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Philip Mudartha, Qatar
22/04/2012 03:14:33

Today s edition of Vartabharati has a special report on page 3. It is the story of an inmate at Prajna named Savita. Before she came to Prajna 18 months ago, this girl has been a domestic labor in Udupi and Mangalore for nearly 15 years from age 8!
Educated elite take high moral ground when issues like child labor and personal freedom are discussed. This story is worth a read.

Oswald, Bendur
22/04/2012 03:01:54

Indeed a Beautiful Mosque. Well built near the sea shore. Above all really appreciate the efforts taken by Mr. Tauro (Ex- Kuwaiti) for uploading the beauty of the Mosque giving the updates so that everyone can see the inner part of the monument. Hats off to Mr. Tauro for thr trouble taken thank you very much. Osey

joel dsa, moodubelle, bahrain
22/04/2012 01:19:24

what a gathering, very well organized and managed picnic, I can see all are having a good time with families. Congratulations to all the organizers. Bellevision, Dubai has become a home away from home for all Belleans in Dubai. with right spirit and support anything can be achieved. Hats off guys.

Valerian, Kanaradi
22/04/2012 00:33:10

Well done Ashok n Co. Well organized picnic. Thanks Stany, Sigfred and Manoj for photography and detailed report. Congratulation Bellevision.

Dorothy, Shirva
22/04/2012 00:29:20

Bellevision is always known to do programmes with innovation. This can be achived only throught the whole hearted support from the committee members who are fully responsible for the smooth progress of the programme. We can surely make this out from the happy faces of the crowd. Its really nice to watch the photoes of the crowd who kept busy throughout the day with fun filled games and activities. Hope to see many more such gatherings from Bellevision. Once again congrats to BV.

Anil Menezes, Bahrain
22/04/2012 00:16:47

This is good coverage of Kuwait Mr.John. Keep it up. Most of the times we hesitate to enter a mosque only in the ignorance of what lies inside. The mention on parking space is excellent.

V Lobo, Moodubelle
20/04/2012 14:34:15

Nice to see our Lalaji Mendon colgate smile along with our locals. Half of the Belleans likes to stay in the flats city like udupi, Mangalore, Manipal etc who will come to our college most of the houses one old man old lady with their maids that s it. If our Lalaji was honest person this would have been done long back, in this issue our beloved leaders wont benefit much or secure their packets,as much they wanted, putting some kesuru kallu, accumulate some media publicity for their future election program thats it.

pradeesh, dubai
20/04/2012 02:14:32

Great brave salute to our scientist and leaders. commendable achievements in our history. more and more research must be auctioned in missile tech

Vijay, Mumbai
19/04/2012 23:52:02

May his soul rest in peace and May Almighty give strength to his family to the bear this terrible loss.

sunil aranha, kinnigoli
19/04/2012 20:53:16

first of all it is not a true story.i am working in the same hotel.each and everyone knowns the carector of waitress working in the bars in dubai. i thing no need to give more explanation behalf that.those who are not working in the hotel industry please blindly don t give any comments.the god will help him to come out from this bad situation.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
19/04/2012 20:39:17

Beautiful pictures by Denis Mascarenhas. You took a lot of time to shoot these pictures and it was worth it. Good luck to you and I wish you get an award.

Abraham Vincent Fernandes, Moodubelle
19/04/2012 12:28:53

Mr. S.E.D'souza was S.P of Lokayukta Police and not S.I. I got to know the sad demise of a honest personality after more than one and an half month.This is the reward for his honesty.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
19/04/2012 06:03:39

It is really a very sad story and very shocking. How this got trapped in this situation is unbelievable. She should have known his intention in the first place when she sent so much of money and that too Dh.24000 for visit visa?? Where as it costs only one or two thousand... secondly she should not have left her second job in Oman. Now God only knows how she is going to recover her money and most importantly her prestige!!!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
18/04/2012 13:33:56

RIP Sir, may your name live on..

Anner, Moodubelle
18/04/2012 13:13:54

Why this Kolaveri?

Ronald D, Udupi
18/04/2012 12:49:01

Dear Vally Vagga, thank you for the apt news clip of a honest police officer from DK.
Nice to read an article from my good room mate during Kavitha Fest!!

Anil Menezes, Bahrain
18/04/2012 06:28:39

Congratulations to Prajna, do carry on the good work you are doing.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
17/04/2012 22:53:19

We seldom hear news of dedicated honest government service people. But the corrupt officials and ministers always in the news c se they hardly work. It is very sad indeed to learn untimely death of this very honest gentlemen. I hope many more honest emerge from Mangalore by his good example and serve honestly for the betterment people and state. May his soul rest in peace and May Almighty give strength to his family to the bear this terrible loss.

