Remous D’Souza: A successful entrepreneur with social commitment

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By Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
Bellevision Media Network

Mumbai, 26 Feb 2012: To succeed in life is everyone’s dream, but to rise like phoenix requires not only dream but also discipline, hard work, determination and social commitment.  Some days back, I had an opportunity to meet such as person, Remous D’Souza of Padubelle who had made it a point to attend the programme of the youth organization of which he was a member and office bearer in his younger days.  Few days later I heard about his participation in the ‘padayatre’ to Attur-Karkala on the occasion of the Annual Feast of St. Lawrence. On inquiring further, I found out that  Remous  has been a successful entrepreneur in Mumbai managing three successful companies, two of them dealing with courier service incidentally with the name of ‘Phoenix’. During my recent visit to Mumbai,  I had another opportunity to interact with Remous and find out his initial struggle and eventual success in establishing and managing successful ventures that should act as an inspiration to young people with dreams and determination.



Remous is the second among six children, four sons and two daughters of late Immanuel and Mary D’Souza born on January 9, 1965. He had his initial education up to seventh standard in the Government Higher Primary School, Padubelle and high school studies in St. Lawrence High School, Moodubelle. As Remous realized the importance of higher education, he continued his studies in St. Mary’s  Junior and Degree colleges, Shirva where he completed PUC and later graduated in Commerce with B.Com degree in 1986.


While in college, Remous developed an interest in writing poetry in Kannada. Some of his poems were broadcast by the Mangalore Akashvani.  He was also good in acting in plays and took part in Kannada, Tulu as well as Konkani dramas in school, college and church programmes. Having considerable experience in dramatics, Remous tried his hand in writing the Konkani play titled “Devachem Beasum” (Blessing of God) in 1984 which was staged in his parish Pamboor and later in Mudarangadi.


First Holy Communion of Remous

Realizing his potential for leadership, Remous took up responsibility as the President of the Young Catholic Movement (YCM) in the Pamboor Church. He was Secretary of the Kannada Sangha while in St. Mary’s College, Shirva. As a member of the NCC and NSS, Remous developed a sense of discipline and social service. The NCC and NSS camps helped him to understand the value of time and living with meager means under difficult conditions. Besides, Remous was a member of the Jasmine Jaycees in Shirva. He was also a member of the social organization of young men in Padubelle known as “Geleyara Balaga” and was elected as its Vice President.


Remembering his college days, Remous said that he and Vincent Alva, who was studying in the Poorna Prajna College, Udupi were close friends and their friendship continues even today.  During those days both of them took keen interest in various activities in the village and church. Both of them were members of the ‘Geleyara Balaga’ and YCM. They took initiative and provided leadership to the youth to organize various sporting and cultural activities. Their dedication and leadership qualities that they manifested at that time enabled both of them to make a mark in life. While Remous became an entrepreneur and businessman, his friend Vincent Alva became lecturer in the Department of English in the Milagres College, Kallianpur, a well-known writer and poet in Konkani and English languages and an eminent compeer and Master of Ceremonies.


Dieg D’Souza-Grandfather of Remous

Having acquired the B. Com degree,  Remous decided to build his career in the city of dreams and landed in Mumbai in 1986. For his boarding and lodging,  Remous became a member of St. Lawrence Association at the Haines Road, Byculla  which had been a home away from home for many Belleans working in Mumbai.


Remous started his career in a slow and steady manner. First he joined the Skypak Courier Service situated at Marol-Andheri where he served for four years. Being young and energetic, Remous decided to earn something extra during his free time and took up two additional assignments   prior and after his regular job at the Skypak where he worked between 10 am to 6 pm. He worked as typist for one hour between 7 and 8 am for the Maharashtra Shoes Company at Nagpada and after his regular work at Skypak, rendered his service to Prime Courier at Santacruz as Operational Manager where he worked from 7 pm to 12.30 am for three years.


Having gained sufficient experience and keen insight into the working of the courier service during  the four years that he was  working for two different courier companies, Remous took the bold step in starting his own courier company-Phoenix Couriers in 1990 in a rented place at Lower Parel. Though he started the new courier company single handedly, gradually with the expansion of the business, Remous started recruiting new hands.


