Moodubelle: St. Lawrence College gets Government Approval and set to start from June 14, 2012

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Moodubelle, 13 May 2012: St. Lawrence College, Moodubelle recently acquired the much awaited government sanction to start degree courses in Arts and Commerce. Meanwhile, the preparations to start the Degree College are nearly complete and the College is set to commence from June 14,2012.


Soon after having informed by the Mangalore University by the end of March 2012, that the proposal to start St. Lawrence Degree College at Moodubelle was approved and the documents have been sent to the State Government for its sanction, a team comprising of Rev. Fr. Joswey Fernandes, Commodore Jerome Castelino, Gerald Fernandes, Devdas Hebbar, Alphonse K. Alva, Ignatius Monis, Benedict Martis and Dr. Eugene D’Souza met Lalaji R. Mendon, MLA from Kaup Constituency  in mid-April and explained to him the preparations that has gone into the starting of the proposed degree college in Moodubelle and pointed out that the Mangalore University, after its approval has sent the proposal for the sanction of the State Government and requested him to use his good office as the representative of the constituency to expedite the final government approval.



Lalaji R. Mendon not only promised his full support but also assured to arrange a meeting between the Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda  and the college representatives. Accordingly, Rev. Fr. Joswey Fernandes, Commodore Jerome Castelino, Devdas Hebbar, Gerald Fernandes, Henry Fernandes and Benedict Martis and A.K. Alva went to Bangalore on April 18, 2012 and met the Chief Minister at his residence along with Lalaji R. Mendon in the morning of April 19,2012 and requested him to accord the sanction to St. Lawrence College at the earliest.


Thereafter, on the same day,  the team met the concerned officials in the Higher  Education Department. On the same evening the Under Secretary of the Higher Education Department handed over the letter of government sanction to the Correspondent of St. Lawrence College, Rev. Fr. Joswey Fernandes.


Preparations for starting of the Degree College from June 14, 2012 are nearly complte.  Experienced Principal and lecturers, two full-time and six part-time as well as two office staff have been appointed. College and Principal’s offices as well as staff-room have been furnished. Necessary Library books have been acquired and manufacture of desks and benches for the students in class-room is complete. Prospectus and admission forms have been printed and students have already started collecting admission forms and prospectus from the  parish office. Incidentally, the logo on the cover page of the prospectus was designed by Kum. Ankita, granddaughter of Commodore Jerome Castelino who is pursuing Third Year MBBS Course in Fr. Muller’s Medical College.



A meeting of the lecturers and office staff was arranged recently along with the Correspondent, Rev. Fr. Joswey Fernandes, Convener of the College Committee-Commodore Jerome Castelino and Principal-Dr. Eugene D’Souza. A number of issues concerning the medium of instruction, syllabus, college timing, code of conduct, uniform, etc were discussed and views of the teaching staff were elicited.


As the PUC results are scheduled to be announced on May 23, 2012, St. Lawrence College, Moodubelle is all set to admit successful students for BA and BCom courses and promises to impart value-based quality education, provide personal attention to weaker students and endeavour to promote personality development of the students.


As the government has sanctioned only 40 seats in BA and 60 seats in BCom, parents and students are advised to collect admission forms in advance.


