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Florine, Moodubelle/US
20/05/2012 18:16:36

Why do you support this actor when he is totally on the wrong side of the fence? SRK would not have been anything without the media hype and Cricket/movie crazy fans. How could you be sure that the characters he portrays in movies, he lives in real life too? Movies are fiction and for entertainment, its better to forget once you're out of the movie theater. It's clear in the picture that SRK was totally drunk and screeching his lungs out at the poor security guard who was just doing his duty. As per the rules it seems that nobody should be allowed to the ground whether he's an owner or some celebrity, then is he above the law of the land? As a public figure he needs to behave in public. In recent months how many times he's been abusive towards others? He slapped Shirish Kunder, then he smoked publicly while in Jaipur, he was detained by the immigration authorities in US and made huge hue and cry about it. How many times have we heard US authorities detaining people with "Khan" last name? There are millions of people with that last name but not a single incidence. He was detained as his shows were sponsored by those who are linked with terrorist organizations.

Shivakumar G K, Bahrain
20/05/2012 15:04:42

Thank you Mr. Joel for the report, I take this opportunity to thank one and all for making this event a grand success, may lord basavesha bless all with good health,peace,harmony and prosperity

Ajmal, Kasaragod
20/05/2012 13:47:51


Philip Mudartha, Qatar
20/05/2012 13:26:27

#2. Another engineer, 42, paid 45 lakh rupees to acquire 50 cents dry-land in Permude touching Bajpe-Kateel road. It will remain vacant, hoping it will appreciate. This is anti-thesis of story #1..not what I recommend, but to each his own!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
20/05/2012 13:22:10

I have two stories today:
1. An engineer, 39, returns to manage a 100-acre plus agro-farm in Jarkhand. He invested 1.5 crore to acquire farms and equip with agro-machinery, borewells, pumps, and first crop seeds. These lands were left fallow by previous owners who emigrated to cities-based jobs. He tells me that the farm will focus on vegetables, grains, pulses and fruits. Workforce: not a problem! he will manange!!

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
20/05/2012 13:14:14

Wishing the prodigy well.

Noel Francis Lewis, Kinnigoli/Dubai
20/05/2012 11:52:58

I am almost sure about this case. It was very natural situation. Myself have witnessed these kind of fights a lot many times in several occassions. Since i have not witnessed this scene in my eyes i will not talk more on this. But indeed when our loved ones fall into such trouble (turned political/legal now)it really bothers us.

Mervin D souza, Belman / Abudhabi
20/05/2012 09:22:19

Hearty congratulations to President and all the members of vamanjooreans, UAE for delivering a wonderful program. It was entertainment all the way with superb music and songs also mixed with meaningful message by Msgr. Edwin Pinto.At the same time it was a fantastic effort by Bellevision to webcast the whole program for the viewers all over the world.

H M Pernal, Mangalore
20/05/2012 05:29:27

The crisp report , photos and Slides - Very nice presentation. All the best to Vamanjooreans UAE.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
20/05/2012 05:25:59

It hurts when you like someone and he gets into some trouble for bad behavior in public. This is one side of the story but nobody is looking at the other side of it!!(Security personnel)!
We in India have many legends in their respective fields who have gone through difficulties in their public and professional lives, but pride themselves on their public behavior. So it is high time that people should read the biographies of these people and in turn worship them as opposed to supporting wrong doing.

President and Committee members,, Belle Vision,UAE, Dubai
20/05/2012 03:39:55

Dear President and comm.members, Very very fantastic and memorable program. we enjoyed a lot with songs,dance and mimicry. Rony D cunha was at his usual best. Presence of V.Rev. Fr. Msgn Edvin and Religious sisters presence made the function more gracious. Well done. Keep it up.

