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Valerian Alva, Moodubelle / Dubai
03/01/2012 02:41:12

Wow, thats a great news on the new year 2012. Congratulations Carol. You have proved it again that you are the best singer. Go on, we want to see you in Indian idol very soon. Hearty congratulations to your proud parents too.

Cyprian Castelino, Dubai/Moodubelle
03/01/2012 02:33:38

Congratulation Carol Voice Udupi .. Really U deserve the award.. Keep Rocking U made Belle Proud.. also Congrats to all the Winners..

Therese dalmeida, Moodubelle/Doha
03/01/2012 02:25:02

Hearty Congratulations dear Carol.
You brought more honour and pride to Moodubelle.May ALMIGHTY GOD shower His unending Blessings on you and grant all your wishes.

joel dsa, moodubelle, bahrain
03/01/2012 01:32:29

well done, as saying goes charity begins at home, the youth of today are proving again and again that there is no scarcity of leadership, only need the support from all of us. Next time count me in too. hats off guys and good luck for the future. There are many needy families need support.

Norman, Moodubelle/Dallas
02/01/2012 20:32:05

Congratulations to all the winners!! Very good work in helping the Needy people. The spirit must continue!!

preethika mathias, shirva
02/01/2012 12:40:51

cogratulations to all the winners... good job

Zita, New Delhi
02/01/2012 10:21:21

Well Done President team, Thanks for the invitation.. sorry couldn t make it..,Wilfred and Elias.. Hats off to u guys.. For Your VERY QUICK Report and pics....Best Of luck!!

m.ilias, u.a.e
02/01/2012 08:38:12

i was a part from mr. jhon rebello , he is very,very special man,

Joseph Dsouza, Bangalore
02/01/2012 07:34:16

Hey Chrissy,
Loved your Poem on the insights on 2011; well composed and very expressive. You have great talents Sweety, Keep writing. We are proud of You. Love you, God Bless You... Aunty n Uncle from Bangalore

Baptist Sequeira, Belle
02/01/2012 04:14:48

Ivan, Herman and all youth, you have proved again you all the best. Keep your good work going.

Chethan Dsouza, moodubelle
02/01/2012 02:52:28

Great initiative, nicely done! Kudos to the entire team.

Zita, New Delhi
02/01/2012 02:28:51

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL.. Herman and Team.. We are proud of you..God Bless you Guys!!

Francis L Lobo, Belle/Vasai/ Dubai
02/01/2012 01:59:21

Nice to see Vincent in Belle vision and keep up the good job of promoting konkani language and konkani songs. we must encourage our children to speak in konkani!!thanks

02/01/2012 01:12:54


Cyprian, Dubai/Moodubelle
02/01/2012 00:55:41

Congratulation to all.. specially to MJC for organizing such a good tournament.. keep going same spirit in future.. congrats again...

Joy lobo, moodubelle/mangalore
02/01/2012 00:39:46

congratulations to all organizers. you have done excellent job for new year. Surely God will bless you all.

Arun Steevan Sequeira, Mattar Moodbelle/Dubai
02/01/2012 00:31:11

Wishing you all a very happy new year 2012.

Preema, Belle/Dubai
02/01/2012 00:27:08

Congratulations !! Well Done Boys, Keep up your good work and efforts. We are proud of you.

John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/ Nottingham
01/01/2012 14:42:15

Congratulations all the winners. I am really proud of you guys what you have done. Keep up the same spirit.

Vijay dsouza, Moodubelle/Bahrain
01/01/2012 13:08:11

congrats MJC. We did it again.Herman you made all ex players from MJC proud. I think this is the first tournament in entire history of moodubelle cricket where the profit is given to the Poor people.Hats of to you guys. I request all the youth from belle to take this as an example and come forward to help needy. CHEERS again.

Winisha Aranha, Moodubelle
01/01/2012 11:09:27

Complement of the season .Well organized joel uncle and nic to see hilda aunty,bro preethu ,marita,hazu n jasa.

Joy lobo, moodubelle/mangalore
01/01/2012 00:56:18

wish you all happy new year 2012

Renuka, Chicago
31/12/2011 23:40:22

Great poem Crystal. It was an excellent round up of 2011. I hope and wish you achieve great heights in all spheres of life.


