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Suresh, Udupi
10/07/2011 06:00:51

Lucky are those who are poor, they have nothing to worry about, so they have peace of mind.

Suresh, Udupi
10/07/2011 05:56:23

Now is the real need to use this treasure for the humanity. Roads to so many villages, bridges to so many rivers, hospitals, educational institutions etc. all these are the basic needs deprived to poor people. So, instead of keeping the wealth better to use it.

Francis L .Lobo, belle/dubai
10/07/2011 03:02:20

we are saddened to hear the news of Giru bappu!!!He was a God fearing man!!May God rest his soul in peace.sincere condolences to his fly.

Kumar Subramaniam, Lake Stevens, WA
10/07/2011 00:59:13

Belle you are a outstanding friend and an example of people to follow. I am proud to say I get to spend a year and a half with you. Your faith in Jesus Christ shows it all.

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore
09/07/2011 13:03:17

Heartfelt Condolences on the sad demise of our beloved Giru Bappu... May his soul Rest in Peace...

Louis Alva, Kattingeri / Moodubelle
09/07/2011 09:09:05

Heartfelt condolence to his bereaved family members and may his soul rest in peace.

Naveen M., Udupi
09/07/2011 06:29:07

It is really strange that the district administration and political reprsentatives are not attended the welcoming ceremony of Pramila. These people give big talks in public regarding the caring of mentally challenged children, less fortune citizens..etc. When it comes to reality ,there is no time with these polititions to attend those issues. Most of the time they spent in cutting ribbons, visting religious places and blaming other parties for their failures.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
09/07/2011 06:15:11

What do you expect from a "physically handicapped" and "mentally challenged" government? House sites and cash awards are reserved for cricketers even if they are out-siders. Disgusting!

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
09/07/2011 06:09:45

Gosh! Looking at the prizes, I wish I was there to receive one! Nice to see smiling faces of kids as well as the adults. Brought back all my childhood memories.

Gladys Gonsalves, Kundapura / Mumbai
09/07/2011 03:28:34

Congratulations to the Special Olympics Gold Medalist Pramila Pinto. God Bless you.
And to the Principal and entire team of MANASA.

Wilfred R Pangla, Muscat
08/07/2011 15:10:54

WooWW....Many many congrats Pramila....really proud of you!!!! God bless you and wish you many more such achievements come from you..

laxminarayan upadhya, ambalapady
08/07/2011 12:17:04

congratuations PINTO, I am greatful to Manasa,Nagarika samiti, Nityananda volakadu,jayashri krishnaraj all other supporters who allowed me to train her.....

Rammohan, Puttur India
08/07/2011 08:13:59

A book called SOPRANO STATE byBob Ingle and Sandy Mclure, high llights the political corruption inNew Jersey and how tax payers money is swalloed by Politicians, even in a democratically far advanced country llike U S and shows corruption is rampant and party of our system

Roshan, Dubai
08/07/2011 06:28:56

Dear owner of the cars and drivers, please get the check done of the car before driving on the roads. The safety comes first and value of the life is cannot be comprised against petty value of the cars.

Louis Alva, Moodubelle
08/07/2011 05:28:43

Congratulations to Golden Girl Pramila Joyce with a Golden Achievement and We all proud of you. Good to see all political party people get together to congratulate, facilitate to you on your proud achievement. Special thanks to Manasa Principal and its Management Committee and also all other support staff, who stood behind this golden girl and motivated her to this height. May god bless you Joyce and also special Congrats to her proud parents.
Anil very good coverage .... Thank you bellevision for sharing these golden moments with our valued readers.

Victor DSouza, Moodubelle / Doha
08/07/2011 05:26:17

Thanks to all the comments on this article. Kaup beach is truly beautiful and one of the best place to visit in Udupi coastal area. I would like to add though, that the sea is rough here, so please stay away from deep waters. Have a safe and funfilled visit to this beach.

Suresh, Udupi
08/07/2011 05:10:39

May be if the owner of the car waited for two days to reapir it he would have saved Rs. 10,000?

Vincent, Belle
08/07/2011 03:59:39

I agree with Mr. Akshay Shetty, why we all are saving money and property? God has his own plans, so better to preserve it. People should work hard and earn money.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
08/07/2011 02:54:19

Bangali type wiring job?