President and Committee members,, Vamanjooreans,UAE
20/05/2012 01:15:52

We would like to say a big Thank you to all the sponsors, parishioners, musicians, singers, dancers, Actors, Mc, media and guests for supporting, attending and volunteering our family day event ˜Tunes in Dunes". Special thanks to our Guests Msgr Edwin Pinto, Sr Maria Goretti and Rohan Monterio. We treasure the enthusiasm, effort and talent you have put into the event to make it a huge success. Your contribution shall definitely make a difference to help the needy back home. I hope you would continue to support us on all our future endeavors. "We thank God every time we remember you. In all our prayers for all of you, we always pray with joy."

Noel Francis Lewis, Kinnigoli/Dubai
20/05/2012 00:44:20

Franky uncle, believe me, most of the times SRK forgets that he is a celebrity. He is really a family man. He was just a common man on that day. A angry father. Just imagine some security guards pushing your 2 daughters, or behaving rude with children in any function. I bet you, you would question them. And if it is a CELEBRATION time, In excitement you also might abuse them a little. Trust me uncle!!! He was right..Since I am well versed with SRK s biography, I could tell this much..

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
20/05/2012 00:12:35

One of the excellent programmes put up Bellevision for the benefit of its viewers. Tunes and Dunes is a fine piece to watch. Audio could not be enjoyed for some constraints. Yet what we saw is sweet but unseen and heard must be sweetr. Well done Vamanjooreans. V.Rev. Fr. Msgn Edvin s presence is indeed made the function gracious. Well done. Keep it up.

Bhavani natraj, Australia
19/05/2012 22:43:41

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Philip Mudartha, Qatar
19/05/2012 14:56:51

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Charles D Mello, Pangala
19/05/2012 13:18:13

I feel there must not be any talks with these pilots until they resume work. Even after hey resume work enquiry must be conducted and any erring pilot must be sacked.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
19/05/2012 12:14:00

At this minute, 47 congratulatory comments and 107 likes endorsing your emotions of pride on the occasion. I am among one among 47; yet, I thought it fit to publicly reinforce your vision for Kanajar. I have personal happiness at this moment of your success. There are a handful of students in this school, whose future is my own mission. Under Seona and UC Paulose, may your brainchild bring greater glory to this tiny rural community.

godwin, mangalore
19/05/2012 10:10:49

such a great and blessed event. specly thanks to Mr. lobo. god bless all.

Gracain, Mangalore
19/05/2012 07:00:08

Hi Ramzi this one help you

joel dsa, moodubelle, bahrain
19/05/2012 02:25:45

Dear Philip sir, I have moved after reading your well thought article, suppose every one expected someone else to write rather themselves. I thank you for the time you invest for your readers. Yes we all one day will retire from this world, but we fail to think did I lived for the sake of my kids, wife or parents or family? did I give time for myself? did I have been taken for a ride by others?.. Most of us are workolics to the core. Never think of retiring, actually we forgot the meaning of retirement. I always thought only people with Govt. job are retiring, as my parents did (teachers), We are always in the process of providing for our kids, their education, what not.., You Mr. Philip has enlightened us few the meaning of what is real retirement, not just stop working and live with what ever we have saved , but live with meaning to life, as you always wanted to do for yourself. I have few points on this issue.. We worry a lot about our future and old age, but worries go up and down life today's stock market. One of the most disheartening thing about worry is the fact that it gives us nothing in return. It accomplishes nothing, solves no problems, eases no pain. so throw fear out

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
19/05/2012 02:12:08

Rajasthan Royals once again failed when it mattered most. In their earlier matches RR failed against DD when needing 17 in 16 balls. RR could not score 2 runs off the last ball, while they were unable to stop CSK from scoring 2 off the last ball. In CSK's second match also RR lost from a strong position. It is in crunch situation teams like RR having failed more often. RR as a team performed better than most of the other high profile IPL teams. DC beating RR did a favor to CSK. Now they will hope that DD will beat KXIP and DC pulls off another shocker against RCB! But I still hope RCB will make it too the play offs and eventually winning the IPL5. Best of luck to RR and Rahul Dravid, my favorite team in the future IPL'S. Mr. Anil/Dubai your thoughts¦

