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Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
20/06/2012 00:46:58

Wonderful. This is called leading by example. Plantation means saving earth. Good report and picture Anil!

John Dominic, Hyderabad
20/06/2012 00:27:19

Students must know what they are doing. We must all enjoy and have fun in life, but not at the expense of our lives...! Mistakes happen; sometimes we can correct them, but sometimes which we cannot correct. Life doesn t give second chance. So, do not risk lives expecting a second chance. When parents are not around you, then you must know how to take care of yourself. Parents will not be there all the time to protect you. Its not the reason that if they would have known swimming then they would have survived. The reason is simple, "know what you are doing"

Roshan D Souza, Dubai
19/06/2012 23:28:57

Melita, well written poem with feelings and sentiments.

Shashidhar, Udupi
19/06/2012 23:23:16

No proper safety measures to store explosives. Authorities should implement strict rules to safeguard workers, public and evironment.

Vineesh, Mangalore
19/06/2012 23:11:49

"One Plant Thirteen Members"

Naveen M., Moodubelle
19/06/2012 22:47:50

Nice to see the smiling face of our leaders. Started vanamahostava with a positive note.Someone feeling cold or what!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
19/06/2012 16:49:51

last night I watched Germany-Croatia Euro2012 League match over dinner at a Munich pavement restaurant. As I ordered pork and tender ox dishes, a German wanted to know what Indians do with their dead cows. May be they eat them in the sly, but publicly they decry eating beef, drinking, dancing and flirting, I said. In my opinion, Indians have double standards. They want the tourist money. But, they have a moral policing hypocritical streak. I hope AG and RS will kick each others butt until one of them survives. To that, Cheers from Venice.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
19/06/2012 16:39:40

I am a fan of Kevin Misquith. I wish him box office success.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
19/06/2012 13:11:54

Our DK authority lack spine by allowing Rama Sene vandalism!!!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
19/06/2012 11:16:03

Poverty is major factor, not willing to be publicly responsible, taking easy shortcuts, and priotizinh status symbols over health and personal hygiene. We should change our attitude and priorities

19/06/2012 07:27:43

very beautiful.
sacred heart of Jesus thy kingdom come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vijay, UAE
18/06/2012 23:35:17

Thanks to ESPA president and committee for such a wonderful program. Everything was excellent and well planned including the election which instead supposed to be open and transparent. My suggestion is that in the future give chance to everyone rather than only 3 nominating the entire committee hardly within minutes. Apart no criticism the program went well, convenient place, good backdrop, precise messages, delicious food, humorous skit, entertaining dances, melodious singing, colourful costumes, wonderful hampers etc.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
18/06/2012 22:02:22

PA Sangma himself is after everybody to support him for the presidents chair...!!!??? Pranab Mukarjee is a better choice than this power hungry guy.

Benedicta Lobo, Udupi/Dubai
18/06/2012 14:10:11

Dear brother Francis,
I am really impressed to see your hobby of gardening which I am sure will keep yourself busy with your leisure time. Keep it up !!

Charles D\ Mello, Pangala
18/06/2012 13:39:35

I am very sad reading this news. He was able than anybody named so far.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
18/06/2012 13:37:43

Uppad pachchir enna favourite. Enk avvu varsha idee bod.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
18/06/2012 13:32:42

Dear Francis,

In this desert, your garden blooms with beautiful flowers and one can imagine your passion for gardening. Gardening and writing on this beautiful garden and advising how to maintain it are two different fields but you have beautifully combined together. Looks like it is time we visit your garden and sip tea in the evening sometimes?? with Charles, Phillips, Dr. Eugine and if invited myself...???

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
18/06/2012 11:58:05

I am keying in this comment sitting in Munich Olympic Tower using their free wi-fi. I have just used a WC paying 0.50 Euro to take down my piss. that is IRs 36 to piss once. I could have have pissed in the pond in front of me; but, I do not. In Belle, I can piss behind the school playground in the open. Right? Wrong! I will not; but, majority of us Indians do. We need everything free!
So far, in a week in Europe I have spent upto Euro 10, only to piss. Are you in Belle or Dubai or bahrain or Doha willing to do that?

Roshan D Souza, Dubai/ Udupi
18/06/2012 11:55:06

Dear Francis, feeling happy to see the nice pictures of your garden. Where there is will there is way. You motivate others to take up this good hobby in the gulf.

