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Ajay Menezes, Mangalore
29/03/2012 00:02:13

Wishing all cricket lovers a great season of IPL-5.It looks all teams are well balanced and difficult to predict who will reach semis.

28/03/2012 19:26:51


WhatReallyMatters, India
28/03/2012 17:31:11

Why does not God stop corruption? Doesn't he wants to make world a better place?

Sonia, Belle
28/03/2012 15:12:28

How about perfect groom or husband? Any suggestions for grooms or are they all perfect? Any relationships thrive and become stronger each passing day when both are equally responsible and do their fair share and not one sided. Is wife a slave to do all those things listed? How about listening to wife after hard days work outside and around the home and also tending to children? How about sharing the housework? There are many things we women can add to the list too. Any comments?

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
28/03/2012 14:12:24

Amused, if the gods of TTD cannot curb corruption, what would RAW, independent or otherwise do to succeed?
Instead of stopping corruption, let it hang out in public. It is nicknamed chai-paani anyway, codification and public display of rate is next step required.

Mukunda, Moodubelle
28/03/2012 10:59:02

Congratulations Mr. JPHegde. It is your victory. U deserve it. People think that it is like their own achievement. Mr. JPH once contested in vs election as a independent candidate and he won that too. Anyway, finally I can say there are some smiles, laughter and rotfl faces who are not at all involved in the election campaign are enjoyed the treat of JPH. It looks like a family outing too, because some families attended function to greet like their own relative who done this election, though it was his(JPH) maiden visit to Belle. Anyway soon we can find some changes in the local administration(names) and progress(if any) in our constituency. Thanks to bellevision.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
28/03/2012 10:55:29

Rahul Dravid a truly great cricketer. His services would never be forgotten. As I had already said the joy of watching cricket would diminish with the wall gone
RD is absolutely elegant and the best test batsman I have seen for sure. He is absolutely genius and played cricket for India with great sense of determination. Thanks for the things you have done for world and Indian cricket. Rahul you are the selfless cricketer India has ever produced with awesome technique, excellent team man and a player with good stamina. He does what the team needs. An excellent human being and you will be remembered forever...

28/03/2012 08:20:35

deveborem korum for this article. I miss ycs days as viyay said, my choral singing days with vally dattu..was rocking....mary bai is my super women... thanks to all priests for there commitment and excellency in leadership.. kudos for this article,,,moag aso

Anil, Dubai
28/03/2012 07:29:15

I regard Rahul as the finest cricketer India has ever produced. There were none like him nor there will be any after him. In this speech of his, I am surprised that there was not a word said about the great Sachin Tendulkar. Cannot figure out why?!

valerian albuquer, malad mumbai
28/03/2012 07:07:25

John once again nice article even though i was in kuwait i was notknowing such ordinary building inside it is extraordinary is thier anything more please put them we are now regular to bellevision sit thank you

Sharmila dsouza, Moodubelle/Bahrain
28/03/2012 07:06:16

Nice to see u all together... Hope u guys had a great time. Hoping to see u all. take care all of u.

Lucy Rodrigues, Moodubelle/Mumbai
28/03/2012 06:12:11

Thank u Fr. Vally for your article and the beautiful photographs of your Australia trip. Very nice to see you Fr. Vally.

veronica alick, New Delhi
28/03/2012 05:31:23

Heartfelt condolences to the family.May her soul rest in peace.

Ramesh, belle
28/03/2012 04:53:13

@Hemphil/@Sequeira- Big brother/sister Hemphil was in trouble so small brother Sequeira came in to help him/her.I have been seeing dis supporting act for a long time.Mr. Pai did say the right thing, he wasn t talking to you Sequeira, U r asking others to use common sense.look at what u just wrote, Utter Non SENSE. but yes, I really admire the love u have for ur brother/sister Hemphil. How do I address you, Mr/Mrs Sequeria?, whatever, you are comparing Edmer with Qatar! How could you Mr/Mrs. Qatar has progressed cuz Edmer, belle, pamboor people work there day in and out. never dare to compare us with some other small companies. But I really wonder why did you get hyper when he said Qatar airways? Hmm.I am wildly guessing, Are you working for the same company!! What was the other sentence, "if you are gentlemen attack directly not directly". you could have done the same thing right instead of writing it here.Are you gentleman? You are begger of whatever who cares, no one is asking it.Sequeira, you just need to think only from your head, you know what I mean.Ah, I almost forgot about sister Hemphil.well, nayitha bila anded pandlala bonke. Thanks for being such a wonderful example!!

malita, moodubelle/saudi arabia
28/03/2012 04:27:17

its nice to see u father vally..n my uncle n auntie n cousins,,,in the pictures,,n all our native people,,father charles,,,nice to see u alll,,beautiful photographs of australia too...thank u for this nice article,,

G D Souza, Moodubelle
28/03/2012 03:55:08

Heartfelt condolences to Varalaxmi s parents and family. RIP Brave girl who fought cancer for 4 years and lived a life against all odds.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
28/03/2012 03:34:10

Great news. It was a long over due. Appreciate people behind this initiative. Hope the work will be done in a desired manner and trusting it will meat the desired result.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
28/03/2012 02:54:01

Nice travelogue. Thank you Fr. Vally and Fr. Charles. Pleasing to know dynamic Fr. Prakash and the happy Konkani Catholic community in Australia.

