A desperate US President’s war on his people

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By Philip Mudartha
Bellevision Media Network

12 Jan 2021: It is Tuesday morning, January 11th in US Capital, Washington D.C, as I pen these lines. The members of the House of Representatives have taken their seats in the legislative chamber within the Capitol. Their business for the day is to debate and pass a resolution calling upon Vice-President, Mike Pence, to invoke 25th Amendment and remove forthwith the lame duck sitting President Donald Trump, who is otherwise set to leave Oval Office on 20th January.



America’s Great Shame:

An insurrectionist mob forced their way into that chamber last Wednesday aiming to disrupt the joint session of the members of Congress. At that hour, the scheduled proceedings were in progress in order to complete the constitutional formality of certifying the Electoral Votes submitted by each of the fifty states and approve the decision of the American people that Senator Joe Biden is their President-Elect, who should be the 46th President effective from 21st January 2021 for the next four years. Sitting Vice-President, Mike Pence, was in the chair whose constitutional duty was to declare the verdict. 


The insurrectionists were called to the capital and provoked to lay siege and denigrate the temple of American democracy. “You must take back the country. You cannot do that with weakness. You must be strong” were the President’s war-mongering call to violent action. Apart from causing disruption to prevent the legislators from declaring Biden as the President Elect, their aim was to bring bodily harm to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the consistent opponent of the President. Added to the list was Senate Majority Leader, Mitch Mc-Connell, one of the President’s closest supporters who turned hostile when Trump called for violence and chaos, and directed legislators of his party to do what is constitutional and legal. 


The insurrectionists were no less than domestic terrorists, shamefully guided by none other than the leader of world’s oldest and freest democracy. That is America’s great shame. What could be worse than putting the lives of his own loyal Vice-President and his family members  at risk and not doing anything to stop the madness that he himself has incited. That a President can stoop so low in his mad vindictiveness, caught he is in his own fake and delusional stories that “he had actually won the election. by “a lot”. What a shame it is for him to spread lies after lies, steadily and continuously through his Twitter handle, where he has more than 75 million followers.  What a shame it is that even after courts after courts in the battleground states had thrown out his law-suits against their election results and even after failing to convince the Federal Supreme Court of his argument of massive election fraud and rigging in favor of his opponent. What a shame it is to declare that he would not accept any election result unless it is a win for him! What can be more dangerous for the country and the world at large, to have such an arrogant, delusional and mad man with a “nuclear button” who has no moral moorings and cannot lose!


In the process, he turned America into a banana republic. Only tin-pot dictators of erstwhile rogue nations like Libya, Iraq, etc and a few crazy dictators in Africa would have behaved like he did. In the 240 plus years of American history, which has seen a civil war over slavery, has seen civil unrest in the wake of opposition to Vietnam War, has seen civil disobedience during the civil rights movement and has suffered presidential assassinations, no sitting President has turned against his own law-makers (elected by free and fair elections by the American people) only to not accept the democratic verdict against him and try to trespass in the august office of great responsibility against the nation’s will!


Eight days to the end of his madness but enough is enough:

There are warnings by FBI, the nation’s premier domestic intelligence agency which also investigates serious crimes and ensures safety and security of American people that more and worse violence is planned by the core base of Trump, especially his followers among white supremacists, conspiracy theorists and racists. "They were talking about 4,000 armed ’patriots’ to surround the Capitol and prevent any Democrat from going in," CNN reports. "They have published rules of engagement, meaning when you shoot and when you don’t. So this is an organized group that has a plan. They are committed to doing what they’re doing because in their minds, they are patriots and they’re talking about 1776 (th War of American Independence)”. For these blind followers of a maniac leader who has not condemned the siege and violence of last Wednesday, they are fighting to ‘liberate the country from communists’ in order to “Make America Great Again” (MAGA). The very lives of both Biden and his vice-President Elect Kamala Harris are threatened by these violent armed insurrectionists. The American people and the entire world cannot rest assured that a mad man like Trump will not pose danger to world peace. After all, he has his thumb on the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world. Therefore, he must be removed forth-with as expeditiously as possible. The American democratic establishment has following options:


1. Invoke 25th Amendment and depose the President. For this, the Vice-President and a majority of his Cabinet Secretaries must agree and vote to remove him from Oval Office. He would then be put on Air-force One and flown his private residence, wherever that is. Vice-President will assume the presidency as Acting President till the eve of 20th January, when Biden inaugural is scheduled on the steps of Capitol. In the remaining days, the Acting President and his cabinet colleagues will ‘expedite the transition process so that a seamless and peaceful transfer of power takes place, in the same manner that then President Barak Obama had handed over to Trump on 20th January 2017. 


