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Govind, Belle
05/04/2012 23:52:57

It is very sad to our part being an indian,and admiring as jai karnataka mathe, jai ho india and adding gulf countries name after their name.it is true all are working in foreign nations for their daily bread.these political parties are breaking our homes, come on boys we will form a flatform in our village and gather our villagers and political leaders and show them our strength and make them understand their duties.now these days without bribing it is difficult to get our work done from govt. department.unnecesarly scraching heads from so far come and join politcs to repair our currupt systems or else share the bread with our leaders.

Mukunda Nayak, Belle
05/04/2012 23:08:25

Don t comment or curse on Papanashini river. She has enough source of water. May b our politicians are not interested to utilize this. I don t understand how people created this situation in Padubelle. Politicians appeared in these pictures were served the government in the past too. But they did only acting in the stage program. My humble request to the graama panchayat members is, declare the padubelle area is draught effected. And beg to the authorities to grant additional/ special funds to satisfy the locals and own self. Best of luck. Hemphil, you are a anti-national. Why you are not suggesting to solve this problem??

V Lobo, Moodubelle
05/04/2012 16:20:08

Dear Peter Padubelle you know in B/V who writes his cheap comments only one person he was working before as circus man now works in Dubai one day he is Anner, Anil Valerian, Sequeira, Rakesh some other day he become Hemphill we don t know how many fathers he has God only knows Regarding this water issue why our Belle politicians spent money on Ankduoor dam who is using dam water nobody doing agriculture in this area this money should have been used for the Moodubelle, Padubelle water project at list somebody should have been benefited

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
05/04/2012 15:50:26

The local projects are technical feasible only if local knowledge of water resources is used. An engineer in Udupi, from Tumkur, does not know local geography, terrain, history, and water resources etc. Local inputs are necessary. This shall be provided by Grama Sabha, not only by GP or ward representative. This is why every household should participate in Grama Sabha. Voting once and expecting to sit back and get water and public services is like begging. It is like asking a shopkeeper to deliver rice to my home regularly in exchange for my salaam to him once a year, and giving him a tip on a feast. If that does not work, why it should work when it is the government body that we entrust the job with? Think about it.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
05/04/2012 15:42:12

Let me explain “The local and PRI will develop projects in alignment and report results’’. Udupi City Municipal Council, Udupi ZP, TP, and Belle GP are local and PRI bodies. Their revenue income includes share in state and central tax collections, grants, donations from world bodies, and taxes they must levy and collect. Karnataka state allocated Rs6, 031Cr for Water Supply and Sanitation in this year’s budget. Udupi and Belle has their share. If more is required, they must collect from people by taxes. Everyone has right to water, but no one has right to beg. Not for food, clothes, shelter, toilet, water, doctor and so forth. When we drew water from our own wells, our forefathers gave from their own sweat and money. Why are we different? Is it because, politicians promise and therefore, we like to believe them and beg at their feet? Why are we servile, useless and selfish? If owning private wells is not feasible due to various reasons, public ownership on shared basis (both water share and costs). This is called alignment to policy framework. The PRI will demand funds to implement state water policy and raise local money also to plan and implement specific projects ..contd

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
05/04/2012 15:23:29

So, the regulation policy should not encourage monopolies. Even if the state wanted to do it since independence and before, citizens dug wells to provide for themselves. Even in towns and cities, except metros. For various reasons, citizens look to the government bodies to provide them with domestic water and even agricultural irrigation.

The people’s representatives and successive governments, regardless of political party in power in Delhi or Bangalore always promise to do it by themselves. They have no capacity to deliver, with existing personnel and available money. Personnel in Bangalore think they know Udupi or Belle. Since local self-rules bodies were formed, known as Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRI), personnel in Udupi and Belle will report to local bodies. And the money will be shared from the state treasury.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
05/04/2012 15:12:44

State administration shall set policy frameworks. What do I mean? When my household runs out of food, what do I do? I go to a shop and buy it. So, why not water? Because, the state administration does not allow private business in water supply and wants to do it by itself. Its policy is to provide drinking water, irrigation and sanitation to both urban and rural populations through its publicly funded bodies. Public Water Works department (PWWD) is an example.

