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Benedict Noronha, Udupi/Muscat
05/09/2011 22:29:26

What a great event of honouring teachers day! Iloved to be a student to share the joy of students the way the day was observed af Belle High School/college.A teacher indeed great who shares the pleasure with the rising students and always remembers that " he was my student". I am from a family of teachers. My wife was a teacher, my sister, my cousins, my Uncles were teachers. Now my daughter is also a Teacher. I love one of my teachers who has been very responsible forshaping my future, that made me what I am to day. I still love her, admire her and daily remember herwith gratitude. Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, dedicated his birthday to be observed as Teacher s Day and made it immortal. This is how teachers got true recognition and honour and respect. Today, we see some teachers not doing their work honestly, run after for making money and indulging in tuitions, without properly discharging their duties responsibilities towards students and the profession, which is a dark spot. Yet teacher is great, who is responsible for shaping the future of the students. Therefore true celebrations must aim at the philosophy Dr Radhakrishnana radiated to make the lives of the teachers sublime.

Edward Simon Machado, Pernal / Bahrain
05/09/2011 15:43:12

I m very glad to read the life story of my father-in-law Mr. Maurice Noronha. I m very proud of him always, the hardwork and the dedication and concern for his village n all the people. I can say he is a "Gem" of pamboor. Its proud to all Pamboor people to have a person like him in their village.On this Teacher s day, I would like to wish him all the best and pray God to grant him good health n strength and peace.I m proud to be part of his family.

Prakash Noronha, B.C.Road-Doha Qatar
05/09/2011 14:50:55

Dear Malla Master,Wish you Teachers day,Good health and long life.I feel proud to say that I was your student in Pamboor School.
Thanks to belle vision Dr.Eugene to write this artical on "Teachers Day.Wish you all the best.

Archie D\ Souza, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi
05/09/2011 14:01:44

I have the privilege of knowing \ Malla Master\ through his sons Valerian, Gilbert and Kishore. I admire \ Malla Master\ for his simple and disciplined living. The way he has brought up his children and held them together as a closely knit family is an example to all parents. The Lord has blessed his family abundantly for his unselfish service to society. I congratulate him and his entire family on this occassion.

Peter Martis, Gudthottu/Goa
05/09/2011 13:26:20

Hi Eugene, very nice to read about Malla Master. I vividly remember him and his ever-smiling face. His smile must have cheated his age. May God bless him and his family.

Prabhakaran v., Madikeri
05/09/2011 13:08:01

Hey Mahesh, excellent piece of work. Good insights and thought provoking words... You made me to remember my teachers. Thanks a lot... I took few points from your article for today s speech.

Shawn Machado, Bahrain
05/09/2011 11:17:40

Thanks a million Bellevision, Dr.Eugine D souza for publishing such a beautiful article on my grandfather Mr.Maurice Noronha. I am the eldest grandson of Mr. Maurice Noronha. It is a great privilege for me to be a part of his family. It is very evident that my grandfather is a very honest person be it in any field. He is a very hardworking person and did take lot of troubles to bring up his family his undying service the Pamboor Church village. Even today, he his readily willing to help anyone. Today when i read this article, I am very proud to be the eldest grandson

prescilla machado, pamboor, pernal/ Bahrain
05/09/2011 10:53:16

Thankyou very much Bellevision Dr.Eugine D souza for the wonderful article of my dear father publishing his life story.We saw our father, the trouble tensions he was taking for improving our village and he gave us good education,guidance and good future. I am proud to be his daughter. On this special day i would like to wish him Happy Teacher s Day and Almighty God shower his blessings on him always.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
05/09/2011 10:04:07

I did not realize his age, when I met him a fortnight ago at his home. He was in chirpy and cheerful mood. I found him energetic. His is a life well lived, yet, my prayers for him to live well beyond hundred years. Amen

valerian Noronha, pamboor/Abu Dhabi
05/09/2011 08:32:16

Thanks Bellevision Dr. Eugene DSouza for publishing such a beautiful real life story/article on my father. Since childhood I have seen in him the concern for people of Pamboor and for our community. May god grant him good health and strength to continue his good work. And we are proud to be part his family.