2. If the Vice-President and the Cabinet (appointed by Trump) does not gather the courage and invoke the 25th Amendment, even after the House of Representatives has so resolved, then the only alternative is to begin the impeachment proceedings. The House is in session but the Senate is in recess. The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not consider any other compromise to impeachment but her plans might be torpedoed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell. He may not agree to call the Senate from its recess till 19th January, which is the penultimate day of Trump presidency. Mitch is angry with Trump for his role in the capitol siege and his behavior before, during and after the violence. If he is as vindictive as his boss in the White House, he could play along with the Democrats and impeach Trump in a matter of one or two days. 


3. If Trump is impeached, even after Biden’s inauguration, then he cannot seek any electoral office during his lifetime, effectively barring him from seeking a fresh term in 2024. Many presidential aspirants within the Republican party might want Trump out their war and want to take back control of the party which Trump captured in 2015 coming from nowhere with his ultra-nationalist, anti-immigrant and protectionist rhetoric. 


4. Only it is reported that Biden is not keen on the impeachment before or after his inaugural, as it will jeopardize his stated mission of ‘uniting the country, healing its divisions and restore the democratic institutions to their former glory. But, with both the House and Senate under control of the democrats, Nancy Pelosi and the new Senate Majority Leader may over-rule the New President.


5. There has been reports that Trump had tried to engineer a military coup in is favor, but the Pentagon officials and top military brass paid no heed to his calls. It is unlikely that the military will intervene in the civilian disputes and hasten the exit of Trump. The Pentagon leadership will be tested if President Trump orders a war (something he did not do in his four years), including a nuclear strike which they may have to find ways not to obey the order. 


(Opinions expressed are personal) 




