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Benedict Noronha, Udupi
07/02/2012 21:49:41

Wonderful... beautiful... musium is marevelous collections by an individual by any standards. Indian goes abroad to earn but here is a person, Dr eugene called him a genius is a superb title. man s creatins are put in a exsquitive style and melody speaks in silence and God s creatin gives meaning to it. Dr. Eugene, it is a fine work. Model for many who are woking abrooad to depict it in home land as Mr John Tauro has done it in his Budget Mane. God Bless the artist behind the collectioons and setting .

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
07/02/2012 09:23:44

I have made a stupid error of a fact, in my article. Go on, get provoked, find my mistake and tell me because it is a genuine mistake, not an intentional mistake meant to test or provoke!

Alban D souza, Kunthalnagar/moodubelle
07/02/2012 08:38:24

Dr.Eugene wonderfull picturs..We have been seen these in our day today life but we will not concentrate.may be all are busy in their work or ignorence.But your camera work is excellent.thanks for the good photos.keep posting...

Francis L Lobo, belle/dubai
07/02/2012 04:08:38

Dr. Eugine!!As always excellent showcase of our countryside through your innersights. thanks !

Francis L Lobo, belle/dubai
07/02/2012 04:01:45

Dear Mr. Philip!!!
You already provoke me by the power of priceless beauty!tranquility!!!awesome!!!

Prameetha, Kasaragod
07/02/2012 02:32:27

Sir/ Madam,
i want to do my Mcom throuh mangalore university , when the addmission will be starting ? pls infom me the next addmission date

06/02/2012 14:33:31

Dear Dr. Eugene,
wonderful and amazing pictures,you made us to remember our days where we used to sit and study for our final exams below these trees ,this is our hometown we miss those days.Thank you .

Joel Dsa, Moodubelle, Bahrain
06/02/2012 03:13:34

Wonderfully written in admiration of the creation of God that is nature, indeed Dr.Eugine, thanks for the article. We all are too busy in solving and understanding our day today problems, but forget to admire nature in its glory. There were days when we used to sit on the red hill,which was in our back yard and see miles and miles the beauty of green vallys around and rock mountain formation of Pamboor, Kunjargiri, maipal etc from top. thanks for reminding that days.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
06/02/2012 01:10:26

Indeed very nice, reminds me of my good old days in and around Moodubelle and Padubelle. Beautiful narration! And equally! Good photographs, by Dr. Eugene. I must say that definitely Nature at its best!

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
05/02/2012 21:54:23

How Beautiful is the nature! It is pure, it is simple , it is true and it is fair and clean. It has no jealousy; it has no time to pull down the legs of others. nature is lovely, nature is .......... how you view it. Dr Eugene has captured few scenes of nature in few different places and made the viewers feel wonderful Great is the views of Dr. Eugene. May I resuest you tosimilary catch the glimpses of your Dombivili surroundings? It would certainly give us the other side of Nature as well. let us share the other side also Dr Eugene.

A D’cunha, Hosabettu
05/02/2012 20:17:55

Dear Bhavoji, Keep up the good work for the community at-large and may God bless you and your family always. Nice to see you all on the net.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
05/02/2012 11:44:09

A very sobering thought having savored the visuals and narration: beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The beloved awaits for suitor to pause, take a look and cherish. Even as I look out of my apartment windows, the silhouette of desert trees in the foreground of sand-dunes are magnificently pretty. The shifting golden sands as the wind caresses and carries away the specks are a sight. Let us live in the present, savoring the moment, and not in the daydreams of lands out of sight..

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
05/02/2012 11:38:54

Dr. Eugene, you are a star! even after the sunset due to the pictures! Great pictures of reality!!

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
05/02/2012 06:21:15

Dear Sir Eugine,

Wonderful pics of nature around us which we often fail to notice or take it for granted. Yes, in our villages we have all the beauty of the nature and what we need is just a little bit of free time to observe and enjoy them. These pics brings back memories of village and how much I miss being in the gulf. We go for a short vacation yearly but completely spend in marriages and festivities... may be next vacation I will dedicate a few moments to observe the beautiful nature God has given to us.. thanks a lot for sharing these pics.

Lucy Rodrigues, Moodubelle/Mumbai
05/02/2012 05:51:53

Very very beautiful pictures. Thank you

vvkamath, mumbai
05/02/2012 05:46:56

Cancer not cancel.It is curable.give a good treatment. Convey to patient give some good advise.It will be curable. God is great .He looks everything.

Alfred Vincent Monis, Bantakal/Kingdom of Bahrain
05/02/2012 01:50:22

Thank you Dr.Eugene for the beautiful pictures.

Moodubelle Charitable Trust, Moodubelle
05/02/2012 01:42:44

Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It's a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment. And in this case it is You Dr.Eugene Dsouza Heartily Congratulations to you!!!

Helen Dsouza, Edmeer
05/02/2012 01:38:57

May today's success be the beginning of tomorrow's achievements. Congratulations !!!!! Dr.Eugene Dsouza.

