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Benedict Noronha, Udupi
23/03/2012 08:31:39

Well done Congress youth, you have shown the strength and also the spirit. It must be kept up, grow and becocme stronger at all elections and also at times of demanding some thing for the constituency through the elected Leader. This unity and strength must be active even when the demands of the area like Bangalore Mangalore train to run to Karwar is not implemented. It is a basic necessity of the coastal Karnataka and our Winner Mr. J.P Hegde must press for this train which is very useful and necessary for us to travel to Bangalore whenever necessary. Well done now, keep it up. Be active and alive. Good Luck. Congress of Udupi Malpe Jai ho!

Prakash Nayak, Marne, Udupi now in Dwarka Delhi
23/03/2012 05:49:47

Good!!! bellevision is covering all news and evnets. I am happy to see in this devine assignment one of my Classmate Mr. Raj Moorthy is taking active particiapation, whom I am seeing after many years. Thanks to BELLEVISION.

PRAKASH NAYAK, Marne Sagu House, Near Patla
23/03/2012 04:50:17

Eventhough I am in Delhi, working in Emaar MGF Land Limited, it gave me lot of pleasure to read and to know that the happenings in Patla (where I have studied since first standard till 7th) then St. Lawrence High School Moddubelle. I am very happy that Karnatak Bank is taking initiative to promote the area and being in Delhi I am happy to watch the developments through Bellevision. THANKS wishing all HAPPY YUGADI" May god Bless all. NAYAK from Dwarka, Delhi

PRAKASH NAYAK, Marne, (between Patla
23/03/2012 01:00:04

Wishing all "HAPPY YUGADI" and Properous year Ahead.

Abdul Razzaq, Dubai
22/03/2012 23:20:53

Helo john regarding you article our friend mr mascarenha told me and ask me to see the bellevision is you when we were in kuwait working together then my salams to you and your fly please write more about kuwait i remembering my days in kuwait regards thank you sir.

Simon Pinto, Beirut
22/03/2012 23:08:56

Jai ho hegdji abhi aap kaam karkeke dhekana aur do saalme phir election our selection hona hi kuch bhi ho congratulation our prayer with you sir thanks.

Santhu Padukone, Padukone/Bandra
22/03/2012 13:44:43

Nizaki bov vorthem kavan tumchem Godwin Dattu tumka srav borem magtaa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Mukunda, Moodubelle
22/03/2012 11:39:51

It is funny to read the opinion of John Peter Fernandes and Chandru s comments on this report. Kuppa is a very best friend of mine and I know him very well. He is a true congressian from the beginning. Anybody can change their political party depending on the party s manifesto and to the prevailing situation. India is a democratic country. Please tell us to which party do u belong? Third front....?

Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice, London
22/03/2012 10:07:48

This is a very good start, but it is just a start. We need to keep up the pressure to make sure there is real change.

For the full text of the resolution and who voted which way please see:


Jovita Mendonca, Moodubelle
22/03/2012 08:59:12

Dear Mr.JP Hegde Congrats and wish you a good luck. . .

alphonse mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
22/03/2012 07:16:21

Well it is better Gowda continue than power hungry greedy Yeddyurappa. He has presented a good budget and he has a lot of work to do implement all the schemes he has budgeted.

Haniff Abdulla, Khafji /Kuwait
22/03/2012 04:53:34

It is a great relief,otherwise prices of commodities would have been skyrocketed. Hope everything will be o.k. Thank you bellevision team.

Stany Lobo, Thirlapalke/Dubai
22/03/2012 04:28:43

Very nice to see senior parishoners toghter. May almighty
God give them strength, courage to
face whatever problems of old age they are facing. These kind of programs make them feel good .

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
22/03/2012 00:01:54

A Godly program of honouring the elders by this kind of a programme gathering,praying,meeing and eating together. They feel relaxed for a day and happy. God will also be happy I fee, with this kind of a noble act. Congratulations to Rev. Fr. Joshwey Fernandis and his team My it be an example to other parishes.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
21/03/2012 23:51:38

Mr J.P. hegde deserved victory for his personality and ability to serve the rural poor. His past reccords in Udupi District were good. hence hs is voted. It is hoped that he would strive to maintain the image and help lead in the coming Lok Sabha elections in Karnatak also. Good Luck,J.P.H.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
21/03/2012 23:48:48

BJP leadership appears to have been keen to extract suit cases from BSY and it appears they are senile/ half made and know not what they are doing? it was BSY s role that contributed easy Win for Congress. Else it would have been a narrow margin because Congress leadershi shown some unity move sside lining groupism. Putting BSY back BJP is totally proving its bad management. It is mad mamangement.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
21/03/2012 23:45:16

Rahul deserves such an honour. His contributions to Indian cricket were great and he has timely retird to give room for youngsters. He is great.