Since our people in Belle do not have drinking water, the PWWD has not done its job. They either have neglected their duty or have no money. If they have no money, either they have spent it on themselves or we have not paid taxes. Or required rates of taxes have not been levied.

So, a review of policy framework is required. This is state government’s job. It may seek directions from the center, and a share of taxes if the center wants it to do it that way. The state can make policy to private water supply and make laws to regulate businesses. Citizens will pay their water supplier for the water used. Water supplier makes profits, but if he charges too much, competitor will set up business. So, the regulation (contd)

Rakesh M Udupi, Belle
05/04/2012 12:53:10

Hello Mr. Philip Mudartha, can you please explain the meaning of your comment sir?

clem, london united kingdom
05/04/2012 12:09:03

some great pictures at this very special time of year. Happy and Holy Easter to you all

Dunnell, ottawa
05/04/2012 11:18:54

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Ernest d souza, Newyork U S A
05/04/2012 10:44:01

Hi john uncle my Dad told me to visit bellevision site there are exclusive article by you about kuwait Realy uncle i remember my days in kuwait after reading i felt very happy specialy Friday market and others also please write more about kuwait I will inform few friends of mine too regards Sayonara regards to your fly. r t

05/04/2012 09:41:21


Anil, pamboor
05/04/2012 07:55:54

Dear Peter,Who the hell you are,I write the fact,And india is a free country,And we all got independent on 15/08/1947,If you have little bit of shame tell your leaders do the work,I dont affried with anyone accept god,Tell the leaders dont eat all money,I think you understand what i mean, And dont thereten me,WISH YOU A GOOD FRIDAY,AND HAPPY EASTER...........

Valerian John, Kuwait
05/04/2012 07:49:07

Good work for the noble cause. Keep it up we wish success and progress in the days to come to all pangalities

Valerian, Moodubelle
05/04/2012 07:23:40

@ Pedru, Padubelle:- there is no harm in taking the names of the leaders. you pls pressuize these leaders to do good for the people. what he is said is correct.

Peter, Padubelle
05/04/2012 05:43:06

Dear anil pamboor. we have noticed you now these days commenting cheaply in belle vission. you are almost welcome with your valuable remarks, but you dont have any rights to mentions anybodys names. dont create personal classhes. this is my personal advice.if you need advertising yourself do some good work which will help others. god bless you.

Anner, Moodubelle
05/04/2012 04:37:40

Very well said Baptist. Salian is an useless leader who has done nothing to the community. Only benefited are some of the people around the places. We all should boycott the next election and should not allow any politicians to enter the gramas if nothing is done this time. Please stay firm and united.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
05/04/2012 03:58:02

Lukla Yenzing-Hillary Airport is the most dangerous airport in the world. Let us all wish a safe passage and pray for this team.
Secondly, that is a 10,000Ft steep climb. Aclimiatize, climb and come back with all snaps and share with us.

Anil, Belle/Doha
05/04/2012 01:51:21

Baptist really you 100% correct,we know very well about Mr.Salian, Selfless/hopeless/useless leader from Kaup constituency.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
04/04/2012 23:26:55

Thank you Mr. Monteiro for this important article on Maundy Thursday which is the most important day in the life of Jesus and his most important teaching given to us: Love One Another as I have love you" and showing by example fo washing feet of apostles. Wishing my all brothers-sisters a Blessed and Holy Maundy Thurday.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
04/04/2012 22:52:34

It is a great news that a group of Mangaloreans will attempt to climb the Himalayas!!! It is not a easy task but if there is a will and determination nothing is impossible. We must wish them all the best as it is also a proud moment to all Mangaloreans that our own community members climbing the Himalaya. Good Luck team and ALL THE BEST.