Click here for College Prospectus 2012 - 2013




Comments on this Article
Sr. Vilma Noronha, Kuntalnagar/Orissa Sat, July-6-2013, 1:15
Congratulations! for all the efforts to raise St.Lawrence P.U to a degree college. I feel proud of my St.Lawrence School. It will certainly help many local people. Good education will help to bring change in the society.My wish and prayer is may this grow to be the best college in Udupi district.
Stella Mancheril(nee) Machado, Belle Sat, December-1-2012, 2:59
Congratulations for all the efferts. God bless you specially who has done lot of work
alwyn dsouza, Belle/Dubai Sat, September-22-2012, 6:20
its indeed a great news for all of us, i would like to congrats all those worked for the cause and wish all the best, one day St Lawrence College will be shrine for education for all. God Bless
Anil Dsouza, Moodubelle Sun, June-24-2012, 2:58
I can say dream come true of many parents. Those who young parents wanted to study further they can go along with their kids to college. They can drop their kids to school and parents can attend their classes in the same campus. They can also feed their kids during their free time and take special care of their own kids. Parents along with Kids going to school what a good opportunity.
Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai Thu, May-17-2012, 8:19
This news brings back the old memories of 1959 when in spite of un-surmounting challenges, a team of brave hearts started St Lawrence High School and they changed the lives of young generations and the face of Boliye itself. The rich and the mighty have their chosen colleges and subjects, but the poor will always remain with us and they will shape the future of Boliye if only they have been provided with affordable and quality education. I am confident that the people in the picture who have been champions of the poor in Boliye will do everything in their power to raise this great institution to greater heights.
Charles D Mello, Pangala Wed, May-16-2012, 2:47
I had a great opportunity attend a week long CYM meet there, way back in 1982 or was a well developed high school (or PUC i dont remember) that time. I feel it is too late have college...anyway better late than never..!! Congratulations my dear Belleites
Dorothy, Shirva, Shirva Tue, May-15-2012, 2:11
Dear All, Congrats to all who worked hard to get the things done. Always there are people who oppose the achivements. My sincere request to all who are oposing this, just pray to God to give strength to all people who are working behind this project. St. Lawrence will help all who will support this project as well as who will oppose this. Colleges will get students if the teachers are good and the college will have extra curricular activities. So requesting to the management to hire good quality teachers so that this college will get good result.
Fr. Raymond D Souza, Podikambala/ Allahabad Tue, May-15-2012, 1:13
Congratulations dear Fr.Joswey and the team for the great work.I wish all the best to the first principal Dr. Eugene and his staff and all the the students. May God Bless you. Fr. Raymond
Valerian F., Belle Tue, May-15-2012, 1:11
@ Simon / V. Lobo, obviously it is late!!! Furthermore, I feel at the moment there is no need of Degree College in Moodubelle as most of our students / parents preferred to go reputed colleges for better education / or science sections. I think there are no other projects to execute at the moment around Moodubelle. Therefore committee is behind to start on Degree College and to grab some attention put pressure on middle class people for donations. Instead, pls do some better work to our village or put some pressure to Panchyath / Govt to execute their responsibilities as like to have better roads, water supply to all villagers or motivating farmers for cultivation etc! To be very honest, most of the belle youths are disappearing nowadays. If you see the strength in ICYM, YCS or other groups it is hardly anything. You can clearly make out what number you are going to expect in Belle College. Thanks!
V.Lobo, Moodubelle Mon, May-14-2012, 4:09
Dear Simon, This is nothing but showing the Belle public like we started Degree college Most of these leaders wants their name printed on college marble slab doesn t matter success or failure.Bottom line is most of Belleans living out side our village then where is the success.Only we have to depend on miracles from our Saint thats it.
John Lobo, Moodubelle Mon, May-14-2012, 3:18
It is a great news and it is not too late provided, I repeat provided - the words mentioned "PROMISES TO IMPACT VALUE-BASED QUALITY EDUCATION, PROVIDE PERSONAL ATTENTION TO WEAKER STUDENTS AND ENDEVOUR TO PROMOTE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE STUDENTS" definitely the neighbouring areas like Kanajar, palli, heriadka, alevoor, etc students will start to pour automatically. Best of luck to the able leader Dr. Eugine and the team. May St. Lawrence bless them abundantly.
Simon D Souza, Thirlapalke/Muscat Mon, May-14-2012, 1:49
I agree with V.Lobo, it's late. Now a day's everything is commercial. Tuff competition is there. Our own school teachers send their children to big schools and colleges in cities. Then, what we can say about gulfies, local businessmen and other leaders. However, whatever we have started should carry on. I believe that foundation is strong. If foundation is strong very difficult to destroy. Over all our patron saint always there to safeguard. Congratulations and all the best to Priests, Principal, staff members and working committee.
wilfrred castelino, mooudebelle/sharjah Mon, May-14-2012, 12:59
Great News of my college and Parish,My best wishes for the college, Parish preist and all committe members, CHEERS
Veronica Alick, Belle/New Delhi Mon, May-14-2012, 7:06
CONGRATULATIONS to each member of this project.God may bless them in every respect. Best wishes to all our native people. Veronica.
Remous Dsouza, padubelle Mon, May-14-2012, 5:37
Today we all are happy to hear the news of our college.It was a dream of our people. few months back i met Dr. Eugine dsouza ,he was well planned and determind about this work. we are very lucky to have pricipal like Dr. E dsouza with wast expereience in education feild and personally i am happy to say congrats to madam Sarita Alva,intended to serve in our college and students are lucky to have well deciplined people like Dr.E dsouza and Sarita Alva. Again congrats to all people behind this project working since long back and wish them all very best.
Louis Alva, Moodubelle / Dubai Sun, May-13-2012, 12:46
Indeed a Great news for the students and people of belle.I am sure under the able Leadership of our newly appointed Principal Dr. Eugene Dsouza, the college will reach to greater heights. May Almighty God and our patron St. Lawrence bless the entire teaching and its supportive staff as they look very confident on this great step. All the best for everything you people deserve as our prayers are with you always.
Philip Mudartha, Qatar Sun, May-13-2012, 12:13
I wish the institution every success in its mission.
V.Lobo, Moodubelle Sun, May-13-2012, 12:05
Finally a degree college in Moodubelle! From the education point of view the best news for the upcoming young generation in and around Moodubelle village it is OK Is these leaders ready to send their children B.A. B.Com at Moodubelle i don t think so they will send their children either Manipal or Udupi else, day by day strength of our school diminishing, Big colleges came up next to our village, now a days our schools and colleagues become a business center.We are the Belleans just getting up It is too late my dears, only one way is remain burn some candles.
Norbert, Mangalore Sun, May-13-2012, 9:49
Congratulations to each and every one involved in this project. May this tiny step turn into a giant leap... All my best wishes to the management, principal, staff and to the people of Boliye.
V. Machado, Belle/ Kattingeri Sun, May-13-2012, 8:59
I salute, the person who designed this logo, even thou i am not well educated person. Its sounds clear vision and bright future of St Lawrence degree college .Stick to words mentioned in logo and enjoy the miracles .
Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle Sun, May-13-2012, 8:58
Congratulations to all the people behind this project. I likes the mission statement. So alsospecial features of the college: Value based education with emphasis on charecter, moral and leadership building qualities. Long live St. Lawrence institution of Belle Parish.
Joel Dsa, Moodubelle, Bahrain Sun, May-13-2012, 3:07

