Moodubelle: Pamboor Parish wins first prize in Inter-Parish cultural competition ‘Sangam-2010’

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By Dr. Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
Pictures by Anil Alva
Bellevision Media Network

Moodubelle, 08 November 2010: It was an evening with a difference as the Inter-parish cultural competition ‘Sangam-2010’ organized by the ICYM Unit of Moodubelle on Sunday, 7 November 2010 from 4.30 pm brought forth the best talents from the parishioners of Shirva, Pamboor, Udyavar, Kuntalnagar and Thottam. Not only the participants presented various items to manifest their talents to the fullest extent but also entertained the capacity audience who spontaneously cheered each and every performance.


‘Sangam-2010’ was organized by the ICYM, Moodubelle Unit as part of the centenary celebrations of the establishment of St. Lawrence Parish, Belle. The Programme was presided over by Fr. Joswey Fernandes, parish priest of Moodubelle. Fr. Wiliam Martis, Director of ICYM, Udupi Deanery was the chief guest. Other guests of honour included Fr. Charles Noronha, parish priest of Udyavar, Fr. Stany Fernndes, assistant parish priest of Shirva, Fr. Edwin D’Souza, Coordinator of MSW, St. Mary’s College, Shirva, Fr. Frederick D’Souza, parish priest of Thottam, Fr. Paul Sequeira, Fr. Lancy Saldanha ,Mr. Henry Fernandes-vice president of the Parish Pastoral Council and Mrs. Meera Lobo-secretary of the Parish Pastoral Council.


Rohan D’Souza, secretary of ICYM Moodubelle Unit as well as Udupi Deanery conducted the stage programme. Prayer hymn was sung by Brenda Martis and Prima Mathias. Bradley Martis, president of ICYM, Moodubelle Unit welcomed the guests with flowers. The ‘Sangam-2010’ was inaugurated by Fr. Willaim Martis along with the guests on the stage lighting the sparklers befitting the occasion of Diwali.


Fr. William Martis in his message explained the meaning of the Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) by giving various examples. He emphasized on the essence of Indian culture especially maintaining good relationship with family members, neighbours and others and respect to elders. Further he said that elders should give good example to their children, have love and respect to our mother tongue-Konkani and appealed the parents that they should teach Konkani to their children.


The sponsors of the ‘Sangam-2010’ were honoured by Fr. Joswey Fernandes by offering them flowers. Fr. William Martis gave away consolation gifts to the participants and prizes to the winners in children’s photograph competition organized by the ICYM. The first prize in the photogenic child went to Pearl Rishona D’Souza of St. John the Baptist I Ward, second prize to Hanisha Maria Aranha of St. john Baptist II Ward and third prize to Averl Ria Alva of St. John the Baptist I ward.


Fr. Joswey Fernandes in his presidential message narrated the circumstances that led to the organization of the inter-parish cultural competition-‘Sangam-2010’ by the ICYM Moodubelle and wished well to all participating parishes in the cultural competition ’Sangam-2010’.


Following the stage programme, Lloyd Rebello, treasurer of ICYM introduced the three judges of the competition- Dr. Norbert Lobo, lecturer of Economics, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore, Dr. Nery Cornelio, lecturer in Political Science,Milagres College, Kallianpur, Mr. Edward Larsen D’Souza, lecturer in Political Science, St. Lawrence Composite PU College, Moodubelle.



Cyprian Castelino, representative of Moodubelle ICYM to Udupi Varado and Maxim D’Sa anchored the cultural competitions efficiently and in a lively manner. The competition was held in the categories, jokes, group songs, group dance, skit and master of ceremonies.


First of all the Kuntalnagar parish presented their performance followed by Pamboor who had a grand entry to the stage through the centre of the hall with band and people carrying various items as ‘hore-kanike’. The group comprised of children, youth and adults who presented a full-throated group song. Vincent Alva in his inimitable style presented a skit along with his wife, Mrs. Sarita Alva and group that was hilarious and kept the audience in humour. The skit was followed by a group dance that was well presented. Through another skit the group presented social messages.


Udyavar was the third parish to present their performance beginning with two children dancing to a Marathi folk song, group song and a skit on hilarious situation in a classroom followed by a duet dance. The fourth parish to entertain the audience and manifest their talents was Shirva. First of all they presented a group song eulogizing Konkani-‘Jai Konkani…’ followed by a skit on family problems. The renowned actor Merwin Aranha presented a unique dance in five minutes changing sarees five times during the course of the dance. Thottam was the last parish to present their performance with a group song on the model family followed by a comic skit and group dance to the tune of ‘Aami dhogee sezari…’ The last item presented by the Thottam group was a skit on family values.