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
04/04/2012 21:01:25

Best of luck to the team.

Mukunda, Belle
04/04/2012 15:36:28

You are hundred percent right Mr Baptist Sequeira, Belle. I suggest belle panchayat that near Ankuduru dam and Padubelle bridge there are two big open wells are made by Jerry And team. If our present panchayath leaders utilize it, there no water problem in future to whole belle grama panchayath. MAJI SACHIVARE CILLARE RAJAKIYA BITTU OORINA ABIVRIDDIGE SAHAKARISI. THEGEDUKONDA ARJI HAGE IRALI MODALU IRUVA NEERANNU UPAYOGISI.

Teresa Braggs, calcutta
04/04/2012 14:08:57

Sr. Veronica Kamath is presently in Calcutta. She can be contacted at the convent number of Carmel High School, Gariahat.

Baptist Sequeira, Belle
04/04/2012 13:57:06

Dear People of Kaup and Udupi Constituency, please do not believe the politicians. Instead try to find out the facilities and schemes government has. But do not keep the hope on the hopeless leaders. remember 10 years back the same leader who is been seen the picture left out Katpadi Belman road un repaired to take revenge on the Shirva people who did not vote him. After that he never been elected. Politicians know people forget the past soon. So they bring their drama again in front of people and take the "arji" from people. But nothing will be done from these selfish leaders. Better you all go to Udupi Dist admin, and try to find out the solution. When this is done, then may be these leaders will get awakened and do something for you. But do not trust on them first. First People should act.

Pradeep Mendonca, Dubai
04/04/2012 13:17:22

Congratulations Cavin, wishing every success for all programmes and the decennial celebrations.

John Valerian, Mangalore/Kuwait
04/04/2012 13:14:00

Thank you all for your encouragement and support. I will try my best to bring unique articles to bellevision. Thanks to the bellevision committee and all readers.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
04/04/2012 09:53:41

The prerequisite is to examine state water resources management policy framework, based on which only a technical perspective can be provided. Would Belle GP provide an extract to webmaster for publication on BV?

William, Mumbai
04/04/2012 09:52:16

Thanks to bellevision for the coverage. Interesting article Mr.John. Keep writing.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
04/04/2012 09:47:31

I studied the statement of current accounts and assets-liabilities publicly available for previous years, and concluded that UCMC is capable must raise more revenue in its jurisdiction and spend it on infrastructure upgrade. This budget is not eliciting confidence in that respect.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
04/04/2012 09:41:38

Water has been a problem for as long as I remember. That the problem is getting out of hand requires state administration to set policy frameworks. The local and PRI will develop projects in alignment and report results.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
04/04/2012 09:37:08

As a habitual wanderer, occasional trekker and climber myself, I appreciate outdoor fun and frolic of youngsters. Increased disposable incomes, better automobiles, improved access are factors that promote such travels. Credit also goes to technological leap, which enables us to share experiences. While I commend the author both for narration and photos, which I liked, I have to stress on safety and first-aid. Enjoyed a few drinks is not right for such outdoors.

Gananath B Shetty, Nandikur/ Mumbai
04/04/2012 06:34:15

Rainwater harvesting is the better solution, rather than rely on politicians we can solve problem ourselves. This method helped in so many barren regions.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi/India
04/04/2012 06:30:14

Congratulations Ln Austin (D Souza)Prabhu. We areproud of you for the great acheivement in your HOme district.Keep it Up. Our association with you getting stronger with new and new records. Good Luck and Best Wishes from Benedict Noronha family Udupi India.

ipl 2012 news, india
04/04/2012 06:20:48

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PRAKASH NAYAK, Marne, Near Moodubelle
04/04/2012 03:53:11

Verry sorry to bear it, we can pray for ...