Remous gratefully recalls the moral and financial support extended to him by his maternal uncle, Aloysius D’Souza in starting the Phoenix Couriers company. Aloysius D’Souza has been the General Manager of Modi Group of Industries and it was because of his good office that Modi Group of Industries became one of the first clients of Phoenix Couriers.



With an attempt to expand his sway over the courier service, in 1992, with wider knowledge and increased confidence, Remous took up the agency of Combined Couriers for Maharashtra with partnership with another person. Meanwhile, he kept his own company Phoenix Couriers on hold.  Within two years the agency grew by Leaps and bounds with increased staff and many branch offices in many parts of Mumbai and Maharashtra.


As there were certain problems, Remous sold off his fifty per cent shares of the company and resurrected his own company with new name of ‘Phoenix Couriers and Cargo Private Limited’ along with younger brother Deepak as his partner. The Compnay operated from an office situated at Currey Road. As the volume of the business increased, Remous opened an additional office at Vile Parle.


The courier companies of Remous not only send, receive and distribute letters, documents and parcels, but also are involved in event management.  They transport infrastructural materials required for event management of any kind and install them at the venue and get them transferred to other cities if required by the event organizers.


Phoenix Courier International handles the delicate task of exporting personal things and articles to people living in various countries such as United States, Dubai, Singapore, Australia and other countries. According to Remous, there are more than 3,000 customers in Mumbai who avail this facility.



As expansion of the business has been his aim, Remous was not satisfied with just managing one company. He had dreams and plans for greater things. Thus, in 2008, he established ‘Phoenix Courier International’ along with another partner.  Two years later in 2010, Remous  started another servicce venture along with another partner under the name of ‘VR Enterprises’ whose main task is collecting cheques from ‘drop boxes’.  The staff of VR Enterprises collects cheques from around 600 ’drop boxes’ located in various parts of Mumbai and hand over these cheques to their clients.  Remous expressed his happiness and satisfaction that all his three companies are doing quite well.


Another field that Remous wanted to try his hand is the construction business. Along with another partner, he has started construction of a residential building as a pilot project in Katraj near Pune.


While residing in St. Lawrence Association at Byculla, Remous held responsible positions as the Treasurer and later President of the association. The St. Lawrence Association of Belle celebrated Platinum Jubilee following the completion of 75 years of its foundation on 10 January 1993. During this celebration Remous D’Souza was the president and Wilfred D’Almeida of Padubettu was the secretary. In the same year, St. Lawrence Association of Belle became a member of the Federation of all Mangalorean Associations.

Remous (Seated third from left) in the Managing Committee of St. Lawrence Association, Byculla


Though Remous has been a successful entrepreneur and businessman, success never went to his head. He never forgot his roots in Padubelle and has been visiting his native village at least three or four times in a year. He is still closely associated with the ’Geleyara Balaga’, the youth organization that has been active in various fields since the last 36 years. Since four years, it was chiefly due to the initiative and encouragement of  Remous that during the annual day programme of the ’Geleyara Balaga’, the practice of ‘annasantarpane’, was started providing free meal to the villagers. At the same time around 200 meals are provided to Manasa at Pamboor.


Remous at the Annual Day Function of ’Geleyara Balaga’

Remous honoured at the inaugural function of ’Parichaya’ at Pamboor


Remous is quite modest about his social commitments and philanthropic service that he has been rendering. He has been in forefront of social service in his native village and along with other likeminded philanthropists has been providing financial assistance to distribute free books and uniforms to poorer students and promotion of the wellbeing of the Government Higher Primary School of Padubelle of which he was a student.


Being a staunch devotee of St. Lawrence, since three years, Remous has been going on pilgrimage on foot to Attur-Karkala on the eve of the Feast of St. Lawrence. Remous said that he along with Prof. Vincent Alva went on the pilgrimage for the first time in 2010. The following year they were joined by two more persons and this year (2012) the pilgrim group swelled to 20. He says that the ‘padayatre’ to Attur is not only the manifestation of the devotion to the ‘saint of miracles’ but also a test of one’s own stamina and endurance which is an indication of one’s mental and physical health.