V.Machado, Belle / Syria
19/05/2012 01:27:58

I am an student of Hindu Junior College, and know Mr Ganapathi Bhatt,our lecturer,as a teacher as well good friend of all students. A finger countable peoples like , Ganapathi Bhatt, Rajgopal Acharya, Sham Bhatt, Eshwar Joshi Varadaraj Nayak ,Sadananda prabu ,Sarvotham Acharya, took additional steps further even off duty , to educate students .when i remember those financial poor days, i go emotional, one day Sarvotham Acharya said in the tuition class , i am not giving tuition for money ,i have lot of farming work at home ,but i need you to complete SSLc and go for further education , and he know very well , the students he tuition is most financially poor and he will not get money from them .Neither he forced any one .

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
19/05/2012 01:21:22

I and my two daughters are big fans of SRK. But with this wankhede episode I must admit that SRK's Image has been badly damaged by his own public behavior. So to say it was wrong on his part to ignore rules of the MCA and that too being a well known personality he should have refrained picking up a squabble with security personnel. Whatever little has been shown on T.V. and information on various channels and news papers and the action taken by MCA proves that it's clearly SRK was at the wrong end of the Wankhede Stadium on that particular night!! Sorry mate! Five years is a long period not to enter the famous stadium in Mumbai! If at all the 'Kolkata Didi' is going to bat for you I am afraid, it is still going to be very tough¦.

Denis, Moodubelle
18/05/2012 18:15:41

Congratulations to the students who secured distinction,first class,second class as well as just pass who really did hard work.congratulations to the parents of these children and also the teachers who is tuning this childrens.@Joy Lobo moodubelle/Mangalore said thank the parents who are sending their children to belle school.which school you are talking about?Kannada Medium or English Medium? If you are ment Kannada Medium I will say strongly that they are really took bad dicission by sending their children to kannada medium school.The condition of the school was not fit to study or teach.Looks like management totally concentrated about english medium school.The furnitures in kannada classes are from "Obiraya times" even table and chairs also.....Class rooms become compact(all sec. A,B,C,D gone and just 7 classrooms left.Primary classrooms demolished and built Degree college.Nobody is interested in Kannada medium insted of advising to admit kannada medium even school management advising to to changeover to English medium.Is any body reply about this why this is happening?why cannot cancel all kannada medium and shift them to English Medium?why cant build new kannada medium school

Reshma, moodubelle
18/05/2012 15:06:26

congrajulations, Fr, lancy, teaching and staff.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
18/05/2012 13:29:28

Thank you my readers, BV, Internet and God: with your support, I could connect and share my views on life and enrich as well as get enriched in the process. I have separately complimented on Norbert s contribution to the theme. I am glad Benedict will be prudent with summer streams and Saby will choose to be guided in his impending retirement. As for picking cherry tomatoes in high spirits, God willing is what I will say for now.

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
18/05/2012 13:21:50

It is a sad commentary on modern day civilization that our focus is on cups instead of coffee. Gestures are more important than feelings. Waiting for the camera to roll and record a kiss is more important than the kiss. By the time the wisdom dawns, for most of us, life is almost over..:D

Philip Mudartha, Qatar
18/05/2012 13:15:54

My thoughts are with those eight who did not make it. Its not the end. The education system as it is, does not measure individual potentials in as varied ways as it should be. Your innate talents, such as caring, singing, making a someone s life worth living etc were not measured within the examination model. It is your opportunity to know your true calling in life and give a slip to the cup and go for the coffee as Prof. Norbert has said in his views on one my articles here. I recall also Bill Gates, who failed to become an engineer, but went on to be founder of Micros..oft, while he employed the topper in his class as a programmer.
I do not want to forget the 78 who have made it, in both mediums, in aided and unaided schools, having got 92% down to to just pass, and wish you well. The toppers can also go on to lead. One Bill gates does not make us the toppers irrelevant.
Suggested reading to you all: Five point someone and revolution 2020, two novels by Chetan Bhagat. read them before your classes begin!

