J R Lobo: With vast administrative experience has a clear vision for Mangalore

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By John Tauro and Alphonse Mendonsa
Bellevision Media Network

Mangalore: 26 Nov 2012: John Tauro, Bellevision.com Mangalore representative and myself were to meet Mr. J.R. Lobo Congress Leader at 11:00am on 29th Oct 2012.  Since it rained previous during night, the weather was quite cool and it was a perfect day for an interview of one of the most sought after Congress Leaders.  Mangalore needs a change and change of guard.  JR Lobo has been in the news since formally  joining  the Congress party in July this year and has been working toward his goal of contesting the forthcoming  election if given a chance.


When we reached the office of Mr. J.R. Lobo we found that a number of people had been waiting as the office staff was helping them out with their requirements. Though Mr. J.R. Lobo had given us appointment at 11 am he could not make it However, he called his secretary and apologized for being late due to his other commitments.  We did not mind waiting as it was his duty to attend urgent needs of the people of Mangalore City which is quite understandable.


Mr. J.R. Lobo


However, his secretary at the office organized for the interview even though she too was extremely busy helping out people, listening to their problems and requirements and giving them proper suggestions patiently.


Mr. J.R. Lobo arrived sharp at 12:00noon as promised. As he walked into the office I found him to be  a simple and unassuming man and visualized that  he has all the qualities of a gentleman who can support our community if he has given an opportunity to contest  election in Mangalore Constituency.



We did not waste Mr. J.R. Lobo’s  valuable time soon after greeting each other we settled down for the interview and our main focus was to identify his strength and experience and capabilities to contest the election and deliver the goods.


Bellevision (BV): Sir, have you retired from K.A.S Government service on reaching superannuation  or have you taken premature retirement?  If it was the latter, what was the reason for it?

JR Lobo:  I did not retire as a normal case. It was voluntary retirement. I had another one and half year to go.  The reason for retirement was to join politics, mainly because, we as Christians do not have much representation in political field and hence decided to retire and join politics.  I thought that  with my vast experience in administration I may be able to serve the people in a much better way.


BV:  You have taken retirement with vast knowledge and experience and now you have joined Indian National Congress Party.  What is your objective and why politics?

JR Lobo:  I must say that politics and administration are two sides  of the same coin.  Political field is fully based on policies and programs and administrative side is to execute/implement those programs and policies created by politics.  With my experience in administration for more than 35 years of  service I must say that I  know in and out of the functioning of administrative process and procedures.  Probably I feel that with my vast experience I feel that I am in a much better position  to serve people’s aspirations.


BV:   Sir, what are your plans to strengthen Congress Party and make it vibrant?

JR Lobo:  Whenever a person joins a party or group, obviously the very intention is to strengthen the party.  I have my own plans of strengthening the Congress Party.  As of now  I have joined the Congress Party as a common worker. Therefore,  my plans of strengthening of Congress Party will be spelt out in future. I will be able to disclose and implement those plans at an appropriate time.


BV:  Sir, do you have plans to carryout welfare measures through the party cadre?  For example, Ration Cards, Adhar Cards, Mahatma Gandhi NRE Job Cards, etc?

JR Lobo:  Yes, I have plans to carry out welfare measures. However, these measures are  not individual based but  be society based.  Of course our focus is also  towards the Adhar Cards and Rations Cards or whatever Individual benefits people need to get.  But,  besides these measures,  what we need to address are  the larger projects and programs that are required to be brought into the constituency that I am supposed to represent.  Mangalore needs lot many  projects. There are a large number of  other problems including  civic and other allied problems.  My basic attention will be towards solving these problems. I also would like to mention that I will be focusing on individual requirements of the people  to mitigate their individual problems. But  basically I will be more focusing on larger projects and common projects of the city and to improve basic requirements of the people  of the city.


BV:  Sir,  if the Congress Party gives you the ticket to contest from the Mangalore Constituency what are your prospects?  What are the financial liabilities  and how can you cope up with huge resources required to fight an election?

JR Lobo:   It is left to the Congress Party whether I should contest or not. In case the Congress Party takes decision to give me the opportunity to contest from the  Mangalore Constituency, I must say that  my chances of winning the election are very bright.  Mainly because the  long standing service that I have rendered in Mangalore benefiting  all communities. Besides, I will be getting strong backing from educated people and also from all the people whom I have served.  With their support I am sure I will be able to win.


As for the financial question is concerned, I am sure my supporters, well wishers and my party people will definitely help me and look after my expenses.  Without their support I will not be able to contest the election and bear  the huge expenses that involve in contesting an election.


BV:  Do you know the needs of your constituency?  Suppose you win the election, how are you planning to meet the urgent and long term needs of your constituency?