Stany Lobo, Moodubelle/Dubai
28/03/2012 02:03:47

Heartfelt condolences to parents. May almighty God give them strength and courage to bear the
untimely loss of their beloved daughter.

Prakash Alva, Moodubelle/Pangla
28/03/2012 02:02:58

Very sad news. Heartfelt condolences to the family members. May her soul rest in peace.

Prakash Alva fly,

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
27/03/2012 23:41:01

Thank you Fr. Valerian for taking time out to write this article and presenting all the beautiful photographs of your wonderful trip to Australia. Yes, for us Mangaloreans meeting our own far away home is a very pleasurable moment and we always try to take care of our visiters as best we can. I think Mangaloreans in Melbourne and Sydney are too not less in providing this hospitality. I feel some of the pics are missing in this article of your visit to Dandenong Mountains and bird sanctuary, Weribee Mansion and famous Rose garden. Also as you recommended a Mangalorean Priest will be ideal to lead the community in a better way. Also Konkani Mass in Australia?? and all the celebrations.... happy get-togetherings, thanks Fr. Prakash for taking care of Fr. Valerian without which this article would not have been possible.

A R. Pai, Moodubelle
27/03/2012 23:37:01

Dear Mr. Pai what you said right there is know doubt he is very good at cattle business and monkey business, We all wish him success Jai Ho Go Mathay.

Vijay dsouza, Moodubelle/Bahrain
27/03/2012 20:33:03

Nice to see my most favourite priests of mangalore together again.intresting tour dairy by Fr. Valerian.Hope you along with Fr.Charles had good time there.As I knw Fr.Prakash is a great host,I still miss those days we spent in Pethri when we were in Ycs. Thanks Fr.charlie and fr.Prakash for ur support and help in building our career.I will cherish those days through out my life.Wishing you all the very best in ur future mission.

Vijay dsouza, Moodubelle/Bahrain
27/03/2012 20:09:28

Take a bow Rahul.You are the true legend of cricketing world. I really miss you whenver India plays its next test match. Thanks for the wonderful memories and wish you a cheerfullife ahead

sequeira, pamboor
27/03/2012 14:24:49

Mr Pai,Before writing use your commonsense,the topic is about politics not about any airlines. Behave yourself as a educated man. Qatar airways has more than 100 aircrafts and compare your Edmer and Qatar. Dear Webteam, before publishing something, please check the mail recipient, they should not spoil or pointing any other company status. If you are really gentlemen attack directly not indirectly. I dont give anything either BJP or Congress, I have to do my job to earn money, they may feed you. I am not begger.

27/03/2012 04:56:34


Henry, Shirva
27/03/2012 02:39:14

Congratulations Franky. You are not only a good driver but you are a good man also.

Nelson, Udupi
27/03/2012 02:07:45

You guys are better in paper works and counting. Why cant u alart yourself when dons(kuttha) in India

Rudy D Souza, Omzoor/Kuwait
27/03/2012 02:06:05

We really enjoyed the day. Lots of new games for all ages. Good prizes for winners. Everything is well planned. Nice coverage and pictures by Bellevision. congratulations Tulu Koota Kuwait

Mohammed iqbal, wafra kuwait
26/03/2012 22:20:31

Excellent coverage of tulu koota picnic. Next time please do it in wafra garden during national day holiday you can collect fresh fruit and vegetables from wafra farm. salam walekum belle team namaskara nekelege.

Ernest, Newjersey
26/03/2012 22:09:36

Excellent article by Mr. John. Even i read his earlier but i didnt write my comment on my part. This is unfair, so john yo are doing very good job. continue writing more on kuwait .i remember my days in kuwait ,thanks .

Narendra Pai, Belle/Edmer
26/03/2012 14:14:44

Hemphil Qatar airways,

Are you jealous because now congress is ruling?
Hope you will not have any problem with your cattle business. Better you start this family business in Qatar rather wasting time in pointless comments

Anil, pamboor
26/03/2012 13:09:22

Dear Remous,Cong won the seat, But in padubelle and pamboor BJP got more than cong votes,The reason Mr Hebbar came to pamboor and promise the people about his good work,Here Mr JP won the seat not cong,And cong did not do anything for the people,They never came to pamboor,They did not do a single job,If they done it please mention it,I am not against any party,But i am writing the fact,

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
26/03/2012 12:33:55

Happy to learn finally some action is taken to deepen the Lake. good for farmers which will definitely benefit for irrigation and other cultivation projects.. Good Luck to Katingeri families...