Joy lobo, moodubelle/mangalore
18/05/2012 09:32:14

Congrats to the Principal Fr. Lancy, Correspondence Fr. Joswey, and all teaching faculty for their dedicated work,bared fruit to successive 2nd year. Congrats to all the students, their hard work brought 100 percent result. In this moment we should thank to the parents for sending their children to belle school.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
18/05/2012 08:08:26

Hearty Congratulations to Fr. Lancy for the 100% results in SSLC, and to all staff and students. Two years means it is going to be coming year also as it was the case of St. Lawrence HighSchool (kannada) in the beginning years.[ I was one such lucky student of 100% resuslts batch. Very good acievement. keep it up I say.

slim max funciona, China
18/05/2012 07:10:07

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Edward Saldhana, Moodubelle/ Sharjah
18/05/2012 03:20:49

Thanks for the live telecast bellevision.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
17/05/2012 08:19:58

This news brings back the old memories of 1959 when in spite of un-surmounting challenges, a team of brave hearts started St Lawrence High School and they changed the lives of young generations and the face of Boliye itself. The rich and the mighty have their chosen colleges and subjects, but the poor will always remain with us and they will shape the future of Boliye if only they have been provided with affordable and quality education. I am confident that the people in the picture who have been champions of the poor in Boliye will do everything in their power to raise this great institution to greater heights.

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
17/05/2012 07:52:12

With the maximum of two kids in a family, education being their constitutional right and availability of parents\ hard earned money to educate them until they are fed up and prestige issue makes them to migrate to US, Canada, Australia etc, the idea of a \"green revolution\" will die a natural death or if implemented, will go to the grave with the person who implements it. The idea of \"belling the cat\" is very good; but who will \"bell the cat\" and how long? Baptist has given us food for thought; ultimately food for the stomach may have to be imported from Thailand and Vietnam!

Victor Castelino, Boliye/Dubai
17/05/2012 07:09:21

Are we, the Mangalorean Konkani speaking Roman Catholics any way better than the then Portugese? The Portugese tried to impose their language on the local population in the name of religion and we too are implicitely though, imposing our konkani language on non konkani speaking Roman Catholics of the diocese of Mangalore in the name of religion. We are serving two masters and most of the time putting the cart before the bullocks! As Philip said, the author has raised more questions than he has answered. Any way, he has tried his best to put things in perspective with the limited resources at his disposal. Very good attempt!

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
17/05/2012 02:37:42

It is very sad that high profile people in India taking advantage of their fame and name to get in to trouble. This is very unfortunate. Being an Icon in India and abroad SRK should have been avoided this commotion after the cricket match. All said and done, I believe this is a good example for all the IPL franchise owners in the near future to behave in a public place especially in a cricket stadium and that too after the match gets over. Well done MCA! Nobody is above the Law, whether he is a star or super star!!!

norbert, Mangalore
17/05/2012 01:38:41

Thought provoking article Mr Philip. While appreciating your brilliance I would like to share a piece of write up-'ENJOY YOUR COFFEE' which I recently read. Hope this will complement your article . A group of graduates got together to visit their old university professor .Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life. Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups-some plain looking ,some expensive-telling them to help themselves to the coffee. When all the students had a cup of coffee, the professor said: If you noticed, all the expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the simple and cheap ones. 'What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the best cups. Then you began eyeing one another's cups. Life is the coffee; the jobs, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain life. Sometimes, by concentrating on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee God has provided us with. So ENJOY YOUR COFFEE! for Zindagi na milegi dhubara.

Florine Rodrigues, Moodubelle/USA
16/05/2012 19:41:38

This is an absolutely phenomenal reading on human aspirations. Brilliant observation on how people deem retirement at different stages of their lives still some don't until they drop dead. How precisely you have differentiated the 'feel good' and 'value based' retirement approach. In general it's great message to everyone irrespective of those considering retirement or the ones who can make a good use of resources available and make a difference in people's lives.