JR Lobo: Definitely, I am fully aware of the needs and requirements of the constituency. If I am not aware,  I must say that my entire service as an administrator is useless.  I have served for more than 25 years in Mangalore.  I must say that I know the pulse and requirements of the area better than anyone else.  Therefore,  I have certain projects and programs in my mind which basically need my attention.   Mangalore requires a sound  infrastructure. Secondly, there is a need to  bring in new projects to this area so that our youngsters stay in Mangalore rather than go out in search of jobs.  The opportunities for the youth are very less here because of few employment opportunities due to lack of new projects. Potentially job creating enterprises such as industry and tourism are not fully exploited or given attention.  My intention is to take up these projects so that youth can be retained in Mangalore.


BV: How would you motivate and galvanize the youth  and how are you going to motivate and train them, meet their demands,  prepare committed workers of Congress Party and who are your faithful collaborators?

JR Lobo: I have answered all these questions above.  Obviously, for any party or organization,  youth are the back bone.  We need to support them and build them.  In today’s scenario educated youth leave Mangalore and go out.  How will we retain them, how will we build them or bring them into the Congress Party and build the party?  That is the main question before us.  When we make progress, it is quite possible that the youth will stay here and the Congress Party also will be benefited and eventually Mangalore will be benefited at large.


When the interview was over we thanked Mr. J.R. Lobo for his valuable time despite his busy schedule as there was a big queue waiting to meet him,  seek his advice and assistance for their various needs.



John Tauro presented Mr. J.R. Lobo a Gandhi Cap as a token from Bellevision.com team and a few photographs were taken before leaving his  office.


At  the end of the interview, both John Tauro and myself  felt that this is the man the Mangalorean Community is looking forward to deliver the goods.  He has the vast experience, he has the political connections and most importantly he has the clear vision and clear plans to lead the city of Mangalore and its people.




Mr. John Richard Lobo was born in Puttur on 26th March 1953 and his qualifications are:B.Sc, B.Ed and KAS.  His last job was at PilikulaNisargaDhama Mangalore as Hon. Chairman of Administrative Committee.

Mr. J.R. Lobo has worked in various capacities in Government Service at different locationsof Karnataka.  Following is the list of his assignments since 1977:

1. Joined KAS in 1977 

2. Served as Tahsildar of Madikeri in 1977-1979 

3. Served as Tahsildar of Koppa in 1979-1981

4. Served as Tahsildar of Somawarpet in 1981-1985

5. Served as Tahsildar of Puttur Taluk in 1985-1989.

6. Served as Deputy Director of Food & Civil Supplies of erstwhile D.K District 1989-1993.

7. Served as Additional Dist. Magistrate and Headquarters Asst. to Dy. Commissioner of D.K District in 1993-1997. 

8. Served as Principal District Training Institute in 1997.

9. Served as Assistant Commissioner, Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Sirsi Sub-Davison 1997-1998.

10. Served as Competent Authority, Mangalore Bangalore Petroleum Pipeline Project 1998-1999.

11. Served as Commissioner, City Corporation Mangalore 1999-2003.

12. Served as Deputy Project Director, Karnataka Urban Development and Coastal Environmental Management Project 2003 –         2009

13. Served as founder Executive Director, PilikulaNisargaDhama, Mangalore from past 18 years. 


Other Special Assignments were: 

1. Member of Regional Task Force for the development of D.K and Udupi District.

2. External Member of Jury for National School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi.

3. Panel Member of Administrative Training Institute, Mysore for Training Officers of Karnataka.

4. Member of Minorities Development Cell of Mangalore University. 


Achievements and Awards:

1. Won President of India Medal for successive two terms during 1981 & 1991 for best Census Officer in Karnataka State for         conducting National Census.

2. Undergone Social training in Indian Institute of Public Administration for the development of SC/Sts.

3. Awarded Rajyothsava Award-2005 as “NagarikaSevaPrashasthy” for public service. 


Details of Special Project Handled at Pilikula Nisarga Dhama:

Mr. J.R. Lobo was the founder Executive Director of Pilikula Project and successfully developed this project for 18 years. The total concept of this project was developed by him. He was solely responsible for scouting for funds with state and central govts and also from local donors. Today it is a success story and a major project in Mangalore. For the first time in the country a 3D planetarium in Pilikulawill be put up at a cost of Rs 24.50 crores for which entire initiative including the concept and getting the sanctions for funds was done by Mr. Lobo himself. Similarly different projects in culture and heritage, wild life, botanical garden, fisheries, art & craft, science etc are conceived and brought to Pilikula. It is his dream to develop it as an international centre for tourism, learning and conservation of bio diversity & culture.