Aisha, India
31/12/2011 23:37:04

That was a fabulous poem! Very insightful and helped us all learn about what happened throughout the year! Keep it up!! You re amazing!!


Manoj, Moodubelle
31/12/2011 21:31:55

Wishing everyone a blessed new year.

Fr. Matthew F. D Souza, Kattingere/Virginia Beach, VA, USA
31/12/2011 15:42:40

Wish you all, Belle Parishioners, a VERY HAPPY PROSPEROUS 2012! Hope and pray that the 2012 be a bouncing, happy year with a ribbon wrapt around to read: 2012! As we also celebrate the solemnity of Mary Mother of God today because we are beginning a NEW YEAR of life and life always begins with mother, let the NEW LIFE begin with grace of God and Wisdom to grow stronger in our spiritual life, the life that makes our physical existence worthwhile!

31/12/2011 14:49:18

All the best guys.i miss this tournament.guddabettu is one of my fav ground nd i love 2 play in this ground,,herman,joyal,neville nd co.. good job kp it up.hv a wonderful tournament,,nd spl tnx 2 baskar anna nd family,they gv superb support nd help 4 all tournaments.herman cme back soon 2 dubai zabeel park is waiting 4 u.guys wih u a very happy new year..kp playing cricket

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
31/12/2011 03:42:05

Anna acted too brilliant and too big. But He should have understood that while has a backing of 1,00,000 people, each M.P. has 1-0 lakh voters behind them. He could not have forced Parliament to get the bill passed within a given time frame. Knowing the mentality of M.P.s , he should have been quiet and watch the dram in the Parliament.
All is not well with Team Anna. Anna should not anti canvas UPA in the coming elections if he is a man of principles he must anticanvas BJP too, or else keep silent.

Robin J Martis, Moodubelle/Banglore
30/12/2011 12:06:03

@ICYM MOODUBELLE, MOODUBELLE: ICYM MOODUBELLE is a vast organization; there are 1000s of people who are associated with this organization. By seeing the comments from "ICYM MOODUBELLE, MOODUBELLE, it looks like they are personal opinions of individuals. As an ex ICYM member, i would request you to comment by your personal identity than using the "ICYM MOODUBELLE, MOODUBELLE" name. @ Bellevision team: Please don't entertain any comments by the name of such reputed organizations

cynthia dsouza, Kallotte Karkala
30/12/2011 10:58:52

DEAR Uncle,Aunty,Flavy family-Plse accept our heartfelt condolences on the sad dismice of Francis(br). We were shocked this news. May GOD Gv u the strenth 2 bear this irreparable loss.May his soul rest in peace. ( COUSINS:- Veronica, Arun,Clarence,Valerian,Florine,Rona-ld,Simon,Lydia,Cynthia family.)

Roshan, Dubai
30/12/2011 03:27:11

Excellent poem Crystal. Amazed at your brilliance.

Jason, Mangalore/Oman
30/12/2011 02:18:52

Love your work crystal..

Terrific poem. Lovely lines, profound insight and smooth flow.

You have all the makings of a poet, wish you luck!

Sally Quadros, Chicago
29/12/2011 23:39:32

Amazing Poem Crystal and snap shot of 2011 very beautifully written. Have always treasured your poems and the ones that follow seem to be better than the ones before. Keep up your great poetic adventure and I look forward with enthusiasm to read each and every one of them. God Bless you !!!

Meera Lobo, Moodubelle
29/12/2011 23:28:59

I as a parent want to congratulate the ICYM president and members of my parish.I am proud of them,their activities,leadership,good will and concern towards the parish and the society.Although a small group but very effective like the yeast in the leaven.Their activities like the competitions,crib,star,christmas card and presenting the christmas plays to give the christmas message are worth noting and appreciating.You know how much time they require to plan and execute these activities with their regular classes and exams.I appreciate their dedication,discipline and hardwork.It is the responsibility of all the parents and elders to support and appreciate our youth than to pass comments which will make them stunted youths.