Following the computation of the points assigned by the three judges: the following parishes were declared as the winners of the inter-parish cultural competition ‘Sangam-2010’:


Pamboor Parish: First Prize-Trophy and Rs.2000/-
Shirva Parish: Second Prize-Trophy and Rs.1,500/-
Thottam Parish: Third Prize-Trophy and Rs.1000/-
Kuntalnagar and Udyavar parishes were given consolation trophies.


The following parishes secured prizes-trophy and Rs.500/- for their individual items:
1. Best M.C.- Mrs. Sarita Alva, Pamboor
2. Best Jokes-Pamboor
3. Best Group Song-Pamboor
4. Best group dance-Shirva
5. Best Skit-Pamboor


There was a lot of excitement when the prizes were announced and presented by Fr. Joswey Fernandes and Fr. William Martis. The participation from all the parishes was quite overwhelming and the joy of the winners in various competitions was exhilarating.


By conducting this inter-parish cultural completion ‘Sangam-2010’ in an efficient and organized manner, the ICYM Unit of Moodubelle has manifested that they can do wonders with proper leadership, guidance and encouragement. According to Bradley Martis, president of ICYM, all members of ICYM had given their full cooperation and worked unitedly to make this event a great success.



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Comments on this Article
NAVEEN MENDONCA, PAMBOOR (BAHRAIN) Mon, November-22-2010, 11:02
Great Going Pamboorians.Congratulations to Vincy, Sarita Your team
Gilbert Martis, U.K Tue, November-16-2010, 1:08
Best results are always directly depend on the continued effort that the team has put together for several days. Here we shouldn t create heated discussion as who is best and who is not however look at the effort that the Pamboorian team has put and look at what kind of support does parisheners give to youngsters. Pamboorians won because of the kind of team and the extreme effort that they put together. Well done Vincy Saritha Alva for your excellent effort. Well done all Pamboor Parisheners for supporting each other. Great aspect of your team is you have everyone in your team starting from little ones to elders-which is ecstatic!!! Keep it up!
Staney Mendonca, Moodubelle Sun, November-14-2010, 12:33
Dear Lancy, I think you have missed the point. It is definitely appreciated the efforts put in by the ICYM members. The point is in spite of being one of the largest parish in the diocese , the youth activities are very limited. And we all know the struggle of the office bearers at the last minutes of the programme. And the worst part is so many restriction and pressure on the president to conclude the contenst/event as early as possible. Youth are the backbone of the parish and society. Guiding them properly it is the responsibility of each and every adult of parish. We know only to blame others and no one ready to take responsibility and accept the criticism. Everyone wants to play safe. By not allowing joining the ICYM, we are wasting the talents of our youth. And the effect we can see the personal/professional life in the future.
Jerry, Udupi Sat, November-13-2010, 1:48
Tom, unable to understand what are you trying to say. Can you explain please.
Sannu Monis, Boliye., Dubai Sat, November-13-2010, 12:38
It is nice to see that our young ICYM members eventhough in very small numbers are doing something good that we can be proud of them!! Hats off to you all who involved in this great program!! Regarding the support that our youngsters getting from the society; It is very sad to say that our Boliye people are outstanding (out - standing!!) for that!. We are not ready to involve in society related issues. We are thinking our own and we are forgetting that we are part of same society! As Mr. Akil has described in his opinion, our people are not present at the prize distribution time. It is really shame on us. We have to ask question to ourself as if are we living in this society or in a alien planet? Who will answer this? Church Leaders? Society Leaders? Our Youth? Our parents? Who has to guide these people? Who has to encourage our youth? Whose responsibility is this? Regarding the Ladies in ICYM; I salute those two young girls and their parents. We are proud of you and your achievements. Well done! You are the best example for our society. I am proud that I was one of ICYM member and I was active member not only in Belle but also in Udupi Varado level. I got lot of support from Church Leaders and also from Society when I was the 20th year Celebration Convener at that time. Best thing was I was never stopped by my parents for any of ICYM activity or Church activity. That why I am proud to be Sannu Monis Boliye and I was Belle ICYM member!! It is really sad to say that after our era there was an unexplained fall in ICYM, I can say loudly and I am not afraid to point out our Church Leaders for that!! We are far away from the current situation but what our church leaders doing in supporting our youth? I think big NO. Its really hurting us and putting our heads down in-front of others. I am sorry if I am hurting others from my comments but you can not runaway from the current situation and some one has to take responsibility for this. Hats off to you all youth who were behind the great success. We are really proud of you. Bradley / Brenda Martis you people are the really talented youth and you have great supportive parents. My request, dear youth please do something to yourself that your own society will be proud for you!!