Arun, Kalmady
04/02/2012 11:33:31

Congratulations and all the best.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
04/02/2012 09:23:30

Thirty years ago, while touring villages where Louis Lobo spent his early days, I stayed overnight as a guest in a Lobo household. I carry pleasant memories of their rustic generosity and hospitality. Anyone born and brought up in a terrain of those villages, would not retire quietly tend to kitchen gardens. May Lobo greater success in his mission.

Ravi Subandh, Thane,Maharashtra, INDIA
04/02/2012 08:36:13

Valuable information. May be circulated among majority of people, especially family doctors.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
03/02/2012 22:30:25

The concerned expressed by J. N. Santhosh Hegde is timely and very useful to the rural people.
I have read in another News paper that boiled tomatos help avoid Cancer and also heals at the early stage. This informatioin may be more useful to rural and the poor who can afford to make it a habit of eating noiled tomatos so that they can prevent Cancer.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
03/02/2012 22:23:48

Yes it is my experience also. From Right Arm to Lelft arm the BP readings differ. There fore I insist readings from both arms and record them for my informaiton.
This is a good information provided by belle vision to its viewers. Thank You Bellevision. keep it up.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
03/02/2012 17:55:48

Captain Sebastian, you should not be allowed to fly forever and not three months. You are jeopardizing the passengers and in fact the entire aircraft.In the last ten four pilots have been tested positive for alcohol. It is a shame. In fact not only pilots but every staff flying on duty should be tested through the breathalyser.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
03/02/2012 02:30:38

Lest the message of Prof Nanjunda is lost amidst private animosities, let me state what I understood it to be: He rues the fact that people are not willing to spend a lot for quality education, even as they accept that money can but good education.

But attitudes are changing. Discerning parents are willing and paying high tuition and other fees to enroll their children into ranked and highly rated private schools. In fact, the schools are found wanting in providing value for money, due to demand-supply gap. Yes, some call it a commercialization of education. They are in the socialist era, where state was expected to pay for education of its citizens. And the state had its priorities elsewhere, and quality suffered, not least because poor wages attracted poor talent into teaching and teachers also did not commit themselves to their profession, in order to make a decent living like everyone else, which one cannot grudge them.

Stephen, Moodubelle
03/02/2012 00:59:23

In kannada there is a quote "NAYI BOGALUVDARINDA KAILASA KEDUVDILLA" Dear Benadict Noornha, Ronald sabi better to we ignore Stanley s comment. This man ll never in his life. He ll bark again..

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
02/02/2012 22:53:56

Dear Roal Sabi, You know jealousy has no medicine. It was also present early days of God s creation and serpant out of jealousy I think motivated Eve to eat the forbidden fruit as we are taught, and thereafter all the evils started. Professors , lecturers must be encouraged for their good work but at the same time criticised also to check them going out of Laxmana Rekha. I had a dozen of professors and lecturers including mr M.d. nanjunda , with lots of calibre, wit and enthusiasm and he has proved his inbuilt talents. So honur and appreciate them.God will love those who do it. Honouring of Prof Nanjunda at Alevoor was anews to me, else I would have made it at the function. Yet the public of Alevvoor have done it. Great is the Deed. Prof. nanjunda, Jai ho!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
02/02/2012 13:39:54

Interesting. Does the system work for those of us who have been to conventional school and lost our thinking abilities?

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
02/02/2012 13:38:07

Mouth-watering news, alas, i am so far away!

Railfan, Mangalore
02/02/2012 11:56:13

Which idiot has written this article?
Garib Rath was running from Kochuveli from the day one. It was never terminating at Mangalore Central. Navyug Express still comes to Mangalore !!
Netravati runs till Trivandrum and not Ernakulam.
Mangala Lakshadweep terminates at Ernakulam itself and doesn t touch Trivandrum as given in the article !!
And I don t think we can call Muniyappa a Minister. He is a clown having no other work. Goes to every state and entertains people !!
If we want trains, we have to fight people not just comment !

Janet Aranha, Shirva/Abudhabi
02/02/2012 06:05:47

Thankyou posting beautiful pictures It refreshes our old memories. I miss my shirva soo much. Chruch looking like Taj Mahal for me.

Stephen, Moodubelle
02/02/2012 05:10:26

Stanly Belle, Qatar, I agree with your comment.

Srivatsa Udupa, Mangalore
02/02/2012 05:08:54

Given that 12133/12134 is running full everyday already, what will be the condition of the commuters/passengers if it got extended to Ernakulam? Matsya Gandha Express is running full 24x7. People struggle to get seats in it. CST Express was a relief but now if it s extended to Ernakulam, I don t have to elaborate the result. All summer specials/winter special trains run between Kerala and Mumbai. What s D.K and Udupi Dist? A real place on earth or a fictional planet, where people exist as though they don t? Our requests are continuously getting ignored. They gave an absurd reason of not having enough space for Mumbai Express at Central but at the same time they managed to introduce the Palakkad Intercity. Doesn t it require space? How did they manage space for that? These questions remain unanswered, unasked!