Dinesh, USA
05/09/2011 07:58:37


Benedict Noronha, Udupi/Muscat
05/09/2011 07:52:26

This may be a true fact. In history many heros have fallen from is girl friend has entered his life after he was great in politics and vices are following men in position. Many a week and evil things came to light and BSY had been proudly ingnoring them or countering them. It is also been said thet the evil mendo lives after them and the good is often forgotten. Many more evils may come to light, let us wait and see.

Thomas Saldanha, Kanajar / Dubai
05/09/2011 06:53:25

Oh, what an inspiring article on the life history of a teacher, our beloved Malla Master. Though our association with him has been only since a decade or so, I have always seen him with great compassion and love towards people around him. I take pride in admiring his qualities as a good human being, a social worker, his wife children are the true testimony to his humane qualities. We congratualte him on this occasion and May God bless the couple with many more years of togetherness and good health to serve the people.

Edward Barboza, Kanajar / Auckland
05/09/2011 06:15:42

Hi Anita,
Very nice and interesting poem reflecting the recent happenings in India. This is a great talent and good to see you keeping it alive.

joel dsa, moodubelle, bahrain
05/09/2011 03:36:13

Dear Malla Master
Happy teachers day, You deserve the praise and love which is shown here. hard work, never ending passion for work, dedication, compassion are your tools for success. We pray to almighty to give you good healthy and happiness to lead a peaceful life with your beloved wife lilybhai.
with lots of good wishes

Wilfrred Castelino, Moodubelle/Sharjah
04/09/2011 14:41:11

Many congradulations and HAPPY TEACHERS DAY MASTER. May God bless you with good health everyady with long life.My father was the real admire of you .

04/09/2011 14:24:19


Alwin Quadras,, Arasikatte,Bantakal/Abudhabi
04/09/2011 14:02:34

Dear Master Wish you a very Happy " Teachers Day" I Wish u All Best, I Pray to God that Keep u in Good Health . God Bless u Ur Family.

vijith shetty, ninjoor
04/09/2011 12:14:44

thank you belle vision for the nice picture

Robert Castelino, Moodubelle/Doha
04/09/2011 11:44:52

Glad to read your profile sir on the occasion of teachers day.wish you good health many more fruitful years ahead.You are a veteran in the tiny village of pamboor deserve to be appreciated for your dedicated social work in the community.May god bless you

wilfred, pamboor
04/09/2011 11:01:51

Finally someone has recoginse this great teacher after Retiement from almost 25 years !!!! i belive he retird on 1985,congrulatios Sir and many thanks to DR Eugene to to recognise the great personality of pamboor , HAPPY TEACHERS DAY SIR ,

Edward Menezes, Bantakal/Bahrain
04/09/2011 09:29:00

"Malla Master" the name it self says it all,It is so nice of Dr.Eugene to write this artical on "Teachers Day"God has blessed him with good health and still he is working so hard for the pamboor parish and also particepating in all parish activities,A teacher very close to my heart..we pambooreans are so fortunate to have such a wonderfull personality in our parish.On this day Sir, Iwish you best of health,may God bless you always..Keep up your good work,we love you.Edward Family

Manika, Dendoorkatte
04/09/2011 08:51:43

Thank you belle vision for nice photos.

Sharika B Hegde, Palli
04/09/2011 08:46:14

Thank you belle vision for the nice pictures.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi/Muscat
04/09/2011 08:15:56

It is traditional in this country to have vindictive approach in administration. Mr Prashanth Bhushan having been a member of team Anna, the Government is targetting team Anna membersis not correct. The team Anna has exceeded in their limits by attacking parliament and the M.P.s and made the departments be aware of their own responsibilities. They are now doing their duties which cannot be mis construed. They have had neglected hithernow are awake. One who is in glass house cannot throw stones at others is a all time dictum applicable for all. It is a message that every one follow the law and the rules, which is applicable to all.Mr Prashanth Bhushan who is Supreme Court Advocate , should have known this.