Tom, Udupi Fri, November-12-2010, 2:57
Dear Belle ICYM youths there is only one winner not two.Please accept this fact.You will get more chances.I agree with the opinion of Vally,Alphonse and Akil.It is very sad that there are so many youths to sit and do other things.It is an eye opemer for the youths and leaders.Wish you all good luck.
LANCY, moodubelle Fri, November-12-2010, 10:24
First of all I would like to congradulate ICYM for organizing such a good program. Yes i agree our ICYM members are in finger count but still they can organize good programs. But it is not important. We should personally develop from these movements. Our ICYM achivement is there in members personal development not in our programs as well as numbers. Yes I agree getting MBBS, MBA and all is not everything but still its important for one's life. Yes Valerian i agree today we never want go out from our church gate. Whatever we doing only inside our gate. Then how we can keep contact with society? Once in a year we used to go out by taking christmas message, but now we stopped that also. Whatever it is better we come together and do something than blaming on others no?
Victor Castelino, Moodubelle/Dubai Fri, November-12-2010, 4:29
Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to the organisers. What I enjoyed most is the lively discussion in the comments column. That is called parliamentary democracy. Only discussions can help us to progress. I appeal to everyone do not take any comments personally. They are required to help us to plan for the future and encourage others to join the movement. Never mind whether your English is good or bad. What matters is your input about any event. Cheers to everyone who commented. Keep up the good work.
Manoj, Moodubelle/Dubai Thu, November-11-2010, 11:52
Dear Youth of Moodubelle who are away from ICYM, This youth organization is a golden opportunity for all the youths to build a good career. You will develop many qualities which will help in your professional and personnel life to a very great extent. On the other hand i wouldnt blame on youth, they are very young. Parents should Support their children to go ICYM. Children will not be spoiled by going to ICYM, infact that would make them very strong in life. Finally, apart from the priests, i think there is a big requirement of a animator for the organization who will be with the youth always and guide them in anything they do.
Vijay Dsouza, Moodubelle Thu, November-11-2010, 9:14
Dear respected ICYM member, todays strength of just 15 - 20 members including just 2 ladies says the whole story by itself. In Belle there are atleast 300 catholic youth from the age of 17 to 30 years, then why the strength is only 15 - 20 ?. Are there only 2 young girls in the whole parish ?Please understand, Bradley and his team is doing very good job. They have arranged a very good program of variety entertainment. We need to strengthen his team. But where is the other youth of Belle. Why there is no concerted effort to bring more youth to ICYM. I am sure Pamboor parish is relativily a small parish but they have atleast 3 times more members than ours. In Mangalore there is a parish called Thannirbavi with just 100 -150 catholic families, they have more 60 ICYM members. Try to understand the logic first. Rise from your sleep and work for unity. ICYM is the best platform to showcase your talent and the leadership qualities you gain here are useful for entire life. Only Bikes, jeans, restaurants and girlfriends are not everything. Work for unity and leadership. When you become mature adult like 25 - 30 years, then you will realize what I say now. Best of Luck guys
Glen, Moodubelle Thu, November-11-2010, 8:48
Dear Alphonse, Please do not point out finger at members of ICYM for what is happening in ICYM, Belle. As pointed out by Mr. Valerian there are several other reasons why todays youth are away from this movement and losing a wonderful opportunity to gain leadership qualities at a young age. We Belleans, normally lack motivation. Now, from where it has to come is a question. I congratulate president Bradley and all the members for initiating this event. As far as centenary celebrations are concerned, whole Belle parish lack enthusiasm. why point fingers at youth?