Naveen M., Udupi
08/07/2011 02:47:54

Government can use part of these huge wealth for repaying loans and debts, so that people can live a better life thus we can see a better tomorrow.
People are educated and knowledge is enhanced. So certain amount of risks(calculative) can be taken. Moreover we are now independent country, we rule ourselves.
So after knowing the amount of hidden treasure better use of our own benefit.
Thanks to our ancisters who strive to preserve these wealth for a better tomorrow.

Akshay Shetty, Udupi
08/07/2011 02:24:56

Mr Dsouza and Mr Mudartha,
I do not agree with you guys,take your own examples, did you guys see tomorrow? Then why are you saving money, wealth, expectations for tomorrow?.
Similarly god knows why he has kept these gold, when time comes he will show it or give it to people.
Guys, first write these comments to get the money from Swiss bank if you are a true Indian.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
08/07/2011 01:39:02

A gifted girl and a passionate, committed leadership at an obscure organization has brought unimagined glory to our nation. It is fitting that our joy was expressed in such fitting manner. It is heartening to see that a large Indian National Flag greeted her in the procession. May this success help accelerate the growth and reach of this organization, with both state and civic support in organizing the resources such as land, money, and admin capital.

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore
08/07/2011 01:23:21

Mr. Philip, I fully agree with your opinion. There is no point in hiding this huge wealth and go waste or wait for some Sultan to come and grab it, instead that can be used for the betterment of humankind. Thanks to Snehalatha for exploring this hidden wealth. Any estimation on this hidden wealth(worth Billions/Trillions/Qudrillions)???

Prakash Alva, Pangla/Israel
08/07/2011 01:19:12

Golden Girl Pramila Pinto Congratulations. May God bless you. Nice coverage Anilbhai.

Akil Vijay DSouza, Moodubelle/Bangalore
08/07/2011 01:07:13

Congratulations!!! once again to the Golden Girl Pramila Joyce Pinto... She really deserves such a grand Welcome and Appreciation... Kudos to the organizers too... This will really motivate others too to acheive greater heights...

sequeira, pamboor
07/07/2011 23:15:10

Congrats Joyce, Congrats Manasa, Congrats Pamboorians,Congrats Remedia and her Team.Dear all dignitaries now i request you to help Manasa in granting more land. This is the reason why Remedia is asking more land for Manasa.

Victor D almeida, Moodubelle/Bahrain
07/07/2011 16:55:25

Congratulations Pramila on bringing glory and honour to our country and our neighbouring village God Bless U and your family. Thanks Mr. Hebbar you personally went congratulate the girl.

Rajesh fernandes, udupi
07/07/2011 06:22:01

good wishes to all members nice gathring and well orgenice hats off to all suporting team one request any one can provide me email adress of john fernandes

John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/ Nottingham
07/07/2011 06:05:07

Good to see all ward people coming together and celebrate Feast. Secondly honouring these young kids is great idea. Well done ...Gladys!!!!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
07/07/2011 05:42:41

Please tell the Paryaya Seer that these are difficult times when the gold is required as spednable wealth, for the betterment of humnakind.
Let him not wait for another sultan to come, conquer and plunder us. (History repeats and the only lesson we learn from history is that we do not learn a lesson from it)

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
07/07/2011 05:23:27

I hope that the authorities will scrap the practice of demanding ration card as a required document to establish identity and residence, and only depend on Aadhaar (UIC.

Of course citizens should understand that passports, driving permits, vehicle ownership card, property cards, PAN cards, bank account cards, debit and credit cards and an asosrtment of other membership cards will continue. Food stamp cards may be initiated to replace ration cards, and used only for collecting food by those who require food from the public account.

Narasimha Moorthy, Bangalore
07/07/2011 04:42:00

Hello, As I am Kannadiga I respect my mother tongue. But I also believe that child should learn both Kannada and English. Can you guys tell how many people (who speak about Kannada on stages) will send their own child to Kannada school? Including: All mahan people like Poets, Politicians, Kannada sanga leaders. I think none of their children will study Kannada medium schools or at least state in syllabus schools where Kannada will be thought as first language. All their children go to CBSE/ICSE where Kannada is optional. In most of the school I see teachers who teach Kannada doesn t know Kannada properly. Please give your attention to that issue first to improve the standard of Kannada teaching. Also we can see that in news papers, TV adds they are killing Kannada in bad manner. Stop them first. Regards, Narasimha Moorthy L R

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
07/07/2011 04:02:57

Why go after Swiss Bank accounts when we have enough and more "accounts" to go after. After all Swiss Accounts are accounted and people who own them know about them.

