Priyanka Mendonca – Youth of the Youth

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By Prescilla Menezes (MCCP)
  • Life is either a Daring Adventure or nothing @ all! – HELLEN KELLER


Muscat, 18 Apr 2017: Bubbly, Boisterous confident MCCP gurlieo Priya, is a bundle of talents always ever ready with hiphop moves burning the stage or at the outfield swinging the bat to drive the ball outside the fence to a six!… yes, she has excelled the art of dance and cricket, alongside performing other scholastics. Now you get it, why her name comes first to the minds of Mangalureans, at any event either sports or cultural.



Priyanka Edna Mendonca a God fearing, humble daughter of the humble and ever ready to serve the Community couple Edward Mendonca and Philomena Mendonca… the macho man and the courageous lady of the community. Their long standing involvement whether large or small, either in the committee or as just members, is worth commending and that is what has inspired the sturdy girl Priyanka.



People associated with this family will always rely on them for any service whether it is humanitarian or social needs. Such community based couple are blessed with a calm yet vigorously active youth who has made them proud at every stage of her life from childhood to her adolescence. Mother Philomena very passionately says… “My Priya is a blessed child after many years of our marriage, she is a miracle child; Her hard work with great enthusiasm and dedication whether it is dance or cricket, has raised her to the highest level and therefore is recognized wherever she goes.


Though not so good at health which is not a hurdle at any given time, she hardly rests unless she surpasses her previous performance bar for achieving the next higher level. Always hungry to better the best in her, and a unique quality to welcome the suggestions that is a quality of aptitude to learn, is what makes her perfect or near to perfection.”



Born on 28th March 2000 after a long wait for the couple Edward and Philu, the bundle of joy has been a blessing for them with utmost satisfaction. Priya’s schooling has been in Indian School Al Gubra (ISG), currently proceeding to Grade XII with Commerce stream. Known for her talents in scholastics, always has been the apple of the eye of her mentors and teachers. She has been undergoing training from Rajesh Master as her guru from RM Dance Academy, Muscat. Assisting her Dance Master proves her excellence in her forte. Priyanka admits and explains her achievements more interestingly in an assessing manner…


“What defines me well….? A DANCER & CRICKETER …..!




Quotes’ may keep inspiring you but its only when u make your own quotes & apply it to the fullest, that’s when u look up & say Yes am successful.


As a Dancer……


Mccp has given me a great opportunity and platform to showcase my talent through various dance forms and also to hone my skills as a choreographer, especially on konkani Numbers. I am proud to be honoured as youngest choreographer of the community in 2013.



My dance group which I formed in class 7 at the age of 12… gathering all my friends, & teaching them Bollywood style, that brought me accolades which put me on the pedestal of proving to be one of the finest dancers in children category.



Winning a Hatrick for the 1st place in Mccp Dance Competition & in ‘Dance Mania’ conducted by Indian Social Club was a great triumph feeling of satisfaction. I owe this achievement to my parents who have been encouraging me at every step and motivating me to keep going… More than me, they believe saying, as long as the life offers opportunities make good of it and when blessed with talent make good use of it.


I felt, it made me and my talents complete when I was offered with an opportunity to perform on the mega international stage such as Utsav, Gulf Voice of Mangalore 2014, and Kevin Misquith Night 2016, Rupyothsav the shows that were accorded of the highest level in the region.




Performance at ‘Rupyothsav’ for Band Charitra on 10th Feb 2017


At the School events, especially for Teacher’s Day, I have been mentoring my batch mates since 4yrs. This year, I was given an opportunity to choreograph an item for Founders Day. I feel very blessed for this noted achievement and being recognized amongst many.


At the Church, being parishioner of Holy Spirit Church, Ghala; whether at catechism or community events I always had a chance to shake a leg and perform hiphop or contemp moves, which was also appreciated and well received by the audience.


Am I Cricketer???




Representing National Women’s Team of Oman – GCC T20 Championship (image provided) was a great privilege and kind a dream come true, coz I am the first catholic youth in Oman in Girls category to represent the Nation. I am feeling very proud to say I am a Mangalurean. Many more accolades such as:


Runner’s Up for Frendi Cup 2016! – ISG




Girls U-19 Inter-school Cricket Tournament – Runners up ISG Team


50 Not out runs scored against Indian School Darsait.



All the above proves my passion towards the game cricket too. I just cannot rest on my pillow when a tournament is round the corner, whether at school, be it at sports academy or at community. Again I am thankful to my parents, my mentors and friends for their unstinted support which has brought me this far!