Remous on ’Padayatre’ to Attur along with friends from Padubelle


Remous married Pricilla Nazareth, daughter of late Edward and Christine Nazareth of Pernal in 1992. Pricilla had completed the Nursing course in Fr. Muller’s Hospital, Mangalore and worked as Staff Nurse in the Breach Candy Hospital until the birth of their first child-Rashmi who is presently studying in FY B.Com in St. Andrew’s College, Bandra and simultaneously doing Company Secretary Course. As she is interested in classical dance, Rashmi also attends  Bharatha Natyam classes. Younger son, Rohan is studying in 10th standard and will be appearing for his crucial SSC examination in the month of March 2012.


Parents of Remous-Mary and late Immanuel D’Souza



Remous and Pricilla with children-Rashmi and Rohan


When asked about the secret of his success as an entrepreneur and businessman, Remous said that it was his dream, determination, hard work, not losing hope when set-backs come on the way, support of the family, relatives and friends and reaching out to the needy and helpless through social commitment were some of the important factors that brought him to a position where he is now.



In a message to the youth of today, Remous said that the youngsters are quite enterprising in modern times as they can avail best of the education and have ample opportunities. The youth should have right focus in their lives and build their career as professionals and entrepreneurs. They should shunt such things that harm their health and lives as ‘health is more important than wealth’.



Comments on this Article
Joseph Martis, Kattingery Sat, March-3-2012, 1:18
Remous Congratulation on your Achievement, Simplicity, Possitive talks when i met you on the way to Attur Padeyatre I found in you. You are a Dynamic leader also, wish you all the best.
Simon D Souza, Thirlapalke/Muscat Fri, March-2-2012, 9:03
Congratulations, Remous. 23 years back, we were staying under one roof of St. Lawrence association. I am the witness of Remous's hard work, dedication and will power during those days. I know that while working itself, he started his small business those days. I am really happy to read/know about his success. Keep it up and wish you all the best. I will not forget, when I got first job in Muscat in 1989, you came to drop to the airport.
Asha Saldanha, Moodubelle/USA Thu, March-1-2012, 12:27
Dear Remous, It is a success, you truly deserved. It is an achievement you have truly earned. I congratulate you on your success and wish you all the best for your future. Well done. Maxim Asha Saldanha, Moodubelle/USA
Asha Fernandes, Pernal/Dubai Wed, February-29-2012, 3:47
Hey Remous, Congratulations on your achievements and wish you all the best for your future. I am proud to be your cousin.
Kishore, Pamboor/Dubai Wed, February-29-2012, 2:26
Congratulation Remous on your achievements. Wishing you all the best
EDWARD SALDANHA, RANGANPALKE Tue, February-28-2012, 5:04
For me, reading this article was a journey back in time. You do not need my praise. I am lucky to have you as a friend, as dependable as the SUN itself. This time-tested friendship means to me a lot more than I can ever express. May God bless you help you to remain as you are. Wish to see you rising further which will surely happen because you do not allow success to go to your head. ALL THE BEST.
VALERIAN / JYOTHI, PADUBELLE / DUBAI Tue, February-28-2012, 4:39
A complete business man, Great commitment. Whenever we see each other he always encourages achieving next level, from wherever you are. Man who believes in small things and achieve big out of it. During my recent visit to Padubelle I witnessed his many business meetings. Thank you very much Mr.Remous for your unconditional morale support towards myself and my family.
Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi Mon, February-27-2012, 1:42
Thanks Dr. Eugine for highlighting various achievements of Remous. he is truly an inspiration for many of our youngsters who dream to venture into business but they must remember that nothing comes without hard work and working knowledge. Remous has show us how we can reap if we really work hard and be successful. Congrats Remous on your achievements and wish you all success and good luck in your future business plans. Thanks Bellevision.Com as you too work hard to highlight achievements of fellow Mangaloreans esp from Villages to the world. I wish all success Bellevision too. Your hard work too will be paid off in the coming years for sure.
Louis Alva, Moodubelle / Sharjah Mon, February-27-2012, 11:47
Dear Remous i am really happy to read on your Achivemnets on Bellevison. As my classmate Mr. Wilfred Menezes mentioned,I too remembered those olden days we had in Byculla St. Lawrence Club.( Especially your humorous and Silent Jokes). As far i know you ... You are a very simple, honest,hardworking person and I wish you every success in your life to come ahead.Be always a humble and honest person like you are now. I am sure you will reach to more greater heights and wish you all the best. Thanks to Dr. Eugene for the wonderful article on Mr.Remous.
Gregory, Padubelle Mon, February-27-2012, 8:58
Congratulation Ramous!! Simplicity discipline, positive talks etc which I found in you.
Wilfred H Menezes, Moodubelle/Dubai Mon, February-27-2012, 5:17
Congratulations Ramous, happy to read your success story on bellevision. Having spent a short time together during my short stay (early 90's) at Byculla St. Lawrence club, I have seen witnessed your hard work. For sure your good work sacrifice seems to be paid-off in full to reach this height today¦!!!. It's been almost 20 years; pictures of your article took me back to cherish those good old days of Bombay..!!!!
Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle Mon, February-27-2012, 3:12
Congratulation Ramous on your great achievements! I am your proud bench mate of high school days!!
Wilfred Almeida, Belle\Bangalore Sun, February-26-2012, 11:48