Charles D Mello, Pangala
16/05/2012 14:47:17

I had a great opportunity attend a week long CYM meet there, way back in 1982 or so...it was a well developed high school (or PUC i dont remember) that time. I feel it is too late have college...anyway better late than never..!! Congratulations my dear Belleites

Charles D Mello, Pangala
16/05/2012 14:22:02

Hi francis...when i read this article...I remembered "Subhash Shenoy, Al Ansari"....This tomato good no ??????

Alphonse Mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi
16/05/2012 11:07:35

Very very interesting article dear Phillip. I enjoyed it thoroughly. yeah, if people think that only money can buy them happiness, they are going to be very very disappointed... secondly, yes many of us do a lot of charity deeds, helping our family members and friends and if we think that we can expect them back when we retire, we are going to be totally wrong. It is our life and only we are responsible for it when we retire and we do not retire from work depending on others. Finally, hold on for years together for a good job just becuase we have good job will not help us at all. At certain time or period we must think of retiring and enjoying a little time left in our life. thanks Phillip and great writing. keep writing. thanks Bellevision these type of articles people will read and admire and look forward reading more articles. ALL THE BEST.

Francis J. Saldanha, Moodubelle / Bahrain
16/05/2012 10:33:10

Dear Sir, Philip, It is indeed a pleasure reading your articles on Bellevision. It gives me an idea that your line of thinking and planning for the future. Somewhat knowing you from your SSLC days (1ST rank in Karnataka). We do know how capable you are! Intelligent, forthright, humble and successful¦.As you rightly quoted Retirement is the perfect time to become the person you would like to be and do the things that you always wanted to do. I wouldn't have agreed more from your philosophy on life after retirement. This particular phase in some ones (those who are blessed with good health!) life is very crucial. Retirement can be both exciting and demanding, bringing new challenges, new experiences, and new uncertainties.Provided one has the blessings from God, love and affection from your near and dear ones, good health and uses the money resources meticulously then Am sure „al eez well. Hakuna matata: don't worry, be happy!!! Mantra might work¦. by the way it was worth waiting for this article from you. Hope you may have many more in the coming days. I am still eagerly waiting for your impending trip down to¦Bahrain. (SPRIT CHERRY)!!!

Ronald Sabi, Moodubelle
16/05/2012 10:11:47

Hi Philip, I read your article in a stroke! Could not help it!! It is of very high standard!! Helpful for those going to retire at some stage of life too... like me.

Ronald Fernandes, Dubai
16/05/2012 09:08:11

President and members of the organising committee, wishing you all the best and looking forward this programme on Friday.

sudhakar, bangalore
16/05/2012 09:08:00

Number 1 3 rd Class System in Karnataka sslc Board.

Anil, Dubai
16/05/2012 08:39:18

Thanks for the analysis Mr Saldanha. Royals are my favorite team as well. But chances of Royals making to the play-off looks grim. I would like to see them in play-offs. As you said, Dravid has lead this team well. At this moment, the points table makes a complicated reading. Difficult to predict other 3 teams after Delhi to make it to the play-offs.

Benedict Noronha, Udupi
16/05/2012 00:48:56

Wonderful life experience(?). It is more than 15 years since I retired from LIC but got the message though very late. Now my full pension has started. So this should be a good guide to help save the summer streams. Keep it up. Keep on writing so that the readers , along with me will be benefitted.

Eugene DSouza, Moodubelle/Dombivli
15/05/2012 22:21:31

Dear Philip, your philosophy on retirement is superb and narrative is excellent. As you have rightly pointed out, it is with retirement a person can pursue those interests and activities which he could not while in active service. Retirement with financial security, good health and children having settled down is the best part of one s life. A kind of Vanaprasthashrama as the ancient Aryans used to follow. Looking forward for your experience-filled philosophical articles.

Rakesh M, Moodubelle, Udupi
15/05/2012 15:37:49

Ronald, Cony has also gone to do Guddali Pooja for his "Yeradu Hrudaya" movie, along with Eddu of Attinja.

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