Multi-talented..!!!! am I??


Summer Camp is yet another time I used to enjoy the most, as I would just freak out with friends. Mostly had the privilege to captain the teams and feel proud that my Team Luke was the Winners of 2015!! Excelling in all the activities that was planned and executed by the organizers makes me unique and stand big in the crowd, because every activity I take it seriously, work hard and try to give my best at every stage of any bustle that I do.



I was fortunate to Mc an event ie at Ghala Food Festival. At Nativity Feast of Mangalurean Community was yet another fortuitous I got to showcase my anchoring talent in Konkani; Shouldn’t I be excited to be noted as a multifaceted girl….? (smiles…)


How Spiritual am I???



Being a part of Lectors Ministry, especially reading at Monthi Feast – Prayer of the faithful in Konkani brought utmost joy. Serving the Church in any ministry is an ecstatic feeling as it draws us closer to God and so is a great privilege to any Catholic directly complimenting to the growing church. Alter Server’s Ministry is a delightful association with God and the great achievement is to be the Group Leader (group of St.Agnes), isn’t it? I was Ranked 2, amongst all children which is a great accomplishment. Being regular for masses and serve at the alter makes me feel way above all, and now I miss it sooooo….coz am grown up… (blushes…..!)



Priyanka, a package of talents has not only excelled in dance and cricket, she is a multi-talented youth who has an edge over any scholastic activity. Whether drawing, Trekking, Swimming or any sports activity…. Priyanka is sure to win a medal or appreciation for her exemplary output. As a Trekker she accomplished Daily 8km walk in 6degree Celsius climate, so was also accorded with the Best Trekker Award! at Trekking Conducted by ISG in May-June for 10Days at Dharamsala, India, which was one of the enriching and exciting experiences of life.



Yet another activity she thrives upon is as a DJ. Her love for music and mixing up them is her obsessive interest. At the small parties she DJs and make the gathering dance at the tune she mixes on her fingertips. She loves to try her hands on any new physical activity and she performs it with highest level of enthusiasm and dedication, practices and works hard until she achieves a name and fame for herself, ultimately making her parents proud of her triumphs. It can be rightly said that Priyanka is a name that hungers for excellence.



Very fondly and with pleasure and satisfaction she admits…”My Success in this journey of 16years is all because of my Parents who are the biggest Support Pillars of mine who keep Supporting Me & Guiding me throughout. Blessings from all Near & Dear ones ofcourse my Friends who have played another special role in my life caring for me @ all times & making most of the memories sweet. I thank God for all those in my life, who have trusted in me n giving me confidence for stepping forward.



Priyanka is a truly exemplary example to every growing youth that academics is not all that requires to make a future or career, but talents enriched will make life much more easier framing a person into a street smart and learn to utilize the academic knowledge for a successful career.



Time to personal chit chat with Priyanka….here we go….


1. Priyanka… always I have been of an opinion looking at your outlook that you are a head strong girl? Is it your nature? Or otherwise? Has anybody mentioned this to you?


Aunty Pres…I have been fortunate enough to be blessed so so much..Yes its my nature!


People have always kept a different outlook towards me..but its only when they meet they’ve really changed their mindset about me …



2. I have seen you always unrest. Busy with one or the other activity? How do you make time for yourself, family, friends and studies? How you manage?


Oh yes! It is always hectic schedule for me..I hardly get 4 hours sleep a day… but that’s when u call life is adventurous by doing different activities.. right? If u you love someone u would definitely make time for them, so I definitely make time and enjoy gatherings, but choosy keeping aside what’s not really important at that point of time.



3. Your parents have been going out of the way to make you always excel in whatever you do? Winning has been kind a habit for you. Losing at any level or activity, how do you take it? Don’t you feel like giving it up?



Every person ‘losing’ takes it differently. In my situation it’s a positive approach….. because I feel that’s when u realize, yes I am lacking onto let’s work upon it a little more. Giving up is never in my books. My parents have always taught me its life with Ups & downs!! So keep going.