Robert Castelino, Moodubelle/Bahrain
18/06/2012 11:38:56

Dear Francis,nice article on your hobby.Pleasent view of the nature which you have created in the desert part of the world by your hard work.Nice pictures of the variety of flowers.Keep going man nice work.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
18/06/2012 11:17:53

Why congress is against the proven president Dr. APJ Kalam...??? He has all the qualifications to be the president of India.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
18/06/2012 09:05:25

We are a rapidly developing country in terms of trade, real estate, military power, so on but it is tragic that the attention is not given to the most basic need of a man. I believe even people in rural areas not much interested in closed toilets as I have seen some places even if the toilets are available, people are prefer to do business behind the bush or side of a lake or pond. Hence, educating on this issue is also a must while giving attention to build toilets to save human race before we drowned ourselves in our own excreta... Well said Mr. Monteiro and bringing awareness on this urgent issue.

Sandeep, Mangalore
18/06/2012 07:20:29

It clearly says its a express bus fare. These are the long distance buses which have higher tarrif for local pickup. Even KSRTC follows the same in intercity express buses.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
18/06/2012 04:29:32

This is awesome...What a real bliss. Such a fabulous rainy atmosphere took me to the place where I spent my childhood days. It's been a very long time being away from all these natural settings, continues rain, floods, rain soaked wet cloths after returning back from the school and so on. I truly remembered the good old days in Moodubelle Dr. Eugene.

Radhika, Dubai
18/06/2012 03:51:41

Very well written. Lovely pics.The prg was truly outstanding and very well organised. The thunderous standing ovation that this 5 women ensemble got at the end was proof of their high calibre. Your article did good justice to the event. Kudos

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
18/06/2012 01:46:16

A good monsoon ensures a better future for our economy. May our Gulf based NRI visit, spend money in beautiful natural environs and help beat recession.

Philip MudarTha, Qatar
18/06/2012 01:26:05

Congratulating you on finding a balance between life and work, as I am having my breaffast surrounded with an equally beautiful garden in another part of world. You motivate me to come for a breakfast with you too ..:D

17/06/2012 22:59:10


Charles D Mello, Pangala
17/06/2012 22:26:45

These farmers are helping us to have a green look, get the grains and fresh organic vegetables...which are tasty and healthy. They also help us in ground water replenishment by holding water in the fields. This kind of life is missing in urban areas....after few years to green in urban areas..we may have to paint roads and concrete in green. Nice Photographs Dr Eugene ...Thanks

Charles D Mello, Pangala
17/06/2012 22:05:52

Good Photographs..I know it is your own garden. Keep it up.....Gardanath Divod asathgee ..????

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
17/06/2012 19:44:48

Dear Francis, you are a genius. You have converted the sandy and barren surroundings of your home in Bahrain into a beautiful flower garden. The article is enlightening and the pictures of varieties of flowers manifest your love for gardening and flowers. Keep it up....

Zaid, Vancouver, Canada
17/06/2012 13:23:40

RIP Nikhila!

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
17/06/2012 13:22:49

In today s sport scene Saina Nehwal shines like a bright star. I would compare her to Rahul Dravid in terms of hard work, training and working quietly to reach her milestone with dedication and determination. I am sure with little more efforts and hard work sure to clinch the Gold Medal in this years Olympics in London. wishing her good luck..

H M Pernal, Mangalore
17/06/2012 12:59:19

Very detailed report and nice pictures and presentation. I wish Sthree Tall Tarang all the very best.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
17/06/2012 12:10:29

Dear Dr. Eugene,

Thanks for latest update on rain in Belle and around. I have not seen the rain for several years being in the gulf but these pictures gives me the sense belong to my mother land. I wish I was there to enjoy this beautiful weather but your report and pictures gives me great feelings and I am sure many of us in the Gulf hardly get chance to enjoy good rains. Thanks a lot and please update more and if possible with a video clip next time.