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
26/03/2012 12:27:00

ha ha ha, good article dear Phillip. Quite interesting and how true... Rat Race...!! reminder of Vhodlemkud... going back to those days and that was the real beginning for our lives from fancy days back in our villages. "Kud" whether it is Pangla Kud, Bollye Kud or Shirva Kud all had typical set up and all sad stories daily to narrate.. Nice article ... keep contributing..

Anil, pamboor
26/03/2012 12:17:11

Dear Leaders,Learn from Mr Hebbar he is not behind the money,He doing Great job for the village people,Keep it up hebbar,JAI HO...........

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
26/03/2012 12:16:11

I just cannot understand why these so called experts are afraid of stand for election and winning and lead the nation to prosperity instead of criticising those who do something keeping in mind the story of the father and son riding on a donkey who tried their best to please everyone but never succeeded.

Ajai, Qatar-Mangalore.
26/03/2012 11:46:00

Philip Uncle,Nice Article,I enjoyed Reading it,interesting.Its very true to say-Show me the money, not your heart, honey!
Who says it vice versa?

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
26/03/2012 09:45:35

Great flow of thoughts coupled with reality facts! Wonderful. I thoroughly liked it.

Anner, Moodubelle
26/03/2012 06:31:55

Hemphil DUBAI @ I can not control my laugh after reading your last comment. This proves that your completely gone! Better you go for a medical check up otherwise you will be RIP soon! Jai Hind...

Remous Dsouza, Padubelle
26/03/2012 06:07:12

It is good to see that Congress is again winning in Udupi district. Any party should not take it granted of voters.Now this symptom shows whichever party work for betterment of society will get voters support.Thanks to bellevision. Again i congratulate Mr. Harish Shetty for his sincere hardwork in convincing the voters of Padubelle and this time there is increase in congress voters in our village. It is good sign of hardwork of our boys. congratulations.

26/03/2012 04:54:41


Binner, Uruda pudar bodchi
26/03/2012 04:25:47

Anner, ajjer, ammer, phils, hemphils, dumphils and all the headless chickens of Moodubelle, you all have lost direction just like headless chickens. One more round of floweres, garlands, shawls is ok! I would like to ask did honorable MP saab see the pathetic condition of santhekatte? If yes, has he promised funding for the completion of the project?

Anner, Moodubelle
26/03/2012 02:57:23

Hemphil or Dumphil Moodubelle:- I don't care about the party who wins the election. I do care about the personality who wins the election for the betterment of the society. I am fed up with this BJP govt. Specially your very own Yeddi and chaddi appa; who still fights for the CM chair to make more corruptions or gootalas¦. But I like your S. Gowda who is very honest personality. And I do miss Kuppa in the photos as he is one of the main supporter for congress in belle who do make special campaign while going / coming from the airport.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
26/03/2012 02:46:34

Mr. Mudartha, thank you for the article. Very interesting reading and a good one too!! Difficult to understand the realities in our day today life but it's true. Am sure the new generation is not thinking in these terms. We had everything we could hope for. We were exactly where we should be, where God intended us to be rightly so... That's how it is!!! Stage 4 is a very important one in everybody's life but is sure now a day's only the lucky ones will reach there! I guess?

Richard, Mumbai
26/03/2012 00:25:12

Mr Philip, your article made quite an interesting reading! Failure in love, finding that Eureka moment from one fat foul mouthed man, corporate rat race... you should go for autobiography! Waiting for stage 3.

Anil, Moodubelle/Duai
26/03/2012 00:18:56

Its nice to see Mr J P Hegde sharing his happiness with the people who helped him win the election! His actual work, working for the betterment of the constituency, starts now! As far as HEMPHIL is concerned, he is at least maintaining dignified silence, instead of defaming congress leaders. No surprises if he comes out soon and blame congy leaders of malpractice in the polls such as distributing hana, shendi, sarayi etc...

Ronald Fernandis, Dubai
26/03/2012 00:16:12

Very good news for all of us the picnic lovers. Waiting for this day. All the best for the organisers.

Vijay D Souza, Belle
26/03/2012 00:11:13

It looks HEMPHIL is still under shock of BJP defeat!!!

Dumphil, Moodubelle
25/03/2012 23:42:25

Dear Anner what is up to you whether Mr. Kopopa is there or not who are you judge, You are not his family member, You are the one challenged congress will never win, now it did, Anner you are jealous, same on you.

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