Canute Menezes, Shirva/Mira Road
17/04/2012 21:16:25

Both Karnataka and Maharashtra Government have done good act by sharing the water. I agree with Alphonso Mendonsa that Bal Thackeray in insensitive to the needs of people and worried only of Marathi people.

Raymond Kishore Dsouza,President ,Bellevision Bahrain, Kanajar,Bahrain
17/04/2012 04:57:04

Thank you all for your warm feelings of appreciation towards Bellevision Bahrain family. God bless you

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
17/04/2012 00:13:12

This is a problem created by the MLA and the Dist. Incharge Minister. There could have been the building of same design at the present Inspection Bungallow - DC. office area and the Zilla Panchayath Building is now gping waste -a Bhooth bangallow. Even the DC. Office comlplex could be given to Manipal Undivsersity and Building could be raised at Udupi itself. The RTO is going to Manipal is another blunder-making life miserable.
[India was ruled by one Md. Bin thuglak and hence is history repeats(?) is the question.] The building getting ready could be used as Tourist Guest House/ Inspection buglaow , where scenic beauty coould be enjoyed by the visitors/ officials/ minsiteres etc.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
17/04/2012 00:06:51

A very informative programme at Abudhabi. But Indians cannot write and keep the Wiil at Abudhabi, for the property in India and it is required to be registered in the jurisdictional Registrar of property , if at all to be proved to meet the purposes of the Testator. Else it could lead to a point of litigation within the family memebrs.

margarita dalmieda, canada
16/04/2012 13:10:17

As Mr Thackeray said do not give water to the Karnataka Government, But please provide water to the people of Karnataka.This is mother nature s gift. No one has the right to stop it, Or else there will be flood If you try to stop the water flowing.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
16/04/2012 13:09:16

Water is free in India and no one has controll over it and political differences should not be association with Water. It is a humanitarian issue and that should be respected at all times. I think Bal Thackeray is in-insensitive to the needs of people. He is more worried about people who are more trouble makers in Karnataka. Kartnataka is a peaceful state and not Bal Thackery s property and he should respect boundaries laid out by centre and not as per his will and gimmicks. His comment shows that he is in-human and has no respect for people but only worried about Marathi people.

Manthor, Manglore
16/04/2012 08:21:49

Its a tragedy full of confusions.lot of imagenery stories are made without any real evidences......every now and then....till now we were made to belive that,.... she had been to goa. All of a sudden its said that she was at her friends house... and not been to goa at all? may almighty give the deseases parents full strenght to over come all these confusions and may victory against the wrong doers. ALL THE BEST MR ALI.

John Tauro, Mangalore
16/04/2012 04:09:24

Keep up the good work Prajna.

Melwyn castelino, Boliye/Mumbai
16/04/2012 03:36:02

Congratulations Mr. Kishore and the team on the happy occasion of the Bellevision Bahrain Easter celebrations.Appreciate the team work .Good luck for your future plans!!!!!!

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
16/04/2012 03:06:07

Yes, her father is right as it is duty of the Administration to contact the parents if there is any questioning to be done or case of any miss-behaviour. The Administration is answerable for their actions in absence of the parents and guardians.

John Tauro, Mangalore / Kuwait
16/04/2012 01:22:12

Good to hear this success of KCWA. The display of images as a slideshow is a new and better way for presentation of article rather than having to flip through many long pages. Good work bellevision and Jossie Pinto.

Suraj Belle, Moodubelle
16/04/2012 00:58:46

Congratulations newly elected committee members of bellevision Bahrain. I see very strong unity and bond between all Belleans of Bahrain. Looking at the report and pictures by Nirmala Fernandes the overall program looks very profession and very well organized. Now you have again proved you are unbeatable and very soon you will play mojor role in Bellevision Global. Once again good to see familiar faces like, multi talented Joel, Almeida sisters, Ivan, Arun, Thomas, Roney, Nirmala, Pramilla, Pritham, Sunni, Baptist and the little lovely talented kids. Hats off to you guys. Keep going and rocking.

Rita, Ammebal/ Canada
15/04/2012 16:03:07

Good job as usual congratulations for the participants and who gathered to make it sucessful!!!
Keep going !! Bellevision team rocks!!

John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/Nottingham U.K
15/04/2012 10:34:49

You guys had a great time. I hope Bellevision Bahrain advancing towards great organisation. Good luck for your future plans!!!!!! Report and pictures are great!!!!!