Vision and Developmentof Mangalore:

As a Commissioner and also as Project Director of KUDCEMP, Mr. J.R. Lobo was responsible for many initiatives in Mangalore. He had initiated the concreting of roads and did major roads from Bunts hostel circle to PVS circle and then from PVS circle to Lady hill circle. He hadconceptualized the entire concreting of Airport road from Polytechnic to Maravoor Bridge near airport and got sanctions from Govt. of India after rigorous follow up action. Hewas responsible for the implementation of new projects of Underground drainage, water supply and concreting of roads in the city under KUDCEP project. He had initiated for processing of solid waste for which required infrastructure was created, required lands were acquired for land fill and given to City Corporation. His personal initiative helped to successfully completing the required infrastructure like water supply,drainage, roads and solid waste management for Mangalore city.



Comments on this Article
Monica Fernandes, Dubai Sun, February-24-2013, 11:55

one of my friend ask me to visit Mr. J R Lobos interview in belle vision I am very much pleased that he joined congress party and he will work for the betterment of the society. wish you good luck always sir thanks belle vision team .

Valerian Albuqurque, Malad/ Mumbai Fri, February-22-2013, 11:00

Mr John very good interview with Sir J R Lobo. He is most deserving person to stand for MLA election. I heard most of the people in Mumbai praise him for his good work in Man galore Wish him good luck and advise my friends in Mangalore to vote congres party regards.

Neelam Bali, Shivbhag Wed, February-13-2013, 10:00
Mr. J R Lobo Aap Bolo hamara vote apkelea. You are the most deserving candidate for the congress party. We vote for you and you do the good work for the society in Mangalore .Thanks belle team.
Monthu Furtado, Kuwait Sat, February-9-2013, 4:53
Mr J R Lobo sir you joining Congress party and started working for the party is welcome sign for the party pl. stand for M L A election Our family 100 vote entered in the voting list. regards Mulky and near by area . e
Lancy Serrao, Kankanady/ Mangalore Sun, February-3-2013, 9:20

As the state election nearing all the state major political parties warming up. This time Congress Party will do well in our district whoever get the ticket in congres he will be the winner . thanks bellevision team and to Mr John Tauro for this article.

Valerian Alva, London U K Tue, January-29-2013, 9:18
Very intresting article john would like to know more about our comunity politicians Sir J R Lobo joining congres party is indeed good news we wish him and the pary good luck regars john.e
Roy, Mangalore Wed, November-28-2012, 11:28
wake up mangalorean's!! now its time to select and support the right person like J.R.Lobo.such a simple, honest, hardworking ordinary man. he is the best candidate for congress party for coming elections. hope mangalorean's also see the black and white colors in political party and support the gem like J.R.lobo. all the very best sir! my prayers and wishes are there with you alwz..
Benedict Noronha, Udupi Tue, November-27-2012, 2:32
I am happy that Mr J.R.Lobo has come to active social life from the beaurocratic Table. He can do a lot in Politics,but this society, I think, is not sufficiently supporting him. He should be given a chance to lead by example, even in Politics. I am sure the Mangaloreans will do it. I wish Mr J.R. Lobo all the best.
John B. Monteiro, Mangalore Mon, November-26-2012, 10:08
Thank you Bellevision for a well-rounded interview, supported by sharp and well composed photographs. The article projects Mr. Lobo as a credible candidate for for MLA and I hope he is not treated as a gate-crasher into the party. While his reason for getting into politics (\"Christians do not have much representation in political field...\")is valid, it needs to be underplayed. The photos by Mr. John Tauro visually testify the landmark work done by Mr Lobo at Pilikula. He seems to be a srious political role-seeker as reflected in the computer-based stramlined office where visitors have facilities to wait in comfort - with attentive staff.Good luck, Mr. Lobo!
Philip Mudartha, Qatar Mon, November-26-2012, 4:45
I am neither a resident nor a voter. I am only an armchair and silent observer of coastal politics. I watched JR\ s induction ceremony into Congress Party. I watched the ruckus blamed on Ivan and his supporters. I have watched him speak to media explaining his decision to plunge into politics. But, I have doubts on his elect-ability. There is nothing new about promise to remove infrastructural bottlenecks and create jobs. Every candidate and party promises that. A promising candidate has to come out with specific policy formulations, take positions on the polarizing issues and demonstrate ability build rainbow coalitions across ideological divides. To demonstrate his stand against Hindu communal-ism, he joined Congress. What is his stance on minority communal-ism? What about job quota of reservations for education, jobs and so forth? What about castes and class identities? What about land acquisition for private industrial and public projects? Use, notification and conversion of settled agricultural land? What about ecology and environment preservation versus industrialization as enabler for job creation of local youth? What about sons of soil versus cheaper outsiders?..
Natasha, Shivbagh Mon, November-26-2012, 12:08
Thank you bellevision for introducing personalities to the readers, and thank you to the reporters. We pray for your success Mr.J.R.Lobo, so that your vision for mangalore is well implemented.
Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle Sun, November-25-2012, 11:34
Thank you John Tauro and Alphonse for the wonderful article and views of JR Lobo. I do agree he is one of the most capable, honest and digified personality of coastal area. Wishing him all the best!
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