Janardhan Achar, Pangala
04/09/2011 03:53:00

Dear friend this is a good statement. Please do continue.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi/Muscat
04/09/2011 00:53:20

It is not correct to say that government is targetting team Anna memebrs. The team Anna has exceeded in their limits by attacking parliament and the M.P.s and made the departments be aware of their responsibilities. They are now doing their duties which cannot be mis construed. One who is in glass house cannot throw stones at others is a all time dictum Onm applicable for all. It is a message that every one follow the law and the rules, which is good for all.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi/Muscat
04/09/2011 00:46:27

I admire Malla Master, my teacher from 1952 to 56 when I was a student of Pambur school.I boycotted him and his school , for his severe punishment,for my absebce for genuine reasonsfor which I shifted to Belle schoolHe was transferred to Bele school and I was back in Pambur school. I was clever as he had told to my parents yet he was sever to me perhps it was for my good. Any how I became what I am and he admires me too. This is the important chapter in my childhood and life and it has kept me always facing challenges of different types.I must congratulate Mr Maurice Noronha for his goodness and humility and love for the community. He is a good person and many a times for the development of the village I had shared with him ideas and he is indeed Malla Master for us at Pambur. God has blessed him good health and happiness and a devoute family. I wish him good health though out and continue to be smiling and cheerful until create history of a Centurian from Pambur. Great is he and I salute him!

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
03/09/2011 21:15:13

Dear Anitha, another timely and inspiring poem from you which reflects the pathetic condition of the country and ray of hope in the awakening of the people against corruption, a movement led by Anna Hazare. As you aptly put, one day we will succeed. Thank you for this wonderful poem.

Peter P. Saldanha, Pamboor / CA, USA
03/09/2011 19:28:30

Thanks belle vision for identifying and honouring our own Malla master on this teachers day. I feel proud to say that I was his student [1982-1983]. Thank you master for everything that you have done for our school, parish and community.May God keep you in good health and spirits. Cheers.

ANIL, Udupi
03/09/2011 15:12:12

In India 99% people are corrupt ,it includes Anna, BABA Ram dev, no one is having clean record. Political is the easy way to do corruption so more people join for politics to do easy money in a short period , for Anna's protest in Delhi thousounds of people joined not for protest the ralley against corruption but coz to get their meal for this day ,if the govenment agree the coditions of Anna , the day will come soon everyone will have sit on past in New Delhi at Ramleela ground to ask his own law for the sake of their own benfit! Then what is the use of Superme Court and the government ? Indian consituition says corrption is crime who did corruption should be punished ,

03/09/2011 14:11:33

Dear Master

Wish you a very Happy " Teachers Day"

We really Appreciate your Hard Work , Sincerity and Helping Nature to the entire Soceity

I was your Student ,You really guided me in lot of ways in my Carrer

Wish you Good Health and Brighter Days Ahead.

Good Luck

Nuthan, Udupi
03/09/2011 08:54:15

vov............ too good photos. Wonderfull job Anil. Good luck.

03/09/2011 08:29:14

Is that any policy which covered pregnancy as well as health insurance.

Stany Lobo, Thirlapalke/Dubai
03/09/2011 07:53:19

When you are fingerpointing others you should be clean.Team Anna thinks they can use whatever
badwords about politicians whereas
nobody should not talk about them. If they are clean why they
should be scared of notices/cases
against them.The fate of Congress will be decided by people of India and not by team Anna. Corruption can be stopped in India
by public awareness and not by
makiing any new laws. Even after
passing new law corrupt people find some ways so that they will not be caught.

Arun Mendonca, Udupi / K.S.A
03/09/2011 03:48:39

It was expected from UPA Government as they played all these dirty political games when Mr. Anna Hazare was on 13 days long fasting in Delhi and they have burnt their own fingers by not tackling the issue of Mr. Anna Hazares agitation against curruption. Now again they are trying to play same dirty game and target Mrs. Kiran Bedi first >>> then Mr. Arvind Kejriwal second >>> and now to the Lawyer Mr. Prashant Bhushan. Only Time will tell the fate of Congress/UPA Government as next general election is approaching.I feel they are Digging their own Grave.