Ivan Vijay D souza, Kanajar/Belle/Bahrain
15/04/2012 07:59:55

Dear President Stany Sequeira Congratulations to you and your team.No doubt u have an energetic team we can make out by your smiley faces and you can make wonders.I wish you all the very best for your upcomming Events.Once again all the Best MUKA team.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
15/04/2012 02:46:31

I congratulate the President Mr. Kishore and the team on the happy occasion of the Bellevision Bahrain Easter celebrations and introduction of the new committee 2012-13. Those who made it possible to entertain the members and guests alike and this should inspire others too to contribute something for the betterment of this lively association. It was a wonderful Function, which I should have attended but missed it. Thanks to Mrs. Nirmala for wonderful pictures and the write up. All the best for the future, assuring you that, will try to be there for the future celebrations!!!

joel dsa, moodubelle, bahrain
15/04/2012 00:53:18

Wow! it was a entertaining evening, every one gave their best to make this event a successful one, one more feather on Bellevision,Bahrain s cap. congratulations to the President, entire Committee members and all coordinators.Together we will build this association stronger and family friendly to showcase the talents of our members and their children. Hats off to all

Alfreeda Arun, Belle/Bahrain
14/04/2012 15:14:27

Dear friends,that was a delightful celebration,hats of to president co ordinators and all those who worked as a team.Special wishes to all the kids and participents,God bless all of them.we wish all the best to all of you.

Shankar., Moodubelle
14/04/2012 13:05:02

Any Progress in this case? A rumor in Belle town that it is a murder. And a strong congress man(before he was in BJP) behind this. What happened post martem report??

Johnson D souza, Mangalore / Mumbai
14/04/2012 12:05:06

Congratulations Dear Stany and ur Team MUKA. Wish you all the success in your future endeavors. God bless you all.

Anil Fernandes, Paladka / Isreal
14/04/2012 12:03:12

Congratulations to Dear friend Stany on being elected as the President of MUKA in the United Kingdom and all the best

Laveena D souza, karkala / Dubai
14/04/2012 12:01:29

Dear Stany, Congratulations and all the best wishes

Naveen Fernandes, Paladka / Dubai
14/04/2012 12:00:17

Dear Stany, Congratulations and all the best wishes to whole team. stany you are super star of Paladka.

Ashley D souza, Alangar / Israel
14/04/2012 11:58:50

Congratulations to Stany and the MUKA team. wish you all the best

Mercy Pinto, Mangalore
14/04/2012 11:56:25

Congratulations to Stany Sequeira and the MUKA team. wish you all the best God Bless you all.

Anand, Melbourne
14/04/2012 08:14:40

Well, the Customs Officials are doing there job. He is like anyother being in the world. He is not an office bearer, representing India. Well this will repeat again. Well the congress government you got the Muslim Votes on this issue. Now shut up and get going.

jerry, Shirva
14/04/2012 07:12:19

Istead of giving publicity to this silly, publicity starving, so called actor,you better ask any ordinary person how they are treated by the custom authorities at Mangalore airport.

Prakash Noronha, Pamboor/Doha
14/04/2012 02:10:21

Dear Mr.Philip,

It is a nice article and it is reality in many people’s life.

Joseph, Doha, Qatar
14/04/2012 02:05:30

I fail to understand why personalities have that pricking urge in their adrenalin to travel to a country where ethics, culture and etiquettes are tossed .. this despite the fact that they know that they will be unnecessarily subject to embarassment for the slightest flimsiest of reasons .. by past experiences a number of Indian citizens (be it low or high profile) have been at the receiving end. Why is it that only we Indians are treated like cattle all the time by the Americans irrespective of who the personality is? If I am not mistaken, and if my memory serves me right, this is the second time for Shahrukh Khan. Why can t we put our feet firm on the ground and resort to a firm "NO" instead of looking like cheap jacks in the front of them and making a mockery of ourselves so pathetically. Ultimately, skin colour plays a prominent role. Finally, why on earth do we have to adopt a "bend ourselves" attitude with this controversial country.

Kiran, West Palm beach
13/04/2012 18:16:23

If its Abdul Kalam (exp pres) we should be worried but why so much voice for actor? when one is going in on private flight(without much check at source so what the issue to do double check at destination)

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
13/04/2012 17:21:26

Complex situation ...to report or not to report!!! Fraud and cheating is a crime!! If the consequences are known before hand...many may not venture...a life could have been saved! Hope our dirty politicians take such steps instead of adolescent students....where students can learn from politicians!
Life is precious we can still do wonders after small insults without losing courage! It is human nature to make mistake! Honestly such extreme steps are disturbing....!!

Peter P. Saldanha, Pamboor
13/04/2012 04:08:33

Nice article. Very well written without being preachy or too negative. In fact your articles are very interesting to read. Keep writing. Dr Eugene / Web admin, May I request you to archive all his previous articles and provide hyperlinks so that we don't miss any of them. You can have a section at the end of the latest article which shows \"other articles by author\". Thank You. Really appreciate it.

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