Sadanand Poojary, Dubai U A E
21/03/2012 22:52:51

Congratulation Mr J P Hegde. You deserved this win and people voted for congres party. Now it is your turn to do the job. wish you good luck.

Shekar Shetty, Cairo
21/03/2012 22:31:43

Good collection of vintage cars and maintained properly .Thanks to belle vision for this article is their more on kuwait on similar visiting place even the Friday market was superb right place to bargain.

alphonse mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
21/03/2012 22:03:41

Very well written Godwin, simple but have deep meaning and narration is beautiful. keep writing and sharing.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
21/03/2012 18:34:55

It is sad to hear such unfortunate news. Vijay Mallya being one the top businessman has to go down in such a way. You have $103 billion in debt. Banks do not want to help any further, Employees are not paid. International flights are cancelled and I do not know what is in store for KINGFISHER Airlines.Mr. Mallya you were better off with your liquor business.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
21/03/2012 18:25:22

Congratulation Mr. J.P. Hegde on winning the election. You deserve the win. You had many supporters and they all voted for you. Good pictures by Pundalika Marate. Every seems to enjoying the victory.

Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA
21/03/2012 18:13:51

Tedulkar s 100 hundreds was good but it cost the Indian team to loose because of his selfish batting. He played a slow game and Bangla Desh won.

chandru, belle, belle
21/03/2012 17:38:23

congratulations mr. hegde... moodubelleyalli uttama abhivraddi maduttirendu nimmannu nambutteve. kuppa BJP yaavra jothe campain maadi eega congress navara jothe eddane. pettu beelutte endu hedari hogirabeku. paapa kuppa, menasina hudi nenapu ennu hogilla endu kanistade

V.Lobo, Moodubelle
21/03/2012 15:48:57

This is enough to tell a story of "HOW PEOPLE HATE THE BJP". This loss is because of Yeddy and not DVS.Where is our big mouth Hempil Dubai is he there, better he should take cup of water dip his nose that what he fit for. Hempil Baby yesterday was yours today is ours, don t think Mangaloreans are stupid Jai HO Karnataka Mathay.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
21/03/2012 09:44:56

First, read the news report at this link: http://zeenews.india.com/news/karnataka/karnataka-budget-2012-zero-interest-on-crop-loans_765217.html

Those with right connections can take 2 lakhs at 1% and 1 lakh at 0% as crop loans, then earn 10% interest income. Central budget exempts TDS on Rs 10,000 at one branch, so they need connections at 2 or 3 bank branches..

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
21/03/2012 09:35:32

Seeking additional information: a) at which age do I qualify to be an elder? (Senior citizen=60, Privilege Senior=65, Super Senior=80 by government definition, and b) % of elders in parish population and c) rate of increase/decrease in b) above. Our youngsters, especially with one income and two elders to treasure and care for, have a tough job ahead of them..May God bless the young and give them the means shoulder their repsonsibilities.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
21/03/2012 09:25:18

Yes, instilling money management skills early is laudable; but, how does the bank take care of legality of transactions by a minor? Do they need a guardian and if so till what age?

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
21/03/2012 09:21:17

If behavioral therapy, drug and substance de-addiction and clinical treatment, are administered to convicted offenders, this can be legislated too, but under a nicer name like hormone regulation therapy..castration does not sound civil..maro, magar pyar se..

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
21/03/2012 09:08:14

Loved, awe-inspiring verse..try substituting firngi with porki..

John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/Nottingham U.K
21/03/2012 08:07:52

Whats wrong with BJP Party?????

John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/Nottingham U.K
21/03/2012 08:02:56

Congratulations Mr.JP Hegde.I was surprise to see Mr.Cliford Martis(Kuppa), last election he supported BJP Party.Today he joined congress party winning Celebration.He is like UR Sabhapathi changeing party every now and then hope it will work for him.Good luck!!!