G.W.Carlo, Hassan
17/06/2012 10:17:22

Dear Alphs,I was really surprised to read your report on the Carnatic music concert performed by the \ Sthree Taal Tarang\ . Surprised because a Mangalorean Catholic could pen so eloquent a write-up on Indian Classical music. Though I know nothing about Indian classical music,I love to hear it when I am alone, because, in public, people around me think I irritate them! I am partial to Hindustaani music, that too instrumentals, except Pt.Bhimsen Joshi. Bismillah Khan is my favorite. I love Dr. Balamurali Krishna also. I was not aware a woman playing Ghatam, and that too seven Ghatams! Thank you.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
17/06/2012 10:05:50

Once again congratulations on the occasion of Opening Function of St. Lawrence College. Yes as Fr. Wilson said it should be the light of knowledge to rural students and support the rural and economically back-ward students in providing access to higher education is a great vision of St. Lawrence college should be commanded and appreciated. I am sure by giving chance to these youth, the college will reap the fruits of good results in time and also lifts of lives of many young men in time. Based on this years results, the college have the more students enrolled in the coming years and the college staff and management has a lot to work and organise. Once again I wish the new Principal Dr. Eugene and Vice Principal Ms. Sarita D Souza all the best. Also thanks Anil Alva for the video insert, as we can watch the proceedings of the function sitting far away from home and feel at home.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
17/06/2012 03:45:11

I am sure with the grand official opening ceremony of St. Lawrence College Moodubelle in the presence of Fr Wilson V. Dsouza, secretary of Catholic Board of Education, Mangalore and the message from the Chief Guest, opines his vision of the college is to Providing access to higher education in order to empower the rural youth and the support and assistance he assured to all who are well connected to this Institution has been very highly appreciated. With the passage of time and the dedication and hard work from The Principal, staff, students the management, I sincerely hope that, SLC Moodubelle is going to be one of the best in Karnataka State!

M N Seetharaman, Bangalore/Abu dhabi
17/06/2012 02:49:54


Simon Castelino, Belle/ Kalmady/ Jeddaha .
17/06/2012 01:53:45

Dear students " No knowledge  is without college" god gives us a beautiful college in our village. Please make best use with the existing facilities properley.  Best of luck. Wishing all students and staff  all the best and bright career ahead.

John Tauro, shivabhag mangalore
17/06/2012 00:34:53

Congratulation belleans after long time a dream come true for all belle Region and our hearty wishes to all the people who work towadrs to the project to success.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
16/06/2012 13:09:35

It is indeed a very sad and shocking to learn that two young lives are lost. I keep on advising young children to take care esp. in the river and sea while swimming. Every parents must guide and advise their children on this issue which will definitely save their children lives. It is very difficult to imagine the agony and pain their parents must go through now. May God Help them.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
16/06/2012 12:47:11

These tragedies are happening because the young generation is not aware of the safety requirements that have to be observed at different situations like climbing a tree, swimming, using cumbustible gases, working in the kitchen etc. Everything is taken for granted thinking "so far nothing has happened, now also nothing will happen". Other reason is that students are coming from different parts of India as well as from abroad and none of them are aware of the dangers awaiting them in this part of India which has terrains, bad roads, dangerous beaches, lakes, rivers, poisonous snakes, open wells - to mention a few. I think it is time all the institutions who take these students for studies should orient them and make them aware of the dangers lurking around them. I feel very sad for all the lives lost in the twin districts of Karnataka during these days.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
16/06/2012 12:22:56

I fully understand Mamata s stand. It is nothing but "Jathig jathi page, nayig nayi page"! Mamata, you don t like "bongoli dada"?

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
16/06/2012 12:15:46

Castrate her! Sorry him!!

Edward Saldhana, Moodubelle/Sharjah
16/06/2012 11:31:20

So bad incident typical story end with western style. This is happen due to neglegence of parents so sad!!

Capt.Santhosh Prakash Mendonca, Padubelle
16/06/2012 03:19:30

Congratulation Dr.Eugene D’souza and Mrs.Sarita Alva ,all the very best for your staff.And i wish all success to this institution.

Sathish kumar, moodubelle
16/06/2012 02:47:40


SatishRao, Pune
15/06/2012 21:48:18

After all,YSR congress is like an illegitamate child of INC.Congress should feel sorry,it helped YSR to misrule the state while he was the C.M.

Joy lobo, moodubelle/mangalore
15/06/2012 08:24:40

I convey my good wishes and prayer to Dn. Mahesh D souza. May God bless you.

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