Comments on this Article
Philip Mudartha, Nerul Sat, January-30-2021, 4:53
7. The new survey by Pew Research Center, conducted Jan. 8-12 among 5,360 U.S. adults, including 4,040 who say they voted in the presidential election, finds that a sizable majority of Americans do not want Trump to remain a major political figure after he leaves office. About two-thirds (68%) say Trump should not continue to be a major national political figure for many years to come; just 29% say he should remain a major figure in U.S. politics. Contrast this with Joe Biden s figures: 64% approved his more accommodating and bi-partisan approach to governance, as noted in his speeches, presidential behavior and choice of admin officials and cabinet.
Philip Mudartha, Nerul Sat, January-30-2021, 4:47
6. It is important for any dominant leader to demonstrate empathy, humility and, most importantly, that his or her actions have been governed by the need of the hour—to help others rather than to promote his or her own cause. Global experiences have shown that people are willing to pardon the negative actions of even a dominant leader if she or he comes across as caring and empathetic, as the demonstrated attributes of a prestige based leader. Modi and Xi, despite harboring classic authoritarian traits, have done exactly that. In their messages to their people, they have shown compassion and sympathy and thus have seen a stable rise in popularity since the crisis began. Watch Modi s constant media events and Mann-ki-baath, aimed directly to people over everyone s heads. Check the recent MOTN of India Today-Karvy Opinion Polls in India. Trump failed to show empathy with the Americans facing the Corona Pandemic, blaming China rather than planning how to help his voters to deal with the virus.
Philip Mudartha, Nerul Sat, January-30-2021, 4:37
5. In response to setbacks, a go-to strategy for dominant leaders is to blame an external party for the current troubles so that the people can rally around a common enemy. This has been a successful plan for many such dominant leaders, including Modi, Putin and Trump. Trump very effectively used the strategy in the 2016 election when, as an outsider to politics, he blamed the current establishment (Washington Swamp, he derisively said) and immigrants (termites in Amit Shah tongue) to buffer his support among voters. Build a wall not a bridge was his appeal (contrast it with Pope Francis Call). I have lived in the US long enough to see what jobs the Mexicans are doing (which white Americans are unwilling, in any case).
Philip Mudartha, Nerul Sat, January-30-2021, 4:20
4. Is Trump the best President Americans had? Poll aggregator FiveThirtyEight compares his job approval ratings with twelve of his predecessors (post WWII) belonging to both parties and he comes at the bottom (as an average).
Philip Mudartha, Nerul Sat, January-30-2021, 4:13
3. The same Gallup tracking Polls show his job approval ratings among non-partisan independents not higher than 41% and not lower than 30%, the lowest post capitol Siege. His numbers among Democrat Party voters were a high of 14% and low of 1%. This is why he is billed as a great divider and not a unifier.
Philip Mudartha, Nerul Sat, January-30-2021, 4:06
2. President Trump s hold on the Republican Party and citizens identified as Republicans is visible by the Gallap daily tracking approval ratings. High point 95% and low point 77%, with 82% approving his job performance by 82%. This explains why ranking Republican leaders are wary of dumping him in order that his base is not enraged against them.
Philip Mudartha, Nerul Sat, January-30-2021, 3:57
It is heartening to see our readers i9nterest in US politics. After all, it is the only surviving superpower. It is a beacon of democracy for other democratic nations to admire and try to emulate. It is a country governed not my men/women but by laws. 1. President Trump s Job approval ratings as per Gallup Daily Tracking Polls highest at 49% in 2020 (until 13th May) and lowest at 34% in 2021 Jan 4-15 week. The decline is obviously popular disapproval of his behavior after the election loss.
Robert, Shankarapura / Bangalore Sun, January-24-2021, 8:09
Philip follows a narrow lens and ends up representing the polarized “Black or White” Trump hating spectrum. Trump is not a Demon, nor is Biden an Angel. Trump is the best ‘American President for the Americans’ since Ronald Reagan despite all his well-documented deficiencies. Lobbies and media have hunted Trump with the sole agenda of wanting the Govt to work for their interests, not for Americans. Immigrants want open borders, Indians want unrestricted visas, Chinese wants US market global control, EU wants commanding presence at no cost, UN wants to push their irrational agenda, climate brigade wants to sell elite agenda, dictators want US forces, Islamists want to take over White House. Trump threatened to stop the train. With the connivance of Media and the deep state, there was not a chance in hell Trump could win 2nd time while the rigging and manipulation was set in motion. As for Trump and Kamala, despite the abysmal past record the tide has floated them to the White House. Move on folks, nothing to see here! The duo is well on track to deliver a confused, weaker, media controlled and manipulative America which will neither serve Americans nor the rest of the world.
Philip Mudartha, Nerul Thu, January-21-2021, 7:05
these states by 3, 34,260 votes, thus registering their rejection of his policies and performance as the President. b) He lost Arizona and Georgia (traditional Re States controlled by Republican State Governors) by a slender margin of 22,236 votes. If he had secured these numbers of votes and 20,608 votes in Wisconsin, he would have won and not Biden. Which means that he needed 42,844 more votes in these three states to win his second term? It is very close win for Biden. A win, nonetheless, in accordance with the legitimate electoral process. Why did these red states reject his policies? c)His loss is akin to the loss for Hilary Clinton in 2016. But his behavior after the election results does not behove the high of the President of the USA