St. Lawrence, our patron saint has been blessing us in our many projects of the past, and now he has shown the way for a Degree college through many hard working individuals. Hats off to those who have put their time, energy and lots of hard work. I am confident of this good work will bear fruit in the coming future, our younger generation will reap the fruits and make use of this facility. Under Dr. Eugene s leadership and knowledge we will succeed in our goal.

Lucy Rodrigues, Moodubelle/Andheri, Mumbai Sun, May-13-2012, 2:03
Congratulations! A great news. I am very proud of Belle people. My best wishes to ST. LAWRENCE DEGREE COLLEGE.
Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain Sun, May-13-2012, 1:45
Finally a degree college in Moodubelle! From the education point of view the best news for the upcoming young generation in and around Moodubelle village. Gone are the days I travelled to Shirva via Padubelle by walk up to B.C. road to catch a bus to reach the college. The initiative and the hard work done by the people concerned are very highly appreciated. Am sure Moodubelle people are eternally thankful to all those who have worked hard to achieve this goal to establish a degree college. As they say when time comes everything falls in place. Here is one example where some of the well known personalities like Commodore J. Castelino, Principal Dr. Eugene Dsouza Correspondent Rev. Fr. Joswey Fernandes and others have come together to establish the college for the benefit of our future generations. God bless you all for all your dedication and hard work. Wishing all the best and a bright future for St. Lawrence College, Moodubelle.
Benedict Noronha, Udupi Sun, May-13-2012, 1:33
Best News of the Week! St. Lawrence is indeed with the people of Belle and this mission will be succesful by his Blessings and Belle will be a glowing village in the Histroy of India. Good luck to the college, the leaders and the staff.
Msgr. Matthew F. D Souza, Kattingere/Washington, DC Sat, May-12-2012, 4:35
Very good news! The local leaders have left no stone unturned until they found what they were looking for. The generations ahead will be eternally grateful for what you have achieved. My prayers will accompany you all that God may bless you all abundantly for all your efforts and reward you adequately. Msgr. Matthew F. D Souza
Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi Sat, May-12-2012, 3:08
It is indeed a great news that St. Lawrence College is all set to start in June. The college management has done all the preparations well in advance to accommodate students for B.A. B.Com courses. The logo: Education through knowledge, hardwork and dedication is supper. the art work is excellent and the prospectus has all the substances and details required. It is also a proud moment for all Belle people and that their representative Dr. Eugene D Souza will be the first Principal of the college. Hats off to you Dr. Eugene and wishing you all the best. Your hard work, knowledge and experience in the education field has given you the chance to be the first Principal of the college. WISHING ST. LAWRENCE COLLEGE ALL SUCCESS AND GOOD EDUCATION TO ALL STUDENTS WHO ENROLL FOR THE COLLEGE.
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