Congratulation Dear Remous on your achievements. Wishing you all the best.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar Sun, February-26-2012, 11:52
Quality of services (of any kind, not only courier) rendered in India is abysmally low by western (and my) standards, that being a reason for small enterprises to go under. So, I believe hence, Remous is really delivering quality services with his heart and soul. May he go to greater heights of success.
edward alva, Padubelle Abudhabi Sun, February-26-2012, 11:28
congratulations Remous.Happy to read about your great achivements. God Bless you.
B. Ajith.P. Shetty, Padubelle Belle Doddamane Sun, February-26-2012, 11:17
Remous Anna Congratulations. I know very well about you. I enjoyed your Dram plays in my childhood , when i was studing in primary school. Geleyara Balaga is the first platform of all padubelle boys.Wish you all the best for your future.
Conrad, Belle/Houston USA Sun, February-26-2012, 9:56
Dr Norbert, Mangalore Sun, February-26-2012, 9:53
Congratulations Remous. Very happy to read about you and your accomplishments. Wish you all the very best for the years to come. May you be a model to many more aspiring youth of our neighbourhood. I also recall your talent as a poet and your numerous poems in Kannada.
Vincent Alva, Padubelle Sun, February-26-2012, 9:52

Everything written is true and I am the witness to it. I have seen Ramous in my own eyes truely rising like pheonix from the ashes. He is a role model to all those who want to acheive success in life. You need not do great things but do little thing sincerely is Ramous gospel. He is such a successful man that he can be without any hasitation incorporated in Rashmi Bansal s book "Connect the Dots". He could acheive all this because of his simplicity. Ramous, as a friend and wellwisher I am proud of you.

Naveen Mendonca, Padubelle (Bahrain) Sun, February-26-2012, 9:36
Congratulations Remous, You deserves it. I remember My childhood in kadulachil Geleyara Balaga.
Pascal Mathias, Pamboor/Dubai Sun, February-26-2012, 6:53
Congratulations Dear Remous on your achievements.You are really talented i enjoyed your Drama plays in my young days when i was studing in college .Wish you all the best for your futue
Vijay Dsouza, Moodubelle Sun, February-26-2012, 6:31
It is great to know about Remous as he is also a common man like us but with his sheer determination and hard work he could achieve big in life. Also it is commendable to know that he is still actively involved with his friends in arranging Annual celebrations of Geleyara Balaga. This shows how he is attached to his roots. When you do not forget your roots, you will always be blessed.
Peter P. Saldanha, Pamboor / CA, USA Sat, February-25-2012, 4:44
Congratulations Remous on your achievements. I have enjoyed watching you act in various plays during your association with CYM and Geleyara Balaga. Wish you all the best for your future.
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