Moodubelle: Will there be a solution to the pathetic condition of Santhekatte...?

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By VGA, Moodubelle
Bellevision Media Network

Moodubelle, 30 August 2010: In a village like Moodubelle, the market place holds much importance as people from all walks of life visit the place for their needs such as buying grocery, vegetables, fish, fruits, etc. and even for meeting the local administrative staff and people’s representatives. Hence, the market place need to be clean and hygienic as many people visit this place and the market place acts as a face of a village.


Recently, I was in Moodubelle on my annual vacation and happened to visit the ‘Santhekatte’ few times. The first impression I got when I visited this place on a sunny Wednesday morning was horrible and pathetic. I could not resist the temptation of sharing my experience of the pathetic condition of the Santhekatte with the readers of


The market place was scattered with a lot of garbage that seems to have been left behind by the make-shift shop keepers who pitch their shops for the weekly market on Tuesdays. However, it is surprising that no one seems to be bothered to clear the garbage and other dirt that lies around. Besides this problem, there is no proper surfacing to the ground where people buy vegetables, fish, fruits and other food items. One can also see the stagnated water especially during the monsoon and the small puddles of water are the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects and bacteria which are the carriers of infectious diseases. The situation near the fish selling section of the Santhekatte is equally worrisome. Besides being unclean, the area is being hounded by stray dogs and cats.



People are generally concerned about the cleanliness around their homes. Even the temples, church and schools maintain certain degree of cleanliness and neatness. Then what prevents the local administration and people in general from keeping the market place clean and neat? Is it that the administration is not concerned with the cleanliness though its office is located just next to the Santhekatte? Or is it that the people are full of apathy and indifferent that they are not bothered about the condition of the market which they visit once or twice in a week.


Some time back there was a news item in the very website regarding a major plan to restructure the market place. It would be in the interest of the people in general and the local administration in particular to look into the matter of improving the structural and hygienic condition of the Santhekatte. By such progressive activities people can feel the positive impact of the administration.


There is no point in simply blaming the local administration, its officials or different political parties. The need of the time is for the people to present their grievances before the administration and put forward their demands for cleanliness and hygiene rather than grumbling about lack of proper amenities. It is important that the people together with the elected representatives, irrespective of their party affiliation, work together for better amenities and if it is beyond their means or jurisdiction to take up the matter at higher level so that the much needed market place can be remodeled and rebuilt with proper planning and keeping in view the convenience of the make-shift shop keepers, fisher women and the people in general. Will the concerned people listen and act...?