Shankar, Subhasnagar
07/07/2011 03:46:49

Congragulations Pramila Pinto, May God bless you,keep it up.

07/07/2011 02:58:25

Congragulations to the golden girl Pramila Pinto,May God bless you,keep it up. congrats to the Parents, MANASA all concerned.

Alfred Vincent Monis, Bantakal/Kingdom of Bahrain
07/07/2011 02:41:07

Congratulations and best wishes.

V V Kamath, Moodubelle
07/07/2011 00:34:04

Why Aadar card is compelsory ?what is the use this card .Any benifits to the members .Pan card ,passport, ration card and another aadhar .For the submission it takes one whole day!!

Abraham V Fernandes, Moodubelle/Hyderabad
06/07/2011 20:18:26

Russian coach (doctor...?) prescribed chinese ayurvedic medicine...?.Ayurveda is indian concept. Are these medicines not available in india...?"Daal me kuch kaala hai" Truth never fails.

Preeti Sachin, Goregaon
06/07/2011 07:47:42

I am interested in Jeevan Arogya Scheme. Can you please give me list of surgery in details. Is it applicable for Pregnency also.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
06/07/2011 06:44:34

I give benefit of doubt to the athlete. She will come out clean.

Ravindra B., Kundapura
06/07/2011 06:29:15

I am sure Ashwini is innocent and she will come out clean.

Melwyn D Souza, Dubai
06/07/2011 06:22:41

Bribing or corruption is become part of our life. For our comfort and easy life we are ready to bribe anybody at any level. This resulted in our democracy that "we have freedom without discipline". It is not easy to change peoples mind set. Of late it is become so worst that everyone wants to become rich within no time. This resulted in fast changing life style and inflation, increase crime rates and what not. Though it is difficult but it is not impossible that every citizen of India should take pledge against these bribing or corruption. Together we can make changes thus bring revolution in to our society for a better tomorrow.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
05/07/2011 15:14:41

No matter how factually correct, the analysis fails to impress because of its own contradictions. Castes and classes are not unique Indians. Appeasing God and gods is not unique to Hindu. The social order born of religious divisions is not unique. It is folly to claim we alone are corrupt to the core, and civilized societies are not and, as a corollary, to imply that we aren't civilized. Most nations are corrupt; there are nations more corrupt than ours; there are nations with low corruption. Those who are less corrupt, have become so by intent, by a charter and not by accident, in their evolution as a community. There was no India and Indians a few decades ago. The colonial rule catalyzed the emergence of a pan-Indian nation out of a wobbly coalition of small feudal estates, struggling to define itself as an identity. While we anguish at the slow pace, caution: Rome was not built in a day. The renaissance, if we can call it, will take a few more generations, only if we keep the process going without getting lost on the way.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
05/07/2011 10:52:05

It is a norm among Indians to think of grand schemes as alternatives. Our approach to deal with issues is mostly outside-in and not inside-out. I advocate inside-out approach at micro-level, at the level of the household. I applied the approach in the sequel, which is on the desks of the editorial team.

Our households which have given up firewood as fuel-stock, because of lifestyle changes arising from higher incomes have not thought hard about the need to conserve energy. They come out with outburst of emotion to policy changes or price rises. Then life moves on.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
05/07/2011 10:33:48

Jyotibp, if you are a research student specialized in environmental engineering and studies, I would be pleased to sample your essays here. If you an ideologue, social or political, that is another story.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
05/07/2011 10:24:05

Though only the athletes can confirm or deny use of steroids to build their muscles, nature too produces manly women; "manly" activities including high power sports are likely to raise male hormones and influence dope test results. I hope the girls will come out clean..

Roshan, Dubai
05/07/2011 09:21:41

It is not the good news to sports lovers of India and especially South Kanara. Really surprized to see the news!!

Naveen M., Udupi
05/07/2011 08:44:31

It is a good suggestion to include Kabaddi for the next year by Mr. Surendra Prabhu. Sports always attracts the people and moreover kabaddi is a favorite game of South Kanara.

Naveen M., Udupi
05/07/2011 08:30:03

There is no point in crying for Kannada. Everyone knows the important of their language and culture. And everyone should allow to study the language of their wish/choice.

Melwyn D Souza, Dubai
05/07/2011 08:25:56

This is very good move by government to encouge the education of girls. As Mr. Devdas Hebbar rightly said in villages especially in Malnad and northen Karanatatka people discontinue their girls education after primary.
Congratulations to all students ho have recived bicycle and make use of time and study well.

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