Sunil Aranha, Niddodi/Dubai
04/04/2012 01:41:28

Our Heartfelt condolence to Jilli bai, Gibba,Nancy Pramila on the sudden demise of our Maxim uncle, may his soul rest in peace

Carmine D sa, Kulshekar
04/04/2012 01:20:06

Good discovery, how did you come to know of this place? Would like to read more about creative works and travels from your side. Your experience shared with all is superior.

Anil, pamboor
03/04/2012 16:20:25

Mr Salian And Mr Harish, What is the use of you all comming,When you find the soulation then rainy season will starts,Better give them bottle water............

Melvin, Kemmannu/Kuwait
03/04/2012 16:07:13

Dear Tauro, Once again your discovery in Kuwait of Ms Lydia Qattan\ s house of mirror is fantastic. I have read several articles which Ms. Qattan has written in Arab Times but I never knew about her beautiful house. Keep us informed about these great places in Kuwait.

Shawn Pinto, Kulshekar
03/04/2012 14:52:46

Hello uncle! lately my friends and myself were going through your wonderful articles, and they are truly amazing. and we appreciate your hard work in spreading knowledge about kuwait to far off places. It has helped us in loads by enhancing our knowledge. Hope to see more of your encouraging articles very soon. All the best on your mission uncle.
Shawn Pinto (Lourdes Central School, Bejai)

Jessy Pinto, Shirthady
03/04/2012 14:44:19

Well done Mr. John Tauro. We see the spectacular beauty of Kuwait through your wonderful articles. You have captured beautiful and meaningful pictures which brings back our memories of our beloved country. Indeed you are doing a wonderful job in Kuwait. Hats off to you Sir! We look forward in getting more astonishing articles from you very soon.

Natasha, Shivbagh
03/04/2012 14:06:41

What a magnificent Marvelous job done by Ms.Lidiya Thank you Mr.John for the good article covered by you.Your Job as a Reporter is spreading its wings all over the world

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
03/04/2012 09:49:04

JPH is not right: the trust of people on politicians is reducing? Voter turn out was 66% plus. 88% voted two of parties, who fielded professional politicians, bigger share to JPH. Compare this to 2008 US Presidential elections. Voter turnout=56.8%. The non-professional politicians. Point: JPH wants to get re-elected in 2014. More than gaining trust, important is for fulfilling his promises, working harder and getting results, while being without bias, fear and favoritism. That is minimum.

Sayeed Hassan, Lucknow india
03/04/2012 05:20:35

Very interesting article john when we were together in kuwait we never know these places any way after your retirement you are keeping touch with our second home kuwait mabrouk convey my regards to our cowmen thank you friends

Loyola Pinto, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi
03/04/2012 04:31:37

Thank you Leena Jayakumar and Alphonso Mendonsa for the detailed report and coverage.

This report is being circulated to all Toastmasters in the Area.

Brian Monica Mathias, Moodubelle, Dublin, Ireland
03/04/2012 04:29:35

Our Heartfelt sympathies to Jilly Akka, Gibba, Nancy, Pramila all the members of the Saldanha/Mathias Family on the sudden demise of Maxim Uncle.May his soul rest in peace.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
03/04/2012 04:06:53

"Party workers should respond to the problems of common man at the booth level and gain their confidence" Rightly said Mr. Hegde. Looking at the political scenario at our state we can easily make out the lowest confidence level due to infighting, greed and power hungry politicians. It is time for Congress workers at the grass root to work for the common peoples needs and solve their immediate problems, such as land, poverty, electricity shortage, road construction, educational needs and many social needs of the people and gain the confidence to win votes in the future and most importantly for the development of their district to start with.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
03/04/2012 03:57:47

Congrats Dear Dr. Austine on winning the Dist. Governors post twice. We Mangaloreans are proud of your achievements and though you have left mother land but your service to the people still continuing and efforts have been paid off. Good Luck for your future endeavors.

g m martis, moodubelle/muscat
03/04/2012 02:51:37

Heartfelt Condolences to Robert and Annie on the demise of your beloved father. May his soul rest in Peace

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