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
02/02/2012 04:46:22

Stanly Belle, why are you upset about professors doing MC Job and other cultural activities? They are doing it during out of office hours and on their available casual leave!! They are free to go abroad for leisure, fun or holiday like you and me!! I believe such activities will broaden their horizon and better equipped for teaching! Please note that talented, intelligent and orators are on demand always and let them meet our demands and dreams of organizing memorable gatherings and programmes. I strongly believe that a versatile and positive personality if happened to be a teacher / professor will be useful to any student. If any person is not good at job, he will not retain the job! Leave it to the employer!! Is it good to see teachers only doing teaching and getting into shell and chappe/non social? And retire being the same without troubling brain and body (kind of pusthakada badane kai) ? I think examples are galore! Being active, innovative and enthusiastic will always add values to life and liked by most!!

Mark Fernandes, Moodubelle/Pune
01/02/2012 21:25:12

Last year Indain Railways had started a Super Fast train from Pune to Ernakulam. It has got halts in almost all stations in Kerala. It is unfortunate that this train does not have halts at Karwar and Udupi.I do not understand why railway authorities understand the importance of Udupi and Manipal being great educational centres. It is true that the malayalees are spread all over India but it doesn t mean that other places to be neglected.

V Lobo, Moodubelle
01/02/2012 14:53:07

It is a good news for Moodubelle residents ,soon St Lawrence college will going to degree college but it is too late my dears couple of month back new college is opened between Kuntal nagar and Moodubelle why one side politics another side our beloved Belleans they doesn t want to stay at Moodubelle they afraid or they feel shy buying flats and living udupi Manipal or Mangalore How come our village will get good facilities, I don t know some of them living out of our village plus writing their crap capital letters comments like coz love my village I don t understand what is the logic This is like most of them are name sake Belleans that s it.

Stanley, Belle
01/02/2012 12:49:28

There are so many teachers and professors who are always busy with MC, functions and visiting abroad for occasions and involved in other cultural activities. Where they have time to teach our children. Instead of involving such activites let them teach our childrenWhat we can expect from our teachers, good education ... ??

Wilfred M, Mangalore/USA
01/02/2012 12:21:13

Congratulations and wish you all the best!

Zita, New Delhi
01/02/2012 03:43:20

Congratulations..May The Good Lord Bless you always. We are very proud of you.., Keep up the good work.

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
01/02/2012 00:01:09

Thank you Dr. Eugene for introducing such a person serving the community and society! Long live Mr. Louis Lobo

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
31/01/2012 22:59:08

This train was demanded by us from Mangalore to Mumbai because travellers from D.K Udupi districts were not getting accomodation to travel to the north. If it is extended to Thiruvanamthapursm the same problem of accomodation will rise. It is for Karnataka C.M. M.P./MLAs and leaders to join public and raise the protest voice. If our leaders do not take up the issue , then it is time to boycott coming election and offer bangles to the M.P.s / MLAs and other leaders by organising a protest meeting at Mangalore Udupi. Every one should join in the protest and there should not be party poilitics.
It is also time to raise vioice demanding Bangalore Mangalore train to Karwar as was committed by Mr Muniyappa. In Congress party Muniappa is to lead in strengthening the Party and he will visit D.K., Udupi and U.K districts. If the Bangalore Mangalore night train is not estended to Karwar before his visit, every one must show him protest in a fitting manner and say that we boycot his paprty. Then only the Central Government lead by Congress will protect our interest. Let us fight the cause. say- Jai ho!

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
31/01/2012 15:54:11

Shah Rukh your are are innocent and this is that someone is trying to spoil your image and ruin your family life. God bless you and your family. I have no other words to say.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
31/01/2012 15:45:39

I think MSD you should quit and give chance to younger criketers. Your recent performences was not worth and it was a utter shame to the country. I know you brought glory to this country during the last WORLD CUP.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
31/01/2012 15:23:05

Congratulation to Derek and Patsy Lobo on your wonderful Nandigudda House in Attavar. I cannot believe it that you and your family kept up to your family heritage. It is the loving Lord who helped in this keeping this heritage. God bless you and your wonderful family and keep up that house.

Beulah J Mathias, New Hampshire (USA)
31/01/2012 13:51:37

Congratulations Mr Louis Lobo. You have made the entire Christian community especially Kalmady very proud. We need people like u. Wish you all the very best n lots of success in all your future endeavors.

Jagdish Alva, Mangalore / Dammam-KSA
31/01/2012 10:35:02

What an artist ...!!!! Hearty Congratulations on his well deserved Padma Shree award.
Long live Chittani and Yakshagana.
Wish him a long,healthy and peaceful life.

Naveen, pamboor
31/01/2012 09:32:05

Hi Joy,
Good article. Keep it up. Good information for the present youth. well done. Best wishes from your Godparents.

wagle, udupi
31/01/2012 07:39:21

Congrats Dr. Eugene D'Souza sir, goodluck.

veronica.alick, New Delhi/ Belle
31/01/2012 07:08:50

Congrats.He is really very active and always there to help the needy.Our Best Wishes to him and his family

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