John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/Nottingham U.K
21/03/2012 07:50:01

Congratulations Mr.JP Hegde. This Victory will attract more people towards congress party in Karnataka. Jai Ho!!!!!

Ravi Shetty, Udupi/Mumbai
21/03/2012 07:43:00

Unfortunate that a efficient and clean man like DVS will be ousted because of this corrupt man. The hijacking of MLAs to a resort is a drama created by Yeddi to have an impact on Udupi-Chikmagalur by elections. If Yeddi is reinstated as the chief misinster, BJP will loose its Chaddi in Karnataka, thats for sure.

Mohanraj, Udupi
21/03/2012 07:16:52

Unbelievable and Most Unfortunate and Unwanted...Efficiency of DVS should not be measured against the results of Udupi MP elections. DVS should be given oppertunity to complete the remaining term of the govenment.
If this news is true then whole people to Karnataka to unite and stop the move of BJP highcommand.

James Dsouza, Mangalore / Kuwait
21/03/2012 06:43:48

I am in Kuwait since the last 20 years, but I never visited this place. It is really wonderful to know about such a good collection of Vintage Cars and Bikes. Excellent pictures and write up Mr. Tauro, keep it up , great job. definitely I will pay a visit to this museum with my family.

Retesh Bai, Iraq Basra
21/03/2012 06:15:13

Wonderful photos of lovely vintage cars. Was it safe during saddams invasion time. Good maintained cars, i will be visiting shortly to Kuwait and i will take some time to visit this place.Thank you bellevision team.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
21/03/2012 06:02:19



Rethesh Bai, Iraq Basra
21/03/2012 05:55:03

Congratulation for the voters! Wrong time right man as a MP. Mr J P Hegde deserve this verdict, well done voters thank you all but for congress party please work hard to keep this momentum to the coming election.

johnvalerien, ahmadi kuwait
21/03/2012 05:48:40

This is a true peoples verdict of a true democracy country of great India and Sir J P Hegde is person to needed to udupi constituency. Good luck and for congres party u keep all the differnces way and work unitedly for the party and for the people of india Jai ho!!

alphonse mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
21/03/2012 03:31:33

Congratulations to CONGRESS and in particular to Mr. Hegde. He deserved a great victory. His good character and good governance by Congress finally paid off. BJPs infighting and greed for power cost them dearly.

Stany Lobo, Moodubelle/Dubai
21/03/2012 03:11:16

Congratulations to Mr J P Hegde and also to voters of Udupi-Chickmaglur.This result indicates if Congress leaders are united its very easy to defeat BJP. For BJP this result should be an eye opener. Atleast now they should stop fighting for power and do some good work for the people

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
21/03/2012 02:43:56

Fr. Joswin rightly said: Parents are treasurers of the parish and we must respect them at all times. In the modeern society we see many make mockery of our elders... God bless them all and give them long life and good health.

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
21/03/2012 02:18:38

Congrats to JP Hegde,

i am sure his party Congress will win this time as he is the deserving candidate. BJPs infighting and greed for power will cost them dearly... GOOD LUCK CONGRESS..

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
20/03/2012 21:10:34

Short, but very meaningful couplets by Godwin D'Souza.

Msgr. Matthew F. D Souza, Nalku Beedi/Washington, DC
20/03/2012 15:40:54

"OLD IS GOLD" which is precious and is to be handled with great care!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
20/03/2012 13:02:14

I do not want to belittle passion, vision and achievements of another human being, especially a teenager who is lucky to be recognized, on World Sparrows Day. (I did not know they also had a day only for them!).

Sparrows were pests when I was 15. I have spent hours driving them away, from whatever food we had to process in the aangann and khadap. Their chirpy music was not really a dear to my ears then. After being absent from my life for years, they arrived once again occupying my window-sills, balconies and chirping away, in competition with pigeons. I have a whole band now, to which I wake up here in Qatar!

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle
20/03/2012 08:13:18

Congratulations Ramita for winning National Sparrow Award. Your efforts in conserving the lovely rare bird is amazing and praiseworthy. The little birds who used to be a regular sight during my childhood days have practically disappeared as their normal habitat of straw or hey house-roofs have given way to tiles and later to concrete terraced houses.

Valerian Albuqurqe, Mumbai/ Malad
20/03/2012 06:42:33


Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
16/03/2012 14:23:35

One big tension of India is done and over! 100 hundreds! Now only stress left for india is BJP Congress! Hope both get educated against corruption!!

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