Alphonse D Souza, Moodubelle Thu, November-11-2010, 8:11
Respected member of ICYM Belle, you are commenting as if you are not aware of anything. Did you ever made any assessment/study/suvey to find out the reasons for having only few which can be counted by fingers. That too you have only two ladies members in ICYM at present. The name is not important now. It is matter how you deal with situvation. You could have done this programme with much more better way with proper planning. During this centinary year we cannot see much enthusiasm by ICYM interms of activities. You will not get this opportunity to celebrate centinary once again.
Valerian, Moodubelle Wed, November-10-2010, 1:41
Thank you Akhil for raising the right issue. I fully agree with you. I am a product of ICYM Moodubelle and I am greatful to this youth organization which has shaped my life and many others. Today I am sad as todays youth instead of uniting under the leadership of Bradley, are sitting outside and making fun of our own parish. I do not blame todays youth, because they are not guided properly. I blame the parents for not encouraging their children to join this youth movement. Getting MBBS, Engineering, Nursing or MBA or building big bunglows is not everything, give your children the taste of social service and leadership. I also blame todays so called leaders of Belle, they do not have a vision instead everyone is busy in their petty politics and selfish motives. Think big and come out of the cocoon, world is beautiful. If we expect our priests to take the leadership, then we are wrong. They are not permanent in the parish, it is we the parishioners should build the society and leaders of tomorrow. Today belle is lacking leadership and vision. Please rise from your sleep otherwise it will be too late.
ICYM member, Moodubelle Wed, November-10-2010, 11:49
Dear Alphonse, can u plz mention the trouble makers name ..! or else mail me to we definitely keep him away. There is UNITY in ICYM.Without the support of member we can t organize such big program. So in this matter Ur wrong Alphonse.
Alphonse D’Souza, Moodubelle Wed, November-10-2010, 7:42
Mr. Akhil, I do fully agree with your opinion. Youth needs proper guidence and motivation. There is no scarcity for talents in belle. please keep away the trouble makers and work in unity towards betterment of parish and society. Moreover Belle ICYM youth assist. director is also missing in the picure/ programme??
ASHU, Pamboor/dubai Tue, November-9-2010, 11:51
Congratulations Guys, we are proud of you.Keep going.
Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore Tue, November-9-2010, 2:27
Congratulations!!! to all the winners and participants... Hats off to ICYM, Moodubelle for organizing such a great event. Thanks to Bellevision, Dr.Eugene and Mr. Anil for the wonderful report and pics. I was really fortunate enough to watch this event live. Some things around which really made me think a little bit: 1) I could see only 2 youth ladies(Brenda and Adlin) in ICYM, putting their full-on effort for the success of the event whereas lots of other youth ladies of the same age group enjoying the event as spectators!!! Come on youth ladies, You can(should) also be a member(active) of ICYM. 2)The same faces are appearing on the stage again and again even though there are many talents in ICYM!!! I hope this event was planned well in advance and ICYM could have brought some new faces(new talents) on to the stage. 3)At the end of the event(Prize Distribution), I could see hardly 30-40 spectators from Belle whereas more than 100 people(Participants and Cheering people) from Pamboor!!! Belle People, I kindly request you to support and cheer the activities of our youth. ICYM-Moodubelle, Wish you all the very best for your future activities...
Valerian Alva, PaduBelle / Dubai Tue, November-9-2010, 11:22
Congratulations Pamboorians, with the group you proved that age is not a limit for the talent.Vincy under your guidance let the parish grow many fold in all the direction. Keep it up, and Sritha you proved that you are the best MC.Thank you all the team members for achieving such a great nobility to Pamboor parish.
Janet Dalmeida, Pamboor/Moodubelle/Dubai Tue, November-9-2010, 4:14
Congrats to Incha Saritha all our beloved pamboorians, Its vey nice to see you all winning trophy, We really miss you all. Good initiative from ICYM Moodubelle parish to conduct such inter parish cultural competitions. Well done all the participants.
Remous D\ souza, pamboor/mumbai Tue, November-9-2010, 2:01
congratulation for winning first prize in competition.i know whereever our vincy goes he do somthing different. he is so potential, may god bless him and his family to contribute many more things to our society. hatts off sarita,nikita, nireeksha and other participants from my parish.