Abhishek Srivastava, Lucknow
03/09/2011 02:45:24

Pls send me the list of hospitals in lucknow Delhi covered in LIC Jeevan Arogya.

Sweety, Moodubelle
02/09/2011 23:36:04

Superb photography and video. keep it up Anil.......

Malita Martis, Moodubelle
02/09/2011 15:46:21

Very nice article mahesh,,yes,our teachers have greatly influenced our lives,,they have not only given us the knowledge what they have,,,they all have given the best what they can,,in every way they tried to make us perfect,,

Baptist Sequeira, Belle
02/09/2011 04:20:55

Dear Kini family, Happy Chauti. For many years we had enjoyed the panchakajjaya from your house on Chauti. Also we had first saw TV from your house in 1984, cricket and then after Ramayana and Mahabhrata we have seen in the TV of yours. And Vittla mamas wife use to give us fresh Chakkulis which they use to make and sell (Unique taste).

Benedict Noronha, Udupi/Muscat
01/09/2011 10:05:25

I knew Rev. Fr. Joswey Fernandes, only a tip of an ice berg .A little more I learnt about him when once or twice personally talking to him and still more about the way he visited the people taking the of st. Lawrence, during the Centenary year and the functions put up during the celebrations. Calm and composed, cheerful through out,a true replica of St Lawrence the diacon? Today after going through the write up of Dr Eugine, it was confirmed to be very true that here is Priest who was chosen by the Lord, from a vilage like Thottam to leave the foot prints of Christ s servant, where ever he was working serving HIM. I say we must Thank the Lord for giving us his ministry as an example for the young and the old alike. May HE grant him good health and happiness through out his mission and lead him to greater heights of glory to glorify the LORD on earth.

Cyprian Castelino, Belle/Dubai
01/09/2011 05:07:37

Lot s of people are thinking of you on your birthday I just wanted to let you know I m one of them. Wishing you a Manny Many Happy Returns Of the Day Dear Fr. Joswey Fernandes. Have a wonderful day

Ronald, Belle
31/08/2011 08:45:02

Thank you Dr.Judith. That was Very informative and useful. Keep writing more.

Jaideep balte, paithan
31/08/2011 05:24:22

I miss my school days..... i love to be again a part of it..... Rev. Dr. Valerian Fernandes i miss u father...thanks for creating a school for children like me.....once again i thanks to you.. my school which give me everything to achieve my goals.........at the last i wish congrats for the Silver Jubilee of St. Paul’s High School thanks.........

John Lobo, Moodubelle
31/08/2011 01:58:56

Dear Dr. Judith,
Thanks for the informative article about health.

Mohan Kumar, Kunigal
31/08/2011 00:37:16

I like this site its so help to students

Alban D souza, Kunthal angar/moodubelle
30/08/2011 23:30:37

After seeing the report and Photos I remember my olden day s.searching for the flowers,and fighting for sweets...Even I remember that Fr.J.J Saldhana used to clap the book then only we have to offer the flower when "Moriyek Hoglisiya"hym singing...Thanks to Dr.Eugen Mr.Anil for the report and BV for refresing my old childhood memories...

Sanjay patil, Kalyan
30/08/2011 07:23:08

Lalbaugch darshan ghetana lalbaugchaya rajakade baghatach rahavas Vatate lababgchya raja ki jay ho.

30/08/2011 04:41:44

I have worked with Brillant, Ved Prakash Arya for 15 months.

Indeed. its the shocking news of my entire life to know the sad demise of our beloved Shri Ved Prakash Arya at a very young age. May the Almighty God give sufficient fortitude to the bereaved family members to withstand the irreparable loss. May the Departed Soul rest in peace.

I still cherish my start up association of 15 months with Ved Milestone Group. It\ s really a wonderful association with him.In reality, I got a lot of inspirations from him.
Parting away from Milestone left a lot of memorable events in my mind. I will always remember my association with Ved.

Naveen Joel, Moodubelle/Kuwait
29/08/2011 12:58:40

Wow! beautiful Pics, you are amazing Dr. Eugene, thanks

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