Comments on this Article
Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle Thu, September-2-2010, 8:47
I do agree that Santhekatte area looks ugly. We all know it is nothing new and it is a age old problem. Personally, I do not remember a clean Santhekatte in my life time. Having said that, we cannot blame officials, vendors, political parties or section of individuals too much. Every bellean (resident nonresident) has a moral responsibility towards clean market place. But how can we get it going? There is no long term solution for this unless we address the issue of garbage disposal. It includes garbage treatment and segregation of biodegradable, plastics and solid waste land fill. We have several technical experts of Belle origin and fair knowledge on environment (We do not need cheap parisaravadis!!), they may propose practical and feasible solutions. Together we can bring a change. May be district administration need to take active part for establishing dedicated waste transport carriers and the district treatment plant. People and establishments may not object paying fraction of fees towards the waste disposal to the panchayath. Immediate need is to pick existing garbage and empty over flowing bins and cut haphazardly grown grass. Sewage plants may be our next requirement in a decade’s time. On the other hand we do not get people to pick garbage type even if you pay double the wages. May be it is time like West and Europe to use mask, gloves and equipments and trained operators to pick garbage. It is possible. At times I really wonder how forensic related people get their work done all over the world!? Earth belongs to our future generation they say! They also say we are visitors in this planet. Then we are left with no choice but to attend our garbage. Thanks to Bellevision for highlighting a full blown problem. We need to move ahead with some kind of leadership and commitment.
sharon, belle Wed, September-1-2010, 11:59
the place is a really mess...but alos wanna highlight sumthings here..that soem gentleman hv written that money is not problem coz so much revenue in terms of house tax..but the thing is big big houses in belle while constrctng new houses they wont pay tax for new house registartion but they do as old house repair n escape from the tax and pay some peanuts to panchayat...this is the situation in our panchayat..and v elect our rep for panchayat..aftr that v jus forget our duties..there will be GRAMASABHA every month where ppl can tell their suggestion n complaints..whr no one will go...second thing panchayath president or member cant do anything until they get proper fund ...and in belle there is congress backed panchayat is there ...whrer taluk,district and state government are backed by BJP its known that they will nt release the fund for congress bckd panchayaths....but still this santhekatte needs attention..still v hope that our president jessy bhai ,vice presidet sujatha n all the elected members will do the needful.....
vallu, belle Tue, August-31-2010, 12:47
1st time helen bai is missing here in this photos, helen bai please show ur leadership and help Santhekatte to keep clean
Tom, udupi Tue, August-31-2010, 12:03
Horage shrangaara, olage golisoppu.Our leders busy with cutting ribbon bussy with partys.They are not going to office how do the know what is outside of Panchayath office.Why should vendor clean the place.They pay the rent.They pay the tax.
anita, moodubelle Mon, August-30-2010, 6:45
I feel this is a high time to clear this place and to do the needful. Horrible photos. Belle people have money and each one contribute and should see to mentain the cleanliness. what a horrible scene!
Philip Mudartha, Qatar Mon, August-30-2010, 2:15
To do: Termination of ALL the administrative staff, the VO, VA, sweepers, clerk etc. Who has the power: I doubt if Jascinta Aranha, the elected President, has this power. But she can tell us that. Does anyone know if there is a Panchayat Raj Manual? I am sure the British are not coming back to write one for us. The DC or Block Development Office have to write and enforce one. Once the staff is fired, the elected representatives recruit and lead volunteers and get the job done. Also hire private tax collectors on all the shoppers/vendors (fixed or on the purchase/sale value) plus fine if they leave their tell tale signs.
Victor Castelino, Moodubelle/Dubai Mon, August-30-2010, 5:04
What I gather from the report is: 1) The reporter visited the place early Wednesday morning before the mess could be cleared. No wonder the place would be in a mess after Tuesday evening weekly market. 2) The vendors before allocating a place to do business were not told that they should clear the mess they create before leaving or else they would be fined or debarred from doing business in the future. 3) Years back there were cows and pigs roaming the place and cleaning up whatever they could eat. But now no one keeps these animals or even if they keep they don t allow them to roam around for fear of being knocked down by speeding buses and trucks! 4) Trash bins are not provided in the market either metal ones or plastic ones for fear of being stolen and sold for recycling. The blame game will continue until rules are made and strictly adhere to. Reports in the media will help to raise awareness both in politicians as well as the public.
Rajesh, Moodubelle Mon, August-30-2010, 4:59
I do not think money is a problem. There is plenty of revenue in terms of house tax, property tax, construction license and so.. on. I believe the vendors selling vegetable, fish, groceries, etc at market place would be paying rent and also all the shops at the market place will be paying rent too. A small portion of this money is more than enough for the regular maintenance of this place. Only thing required is the will to organize and follow up.
Sudhakara, Belle Mon, August-30-2010, 4:37
no money to clean market.cleaners need more many now. like not before. for paying house tax people not ready. please give solution.
Suraj-Belle, Moodubelle Mon, August-30-2010, 3:11
As per my opinion we should blame ourselves instead Panchayat Leaders. We keep our Politicians and leaders so busy in Cutting the ribbons, functions. Felicitations etc etc..when do they have time to look into this matter?? MAY BE IT IS POSSIBLE that our Panchayath office is just beside the Market area and I feel they loved to live in such a dirty/stinky ambience. Thank you VGA, you have captured quiet decent pictures but the real condition is pathetic. I have read report of Dr. Eugene sometimes back regarding the dumping/Throwing the garbage/Hotel wastage at the entrance of Belle Primary school. This place suppose to be very clean and hygienic, all small kids/school children passing from the same gate but till today no action has been taken. Neither school is bothered to stop it nor the Panchayath.
Ganesh Poojary, Moodubelle Mon, August-30-2010, 2:02
Definetly there is a solution provided the administration staff should think that \"janara seve Janardana seve\". How these people sit around these mess and working. Pollution control should start from grass roots. This is the time to open your eyes and take immediate action on this. Few months back i remember by reading the article about the construction of Mini Vidhan Sowdha. What is the fate of this project. Looks it is not much benefial to our leaders !!
Amit d Souza, Moodubelle Mon, August-30-2010, 12:26
This place requires some urgent attention from the authorities. Not only on cleanliness front, but also in giving proper structure to the marketplace.
Divakar, Moodubelle Sun, August-29-2010, 9:58
The scene is a horrible mess. This is health hazardous and could spread deceases. Also there is a garbage bin on the main road opposite the school which usually overflows and sometimes there is clinical waste in or around it. The leaders of Belle must seriously act on the cleanness of the market place and the whole town place, keeping it tidy.
Ivan Lobo, Bangalore Sun, August-29-2010, 3:02
There must be some budget for the maintenance of the market place. May be it is not being utilized properly. The pictures show that this place has not seen maintenance for quite a long time, may be months or years. How come it is being ignored by the members of the Panchayath, because this place is on their way to Panchayath office.
Vincent, Belle Sun, August-29-2010, 2:42
Really shocked seeing the pathetic condition of our market place. Thanks to Bellevision for reporting this. If the people responsible for the cleanliness and also the authorities might atleast see the report and realise that the place needs a clean up.
Anand Fernandis, Moodubelle Sun, August-29-2010, 2:28
\"Horage shrangaara, olage golisoppu\" - this is the situvation of Moodubelle. Other day in the Grama sabha the elected representatives and so called leaders are arguing to cover up their inefficiencies. See this place, which is suppose to be most cleaner than any other place since it is adjacent to the public offices. Our leaders who are boating their achievements turned thier blind eye on this. This is very shameful as well as very dangerours as far as health hazards are concerned. It is high time for the public to make these public servents to make work for the cleanliness of the entire area and keep it tidy to prevent the spread of deseases.
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