Student ,You really guided me in lot of ways in my Carrer Wish you Good Health and Brighter Days Ahead. Good Luck
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