Meera Lobo, Moodubelle
29/12/2011 23:27:58

I as a parent want to congratulate the ICYM president and members of my parish.I am proud of them,their activities,leadership,good will and concern towards the parish and the society.Although a small group but very effective like the yeast in the leaven.Their activities like the competitions,crib,star,christmas card and presenting the christmas plays to give the christmas message are worth noting and appreciating.You know how much time they require to plan and execute these activities with their regular classes and exams.I appreciate their dedication,discipline and hardwork.It is the responsibility of all the parents and elders to support and appreciate our youth than to pass comments which will make them stunted youths.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
29/12/2011 23:01:39

Perhaps Easwarappa wants to be C.M. before the next elections. so better be quiet. Your term I feel is over. No one gets twice batting once out on the crease.

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
29/12/2011 21:29:54

Good poem written thoughtfully and comprehensively by Crystal covering major events during the year 2011.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
29/12/2011 18:58:29

Congratulations, a well written poem and hope to see many more of this kind. You are a very talented lady and wish you good luck in all what you do. You can e-mail a copy of this poem to President Obama and he will be surprised how talented we Indians are.

Fr. Richie, USA
29/12/2011 16:15:30

Hi Crystal,
Congratulations! You have captured the outstanding world events of 2011 and have presented them so strikingly in your poem by using your God given talent and skill. God bless you with a bright career.

Stephen Menezes, Moodubelle / UK
29/12/2011 14:32:18

Dear ICYM Belle, you may not need more members to join your unit but the Belle parish and the community needs it. Presently only 15 youth are getting the benefit of ICYM, why can not 100 youth get this benefit. These 100 youth will be indebted to ICYM in their entire life as you do not understand at this age, but when you enter the competitive world and struggle in life then you will understand. But alas .... that time will be too late to think. Act now.

Herman, Belle
29/12/2011 14:05:19

Thanks a lot Vijay for all your Financial support/contribution and kind concern! We miss you too your presence! Lets hope for the best mate!

Herman, Belle
29/12/2011 13:57:56

ICYM MooduBelle:- Pls go out and look out for guidance or advises! Nobody is there to give you the spoon feeding! This should come up from you guys not other way round. Targeting only NRI s for financial support is not the right option. Regarding Meetings announcements why cant the ICYM president take up the matter with Paris Priest? There are many ways to find a solutions. sitting idle to happen something is not the right choice!
Vijay:- good analysis though! I feel you too deserve to be in that list as that organization encouraged you alot?!!

29/12/2011 12:05:34

Dear all well wishers, ICYM members are not bothered about quantity (number of members) but we want to maintain good quality in ICYM. Lack of good guidance and advise that too not getting at the right time is one of the reasons, ICYM is not performing well in some areas. ICYM has certain rules and regulations regarding meetings. After Talents Day(08/09/2011), the next official meet was held on 18/12/201, nearly after 3 months. Announcements in Church related to ICYM can also play an important role. Without the involvement of elders(Director, Guide) we are forced to conduct our recent meeting for doing preparations for Christmas that too without any announcements. Our commented well wishers should also know about this fact. Many people in moodubelle know the reason for the sad or boring Christmas eve, and for all these ICYM alone is not responsible. Best Regards, ICYM MOODUBELLE

Vijay dsouza, Moodubelle/Bahrain
29/12/2011 10:32:52

Great thoughts guys. wish u all the best.It recalls all those glorious memories we had with MJC.missing all of u guys,specially Herman who was a great captain .Happy to know that u still have that love for the game.cheers mate

Akash Kumar, Belle / Duabi
29/12/2011 06:56:43

Dear Marita, You are harsh on us Madam Marita Lobo, FYI ICYM members first target the people who comes from Gulf for the donations. Instead of targeting directly the members from Gulf why can’t you give some solution to strengthen the ICYM. I hope during your next visit to Moodubelle ICYM might get some decorative lights. About Suvad, there is editorial team is there to look after these issue. They only target the advertisers for their financial target, now a day you only find advertisements and some messages from the editorial team. You know we Belleans need to grow up, our mind set need to change; Church Administrators need to use their brain. If you go through Dr. Norbert comments you might understand what he is talking about. Dear Oldies take a back seat please groom our youngsters. Vijay excellent analysis. Keep it up Bellevision

29/12/2011 06:28:13

Dear all well wishers, ICYM members are not bothered about quantity (number of members) but we want to maintain good quality in ICYM. Lack of good guidance and advise that

POPIRA MENDONCA, sooda/pernal/dubai
29/12/2011 06:05:06

Dear Uncle,Aunty,Flavy fly - Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the sad dimise of Francis (brother). We were shocked to hear this news. May God give u the strength to bear this irreparable loss. May his soul rest in peace. - Flora popira Vincent

Vijay D souza, Moodubelle
29/12/2011 04:30:06

Dear Marita Lobo, do not be so emotional.  I am also a ICYM member and it hurts when such a great organization of youth is not able to reach its goals.