John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/Nottingham U.K Mon, November-8-2010, 2:31
Congratulations to all the winners, and well done guys for a well organized event.
Anitha Mendonca, Pamboor/ Pernal/ Dubai. Mon, November-8-2010, 2:04
Congratulations to Paboorians,Vincy Sarita. you people are rocking.Hats off to ICYM Moodubelle for organising a nice event.
Heric Menezes, Pamboor/Dubai Mon, November-8-2010, 12:48
Congrajulations , Well done , Its great Team Spirit that too with such busy Schedule of Flowers and Agriculture Nice to see Rayyu Mam with Band , Moly Mami and Sharol Great Job , Keep it Up !!!!!
Vincy Pamboor, Pamboor Mon, November-8-2010, 10:46
Hats off to you bradly and friends. Be little more innovative in whatever you do. I thank all my fellow parishoners for their wonderfull support. there are my friends to live my brain. We really missed Mable Menezes this time.
Edward Menezes, Bantakal/Bahrain Mon, November-8-2010, 8:54
Congrats to Vincy,Saritha,and all our beloved pamboorians,we really missed this program,happy to see such a varity of entertainment in limited time,WoW Pullo is sitting on Voilets lap,ha..well done Vincy you are the brain child,thanks to ICYM members for organising this event,hats of to Dr.Eugene for the report and photographs.Edward Mabel,Bantakal
Ronald D Souza, mangalore Mon, November-8-2010, 5:27
Congratulations to Vincent Alva and team from Pamboor. Vincy Sir is a man with difference, always doing the things differently. As a teacher, as a master of ceremony and as an actor he has been always innovative. His masterof ceremony at Pakshikere was outstanding. Once again congrats Pamboor team and Belle Youth.
Congratulations to all participants from Pamboor in Sangam 2010 and winning 1st prize.
Alban D souza, Kunthalnagar/Moodubelle Mon, November-8-2010, 2:55
Nice Program Organised by belle ICYM.Heartly Congratulations to all winers all the participants. i wish all the best to ICYM Belle for thier all upcoming projects programs.Thanks to Mr. Anil and Dr. Eugene for the report
Manoj Menezes, Shirva/Abu Dhabi Mon, November-8-2010, 2:08
Good initiative from ICYM Moodu Belle parish to conduct such inter parish cultural competitions. Congratulations for the same. Also Congratulations to Pamboor Parish and Shirva Parishes for winning the First and Second Prizes respectively. Good Job. Well Done.
Kishore Noronha, Pamboor/Dubai Mon, November-8-2010, 1:29
Congratulations to Pamboorians . I Appreciate Your team Work ...........!. Best M.C,Best Jokes ,Best Group Song,Best Skit 4 out of 5. Its a clean sweep......!
Alfred Vincent Monis, Bantakal/Kingdom of Bahrain Mon, November-8-2010, 12:29
Well done guys - keep it up.
Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle Mon, November-8-2010, 12:09
Congratulations to ICYM for the leadership and team unity. By organising such events, ICYM Moodubelle has done justice to their potential. No doubt this kind of leadership would inspire other youth. Well done all the participants!
Rita Andrade, Neerude/Doha-Qatar Mon, November-8-2010, 12:03
Dear Sarita,Vincy and all Pamboorians,Congratulations to all of you for winning the first prize. In particular congrats to Sarita for securing the title of best MC. Sarita/Vincy, we are very proud of your achievement. You guys rock. Keep going.
Suraj-Belle, Moodubelle/Dubai Sun, November-7-2010, 11:16
Congratulations Pamboorians and to all the participants, Good coverage from Anil and Dr. Eugene. you are No doubt there is plenty of talent in Paboorians and here we go… matter if the parish is big or small what matters is right enthusiastic, aggressive, committed team leader. This is absolutely team performance and Paboorians proved it. Keep it up guys hats off to you all. I should say Vincent Alva leading from front with Dol looks pakka professional. The backdrop design looks very dull and not up to the mark and it could have been better when you conduct such big events.
Marina, Pamboor Sun, November-7-2010, 11:04
Hello Pamboor Parishioners congratulations .Its vey nice to see you all winning trophy. Especially congratulations to bappu, molimousi, and Sharal. From Marina London.
Roshan Madtha, Vittal Sun, November-7-2010, 10:59
Hey there, Nice Program Organised by belle ICYM Keep the Youth Spirit cheers !!! regards Madtha
Steevan D’Souza, Moodubelle Sun, November-7-2010, 2:09
It is very nice to see Belle is booming in various fields..
Ignatius Martis, Moodubelle Sun, November-7-2010, 1:25
Hats off to Bradly and ICYM members for putting up such a great show.
Ronald D Souza, Moodubelle Sun, November-7-2010, 1:22
Congratulations to Pamboorians for winning first prize. Also the participants of other parishes, please do not loose your spirit. You also desrves the appreciation for your efforts.
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