Philip Mudartha, Nerul Thu, January-21-2021, 7:04
Post Script: 1. Trump left White House, a few hours before his successor was to be sworn in, breaking the tradition of attending the oath-taking ceremony. 2. For a week since this article was penned, he remained reclusive but non-repentant for inciting the insurrection by his core base, whom he had asked to “fight like hell, if you don’t fight like hell you will not have otherwise you are not going to have a country anymore….Walk down the Pennsylvania Avenue..to the capitol”. 3. He spent his last day in office signing presidential pardons, a tradition which he followed to the T. 4. Among foreign policy initiatives during the week, he rattled the Communist People’s Republic of China by condemning the ethnic cleansing of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province as well making official contacts with the Democratic Republic of China (Taiwan). 5. He promised that he will be back in some form. 6. Trump could reflect on this while playing golf in his resort: a) In 2016, if did not win Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin by a total of 77, 744 votes, Hilary Clinton would have been the President and not him. His 306 Electoral Votes came from this narrow margin. In 2020, he lost ..(contd)
Aboobacker Nettikkara, Kerala Tue, January-19-2021, 3:22
Hi Philip Saab, as usual, your detailed explanations represent the genuine thinking of all peace and security living people across the world. Trump s craving for his never ending thirsty for power at any filthy way is well explained. Let us hope such type of rulers will realise the real need of its citizens and work together for peaceful, developed and cultured society.Once again big salute to you sir.
Dr. Austin Prabhu, Nantur/Chicago Tue, January-19-2021, 1:06
For critical articles, nobody can beat our Philip DSouza! Kudos!
Michael sequeira, Pamboor/Nairobi Mon, January-18-2021, 12:13
I concur with your article on President Donald Trupms behaviour and the four years of his madness. The world needs change and we need leaders of the kind of Barack Obama a truly humble and peoples President.Whatever Obama did is for the country but Trump did to serve his ego.Pray President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris guided by his experience and good circle of leaders in his fold change the world for better.
Wilfred Castelino, Moodubelle/ Dubai Sun, January-17-2021, 5:45
It’s a big shame to US and truly looked like banana republic. USA is called super power and very advance in security system and they are best , but what happened it’s big shame to the nation and each senator of republicans. Mr. Trump should have been respected the mandate of American people and shouldn’t act this way. As said above some good things he has done and some bold decisions but all went in vain. At the end , in history the last end will be remembered. For me his mind Bussiness mind and don’t have political mind .
Francis J Saldanha, Moodubelle/Mangaluru Sun, January-17-2021, 5:06
Glorification of violence policy of Donald Trump that could inspire others to replicate violent acts that took place at U. S. Capitol on January 6. This may also serve as encouragement to those potentially considering violent acts. Whether Mr.Trump is convicted removed by the Senate even after he leaves could have ramifications for him politically financially for sure. Thank you dear Philip for your fantastic
Mark Anthony, Mangalore Sun, January-17-2021, 3:40
Ronald Sabi Any idea who conducted the opinion survey that you are referring to? The last time I heard, President Trump received more than 74 million votes which is more votes than any incumbent president. To give credit where it is due and to site just a few examples, President Trump did not start any new wars. He destroyed Isis which was created during Obama/Biden administration and was wreaking havoc in the middle East when President Trump took over. Putin just walked into Crimea and took over that region of Ukraine and Barak Obama could do nothing. Would Putin have dared to do the same if President trump was in the office? Was it not a bold and calculated strike to eliminate Sulaimani which potentially avoided a second Benghazi style attack on American Embassy in Baghdad? These are just a few examples among many why the Republican base is solidly behind President Trump
Roji, Doha Sat, January-16-2021, 9:32
The events happened during his last two months are definitely defame the legacy of the great american institutions.In my opinion he should leave now and come back with double portion in 2024.But unfortunately he is not showing that wisdom and maturity. At the same time Mr Trump is the best president of USA.In his tenure he solved lots of domestic as well as international issues without a war and send hundreds of thousand to refugees camp.He beautifully solved the rivalry between the brothers which was considered as a Himalayan task to others.He protect the collaps of world market due to covid by allowing the business to function without a lockdown(otherwise the story would have been something else in which chinese communist lead the world with their arrogant policies).For this bold decision he paid a very big value ie is his second term in White House.He solved Hezbollah,ISIS threat thus redrawn the international diplomacy.These all are past...now he should peacefully handover the power and prepare for 2024.All the best Mr President
Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle Sat, January-16-2021, 9:00
Fantastic analysis on post electoral developments in America. According to majority opinion Trump will go down as a worst ever US President. His followers tried to shake democracy fabric of USA. Biden and Harris will certainly restore the kind of lost glory by Trump madness.
Tressa, Thane Wed, January-13-2021, 12:55
Impeaching Trump serves no real purpose except waste manhours. There could be other ways Trump could be kept from trying for 2024.
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