In this platform of bellevision website no one saying bad about the handful of ICYM members as they are doing a great job and we must salute them.  Given the resources, they have done a good job and recent report on this same website is the testimony for their efforts.

But the question is why only 10 – 15 members in a parish which is having about 700 catholic homes.
Read again the opinion of Dr.Norbert Lobo.  Our youth are used less.  Use them properly and professionally and then you see the result.

I have seen at least 150 – 200 youth in the age of 16 – 24 years attend Sunday morning 7.30 a mass, then why we can not get even 50 members for ICYM.

I am sure there are more than 300 youth in Belle who are eligible to join ICYM.

We need to go to the root cause and need to see why our youth is not joining such a valuable organization which can help them immensely in their career and life ahead.

Firstly there need to be someone who need to take the lead and also need to guide them.  The assistant parish priest used to take this responsibility earlier as he is the one generally close to the youth.

This is not happening now in Moodubelle.  When a priest calls the youth thru his parents, I am sure no parent will say No.

Secondly, it is equally the responsibility of every parent to send their children to organizations such as ICYM, YCS … etc.  Only excelling academics will not enough to succeed in today competitive environment.  Getting distinction but not able to face an job interview, not able to face a group discussion, facing a large group of people, stage confidence … etc very much needed.  And this is very much freely taught when you are in ICYM.  There is a perception that when young boys and girls go to ICYM, they get busy in other activities which is not true.  A young boy or a girl can do anything when they are outside the ICYM also and we are seeing it daily.  Hence let us remove such a bad misconception from parents mind.

Let the ICYM be in touch with old members also and every ICYM old member wanted to see this great organization reach higher heights as they have all immensely benefitted from this organization.  I would like to take a few examples of persons who have excelled in their respective fields due to the support and training from ICYM, they are – Dr.Norbert Lobo, Dr.Dennis Fernandes, Dr.Alwyn Dsa, Fr.Charles Menezes, Fr.Naresh, Fr.Sunil, Raphael Aranha, Immanuel Carnelio master, Lecturer Jacintha Lobo, Mark Fernandes, Baptist Sequeira, Elias Dsouza, Valerian Alva, Ivan Menezes, Godwin Dsouza, Sannu Monis, Thomas Alva, Shanti Castelino, Akhil and many more …… the list goes one.  Ask any one of these persons and they will tell you what miracles ICYM did in their life.  These old members are ready to support the organization at every  stage, but please be in touch with them.

Finally, what we need is the desire to excel in life and not the chalta hai attitude of parents and youth.  Only mobiles, bikes will not be enough to excel in life today.  Come forward youth, whole world is ready to embrace you.

Marita Lobo, Moodubelle
28/12/2011 10:48:04

Dear criticizers, please read and enjoy the festival in Belle online. Festival is not to criticize ICYM. Instead you all big heads could send some program ideas in advance with some money to them, telling, make a good crib, keep some party etc while you come from Gulf. Even you could join to make the crib, you could take some decorative lights from gulf and make it good. ICYM youth are not to entertain people who visit Belle. Also I wonder when you all write this much, where are your talents when SUVAD issues publish, why you all do not write? Again ICYM to blame?

Benedicta Lobo, Udupi/Dubai
28/12/2011 05:15:31

Very nice article about visit to War Memorial at Vanasowrabh by St Marys college NSS students accompanied by the Chief Camp Officer, Prof. Ronald Joseph Moras. So happy to see my economic professor when I was studying in St. Marys college, Shirva. I have re-collected by memory of our NSS camp to Sequeira Colony, Moodubelle in the year 1982 when Fr. Alexander Lobo was parish priest of St.Lawrence church. Hats off to Prof. Ronald Moras good luck in your mission.

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