One thing I would specially like to mention is my Mom. My Greatest Supporter! My Pillar! She’s always on my side & never loses hope or gives up on me.


4. Do you love Mangalore? Why? I see you traditional at the Mangy events, do you do it willingly or forced by your parents? Do you really enjoy?



‘Being Mangalurean’ the feeling itself is awesome. I am so proud of my state, my native. Yes its always me with my comfortable shorts or jeans with tshirts on…but when it comes to feast or a big event its always traditional. It Gives me a feeling of Oneness… !! I enjoy.



5. At school.. how many and what kind a friends you have? You carry the macho charisma of your dad, but are a person of less words I think. Are you? Whose nature is imbibed in you? Are you an easy go lucky, friendly nature girl? Or a difficult person to deal with? (You know what am hinting at…!)


Ok …… since I am into many activities, friends are all over and its kinda difficult at times when you find 2 different gangs at the same time… At school, Catechism, Cricket, & ofcourse Dance friends…. Mallu friends are max of mine. Specifying Cricket – Pakistani & Bangladeshi friends are also on my friends list.


I feel my dad’s nature is imbibed in me… buuuuuut….yes I may not talk much like my dad nor do I strike the conversation initially but later somehow connect.



6. Your favourite eat out? Cuisine? Have you ever tried your hands on cooking?


Ohh..i hardly get time to be @the kitchen…but small things like coffee, tea, omlet, noodles, sausages, rice, sandwiches, cakes, milkshakes I can do. My favourate is Chicken Curry / Butter Chicken/ Dal/ Veg –Dishes. One of my loved items is Ice cream- Baskin Robins.


7. Being a multi-faceted personnel, what’s your career planning?


This question has always kept me thinking….because I really dunno which line to go into…as of now I want to get good grades & try out for a better college simultaneously marking myself in Cricket & Dance.


8. Have you ever thought of participating in Dance Reality shows on National television… such as DID, Super Dancer, or of the kind…? Any thoughts of being a choreo…?


Yes, when I was small once I had thought of participating in such shows.… but now since I am specialized more focused on my line into Cricket I would pay more attention in upcoming tournaments & achieve greater.



9. As a sports personnel…are you not endeavoring to venture into physical education and pursue career as Physical Instructor or a Coach of any discipline?


Not Really…. But Yes I would love to keep the thought motivated. Never know…..!


10. What is your motivating message to your fellow youth of the community?


Yes! Definitely A message which I would like to convey is “Enjoy your Life Always!”


Try to make the Biggest Memories


You’ve been created by God to be here for a reason. So you really wont know whatz the future God has decided for you.


Follow Your dreams… Chase them, and you will live your future.


Lastly Believe in yourself! You are Great!


Priya…Indeed I had a great time with you.


By now, I have known that you are a youth with clear vision and objective in your mind to accomplish what you foresee in future as yourself and have that instinct in you to achieve what you dream and desire …! Surely, your parents and people who mentored and guided you through, would feel proud.  You are yet another interesting youth I have come across so far in our community…..


Keep going girl…, there are no boundaries to live our dreams in life. You are an inspiration making a difference to those many with low self-esteem, to overcome this complexity and find their identity thus  the purpose of living happily is accomplished.


All the best.. Priyanka.


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Comments on this Article
Benedict Noronha, udupi/India Fri, June-2-2017, 9:48
Excellent of a young lady Priyanka. ccome to India and your need is there for Indian lady leaders to inspire and take India to greater heights along with Priyanka Gandhi(Wadra).Good Luck.
Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle/Bahrain Sat, April-22-2017, 12:50
It takes a lot of hard work, determination and passion to make your dream a reality! Hats off to you Priyanka Edna Mendonca for your amazing talents. Happy to read about your accomplishments in the field of women s cricket in Oman, dance arena and scholastic. If you can utilize the experience and the exposure you got from Oman cricket association to good use from heron I am sure you can try to get into the Karnataka State women cricket in the future. Wish you good luck for your future endeavors.
Simon D Souza, Thirlapalke, M belle/Muscat Tue, April-18-2017, 11:31
Priyanka, Great achievements. Keep going. All the best.
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